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The prophesied APOCALYPSE Portals will soon be closed with fearful, uncontrollable events announced in the global town square by Jonah II.

Worldwide, true science is suppressed in most universities. Only the Bible reveals the consequences of violating the covenant made by ELOHIM the Creator with Mankind. As seen on YouTube, our civilization has once more succeeded in making forbidden genetic modifications of "human-half-animal". The US Congress is asked to define new laws for these subspecies.

Mankind has again become corrupt in gross violation of God’s strictly forbidden cross-species modification (GMO), which previously incurred his wrath and destruction of the Atlantis Civilization with its billions of people by an asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC. He only saved Noah's family of eight as witnesses / survivors. Even the righteous perished, as is well documented in the Bible.

Jesus Christ warned of a future Apocalypse as recorded in the Matthew 24-26. Why has the Christian Church become so corrupt as to suppress the truth of God’s Plan for Mankind. It has not proclaimed the consequences of disobedience to an atheistic world system. Ignorant of God’s Word, pastors will not escape God’s Wrath either, but perish guilty of negligence. For the skeptic, many Bible prophecies were written in the Zodiac sky, and even dated Jesus Christ’s return for comatose Christians, also Web documented and in 12 Babushka eggs.

Everyday our society is brainwashed with lies and corruption in high places. It required extra proof that the Creator ELOHIM means business. He confirms to Mankind that, in the midst of trouble, pain and global chaos soon to end in nuclear anarchy, He - God is still in charge of his creation. To verify this reality, he has recently revealed a modern Jonah Big FISH, which is the demonstration of totally "free energy" needed for the prophesied future expanding civilization under Jesus’ rule. God has promised fully security of future life to comfort those persons passing through the Apocalypse birth pains.

This website has exposed many mysteries in Bible prophecies not understood by theologians. They are confirmed by hundreds of true science facts and even dated the return of Jesus Christ. But why is this message ignored by Christian Churches, being mostly comatose and still embroiled in false denominational doctrines from the Middle Ages. Why do greedy theologians ignore (not being concerned about) Jesus’ warnings?

They waste donations tossed at insignificant projects or spend on bigger buildings. Why disregard the wholesale slaughter of the Saints seen on TV with millions trying to survive in the many refugee camps without even the very basic essentials. Why the disinterest and silence? Why totally ignore the thousands of Christian families being worldwide persecuted?

Most TV preachers are only interested in selling Bible stories they have stolen from God’s Word for their own benefit and squandering donations when we are so close to God’s Wrath. For an example why not have a budget set aside for million of children no longer have clean water and forced to drink from stinking sewer ditches causing infectious diseases in Africa, India or South America. It costs only $4800 to drill water wells by Life Outreach International to supply an average of one thousand children with clean water.

The White Throne event (Rev. 20:11-15) will expose why millions in donations to mega churches, were washed out - mostly spent on staff playing church and entertaining our youth with Hollywood type concerts to sell a saltless Christianity, seemingly never bothered by the thousands of children suffering on our Mexican border or worldwide.

Puffed up pastors collecting big donations will be judged in their negligence in not helping Christian neighbors – families, mostly kids – suffering immensely. They and this evil society will not escape God’s Wrath next year. Do not ignore God’s Grace! We are so close to HIS coming as announced by Jonah II matching Jesus’ forecast. (Print these opening comments.)

WAKE UP for God's sake!


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The Apocalypse will arrive in time on
4 April 2015 and end
17 September 2015

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Why is the 21st Century Civilization so Confused?

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Watching a number of new science discoveries on YouTube, I realized that our modern society has gotten a free gift with tremendous potential. Many enthusiastic young people now have the freedom to experiment with some laws of physics replacing corrupted university teaching methods suppressed for hundreds of years.


Many YouTube science videos demonstrate and verify impossible ideas. They are like a genie released from the bottle that can never be put back. That free spirit has consequently exposed unscientific evolution lies taught for hundreds of years in our institutions. It has also forecasted the total collapse and bankruptcy of our outmoded education system. It will soon be replaced to lead us toward a new and better, divinely supported civilization  - guaranteed!

Just to mention one far-reaching example, one short video ended with some experts explaining how the mathematics that has proven itself so useful to industry cannot be proven. That statement is like a bomb exploding in our face. It is now postulated with a new logic in total opposition, like a paradox to what has been accepted for hundreds of years.

Our civilization used the “old” math system to build higher skyscrapers, go to the moon, and fly regularly in space. While it was used to open DNA and changed the genetics of our food with predictably disastrous consequences, it can also be used to make totally free energy available to most of the world’s populations, though still denied by the Oil Cartel and Military Complex. These advances in science have all happened in the last 50 years creating massive, upsetting political confusion.

Surprisingly, the Babushka egg concept books found on this website will shine through like a small light penetrating scientific darkness in the midst of this present civilization’s dilemma. They explain the forbidden metaphysics useful in defining the nature of physics in a full circle. Physics can only be explained on a horizontal level, but even Dr. Einstein felt there must be another dimension, which is now explained in Babushka eggs, but from a vertical perspective with "infinite" on top, recorded in Genesis chapter one. As put forward, the existence of the ELOHIM has no beginning and no end, which represents a different concept explained as metaphysics linked together by paraphysics.

New concepts and ideas - technology - now appear on the Internet to make us wiser, fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy. Science will be one notch higher if cross-referenced with metaphysics to discover the underpinning physics and to reveal how and why new science innovations work. Examining novel concepts from two perspectives is a better balanced system like a dual railroad track, especially if it harmonizes with biblical Revelation. Together, they will validate concealed ancient truth, which can then be trusted with an open Mind. Ultimately, cross-referencing modern high technology with the divine Plan for Mankind will lead to discovering the purpose of God's creation.

This all makes good sense, but why it is ignored?   

Babushka concept eggs link science to metaphysics - defining the free gift of Eternal Life. Accepting that gift is the most important event of mortal life, which is not an invented religion. These concepts can be proven by investigating some Bible-science lessons as applied to modern life and compared to recorded history. You do not have to be highly educated to understand why our civilization is sinking like the Titanic.

Comparing events from the past will make it obvious that politicized global governments should embrace lessons learned from the history of the United States. The US history tells a story of an unusual attractive advantage derived from the 200-year old American Christian Constitution. Why it is now politicized, denied and censored? The last US Supreme Court session became prejudiced corrupted and destructive by twisting the fundamental constitutional laws upside-down. They promised to protect, yet they decreed mandatory adoption of atheistic relativism causing a society to degenerate. It has obsoleted a blessed, abundant American way of life for millions that was previously the envy of the world.

Contrast the American story with the example of collapsing Islamic societies that enforce an obsolete, Middle Ages culture ending in total destruction as witnessed even on controlled TV media. Check out the consequences of rejecting a Christian-based, Western Civilization. The many Islamic countries surround ISRAEL, which is like an island of normal life, prosperous, growing everywhere you look. When they applied covenant principles based on the Torah - like the American Christian Constitution, that nation developed into the greatest science power block. They export hi-tech knowledge and food for the betterment of mankind. On the other hand, check why nearly every other nation is experiencing uncontrolled turmoil, racing toward a scary, prophesied apocalypse, now better defined with science. Think and apply logic.  

The answers for the energy and food shortages challenging our civilization and how to fix their causes have been recorded in the historic, 6000-year-old Bible. It gives us free advice linked to proven ancient wisdom demonstrated by real people who had the same problem, why is it suppressed by corrupt atheistic governments?

Lucky for mankind, it has been reborn on the Internet, proving once again that nothing is new under heaven. Infinite energy was mentioned in the first Bible verses, and it will drive a new civilization rewound like a cuckoo clock, perpetually in conflict with unscientific evolution lies enforced globally to make you brain dead. It guarantees bureaucrats lucrative benefits voting for political correct promises.

The confusion of new discoveries found on the many YouTube videos can leave one perplexed, but we should no longer accept being brainwashed with evolution lies. Erroneous scientific thinking and its consequences can be avoided if linked to the mirror image of the metaphysics denied in our universities. Reading about unique Babushka Egg concepts suppressed by the establishment can lead to the next higher level of widening knowledge horizons and expanding vision to 360 degrees. It was fun for me to see a worldview one notch higher, and that ended my confusion with a better understanding of the paradox of life.   

Babushka eggs are free on the Internet. They will confirm that the universe is governed by a Heh-dimension (“other side”) creating a Daleth dimension of energy and mass controlled by the time-dimension. They end with the purpose for mankind on a tiny planet, well balanced, as the only place where Life can exist.

As a retired scientist, I got hooked and kept diving in the Bible Ocean searching for more precious Pearls of extraordinary breakthrough discoveries that unlocked many answers to the global dilemmas of our time. It resulted in collecting many science facts matching the Bible and revealed a new atom theory to me, though ignored by the atheistic establishment.

That could explain why Global Warming is not matching statistics, though it does increase the salary of UN bureaucrats. These books exposed how deadly GMOs is causing extinction ending life on this planet. The consequence is suppressed from the public, but generates patent fees enforced by a corrupted FDA, same sex married to a powerful, world octopus Monsanto cartel. Now forgotten, they were the inventor of Agent Orange that poisoned millions in Vietnam married to the military complex. That totally evil cartel will affect the future of every human being on this earth as usually killed millions ever since hidden under multiple sister corporations like an octopus nothing can escape. It gets worse. They are now more corrupt, having genetically screwed up every food seed worldwide, outside international law, by paying off Supreme Court judges and senators. This forbidden discovery trail investigating science cross-referenced with the banned ancient bible exposed free energy, suppressed for over 80 years. It could get you killed or silenced like so many testifying scientists on the Web.    

Summing up the other side of the new math energy equation, the forgotten ELOHIM is now fine-tuning his creation. How he is doing that? Now collected in the 12 Babushka egg books, but the source of eternal Life is only revealed in one Torah-book written by the ELOHIM. Shortly, we will witness the end of all "Evil" in the Kosmos and on earth, as Satan will be the only survivor, sealed in the underworld prevented to plague mankind.

Afterwards the returned Jesus Christ will start for the first time a new divinely controlled civilization to last 1000 years without war. I no longer worry we may have run out of time ignoring my scaled book-eggs even dating God’s Wrath. It is too scary when someone predicts your death against the odds in about two years not surviving the prophesied asteroid apocalypse. The date upsetting theologians is written in the zodiac constellation sky using science now witnessed in many YouTube videos proving a court case of the coming 5-month Apocalypse. But if you want to survive or be better educated, just read my last Jonah Warning and watch the sky. (Pearl #249) One way or another, it will end and start a new equation. Read some of the other Pearls to better understand the forbidden metaphysics on a vertical spiritual level:

God’s Wrath <- 17 September 2015
                                                         22 September 2017 -> New Life

About this web site -

This web site will give you an unusual panoramic view of prophecy matching science linked to metaphysics. Successful inventors cultivate strange habits of exploring high technology while investigating science with many extraordinary different methods. If applied to the oldest history book of mankind our Bible revealed startling results, which greatly surprised me. It developed into a series of written Babushka eggs, some are smaller like a baby egg that I call Pearls. When a number Bible mysteries expand with more science, the data became a bigger egg.

Writing about forbidden science connected to the metaphysical defined my mission in retirement and got me on documenting a history-science-Bible journey. My habit of unique curiosity was directed to explore longstanding Bible puzzles that have kept many scholars confused. It revealed some secrets theologians missed since they were not educated in science.

My practical German background as an instrument maker was helpful to reveal incredible new concepts collected in twelve (12) free Babushka egg concept books never postulated in universities anywhere. My study became like an expedition diving in the Bible Ocean and searching for many precious Pearls. I was soon hooked and kept diving to find more. Babushka egg concept books can be copied without charge from the Internet for the benefit of future generation. Some were translated in Spanish, German and Arabic and start with #12, 11, 10, 9, 7, 6, 5… backwards with Pearls in between to expand a vision that even dated the Apocalypse.

Investigating the Bible from a science viewpoint was exciting as no other book on earth has a proven history recorded in advance. It could be compared to a holograph if you keep cutting it into two sides each tiny portion still has 100% of the information embedded similar to cloning on a lower entropy. That unusual fact became a challenge for a seasoned inventor-scientist to unlock prophecy.

It raised the ante for me. Could the ancient text be decoded to learn more about our future destiny in spite of modern science being entangled in unscientific atheistic evolution leftover residue theories from the Middle Ages?

The younger generations do not realize the tremendous influence of a modern Mind Control system most universities adopted, how it damaged our American culture. Being inferiorly educated makes it easier to believe in counterfeit science opposing the Bible. We will later prove that free energy like Hydrogen from water (Hoffman) and Electricity from the air (Tesla) was around 80 years ago but was suppressed by an oil cartel more powerful than the US government combined with Europe.

Being stuck in fake science, most never noticed that reversed entropy is not logical, not ever seen possible in nature. Being an inventor not easily confused, I came up with a real story for my grand kids to explain what will happen in the next few years using true science principles and analytical math linked to many Bible facts that can forecast the future Apocalypse starting not on earth.

Much in the Bible is basically a roadmap to reveal to mankind the consequences of wrongly applied principles detrimental to life. Employing some of the other 50% of Newton's writing mostly kept silent, many are central to metaphysical laws reflected on the natural cause and effect level. Combined they will warn us to redirect our minds to the celestial source always trustworthy. The style of the Bible is based on foretelling mankind's history, which identifies our destiny controlled by divine guidance and the penalty of mankind's sinful nature. Honest skeptics, if interested, could widen their knowledge horizons. The majestic theme of God’s creation ends with a symphonic credenza of redemption and restoration as the previously upset kosmos once more is balanced.

My grand kid's teaching through university level no longer compares the many life principles of accumulated knowledge with the embedded wisdom rooted in the Bible history of mankind. Why was it thrown out from the classroom as irrelevant? All became corrupted to even falsely rewrite American history. Many fabricated lies replace true principles to make an impossible, unscientific evolution theory to fit an atheistic belief system denying a Creator. Professors keep ignoring the many evidences in nature not matching modern gene research or DNA conclusions. It needs a counter-balanced perspective to reflect what the Bible teaches, not religion, but how nature operates. This is not even understood by many theologians, who are likewise brainwashed in Satan-inspired evil relativism.

Our civilization will end 21 September 2015 in a divinely executed APOCALYPSE projected from a science perspective matching many prophecy events. To lay a base for a lasting Bible understanding requires the retelling of the creation story, forbidden in schools, from a new science perspective. It may even surprise Christians. Many do not know that God’s real Plan for Mankind ends with a scary Apocalypse. I hope to expand your knowledge horizons and become convinced.

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