Why is the Apocalypse only 5 Months?

The Final Proof for 17 September 2015



Mankind will shortly experience the most important event ever, which urged me to write a special Pearl for serious Christians and theologians to expose new discoveries not allowed in church about why an Apocalypse is approaching. Many Pastors erroneously misquote scripture, "No one knows the time," could miss the bridegroom, left behind, or worse, not make it.

Judging the global political situation most would agree. It only needs a spark in the Middle East, but I say we have passed the halfway point of the predicted seven year Apocalypse soon to end with a crescendo forecast exactly as Jesus said.

Nonetheless Jesus words would confirm that God's Wrath will be sudden and unexpected similar to Noah's time. The controversy is about the return of Jesus to earth will it be hidden in a secret rapture? Or could it be in an awesome fearful public display of the greatest and loudest spectacle for mankind; exploding in the sky with a global brightness beyond our imagination and shaking thoroughly the earth with another asteroid affecting everybody repeating Noah's time.

The root of a hundred year old church disagreement is that many do not understand "God's Plan for Mankind" still mired in denominational quarrels. But global events shown daily on TV should test what we believe, but we may have lost the greatest opportunity, as the telephone-Internet-mailing may not be around, as prophesied by nuclear scientists and politicians.

One way another, we will see the Bible fulfillment of the very first promise made to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden - to implement Satan's final doom. God will smash his head and remove all EVIL from the Kosmos executing his 200 million fallen demon angels. Satan has been the "root" of EVIL for mankind. He will soon be terminated on the Daleth earth-dimension, and that my friend is a true cosmic Apocalypse event. Let's trace some unfamiliar precepts with an open mind. Can the apocalypse be dated to convince the skeptic?

Bible history records many examples when mankind’s progress became totally evil it always ends in Judgment like a forgotten Atlantis Civilization sunk in the Mexican Gulf. A billion people disappeared without a trace on 5 February 2287 BC, caused by an asteroid. The date was proven by decoded, ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums that correlate with the Bible story recorded a historic Noah's Flood. Furthermore, it is confirmed by accumulated facts in libraries that this ancient hi-tech society, thoroughly atheistic and corrupt, also invented GMO. It utterly messed up God's creation causing Judgment. God had to stop mankind from destroying life and food for the next generation, which is why God must intervene in our time.

The Creator owns and designed this planet with a purpose. Only when evil reaches its peak again - like Babel, Sodom & Gomorrah or some calamities of ISRAEL, will we experience God's Wrath once more to save a future mankind to continue a programmed life planned for another thousand years. In addition, when we examine many prophets and seeing the consequences of announced events before they happen, we should become convinced: they prove God’s repeated judgment to restore his Kosmos Plan.

Once more a correction will be applied to our totally out-of-control 21st Century Civilization that developed evil GMOs, too. Watch! Another asteroid is coming, this time near Jerusalem.

In 2006 two popular science magazines projected an asteroid that is 52 km wide, already in an 825-day orbit, which I linked to prophecy in Babushka eggs. If you are scantily educated in true science, please read this Pearl story over again. You will never be the same because it predicts your certain death to a day. Just follow the trail. Hopefully, it will settle some theological arguments of Revelation, usually misused.

Facing an Apocalypse for Christians, a loving God provided a last option for survival, one way or another. My science expose' is linked to many Bible prophecies, thus is not speculation. I hope to convince you of the greatest event for mankind. You will shortly witness the antichrist-Satan cast to earth with his evil angels. At that point Hell is on earth, and you will wish were raptured. Jesus said it would be the worst time on earth. The date is determined from using Scripture applied to Israel's ancient culture, rooted and linked to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS).

  1. To date the Apocalypse, first we must confirm the Julian-Gregorian calendar measuring solstice to solstice around the sun creating a calendar. Can it be proven with true science? We can go back in history and examine if the last earth-axis wobble stopped moving. That can now be confirmed with NASA satellite GRACE technology. To reflect on "Time" Babushka Egg concept books deciphered many ancient stone-bronze-gold clock mysteries globally exhibited in numerous museums which exposed many lies of unscientific fairytales taught in our atheistic universities. Ancient clocks perfectly correlate with the ancient Jewish moon calendar avoiding many speculations.

  2. In addition, one must know a little of Jewish Holidays and compare the history of when Jesus was born, worked his public ministry, died, rose from the dead, returned in a Holy Spirit manifestation, and left earth beyond the clouds. All were framed to an exact day matching a Jewish holiday arrangement. Jesus said, “I will physically return again.” That statement must be based on the Jewish holiday structure linked to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) that can be used to date many foretold events.
  3. But prophetic math results must also be anchored to the historical rebirth of ISRAEL by the United Nations; a modern state among nations linked to the last Temple destruction in 70 AD. The very heart of a Jewish religion and soul of Israeli culture is incomplete without a Temple.

    To project the apocalypse, we should trace the historic destruction and rebuilding of various temples next to the future Moses’ Tabernacle-tent and prophesied Ezekiel Temple which are important time markers that can decode prophecies of scripture now dovetailed in one special hinge date linked to the most important Hebrew fast-day 9 Av (25 July 2015). Especially that date is proven by the (50) fifty year Jubilee-Trumpet-festival linked to the many Abrahamic promises embedded in the Hebrew culture that together prove a five (5) month Apocalypse.

It becomes a third witness projecting a future reappearing of the Shekinah Glory vital to a worship center based on purpose. The fiery cloud indicates that the presence of the Creator has activated the timetable of the Jubilee. Starting from the rebirth of ancient Israel in 1948, as a sign that the Elohim is coming back, verifying what Jesus said. Luke recorded Jesus statement, “Truly this generation (70 years) will not pass away till all has taken place.” (Luke 21:31-32) All EVIL will be eliminated in the Kosmos Heh dimension, and on Earth the Daleth dimension down in the netherworld angel-prison (Rev. 9). Notice 70 years.

It matches the biggest Hebrew atonement festival dated with science to 28 September 2015. That is also a special cosmic Atonement for angels and mankind alike only finalized on "earth" thereafter growing into the Jod dimension, which is starting with God's Kingdom on Earth expanding into the KOSMOS but operating "without EVIL" no longer possible.

  1. Additional information comes from rooted Bible concepts cross-referenced physics with metaphysics. Unfortunately much of mankind's knowledge is fraudulently clothed in deceit compliant to be brainwashed politically correct. Atheistic governments enforce everyone to conform to a mandatory global political agenda in opposition to the Bible. They have changed the divine laws of good and evil dictating new laws of relativism imposed by the corrupted worldwide Supreme Courts now overriding internationally the structure of Western Civilization. Watch the penalty of God’s Wrath to end this lawless generation.

  2. A fifth prime witness, unmoved like a rock and still a best seller, the Bible has been translated in over a thousand languages. The oldest guidebook on the supernatural for mankind functioned like a library filled with accumulated knowledge recorded by and about many people crossing over numerous changing cultures. Have fun looking deeper and apply a little science to lift the curtain to widen our awareness horizons. But seriously, it is your life that is at stake. Please read my story to see how it will end.

A Story not Allowed in Church or University

The mystery date of 21 December 2012 was celebrated by huge tourist activities around the Aztec pyramids in Mexico, but no one understood why is it commemorated? It fizzed out ending in a big silence. Even most Christian TV shows became quiet with the subject put on the back burner, and most churches no longer investigate the Bible to avoid preaching the once popular Apocalypse prophecies, now forgotten.

Churches mostly preach, “Do not worry God’s Wrath is meant for the evil world. God loves us and will rapture us to heaven.” But they greatly ignore the Plan for Mankind being disconnected from the reality that the Apocalypse is really a Kosmos event overflowing to earth to end it here. Usually scholarly clerics postulate, "No one knows the time," so they are not able to project future events with clarity.

Theologian defined the apocalypse with seven years originated by Clarence Larkin usually always dated to be in the future not being raptured. It was the first attempt to define God’s Plan for Mankind converted into denominational prophecy teaching, but some is biased by flawed concepts from science emerging from infancy. But outdated assumptions cannot decode prophecies that need "five witnesses" in any court of law to prove a doctrinal case. Applying that principle was confirmed by a grossly misled Bible scholar, J. N. Darby, not having five witnesses. He picked up an imaginary vision of a little Scottish girl and transformed it into a controversial rapture doctrine detrimental to the pure Christian faith to make you feel good escaping God’s Wrath. Being lulled into complacency changed America. Revelation defined the last church’s condition, "I will spew you out…" or "will throw her into great tribulation unless you repent". (Rev. 3.15, 2:22) Please do not pick only the church you like.

A 200-year-old free society has unperceivable descended into a godless society as demonstrated by voting mostly corrupted politicians into office. It reached down to the school board level to be governed by a 1.7% minority atheists allowed by a Christian 78% majority in 1976, which became ineffective and fruitless. Worse, they changed the LAW of "good and evil" to embrace "relativism" resulting in God's Wrath guaranteed.

Investigating the Apocalypse from a historic Bible perspective should also use science. Why not look up the many mystery ancient bronze-gold clocks globally exhibited in many museums, and even in church towers? Why do theologians and atheistic universities avoid investigating them with hi-tech since they range from 2288 BC, Noah's time?

Could museum clocks decode more of mankind's past history and prove the Bible from science? Can they be used for dating the Apocalypse? How big was the Flood and why? How did God create the universe?

Can faulty atheistic science explain Gravity, Strong and Weak forces, Electromagnetism forming Mass? No wonder Einstein’s formula E=mc² is wrong.

Many still wonder about the free electricity discovered by Nicola Tesla and extracted from the air as seen on YouTube. Why were 700 of his patents suppressed? Where does the energy in Genesis 1:1 come from? Is genetic modification (GMO) poison causing food seeds to become extinct practiced first during the Atlantis Civilization being saved in Noah's boat? 

Why is there such confusion in Global Warming? Why do educated people refuse plain facts? Can the whole Schlimazel be put together to unify a creation story widening knowledge horizons to 360⁰ to better understand the Bible?   

The answer is yes, but we need a special tool. We are lucky to have the Internet, not yet forbidden, to reveal suppressed Truth. It could liberate us to widen knowledge horizons for a better life just by a click. My question; is it honest to sell what God reveals and charge for Christian books?  

Modern technologies give us a better choice to be educated. I recommend checking out my eleven (11) Babushka egg concept books and many Pearls on the web. Investigate science embedded in the Bible at your leisure. Get some answers for your life. If some still wonder about various mysteries since childhood, a better way is now offered by investigating what the Bible really teaches linked to true science, but must pass the test in logic. To be better educated, cross-reference history with the oldest story of mankind divinely recorded.

Modern Christian faith has become comatose, mired in denominational controversies. Usually churches teach what feels good, avoiding discomfort. They fail to warn that God's Wrath is on the very door, not recognizing we have passed the middle of the Apocalypse, but not much time remains.

To date the Apocalypse, one needs to know some fundamentals by applying science to the time dimension linked to a universe divided into a Heh-dimension and a Daleth dimension. These concepts can only be explained by what is built into the Hebrew language given to Adam and Eve, but much is now clouded or has disappeared from our sight, though some still around. Words and concepts are only useful if our Mind is linked to the source of the ELOHIM Mind.

Basically, the mind has only two options, like a wall switch. The light is either "on or off”. If your desire is to know more about the divine Bible must first pray earnestly to Jesus to actuate the switch to be "on" to make a mind respond to be truly alive, understanding our existence. It starts a journey to find treasure and can solve many questions relevant to humanity’s purpose: why we are mortal, bound by a time dimension. It will even expand on how the universe was created.

The answers are then linked to many hidden spiritual mysteries to open a new trail toward a broader knowledge horizon. Let's check the Bible with the lights "on" if you are tired of unscientific illogical fairytales preached in church or universities. Take the advantage seeing our world one notch higher. It will explain the underlying reason of God’s Plan for Mankind linked to a unique story. For example, why are we mortals always dreaming of immortality?

The answer could lead to the reason for our existence, historical to investigate what has gone wrong in the heavenly administration caused by Satan’s rebellion in 4488 BC. That date I am sure raises the eyebrows of theologians, as it was the first Apocalypse on the Heh dimension ending in a future Daleth side, which is our life lived on this special planet.

God’s Plan for Mankind, a Little Different

An atheistic political world system is now alerted of a coming Apocalypse but much information is suppressed on the local TV, but Babushka Eggs reveal what is forbidden just by a web click. To lay a base to better understand why there is an Apocalypse lets start with a short overview of God’s Plan for Mankind. God the ELOHIM needed to fix a horrendous KOSMOS rebellion. Let's follow an unusual story not preached in church.

It was perpetrated by the highest administrator, the Archangel Lucifer, now demoted to Satan when he revolted in 4488 BC. That event can be dated by an ancient bronze, 32-gear Antikythera calendar clock (600 BC) fished out from the ocean exhibited in a Greek museum.

God responded with a correction plan that required two strategies. One programmed for angels, a Restitution to balance the Kosmos again, and on a lower entropy level, mortals required a second plan of Redemption to qualify as replacements in God’s administration. 

About 200 million fallen angels (Rev. 9:16) were removed from God’s government and put in an outer darkness netherworld prison which created vacancies to be filled with created Menschen on a dual stage system. Some are special to become a Saint, a one notch higher appointed administrator replacing an available job. Who are the Saints? (Pearl #168) What is a Saint? (Pearl #107)

Mortals are born on a two-stage system like demonstrated for my grandkid in caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly design. Check out the many illustrations from nature. But mankind was created with a superior Mind replicated in a mirror image from a higher Elohim MIND but designed first for a lower Daleth earthly level thus destined to be resurrected to live forever on the next higher stage. My little grandkid thinks he will get butterfly wings like angels.

But we must first be educated and inoculated with a good dose of evil, to get thoroughly familiar what is Evil. My kid questioned what is evil, which needed an example: look at relativism enforced by the USA Supreme Court infected our civilization, trading divine absolutes for destructive lies.

Mortals were destined to become citizens of the Jod dimension. Jesus defined it as a "new earth and new heaven" that continues LIFE in righteousness, pleasing a Holy God who created the system.

The first caterpillar stage of mortality must first acquire an embedded immune system that will automatically recognize evil to snuff it out in the bud, as if evil would invisibly grow again like a mushroom in darkness. That will be the only task preventing evil no longer can repeat a rebellion being watchful by those who become butterflies to live forever in God's house. 

Evil will finally be terminated during the Apocalypse. It consequently will no longer exist in a recalibrated Kosmos, now guarded by successful candidates passing Satan’s school having learned the tricks of evil. While experimenting with evil, humans make many mistakes and need God’s Grace to be forgiven and gain power to overcome evil. Being inoculated against evil is required for the butterfly stage having graduated from life’s school, acceptable to God’s standard.

Christians should venture deeper to discover truth one notch higher, but need to learn more historic consequences. When the ancient Kosmos LAWS of Good and Evil were violated, mankind should have learned from the previous apocalypse in 2288 BC when the Atlantis Civilization totally disappeared with an asteroid strike in God’s Wrath on 5 February 2287 BC. Only (8) people of Noah's family survived. In those ancient times, like today, many divine laws were violated became totally evil resembling another Satan’s rebellion. 

Why do we repeat and exchange the laws of good and evil again for "relativism", or deny history? Becoming totally evil caused God's Wrath and sent an asteroid causing an earth axis wobble defined by Julius Caesar in 54 BC. His calendar is still used today, which scared uneducated tourists who didn’t know why all the fuss about 21 December 2012 visiting pyramids?

The metaphysical Bible holograph projected this hi-tech computerized 21st Century Civilization to end on a Jewish holiday (17 September 2015) by an asteroid as calculated by a 2000 year old declining Julius-Gregorian wobble calendar proven and verified by science magazines and ancient gold-bronze-clocks exhibited globally in many museum all linked to Bible prophecy.

More witnesses align in astronomy sun-moon constellations and crossing over our cosmic galaxy coordinate overlaid with many Old Testament scripture aligned to a Hebrew Holiday structure.

In addition check the (HANS) logic linked to science information published in hi-tech magazines announcing a huge 52Km asteroid already in 825-day orbit around the sun or confirm the date pointed out by Steve Cioccolantis on TV.


Why an Apocalypse not Known in Church

Deciphering prophecy was put to test in a number of previous pearls to establish a dating system when the Daniel and Revelation 1260 days were started from 4 January 2012 to arrive at pivotal Hebrew calendar holidays. On those dates something important always happened in history. On 9 Av, a Jewish fast day, I was surprised to match the date 25 July 2015 confirmed with mathematics. Many theologians not educated in science are still stuck in old denominational teaching established hundreds of years ago, but now they have the opportunity to learn a little more. (Pearl #114)

While double-checking the Hebrew calendar projections, I discovered a future Bible date of 17 September 2017 that also aligned with the 7:5 HANS ratio. We are now so close to the final curtain call if you checked out the other pearls.

Previously, I thought that two more years would be just another orbit of the same asteroid projected from science consistent with God’s Grace who can change His schedule like for Nineveh. We have two calendar years difference, but why? Still being puzzled, I realized that insight only comes in small increments as explained by Isaiah 28:9-10.   

To understand such dating, the Apocalypse will start with the war in heaven-Heh dimension. Hopefully, I would not be raptured in the middle of the hottest war in heaven! Lucky for me the wedding of the Saints is announced a little later with the "Seventh" trumpets. Satan is finally ejected from heaven to continue the cosmic combat on earth-Daleth dimension misunderstood by most Christians.

That projected hinge date of 4 April 2015 was first predicted in the Second Babushka egg Mystery of Tammuz 17 (page 518) translated 2005 in German, Spanish and Arabic now verified by a number of other sources dating the "same day". I am not alone anymore as preachers like Mark Biltz, John Hagee, and Steve Cioccolantis demonstrate (8) extraordinary cosmic signs, but still seemed to be confused hoping in a sham rapture theory invented by a little Scottish girl 150 years ago pushed by an influential Scholar J. N. Darby. Prophecy needs five legal witnesses to avoid being grossly misled and to make a biblical doctrine believable.

Satan is losing his job of governing the World System and will be thrown into the nether KOSMOS prison as the only temporal survivor, but his demon-angels will have been executed in the 2nd & 3rd Woes in a major cleanup of the KOSMOS.

The Second Woe announced starts Jacob’s Trouble with a resurrection of fallen evil demon-angels appearing on "earth" as revealed in God’s Plan for Mankind. (Rev. 9:1-9) That event is dated to 4 April 2015 by matching sky moon constellations and many science events. Check my web site. The Apocalypse will end in five (5) months with four (4) Death Angels designed exclusively for the elimination of all evil demon-angels. (Rev. 9:13) After Satan is bound in prison, evil no longer will exist ending God’s Wrath. Evil will be no more! Halleluiah!

The future civilization will remember that a gigantic army assembled in Armageddon and was destroyed similar to what happened in ancient Egypt 3500 years ago as recorded by Moses in Exodus. Israel will celebrate a historic Death Angel event once more: this time coming from the abyss near the Euphrates River. The passing over will be repeated, but this time with Four Death Angels to kill the privileged 200 million demon-possessed individuals who were marked with the beast system. Killing fallen demon-angels residing in human bodies requires "celestial" power from the netherworld. Notice the next Bible verse where the human host is prevented from dying to allow the possessing demons to enjoy life on earth 5 months longer. That is never preached in church. (Rev. 9:4)

The birthing of a new civilization must also be linked to the same KOSMOS plan consequently will cleanse all evil forever. The time has come; some will witness the next demon resurrection to be totally eliminated. Though not taught in church, it will happen according to the next verses ending five (5) months later, the end of the Apocalypse. Notice all evil angels from heaven, earth, down to the underworld will forever be removed from the UNIVERSE. That is the greatest NEWS.

Pay attention. EVIL must be totally removed from the Kosmos. God will burn up this universe. No one can hide. He will close the curtain of the old Heh and Daleth Dimension. Our earth was destined to explode perhaps into the sun in 3018 AD with the last mortals resurrected in the Jod dimension. God provided for his butterfly reborn-humans on a higher level, emerging from the cocoon on the last resurrection to live on a new, much bigger earth like Antares (Book #5, page 52) linked to a new heaven, a fresh new universe, a cleaned up Kosmos free of evil.

…war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought back, but they were defeated, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. The great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. (Rev. 12:7)

And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit, he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft. Then from the smoke came (demons) locusts on the earth, and they were given authority like the authority of scorpions of the earth. They were told not to damage (nature) the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

(Notice 200 million Demons escaping a Heh dimension prison now empty resurrected to earth to be executed.)

They were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion when it stings someone. And in those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will flee from them. (Rev. 9:1-6 NRSV)

Then I looked, and there was a white cloud, and seated on the cloud was one like the Son of Man, with a golden crown on his head, and a sharp sickle in his hand! Then another angel came out of the temple in heaven, and he too had a sharp sickle. Then another angel came out from the altar, the angel who has authority over fire, and he called with a loud voice to him who had the sharp sickle, “Use your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, for its grapes are ripe.” So the angel swung his sickle over the earth and gathered the vintage of the earth, and he threw it into the great wine press of the wrath of God. (Rev.14:14)

Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years and threw him into the pit, and locked and sealed it over him, so that he would deceive the nations no more, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be let out for a little while. (Rev. 20:1-3)

The earth was embedded with Time, and only in that dimension can Evil be judged. The Son of God died on a cross, thus Satan is terminated only in the time dimension too. Every fallen demon-angel will follow now be executed. The Apocalypse started in the KOSMOS Heh-dimension but will end in the Daleth-dimension as the earth was designed as the only place for a DEATH principle.

God allowed only 150 days to mess-up our planet. Jesus said it would be the worst time for mankind. Satan, the source of EVIL, will then be permanently removed from God's Creation that is the real reason for the Apocalypse as Mortals being affected and suffered many will become spectators and witness evil timed to end observed by Angels too. (Matt. 25:31-33)

The Apocalypse harvest timetable has preset seasons like in nature: only a farmer knows when the fruit is ripe. Personally, I doubt God will change the Julian - Gregorian calendar schedule (4488 BC • AD 3018). The Plan for Mankind was originally established before the earth was made and centered on the most important KOSMOS event for Mankind now dated. (Page 11) 

But if you want to survive that tumultuous terrible event prophesied, please get educated speedily as only a little time is left for the harvest is ripe. I hope that Christians will not reject the second Jonah's last Warnings and take the opportunity by reading your Bible along Babushka egg concept books still free on the Internet not yet forbidden but could end overnight.

Watch an important foundation-marker dividing the historic Bible telescope vision that is an extraordinary event. God’s Plan for Mankind is always associated with ISRAEL.

A Trumpet Jubilee Proves the Date

Investigating the Apocalypse should be linked to the first Hebrew Jubilee Year celebrated again beginning from the re-gathered Israeli survivors dated 21 September 2017 [5778]. It is related to a cosmic event coming and going, historically connected either to a Temple destroyed or rebuilt.

Every Jew rejoiced in ancient times to celebrate the most important trumpet, JUBILEE festival, repeated every 50 years. It is special as all debt is forgiven restarting a new economy. But this time it will be celebrated with the reappearing of the Shekinah Glory after thousands of years. It makes logical sense. The Israeli survivors will worship first in a temporary tent-Tabernacle dated with a new wobble calendar caused by another asteroid as the last prophesied Ezekiel Pyramid temple will take years to build forgotten by untrained theologians. 

We are in the middle of the Apocalypse. Many preachers and theologians still predict a new temple on the Holy Mount in Jerusalem next to the Islamic Mosque separated by a wall. It will never happen. Read Ezekiel 43:7-8, and watch God’s Wrath.

After the Apocalypse Yeshua will start his Kingdom on Earth with the first TRUMPET JUBILEE by setting a future temple corner stone the underpinning of God living visible among mortal mankind. That special occasion will be remembered by future generations linked to an asteroid lifting a New Jerusalem layout being spread in two wide valleys (Zechariah 14:4) raised by liquid lava. It shaped into a steep rocky mountain bursting forth with two large rivers on top (Zechariah 14:8). Later will build over the water source a pyramid temple surrounded with a donut building becoming the last Worship-TEMPLE-center revealed by the prophet Ezekiel giving us a lot of science information. (Pearl #174)

To be better informed when the next temple will be build why not check the correlating date when ISRAEL became a nation commemorated by a UN resolution which was fixed in the everlasting council of ELOHIM. It was embedded in the Hebrew calendar system with a special day 17 Tammuz - 9 AV 5708 (1948) not celebrated since the last temple destruction dated by Julius Cesar calendar AD 70 measured from Jesus birth BC • AD.

Pay attention: Five witnesses are needed to calculate a "future date" by using history, prophecy and the logic code of HANS.

1. A First witness is a future "birth" used again as a time marker after "70" year now applied to ISRAEL (1947/48). It is another birth commemorated for a second time equal to one generation Jesus said "will not pass" thus will end the Kosmos Apocalypse before AD 2017.

The Hebrew 70 = Ayin (the sum total of our world) should convince every Christians and theologians that the Daniel 70th week generation hence was fulfilled. [1947/48+70 = 2017/18] (Luke 21:31-32 - Matthew 24:34 > two extra witnesses total 7!)

2. A Second witness is the very heart of a recaptured Jerusalem (1967-68). It restarted a re-birth of the Jubilee "50" year according to the HANS 7:5 ratio matching the Hebrew holiday system. It agrees with the date AD 2017 Jubilee minus "50" = AD 1967.

3. A Third witness will prove the date by counting 1000 Hebrew Jubilee years backwards (20 x"50") from a 7000-year Hebrew calendar dated (9Av-3017) ending again the Apocalypse before the solstice date (AD 2017)!  

4. A Forth witness is the Hebrew Alphabet Number System needed for the five legal Bible requirements to prove that the Apocalypse will end 28 September 2015 expressed in concepts. 

1000 years = (5 x 200) Heh-Resh "the other (Heh) side"
is "insufficient"
= (50 x 20) Nun-Kaph "Life with purpose" on "a higher level" = Jod

5. A Fifth witness is a new dating concept timed to a Hebrew holiday system. My dates for the Apocalypse 2008-2015 were first set 10 years ago. Though rejected by the Christian church, the first Babushka book translated in 4 languages still stands; amazingly nothing has changed. Many more concepts expanded into eleven Babushka books now linked to the first "Hebrew Jubilee" celebrated every 50 years. Please notice the special future date once more:  21 September 2017 - [5778]. (Page 12)

It was prophesied to last 1000 years, extended to 3018 AD, still matching the Hebrew calendar, which is a major dating proof we always can trust. Babushka eggs describe a Hebrew cuckoo clock model adapted from ancient clocks with two dials: one for Satan the other mankind defining a time dimension important in dating the Apocalypse just recently updated 2008. (Pearl #158)

It emerged as a higher concept, dating "Time" based on Julian-Gregorian calendar wobbles that cannot be dated linearly. But is really an exponential circle wobble calendar randomly going round in a spiral earth axis moving in smaller circles like shown on the front picture of the 9th Babushka egg book copied the Hourglass Galaxy photographed with the Hubble-telescope.

Bible history recorded that asteroids created three (3) civilizations of three different calendars (Aztec, Julius Caesar, Hebrew) across 7000 years of various time cycles, the last wobble stopped on 21 December 2012, now proven by NASA science operating a GRACE Satellite technology.

A new concept crystallized for me I remember the Praha tower build by the Emperor Charles-V in Prague, the big clock showing hour windows exponentially getting bigger that could overlay the three different calendars with the (5) John - Revelation and (7) Daniel time markers if inserted. The exchanged prophecy time increments dating will therefore "not" be sequential or parallel postulated by theologians, rather interleaf like the Antikythera spiral clock dial moving prophecy events aligned to dating cycles in smaller cycles.   

Highlighted historical events created a washed out Hebrew calendar, which should have started much earlier, as the Flood (BC 2288) destroyed much evidence. Only the Bible can tell us what happened. It is the oldest history book of mankind. It reveals that the age from Adam to Methuselah had a different calendar altered by asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC.

We can illustrate a unified biblical 7000 year Hebrew world cuckoo clock calendar with another analogue look again at the Hourglass Galaxy flattened out to a double clock dial like shown on the last page. One galaxy side could represent the Heh dimension like a clock dial with hour cycles getting shorter starting at 12 o'clock (4488 BC) of Satan's rebellion tagged with five cycles 4004 BC, 2288 BC, AD 35, 17 September 2015, and 9 Av 3017 marked with a center black hole DOT 25 July 2015.

The second dial on the other galaxy side is linked to our Daleth dimension separated by a center black hole too holding the timeless pointer now recording the Adam’s birth in (4068 BC), his expulsion dated (4004 BC), to Noah's Flood (2288 BC), passing First Temple destruction (588 BC), Israel's 70-year exile and return (518 BC), to Daniel's 490-year prophecy projection to the world calendar (BC • AD) dated by Jesus Christ of a declining earth axis wobble like the colored rays indicated.

The dial time exponentially runs slower as measured in longer duration like the Praha tower clock showed at 6 o’clock a corrected Julian-calendar linked Resurrection (AD 35), the Second Temple destruction in marker (AD 70), toward John's Revelation (95 AD) and closing a 7-year cornerstone witness dating the Apocalypse to AD 2008.

But random event window dates now getting smaller 2300 Tammuz days, Daniel’s 1290, 3½ years 1260, [an asteroid orbit 825 days] to 150 days (horrible demon possession) marking the Apocalypse highlighting a Satan conflict again to the very center of 9 Av coinciding on the same previous calendar black hole center Dot (25 July 2015 AD) verified by a cuckoo call.   

The Hebrew world clock Daleth side duplicate and recorded two world rebellion too in ancient prehistoric time calculated on the Enoch calendar as (17.September 2288BC). Repeated once more dovetailing to the same future day creating the last civilization exactly projected (17 September AD 2015) verified by many witnesses matching 4300 years apart? (Pearl #112)

That was highlighted by (4) four prophets: Zechariah, Jeremiah, Zephaniah and Isaiah, “ON THAT DAY seventy (70) times which is the last warning given to mankind again (Babushka concept Egg #11). It repeats the center DOT of God’s Plan for Mankind going in another apex direction decoded by examining the Minor Prophets neglected in our time. (Isaiah 13:9-16, 24:1) (Pearl #243, Pearl #233 and Pearl #174

To broaden and better understanding concepts from God’s Wrath perspective associated to a new wobble calendar caused by a previous asteroid now dated 5 February 2287 BC. An Enoch calendar was now changed by Julius Caesar (BC • AD) still used today. It could illustrate a new time juncture altered by a coming "Second Asteroid" change (AD 2018 < • > ????).

A new asteroid will again cause a different wobble calendar {• >????} once more, changing the earth-axis tilt angle. Meaning that one sun rotation (365¼ days) is again turning seven (7) Ezekiel Temple "years" declared by Isaiah 30:26, which is reverting back our earth travel to a prehistoric Enoch time cycles as shown in the Aztec calendar explained in my Babushka egg concept book #3 -Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

If totaled across the 1000 years in Revelation, it matches what was recently discovered inside the Enoch Pyramid: it will be shorter by Daniel's 490-year. This comes from comparing the Grand Gallery overlay making the Hebrew Calendar exactly 7000 Julius Caesar years. We get more proof comparing the data during Abraham’s wobble calendar by another discovery,  "Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra." (Pearl #232 & Pearl #224)

This pearl is amazing. I postulated 7 years ago that a previous ancient calendar in Isaiah 30:26 further explained the moon undisturbed tracking a seven day week calendar, but will have seven times more light. It means counting years by a future North Pole turning seven times solstice in one orbit around the sun like the ancient Aztec calendar of 52 days Gregorian calendar. Compared with science will be causing a climate change again with more seasons. It will affect permafrost to disappear and opening vast virgin, unpolluted soil allowing extensive agriculture to grow food in the Canadian Territory -Siberia-China with lots of water flowing again for the next generation. But the asteroid will relocate many mountains and islands disappearing like half of the USA Midwest will be covered with water caused by pumped out underground lake dome collapsing.  Much more is mentioned by other prophets, if you are reading the bible with scientifically trained sense.    

What is certain repeating history, the new civilization will start with a returned Shekinah Glory a main feature proven with seven witnesses. God's visible presence entering the Tabernacle on the "First Jubilee" in 2017 AD to abide with mankind will match a great Jewish holiday again as the most important event ever. God’s Kingdom on Earth has a new calendar centered on Jesus Christ BC • AD, like framing a time juncture stretched between two Temple destructions (588 BC < • > AD 70).

It is replicated again with a new wobble (AD 2018 < • > ????) calendar stretched by two new temples too, but with a different time division juncture once more to remind future generation what has happened. It will end duplicated with another (9 Av) Satan rebellion on the end of time dimension. (Rev. 20:7) 

Notice one calendar is observed from Jesus’ "First Coming", the other new calendar proposal is Jesus "Second Coming" all linked to the same Bible prophecy. Both have together a juncture to prove a calendar within 7000 Hebrew years.

That was demonstrated with information embedded in ancient museum bronze-gold clocks linked to the Enoch Pyramid in Giza before Noah's time designed for a special purpose tracking different calendars. It will be copied again in a new Temple Pyramid described by Ezekiel becoming the last sacred place for mankind to worship the ELOHIM once more.  

The final temple architecture is no longer a square box structure but designed like the first Enoch pyramid which has embedded KOSMOS laws entrenched in stones linked to 7000 years ending in the final generations of mortals. The Prophet Ezekiel expresses the last time-marker too with the ordinances, boundaries and division of the surrounding land.

Again a library was permanently embedded in stones for future generations with a lot of science just found out (Pearl #224). But time could be measured differently, a new possibility. Please check a Russian Scientist will surprise you I am sure.


The new third 1000 (490 Daniel) years Civilization will start a seven months cleanup of the Holy Land directed under Jesus’ tutelage guiding the surviving remnant of Israel. They must first collect in one location billions of dead bodies being heaped up in a Pyramid Memorial Monument killed in the Armageddon war and perished in the final days of an asteroid disaster. 

The dead body mountain is dedicated to remember and venerate the ELOHIM, the Creator, and honor his Son Jesus Christ who spared mankind from total annihilation from an atheistic One- World-System ending with an asteroid saved by God’s Grace. The Memorial was placed next to the adjacent Ezekiel Pyramid similar to a Sphinx hoarded up by a surviving remnant of ISRAEL and stockpiled billions skull bones dead body remains from the Armageddon conflict killed in GOD'S WRATH collected (7) seven months. (Isaiah 66:24)

History will record four (4) million Jews around Jerusalem were murdered now by hostile Palestinians and Islamic terrorists sponsored by the FED financing every war. Even ISRAEL was severely judged prophesied only two million will survive. More is stated in Second Woe of the sixth and seventh Seal events check the Bible texts. (Pearl #243 - Pearl #245)

If you understand Zephaniah's decoded prophecy, the Middle East will be totally depopulated. All Islamic countries with their evil Satan religion will have perished only small children from Muslim-Gentile nations without evil will be miraculously saved. God will preserve their unique ethnic roots for a future population being fed from heaven with Manna once more like in Exodus 16:4 until food can be harvested again being directed by million surviving Saints. Manna also is an extended food for meat-eating animals' extraordinary changing nature some no longer will devour flesh of other species. (Isa. 11:6)  

Focusing on Third Woe cleanup surrounding Jerusalem will take some effort for the survivors' automobiles no longer work to collect and remove dangerous mines and bombs. The oceans controlling the many life cycles will be restored to reproduce prolifically every species of animals and plants on a fast track, no longer being destroyed by mankind with high technology.

God will again restore nature to its former splendor repeated growing seasons sustaining Life, but in a total house cleaning will throw out the corrupted evil mankind tenant that never paid rent or gave thanks for the free energy.

This last generation ruthlessly accelerated the exploitation of the environment mixing GMO genes determined to exterminate all LIFE on this planet. Once more the Elohim must intervene into the affairs of mankind and stop this massive environmental destruction by uncontrolled atheistic modern technology.

Daniel's stone from heaven story became a new divinely controlled civilization, God’s Kingdom on Earth of unimaginable blessing for mankind. The Golgotha hill in Jerusalem will be tectonic-raised to a mountain caused by the Second Asteroid. (Isaiah 2:2) It will widen to a large area to make room for a massive worship center. The skyline is framed with a new UN building to represent all nations. And visible on top, a Pyramid Temple starting underneath in the basement on either side two huge rivers watering the Promised Land. It will be the biggest worship center ever to pay homage to the King of kings and Lords of lords. Jesus Christ will control his Kingdom on Earth not with a sword seen on top of Court Tundra, but in one hand holding an iron shepherd rod of eternal blessings lasting 1000 years (490 Daniel years), the other will hold his BOOK of just LAWS known since ancient times. Wars and conflict among nations will no longer be possible.

What Is a SAINT?

One more issue needs clarification. A lot of confusion exists from not delineating what is the body of Christ from Israel being set aside by a special timeless covenant. Many comatose Christians think they are a privileged Saints mentioned by Daniel and John. When God’s Plan for Mankind is tailored toward a faulty denominational interpretation pushing their brand of Bible teaching, it is usually linked to prestige and money. More confusion exists only teaching two Resurrection being mixed up by relativism based on atheism no wonder Bible mysteries remain.

Babushka books are different investigating Bible concepts with science matching the metaphysics usually forbidden in church and atheistic universities. It is still free to widen a knowledge horizon check out some Russian Babushka Eggs on the WEB. Focusing what is a Saint usually overlooked but is an individual appointed for a special future job in God's administration.

They were selected by God the ELOHIM from Adam's time across 6000 years. To sit on the King's table surrounded with his friends is a great privilege. If you aspire to belong to that group, a story is told by Jesus. They, perhaps, must have more love-oil required described in the (Matthew 25). All Virgins had oil (embedded Holy Spirit wisdom) some had more and got invited. (Pearl #200)

The story reveals that some where destined for special jobs to be close to the King, like the names of 24 Saints embossed in the foundation of his golden Eternal City and extended to many prophets Moses, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Jude, Jan Hus, Martin Luther, John Wesley … the list is long extended to thousands of martyrs. (Rev.6:9) Perhaps like the three teenagers dressed in a Christian school uniform butchered in the public square with Islamic swords, all assembled in the Sainthood-Resurrection invitation after the Apocalypse; for that reason, Sainthood is by appointment only. (Rev. 20:4-6)

Understanding why God needs Saints is best explained by example. Every business has an inner core or board directors to govern. Only Daniel and John mentioned the Saints, who stand one notch higher as a group above the millions Christians going to mega-churches. God's purpose required a smaller group to govern his angels living in a new heaven now preselected in a special Saint Resurrection, not going yet to heaven, but first routed back to earth from meeting Jesus in the air invited in his city satellite - Star of Bethlehem hovering over Jerusalem.

Their job was to be educated in the divine KOSMOS LAW to govern angels and learn practical lessons gained during God’s Kingdom on Earth governing unruly mortals. (Matt. 20:26) Being an appointed Saint, my friend, is not a superior group but selected to be a "Servant" to the King. "Many are called, few are chosen." Some took the option offered.

But if you are a faithful Christian, do not worry. (Daniel 12:2-3) Meeting Jesus at the Last Grand Resurrection means being rewarded with a good life destined for a bigger new earth. Do not be anxious: everyone must pass the immune test to separate the goats from the sheep. Selections are made on a higher level read what Jesus preached, and notice the Moses authorized LAW was clarified (Matt.5:21-22) and discern when Jesus said: But I say to you… and should end like Matt. 6:34. The Grand Resurrection is not inferior but made for people who just want to live a simple life already planned by a loving, very rich father waiting for you. Check the "lost son" story. (Luke 15:11)

Once more not taught in church, Daniel and John mentioned the Saints designed for a special purpose as priests and judges. That is not an exclusive privilege only for Christians, but a unique selected group expanded by millions from every culture across a 6000-year population of mankind. (Rev. 20:6)

The Angel domain still has at this time no government in place. From this mix God will appoint a smaller group to govern an angel-domain but linked to the new heaven. They were preselected and appointed for a special smaller inserted SAINT First Resurrection coming back to earth with Jesus to be re-educated in the divine KOSMOS LAW to govern angels.

The Grand Resurrection for all mortals will conclude God’s Plan for Mankind, and Fallen-Angels with Satan expelled from the stage as the Time-dimension curtain falls. The Jod dimension expanding once more, the KOSMOS restored.

Why Babushka Eggs - A Troubled Scribe

In closing my heart is burdened still have some unanswered question. It finalized in this farewell Pearl to do some soul searching. Historically, God always appointed a watchman or   individuals like so many prophets in Scripture to warn a society going in the wrong direction. When the warning was ignored, God had to adjust his Plan for Mankind to stay on course.

Again like in ancient Bible times, God appointed someone to give warning in our time. Some years ago he urged me to write now eleven Babushka Eggs and many Pearls, available free on the Web. In the Last Warning, or Jod Supreme Court session (Babushka Book Egg #10) the presiding Judge ELOHIM condemned the atheistic political computerized One-World-System being in gross violation of his Kosmos Laws and gave order to implement his verdict.

Inventorying my life, about 10 years ago God isolated me in a remote sheep barn cut off from the Internet and chose me to be a scribe (Isaiah 30:8), appointed to be a Jonah to warn the global town square announcing the Apocalypse dated 2008. As a previous technical inventor retired in seclusion, I discovered a different Atom theory within advanced hi-tech science: Gravity and Light are magnetic; the consequences of hidden GMO deadly to life; and many unknown Bible correlations now written in 11 Babushka eggs free to read or printout on the web, or to purchase at cost from the instant publisher.

In the meantime, YouTube videos on high-speed computers have proven Babushka eggs. Not one mistake needed to be corrected verifying divine revelation.  But it is still a puzzle for me. Not a single of a hundred discoveries was ever mentioned on any Christian TV or Christian magazines.

It has been mostly rejected by the Christian community, so why the total silence? Some non-Christians noticed, but in general most famous Bible teachers’ discussions usually faded in banal Middle Age theology and never progressed beyond those outdated debates to explore the real Plan for Mankind. They could have copied some free ideas from the Web and given great sermons in church.

But now I seriously wonder why God would not let his message be projected on the big board town square with so much proof in science never postulated in any university science forum. It seems similar to so many true scientists on the Internet being also suppressed by governments and churches. Why have Christians shown no interest in science embedded in the Bible ending in 11 Babushka books by a retired seasoned inventor?

To realize that God in my late retirement appointed me to be a "scribe" like in ancient times, set apart to announce and express the Apocalypse in the midst of suppressed hi-tech discoveries. Atheistic universities and US Government silenced many technical discoveries invented free energy by Tesla & Hoffman.

Much forbidden knowledge is now exposed on the Internet. Being investigated by the IRS like the others needed a quiet sheep-barn to expose truth in eleven (11) Babushka concept eggs viewed from a higher 360⁰ perspective.  

The outcome became a "historical witness of the Second Civilization" documenting 4300 years of history dated across 2288 BC • AD 2018 using true science as a modern scribe revealing the last Bible mysteries and God's Wrath.

A future society will ask, “How and Why did the 21st Century Generation of mankind end in God’s Wrath just like Noah, as repeated from a science and Bible perspective?” The Bible history from Satan-Adam-Noah-Revelation can now be better explained elaborated on a forbidden higher metaphysical level.

The Creator needed a science educated Saint-scribe to notify a despoiled hi-tech society that God’s Wrath will end their evil way of life. Atheistic universities and corrupted governments allowed deadly GMOs causing irreversible extinction of all Life forms on earth, linked to totally destroying the environment with the thread of gigantic biological and nuclear exchange.

Those truths needed to be defined and logically exposed. God cannot again and not give grace like he did to Nineveh, or Satan would gloat, "I won," being more powerful equal to Jesus. If you are scientifically inclined, read Pearl #233.

Conclusion or still Confusion?

I hope my limited story only focusing on dating the Apocalypse   resolved a big problem for some deceived Christians. It may greatly surprise many church members to discover that a "secret" rapture never will happen. They will be lucky to survive the time of the demon resurrection.  

Why not prepare for an early death as God’s Wrath will eliminate totally this civilization executing over (6) six billion people that will include every Christian church like Noah's relatives who missed the boat. Many baby kids will be orphaned destined for God’s Kingdom on Earth surviving being cared for by divine providence. Do not be mislead by ignorant clergy but strengthen your faith. Jesus said, "Come to me who is burdened." He has the power to save.

Christians should not fear trials and tribulation and not worry to be resurrected on the "Last Grand Resurrection" which is not inferior. Every mortal must pass a historic life filter to create our immune system to "know good and evil" acquired during a lifetime, which must exceed the White Throne balance test and if over 50% will get an eternal life reward. To establish truth of a biased faith can be proven only by matching (5) Bible witnesses of God’s Word as claimed in Babushka eggs.

The Elohim surrounded himself with an enormous resurrected company across the whole 7000-year human spectrum pool not yet finished @ 2012. Christians surely will be a minority being so opinionated. Those who had a lot of Christian teaching will not have the advantage over those born in an alien culture who never heard the gospel. Why was anyone chosen to inherit Life? It is determined by God’s Grace, not because of works or from going to church. I am glad judgment is executed by a gracious loving father.

God’s KOSMOS PLAN will be fine-tuned to end with the Restitution for Angels in the Apocalypse when time is no more and the plan of Redemption for Mortals has been finalized. Try to live to be approved. Scripture plainly shows that all the mortals surrounding the Throne of the Ancient One – ELOHIM - are dressed uniformly in white tunics.

That means a more honored Billy Graham, who lived in one century and highly privileged and dined with Presidents, is no different from another born slave only knowing all his life pain who lived in Romans time.  Every man or woman I am sure has a story of suffering, well acquainted with evil. All are undistinguished dressed in a white cloak and equal in stature. Why? Read my immune inoculation story again.

We no longer will have a wealth pyramid of privilege and prestige to impress others so ingrained in our perception, which included uprightness people of primitive cultures who never heard the gospel. Christian faith does have the advantage giving assurance what is invisible but becomes a visible Ayin inheritance revealed by HANS.

God is calling his children wake up! Life on this earth is now very short. It is the last chance to consider a one notch higher option still offered. The Second Civilization with a tumultuous 4300 years world history of mankind will end again in God's Wrath, which will terminate a grossly tainted evil society.

 Million resurrected Saints will be in charge of a remnant of millions ethnic baby-children not yet evil and Israel will miraculous survive divinely saved from the destructive Apocalypse read the Bible descriptions. Isaiah 2:19, 13:9, 24:1 mark it with a yellow pen 70 times "On That Day".

This generation over (6) billion people will perish identical to the Atlantis Civilization. It will end with another asteroid to level globally every town in rubble and will no longer remember an atheistic hi-tech One World System, vanished in God’s Wrath dated on the Hebrew calendar: (Rev. 6:12-17, Isaiah 2:19-22)

17 September 2015.

While waiting to be prepared for Jesus return, recheck the core values reaffirming our life to rededicate our Christian faith:

Aligned with the way of Jesus: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind; so that you may discern what is the will of God- what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

To care for one another: Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. If a member suffers, all suffer, together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it. (1Cor. 12:27)

Connecting with all people through Love: There is no longer Jew or gentile, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Gal. 3:28)

Teaching our children only they will survive the Apocalypse. Jesus said: "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs." (Matt. 19:4)

Impacted by lives we touch: For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to weep, and a time to laugh: a time to mourn, and a time to dance. (Eccl. 3:1) to end life hopefully passing the sheep-gate knowing the Sheppard (Ps. 118:20)

The ELOHIM promised to greatly reward anyone with Eternal Life freely given through his appointed only Son Jesus. That exclusive name is known as Jesus-Yeshua, the CHRIST. His death on the cross made atonement for a "cosmic violation". Now this greatly "Anointed One" is offering mankind a way out to live forever. Jesus will arrive from his KOSMOS with the biggest pyramid satellite, perhaps 1500 miles across, previously known as the Star of Bethlehem. (Rev.21:9) He shall disembark from his huge golden city hovering over the earth once more to save mankind. Hold firm your faith and watch the brightest sky. It will be noisy and big seen around the world. 

I invite pastors, if the Lord has touched your hearts, to help spread Jonah’s last message. A mega church TV has the resources, a lot of experts in computers, perhaps eager high school kids, to help send out this last warning to mankind from a modern Jonah scribe. Otherwise be assured, God will appoint the angels to spread the ELOHIM'S last WARNING.

Remember, all people who have chosen to honor the Creator saved by Grace will soon be standing before the THRONE indistinguishable dressed in a white tunic no different from each other (Rev. 6:11) but some may be surprised. Perhaps in his-her pocket being rewarded with a private phone, a direct line to Jesus' Throne sharing my inner private personal life and desire all in secret no one ever will recognize, think forever?

Allow me to divulge my secret Saint privilege. My reward already set aside needed a telephone via an empty planet resembling our earth somewhere in the universe to start over again, duplicated like Adam and Eve. But this time "I plant" the Garden to fulfill nature on a higher level to ultimately cover the whole globe on behalf of his kingdom full of Life and Splendor.

Occasionally, Jesus will visit with his entourage coming in his radiant city-satellite "Star of Bethlehem".  It will always cause a joyous big global party and sitting next to him as a grand patriarch with my newborn family growing immensely large but seeing the nail-marks on his hands only I know its embedded meaning. (Rev. 21:7)

Being a Saint getting ever closer to my savior in a new expanding universe, now destined to fulfill its purpose, Jesus will always supplement my dreams. Full of surprises guiding and helping every time he visits, Jesus will bring living gifts to expand my global Garden to enjoy his ultimate fellowship God living with mankind highlighted with parties in his royal city. If you think my dream is not based on reality as eternity is a long time paradox but is coupled to the last two Revelation chapters.

The process already started with Babushka Eggs documenting the other, Heh side. Have fun discovering possibilities in science I like to share. May we become friends to exchange ideas united to worship the Lord?  Call me, if you got a secret telephone, too.

That ends my 5-month apocalypse story. I hope theologians will be better educated with the lights "on" to widen Bible horizons.

God’s Plan for Mankind represented in a Hebrew clock across eons of time.

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