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Seven Trumpet Babushka Eggs
Daniel's 2300 Days Analyzed

(Revelation 8:6)


Daniel's 2300 days analyzed (Revelation 8:6) A recent reader response caused me to do some new apocalypse research to verify my previous dating opinion, but the answer only amplified it further. TV theologians still adhere to 100-year-old confused theories. They do not know that Daniel’s prophecy (518 BC) was based on a different calendar due to a still active earth axis wobble from the beginning of Noah’s Flood (2288 BC). Julius Caesar corrected our present calendar in 45 BC, projecting the axis wobble to come to a complete rest on 21 December 2015, to me it is amazing without computers.

I questioned what calendar was used in Bible prophecy. The answer could alter the dating options. I tried various approaches and found one that matched my previous projections as linked to other calendar calculations from ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums. By deciphering them, I discovered that an ancient asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC, which caused an earth’s axis to wobble, that will influence the future dates of prophetic events. Read about it in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

As a trained German instrument maker, I assure you that cuckoo clocks have various gears that, when assembled and paired properly, always work to make the bird come out at the right time according to design. Telling time by a cuckoo clock does not make one a prophet when he foretells the hour of the bird’s appearance.

Because clocks have gears, this analogy describes the gears of the future Bible events with the embedded cycles designed to announce the Apocalypse at the proper time. So many of the Bible’s future events can be dated if you are not a comatose theologian on TV stuck on faulty translations.

If you know better, tell me what the bronze Antikythera clock in the Athens museum measures. It was fished out from the ocean over a hundred years ago and is over 2400 years old. X-rays show 32 bronze gears and three strange dials with letter frames. I concluded that it is a Hebrew cuckoo clock matching Daniel’s prophecies and John's revelation. Prove me wrong, and please let me know when and how you do it.   

2300 Days


Table Dating Conclusion

I concluded that Daniel uses a 360-day year without the Jewish Adar II month added to shift his calendar (518 BC), which is consistent with the fact that he lived before the Julian correction (45 BC). In modern times, I discovered 14.305789 earth axis wobble ratio embedded in ancient bronze-gold clocks used to make a calendar correction to arrive for a center date of 25 July 2015 – the 9th of Av 5776. (Pearl #103)

The 7-year apocalypse in Daniel 9 has a floating [7:5 ratio] 50th week that could indicate a Mini-apocalypse period of 3½ years, which could also be floating. In my books I concluded that the 4 January 2012 calculation has an extra 2011 Hebrew month added [Adar II] in our time, which starts the counting of Daniel’s 2300 days for the last half apocalypse. Perhaps this could also be floating but with an extended period of 5 years closer to the central date [AD 2018]. The extended Mini-apocalypse is the big hammer of God’s Wrath bracketed between three WOES within an exponential time period of 3½ years spliced out from the 7-year schedule ending on 17 September 2015, or maybe 2017? The HANS ratio 7:5 could reveal it, but I used 7+5=12 "Perfection" in Pearl #220.

That would shift some prophetic gears and make 25 July 2015 the date for Satan being cast out from heaven instead of 21 December 2012. Once cast out of heaven, Satan will enter perhaps a Moses tent tabernacle replica, which starts the terrible time of the last Armageddon war. This time could be extended 1½ years still ending at the major date calculated from the 7000 year clock schedule and centered within the 2018 June 30 date. But now a second date appeared, for the "Lord Jesus Coming” is extended perhaps to 17 September 2017 ending with the global Armageddon war as Jesus’ feet touch on the raised Jerusalem Mountain to save ISRAEL from total annihilation in Jacob’s Trouble. That event is now in high gear being overlaid in parallel prophecy projections.    

We have 3 periods of 30-day leap years, which need to be added in a Jewish calendar for years 2011, 2015 and 2018, but the first Adar already passed counting 2300 days backwards to arrive at 9 February 2012, a Jewish tree holiday TU B'Shevat, described in Pearl #101.

Counting back Daniels 2300 days from AD 2018 in the Gregorian calendar the gets us to the sixth Apocalypse cycle. The question was:  do we add or not apply an Adar month 30 leap days and count 1260 + 30 leap-days to get 1290 or 25 July 2015? Read Revelation 6 carefully looking at the seven prophecy trumpets. Compare them with Revelation 8:6, and you will see the events of four riders described in parallel, and it seems they already have left the barn:

1st Trumpet - World War I = scorched earth, a world in turmoil, conquering and to conquer - 8 million dead.

2nd Trumpet - World War II - again no peace: 56 million dead and 1/3 of existing ships destroyed.

3rd Trumpet - Russia bitter "Wormwood" Chernobyl Nuclear explosion. Global food and energy decline: yet still in the future…projected 3 years.

4th Trumpet -

A quarter of the world population killed in an nuclear outbreak causing global famine, added bacterial poisoned epidemic accompanied with 1/3 Sun and moon darkened by global dust in the atmosphere caused by a nuclear exchange. That will start a horrendous global heat wave. I previously projected that Iran would be the spark in the ISRAEL powder keg with the UN warning of an attack on America blowing up NYC harbor with a crude bomb delivered by an oil tanker. It was dated at the end of dragon-serpent cycles 2012-1013 overlaid with Revelation and Daniel’s prophecy.

This scenario could be envisioned as a massive revenge response because America no longer has any options, being bankrupt. So it will wipe out a number of Arab cities like Bagdad or Damascus. Perhaps it bombs five more cities of different countries to give the signal that, if you mess around and harbor terrorists, you will have an immediate repeat of the same thing done to you after the old-fashioned way to show who is superior.

5th Trumpet / 1st WOE - This is the most unusual event ever on earth before. It is connected to Satan's rebellion in the Heh dimension where 200 million angels were imprisoned in the underworld linked to the rebellion in 4488 BC. 

Now the Fifth-Trumpet -

Angel descends from the Heh metaphysical dimension with a key. He will open the underworld prison causing a resurrection of all demons / fallen angels as mentioned in Revelation. Fallen sprits / angels and lesser demons will escape HELL through the open door.

They desperately need a body to appear on earth, which results in creating a massive demon possession of 200 million people around the world. They are only permitted to enter people who have been marked by a favored symbol (666?) tattooed on the forehead and right hand. These are identified with the World Peace Party (the Beast system in Revelation). These people will become insane and commit heinous crimes driven by demons. Now the atheists will be confronted that the metaphysical dimension exists.

The Mark of the Beast is an international membership number previously issued by the Global Peace Party cartel. It will come with the privileges needed to survive in a world of great turmoil suffering from a massive shortage of essentials. Only the privileged will have access to food, gasoline and employment.

An unhinged civilization creates massive worldwide starvation with everybody fighting for survival and governments in total chaos. The Antichrist appears to unite world businesses and repair the Stock Market with a new currency. For commerce and business transactions in a cashless society, one must have the membership number to be identified with "world peace" in the attempt to avoid another nuclear winter. That number will be cross referenced to existing computerized Social Security system and other banking numbers, linked globally for international commerce and travel. 

6th Trumpet / 2nd WOE - Four (4) Death Angels appear rising from Daleth dimension underworld.

The Four Death Angels will be a killing machine to totally eliminate all of the demons hidden inside the mortal human bodies bearing the Mark of the Beast. In addition, 1/3 of mortals will be killed who do not pass the 13 test questions Jesus preached on the mountain in Matthew 5:17."The law says, -but I say!” That is a higher standard purging global evil.

7th Trumpet / 3rd WOE -

It ends Armageddon with the Seven Thunders followed by a great earthquake caused by an asteroid.  (Revelation 10:4) That event will create a mini-earth wobble to change the calendar again.  Then mortal fleshly bound, Satan as the only evil survivor is chained in the underworld. At that time Daniel’s happy 1335 days will arrive with Jesus appearing on his birthday in the clouds:

28 September 2015 or 2017?


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