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Rescuing a Failed Restaurant

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San Carlos, California used to be a typical small town pleasant to live in or retire to, but unfortunately the town management abused an old law. Now suddenly billion dollar monster apartments are built everywhere. With Proposition #13 still in effect, it will benefit the upper city bureaucrats with higher salaries charging legally ten times more in property taxes. However, why raise the cost and elevate fees and business license that in turn triggered many restaurants to fail. Perhaps being retired with bygone experiences could help with some free advice how to survive and avoid a business failure.    

At evening many will dine in town with dozens of restaurants competing all along the main street. Quite often the ownership of a restaurant has changed for various reasons, hoping to be more successful the next time. Perhaps a restaurant dilemma needs some counsel from an old grandfather with family that could ease the pain. Most menus will offer “hundreds” of cooked dishes, but it is difficult to read in small letters if you are retired. Worse, the owner thinks that a customer must be more educated to guess a mystery cuisine that his relative is cooking behind closed doors. It is like hiding a trump card inside the sleeve on a gambling table. I am usually disappointed being served a microwaved meal made from some preprocessed food cartels and frequently experienced that some menu was not enough defrosted and dished up quite cold. Anyone could speculate how expenses are paid trying to be profitable.

Here’s how I would improve a restaurant like that:

  1. Specialize and reduce your menu to seven (7) main entrées not found anywhere else in your neighborhood. Nobody can guess a hundred special menu dishes usually served next door. I would check some food channels on TV and find very successful cheap dinners - special food servings favored by the public, and copy what spices they use. Just watch the video of a smokeless grill showing the latest innovation to present something distinct.

  2. Why not use your phone camera and show a picture of a special dish decorated by “four” food colors pleasing to the eye. Distinctive vegetables or meat should be vibrantly illustrated as pictures speak a thousand words.

  3. 3. Most entrées are usually served on a cold plate. Why not preheat a cheap ceramic tile sandwiched between a straw basket plate and hot food dinner dish to stay warmer. Flat candles lit underneath a main dish in the center, taken later will not be cold, causing a revisit to try the next picture. Dummies Lesson #26

  4. Remember, most customers cannot guess a particular specialty item, or if stated in a foreign language. If they see a gourmet picture, they will happily return again to help sustain a difficult business and make it profitable.

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