Pearl #301 -

European Cultures Fast Vanishing

PS. Most European (Christian) Cultures are fast disappearing
expressed in many warnings 12 years ago by a scientist-inventor
pennamed Jonah-II, not applying fake science. You be the Judge

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From Babushka Egg Concept Book #2, Foreword, page 77. (April 2006)
Mystery of Tammuz 17-Ancient Hebrew Keys to Dating the Apocalypse

The Cuckoo Bird’s Call

…If you walk through Germany’s Black forest, you can hear the echo of a cuckoo bird. That bird is very strange. He is single, not paired like most other birds. He does not build a nest, nor does the cuckoo raise its own children. The female lays her eggs in another species’ nest, and when the egg hatches, the cuckoo bird chick will throw out all the other baby birds in the nest, so that he is the only one left. The hardworking foster parents do not realize that they are raising a parasite chick that has killed the legitimate hatchlings in order to steal their food. It is an evil thing when one species raises the young of a different species – especially if the latter kills the rightful heirs who belonged in the nest. God teaches us spiritual realities from the natural world.

The forest is our world, and we will identify it later with the Hebrew letter, Daleth, which is also the number “four” (4) and conveys the concept of “in this world and of this time.” In this world we all have experienced evil. Sometimes we wonder where it comes from. We could live such perfectly pleasant lives, except for… Why are we constantly confronted with conflicts over resources and/or issues of life-death? It seems that there is a mass irrationality that interferes with what should otherwise be a wonder world full of abundant life for all. Indeed, there is something very wrong. The cuckoo bird is an invader from another territory. In my analogy the cuckoo is Satan, and his purpose is to defeat all aspects of normal life at the expense of his own gratification, pride and existence. He hides his true intentions by disguising his call signal in a way that makes it so we can never really identify him in the forest. He flies quickly from one location to another so that it sounds like there are a lot of cuckoo birds in the neighborhood, but that is just part of his overall strategy of lies, deceit and illusion.

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