Grace Bathed in Mortality


…so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. (Matthew 5:45)

Watching TV, one of the greatest thinkers interviewed addressed a global university platform was asked, “Why is so little GRACE seen in Christians, who seem mostly comatose?”

He admitted this is a mystery. Maybe so many Christian churches fail due to mixing corruption with virtue, stifling truth, which makes GRACE invisible behind a curtain. That got me to look a little closer. I put it under one dominator as our WILL initiates all our life experiences. The mind controls all the activity we do, but GRACE is a supernatural gift. It is the only exception in the totality of life lived not willed by a mortal MIND. That is a paradox linked to another question, “How much salvation is initiated by us? Is it decided by man, or is eternal life predestined by God?

When I analyzed the external gift of divine GRACE, I concluded that it is not controlled by a mortal MIND. It appears that grace is even experienced by evil people. Many are surprised and do not know why.  Therefore, I concluded that GRACE is not just given to Christians but to all mortals in a hidden process designed to be connected to the divine. Humans are not conscious of it and think it is natural.   

In my Babushka egg concept books, I explain the plan for mankind that mortals are designed on a two-creation cycle like a caterpillar must go into the cocoon and is morphed in a butterfly illustrated. Evil appeared first in heaven linked to fallen angels in highest place, now replaced by mortals designed to occupy the vacant seats in God’s administration, but humans must first become familiar with how evil works. God does not want robots to govern the universe. He will be surrounded with real people having independent wills. Remember, God said, "Let us make man in our image." He means self-sufficient, always acting in the right direction with choices some higher other lower.

But evil must never appear again as a principle but still open for selection not being created a robot. How can that paradox be bridged so it never happens again?

That is the genius of the Creator-initiated redemption for a derailed cosmos. It started with something new to adjust future LIFE in an expanding cosmos now running once more perfect. It was a high price for the invisible spirit God to pay. He appeared visible in the lower material, Daleth dimension domain to build from the bottom up a new structure for a new heaven and earth community to function in abundant life again but without evil.

The great example of how this can be accomplished was when the ELOHIM became flesh and lived among mortals to teach the eternal principles to newcomers, even the very uneducated and poor could understand.

In physics it is demonstrated and explained on a graph. (Pearl 225) The vertical exponential curve illustrates the Heh-dimension linked to the birth of Jesus Christ on the horizontal Daleth dimension to interlink atonement to our mortal existence level, which needed reconciliation to establish forgiveness on earth.

He introduced the principle that life is eternal. One classical model used is the son-father relationship. A son starting to learn about life looks up to a person who has been there all along and is the example how to grow up to be like daddy. 

The Garden of Eden was meant to teach about the good and evil principle and get acquainted with Satan who caused a rebellion in Heaven (4488 BC), which started the plan of redemption initiated by creating Adam.  But he was told to look forward in the newly created Time Dimension to another Adam revealed on a higher level, the incarnated ELOHIM mystery now perfect. He illustrated God’s idea of his future redeemed creation (New Heaven - New Earth), which will be on a Jod dimension level.   

The paradox is that mortals designed to graduate to become future Saints, not destined to be lost, start with sinful natures intended and willed by God and always in rebellion to God's order. Humans are trained in SIN by Satan's school.

However, when one mistake is made, GRACE comes in. This divine force equalizes. God paid for any outstanding trespass violating God’s holiness forever through the new Adam, divine/mortal Jesus Christ appearing in the fullness of time to make atonement on the cross for all transgressions defined by the law, which kills.

Consequently, if a person wants to live exercising his or her free choice, he is invited to become a follower of Christ, known as a Christian. However, that can only happen if he is willing to belong to God and live by his rules in his house. Experiencing the unearned GRACE-benefit in life as received by everyone does take away the excuse when deciding which direction we want to go. We can reject eternal life offered by Jesus Christ. The end result of choice is to abide by God’s rules but made with our willful MIND, as that now becomes our destiny controlled by our minds.

Eternal abundant LIFE now offered as a choice must be desired by a person because the sin question was fully paid 2000 years ago by the one who initiated the system. But we are dressed in dirty cloth and not allowed at any party. There are rules. We must abide by them for a society to function properly to enjoy life. The son pleasing the father analogy demonstrates it for all. Rules are not always spelled out, but what is known as etiquette, a well-groomed behavior makes for pleasant surroundings.

The process of becoming perfected for a future life makes learning about evil necessary. To avoid it is complicated and full of mystery for each individual. Think. Each person was uniquely designed by 80 trillion proteins controlled by DNA genes never duplicated the sum total is found in the Book of LIFE assigned with your name having two birthdays perhaps engraved in a tombstone. We all have seen one.

Therefore, we all will have a last encounter with the Creator at the end of time dimension. It is his book after all. Our mortal life was planned to be inoculated with a good dose of evil being plentiful practiced but is also resulting in an immune system never to get sick with evil again. Inoculation as a tool to teach us eternal laws is sometimes painful, but we can be healed by GRACE. Being ignorant, we usually say, TIME heals.

Being programmed to sin, humans will experience evil. Consequently, we all sinned, but now GRACE is ready to heal in a moment. We can be forgiven because God is love. However, unearned grace in normal people is always accompanied with an embedded consciousness to point out evil. In criminals, it is seared or numbed who, in time, become insensitive to God’s invisible laws of good and evil.

The grace process is like a railroad journey. Starting from NYC, either from the deepest slum or a mansion, if you are lucky, it will end in the Promised Land we dream about. In-between is a story lived to tell of passing the rocky mountains of difficult life encounters, each a little different.

To stumble upon Grace is a personal gift collected at the right time experienced by anyone good or evil. But a Christian is sinning will produce an additional reaction of invisible shame in having failed the test, though remembered later. The Christians consciousness state is on a higher level destined to be seated at the King of Kings table.

God’s special love is now more activated predestined with a purpose to become a special butterfly in God’s administration and needs more GRACE for a higher LIFE to govern over angels. That process may be invisible to my neighbor. To gain that future life in a promised heaven stated in the Bible, one must cross a transfer station at the end of time, as everybody will be evaluated based on choices made. Every trespass and failure in life has already been forgiven in total GRACE on the cross of Jesus Christ. But free choice to accept or reject the legal forgiveness contract must be ratified by anyone who embraces GRACE.

A Christian's journey is different being much more intense. He is acquainted with more personalized grace and has an unearthly desire for a higher level and will no longer focus on how to gain the advantage over others, but to please God because you want to live in his house by his rules. Rebellion in his creation has and will never be tolerated by the Creator, and your choice decides your future existence.

The principle of Grace in the midst of evil everybody experienced resembles an embedded immune system that remembers personal miracle encounters linked to supernatural salvation in a tight spot. Just listen to people in any party, they cannot keep their small miracle experiences hidden and must share how lucky they were with everyone.

Miracles experienced will once more be shared at God’s party with his friends. I am sure everybody will listen to your story about how GRACE came at the right time and was glad that it led to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and invitation to eternal life. He was with us all along to help us understand and learn what will be needed on the other side, to be trained in righteousness.   

But there is outside an evil crowd not suited to a new life, and thus, not invited because they are evil to the core, not desiring to be connected to the Creator. Consequently, they will be thrown out in a fiery lake, gone forever. That was their choice. They will run out of luck as the Daleth-Time dimension was only inserted temporally as the old heaven and earth Jesus said will pass away, replaced with a New Heaven and New Earth. Where will you go without a place? Could what you believe be a big blunder?

Modern man prefers to believe in a stupid, unscientific evolution fairy tale religion that replaces the Creator with a dim-witted monkey theory postulated by a dead high priest Darwin educated from the Middle Ages when science was still in its infancy. He was misled and became a rebellious atheist hating truth proclaimed in the Bible. The Bible says not believing in a Creator is foolish. It was summed recently, "Being ignorant is a curse, but suppressing truth is evil." If you suppressed truth just once, you are guilty of all the laws, a system I did not invent.  

That the eternal law of choice exists is proven with our mortality. Naked we came into this world, and naked we leave to be awakened later. Then our Minds, not mortal but embedded with the record of personal information, will be brought in front of the White Throne for evaluation of choices made in the Daleth Dimension. It is like the IRS finding out how much we owed. Luckily, I can prove that GRACE paid all my outstanding debt on the cross. I claim exemption of paying taxes by showing a written NOTE signed in the blood of the Creator, “PAID IN FULL.“

If you are honest, you will understand that all have experienced abundant, unearned GRACE, one way or another even when life was filled with evil; therefore, what excuse will we have for making the wrong choice?  

The fruit will reveal like in the Garden of Eden what choice was made following our ingrained nature. Adam chose for us wrongly, which was not fair; therefore, God gave a choice for everyone. Do we choose self determined, lying knowledge, which leads to ending our life in HELL, or do we choose Eternal Life in a new heaven-earth dimension?  

Once more, a "two tree" decision must be made for everyone. God made a law for his house similar what we do is no different, like in my house in California. Since it is my house, I must live with my rules as tranquility love and respect is required in my party. I will not invite those who are filthy evil, causing only disturbance.

Consequently, predestination was a choice. A good choice is to believe what the ELOHIM wrote in stone, conserving it for thousand years, now translated in hundreds of languages, printed in millions of books. The new ADAM-ELOHIM wants you to be invited to his party, as preserved in the oldest book on earth. Find out about God’s Plan for Mankind, only preserved in the Torah-BIBLE, now revealed to mortals the "The Word." (John 1:1) The invisible God from the beginning became visible by being born in the time dimension.  

A sin-programmed nature can only copy what Satan teaches, now personalized in our own religion based on deception and lies. It will end, as everybody knows in any culture, even every child has heard of the concept "HELL". That is the name of Lucifer abbreviated from the original language started from Adam and Eve linked to two trees and a talking serpent. Both names, the old Adam being mortal and new Adam Jesus the Christ being eternal, are globally known in every culture by every child, thus again, "Ignorance is a curse, but suppressing TRUTH is evil."

Why not choose LIFE offered by the second Adam?  Remember Evil will not be allowed in God’s House. My choice, as well having experienced, is GRACE.


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