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Dating Yeshua’s Arrival with Ayin – Nun Prophecy?

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Ayin = 70 in Prophecy?

Before I retired as an inventor, managed for (20) twenty years my own high-tech million dollars corporation in California and learned much from scientific journals send to presidents. But studying the Torah-Bible gave me a balance to discern metaphysics laws from physics. To widen a knowledge horizon wrote 14 free Babushka Egg Concept Books and many Pearls about infinite Energy, a New Atom theory and defining what really is a Time Dimension which controls nature in a heaven-earth creation rooted in the oldest book, the Bible.

Perhaps now discovered the answer when Yeshua-Jesus will return to earth, as the Apocalypse cannot be dated because many calendars are fake science. New information will overwrite wrong projections or previous mistakes. I got interested dating the Apocalypse ten years ago being much biased by what is taught in science journals but was lucky and re-educated by my savior. Here is the latest revelation when I focused on the letter Ayin (70) symbolizing “eyes” in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System to convey "the sum total of this world."

Yeshua said (Matt. 24:34) that all apocalypse events will pass in one generation, hence question if a generation is Ayin-70 or Jubilee-50yr.?  A scientist-inventor pennamed Jonah-II has warned of a coming Apocalypse to end a corrupt New World Order. It is a Beast system (Rev. 13) directed by red dragon Satan with (7) horns matching a Hebrew calendar of 7000yr. (Pearl #276) that cannot be dated by atheistic science. Because the Endtime has arrived, YHWH revealed true science to me that started the creation report (Gen. 1:3) solving many Revelation mysteries. A background perspective is presented in the free Babushka Egg Concept Books #6, #7& #9 which describe how the Kosmos universe was launched with infinite Energy forming Atoms to create nature, defined like a teeter-totter expressed in math:

Infinite Energy = Zero Time

Recaptured, when ∞ Energy was slowed to visible light in the Time Dimension as controlled by true thermodynamic laws, it formed every element creating our universe. Thus YHWH stored unlimited leftover energy outlined in abundant, cheap & clean Hydrogen gas - split from water by Hofmann, or released absolute “free” Electricity uncovered by Nicola Tesla. Evil FED bankers only allowed deadly nuclear Uranium and dirty polluting hydrocarbons. Why? But when infinite light is reduced past spectral light discovered by Fraunhofer, will reach bottom to fuel all of Life. However that energy source is denied by Dr. Albert Einstein, who was paid to postulate another fairy tale based on atheistic science. Princeton University publicized in 2006 that light was 310 times faster while testing a Cesium laser weapon. It can be proved by the IPK Standard Platinum Kilogram that became heavier. Every 50th year a special vault is opened with unique keys in Paris by three (3) nations to see if the IPK has changed. (Pearl #125 and Dummies Lesson #33, #32, #1)

The teeter-totter principle will confirm that “Time” is temporally embedded in physics linked together with the divine metaphysical intelligence that caused people to be born with a spirit-mind. It can only be expressed by an exquisite language taught to Adam linked to a gene code of four (4) Daleth letters of A, G, C, T, to maintain Life adding to mankind’s knowledge. Hence, “Time” was canceled by Yeshua in the Resurrection to introduce the New Jod dimension. His resurrected body can go through stonewalls, eat and behave similar to humans, but seconds later appear miles away. As a result, He can transfer in and out in both dimensions to make a Torah-Bible more interesting. Investigating nature, waiting and groaning for redemption, notice that once humans are programmed either for good or bad, many will believe lies and miss the greatest Gift of divine Eternal Life.

The TRUMP ECLIPSE Jan 2019 - End Time SIGN of Blood Moons CONFIRMED

The 6000+1000=7000-year Hebrew calendar linked to the Sun and Moon is still a mystery. (Pearl #287) They appeared on the (4th) creation day (Gen. 1:14) linked to a tribulation (Matt. 24:29) or ending with a portent (Rev. 12:1) finalized in Luke 21:25. Google showed in 2018 AD that the moon was 27 days short of solstice. (365.24–27=338.24) By using moon cycles of multiple solstice years (360x7=2520) perhaps proves a temporal Time Dimension to resolve the ancient big Methuselah Age. It could date the Apocalypse if aligned to the 1000-year Kingdom. The calendar could correlate to a teeter-totter math equation 6000 to 1000 like: 2520-338=2182. Divide (6000/2182=2.7497) multiply by 338.24 equals 930 + [Ayin-70yr.] = 1000yr. Except notice that the prophesied 1000 yr. are not short ending a Daleth dimension, but exchanged in a new creation and restarted with the same ∞ Energy.

Embedded Moon cycles harmonized in a7000-year Hebrew calendar seem to have declined after Noah’s Flood (2288 BC). Please identify numerous 70-Ayin year cycles that began at the Genesis creation (4488 BC) with 7x70 yr. cycles. It is linked to Israel violating the Sabbath being judged with a 1st Temple destruction (588 BC), and further provoked YHWH to cause the 2nd Temple desolation (70 AD). The new nation Israel (1948-2018 AD) is still ignoring prophecy forgetting Abraham’s divine covenant to replicate a curse of Jacob’s Trouble Pearl #120, linked to a stated mystery. (Rev. 12:6-17) Thus the last Ayin-70yr. is meant for a final mortal generation (3018 BC) to close Yeshua’s kingdom in an ultimate Apocalypse where the earth is melted like to hot lava. (Dan. 12:7) Abundant Life will be continued forever in a new Jod Dimension (Rev. 21) but without Evil, Death and pain. (Rev. 22:14) Let’s research it further to find the date. 

Nun = 50 Jubilee in Prophecy

Looking closer at the Gospels, I assumed that Yeshua’s generation is (Ayin-70yr.) linked to when Israel became a nation (1948). But Pearl #276 exposed that all calendars conform to fake science ignoring the Mystery “when does Yeshua come?” I did not know that the Julius Caesar calendar was invented by atheists but felt it should be corrected by 36yr. when I attempted to project the Apocalypse birth pangs warnings (2008-2015). Now (January 2019) passed and still wait for the last two events, as Yeshua has not yet arrived from space with his millions of angels to stop the Armageddon war planned to destroy the earth and Mankind. Satan will lead another rebellion again but he will lose the war and be chained in Hell-prison as the only survivor. 

The 7000yr. Hebrew calendar (Page 5) estimated the center of Time at 518 BC, which should be linked to Rev. 11:1. Observe that 42 months is given to the gentile nations to end on temple ground real estate.  Hence 42 months is (3½yrs x 1000yrs = 3500) = 3018 BC. (2 Pet. 3:8) History recorded (3) three Ayin Temple destructions, which is exchanged to another real estate in the Golden City measured by a special angel (Rev. 21:15), describing a pyramid worship center in Ezekiel 40:1? (Pearl #247)

Let’s investigate if the 120th Jubilee postulated in 6000 years of Jewish history and adding 20 Jubilees of Yeshua’s Kingdom is correct to complete the Daleth dimension previously projected for 3018 AD. It matches Daniel’s Ayin =70 cycles dating “Time” from 518 BC still using unchanged a ten-year-old corrected Hebrew calendar to authenticate Babushka egg books concept. To show a final date alignment, make a horizontal line and mark 518 BC to 3018 AD but split the diagram into two parts (6000-1000), starting with the correction [+36yr. @ 28 BC] to estimate (-518+36+[50x50]=2018 AD) labeled 120th Jubilee. Now mark some important dates on a horizontal line: 518 BC, 70 AD, 1948 AD, 2018 AD, 3018 AD. Maybe the 120th Jubilee needs to be further corrected by an extra two (2) years (36+2) to adjust for Jesus Christ’s birth (BC-AD) adding 7yr. [2015] now dated 2020 AD for Yeshua’s return. The Hebrew calendar is thus finalized in Ayin 140 Jubilees (70+70). It will terminate the New World Order financed by FED-IMF bankers causing worldwide destruction by secret HAARP high-technology to devastate the environment with manmade earthquakes, floods, drought, and failing GMO patents, ending all Life. Most prophesied Apocalypse events can be seen on YouTube videos if not censured and disappeared denying Truth. Consider the (2) Witnesses appearing next from heaven in conflict with Satan to deceive as computer intelligence robot to proxy a creator.

Very few will survive God’s Wrath to watch the sun and moon darkened by one third caused by a levitating huge 1800-mile Golden City (Star of Bethlehem) earsplitting noisy and brilliantly shining. It will be similar to the Close Encounter movie (1977), only worse. Yeshua-Jesus is coming with millions of fighting angels from space. Read the response of many atheistic world governments getting more frightful in the next woes. (Rev. 6:15-17) Please check the Apocalypse warnings in Babushka egg books #10-14 and many Pearls revealing Truth. 

The Cuckoo Bird’s Call

From Babushka Egg Concept Book #2, Foreword, page 77. (April 2006)
Mystery of Tammuz 17-Ancient Hebrew Keys to Dating the Apocalypse

Most European (Christian) Cultures are fast disappearing as often warned by this pennamed Jonah-II exploring true Bible science. This last generation is not educated in the laws of physics or metaphysics, thus they will not know that Nature cannot be violated murdering their children in abortion-mills for huge profits. Ignorant of fertility laws stipulating that for any culture to survive it must have babies at a 2.3 ratio. If the ratio is below 1.8, that culture soon becomes extinct. Terminating Life and causing the fertility rate to slide below 1.0 has consequences seen in Europe. Islamic countries exceeded a 2.3 ratio because they allowed to marry (4) women treaded lower than animals  to have leftover young men used for wars, thus murdered in history millions of Christen and Jews for centuries to obey the Quran. Now is   flooding Europe with massive refugees caused by FED-IMF bankers.

…If you walk through Germany’s Black forest, you can hear the echo of a cuckoo bird. That bird is very strange. He is single, not paired like most other birds. He does not build a nest, nor does the cuckoo raise its own children. The female lays her eggs in another species’ nest, and when the egg hatches, the cuckoo bird chick will throw out all the other baby birds in the nest, so that he is the only one left. The hardworking foster parents do not realize that they are raising a parasite chick that has killed the legitimate hatchlings in order to steal their food. It is an evil thing when one species raises the young of a different species – especially if the latter kills the rightful heirs who belonged in the nest. God teaches us spiritual realities from the natural world.

The forest is our world, and we will identify it later with the Hebrew letter, “Daleth” which is also the number “four” (4) and conveys the concept of “in this world and of this time”. In this world we all have experienced evil. Sometimes we wonder where it comes from. We could live such perfectly pleasant lives, except for…

Why are we constantly confronted with conflicts over resources and struggle over complex issues of life-death? It seems that there is a resilient irrationality that interferes with what should otherwise be a wonder world full of abundant life for all. Indeed, there is something very wrong. The cuckoo bird is an invader from another territory. In my analogy the cuckoo is Satan, and his purpose is to defeat all aspects of normal life at the expense of his own gratification, pride and existence. He hides his true intentions by disguising his call signal in a way that makes it so we can never really identify him in the forest. He flies quickly from one location to another so it sounds like a lot of cuckoo birds in the neighborhood, but that is just part of his overall strategy of lies, deceit and illusion. Only YHWH is the solution.

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