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Big Time Shocked


Do you want to know how late it is on Babushka egg world cuckoo clock? Find out when you will die exposed by science?  

A three-foot thick steel door is protecting collected original millions of packaged and sealed SEEDS in a deep under­ground mineshaft. It is managed by a UN international agency on the icy, abandoned Svalbard Island to safeguard the future food supply for mankind in case of a possible asteroid impact.  

Seen on the NEWS (10-18-15), this modified ice-bunker was recently violated the first time since it was closed in 2008. Why has it been breached and opened again? Worse, they removed original vegetable seeds stored in perma-cold like stealing seeds from Noah’s boat. The seeds were needed by Monsanto's cartels and got the blessing of the FDA government. The Food and Drug Administration is made up of former corrupted cartel executives that switched jobs. It seems the buried NEWS exposed why the cartel will now go bankrupt?

The biggest global cartel is in big trouble and can no longer reproduce their seeds. The time has come fulfilling science projection that most seeds globally are no longer germinate as they spliced out the original gene intelligence. Their costly patent GMO SEEDS used E-Coli bacteria to transfer genes, which damaged permanently the original species cell structure. Like a chain reaction it causes cancer and deadly Salmonella to flourish and worse it obsoleted its inbuilt gene intelligence to “re-produce”. This problem is linked to recent horrendous global harvest failures that started in India with modified GMO rice, which bankrupted many farmers committing suicide. It was followed globally by corn, wheat and kitchen salad greens, onions, and spinach in California. A big family owned Texas peanut producer was ruined by GMO, and many Canadian farmers in soybeans being put out of business.  Globally many farmers are harassed by this evil foreign cartel right up to the Supreme Court to get relief without luck. The list is long.  

To continue gene patent profits the cartel paid millions under the table to anyone, right up to the Supreme Court in Canada. Repeated again using caretaker officials to get some original seed stored in Svalbard to start the gene modification process over. How many million dollars did it cost to motivate some custodians employed by the UN to submit to such an illegal act?     

The global Monsanto cartel needed original seeds again as they found out that the international food chain collapsed. TV news show empty shelves and gigantic food riots just seen in Sudan on the Arabic NEWS, repeated yesterday in South America, a week ago in Asia and Russia. On my last visit to Germany in 2015 I bought some seeds for my garden in California. They never germinated. Check your neighborhood if it is worldwide. Or start to be educated in GMOs described for the layman in my Babushka egg concept book #4 - GMO EXPOSED! or read Pearl #267. Also, watch the YouTube reference, if you can no longer read some Pearl pages. Perhaps gene technology is too complex, but now the consequences are visually exposed in many YouTube videos, if you can recognize what is dead.

Exposing misled science years ago, I sent my New Atom theory BB# 6 to an institution agent who decides for a Noble prize. A billionaire in charge was rewarding 1.5 million dollar for the latest preselected technology. As expected I took a chance but when linked to the forbidden Bible, it was ignored. Now I have produced my first Video and discovered that my new Babushka egg Atom theory would make every published science book obsolete linked to Dr. Albert Einstein formula now expanded to a new atom theory expressed in math: [ ∞E = m (+∞C/–∞C)² ].

In retrospect the Nobel institute did the right thing. Just think closing down CERN, most NASA and the military industrial complexes together with the Oil cartel was too high a price to pay. It would have caused massive unemployment and thousands of businesses closed. It will happen next year anyway. Perhaps it could have forestalled God’s Wrath, like in Nineveh hoping that the ELOHIM can be persuaded if our century would repent. That offer is refused linked to evil GMOs.

New technology can only be truly understood, believe me, if you are not brain-dead educated by an atheistic evolution religion that distorted physics taught in universities. Watching the Tetra Blood Moon in the sky created tons of videos gone ballistic. Why are theologians now being silent? I wondered why was it so quiet, like watching the stock market casino for the privileged.  I asked God, “Why would you delay your wrath like Nineveh, which would cause Satan to gloat, “I won."  

However, a much bigger bang happened invisible to our eyes or Mind that cannot be paid off by evil cartels using printed money from the NYC Illuminati bankers. Every TV station or newspaper is owned by NYC Illuminati bankers who control The One World Order bought with manufactured bogus fiat money created from thin air. It has affected every child and family linked to our total civilization. Only Jonah-II pointed it out years ago with a hundred Bible-science pearls. Now it became reality with food riots started in many countries as worldwide starvation has arrived, kept quiet by global NEWS.

Greed and fiat money control humanity by globally paying off governments, contractors, dictatorships and despots, Senators even Supreme Court Judges. Surely they will destroy our EARTH polluting everything causing massive Death. However, the Web at this time is still free and shows the evidence of nature collapsing when GMO is allowed without knowing the effect suppressing when Life is grossly violated cannot recover a lost immune system. Every cell-structure where Life is embedded has a protection policeman system build in. Splicing it out to pass foreign genes into different species will alter the original intelligence and damage what was reproduced for thousands of years.

Now many videos will answer why a thousand cattle died in South America, hundreds of elk in US parks, birds falling from the sky stopping traffic and a million dead fish piled up on many beaches. Our civilization will end like when you cut off the branch we sit on, not very bright.

Physics laws teach that a society will not survive no matter what religion you believe with an out­dated atheistic PhD. When the food chain for mankind is screwed up as allowed by the FDA government, it will cause the extinction of what God has created. Patent fees paid to the global Monsanto cartel stuck on every fruit in the market will only take a few years to catch up what nature would not allow and will become extinct with consequences pointed out by a scientist-inventor Jonah-II.

Many science pearls (#233) describe evil technical inventions like HAARP using electromagnetic frequencies to manipulate the jet stream to change global weather patterns. California has a lasting draught and other areas suffer from huge, unheard of floods, exposing a Global Warming LIE told by Al Gore, who became a billionaire with obscene profits from corrupt United Nations connections.

 A worldwide massive Population Death was projected next year linked to Science - never mind Bible prophecy embedded in a forbidden Bible. I think pay attention Jonah-II is right this time. A successful inventor-scientist has aligned advanced technology with Revelation prophecy. It surely will arrive as projected. Please check the referenced YouTube videos in Babushka pearl and witness unexplainably massive numbers of animals, birds and fish “dead” across the globe. According to Newton’s Law obeying nature billions of people will perish next. It is all caused by a totally evil atheistic society governed by Illuminati NYC bankers controlling a NEW WORLD ORDER.

Geo Engineering Documentary 2015

It will not matter anymore. A comatose, uneducated public, no longer well informed, and escorted by many blinded theologians spreading false Bible dogmas, will become like cattle driven to be slaughtered. It started when ISIS chopped off heads financed by NYC bankers. Christian churches and hospitals were burned by American and now Russians bombing destroying totally the infrastructure of nations, which scared massive refugees running for their life to perish in Europe. However, only Christians have hope, their faith cannot be destroyed, now stronger. But watch the sky once more: mankind will run to underground shelters to hide from God’s Wrath with fire in the sky perhaps an asteroid.

God forewarned and sent Jonah-II with a 10-year cuckoo clock -

1 Tishri 5777 (2016) Revelation 6:12-17

World Cuckoo Clock

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