Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies #32

Free Energy to Fly with Compressed Air


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There is great confusion on YouTube about a paradox exposing the greatest inventions still kept secret. Perhaps NASA fake science produced enormous disillusionment, as the public is no longer educated in true science. The government and military industrial complex are hiding hi-technology such as videos showing huge jumbo jets flying without jet fuel? That could be the reason why the Saudis are selling off their oil business and changing to other enterprises to make money. Many wondered how they stored petro-fuel - about ten swimming pools for an 8000-mile trip - in a jumbo jet. Checking Google pictures of modern airplane wings show them to be much thinner without fuel tanks and much broader with jets refitted under and ahead of the wings allowing lower safer landing speed.

A generation educated only in fake science has many questions of nature now collected in a number of Babushka egg books. When true science is not taught in most schools now forgotten, I traced nature and became a successful inventor. In my retirement I had some fun analyzing bygone physics and metaphysics embedded in the oldest book on earth, the Torah-Bible. Sadly, YouTube has become the only method to learn about true science no longer taught to the next generation because universities are paid-off around the world to forbid knowledge and falsify divine Truth to keep everybody ignorant.

Researching what was forbidden is collected in 14 free Babushka egg concept books packed with a thousand science facts discovered in the Torah creation report. As a young technician, I was involved in the first Linear Accelerator (SLAC) at Stanford Palo Alto; therefore, I investigated why CERN, the biggest deception, died smashing atoms.

It inspired a totally new theory, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story - Babushka Egg Concept Book #6.  It will obsolete and expose a vast fraud of fictitious 32 subatomic particles fabricated by PhDs to make obscene money from books. Nevertheless, 60 years later I realized not much has changed - only the lies are different to pull off the biggest NASA budget! The same psycho Illuminati FED cartel is paying off governments and rewarding huge grants to universities to remain pliant slaves brainwashed to obey the New World Order.      

However, if you want to understand free energy discovered 100 years and authenticate how the universe is fueled, maybe many web videos will now make more sense like driving a car with water, or flying with compressed air still concealed from billions of people. In short why not examine more thoroughly how ∞ energy creates atoms and controls Life. The bottom line is that only a mini extra force is needed for nature to respond: like a tiny seed becomes a big tree, or a cuckoo clock runs only on gravity. So ask, “How does Free Energy work?”

The Torah-Bible started how the universe was created and explained the purpose of Life focused on earth still a mystery. First a firmament -Ausdehnung materialized with infinite energy (Genesis 1:3) to initiate physics and metaphysics controlled by Divine Intelligence. Infinite energy became visible in a Time Dimension converted to electro-magnetic Fraunhofer spectral light to form atoms, elements, and molecules controlled by thermodynamic laws bathed in gravity to fuel perpetually a universe and all Life with embedded ∞ infinite energy.

Thus, knowing the laws of nature could achieve useful, slower free Energy by perpetual motion linked to a teeter-totter balance. A little added power on the lowest position will lift a heavy counter weight to continue indefinitely. Only a very small force is needed to extract free energy from infinite light. The same physical laws will fly jumbo jets with compressed air using a bit of teeter-totter added energy. It is also useful in a 500 mph bullet train levitating on compressed air. BDL #2.  It will obsolete oil & coal, windmills, solar panels and global electrical wires as explained in free Babushka Dummies Lessons #1, #3, #5. 

First, to understand how free electricity works, study a UREE motor pictured in Babushka Egg #9 (page 17) linked to Babushka Pearls #206, #225. Electricity will grow perpetually when a small magnetic force is added to an existing magnetic field that is crossed over to the next stage windings, growing to a higher level. Rotating many cycles in perpetual motion will get gigantic free energy. It is applied in a Jet-UREE #16 (Page 144). The first generator rotor links to the next generator stator and repeating this will perpetually amplify electricity. 

A jumbo-jet motor similar to the first stage in a UREE #16 has twisted fan blades that will enlarge the airflow, which makes the second stage bigger with a little teeter-totter principle force greatly accelerating the air. The first jet blade section will compress air but, if an extra small energy is added to the second section, it will create perpetually higher power. Thus a tiny extra teeter-totter force repeated in many cycles (gasoline, water-hydrogen, electricity) will increase the power of the first stage in perpetual motion. The jet once cranked will speed higher and would blow up like a bomb with a tiny spark to liberate vast green energy, but it requires watchful monitoring eyes.

Our present population is no longer educated in the Bible, like sitting on the last branch trying desperately to saw it off. They ignored the urgent warning of God’s Wrath at the front door to terminate the One World Order governed by evil psycho Illuminati FED bankers. They planned to totally destroy mankind and this earth, and so silenced true science on how free energy can be harvested from air and water. But worse, Christian churches disregarded YHWH’s prophecy warnings now validated by a scientist pen-named Jonah-II.


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