Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies #33 -

Forbidden Cheap Energy

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Worldwide universities and institutions are forced to teach fake science being rewarded with massive grants from the Illuminati world bankers. In 1913 the US Congress granted great power to the newly appointed FED bankers to print a world currency. They quickly bought all the available gold to rule the world with absolute Evil. 

Previously, many oppressive European monarchies expelled countless Christian churches to America, which created a great nation applying many Torah-Bible principles. A brilliant US Constitution extended from Magna Carta concepts became a model to guarantee freedom never experienced before to people. It limited government oppression and historically unified true science and Bible wisdom taught in every classroom. It became the greatest democratic experiment the envy of the world that international blessed the 18th to 20th Centuries Civilization. Unfortunately, it was short-lived due to FED bankers feeling threatened by Christianity declaring Truth. Thus, during the last hundred years, they instigated massive chaos among many cultures to unleash world wars killing millions to make the nations obey a future New World Order. They achieved it in this generation by enforcing an atheistic evolution religion perverted to relativism designed to destroy many Christian churches. The Bible prophesied that when Evil reached its absolute level, a world system will be judged once more by a historic God’s Wrath.

The FED bankers control the NEWS media but internationally many governments secretly use free energy discovered 100 years ago. Global oil wells running dry will force them to allow some forbidden inventions inserted in small economic stages not to upset the stock market.     

Check Gen. 1:3, which is the source of free infinite energy. It is proven by a car generator running a motor perpetually. A person not educated in fake science will show how it works in Babushka Dummies Lesson #1.

Modern fake science created many “Lies” like postulating phantom dark energy costing billions of dollars printed every year by FED bankers. The sole purpose of teaching fake science is to educate future students to become brain-dead rewarded by high salaries to obey the world system.

LHC Particle Accelerator FERMILAB NEWS (April 11, 2017)

A century ago, a German schoolteacher split water to Hydrogen to prove the unlimited energy source, and worse they confiscated Nicola Tesla’s 700 patents confirming totally free electricity not allowed and forbidden for a hundred years. Only now a free web has forced to reveal it.

Compressed Air Energy - Airbus A-380, is it a Jet Fuel Hoax?

The evil Illuminati FED bankers introduced in secret high technology exempted from any environmental laws of nuclear-oil-fracking-coal- transgenic-GMO patents and microwave. Many experts warned the governments and their cartels of the affect destroying permanent nature causing massive Life extinction. Watch YHWH to save His creation.

They're About to Unleash Their Final Phase - 5 G (July 5, 2018)

Near San Francisco California a major disaster struck in 2017. A whole town was evacuated in Sonoma County and literally incinerated everything to dust, burning 6500 buildings and even melted the aluminum in cars with temperatures over 3000°. The hot metal spread similar to water across the pavement, but mysteriously each lot boundary still had green plants? The bureaucrats lied and said it was a forest fire, but the local fire professionals pointed to the evidence never seen before. Fake NEWS blamed it on PGE, but some forbidden videos show when a large burst of deadly hi-tech 5G-microwave energy is suddenly turned ON, it melted unexpectedly in high temperatures the roof made from iron oxide sand, similar to the effect shown in banned videos of military blue laser weapon. Very few had disaster insurance to replace a house and waiting for the government causing a hi-tech mystery to be wiped out again as seen in other countries. Let’s hope that President Trump keeps his promise of draining the swamp of the Deep State shadow government. Truth is stronger and will prevail over Evil.  

The HORRIBLE TRUTH About The Northern California Fires (10-17-17)

Free energy videos are still censured and disappearing on YouTube being forbidden by corrupt governments previously explained in Babushka Egg Book #9. But many billionaires now discard a lucrative oil investment, as Hydrogen split from water and air converted to electricity will operate future automobiles and high-speed trains. Thus, check Dummies lessons #32 to reveal how jumbo jets could fly with compressed air as a fuel, or learn how concealed free electricity works now disclosed on the free web.   

Free electricity censured for a hundred years is now explained in true physics how an old streetcar DC motor will generate its own energy and thus run in perpetual motion totally free. (Dummies lesson #1) Many other not rotating inventions exist like transformers, but all require a small added crank force like a teeter totter balance to start amplifying free energy. True science is still kept hidden now explained on the web or described in various Babushka Books, Pearls and Dummies Lessons. 

Free Energy 100% , How make solar cell from a CD  (8-16-17)

Big Heads UP! Powering Down the World Electrical Grid (3-18-18)

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