Pearl #297 -

A Fulfilled Apocalypse Legacy of Jonah-II

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Jonah was the most successful prophet in the Bible: his warnings caused repentance. But will a hi-tech generation listen today when again the Creator YHWH announced once more to perish similar in God’s Wrath of Sodom and Gomorra or Noah’s Flood 2288 BC?

Satan has ruled this earth for 6000 years and used the United States Congress in 1913 to authorize printing fiat money to favor some wicked devoted Illuminati FED bankers to end a thoroughly hated divine plan designed for mankind. They immediately stole all the gold aimed to initiate an atheistic New World Order to firmly control a Satan-predisposed global banking system. An elaborate money fraud financed every military industrial complex cartels, the Stock Market and every government managed by a few oligarch billionaires, all controlled with atheistic fake science deception to keep mankind ignorant – suitably brain-dead for hundreds of years.  

The Endtime goal stated in Matt. 24 was primarily aimed to destroy worldwide Christianity, devastate the environment for everyone and attack genetically the global food supply to become extinct. The unforgiving laws of nature are now threaten by massive annihilation to every Life form existing for thousands of years, thus will surely end mankind’s existence. Many YouTube kaleidoscope videos show how the Illuminati FED banker cartel has wickedly succeeded in destroying the earth. They recently decided to employ secret microwave technology to manipulate the weather and alter the climate to reduce the population. Being evil, many well-paid technicians manipulate the jet stream with HAARP microwave platforms floating on oceans around the world to trigger manmade typhoons, floods, droughts, earthquakes. Or use pilotless laser drones to melt metals to start mystery forest fires anyplace on earth.   

Worse, the globalist bankers financed every terrorist group like ISIS and mass murderers (Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, many US presidents), bankrolled dictators for hundreds of years to kill millions in genocide, and caused destructive wars creating massive numbers of refugees causing many cultures (Europe) to permanently fade away. For more profit the Monsanto-FDA cartel permanently damaged the germination of most food seeds in many GMO patents with altered DNA intelligence. (Babushka Egg Book #4)

Thus, larger incomes are made with inferior junk food exchanged by genetically cloned vegetables with embedded bigger water cells. Worldwide the environment was poisoned by unnecessary Oil and Coal explorations that caused enormous Life extinction greatly reducing the global food supply. Corrupt governments still don’t allow totally free clean energy offered in nature, described in Babushka Egg Book #9, Energy Lesson for Dummies #1, #32, #33.

Many crimes committed against humanity are now exposed; all blamed on global Warming. The atheistic New World Order will not survive the angry divine fury of the Creator YHWH revealed in His Torah-Bible. Satan and his bankers intend to destroy this earth and abolish ancient Bible knowledge. Hopefully mankind will recognize that everything depends on a final divine answer verified in Babushka Pearl #233. If mankind does not soon repent and stop violating the many Kosmos laws of nature, the Creator is not sleeping but is watching his earth ever since Adam. He will again terminate a wicked society generation to save his property fulfilling prophecies as witnessed in Bible history. (Rev. 8:1-13)

When a modern culture is misled by deceptions from Satan and removed the oldest book on earth from every classroom will have forgotten the purpose of mankind and silenced Truth in the Public Square. Hence the history of God’s Wrath judgment is repeated. 

The Creator will not allow this generation causing Evil to triumph or watch corrupted Governments violating His nature linked to looting and murdering neighbors creating global poverty resulting in environmental devastation to end all Life on earth by extinction. Consequently, search the Mind of YHWH sending many warnings.

Why not investigate a Torah-Bible for information and share your personalized experience of a divine encounter. Most are suffering under oppressed governments mismanaging global economies, thus everybody wants to survive and fears death, not knowing there is another side of our mortality for Life to continue. When Evil triumphs, will Justice be equalized to ultimately save mankind by the revealed love of a Savior? What is his name?  

  1. The whole Kosmos is always controlled by YHWH, who allowed Lucifer to conquer Mankind with counterfeited atheistic religions.  A Mind bathed in mortality is not capable of defining Him with the laws of nature. He is infinite light invisible to our eyes from another dimension. We only can comprehend what is revealed in His Genesis creation report, why mankind was created in a Daleth-dimension. Thus, He made sure that the oldest book on earth was translated into a thousand languages to record a divine historic person shrouded in mortally. It proves that a divine nature is now visible and was supernaturally born as Yeshua-Jesus the Christ. Before the Kosmos was created YHWH planned to die on a cross and atone for a Kosmos Evil. At the end of his mortality cried out,  “It is finished.” Three days later Yeshua fulfilled hundreds of well-documented prophecies of divine resurrection and introduced an unknown Jod-dimension to everyone. (Isa. 65:17-25; Rev. 21:1-5)

  2. The Torah revealed the original Heh-dimension creation designed for cloned angels with Lucifer ruling as a president. Angels were created to live forever, but many became disloyal to the Creator and dutifully followed Satan into destruction like mankind. Why? Thus, one third of the Kosmos community was removed to outer darkness revealed by Yeshua. That triggered a Time-dimension to cause a reconciliation plan to eliminate Evil forever - never to grow again like mushrooms in the dark. However, everyone designed with free Will to love God cannot be programmed like a robot. So the Kosmos was expanded next to an incubator, the Earth, which is not a planet as learned by watching some recent YouTube videos.

  3. The Creator uncovered his desire to start a new Adam species formed from the dust in a special temporal Daleth dimension placed in a beautiful Garden, Eden, surrounded by a perfect nature. However, mankind is designed on a two-cycle system similar to a caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly. Before a temporal mortal cocoon-death some Evil is divided and will be inoculated into a lifesaving immunity to prevent a future unrest for the Jod dimension.

  4. To record the Torah-Bible and history of mankind, YHWH rewarded Abraham with a special divine covenant to become a tiny nation, Israel. To observe His divine Holiness by other nations came with extraordinary blessings. Thus, the Creator advised through Moses, choose Life or experience troubles designed to return to a divine covenant. Many ups and downs are recorded in the history of Jerusalem, which ended in the Bar-Kokhba revolt (134 AD). A Jewish religious establishment desecrated God’s Holiness and resumed obsoleted rituals of continued sacrificing animals on a destroyed Temple location. This activated God’s Wrath again, destroying the city with a million Jews killed, the rest were sold as slaves. The land was renamed Palestine, thus  ended a tiny nation Israel. A divine fury was repeated in history: 70AD, 588BC, and Noah’s time 2288 BC. The next NEWS will be again a total destruction of Jerusalem as prophesied in Jacob’s Trouble. (Pearl #120) I recently watched on TV (2018) the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv showing the biggest gay parade repeated similar to Sodom and Gomorrah. Modern Israel forgot the lesson of the Torah summed up in a Stephan defense from Moses to a Temple curtain ripped apart when they murdered their Messiah. Many still cling to obsolete traditions linked to historical persecutions of Jews and Christians. A last option is available before perishing in an Apocalypse to be saved for eternity, simple trust Yeshua the Christ validated by a divine resurrection denied by tradition rejecting Truth.(Ezekiel 5:5-9, 11-12)

  5. Dating the Apocalypse events (Matt. 24) is impossible if using fake science, but a retired pen-writer, Jonah-II, formally trained as a successful inventor-scientist kept searching for more evidence of Torah-Bible mysteries. Investigating a Bible calendar linked to bronze-gold clocks in global museums found another 9th Av date repeating Jewish history and tradition. (Pearl #295, #276)

  6. Perhaps the Apocalypse date could be determined from the historic revolt of Bar-Kokhba (132-136 AD). The middle of the Hebrew 7000-year calendar centered on 518 BC and needed adjustment by 36 (JC) yrs caused by earth wobbles. In Daniel’s time a solstice year was 360 days long but measured today, it’s 365.24 days/yr. (518+2018=2536 x 5.24 =13,288 days divided by 365.24 = 36 yr. (Babushka Egg Concept Books #1, #2, # 3)

    Proving a calendar correction is calculated (518+134 = 652). Now counted from Bar-Kokhba 134 AD to 2018 AD =1884 yr. Totaled together is 2536 yr. (652+1884=2536). The leftover time to the Endtime is 964 yr. (3500-2536=964). The kingdom of Yeshua was prophesied to last 1000 years, thus it is off by “36 years”? (1000 -964 = 36) Ten years ago I adjusted the 7000-year calendar 36 yr. (28BC- 498 AD) to confirm again the Apocalypse dating, (Isa. 24:1) Consequently Daniel chapters 9-11 are grossly misunderstood by theologians as the “abomination that desolated” happened during the Bar-Kokhba Revolt of a false Messiah. It totally leveled the city of Jerusalem desecrating divine Holiness (Jer. 6:6-22), thus exiled the nation Israel finally disbursed among Gentiles. Daniel did not forecast about a Temple, but a “city” Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:22)

  7. The week before Passover, Yeshua cried over Jerusalem, perhaps a property bought by King David with 50 silver coins to establish a permanent YHWH’s presence, which is His earthly footstool in the Daleth dimension. A rebellious religious priesthood that murdered their Messiah and desecrated a Holy Place has violated a divine contract, will always be judged until repentance. Thus, the function of the Third Temple may change to a memorial shaped pyramid to confirm a “new” Covenant for Israel from the Second Coming of Yeshua to reestablish a relationship with (70) seventy nations for 1000 yr. (Ezek. 45-48) The old rituals to worship YHWH will be replaced by a High Priest-King criterion. (Pearl #174, #247) 

However, a remnant of Israel was destined to be the head nation to authenticate history of the most important global event: the Second Coming of the King of Kings, Yeshua, linked to a tectonically raised New Jerusalem totally rebuilt across a wide split valley. The prophesied Apocalypse adjusted by 36 yr. will soon start a new civilization for mankind where Evil is much restrained worldwide. Therefore, only survivors of God’s Wrath will witness the sky now connected to the Jod dimension projected 9 Av 5779 - (2019).

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