Pearl #263 -

Pearl #263 - God’s Wrath Explained


Soon the Tetra Blood Moon in the sky will have passed, but this sign in the sky has not outdated the many warnings on YouTube videos. Only the Babushka Egg concepts remain to warn of God’s Wrath projected from the 2015 winter solstice perspective. God’s grace door is still open to finalize the 6000-year-old history of Mankind controlled by Satan since Adam. EVIL will finally and totally be restricted in this coming year of 5776 projected by Jesus and no longer plague people for a thousand years. 

Satan will lose the war with Michael in the heavenly Heh dimension. That will shatter his status of Archangel, created to live forever. He has only one option left: to start his sentence condemned forever in outer darkness, or hope for a way to enter the Daleth dimension, like angels did previously before Noah (2288 BC). He could follow his demons that made the choice to die like mortals. (Rev .9)

A transformation into the finite Daleth dimension was strictly forbidden by ELOHIM, who designed a two-stage mortal existence ending in Death. This follows science laws where declining entropy leads to a lower energy level eventually to end in Kelvin cold. Only the mortal blueprint has an alternative available: to die or be resurrected. It is an appeal for Mercy unto Life conforming to Kosmos laws designed to operate nature. Prophecy foretells that Satan will choose the only option left open to him: Mercy unto Death, a better choice than to live forever in outer darkness.

In the meantime Satan will shortly be bound by Daleth dimension cosmic entropy laws. Only then can Satan be destroyed, along with his demons and many mortals who did not get or chose Mercy onto Life in a Kosmos implosion described in the Bible as the Lake of Fire.

Previously, evil was unknown, so it severely shocked the angel world. Why did some rebel against the Creator? It still remains a mystery. The Creator loved his creation. He designed Angels to live forever, but open rebellion needed to be separated and condemned to outer darkness. The rest of creation was unjudged, so they could still enjoy God’s Love. Only the law “to live forever in outer darkness” needed to be modified, which was wholly against the divine nature. 

ELOHIM expressed His love for the creation by sending Yeshua, his son, to make atonement by dying on the cross. Born shrouded in mortally, he was grossly abused and tortured by men. He came to judge the cosmic Evil violation and paid the price with his own life, not blaming his creation. God loved what he created, but Evil cannot live forever exist along with Righteousness, being so destructive to the whole angel community. Kosmos law had to be modified to introduce Death as an option for angels created with free Will.

A divine law can only be ratified by the invisible ELOHIM whose authority became celestially visible in the begotten Son Yeshua-Jesus (“In the beginning was the Word…and the word was God.”) to restore a disturbed Kosmos so destructive to LIFE. It required restoration as summed up in the Torah-Bible as recorded by 40 scribes. A Plan of Redemption was revealed in the Gospels to replace fallen angels with the Saints to restore a Kosmos to balance again without Evil.    

To explain the final phase of God’s Plan for Mankind the Elohim appointed a Jonah-II to send a global last Warning message to a hi-tech oriented world society, which has become totally atheistic and destructive to all life on earth.

The western world is no longer guided by the ancient Bible thrown out from the public square. A global Christian testimony became an ineffective witness like tasteless salt. Church leaders replaced divine truth now teaches Satan’s lies embedded in denominational dogma distorting the Bible. Even worse they sold their deceptive misrepresentation for money and totally corrupted the Christian Church.

The ELOHIM in response called a well qualified scientist-inventor 10 years ago on a free web to present a case before the World Court that the Creator has been grossly violated disrespectful denigrated and offended his divine Kosmos laws in danger causing extinction of  “all Life” on earth.

Particularly disgusting, science has once again succeeded to genetically make trans-humans, created aberrations of mixed human and animal genes, repeating what caused the Atlantis Civilization 2288 BC to be totally wiped-out. Only eight people survived God’s Wrath to be a witness for the next generation. Why has the food chain been totally corrupted again with GMO-technology causing extinction like what is shown in ancient stone monuments around the world.        

Once more mankind, through a number of international cartels, has financed evil technology to genetically destroy all that has life on this earth in violation of the divine covenant with all mortals as first made with Adam and later ratified in modified form by Noah.

The Kosmos court in the Heh dimension pronounced a guilty verdict after one-half hour of silence as recorded in (Revelation 8). God’s Wrath is now set in motion to totally destroy this corrupted 21st century Civilization for crimes committed against humanity and the Creator.

 His judgment also is linked to the last war in heaven with Satan being cast out to earth to end all Evil. The schedule of God’s Plan for Mankind reveals Satan’s school soon will close down to teach evil to mortals. It was meant to establish immunity against evil for those who passed the test before the White Throne and receive eternal Mercy unto Life. 

The ancient prophets not only foretold judgment but also the restoration of a polluted earth, a total cleanup of our poisoned environment that will refurbish the air atmosphere, purify the ocean, and more important remove deadly nuclear radiation poison to renovate thoroughly totally his property given to mankind to manage.

The ELOHIM will reverse the damage from thousands of years of abuse to restore the earth to a pristine condition for LIFE once more to flourish and reproduce unmodified DNA, reestablishing what was originally programmed in every cell or genes messed up by mortals.

To establish a headquarters on earth, God bought a threshing floor in Jerusalem for 50 silver coins, paid by his servant King David, to have permanent address on earth to prove his ownership documented by a record keeping nation ISRAEL.

In return they were rewarded with an unconditional covenant linked to greater benefits to trace every divine encounter communicating his pleasure or displeasure as the Creator. Allowed mortals to crown him King of kings to rule a new civilization linked to unheard blessings. It will be happy time for mankind as never yet experienced on earth, raising families divinely guided to another, much better civilization.

Money will not exist in God’s Kingdom, as all property will be owned in common directed by honored elders supervising settlements. Work will be done like a hobby to give pleasure in a way that helps the earth to recover to its previous condition before Noah. The world will be united by only one Hebrew language again, but it will still have diversified cultures, a remnant from previous nations.

It will be celebrated resembling a kaleidoscope of different colors created in song, dance and poetry with the nations peacefully living together, no longer remembering there was a time of constant war and death ruled by evil tyrants, dictators or corrupt presidents. Satan, who controlled every government, will be imprisoned in the netherworld abyss awaiting execution when time is no more. 

This central Truth, my friend, is not discussed in church. It is like a coin with two sides. Satan invented Evil, which appeared first and is still in Heh-heaven. This side of the coin will “end” in God’s Wrath. The other Daleth side will “end” in a total housecleaning of God’s property on earth as described by Jonah-II’s message announcing Judgment repeated like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Many prophets foretold - 70 times - ON That Day that our civilization was appointed to perish in a sudden judgment. Those events are now dated and ignored by everyone. Your imminent death can now be known, thus you should listen and repent asking for Eternal Life, which is a gift. The doors of EVIL will be closed in heaven and earth for a thousand years to continue on earth with genetically unmodified LIFE.

Need Proof?

To present Kosmos Court accusations, a mortal prosecutor well qualified and trained in science was appointed to investigate the “cause” side suppressed by theologians. Theologians analyze Revelation prophecy from a reaction perspective, thus dating future forecast events wrongly aligned sequentially not discerning the proper assertion.

Thus, this prophesied message of God’s Wrath is presented from a different viewpoint not preached in church and usually ignored in the global town square, or silenced by Illuminati bankers. But watch the sky.

To testify the coming God’s Wrath repeated once more, was first documented by a rainbow “witness” 2288 BC, now again presented by a higher Heh “witness” in 2015 AD. Applying science and NASA projections, one can watch Tetra Blood Moons and sun eclipses linked to God’s Wrath to widen knowledge horizons.

Theologians usually are biased by false denominational dogmas so ingrained in the last civilization. They typically focus on the effect side of Daniel and John’s Revelation. They analyze unavoidable events and will be baffled, being ignorant of historic facts.

Surrounded by a 21st Century Civilization deception and blinded by a dim-witted evolution religion sold as science exclusively taught in every university to brainwash the next generation. Every nation is deep in enslaving debt to make them pliable to obey evil from the privileged UN bureaucrats put in charge by Illuminati World Bankers. Modern society is no longer guided by God’s Word and will not understand God’s Judgment no wonder theologians became uninformed and misapplied recorded prophecy, not knowing the invisible force causing the apocalypse events ignored for one reason or another. This was made worse by living in an Age of Deception where good and evil became relative obeying Satan.

He has concentrated his effort to defraud and control every university worldwide to challenge Truth by unscientific deception and to enforce an evolution religion creating disorder with lies. It will brainwash the masses to be politically correct obeying a “One World Order” tracked by a massive network of computers, as demonstrated by the German chancellor being angry: others were not reported by a controlled media or silenced leaked, whistle blower info.

Mankind has irreversibly sunk into the quicksand of rebellion against the Creator ELOHIM, which has consequences repeating history. Applying wider knowledge horizons based on metaphysics has the advantage of seeing beyond the history-science mirror reflected on the Daleth dimension level designed for mortals. This scientist concentrated on what caused prophecy to better explain the many invisible mysteries and decipher various obscure Bible predictions. It raised many WHY questions for an average mind now exposed in Babushka egg concepts.      

Most theologians and Christians are affected by the Age of Deception. The light of our modern civilization is dimmed to the lowest levels, and it seems that Satan is winning. Satan’s lies are extremely profitable, as many Christian pastors found out by adhering to faulty dogmas, but they are not exempt of judgment.

They will stand before the White Throne to be exposed. God will reveal if they experienced a spiritual awakening while going to Satan’s school to learn about evil only to be immunized and not to become evil.

Some will be greatly rewarded for their faithfulness. Others will be very disappointed and stripped of everything, being naked. Every mortal will either rejoice or fearfully expect a divine verdict from the judge: Mercy onto Life, or Mercy onto Death. 

Leaning lessons designed for mortals to recognize evil is mostly not pleasant for Christians. I was recently shocked when visiting my sister in Germany, a lifelong - over 80 years dedicated Christian, well known in church and community. Lured by her son, both committed a serious crime. Imitating sainthood to hide our shortcomings in church is practiced everywhere. Yeshua warned that End time deceptions could mislead some Elect. (Matt. 24:24)

For protection, hold on to grace, which is the only enabling force to transform a sin-controlled Mind to please, and have a personal relationship with, the Creator ELOHIM.

Most Christians never realized that only a total renewal of the inner Mensch is the container of eternal Life, and not what we do, like good deeds. Remember, Eve in the Garden chose what seemed “good”. “Good” will lead Christians to hell unless grace pulls them back. It is a gift, not earned!

The Age of Deception is more pronounced on public TV by Christian preachers usually behaving emotionally, screaming and shouting. No wonder the world is turned off. Very few mention the coming judgment.

To wake up some TV preachers, I sent 80 Babushka egg concept books, but none answered or returned a thank you note. It seems that God’s Word does not matter anymore. They should use the media for the true good NEWS that Satan’s school will be closed and explain God’s Plan for Mankind to an atheistic generation discouraged from reading the Bible and to know that Yeshua is coming back to earth.

While watching over 30,000 Christian TV, church attendants paid their dues to be entertained by deceived pastors Sunday after Sunday. They do not have a clue that their existence on earth will be over in one year, thus missing the greatest opportunity ever offered by ELOHIM. They do not even know it exists. Like my sister believed the dressed-up lies of Christian dogma preached in modern churches, but outlined in letters to the seven Churches (Revelation chapters 1-3), all totally disappeared without a trace being judged.

You can find tons of videos on a free Web. Much information is now available. How is it possible to still preach deception from Satan and insist on denominational hangovers of falsified doctrines, deadly to the Christian faith? Christian still teaching dogmas from the Middle Ages has not changed because Satan thoroughly mixed his lies with the gospel. Many synagogues still suffer from a 2000-year-old invisible veil of understanding. Soon they will get an earthquake in Jerusalem to render that curtain torn again, but this time for a spiritual Temple door now wide open.

Pastors on the lecture circuit do not realize they have a privileged rank. They will be judged to a higher standard before the White Throne, laying bare their inner motivation and neglect of the TRUTH. It really amazed me watching the web where young people teach the Gospel with clarity, contrasting sharply with fossil theologian mired in dogma deception. Why do denominational TV preachers still teach headstrong, faulty doctrines when the Truth is available? 

A hurdle of truth too big to overcome for theologians is mixing Daniel’s projection of the End time because their thinking is not based on the historic context of earth, the Daleth dimension, meaning in Hebrew “this world in this time”. They are not educated in science, thus hypothesize Revelation prophecy and do not check with history.

Most do not realize that our Gregorian-Julian calendar has slowed down exponentially for 4300 years due to an asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC during Noah’s time. It moved the earth-axis creating wobbles, as recently proven by NASA with G.R.A.C.E satellites. 

That would change how we measure time. When we assume that our calendar was designed around BC-AD and expecting it to correlate with Bible events should raise questions about the validity of what theologians postulate when calculating the Apocalypse from the BC-AD center of Jesus’ Birth. But the atheists teach history based on an evolution theory that creates unscientific deceptions to undermine the Bible and suppress a much better knowledge foundation.

Pick your choice of lies: like 2-BC, 4-BC or 6-BC stated by an unscientific evolution religion to befuddle what the Bible taught for 2000 years. That fact could change the faulty, complex interpretations of Bible prophecy, trying to make it fit to an obsolete theological dogma spin.

A hundred-years-old, outdated theological problem not delineating the full range of Daniel’s prophecy never even entertained that Satan is released once more from prison at the end of Time to start another rebellion in 3018 AD on a Julian calendar. Most prophecy teachers don’t have a clue when they preach about Daniel’s seven Apocalypse years linked to 70 weeks [7+62+1], they should ask if it is possible that conventional apocalyptical events taught in church could be applied thousand years later, which does have a Temple to be defiled and desecrated?

Most theologians do not understand a Hebrew culture thus misunderstanding the Apostle John, who was in the heavenly Heh dimension, obviously a different angel domain. That includes most Christians do not even know what heaven really is. Their heaven concept comes from Satan’s religion of Babylonian sun god festivals still honored in the Catholic Church, which dedicated Sundays in violation of God’s commandment to venerate and observe his Sabbaths the Creator ELOHIM instituted. It was established as a covenant for mankind described in Genesis-Leviticus and the Gospels.

Worse, many pretrib Christians believe they are privileged, and wish to be raptured before the apocalypse, thus avoiding sufferings. But would be shocked if “raptured” and therefore would be in the middle of the hottest war in heaven with Satan fighting Michael. Worse to find out that Yeshua might not be there perhaps busy preparing for the Kosmos event of putting Satan into prison and start his visit to earth.

I prefer being left behind to sleep secure in the dust, waiting for the Last Trumpet, which was destined for every mortal. God’s Wrath will be terribly intensive. Check out some Babushka books with their collected facts from science.

Two thirds of Israel will not survive Jacob’s Trouble in Jerusalem. Only some appointed Saints will experience the exception of being pre-resurrected for a purpose needed to administrate God’s Kingdom on earth, being selected across 6000 solstice years of human existence starting from Adam. Many Christians think they are appointed for that job by just going to church. They will be big time surprised and disappointed.

The Saints are a relatively small group. The Apostle Paul tried to explain, but was crossly misinterpreted by Christianity that turned his teachings into a profitable fake rapture story giving false hope for many ignorant believers. Martin Luther condemned selling lies, but such business arrangements are still practiced today.   

Most are familiar with John’s references of 1260 days or 42 months dated in heaven, but we should ask, “Is time the same, matching identical dates when compared to Daniel, located on earth in a mirror Daleth dimension? In addition, while on earth we should not forget to choose and include five different calendars to resolve time differences linked to various exponential earth-axes wobbles?

Worse again mislead some TV prophecy summits preachers being confused still waiting 2015 for a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem next to be build to a Satan’s Mosque to re-shuffle an Apocalypse forecast once more? Postulating another seven-year Apocalypse will never understand Daniel’s prophecy, not being educated in the Hebrew mathematics-holiday system introduced by Elohim?

Why is it still a mystery for most theologians blinded not knowing what Daniels calendar means “Time-Times-½T” and think it must be connected to a Gregorian calendar 2500 years later? Why ignore ancient bronze-gold mystery clocks unnoticed in museums?      

To make prophecy more difficult, mixing events in heaven, located in the Heh dimension never visited by anyone and matched with those on earth in the Daleth dimension. Most have no idea what they are, but still assume both have clocks to measure time that must be the same as a cuckoo clock on earth. Neither do they know how to expand calendars from analyzing ancient history and clocks found in museums.

Typically, trying aligning historically the sequence of John’s heavenly seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, or seven vials always overlaid chronological on somebody’s atheistic calendar speculating to line up with various historic events to make logical sense?  

Why do Christians listen mostly to privileged self-appointed millionaire experts that postulate all kinds of Bible nonsense? They are only invited to many churches for entertainment. When the Son of man comes in his glory, he will separate the sheep from the goats. (Matt. 25:31)

To better understand that phenomenon, let’s use how the familiar Caesarian calendar was constructed, divided into a center BC-AD the same way. On one side is “Before” now inserting a new asteroid Impact date, the other side “After” the Impact like BI-AI again match a second Anno Domini of Jesus Christ dating but now linked to his Second Coming in great Kosmos power as King of kings, Lord of lords.

A big mix-up of Revelation should view the seven Trumpets and Seven Bowls mirror imaged in reverse not realizing that John is looking in the future and sees events from right to left in a Hebrew mindset mirrored on the Daleth level.

The Three Woes were split in Rev. 9:12. Two woes look in parallel to the underworld (Trumpet #5 and #6). But Trumpet #4 to #1 views an asteroid from space (T#4, v12) being affected by gravity in passing the Sun-Moon, (T#3, v10) to arrive in the Air as a great star (T#2, v8) and as a mountain asteroid plunging into the Sea, (T#1, v7) to crash tectonic plates bursting in fire rings on Earth.

Now we are ready to understand Revelation from a different perspective. We can understand what John saw looking at the “Seventh Trumpet” events in the Heh heaven dimension (Rev. 11:15) but seeing these same events mirror reversed and length of time very short, for a Daleth calendar concept.

 A coming Asteroid will change again a calendar for another 1000 Gregorian years, but it is really shortened by 450 Daniel-Hebrew years caused by another earth-axis-wobble as linked to science and connected to an embedded Enoch’s Great Pyramid in Gaza-Egypt projecting another earth wobble explained in Pearl #224

Another perspective would be interesting viewing God’s Plan for Mankind and split the time dimension across 7000 Hebrew calendar years with two {first - second} asteroids divided in Ages based on science Pearl #126 and HANS.

  1. 500 solar years preparing the Garden of Eden
  2. 6000 solar years Satan’s School to teach Evil
  3. 500 solar years Restoration of the Garden Eden.

*Beginning of Daleth time - Satan’s fall 4488BC.
*4004 BC - Mortals sinned – Satan rules the World.
*First Asteroid -5.February 2287BC - Second Civilization
*BC-AD Anno Domini – ELOHIM born in Jesus Christ

BI Apocalypse birth pangs 2008-2015

6) Trumpet (Rev. 9:13) - 200 million Demons

6) Bowl (16:12) - Dried up Euphrates River for Armageddon.

5) Trumpet (9:13) - 4 Death Angels

5) Bowl (16:10) - Darkness created by EMP- downed Satellites

4) Trumpet (8:12) - A coming asteroid passing the moon- sun

4) Bowl (16:8) - affecting gravity exposes more heat of the sun

3) Trumpet (8:10) - Great star appearing over the Air horizon

3) Bowl (16:4) - Debris will poison the River, red tides

2) Trumpet (8:8) - Mountain plunged into the Sea

2) Bowl (16:3) - the Sea poisoned causing death of all Life

1) Trumpet (8:7) - Great weather upheaval –total destruction!         

1) Bowl (16:2) - Beast-marked men attacked by virus-bacteria

GOD’S WRATH Asteroid - (Solstice 2015-5776)

“AI”- The 3rd Civilization arrived after 2nd Asteroid impact   
*God’s Kingdom on Earth 5777 (2017) dated by Yeshua.
* Grand Resurrection of Mortals 6777 (3018 AD Gregorian)

Many science facts were collected by a controversial second Jonah-II to explain God’s Wrath with 14 Babushka eggs from a metaphysic science perspective avoided by atheistic universities and ignored by theologian too self-righteous to tell me if I am wrong.

I would like meet another member of the wise-club Daniel mentioned. Perhaps only the Saints will be pre-resurrected, appointed for a special task. Check your lamp. Does it have enough oil for the scheduled King? How bright is it shining? Is it fuelled with suffering, imprisonment starvation, perhaps death joyful getting rid of possessions like the first century Christians who loved the Lord being totally loyal to him? 

I Yeshua have sent my messenger to you with this testimony for the [global] churches; I am root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star. “Come” And let him who hears say, “Come.” Let he who is thirsty “Come”, let he who desires take the water without price. (Rev. 22:16-17)  


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