Pearl #282 -

Consider True Science when Dating the Apocalypse

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Watching occasional the global fake TV NEWS and looking for the last two (2) Apocalypse prophecy signs that will tell me six (6) months later that this atheistic New World Order and most Christians will perish in a prophesied God’s Wrath. That is not heresy, but you should find out if your Torah-Bible was falsified deceived by a Rapture Theory (Pearl #888 p. 5, Phil. 3:10-14) sadly degraded by various Bible translations for profit. Please check if you can find the author name who wrote your Bible? Was it translated YHWH or denigrated to a lower level of “Lord-God” like multi-gods used in various Babylonian-Egyptian-Indian cultures thrown together with the unscientific evolution religion to mislead a younger generation. Think logically. Every book in existence is printed with the name of the author, except the ONE who created us and the universe, is nameless? But Yeshua-ELOHIM is not sleeping, thus the Hallelujah Bible was reprinted free of charge (Google it) to restore what was degraded. It cleared up a controversy about a final apocalypse-Satan’s rebellion in Daniel 11&12.

Notice, any mortal language will change in time, thus YHWH was rooted invisible in a 6000 year old Torah-Bible math (7) base coded structure linked to Alpha-Beth letters to preserve absolute Truth. A retired German inventor using the penname Jonah-II was challenged when he discovered that the Hebrew Alphabet Number System could date the prophesied Apocalypse repeating a historical judgment event like Noah 2288 BC.   

Worldwide mankind again has reached the same level in technology to destroy the only planet in the universe where Life & Death exist. Thus, this last 21st Century generation became absolutely evil, no longer teaching God’s Word or true science. A divine Truth is prevented by a New World Oder of psychopath Illuminati NYC bankers printing fiat money since 1913. They controlled every university to teach lies, and worse influenced Christian seminaries to falsify divine dogmas enticed to make a lot of money. The psychopath NYC banker cartel extended their unlimited power over a world economy and financed every global terrorist group to set off vicious conflicts to destabilize governments leading to horrible wars around the world. Millions were murdered in ethnic cleansing to erase worldwide many Christian cultures. To make a society pliable, they enforced a satanic evolution religion of fake pseudoscience taught for over a hundred years in every university and rewarded huge grants for counterfeit physics with a Nobel Prize. No wonder most Bible publishers desecrated God’s Word, accepting an atheistic worldview to deceive this civilization with lies to rule every public town square. It ruffled my feathers having grown up during World War-II. Thus, a Christian Church became corrupted and dating the APOCALYPSE was not allowed by ignorant theologians. Now I hope that some will discern what was sealed and hidden by Daniel, John and Old Testament prophets linked to the last civilization described in Pearl #270.

Dating the Apocalypse by matching seven world calendars, theologians assumed that clocks in a timeless heaven must be the same as on earth measuring month, days or earth axis wobbles? Revelation is recorded in heaven (Rev.11:2, 12:6, 12:14) and Daniel’s prophecy on earth measured a Times-Times-½Time, still a mystery. (Dan. 12:7, 9:24, 7:12-25) Maybe it should be linked to a Kosmos calendar clock? (Pearl #276)  

The first creation day stated “evening-morning” (Gen. 1:5) which is outside a mortal Time-dimension thus is a different clock? It is explained further in What is the Time Dimension - Babushka egg concept book #7 - free on the web. Measuring mortal time was only possible on the fourth (4) creation day which stated to use the Sun or Moon cycles to define “Time”, which is contrary what was postulated by Dr. Albert Einstein. He was a champion of unscientific deception pushed by a global science community which was stuck in a quantum physics controversy and needed someone to bail out an evolution theory. He postulated a fix describing space {E=mC²} linked with constant light, really stupid, now bathed in other unscientific fairy tales making headlines. Thus fake physics never advanced for the benefit of (7) billion people still ignoring a total free infinite ENERGY source of “electricity and hydrogen”. It is still a free available gift meant for mankind confirmed upfront in the oldest book now with the author name YHWH.

Satan instigated a New World Order to manipulate everyone to obey his lies and deception masterminded by absolute Evil to destroy this earth and mankind. It was designed as a worldwide politically correct system without escape to keep everybody uneducated pliable brain-dead slaves. Only a few wealthy elite are allowed to be a hi-tech trained, being subordinate to the shadow government. They altered the intelligence on many DNA levels in human-animals & plants and got rich with GMO patents causing massive extinction of seeds to collapse a future food supply defiling and violating Kosmos Laws by terminating all LIFE and Mankind. Thus when the owner YHWH returns to his earth property being genetic violated changing an unforgiving nature and in rebellion destroying a global environment will be greatly infuriated and duplicate a historic event like Sodom & Gomorrah. When this atheistic civilization grossly violated Kosmos laws put His Plan of Mankind at total risk. To continue Mankind evil must be controlled, thus ELOHIM will repeat God’s Wrath. Logical when the owner of this earth returns unquestionable will restore his property to its former splendor.

Researching a range of unique science disciplines with many warnings for ten years now makes sense. It was collected in various different Babushka eggs From Eden to New Jerusalem – God’s Plan for Mankind linked to a World Cuckoo Clock showing a Teth-Age starting the 121st Jubilee. The Chet-Age will end with the Two Witnesses closing a divine judgment with Seven Thunders (#2) dated the return of Yeshua-Jesus, but will be decided by the owner YHWH still projected Solstice 2017 - (5778) - Solstice 2018.

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