Pearl #281 -

The Alpha YHWH Illuminated Tammuz 17

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Searching the NEWS for the last two signs to start the Apocalypse birth, I noticed that the headline of the new Hallelujah Bible (Pearl #280) has Lucifer the light bearer -Halal mirror-imaged before YHWH. Checking the first Genesis pages of the Torah-Bible to follow the trail discovered that infinite energy created the universe and how ELOHIM planned this earth. This was willfully suppressed by atheistic fake-science taught for 100 years in most universities in rebellion to divine revelation.

Thus, it compelled this scientist to reexamine and redefine the laws of nature collected in Babushka eggs concept books and many Pearls linked to prophecy. Many denominational Christian churches still preach biased false dogmas thus reject dating the Apocalypse sadly being deceived by Satan who is an expert in quoting scripture. (Matt. 4:1) Nonetheless, the Creator will always correct a society when evil threatens his Plan for Mankind. Many recent YouTube videos now expose Truth and prophecy mysteries focused on Yeshua the visible manifestation of YHWH. 

However, the Apocalypse date (Pearl #276) was linked to seven world calendar witnesses that revealed Yeshua’s countless historical warnings now for the last time. Moses instituted (7) happy and (5) sad Hebrew holiday seasons to remember history but also mirror-image future events to be fulfilled only at the Endtime juncture of His Second coming as King of Kings. In every century the Jews experienced sad 9th of Av events causing prayer seasons to keep the spirit alive for a future Messianic kingdom. Sharing that hope was fateful for most Christians too caught up in denominational lies so that they were no longer being “salt” on earth. Still blinded, now ask, “Where is your missing generation as evil is affecting every Christian church?” An atheistic hi-tech society can only produce iniquity and rebellion in brain-dead children who will not survive a divine Wrath. Thus, this Tammuz 17 has special significance linked to 120th Jubilee only understood after the Apocalypse. 

For Americans, the June 2017 NEWS reported that President Trump promised to make America great again and proposed to clean out the swamp in Washington. Perhaps Congress could return to Christian principles similar to repeating the historic Magna Carta to change a feudal system in 1215 England? That famous freedom experiment was continued in a journey to the Declaration of Independence in 1776 envied around the world and matching a solar eclipse linked to (8-21-2017) not repeated for 99 yrs. across America. But the hope for mankind was shattered again in 1913 by feudal NYC cartel bankers still in control. Thus, we will not succeed in putting Humpty-dumpty back, who had a great fall.

11 Total Solar Eclipses this Century Reveal a Profound Message For Year 5778

A psychopathic Illuminati NYC banker club produced fake money to finance a shadow government of a Satan-controlled New World Order. The FED created many Stock Markets fueled by Ponzi schemes designed for overpaid bureaucrats. They reintroduced the IRS to rob everybody into poverty destroying a blessed America. But the real intent was to enslave 7 billion people, to suppress the Bill of Rights, which was globally desired. Worse, they instigated conflicts ending in worldwide wars to destroy Christian cultures, murdering millions by genocides that triggered population upheavals repeated many times in a bloody global history. 

However, our journey on earth was destined by YHWH created with a multifaceted Mind, hopefully with the lights ON, to have an advantage suppressed in an atheistic society. Thus, I could understand a mystery that the Spirit of Mortals was formed to live forever, like mirror imaged in nature. A caterpillar will die via a cocoon linked to an important butterfly stage. But why would ELOHIM create mankind on top of billion Angels, and why do we all have to choose between good and evil, too?

YouTube videos detailed many conflicts of nations related to science deception assaulting unforgiving nature changed by GMO and Trans-genetic-technology assailing every life form on earth to end in extinction. It will fulfill Satan’s age-old desire to end all of mankind in horrible sufferings in nuclear holocaust annihilation. 

Therefore, YHWH must protect his property, watching worldwide a threatened environment, leading toward total evil destruction to repeat Divine Judgment again. Thus, a life-supporting ecosystem is saved again for the next generation designed to last another 1000 years. Yet the ELOHIM has planned that this last civilization will be totally different as only revealed in the Bible the oldest book on earth. For the first time a generation will be governed in divine righteousness by Yeshua - the King of Kings - to rule mankind with unheard blessings never experienced before in history. 

YHWH gave humans one notch higher divine knowledge, but someone must be in charge. Thus, he appointed Israel to collect the history of mankind to explain why the ELOHIM created a universe in a Time dimension governed by Kosmos Laws. God is holy, but when Israel transgressed, as detailed many times in Bible history, only the special covenant given to Abraham could restore the promises. When a civilization is corrupted by intense wickedness, it must start over to fulfill divine prophecy. Thus, a remnant will survive, now focused on Jubilee 5778 in a New Covenant. 

A righteous civilization to start over is only possible in an Apocalypse 2008-2015 dated 14 years ago, but it needed a Hebrew calendar correction of two years. Why was a good story explaining the Plan for Mankind related to science rejected by most Christian churches? Many Christians will only listen to well-paid Prophecy Summit theologians scantly educated in technology. They ignore historic facts linked to the Torah-Bible and worse, reject the many warnings of Jonah-II. It will repeat Bible history like Sodom and Gomorrah to effect Mankind’s survival and escape from Evil.

True science is now taught in a modern web classroom demonstrated by many young people in YouTube videos exposing deception in conflict with atheistic universities teaching fake science for hundreds of years. Thus, the latest designed hi-tech web gadget could portray the Endtime prophecy to theologians with many forbidden facts shown in their videos like releasing a Genii-spirit from a bottle will never go back.

So pay attention. Many signs and wonders will appear to verify a counterfeit religion or fake science to deceive closed minds. When modern society ignores the biggest prophesied event, squabbles over boring fake speculation, and worse, ignores the warnings projected by many science witnesses, it will not survive. Babushka Sound Bites declare a better option trusting Yeshua-Jesus, as the time has arrived destined for this civilization to perish in a prophesied Divine Wrath. Some will survive to continue mankind to observe the Glory of the Messiah Yeshua - after Solstice 2017.

Because ELOHIM did not appoint us to wrath,
but to obtain deliverance through our Lord Yeshua ha Mashiah. (1 Thes. 5:9)

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