Pearl #252 - #257 -

Another PROOF that the 4 April 2015 Blood Moon
will start the 150-day Apocalypse!


I heard him swear... Time – Times – ½ Time… will “end” the tribulation of the Holy People - the Saints. (Daniel 12:7)

WHAT IS Daniel's DATE?

Daniel’s mystery prophecy weeks are different from what theologians postulate, since they are not educated in science. Daniel's weeks should be calculated from an exponentially declining earth axis wobble, as revealed in Julius Caesar’s calendar starting at Noah’s Flood, which was caused 5 February 2287 BC by an asteroid suppressed by the university establishment.  

The asteroid strike disturbed the earth’s axis creating a declining wobble, proven by the most ancient 2400 year-old Antikythera clock Mechanism decoded after hundreds years in my Babushka books and confirmed by the NASA satellites G.R.A.C.E. and by other bronze-gold clocks found globally and exhibited in museums.

In 54 BC Julius Caesar investigated an outdated Roman calendar and possible used the Antikythera Clock, which projected that the angular axis-movements of our earth would slow down and come to rest 21 December 2012 at 23.5 degrees. That date was also confirmed by other ancient calendars like the Aztec, Chinese and more recently, using NASA computers. A mean averaged math-factor for a declining wobble across 4300 years matched Daniel’s prophecy (Time-Times and ½ Time) math factor not yet understood by theologians.   

For a questioning skeptic even my opinion needs five witnesses to establish a mystery dating of Bible prophecy. By applying the evidences of a historic Daniel, Julius Caesar, and Patriarchs of the Old Testament, Zodiac constellations in the sky or NASA computer generated science data linked to satellites. Examined collectively, these five eyewitnesses should change faulty opinions to understand the Truth of these last days. More is explained in the 3rd Babushka egg concept book: Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries free on the web to be better informed.

Two different calendars Enoch-Noah and Julius Caesar come together in one point, like a temperature scale of Fahrenheit-Celsius meet at minus 40 degree. It could be linked to Yeshua-Jesus Christ’s statement that the future apocalypse is a mirror image of Noah’s time, like a Hebrew Bible telescope of near and far vision. Therefore, being linked to ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in many museums, those calendar witnesses gained credibility to tell us again when Yeshua will arrive as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, exactly on schedule. Theologians usually misquote the Bible in ignorance, "No one knows the time…" Therefore, they will not know the date Yeshua-Jesus quoted about the Apocalypse ending in God’s Wrath with another asteroid already in orbit.

Even the consequence of another asteroid strike is described by many prophets who were much better educated in science as illustrated in Sodom and Gomorra. Most students have heard about this event because it was linked to an atheistic US Supreme Court ruling allowing same sex marriage, forbidden by ELOHIM due to the sociologically screwed-up consequences in any culture violating this divine order. When evil is sown, it will harvest absolute evil ending again in God’s Wrath.

To prove the date of Yeshua's return to earth in supreme splendor on the Hebrew holiday of Rosh Hashanah, we need a little simple math. The mystery Yeshua return date, 28 September 2015, matches the dates published in every Babushka Egg concept book available free on the Internet for 10 years. I discovered through the study of ancient calendar clocks that Daniel’s WEEK equals a math factor of 14.305789. I do not like long fractions, but this one is verified by the Aztec calendar with a shorter 14.30, which I calculated by counting stone skulls piled up on the Aztec outdoor museum wall in the center of Mexico City.

This article will be short, without repeating the many pearls to re-educate university scholars suppressing the laws of physics. Neither do they care about being ignorant of metaphysics. Understanding spiritual truth is prevented when the lights of the mind are OFF due to belief in stupid, atheistic, unscientific, evolution-religion lies. Instead of the total silence in universities, you can find truth demonstrated in hundreds of YouTube videos.

The mystery of Israel's existence was revealed recently when they became nation again in 1947 after 2500 years. It can only be explained because the ELOHIM-Creator set apart a group of favored people appointed to keep track of TIME. They were selected to record the history of Mankind and document new divine revelations looking back 1400 years collected in 66 Torah-Revelation books. Why is what is translated in thousand languages forbidden in this generation?

Applying logic why believe stupid atheistic fairytales. Notice four scrolls-books seem to be missing to make a perfect 70 – Ayin to match the Hebrew base-seven system. ISRAEL became nation through a number of divine covenants promised to be better off than the surrounding countries "if" they followed the covenant contract made with Abraham.

Another Bible book from Enoch exists in the Vatican. Others are mentioned in the King James Bible, and I wonder perhaps the last book could include a Babushka Egg Concept Books, as one egg fits inside the other from a science perspective, rounding up a 360-degree prophecy vision projection linked to science.

Gaining Knowledge is forbidden by the corrupt war criminals NYC FED bankers aiming for total, absolute control of our 21st Century Civilization to keep the masses ignorant. It will end again this time in a last Armageddon war foreshadowed to occur in 2015 AD. Hundreds of science witnesses raised the prophecy crescendo one notch higher to wake up our civilization from sleep perhaps some could think again in logic.

To prove a date once more of God Kingdom on Earth, it could be first linked to a time marker of the first Hebrew Temple destruction associated to a corrected Julius Caesar calendar 9 Av 588 BC. When overlaid with a newly discovered Daniel prophecy week is 14.305789 recorded in Daniel 9:7 is still a mystery not understood by theologians and rabbis lacking a science education.

Daniel was appointed to foretell the future. Now we can look back 2600 years historically using the Julian - Gregorian calendars, but we need to compensate for an earth-axis wobble suppressed in the halls of higher learning in conflict with a forbidden divinely inspired history book because it exposes their unscientific lies.

Let’s start with simple math even my grand kids can understand. In Daniel's calendar time, a "week" was much shorter, which was proven when Julius Caesar inserted 62 days in 54 BC and when Pope Gregory added 14 days in the Middle Ages to complete one solstice. Why?

After 2600 years, the calendar solstice year is still divided into 52 weeks of 7 days conforming to the Hebrew base-seven mathematics. Therefore, this principle could apply to Daniel’s prophecy, as one solstice cycle is 52 weeks. Just add it to 104 (2x52) plus 26 (52/2) to match (time+times+½time), for a total of 182 weeks.

By using the ancient Antikythera clock with two dials: up front of four (4) circles embedded with 48 windows. One dial has each window equal, while the other dial has four circles but going around with declining windows getting continuously smaller to end like a coiled snake. That clock, when set on the third dial found on the backside, has two circles divided into 12, so it was meant to adjust to present zodiac positions by watching the sun either going up in the West or switched to the East to correct the wobble calendar. It could read out projected dates across 4000 years using the 4 circles interpolated by the two dial windows to arrive at the changing earth-axis incline in degrees stopping at 23.5⁰ on 21 December 2012.

An earth axis tilt would affect the growing seasons from winter to summer. Any farmer must know when to plant their seed to guarantee a harvest. Sown too early or too late, he will have no food for the next year. That is why calendars were important and what motivated Caesar to change the calendar. It also stopped the complaints of his generals that food never arrived in time to feed the ten thousands of soldiers across his empire.

Check suppressed history to expand knowledge horizons. A mean-averaged exponentially declining earth axis wobble was discovered embedded in ancient clocks. I applied it to determine Yeshua's return matching the date he prophesied in Luke 21:32.

A simple math equation: multiply 182 Daniel’s weeks by 14.305789 = 2603.653579 to get Julian years. Applied to the first Temple destruction marker in 588 BC, one should count 150 days before the destruction of Jerusalem in a mirror image, which will start the Revelation 9:5 Apocalypse Woes. It will end in 150 days later with total destruction of Jerusalem, repeating history again with most of the people killed and every building for worship, including The Temple in rubble.

-588.3963(BC) + 2603.653579 = 2015.2572779 AD

Calculating: .2572779 x 365.4 = 94 days,
which equals 4 April 2015 (Gregorian)

That date is overlaid by a four blood moon system never replicated in 500 years matching Jewish holidays even linked to 20 March 2015 a total solar eclipse described in Pearl #251 and Pearl #666 another Proof and ending on the 4th-Blood-Moon 28 September 2015 from a Daniel prophecy perspective. I was puzzled with the 588 BC time marker for the First Temple destruction linked to Daniel’s 14.305789 wobble constant. The BC-AD calendar is like when I phone my sister in Germany. They have night when we have day. But in the middle, we both can talk when it is still day crossing different time zones.

Applied to the middle of the Mini-Apocalypse is the last 9th of Av Jacob’s Trouble recorded many times in history; check some Pearls. But now to find out that on 9 Av 3173 (25 July 588 BC) it crosses over to the Jewish holiday of TU B’Shevat 5775, which aligns with 4-9 February 2015 when multiplying it (Time-Times-½Time) with the 182 Daniel weeks, linked the wobble calendar constant of 14.305789 embedded in many ancient bronze-gold clocks one mentioned above and in other stone monuments.  

It is the first Jewish holiday after the New Year nighttime to start with a tree-holiday linked to seven Shemitahs described by Rabbi J. Cahn. His books became best sellers, and he must be a millionaire. The beginning of Daniel’s prophecy (Dan. 4:13) foretold a cut down tree ending at another apocalypse (3017 AD) with the same math constant 14.305789 revealing the connection of Dan. 9:24, 12:2-7 - now multiplying the 70 Daniel weeks for the first time in history from a different prophecy-science perspective.

(17 Sept. 2015)=2015.72209 +(70x14.305789 =1001.405)

2015.72209 + 1001.405 = 12 February 3017 AD

This in another tree Hebrew holiday linked to Satan his last Apocalypse rebellion now executed for his crimes. Evil no more – Halleluiah!

The center divider of God’s Plan for mankind became, (5-25 July 2015) another 17-Tammuz & 9-Av Hebrew holidays linked to an Apocalypse that are "two" Satan connected apocalypse events separated by 1000 years. If we plot and start the mini-apocalypse of 150 days from 4 April 2015 the middle 25 July to the 4th blood moon linked in the Zodiac sky, why does it match a middle of 9-Av Temple destruction 588 BC?

Perhaps a German scientist behaves like a bloodhound on the trail. I wrote the forbidden Pearl #666 and Pearl #251 discovering the mystery of Daniel’s projection. It could degrade the last Prophecy Summit 2015 still doubtful for the upfront theologians postulating false dogmas. To hypothesize postulated opinions should be ashamed not verified with 5 witnesses needed in any courtroom.   

Hebrew Bible stories are many times mirrored with the same events to recognize a divine revelation matching a schedule. Like a cuckoo clock being every hour noisy to remind us of 12 o'clock at the end of Time linked to align the two calendar clock dial pointers; the short one for Satan and his followers to end in death, the longer hand Mankind destined for Life in a Jod-dimension.

God revealed his Plan for Mankind designed to have a choice either Mercy unto Death following Satan or Mercy unto Life following Yeshua-Jesus. Our choice will be evaluated on the end of Time in a Grand Resurrection being judged by a White Throne Judgment-balance test to expose our immunity against evil and being loyal to what God revealed. The only evil survivor of God’s Wrath is Satan, kept alive to close the Time-dimension curtain he started in 4488 BC, thus ending 7000 years later on the Hebrew calendar by covering over (3) three civilizations of different calendars.

The Aztec clock has on either side 10 window squares on the periphery with a base-10 system, but it needs 2x7=14 solstice/cycle years for once around the sun linked to a different earth axis position which is proven with seven times bigger Genesis-Patriarch age not genetic possible. Methuselah therefore is 138 year old. Julius Caesar later corrected the 10-month system for one solstice to 12. But the Hebrew 7000-year calendar is a base-7 system revealed by Moses and Daniel. For our 21st Century, we must convert Daniel’s chronology with a modern clock to tell the future designed for mankind on a 7-base system (Time-times-½Time) calculated in science adjusted to a declining earth axis wobble as measured by Julius Caesar 14.305789 x 490 = 7000 years +7 (Gen. 1) with fractions. Check it out now. These discoveries and calculations are discussed in some detail in 13 Babushka science egg books and pearls to fit exactly one inside another. Furthermore, they are totally free.

It seems my pearls are never finished because I want to better understand the Torah-Revelation Bible. The pearls usually sum up ideas arrived at a little later. Dealing with fractions converted to a Hebrew calendar across 2600 years of exponentially declining wobbles seems a little difficult for most theologians. Being not familiar with the Torah-Revelation Bible and also being unfamiliar of Julian-Gregorian calendars has blind-sided theologians.

They usually insert an extra Adar month of 30 days every three years to correct a Hebrew moon calendar of a different scale. For an example, a Hebrew scholar on a YouTube video noticed and discovered discrepancies in the ancient Bible Torah, so he accused the divinely inspired prophets of missing years, thinking that a Hebrew calendar must be faulty.

It added up to 240 years, which is similar to the Egyptian dynasties being off by 240 years, too. Could Caesar’s calendar be off? I trust what is divinely revealed summed up on a different ancient OT scales.

It is just the reverse. The Hebrew calendar calculated from an ancient date 5 February 2287 BC is correct, as the wobble axis must be compensated explained in my third Babushka egg concept book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, ignored by comatose universities and theologians. Why it is still suppressed presenting so many facts matching the Bible with countless science witnesses?

I am assured that the oversold Orlando Prophecy Summit this spring 2015 will never happen - as Christians usually quote, "No one knows the Time." The millionaire TV theologians still hypothesize faulty dogma fairy tales, as they continue to pay no heed to the five-witness requirement to have a case in any court. Why do they even charge $50 dollars for a CD loaded with opinions, pilfering what belongs to God?

Watch God’s Wrath starting the three Revelation Woes linked to four Blood Moons observed next 4 April 2015! These dates are written in the Zodiac sky, which cannot be messed up and ignored by theologians. Trust what Jonah-II announced: God’s Kingdom on Earth will arrive still dated on 28 September 2015 as confirmed in the big science Fish forbidden by the establishment.

What do you believe is your destiny?

Pearl  #257 -
A New Blood Moon Discovery

In our stressed culture, millions believe something without having any evidence for fundamental reality, lacking eyewitnesses. To discover what is true, we need a method as in a Court of Law, which requires at least three witnesses. For projected Bible prophecy, we need five from the metaphysics describing what was divinely revealed.

The prophesied Apocalypse events are well known from reading the gospels and Revelation, but many theologians, scantly skilled in science, still speculate about its timing. The Bible teaches principles of life from birth to death. In any culture, people emboss the dates of a birth and death on tombstones and history to mark time - usually from this war to that war. The Bible expressed it in God's Wrath.

Hebrew history is the only culture where time is measured in a calendar since the beginning of Adam and recorded with surrounding detailed events. It described two civilizations on two different calendars with many divine encounters transferred to the next century by scribes. They copied what God revealed on stones, copper foil, parchment skins, or papyrus, later replaced by paper to transmit knowledge from ancient times. Today, paper documents are converted by computer tools to digital records or data files.

But to understand what they wrote needs an educated Mind with the light "ON" to delineate truth, or one will be fooled by the distorted lies of local tradition. Globally imposed relativism has changed society engulfed in an age of deception. Our perception will be enforced in the direction of political right thinking in opposition what was divinely given expressed in the Torah-Bible.

One major historic time marker was when God destroyed his Jewish Temple footstool on 9 Av 588 BC, when the caretaker Israel became totally corrupt. The Temple was rebuilt and destroyed again in 70 AD, repeating a rebellion of God’s laws like Sodom and Gomorrah - another marker of God’s Wrath.

Most of the Bible has historic events written in advance that are linked to the center of our BC-AD calendar. This calendar is connected with ELOHIM, who appeared visibly in the mortal Gestalt of Yeshua-Jesus to atone for a Kosmos SIN dilemma as Evil was introduced by Satan. It became the biggest God’s Wrath marker. A cross was put on his shoulder to carry to a previously appointed hill purchased for 50 silver coins by King David. This divine mystery clothed in mortality made atonement possible to stand-in and die what the Kosmos law required. It transferred my guilt on a special hill in Jerusalem everybody has heard about. It happened on his own property, as the rest to get our attention was paid with 30 silver coins by one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot thrown into his temple horribly upset. 

Applied to the same plot of land 500 years later, it now totaled 80 silver coins. The Hebrew numbers have meaning as 80 could be linked to "haliqin" - a new beginning later described Yeshua's return as King of Kings on his property. That was even observed by a heathen soldier who witnessed the crucifixion and could not help to express what he noticed: Truly this was a son of God, meaning divine, written on the wooden tablet above the cross ordered by the Roman government - the King of the Jews.    

The Apocalypse started in 2008 as proven with many witnesses. It is accelerating and getting worse to be concluded this year. It is suppressed in most Christian Churches because they believe that the seven-year Apocalypse is still in the future. They usually misquote the Bible, "No one known's the time" to make sure a faulty belief system is still on track. The Web has gone ballistic with disturbing evidence and could open the mind on our life journey. Watching some YouTube videos a number quite unsettling, why not to be better informed? Why ignore or suppress revealed Truth in our sub-consciousness like the atheists do.

I hope to convince theologians that this year the Apocalypse, similar to Sodom and Gomorrah, will be end our atheistic civilization and repeat a marker of God’s Wrath again. Why is dating not allowed among Christians? They even suppress that Yeshua-Jesus has dated his return to this earth. Why not rejoice with that good NEWS, does it interfere with a life style ignoring a Jonah-II warning?

Not believing Jesus will accuse him of lying usually rapture theorist theologians still postulate out of context, "No one knows the time." Will it hinder ELOHIM and deny his last Nineveh Wrath Warnings he sent to repent or perish? But this time God appointed another Jonah with a professional inventor-scientist background not educated in theological confusion, but proclaimed God’s Wrath from a science perspective. Now explained with new technology in conflict what is not taught in denominational churches obeying ignorant preachers. 

To prove that this year 2015 will end in God’s Wrath must match what Yeshua-Jesus said which implies a future date:

Truly this generation will not pass until all has taken place.

One generation is 70 Hebrew years and should start with the UN resolution proclaimed that ISRAEL is now a STATE among other nations:  29 November 1947 on a Hebrew calendar (16 Kislev 5708)

Exactly one generation of 70 years later matching again 29 November 2017 (11 Kislev 5778)

The ELOHIM paid 80 silver coins for a possession in Jerusalem to be his footstool a previous threshing floor became a Temple ground property still disputed in world politics. Overlaid with the Joseph story in Gen. 41:1 - 44:17 will demonstrate how it ends, but notice Scripture starts with: Two years have passed?

The Joseph story is a mirror image of Yeshua rejected by his brothers. Israel was elevated to the highest position, and after the seven years famine, reconciled to offer his families now covenant people (70) to live in the best fertile land to grow up as a nation. The far vision Hebrew telescope shows that Jacob (Israel) and Esau (Arabs) will reconcile after the King of Kings Yeshua has come in a multicolored dress like a rainbow haliqin in a molad occurrence.

A lot of fuss was generated by theologians about the four blood moons and two sun eclipses matching Hebrew holidays. They will not be repeated either way in a 500-year calendar cycle. Everybody got on the bandwagon but soon died down not educated in science. But how do symbols of constellations in the sky relate to Bible prophecy and dating Yahshua-Jesus return? It is confirmed by many Babushka eggs witnesses expanding a knowledge horizon from a science perspective.

The latest Christian speculation of dating the Apocalypse ill-advisedly uses only a single witness of seven years but needs five witnesses to have case in any Court of Law. Still undisturbed stretched the Apocalypse dating now to 2025 which makes Jesus a liar if you go beyond 2017 quoting Luke 21:32 using a little math learned in the 4th grade.

A number of Jonah's warning Pearls explain dating from a science perspective linked to (5) dating references in John's Revelation and (7) seven mentioned by Daniel totaled = 12. They are 3½ years, 42 month and 1260 days linked to (Times-Time-½Time) which seems to be the same time cycle collected on (page 425 of my Second Babushka Egg) eight years ago. But discovered later they are not parallel or sequential perhaps randomly turning around in a time vortex as some can be traced backward proven many times. 

Let's highlight in Revelation some scripture verses:

  1. Rev. 12:6 & Rev. 12:14 describe a woman, ISRAEL, and the history of Yeshua.

  2. (Rev. 11:2-3) Two major Gospel preachers, an angel measured a divided temple property shared with the gentiles.

  3. Rev. 13:5 describes the NYC-FED banker's beast system creating many wars, persecuting the Saints, controlling globally the world currency with computerized fiat money. Try to get a Visa Card without your SS number or driver license needed globally to sell or buy worldwide in every country.

Watch some YouTube video links to Bible dates - Pearl #251.

The blood moons overlay is like a coin with two sides. On one side we have (7) Jewish Feast days and the other (5) Fast days. They are markers of God dealing with ISRAEL. Also a Hebrew prophecy telescope has a near and far vision and the blood moons give us once more in mathematic the dates.

After the first blood moon dated 4 April 2014 according to Rev. 12.6 prefigured counting forward 1260 days to end exactly on 5. October 2017 (10 Kislev 5778) a Sukkot Jewish Booth holiday. Follow the trail of global economic confusion shaking and creating global events toward crossing over to the 3rd blood moon on 4 April 2015, which gives the signal to start the five-month demon-possessed global turmoil concluding in Israel's Jacob Trouble genocide again, a God’s Wrath event still dated 17 September 2015.

Jesus said it will be the worst times on earth destroying our civilization. Only ISRAEL will survive having a covenant. They will celebrate a survival victory on the Jewish holiday (5 October 2017) having fun with family by camping out in another Booth holiday. Please notice that dated event is still within Yeshua's-Jesus projection who said in Luke 21:32 that the 70th generation will end exactly dated and commemorated 29 November 2017 converted to the Hebrew holiday cycles, 11 Kislev 5778.

We must remember the two mirrored Satan Apocalypse events (Rev. 20:7-10) overlaid and repeated but 1000 years later matching Daniel 9:24. Highlighted short, we have the endgame of the forecast 70 Daniel weeks 2017-3018-G (70x14.305789=1001.4yrs). The angel tells Israel the last prophecy. It will end in:

1) A final transgression and rebellion; 2) Atone for iniquities-pay the debt, and 3) Usher in righteousness. All is sealed in two visions by passed prophets (resurrected Saints) and the anointed (Yeshua). Therefore, know and understand:

(Dan. 9:25) God’s Kingdom will start from rebuilding Jerusalem (2017), in a period of 7 weeks and is governed by a coming prince-resurrected King David.  7 Weeks = (7x14.305789=100 years (Gregorian).

(V-26) After 62 weeks (62x14.305789= 887 G-years there is a last Satan rebellion (Rev. 20:7). He will cut off the worship of the anointed Yeshua and destroy again Jerusalem and the last Temple on 9th Av 6777 (3017 AD). (V-27) The rebellion last one week (14.30 G-years) and violate a peace covenant of half = seven years. Again, a desecrated Temple ending in desolation for the perpetrator terrorist all will perish. It ends the Time-dimension.

The 4th Blood Moon - 28 September2015

But the fourth blood moon looks backwards. (Rev. 12:14) Israel existed in a vortex of Islamic Spring of murder, war and conflict.  It crossed over toward the middle of the Mini-Apocalypse being prosperous and secure for 3½ years

Many Christian Pulpit deceptions are clothed in various dogmas avoiding the witness requirement, which created cults and many denominations for the benefit of the organization. A big seller in prophecy is the false rapture theory manipulating God’s Word to make you feel privileged. They eventually end, after being well entertained, leading to a comatose, dead church repeating history. A “dead church” is not interested in helping the thousands of starving Christian families housed in tents of global massive refugee camps. Why ignore Yeshua's teaching in conflict with an abundant American lifestyle.

Most TV preachers sold God’s word to make money and never understood God’s Plan for Mankind. They preached opinions not backed up with witnesses and were especially confused when it came to prophecy, being not educated in science. They still postulate the apocalypse needs an Israel Temple in Jerusalem.

Why is the Beast system a revived Roman government and Daniel's seven years moved many time in the future? The feet from iron and clay Dan. 2:33 could be Western Christianity in conflict with Islam. Why not watch the many YouTube videos linked to a coming rock discovered in science pointing to God’s Wrath?

It is not in conflict what Yeshua-Jesus said it will be over in the last generation. Yeshua-Jesus is not a liar dating his return in disagreement with postulating theological opinions that Jesus does not know the time because it is impossible to date prophecy. Ten dressed up virgins with a candle, fashioned like oil lamps, were waiting for the bridegroom, but he forgot to tell his arrival?  Does that make sense? (Matt. 25)

I hope that the Age of Deception would raise a knowledge curtain linked to dating that God’s Wrath is on its way ending our civilization.

17 September 2015

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