Babushka Book #12

Why is the Apocalypse Only 5 Months Long?

The Final Proof for 17 September 2015


Did Jesus not say, "Truly this generation will not pass away"?
Why do Christians not believe it?

Five Babushka Egg Witnesses will testify to this Generation
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"Now dated by Jesus Christ"

17 September 2015

Jonah II came years ago
to the Global Town Square
to announce God's Wrath

Once more, ELOHIM will use a historical tool as recorded (2288 BC), and will again utilize an asteroid 52 km rock already in 825-day orbit projected by science to hit this earth, which will trigger a prophesied global judgment of God's Wrath like to Sodom and Gomorrah.

A Warning! Get ready to meet your Maker.

  1. Worldwide, our education system has brainwashed this generation in an unscientific atheistic evolution religion, which morphed ancient divine laws of Good and Evil into Relativism. This is causing the destruction of our environment toward total extinction of mankind. God's creation has been genetically assaulted with GMO cloned vegetables screwing up domestic animals on a massive scale, destroying the FOOD for future mankind. The science consequences sliced out the originally embedded reproduction intelligence, which is causing life extinction for the next generation. The gross eradication of true food is in blatant conflict with the Eternal ELOHIM, now hell bent to stop this provocation as prophesied seventy times by ancient Hebrew scribes - ON THAT DAY.
  2. Most are unaware that we are in the middle of the prophesied Apocalypse 2008-1015, so God once more has sent a Jonah to the town square to WARN mankind. If unrepentant, we will be destroyed as in Noah's day when an asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC set off an earth wobble confirmed by Julius Caesar in 54 BC and linked to Noah's flood globally causing massive tectonic continental shifts. Watch once more! It will happen. We should believe Jesus' prediction.

  3. If you are generally educated and investigate the biggest Jonah fish of a science discovery in this century, you will prove to yourself that Jesus predestined a date for calamities to begin exponentially increasing beyond the control of corrupt global governments, lying and suppressing information, having thrown out the BIBLE, but cannot be silenced on the Internet:    

Jonah announces:

God’s Kingdom on Earth will be born:

28 September 2015

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