Pearl #269 -

Purpose of God’s Plan for Mankind

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A. Introduction
B. Ending Pre-recorded History, God’s Plan for Mankind,
      What is a Saint and What about Israel?

To clear up the desk for my last pearl, I would like to highlight a parting concept never preached in church. Going back and once more to identify why the Elohim purposed mortals in the first place and put them in an incubator on the edge of the Milky Way. My warnings projected that the apocalypse birth pangs ended at the 2015 Winter Solstice, but that date was quiet in world events, like the Tetra Moons in September. It is like the calm of a typhoon eye black hole.

This means that the Jonah-II Warnings are over, and I am now retired like the prophet in Nineveh to wait and see what Elohim has decided. Will he keep his schedule on track for 1 Tishri 5777 (2016). Mankind was planned to develop into nations experiencing different civilizations linked to a promise to live forever if resurrected in the Jod dimension as described in the ancient 6000-year old Torah-Bible. It is not a religious book but has embedded in it much science here developed in an amazing Babushka egg story series verified with history.  

Jonah-II was a German instrument maker who survived the Hitler-Stalin time and, being single 21, immigrated to Canada. In time he became a successful inventor-scientist and started his own hi-tech million-dollar company, managing it for 20 years, He also raised a family and became a grandfather living in California. Ten years ago he retired and desired to end with a dream of living on his own vineyard in a modified sheep barn, just enjoying life or traveling around the world seeing some of what he missed earlier in life.  

But his dream got interrupted by ELOHIM, who appointed him like another Jonah mentioned in the Bible. At first, he complained that he had never written anything, not educated and had only learned English from cheap movies seen while living in French speaking Quebec being mostly unemployed during the long icy winter of 1953.

However, I was willing, which ended with the Grand Warning of God’s Wrath published on a free web with 14 Babushka egg concept books and 170 Pearl eggs. This time God sent not a theologian but a successful inventor-scientist to be a credible witness deciphering Bible mysteries matching physics still so controversial to theologians and suppressed in universities. But I researched ancient history by visiting museums and discovered true science not found in modern schoolbooks, linked to forgotten Kosmos laws. It was an exciting journey, the best time of my life.

God started to educate me beyond my imagination and showed me science from a totally new perspective, which proved to be in conflict with present university teaching. He opened up my understanding of the Bible and even taught me the Torah embedded with a Hebrew Alphabet Number System, a totally new perspective never preached in church or in the halls of higher education. It alienated everybody, especially theologians and pastors, even my family since it cut across family traditions. But the discovered science evidence was too overwhelmingly fun to investigate, which stopped the music and partying in the barn.

Everybody thought the old man flipped! He kept writing being appointed to give seven warning years, like the birth bangs of the apocalypse announcing God’s Wrath. Now the warning is over as Jonah-II has finished his final observations now to retire like the old prophet in Nineveh. I am also wondering what ELOHIM will do after sending his final message to 100 national embassies.

Why, How & When is the End of…Pearl #270

My last research pearls has ended the seven-year warnings on a winter solstice 2015, which matched many Bible prophecies, now it is better explained and proven by true science. Babushka egg concept books are very unique not equaled anywhere or found in any library around the globe.

In them God’s oracles were overlaid with newly discovered science linked to ancient historical knowledge from a 360° perspective. Babushka eggs explained many misunderstood Bible prophecies messed up by Christian denominational dogmas linked to massive lies in science perpetrated in universities to suppress absolute Truth, in rebellion to well known documented cosmic laws. It will run its course. Nature is unforgiving, a reality demonstrated by many violated Laws of Physics.   

But this time Evil is bigger as shown in Pearl #270, which is a shocker and includes some pictures from the web of what was done in secret. Why not investigate these crimes of human babies being born in hidden laboratories half-pig, half-frog, in trans-genetic, indescribable GMO evil. You need to figure out what the Creator ELOHIM will do, as my warning had no effect. Just like the relatives of Noah who on 5 February 2287 BC (Julian calendar) missed the boat and perished with a hi-tech population of billions from a worldwide Flood. Why do universities deny the many museums artifacts and now GMO mutations?

2014 August Breaking News Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA
Last days final hour news prophecy 8-16-13

Many Babushka eggs and pearls were sent to Christian TV theologians, global governments and international universities still rejecting the evidence presented in true science, which cannot be denied as collaborated by over hundred YouTube witnesses that would win every case around the world in any court of law.

My last question to the ELOHIM, “When Jonah was sent to Nineveh with a big fish, he was very successful. The whole town listened to his warnings. But why is Winter Solstice 2015 so quiet, too?” That was also noted when the Tetra Blood Moon warnings created a lot of Web fluff. My forewarnings were quiet because every TV station is owned by NYC bankers printing money, who don’t allow exposition of the evidence of the evil they caused.

In spite of rejecting Jonah-II Babushka egg concept warnings, the Internet will vanish shortly too, thus it will not be available to find the date 1 Tishri 5777 (2016) for God’s Kingdom on to arrive Earth. It means that these Babushka egg concept warnings were meant for the next generation starting a new civilization. 

The new society will naturally ask, “Why did God destroy so much on this earth ending totally a hi-tech world with so few survivors?” Perhaps they will dig in the old ruins to find a history bridge in 14 Babushka egg concept books and get the answer from Jonah-II warnings published ending on

Winter Solstice 2017.

Ending Pre-recorded History

The “Purpose” of Mankind was never really preached in any church, being biased by denominational false dogmas still stuck from the Middle Ages. Thus most Christian theologians do not agree with what has been published on the free web for seven years to illuminate new discoveries overlaid in science, that prove many Bible events.

To check out these 14 Babushka egg concept books will take some time because they reach a higher plateau by investigating thousands of historic science facts. Compare them with the many lies preached in global universities to cloud our minds. Many have become brain-dead, proven in most by a shortened attention span.

Satan determined to blind mankind to win the conflict with ELOHIM, thus he will program minds to violate unforgiving nature to die sooner, before comprehending Truth. For example, 2000 years ago Governor Pontius Pilatus, embroiled in heated religious confrontations that clashed with the politics of the Roman Empire questioned, “What is Truth?” He did not know he stood before the Creator ELOHIM, and turned his back, not waiting for an answer. Why is Truth still suppressed as billions of people live in ignorance and utter poverty? They will now perish, as nature is unforgiving.

God blessed my Christian journey, which was preceded by my education as a scientist-inventor. I have not acquired the practice of throwing hundreds of Bible verses into the ring like a lawyer to win or defend what God said. Instead, I fished out hundreds of logical facts, like pearls from a science ocean, and visited museums to verify ancient history confirmed on a free web. It clarified many clouded Bible predictions to wake up sleeping Christians.  

Why has this newly discovered science linked to Bible prophecy silenced in every church, or not discussed in the media being totally ignored? Christianity became corrupt by teaching a Gospel riddled with Satan’s dogma lies. He succeeded by tempting theologians with money and prestige to abandon a higher calling. It is no different than the atheistic world: ignorant together they will perish in God’s Wrath, guaranteed.

Jesus made it clear at his last minute on the cross and told one of the person executed next to him that he will have Eternal Life on the other side. It did not take much Bible knowledge for that assurance. Many Christians are blinded by Satan’s lies taught in their church and think they will be rewarded for going to church every Sunday. They assume that just believing the right stuff will make one privileged for the Lord to favor them. They hope to be raptured out of trouble, but will be greatly disappointed.

Many Christians are not conscious that they violate God’s Holiness by ignoring his commandments. Rather, they trust in pagan holidays and evil traditions, like Sunday dedicated to an ancient sun god. To convert the Roman crowd to their brand of Christianity and increase revenues, many pagan holidays and rituals were included in the church traditions by the popes under Constantine. Not much has changed in Christianity for 2000 years. Just watch the many churches in Jerusalem on Christmas entrenched in pagan religious worship, which is the greatest tourist business in town.

The biggest controversy taught in many American churches is the dogma of a seven-year apocalypse claimed by the majority of Protestant theolo­gians. Not educated in science or understanding ancient calendars proven by mystery museum clocks, they will never decode Bible prophecy. The Tetra Blood Moon signs in the sky were missed because they looked from a distorted Bible prophecy perspective not matching science facts.

Now we have run out of time. Perhaps it is too late to wake up from a self-righteous spiritual sleep, as they still quote misapplied scripture. Why close the eyes, or minds to the many worldwide signs, such as a stressed environment and GMO technology collapsing linked to empty food shelf riots?

Why not investigate that we are on the edge of God’s Wrath as the (7) seven-year apocalypse birth bangs now ended in the projected 2015 winter solstice as indicated in the World Cuckoo Clock? It is the time to wake up from sleep and get ready for the countdown of what was predicted! If we don’t accept prophecy dating, we will perish. Why not examine unforgiving nature and follow the trail of evil consequences matching science.

Geo Engineering Documentary  (5-12-15)

Technology associated with political corruption has grown to an oppressed atheistic One World Order dominated by Illuminati NYC bankers. Why be unperturbed, not recognizing that the last Apocalypse birth pains are over. Perhaps we behave like a frog put into a pot of warm water. As it gets hotter, it will not jump out and so die. Calamities explained in nature attest to prophecy linked to Bible history written in advance.

Now we don’t even have frogs anymore in Yosemite Park, for example. Do only the genetically modified frogs know that the ELOHIM is now greatly provoked seeing his world poisoned by hi-tech GMOs? Thus, mankind is not able to stop the transgenic modification of the mortal gene pool now mixed with animal-genes? Why be comatose and thus not bothered that LIFE on this planet is in danger of becoming totally extinct in very short time?

Watch! Read Jonah-II’s last warning of science facts blended with prophecy to get a more clear perspective, perhaps for the first time. I urge you to read Jonah-II last warnings now, as the public is totally ignorant of suppressed reality. (Pearl #270)

Why are so many Christians unaware of what their governments and the many industrial cartels are doing behind closed doors? They remain totally uninformed of transgenic evil technology and GMOs. This abomination will surely end up in the extermination of all life when an unforgiving nature destroys our on earth, likely being the only place in the universe to host life, as we know it. Most life forms are in the process of total destruction. Only God’s mercy and intervention can stop this mad race towards extinction. Check what was done in Noah’s time to cause God’s Wrath.

God will save some of mankind from the consequences of merciless nature. Perhaps a GMO modified frog-brain is better educated than theologians to recognize that God would not add another seven years to his Plan as postulated in most churches

Ask the question, “Why have frogs and honeybees vanished? Billions of dead fish found on many beaches? My housefly-squatter not used in years, thus not around anymore. Do you really think we are exempt from Satan now gloating, “I won” in his power struggle to be co-equal with the Creator? That was the motive behind Satan’s rebellion in 4488 BC.

Please watch the cited YouTube videos. They could help to wake up everybody from unbelief to an open mind. Historically, millions of Christians were persecuted; some were recently beheaded similar to the first century. Our society has become evil because Christians mostly vote corrupt atheists to public office. They are spiritually asleep in church being entertained by Christian professionals who pleasantly tickle their itchy ears. Surely they will not be rewarded with a rapture escaping judgment.  

The Christianized religious establishment, similar to Jesus time, would repeat and crucify the Lord yet again and even call him a liar when he said, “…in one generation I will come back,” which makes it possible to date God’s Wrath applying science. They only can repeat a mantra, “No one knows the Time.” Surely they will miss the bridegroom. If you think that he appointed you, make sure you have enough oil. Notice most TV preachers pray to some God who must be very poor. Why do they always sell outdated Christian denominational dogma deceptions to confuse truth?

Theologians do not even know what a Christian or a Saint is, as mentioned by Daniel, John and Paul. They never bothered to delineate what is really taught in Scripture but sell their opinions mixed with atheist lies to the highest bidder. The corrupt Christian Church will be judged equally to the atheistic world.

Many ignored the Yeshua-Jesus arrival date. The Apocalypse birth pangs having passed, they will not escape God’s Wrath. But watch the sky after Winter Solstice 2015 to see what the ELOHIM will do matching Hebrew system time cycles. When true science facts linked to nature are applied to Yeshua’s coming back to earth, they would better understand it. A pregnant woman recognizes her time of birth and knows that the useless placenta is discarded after the birth of the child, so it will be for the 21st Century Civilization.     

When society once more becomes totally corrupted, mixing human genes with animals like in Noah’s time of 2288 BC, history teaches how an angry Creator ELOHIM will respond. Screwing up his creation to threaten extinction of life has destined this atheistic civilization to also perish, matching Noah’s history. His wrath is duplicated once more with a coming Dactyl asteroid already in orbit to collide with the earth and proven by many science events.

After God’s Wrath, nothing will be left over to remind the future generations why the last civilization perished due to hi-technology genetically destroying all of Life. It repeated Judgment like an evil Atlantis Civilization that vanished on 5 February 2287 BC. My Bible story is different from what is preached in church. It will open new frontiers to explain who will survive God’s Wrath, who is appointed for a mini-resurrection, and the mystery of Israel still being ignorant.

God’s Plan for Mankind

One day the history of mankind will be put together from a metaphysic perspective, and we will see the fabric of a colored Carpet of Life on the right, topside. We will no longer wonder why certain fibers crossed and understand why so many Christians and massive numbers of good people were killed throughout history. So many children’s lives were cut short, bathed in sufferings. After the apocalypse, God’s Kingdom will arrive to last another 1000 Julian calendar years, but time will be shortened with another asteroid to match 7000 Hebrew years of human history linked to ancient calendars. (Pearl #258)

However, mankind will continue on a new earth some appointed for a new heaven. The new earth will be much larger, similar to the enormous Antares. It will again show elevated on a special pedestal a gigantic URN with the ashes of a previous earth located on the outside of the Milky Way galaxy embossed with golden letters to express the Time Dimension.

Mortal Mankind 4488 BC-AD 3018 (7000 Solstice years)

Underneath is a table of 70 books mentioned in Revelation representing various centuries of mankind with the names and video story micro-coded of every person pardoned in the TIME Dimension.  It dates the embedded verdict, “Mercy unto Life” like a new birth - a gift from ELOHIM, like an official city record of detailed importance similar to a dated tombstone.

On an elevated table is a single beautifully colored seven-sealed manuscript, The Book of Life, written on the inside with the names and videos belonging to royalty of the King of Kings still a mystery - The SAINTS.  My odd story is not allowed in church but starts with the first page of the Torah-Bible. On it the Creator ELOHIM announced the reason of a greatest mystery:

Let us make Herbert R. Stollorz in our image.

I put my name in that equation of what God said because the Creator gave mortal bodies to everyone. However, no other human was ever created like me from a DNA-DNR gene pool perspective, thus it is a totally new and special “man” creation.

If you put your name in it, is another story in the same book you could tell me about it later, provided if you have been given Mercy unto Life to live in the New Heaven or New Earth dependent on your choice. That new concept is different and is found on the last page of the Bible to widen faith horizons. There are many amazing truth appetizers on the Bible table not taught in Church. Why not check it out before we die in God’s Wrath.  An overlooked fact, the first story explains why Satan appeared right on the First Day in the Garden east of Eden when the ELOHIM came to visit in the cool of the evening. He spoiled the innocent relationship of Adam and Eve with Evil to start his new job assignment.

Satan never wasted time to rule the earth, the only place where life exists in the universe. He exercised his given absolute control over mankind knowing full well that God the Elohim would not “interfere” with his acts of evil, but he was still limited by God’s edict, lasting 6000 solstice years.

The reason can be observed in science. When Satan was assigned to rule the world, and God expected him to inoculate every mortal with evil. But Evil and Good must always be balanced. If he killed Christians, Jews and the righteous, it must be offset somewhere else with extra births. Satan created hundreds of religions biased with lies to counter divine truth embedded in the Ten Commandments given to mankind to overcome a merciless nature.

The consequence of Satan’s lies are offset with acts of goodness and kindness, like charities, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Inner City Mission, hospitals and many more. Most were started by dedicated Christians. Applying true science will educate people in nature, which is unforgiving and, if violated, will end life. It is offset by beneficial righteous science to maintain nature well advised in the Bible.

For example, Satan created the Islam religion enforced by a Koran substituting the Torah. It urged the killing of every infidel except Allah’s friends. Murder is offset by the Bible teaching to multiply. He blesses with a higher birthrate, as followed by Moslems. It will match what God has endorsed to Adam and Eve passed on to the next generation of mankind. History records that after 70 years of Mohammed’s death, the ruling power elite decided to have a book like the Jews. They forced a Jewish scholar and a Catholic nun to write the Koran.

But the Jewish scholar realized no one knew how to read or write started every paragraph “Allah is great” misinterpreted from a short Hebrew anomaly means, “It is a lie” being forced to write. Both were executed anyway. Check the web, as it is not my story writing for everyone God’s Wrath warning.   

It eventually became obvious that the system would tilt towards absolute Evil. That will accelerate when God’s spirit is removed to reach a point of no return for mankind’s society to become absolute Evil instead of being there to counter it with balancing Good. This in turn will redirect a Kosmos law for a mortal system to start over again pouring out God’s Wrath. It happened before in 2288 BC, which wiped out the populous Atlantis Civilization, and only Noah’s family of eight survived.

It was prophesied once more to occur on 1 Tishri 5777 (2016), as projected by an inventor-scientist, educated Christian appointed to be Jonah-II to give warnings and wake up everybody. Soon this age will perish, guaranteed, confirmed with too many witnesses.

Checking history once more and Bible prophecy, we have three time cycles revealed by Enoch as embedded in his Great Pyramid in Giza. (Pearl #224) He projected three asteroids within a time period of 7000 years, all dated with the math system we use today, by ancient bronze-gold clocks, and many ancient artifacts exhibited in museums and structures like temple pyramids.

God communicated what he planned for mankind through a Bible-Torah, the only divinely written book with detailed recorded 6000-year history. Half was foretold to prove a divinely executed plan to the skeptic. It is the oldest record manuscript on earth.

A thousand concepts based on science were collected in various Babushka eggs extracted from God’s oracles, which was never attempted before and put together for a full rounded science package to widen knowledge horizons. It combines divine Revelation with natural science based on true physics, avoiding the many embedded lies from a Satan religion.

Theologians will have a tough time, being blinded in denominational false dogmas. Atheistic scholars, now worse off being brain-dead, will not investigate the referenced Bible truth compared with nature and true science, thus falling victim to Satan’s lies. I feel sorry for them. They will never to find out that all mortals are really favored by God.

Many were prevented to know Truth in this mortal life like a caterpillar stage. The experience of evil was necessary and no fun, most of the time being bathed in pain. But that cannot be compared to the butterfly existence, which will guarantee an eternal existence in absolute goodness experiencing God’s Love forever and to continue what the Creator has pleasure in. You are the object, no fooling.

Those outside by choice only want self-satisfaction, what feels good for the moment, striving for the prestige and money Satan offers as a replacement for God’s Love. Satan wants everybody to be comatose and never experience Eternal Life in a restored Kosmos, which became unbalanced caused by the rebellion he instigated in 4488 BC upsetting a peaceful society.

A Kosmos correction gave mortals an amazing opportunity to replace the Heh dimension administration vacancies for a heavenly government.  But before any person starts his new job assignment, he must gain knowledge of good and evil and understand the underlying problems and reasons why Satan opposed the Creator in the first place. To fix that problem, God’s Plan can be explained by an immune system analogy, if you are scientifically inclined.

Naturally, Satan wanted to prevent God’s Plan for Mankind throughout history and so many times killed the righteous people. But the Creator helped mankind in another quarter to succeed and so equalized the balance with large families to keep the planned population curve on track.

No matter how many people Satan killed those numbers were replaced somewhere else, as Life is the prerogative freely given and taken only by the Creator. Death is only half of the lifecycle. The bottom line, which is extra important, is that no one can die on the butterfly side, but that in satisfying the principle of free choice both parties decide life or death. What a coincidence! It is not over after death, or believe the Lie.

Being shrouded in mortality, Yeshua-Jesus was the visible side of the Godhead when on earth 2000 years ago. He was no exception to conform to a Kosmos law, which became the first agreement with Satan revealed by Yeshua once more to complete his salvation Plan for Mankind. It was disclosed on deserted mountain place while Jesus is fastening in prayer for 40 days. How was the second encounter of Satan meeting the ELOHIM-Yeshua recorded verbatim without a tape recorder?

Thereafter, only the gospels recorded Yeshua’s rejection in spite of powerful demonstrations of supernatural events blessing mankind, all documented in his divine book. He completed additional, preselected commandments in that century, ending with a published final covenant only revealed to the Saints, which is the last word in the Bible. This truth is not obvious to everyone due to Satan’s embedded denominational dogma lies.

What is a Saint? (Pearl #888)

The Creator ELOHIM is “Alpha” – the incomprehensible, invisible Spirit concealed beyond our Mind but articulated by a divine language given to all mortals. It is the only useful tool to communicate what is inside an invisible Mind replicated from the ELOHIM MIND but on the lower Daleth dimension spectrum. Many theologians tried to verbalize Christian faith in books of sophisticated elegance, but why is Truth still veiled and silenced in most modern mega-churches in time creating empty cathedrals?

Many questions can now be googled. Some good Bible teachers are still around, but you need the light ON in your Mind. Simply ask Yeshua-Jesus for more understanding. Many concepts were presented in Babushka Eggs with a new glow because biased theologians are no longer teaching Truth. If any of these questions raise an uneasy feeling, then that mind needs more light to discover truth one notch higher, though suppressed in most churches biased by faulty denominational dogmas. Prophecies can be better understood with some help from true science, or watch young people on YouTube videos having more wisdom while rubbing theologians the wrong way.

A “Veil” could be opened by observing nature, which could give us reasons answering why, how and when mankind was designed on a two phase cycle system explained in a number of pearls. Mankind was first designed to be mortal and thereafter to experience a resurrection and given a choice to live in God’s house by his rules or Mercy unto Death.

This truth is demon­strated in nature for my grandkid. The mortal Daleth side is the caterpillar side, which goes into the cocoon of death to appear a totally new creature, transformed into a butterfly with wings to go thousands of miles like a spiritual existence no longer constricted. A second witness comes from physics. Look into a mirror, and you will see only two dimensions. But the scientifically inclined could investigate what produced the image from the three-dimensional person standing in front of the mirror.

It reveals a hidden Mind, with embedded with Life, all controlled by intelligence converting the millions genes into proteins making bones, fibers a math probability reaching infinite. All is purposed by divinely executed complex structures and detailed in a marvelous mortal contraption with a special name, in this case Herbert. Just visit a cemetery. It is full of stones embedded with names with two birthdays nobody ever has duplicated.

The date of death is a second birthday still invisible but assured by a historic person. Yeshua –Jesus, who came from the other side. Only he can prove that next year 1 Tishri 5777 (2016) was the date set for his return. Matthew recorded it in his gospel, or check the Babushka eggs on the web, proven with many science facts.   

To continue the most important story for my grandkid, God the Creator originally introduced Adam and Eve with Good and Evil. It was passed on to their children in order to inoculate mortals with a good dose of evil. The reason was to make a future resurrected Life (butterfly) immune against evil. The resurrected Saints will know how evil hurts and automatically like an immune system against germs, will snuff it out in the bud before it grows in darkness like a mushroom. It will prevent a future repeat similar to Satan’s rebellion that crashed and disturbed a peaceful way of life for the happy angel community.

Modern science can explain how the immune process keeps you healthy. If you are interested, it is applied to those who will be resurrected having passed the final test before the White Throne Judgment, an awfully, fearfully bright Revelation event.

Suffering and death meant for mortals will be remembered on the other side to guarantee that there will never be rebellion again. Being made immune from an evil inoculation is useful in either a promised new earth or new heaven. Some do not pass the final test having become absolute evil against a common sense.

Every mortal is outfitted with a Mind that can learn how to manage evil and not become evil. We need guidance because we are mostly ignorant, so God appointed many ancient scribes guided by Ten Commandments to write what is right or wrong in prehistoric and modern times, which is helpful to our destination.  To make a case in any court of law you need five witnesses to prove an accusation to establish Truth. But if someone quotes the Bible correctly and is linked to the divine Supreme Court mentioned in Revelation, he will see a one notch higher reality. Many books will be opened to evaluate everybody before the White Throne; you should notice there is an extra “BOOK OF LIFE”.

It is meant for a higher evaluation for some mortals and will not be evaluated by good and evil, but gained a superior insight what was really the inner spiritual embedded precondition not dependent on how religious we were educated. That could include many mortals who lived since Adam but never had the opportunity to be informed of the written Torah. Perhaps they only heard verbal oracles remembered from ancient times, which is the majority of mankind. Many Christian theologians will cry once more – burn this heretic ruining our business.

Yeshua-Jesus died on the cross on Golgotha for every offence and offered a free forgiveness-gift to anyone searching for restitution. But his death included a Heh-dimension of a far greater reason as divine shrouded essence died on a higher level that cannot be explained in science or religion. Yeshua-Jesus introduced a new Kosmos Law expressed in Mercy onto Life or Mercy unto Death to give every mortal and angel a choice because the eternal God paid the price for the Kosmos violation of Satan’s rebellion.

The majority of mankind is ignorant on why evil exists. That includes Christians, definitely not privileged.  But what is judged as the unpardonable SIN could be redefined by common mortals who reflect on the underlying intent, which is one notch higher judgment spelled out in the Gospel by Yeshua on his mountain gathering sermon.

He explained it, “The Law said, but I say, if…” Notice he introduced a higher law “The Intent.” He struck at the root of the evil that corrupted Satan. The root of evil is the original transgression SIN, which cannot be forgiven but needs to be judged because only God is righteous. Thus, only a divine God could atone for Sin, as he is the Creator of All, and nothing could develop without his permission, not even Satan’s rebellion.

His dying on the cross proved his absolute Love to the lowest level of creation. He could have destroyed everything and started over. No one would have ever known why a previous creation existed. When there is no law, no transgression exist either. Thus, a cosmic violation must be corrected on a Kosmos dimension level. But mortals came later, purposed to replace fallen angels and needed be inoculated with evil, against evil.

That too needed atonement, but on the lower level Daleth and used a cross to symbolize the level of divine sacrifice offered. The horizontal Daleth meant in Hebrew “On this earth and in this Time.” The vertical pointed to the heavenly Heh-dimension, which will become the prophesied New Heaven - New Earth creation that forms the Jod dimension, as verified by Jesus-Yeshua’s historical resurrection from the dead.

Why do theologians preaching denominational false dogmas not changed from the Middle Ages refuse to respect what the Elohim gave to mankind, thus corrupt Yeshua-Jesus’ teaching? It was supernaturally collected and preserved for 6000 years. It is the only book translated into a thousand languages and still a best seller.

Theologians blinded by money and buying prestige should notice on a free web proof that many American TV preachers became corrupt, teaching lies. They will not be Saints, but experience what Jesus said in Matthew, “Go away I never knew you.”

Christians not interested in truth and flawed like atheists will be the most disappointed persons facing the White Throne Judgment. A special selected group of mortals were appointed in Rev. 6:9, 7:11. All the names in Hebrews 11 and the names on the foundation of his satellite Golden City (Rev. 21:9) could they belong to the Saints for a separate purpose? Check the book of Daniel, John and Paul’s epistles. It was finalized in Babushka eggs 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and Pearls 107, 109, 168.

Across the total spectrum of 6000 years of history the ELOHIM has chosen some pre-selected special people to be Saints. That statement will upset a lot of Christians to cry out, “Heretic, burn him once more!” To qualify, God looks at the inner make-up disposition of every individual similar to a king selected some virgins for his exclusive pleasure. It is not dependent on what we believe, as Saints are appointed to be personally tutored by the Yeshua-Jesus in Kosmos laws during the time of God’s Kingdom on earth. He is the teacher for those limited individual resurrected in a pre-mini-resurrection as school time is a thousand year.

All their lives, many Christians paid theologians to be entertained with a rapture story, totally misconstruing Paul’s writings, always quoted to keep you sleeping and ignorant. God looks only at our intent and motivation: was it aimed to please God? I am firmly convinced. Examining the evidence from science, which must match prophecy 100%, you can arrive at the best conclusion. Logically, the inner court of God’s administration to govern the KOSMOS is presently vacant. The previous angel candidates transgressed and are imprisoned (Rev. 9) with a number stated of 200 million now demons.

On the other side of the equation what is the purpose of a new earth- heaven promised after God Kingdom on Earth has ended. A Grand Resurrection is detailed in Revelation and Daniel for every mortal who ever have lived on this planet. I believe a vacant office number could be the number of replacements linked to the Saints.

Saints are mentioned by Daniel a prophet, John in Revelation and Apostle Paul who extended the list down to Adam. That means thousand cultures existed verbally transferring knowledge without ever having heard the Torah or the Bible, are they all lost decided by theologians? Good grief.  I stick to the notion that God who watched me formed a cell splitting another, being born with a mind, preserved many times surviving facing death, and ending resurrected just to mill around with billions on a temporal heaven place as Yeshua-Jesus is on earth? For what purpose should ask?

It is still a good story being appointed by the King of Kings. That gives me hope because I am an inventor always researching nature will ask the Lord for a favor. I wrote it down in 14 Babushka eggs became concept books therefore were recorded in the books of books saved in heaven, which you can read still on a free Web what I will do on the other side. To honor our desire cannot be earned with good deeds or any other means and is not dependent on what anybody believes thanks heaven instead could be favored being appointed to a Saint-Job designed for an exclusive purpose.

To widen understanding horizons, ask questions. To dine with the Lords of Lords at his table is a great honor. Tell me how you got that privilege? How did you earn it? Would under the table deeds qualify, your hidden ambition, or extra sacrifices used as payments to give favors or whatever your theoretical believe system was, being a mixture of lies and truth causing good behavior and a desire to love the Lord? Would it qualify?

Do you have special talents to govern angels or judge stubborn mortals? Many more questions could be asked. Why does a king would favor some virgins? All had oil, but only some had “enough”?

Could it be linked to a preordained divine purpose matching a plan for a future universe of a new-earth or new-heaven even before anyone was born?

When God is all knowing even direct the future, could it be possible to selectively appoint a special mortal to be trained for a divine reason and intention to accompany the King in his affair to govern a universe? Would you like to be raptured for that Job and appointed to be a Saint? Who will make a decision for sainthood and how do we get appointed?  

Do me a favor and read the Ester story: a little slave girl put her life on the line to run against protocol - uncalled to appear in public, to expose evil to the ultimate power of an Empire?  Her last words, “And if I perish, I perish.” (Ester 4:16)

To fill vacancies in the Kosmos White House to help the Creator make decisions, you must be educated in Evil to avoid another rebellion, as evil could grow again like a mushroom in the night. Only mortals familiar with extreme suffering and inoculated against evil can qualify to prevent another Kosmos rebellion.

Now you know what is pleasing. The Bible analogy is the King of Kings selecting a virgin. (Matt. 25) Looking deeper, it does not depend on being a Christian believing in lies or truth but having enough oil to qualify. Only the allotted Saints across 6000 years, and those living during the Endtime, will be mini-resurrected to meet the King of Kings. Most theologians teach otherwise, confirming a shortage of oil and so will perish in God’s Wrath.     

The virgin Ester risked her life and passed the test, which raised her friends into royalty positions blessing the whole empire. A Saint will protect the Kosmos against evil and snuff it out in the bud. He will not allow it to grow in darkness like a mushroom.

To honor the King to reveal our intent could be exposed in a few examples. If we celebrate Sunday is surely a violation of Gods Laws spelled out in the Ten Commandments. The Christian church adopted many pagan holidays during Constantine times to fill up churches making more money.

But you if you desired to be a Saint gathered at Yeshua-Jesus first mini-resurrection coming back to earth, need to talk to him and see if you get an exemption. Deliberate rebellion believing lies preached in church surely will not be an appointed virgin. Their character and lifestyle must be pure, void of evil. In my opinion is good advice if I was a king.

 I hope we understand what a Saint is, as some are exempt from death and resurrected in a mini-resurrection must be linked to a purpose as the General Resurrection is on the end of Time. Death is in reality not that terrible, it is really easy just stepping through a door? The fear of death was inbuilt for every mortal otherwise any little problem here or there linked to painful tests would skip town never to be inoculated with evil which is needed for a new butterfly life on the other side. Why make it into a rapture business loving money more than truth? Jesus said: Go away I never knew you.

Only a true inoculated immune system similar to Typhus or Cholera bacteria, as an example will explain why we must experience EVIL? God appointed Satan before he is executed for his crimes to teach his mortals evil. Inoculation is always painful but was determined to match cosmic Laws.

Death is still a mystery can only be explained having a purpose. A confused rapture story helping Satan to enforce an inbuilt fear of death is sold to many Christians. Many theologians confused the teaching of Apostle Paul revealing a mystery and made it in profitable business. Only a small group of mortals will not see death and pre-resurrected, it just happened to some living through the birth pains of a birth God’s Kingdom on Earth. Experiencing Death should not be fearful like going through a door to the other dimension, like a caterpillar is not affright of the cocoon.

Only the Saints are exempt from a Grand Resurrection to start a new school with Yeshua as a teacher to be trained in righteousness. They are destined to become the governing body of a restored Kosmos, ruling a New Earth and New Heaven. The new adminis­tration will be trained first on earth during the Gods Kingdom on earth to reign over stubborn mortals as judges and teachers to gain experience how to govern the Kosmos. Some may not see death next to millions resurrected Saints who suffered greatly throughout ancient history and where killed which will be rewarded like a medal of honor of war heroes.  

The Saints will rule with divine wisdom during the God’s King­dom of earth to restore the earth to its former splendor and helping nature to return to its original pristine potential. Recently an example can be witnessed in China and Africa scientists restored the worst place of a vast draught stricken area of damaged runoff desert totally bare of vegetation hundred miles long. They systematically experimented in reforestation by creating terrace contour steps to prevent runoff for vegetations to re-establish.

Now the excess water is absorbed and stored for the dry season. In five years incredible showed when nature is helped will see miracles and flourish. A future climate will be tropical again changed by an asteroid to open up perma­frost areas for agriculture. An economy will run on totally free energy to serve a much bigger popula­tions. Fish will return in every river and ocean no longer polluted.

For the first time will be governed by a beneficial government helping nature and honor the Elohim for his gift of Life providing seasons providing plenty of food for an increased civilization. The animals will no longer fear man. The new generation will be educated to evaluate what is beneficial to heal nature. Check how cheap energy is available in Pearl #259 meant for Dummies and how to get it free. 

I just described God’s King­dom Earth already waiting on the front door. Why not believe a forbidden Bible? What a great chance to be appointed to royalty - a Saint.

What about Israel?

Much confusion exist in Christian and Jewish circles what the Elohim had planned for mankind. It is really simple if you are educated in true science and use logic. Every business is organized around a corporation plan why not copy it from the original revealed in the Bible?

Every management has a secretary sitting at the same table not involved with the business but to record minutes of everything that was said. When running my own corporation, I learned that it was required by law. All transpired events needed to be recorded word by word for a representative of the Secretary of State in a special corporate book to verify the name of the owner, what was said, waiver and notice of consent, and dated. That original law was instituted by ELOHIM; we just copied it.

God planned a historic Babel event after 2288 BC ending on earth with 70 nations to complete 7000 years, which needed someone to record the history of mankind. He first appointed Enoch and Noah as secretaries well qualified: one was the architect of the Great Pyramid in Giza, the other a boat builder, both educated scientists.

After the Flood in 5 February 2287 BC (Julius) the population increased again, and history needed another secretary for 4300 years of history. It required a number of well-trained people. God decided to educate only one family and started with Abraham. The ELOHIM promised his family would grow too in a mini-nation among the other emerging nations, each evolving with a different language and culture.

The history of ISRAEL is well known by scholars. If educated with an open Mind, you will see that the corporate Torah book for this planet was written by 40 Hebrew secretaries. Only the nation Israel received a special unconditional covenant from ELOHIM to record history.

Israel was selected as a timekeeper, and God purchased many properties around in Jerusalem as his footstool. He started with Abraham needed a plot to bury his kin in Hebron. King David bought a threshing floor in Jerusalem for 50 silver coins; hundreds of years later these same 30 silver coins of Judas Iscariot were thrown in the temple to buy property on Golgotha still owned by ELOHIM.

Soon Yeshua-Jesus will come back as King of Kings to inspect why mankind again converted it to a money enterprise.  He will put it together and raise his property as a wide valley to make room for his headquarters meant for a divinely ruled United Nations with a new Pyramid Temple. (Pearl #174) Israel will use again and build a temporal tent Tabernacle first, as building a temple takes a longer time. New Israel secretary scribes will be chosen to faithful record future history from one generation to the next, being accustomed in Hebrew math laws (HANS) passed on from Enoch, Noah and the many prophets and verified by Yeshua-Jesus, the King of Kings, who is the owner of the Kosmos.

Being well educated from the other side and appointed to govern mankind, Satan needed to be controlled, too. God used his deceitful, lying arrogance ruled with evil to create a spiritual immunization system beneficial to help us qualify for a future redeemed Kosmos. Those who suffer from evil and reject it in this Daleth dimension will qualify to inhabit the Jod dimension.

Satan is so dangerous because he knows astrophysical cosmic laws. Humanity needed the power of the Word of God recorded in the Torah-Bible to slowdown his evil science development he initiated in history. He always wanted to destroy this earth to prove himself as powerful as the Creator. His ultimate intent was only recently discovered in this last 21st Century as discussed in the Babushka Pearls. Satan always wanted to destroy God’s Plan for Mankind, and he corrupted every government through his henchman, printing fiat money linked to destructive science to cause worldwide extinction of all life. Thus, his evil war inventions and now changing the DNA code of nature needed to be slowed throughout history. (Pearl #233)

To counter Satan right after the Flood, God confused mankind’s languages to slow down evil technology from emerging once more, and made sure his divine oracles were translated into a thousand languages in a Torah-Bible-book. The world has now a complete record of the total history of mankind, even with 40% of the events written in advance to convince the many skeptics. Logic also proves its divine inspiration by appointed scribes functioning as secretaries. It is absolutely amazing to have 6000 years of history recorded so faithfully. The most important event-lessons learned by mankind, from God’s blessings or curses, show why evil should be avoided and not repeated linked to an unforgiving nature. Give those 40 scribes a big thank you, which even recorded hidden modern science. 

Every child is born with a microcode of an immune system to know Good and Evil before passing on to the other side. But the lessons learned needed to be recorded by scribes for the next generation as nature is merciless, always pushing toward death and extinction, now proven in contemporary GMO following ther­modynamic entropy will always end in Kelvin cold. It requires energy to counter it, if you are alive. So look up at the universe and tell me why the light is ON in galaxies? Check the Bible, or the Energy for Dummies Babushka Eggs if curious.

God told Adam to take Eve and multiply, have children. Their children became 70 nations after Babel, each identified with its own language to slow down evil technology. Then he appointed scribes to record what happened historically to Israel and the surrounding nations until the time dimension curtain closed to start the Jod dimension.

However, in parallel all was recorded on the other side, too. These books will be opened before God during the White Throne Judgment. Check it out. Please notice the Torah-Bible was recorded by many Hebrew scribes, but mirror imaged in the Heh-dimension is “The Book of Life to balance the historic record of every mortal. Everyone will stand before the White Throne reviewed for Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death.

If you are scientifically inclined and want to learn more about these new science and Bible history discoveries, check out the Babushka Egg concepts never preached in church or allowed in universities. This civilization will soon disappear, being judged once more by ELOHIM. He sent Jonah-II with a warning linked to science to point to God’s Wrath suppressed by the establishment and church.

To end my story, please learn from history’s lessons repeated. This civiliza­tion will be judged like Sodom and Gomorrah, as it has become absolutely evil as every nation is destroying this earth with high technology. We have forgotten that it is the property of the Creator, destined to last another thousand years.

Watch after the 2015 Winter Solstice.  Check the sky ushering in God’s Kingdom on Earth. Why do most theologians refuse to acknowledge Yeshua’s arrival date? They will find out too late what was offered free to mortals. Accumulated wealth will rot, becoming worthless, when GMO runs its course because of an unforgiving nature resulting in the worldwide collapse of all living systems now demonstrated on countless YouTube videos.

Only God’s Wrath poured out can stop this evil. God will save mankind again, as he did with Noah’s Flood, to start a new civilization to last thousand years - God’s Kingdom on Earth.

This Jonah-II messenger has now left town to ask the Lord whether I need a good-bye word. I usually put my finger randomly in my old Bible to find a proper reference applicable for the moment, not being educated theologian. The ELOHIM selected Isaiah chapter 6 to describe events destined for the 21st Century Civilization.

God asked, “Who do I send?”  And the prophet Isaiah said, “Send me.” In my case, I was rewarded seeing the King’s intent revealing fantastic knowledge with science to end in the Jonah-II Warning.

Winter Solstice 2015

In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and the train of his robe filled the temple… And one (angel) called to another and said: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!”

And the foundations of the thresholds shook at the voice of him who called, and the house was filled with smoke. And I said: “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!” 

Then one of the seraphim flew to me, having in his hand a burning coal that he had taken with tongs from the altar. And he touched my mouth and said: “Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin atoned for.” And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.” And he said, “Go, and say to this people:

Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive.’ Make the heart of this people dull, and their ears heavy, and blind their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.” Then I said, “How long, O Lord?”

“Until cities lie waste without inhabitant, and houses without people, and the land is a desolate waste, and the Lord removes people far away, and the forsaken places are many in the midst of the land. And though a tenth remains in it, it will be burned again, like a terebinth or an oak, whose stump remains when it is felled.” The holy seed is its stump (Yeshua-Jesus).  
(Isaiah 6:1-13)

1 Tishri 5777 (2016-2017)



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