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Free Energy for Dummies Exposed


The process of creating a universe starts when invisible infinite energy is moved into the time dimension. That shift will lose velocity and cause the lights on in galaxies to go one that we see when looking up at the night sky. Consequently, the time dimension is the precursor of everything.

The Kosmos has many more dimensions. Only the Bible revealed an unknown metaphysical world described as angels appearing in history, perhaps UFOs in modern time.  But clocks in heaven sky are different than on earth as an atomic clock on earth measures time. Stated in Wikipedia:

In 1955 A Cesium Atomic Clock at the National Physical Laboratory, UK. It kept time to a second in 300 years. A "cesium (-beam) atomic clock (or cesium-beam frequency standard") is a device that uses as a reference the exact frequency of the microwave spectral line emitted by atoms of the metallic element cesium, in particular its isotope of atomic weight 133 ("Cs-133"). The integral of frequency is time, so this frequency, 9,192,631,770 hertz (Hz = cycles/second), provides the fundamental unit of time, which may thus be measured by cesium clocks.

When time is measured on our earth located on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, it would be different if positioned near a black hole at the center of the galaxy. Every Fraunhofer element would disappear being higher in frequency beyond the Alpha-Beta-Gama rays.

Most people are only familiar with X-rays, discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen 1895, or with lower spectrum light from the ultraviolet light that only bees see, to infrared useful in night vision equipment. Both are invisible to human eyes, but an energy frequency spectrum is continued in lower microwaves and radio waves ending in sound.

But the visible rainbow spectrum became useful for the scientist Fraunhofer to find over 100 elements embedded in an excited stage as displayed in the visible light spectrum each reflecting a frequency energy decay pattern as mentioned above. 

Newton explains that a physical cause always results in some kind of effect, which in turn must be controlled by intelligence or a higher mind. Such a mind started the first “Cause”. Intelligence is seen in our body, which has a Mind linked to DNA-DNR to modify protein used in GMO technology and many more applications.

Without energy nothing can exist because in the absence of a cause nothing moves according to entropy. As seen in galaxies, if an energy path is caused from a “Nothing” base linked to cosmic thermodynamic laws, it can only produce a nonexistence concept. Consequently, the Big Bang is just a fairy tale. The reason is obvious: Intelligence is needed to direct the energy. If it is missing the laws of nature will not know whether going toward an explosion direction or implosion as seen during 9/11 in New York City. When my grandkid winds up the cuckoo clock, he does it with intelligence that will activate available cosmic gravity energy for unlimited cycles. Nature shows that principle everywhere. If you love what God has created, you will see much science recorded in the Torah-Bible. 

When infinite light from another (angel) dimension is moved by intelligence (ELOHIM), it causes the Time Dimension to be slowed down, thus cause the crystallization of matter into various elements. According to declining entropy, nature will activate another cycle following a process like gas-liquid-solid, depending on our eyesight to translate it to our mind, provided there is intelligence to notice a cause – effect relationship. Evolution religion is a replacement theory that fills many fairy tale “science” books to keep students uneducated and mentally docile. It is detrimental to a healthy lifestyle, like a coin has two sides only to become unemployed buried in debt. It all conforms to nature. For example, watch the jet vapor trail of condensation high in the sky, which explains real physics.

The first Bible page records dimensions linked to extraordinary events. Once the infinite energy started to decay, getting slower in electro­magnetic frequency, it eventually became visible light, which has a time base of so many miles a minute. It was measured by Fraunhofer. Visible light’s spectral lines like a coin with two sides: One side being the solid elements represented in the Periodic Table.

But entropy in the time dimension is not permanent, thus decaying further resembling nature on earth. We all are born with mortality. Our body elements follow laws of decaying energy - fizzing out to end in Kelvin cold, back to the Time Dimension according to cosmic laws. The Periodic Table of Elements shows all the properties, like the atomic weight, how they differ from each other. When excited with energy, not yet in gas-liquid-solid stage like galaxies, it reveals that each element has embedded various specific frequency level of an electromagnetic energy force, which is the other coin side, everyone is little different as explained for my grandkid.

Dr. Albert Einstein used the speed of light as a measuring tool to postulate a universe, being biased by a stupid unscientific evolution religion, he was thus misled. Evolution being popular among his friends, they degenerated by trying to use various type of atom smashers to find an elusive god-energy particle and to, with any luck, discover how the universe was created.

Unfortunately, thermodynamic laws go in the wrong direction, which proves the Big Bang is a nice fairy tale for uneducated people. But it also made a ton of money when used to lie to the government being more stupid. However, they controlled the purse strings to dole out printed fiat money given freely from the NYC Illuminati bankers. Lying to the public is very profitable and must be more veiled than the other coin side.

I do not like these lying aspects of investigating physics, being a proven scientist. Early in life I became a hi-tech inventor. Check your computer still has a disk drive based on my original design after 40 years. I started as an instrument maker, trained in Germany, and built some parts used in the first two-mile long atom smasher - SLAG in Stanford Palo Alto University California. It kept my interest to follow what then was science now became lies. If interested can gain knowledge of a new atom theory published in a free Babushka egg concept book #6 A Donut Nuclear Story, to simply explain complex real science concepts, even related to a forbidden metaphysic level to better understand Bible prophecy linked ancient clocks and history.

Universities got huge grants all based on lies. They created a whole new industry by building many atom smashers from SLAG to CERN as the ultimate diversion to prove an evolution religion to keep the public comatose.

The last and most expensive CERN toy made for scientists became a moneymaking machine postulating 32 phantom particles described in million books to keep publishers profitable. It was authorized worldwide by university papers that dispensed expensive credentials closing the circle aimed for higher paying jobs. Like a stone thrown into the pond shows water waves getting bigger, if you under­stand Newton, everybody gets a piece of the pie with fiat created money- just worthless paper again.

My grandkid used to joke comparing atom smashing to an egg laid on a blacksmith’s iron-anvil and hit with the biggest sledgehammer which proved with science the egg will totally disappear similar to CERN toy made for the bigger boys now demonstrate recently.

Do not worry this event will soon be forgotten replaced with another lie. To explain science craziness of an exploded CERN similar to a smashed egg, expect some fairytales again to save face to keep the retirement of thousand employees. The postulated 32 particles are now obsoleted together with the whole atom theory all in the toilet. Stupid theories will never discover what happened to the smashed egg scraped off the Nebelkammer prevented from becoming a chicken. Both remain a mystery when knowledge is suppressed. Why do so many PhD’s comatose ignore that when atom-intelligence is smashed will follow the laws of nature which cannot be ever violated? That was revealed by DNA applied to GMO shown in YouTube videos. Understanding Newton’s consequences needed to be manageably divided into smaller Babushka eggs, all based on hi-tech matching the forbidden metaphysics, which again is the other coin side ignored by the global science community. Following entropy laws history will be repeated by collapsing our 21st century civilization.

After the Second World War, America used the first atom bomb to rule the world, paid with fiat money. In order to build more nuclear bombs, they needed to forge solid iron containment blocks to be nuclear proof against ever-present potential explosions like what happened at Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and many more censored. The special solid iron block must be forged into a huge chamber that was made in Japan as a sole specialized provider because of size. The rest of the many dedicated nuclear equipment manufacturers were set up in various countries, like centrifuges in Siemens, and other gigantic global corporations like GM, GE and airplane-rocket facilities around the world. NYC bankers printing money financed all this Military Complex. Global Universities were competing for lucrative grants complying with the many lies covering up natural laws no longer taught to the next generation of kids. 

The nuclear establishment was told by NYC bankers to build more atom bombs for unlimited control aimed to emerge into an absolute ONE WORLD ORDER. To divert the public, they told a Lie that the newfound nuclear energy was beneficial, gaining free energy converted to electricity for an expanding population.

Worldwide they built hundreds of nuclear power stations fifty years ago that are now aging and managed by an American Cartel of corporations. However, they forgot to mention that the deadly nuclear radiation needs babysitting for 100,000 years. Nuclear cartels routinely employ women at temporary, minimum wage jobs, who later die of cancer. They were not told about the deadly radiation. Only Sociopath NYC bankers will finance this lethal nuclear industry.  

But true physics exposed that “nature” is deadly unforgiving fatal. Global universities, knowing full well that nature cannot be ever violated following Newton laws, why suppress true science? That makes it so EVIL. Notice that iron is rusting (oxidation), cracking cement, so that now every containment system is leaking into the environment surely will cause the next generation of kids to perish. How can mortal humans babysit 100,000 years deadly radiation and think it has no consequence of an unforgiving nature. Nature always wins following entropy laws causing extinction of Life. The real two-fold reason was covered up. The establishment needed many more nuclear processing plants to extract the uranium fission element for more bombs, as only half a percent is embedded in uranium; therefore, they sold a lie to the public, “We need electricity for an expanding population now cheaply available in atoms.” But they would not tell the public that waste radiation will be around 100,000 years and the cost is astronomical bigger to deal with it. Tell me why we see million dead fish washed up on many beaches. It will affect the food supply soon collapsing which cannot possible be estimated. It will not matter anymore when sociopath NYC bankers printing fiat money.

The system was set up only to benefit the many global governments run by an entourage of relatives and friends to yearly siphon billions of dollars charged to the Bankers to manage the nuclear industry. It is easy: just write a consulting fiat invoice of a foreign corporation with offshore bank accounts with no name traceable for tax reasons, but need a relative in the system to give favors. Ever notice the many government projects started, like river dams, high-speed trains and space technology, just paying billions for many created quick-sand-holes linked to the Stock Market casino privileged class to fuel fancy beach hotels built for the freebee system, not taxed.  

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - The Thorium

But the greatest EVIL was that Thorium on the next element table list was not selected as an alternate energy source, proving once more that the establishment consortium is totally EVIL. They only wanted more processed bomb material collected from every nuclear Power-Station by a special international Cartel. The Thorium element was ignored.

But denying the biggest energy source, the ocean is bigger evil too. Water H²O can easily split into Hydrogen gas, which is a billion times billions cheaper than polluting fossil-fuel available everywhere to the tiniest camping, tent clean and free. That divine, infinite energy source has absolutely no radiation. The new found ENERGY already started to be used, watch the oil-coal price collapsing to be fully enjoyed by the next generation of God’s Kingdom on earth has arrived. That new society will never be taught science lies again in any school, why is it still forbidden? But can now watch on a free web exposed in hundreds videos on YouTube demonstrating free energy.

Why don’t global universities teach American history and search the patent department to prove what was around for 100 years? Why still suppress the reality of 700 inventions by Nicola Tesla? He described how to get free clean and cheap electricity extracted wireless from an infinite magnetic gravity energy source as proved 100 years ago.  Standing surrounded by city officials with the mayor and important state dignitaries, more important  bankers watching an demonstration in open Public Square holding a brightly lit light not connected by wires. Why was it forbidden, why allow absolute evil recorded not only on earth but written in books in heaven forever to commemorate a crime for judgment told only in the Bible thrown in the gutter.

Not to forget another scholar, the German scientist Hoffmann. August Wilhelm von Hofmann invented how to split water into hydrogen, the hottest gas used only in rockets to destroy our world. How evil again and not allowed for cars stopping the pollution. Why prevent a wireless free energy to power every house around the world without the infrastructure of wire and towers linked to a transformer, electrical grid system now obsolete. Free energy would replace poisoned polluted environment and be useful to once more apply low profile technology invented 100 year old still remembered by old people. When put together with logic and avoiding lies would greatly benefit the next unemployed student generation and create millions of jobs for them. It will change our civilization guaranteed one more have a clean and healthy environment to support Life.

The Web shows a collapsing environment toward extinction, million dead fish, birds and massive animal caused by a very small group of sociopath’s NYC bankers programmed to destroy all Life on earth? But the good NEWS a new civilization is on the front door now dated by much information collected by an appointed scientist-inventor Jonah-II. Check his warnings in Babushka eggs to widen knowledge horizons to understand the Torah-Bible better.

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