Pearl #300: Part 3 -

Dating Yeshua’s Arrival with Ayin – Nun Prophecy?

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Part 3:  Nun = 50 Jubilee in Prophecy

(Edited 5/15/2019)

Before retiring as an inventor, I managed my own hi-tech million-dollar corporation in California for twenty (20) years and learned much from scientific journals. But studying the Torah-Bible gave me a balance to discern metaphysics laws from physics. Yeshua’s Kingdom has not yet arrived from space; hence let’s investigate 120 Jubilees in history of 6000 yr. Now adding 20 Jubilees could still end the Daleth dimension in 3018AD? Moses introduced the 50-year Jubilee, which gained importance initiated by the Shekinah Glory. (Lev. 9:1, Exod. 12:2) Selected Bible verses were copied in a table Babushka Egg Book #1 that dated Shavuot 24 May 2018 with a prolonged Time+Season. (Dan. 7:12) It was proved by ancient clocks exhibited in museums as dating Revelation in heaven perhaps is faster than Daniel’s bronze Antikythera clock on earth, similar to unequal Fahrenheit-Celsius temperature scales. (Babushka Egg Clock Book #3

A corrected 7000-yr. Hebrew calendar projected the center of Time at 518 BC, which should be linked to (Rev. 11:1). Observe recorded in history that a portion real estate of three (3) Ayin Temple destructions is given to gentiles for (42) forty-two months to be closed at 3018AD.  (2 Peter 3:8 - 3½yrs.x1000 = 3500). It is predicted to be exchanged for another real estate in the Golden City measured too by a special angel (Rev. 21:15) describing a pyramid worship center. (Ezekiel 40:1) Read and learn why an outdated Temple will not be built. (Pearl #247)  

A faulty Hebrew calendar was updated ten years ago in a Babushka egg concept book to match Daniel’s Ayin (7x70) cycles still dating “Time” from 518 BC to 3018 AD. Make a horizontal line but split the diagram into two parts (6000-1000) to connect a120thJubilee on 2018.  Now mark some important dates on a horizontal line: 518 BC, 70 AD, 1948 AD, 2018 AD, and 3018 AD. Maybe the 120th Jubilee needs to be further corrected by an extra 2-4 yr. [@ 2018] shifting a (JC) calendar at Jesus Christ’s birth in BC-AD will extend the dating of Yeshua’s return perhaps a little better attuned after 2020-2022 AD?

The Creator YHWH will not watch Satan gloating to destroy his property with high-technology like secret HAARP to devastate the environment by manmade earthquakes, floods, droughts and failing GMO patents endangering nearly all Life. Beyond any doubt, God will be consistent and terminate a heinous World Order financed by FED-IMF evil bankers as most prophesied Apocalypse events have passed as witnessed on censured YouTube videos. Only the Two Witnesses have not yet appeared from heaven to confront Satan, as the world is deceived by TV robots imitating intelligence of a Creator.

Very few will survive God’s Wrath. Watch! Worldwide the sun and moon will darken by one third, caused by a levitating huge 1800-mile Golden City (Star of Bethlehem) earsplitting noisy, brilliantly shining. It will be similar to the Close Encounter movie (1977), only worse. Yeshua-Jesus is coming with millions of hostile angels from space. Read the response of many atheistic world governments getting more shocked from the Great Apocalypse next woes (Rev. 6:15-17) being warned in Babushka Egg Books #10-14 & many Pearls  revealing Truth.

Ayin = 70 in Prophecy?

Looking closer at the Gospels, I assumed that Yeshua’s generation could also be Ayin-70yr. when Israel became a nation (1948-2018) linked to 7-yr. Apocalypse birth-pang warnings (2008-2015). Yeshua –Jesus said in the Gospels (Matt. 24:34) that all apocalypse events will pass in one generation; hence, I question if that generation is Jubilee-50yr. or Ayin-70yr.? Perhaps the answer is found when he returns to earth, which is now difficult to date because many calendars evolved from fake science taught in every university. But new information will overwrite wrong projections or previous mistakes.

This scientist-inventor pen-named Jonah-II has warned of a coming Apocalypse to end the corrupt New World Order or Beast system (Rev. 13) directed by red dragon Satan with (7) horns matching a Hebrew calendar of 7000yr. that cannot be dated by atheistic science. Looking through the lens of Bible history will show how YHWH saves some in this civilization, but this time in a huge 1800-mile satellite levitating low. The Golden City works like a gigantic harvest machine, perhaps the ½ hour silence before the Throne in heaven (Rev. 8:1) is turning the flat earth like a winepress. (Rev. 14:20) Upfront will resemble the dream of Jacob’s ladder with angels ascending and descending (Gen. 28:12) collecting mostly babies and people saved from four (4) death angels. (Rev. 9) Towed behind is a plow to rip open every mountain and rearrange the environment to prepare for the next Kingdom of Light. Only angels can kill millions of demons, but possessing politicians now very evil will extra suffer of prolonged death.

Because the Endtime has arrived, YHWH exposed true science through His creation report (Gen. 1:3) revealing ∞ light energy that solved many Daniel and Revelation mysteries. It opened the door dating Yeshua’s Kingdom which still confuses theologians mostly educated in fake science and made worse by many mistranslated Bible versions. It clouded prophecy projections linked to a HANS-code. Thus, many historic mirror dates are misunderstood in church lacking a general education and ignorant of forbidden Truth.

Therefore, the Torah-Bible revealed two mystery calendar systems, one is solstice for Gentile nations and the other is moon cycles for Israel specially appointed as a covenant people to record the history Mankind and commandments desired by YHWH. A Gentile solstice calendar will measure time 1T+2T+½T (Dan. 7:25) or 42-month (3½yr.), and for Israel (Rev. 12:14) is given in moon cycles 1260 days the same (3½yr.) [V6] and extended to 1290, 1335 days for a special “season”. (Dan. 7:12) Israel growing to nationhood documented many divine interventions to control evil illustrated and guided by a creator YHWH. Thus, it chronicled how a universe was created in six (6) periods that fuelled the Kosmos with infinite energy suppressed in universities as described more in Babushka Egg Concept Book #9.

A Final Discovery Date of Yeshua’s Return –
2022 AD?

Checking the ancient nation Israel in the Torah-Bible, Daniel loyal to YHWH became a famous Babylonian official to reveal the history of a special covenant people set aside to disclose how Evil will end in a time-frame 1T+2T+½T. (Pearl #276) It is linked to many of Yeshua’s warnings of a coming Apocalypse, which is now verified by second Jonah-II and many YouTube videos exposing suppressed science. True reality matches the Bible as explained in free 14 Babushka eggs and many Pearls that questioned why God would destroy civilization again like Noah in 2288BC? Thus, will Daniel’s 1260 days mirror the Esther story? Since no original calendar exists in science, Yeshua-Jesus said, “Watch!” The extraordinary events starting with a pre-mini-resurrection to delay a Time Dimension for a special purpose belonging to the infinite Jod dimension. But for an easier predictions of the Endtime an ancient Bible mystery calendar is now better decoded: 1T+2T+½T=7000yr., 42 Month=3500yr., 1290 days=70yr., 1 Week=7yr. Hence, a prophecy club season conflict of Daniel (Dan. 12:11) is now corrected and repeated by John. (Rev. 11:2)

To calculate the length of a Bible prophecy day assume that modern Israel is related to Ayin-70 of 1260 Daniel-John prophecy days (70x360=25200 days) divide it into 1260 (25200/1260=20 [JC] days). Thus, 1260 to 1290=30 prophecy days or (30x20=600 [JC] days) matching an abomination on the Temple Mount (Dan. 12:11 - 12/10/2019), plus 1290 to 1335 = 45 prophecy days (45x20 = 900 [JC] days) =1500 [JC] days, which is 1500/365.24 =4.10 [JC] yr. Fraction is 39 days added to Israel Independence Day (4/18/2018) which corrected the 120th Jubilee?

Yom Yerushalayim – 28 May 2022 (5782)

Therefore, new historic dates will now better decipher Bible prophecy as Yeshua’s coming back to earth must match an important Jewish holiday pointed out by an angel (1T+2T+½T) based on a seven  (7) creation day math-cycle matching mystery dates recorded a thousand years ago. Israel will crown Yeshua as King of Kings special honored and worshiped on 1 Tishri after 5782 in a totally destroyed Jerusalem.

Daniel foretold that his covenant people Israel typical rebellious will confront another Jacob’s Trouble. It will be a dreadful time: check Pearl #120. Hence the Time Dimension mentioned by Daniel and John summed up in this Pearl reveal an unknown second Adam Saint-Race destined to expand the Kosmos. (Pearl #888) Note the upcoming Two Witnesses belong to a royal registry serving before the White Throne to represent the human race and their special purposes, like Michael, the Arch-Angel for Israel. They will shortly announce the end of an evil high-tech World System linked to a cataclysm of Satan.

Therefore mankind is continued with resurrected wise Saints and mortals graduating probation to the next creation level gathered in the Golden City-Star of Beth-lehem (House of bread). Most Apocalypse events have happened as shown on many YouTube videos, thus the last 7th Sabbath rest cycle will start Yeshua's Kingdom. It is based on a seven-creation cycle detailed in Genesis, but cut short by six (6) days. (Babushka Egg Book #1) Why?  Few will survive the Wrath of YHWH and suddenly die like Sodom & Gomorrah before September 2022!

The Cuckoo Bird’s Call

From Babushka Egg Concept Book #2, Foreword, page 77. (April 2006)
Mystery of Tammuz 17-Ancient Hebrew Keys to Dating the Apocalypse

Most European (Christian) Cultures are fast disappearing as often warned by this pennamed Jonah-II exploring true Bible science. This last generation is not educated in the laws of physics or metaphysics, thus they will not know that Nature cannot be violated murdering their children in abortion-mills for huge profits. Ignorant of fertility laws stipulating that for any culture to survive it must have babies at a 2.3 ratio. If the ratio is below 1.8, that culture soon becomes extinct. Terminating Life and causing the fertility rate to slide below 1.0 has consequences seen in Europe. Islamic countries exceeded a 2.3 ratio because they allowed to marry (4) women treaded lower than animals  to have leftover young men used for wars, thus murdered in history millions of Christen and Jews for centuries to obey the Quran. Now is   flooding Europe with massive refugees caused by FED-IMF bankers.

…If you walk through Germany’s Black forest, you can hear the echo of a cuckoo bird. That bird is very strange. He is single, not paired like most other birds. He does not build a nest, nor does the cuckoo raise its own children. The female lays her eggs in another species’ nest, and when the egg hatches, the cuckoo bird chick will throw out all the other baby birds in the nest, so that he is the only one left. The hardworking foster parents do not realize that they are raising a parasite chick that has killed the legitimate hatchlings in order to steal their food. It is an evil thing when one species raises the young of a different species – especially if the latter kills the rightful heirs who belonged in the nest. God teaches us spiritual realities from the natural world.

The forest is our world, and we will identify it later with the Hebrew letter, “Daleth” which is also the number “four” (4) and conveys the concept of “in this world and of this time”. In this world we all have experienced evil. Sometimes we wonder where it comes from. We could live such perfectly pleasant lives, except for…

Why are we constantly confronted with conflicts over resources and struggle over complex issues of life-death? It seems that there is a resilient irrationality that interferes with what should otherwise be a wonder world full of abundant life for all. Indeed, there is something very wrong. The cuckoo bird is an invader from another territory. In my analogy the cuckoo is Satan, and his purpose is to defeat all aspects of normal life at the expense of his own gratification, pride and existence. He hides his true intentions by disguising his call signal in a way that makes it so we can never really identify him in the forest. He flies quickly from one location to another so it sounds like a lot of cuckoo birds in the neighborhood, but that is just part of his overall strategy of lies, deceit and illusion. Only YHWH is the solution.

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