Pearl #264 -

Correcting Hebrew Calendar Mistakes


When I read some of my early pearls like #114, I found out that my dating conflicted because I did not understand how the Hebrew led the Gregorian calendar. In that pearl written years ago, I said that 5 July 2015 is linked to 9 Av 5776, which is a paradox or unintended mistake as July was still 5775, but dated three weeks later, which actually referred to the next 9th of Av in 5776. Unintended or divinely guided, it might still be right.

Now half of 2015 has past, and I wondered why the controlled TV media is so quiet. The expected prophecy events would make the NEWS a little noisier, so I rechecked some previous pearls and found that 99% are still correct. But some need to be corrected, as my understanding was off, not being taught in the Hebrew culture. Hence some forecast dates should be adjusted by one year as expressed in Pearl #251 - Take a vacation if you live in New York? I found out that the Hebrew calendar is leading and not trailing the Gregorian calendar when calculating from a solstice. The initial Apocalypse schedule has not changed, but the events may be in a different order.

I feel lucky being wrong as NYC still around, based on grace like Nineveh. God’s Wrath is still scheduled unaltered, and I wished I could be better educated in Hebrew culture. These small errors created Schadenfreude with many Christians gleefully mentioning that nothing happened, which reminded me of Noah’s relatives who missed the boat. Historically, a warning is just that, but we could learn from history. The ELOHIM sent warning after warning, God should be allowed to postpone his disasters, which have disappointed prophets repeatedly - in modern times are no exception like for Jonah-II.  

Getting closer to my Solstice 2015 projection aligned to a Hebrew calendar mix-up, which should make my last Babushka Pearl #251 adjusted to be still right. Check out God’s Wrath again, it will not be delayed. Only my projection was moved to picking the beginning of the year, but I should have used the after Solstice 2015 date. I am now sure that projection is correct.

Not being Jewish and very mortal, please allow for a few honest mistakes, which created some confusion but did not claim a reschedule of my and your death foretelling God’s Wrath.  It will be over in 2017/5777; I am sure. The right calendar has not changed. That date was published ten years ago collected from science in what is now fourteen (14) free Babushka egg books used as a basis to understand prophecy messed up by theologians adhering to denominational dogma.

Pearl #114 described historic science information collected in museums linked to ancient Aztec stone skulls exhibited in the outdoor Mexico City museums and deciphered the Antikythera bronze clock (Athens-Greece) proving BB #2 - Mystery of Tammuz 17 dating the Apocalypse mystery.  All dovetailed to 4 April 2015 now found years later. It matched a Blood Moon linked to 25 July 2015 collected in a number of tables attached, still being correct and ending with apocalyptic birth pangs dovetailed to a grand birth verified by Yeshua to start his Kingdom on Earth to arrive still dated:

22 September 2016-2017 [5777]

From Pearl #114:

Let’s continue to do the same to find out how many days left over from one month which has 30 days and we get 25 July. (.842x30 = 25.26) That gets me date of 9th Av 5776 is (25 July 2015) which is future Temple prophesied to be destroyed on that date to a day. You got to read the second book free on the Internet, Mystery of Tammuz 17, matching past history and projecting that now an identical date like gears mesh in a future cuckoo clock bird to an exact day over a range of 2603 years! What a coincidence from ancient clock cycles ending again on a 9 Av announcing calamities dashing again all hope for Israel connected with a temple.

Pearl #114 mentioned the possibility of a temple in Jerusalem miss projected. Perhaps 7776 could be linked to recent obscure web information. Why would the Israeli government keep important politics silent from the public? Some noticed the building of huge gate structures, or checkpoints on the main access roads leading into the city, perhaps to control the flow in and out.

Will it make Jerusalem an international city governed by the UN? This would split the city in half (prohibited by ELOHIM). Half would be given to the Palestinians to help it become recognized as a state worldwide in exchange for real estate next to the Temple Mount-Mosque. When the ELOHIM Footstool is divided by a cement wall, watch the owner.  

Babushka eggs postulated that Israel could erect a temporal tent-Tabernacle to divide what belongs to ELOHIM. He purchased a property in Jerusalem for a headquarters on earth. The original cost was 50 silver coins paid 1000 years ago. It is linked to what Daniel called an “Abomination of Desolations” sold out to Satan and perverting the Torah. Watch the Pope control the Antichrist appearing around 2015 Winter Solstice?

This will coincide with a scenario postulated on the web about why America is not found in Bible prophecy. The USA could be destroyed by electro-magnetic pulse technology (EMP) as described in Pearl #175, which is a very good possibility mentioned by several web videos as referenced in Pearl #263. Next month we will see a lot of disappointed videos as nothing apparently happened after the Blood Moon Warnings, but watch. The year is not yet over should look in the sky for a new 13th Constellation, Ophiuchus, linked to the 2015 Solstice.

The prophecy spinners on the web became more silent after the Tetra Blood Moon. Only the Babushka egg concepts still linger on being the last voice by Jonah-II to proclaim what comes after the unique sky sign of a cosmic warning based on science.

Pearl #666 describes the sequence of the demise of America ending in Marshal Law. Either an atom bomb destroying the power of Illuminati NYC bankers with an EMP attack strike as spelled out by many YouTube videos. One could speculate that Russia may be behind it in retaliation for the currency devaluation by the NYC bankers. One way another, when the bottom card of a flimsy card-house is removed, our civilization will collapse and probably scare China. To prevent worldwide nuclear disasters someone will knock out all the communication satellites. That would total globally eliminate sophisticated hi-tech war machines and implode modern civilization resembling the buildings in NYC on 9/11.

This could create a political vacuum of global confusion and give the opportunity of 200 million Islam religious fanatics gone ballistic to march united with ten nations gathered against ISRAEL linked to Armageddon prophecy. Consumed by hate to kill and destroy, they will literally wipe Israel off the map. One third will survive, since they are the apple of ELOHIM’s eye as prophesied for thousands of years, but once more, watch the sky at the 2015 winter SOLSTICE.

The year 2016 (5776) ends in 1 Tishri 5777 on a Jewish holiday matching September 28, 2016 overlaid with many Babushka pearls and corresponding to what Yeshua said in the gospels. Checking prophecy cycles over, I too had to learn, they are very - very short. Once you start segregating what belongs to what and how they align on a science level, you will see how much Christian theologians missed the boat when interpreting a divine Revelation based in Hebrew. My cuckoo clock still hangs on the wall, now repaired by a clockmaker with grace. It will not matter when the cuckoo appears. Nobody pays attention anyway; nevertheless, it runs according to a divine schedule not changed. God appointed someone for a purpose, selected what he wanted in his house.  

I recently found out that warnings were given through many YouTube videos as well as by numerous writers publishing hundreds of bestsellers teaching God’s Word never preached anywhere. Books reveal stories, but clocks just tell time. Like a cuckoo is noisy and would miss it when it is over. 

Gravity is still around to make it run, but the clock needs intelligence to be wound up again. Gravity activating clocks can be linked to science related to prophecy, and thus could date events soon to appear in the sky. I doubt theologians will see the linkage related to the Bible. Watching TV preachers still their feathers not even ruffled after being warned. They are still mired in the quicksand of a theorized seven-year apocalypse postulating that Yeshua is not allowed to arrive and must wait until a future temple is built in Jerusalem. They do not understand that any House of God built next to an Islamic Mosque would make Satan equal to God – an abomination. However, a Temple will be built after the asteroid strike.

After 5777 - 22 September 2017

A new civilization will start one way another when Evil becomes absolute destroying all life on earth. The ELOHIM must intervene, or Satan will gloat that he is more powerful even can control the Creator. Watch once more the sky!

The pre-resurrected Saints appointed from the 6000-year pool of mankind will be the new management for a totally new World System. They will help reorganize a totally novel, divinely guided civilization never experienced on earth.

A Saint is selected from across every past culture from Adam to the last scientists, well educated in the highest technology, but divinely instructed from a Jod-dimension perspective. That new government of pre-resurrected Saints will put all their energy into rebuilding a new society honoring the Creator. They will be totally loyal to ELOHIM and love him with all their hearts and on top will be promoted to royalty, called the First Born - highly honored in both dimension. Most Christians will be greatly disappointed being lied to by their pastors.

New technologies will be implemented very quickly allowing free electricity available for hundred years suppressed by a corrupted USA government. It will totally restructure how that new civilization will be organized. They will grow food like the Amish in America, replicated in other cultures for thousands years and quickly implemented to help emerging nations to grow all they need in an age of total global peace. This new government will only honor the Creator and put into practice what is revealed in the Bible, which shall once more be placed in every classroom and courtroom to teach God’s laws. Every invention will be carefully analyzed and only allowed if it benefits everybody or negatively affect nature.

Global Cuckoo ClockThe survivors in Israel will again remember the very first days of their history as a nation, facing a dessert resulting from a destroyed, burned up landscape. They will grow food once more in a Hebrew kibbutz / community that will be a model for mankind to start over again. It will take seven months around Jerusalem to collect millions of dead bodies piled up in a bone-pyramid, which will become a memorial for future generations never to forget GOD’S WRATH.

If you do not believe that story, check Babushka egg concepts from a scientific perspective to widen knowledge horizons, collected and documented. Time yet remains for the skeptic.

For the Lamb in the midst of the Throne will be their Shepherd and he will guide them of springs of living waters and ELOHIM will wipe away every tear from their eyes. (Rev. 7:1 NSV)

Continued in Pearl #267 - A Winter Solstice Calendar Correction & Pearl 276.



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