Pearl #888: Parts #1 and #2 -

The Great Prize - The Mystery of Sainthood

Watch the sky; the year 2016-2017 is not yet over.

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Lamb's Book of LifePearl #888, Part #1 –

The Joseph story in the Bible reminded me that the first seven years famine is nearly over with the Apocalypse birth pangs contractions getting higher in intensity to end in God’s Wrath. The ELOHIM send a Jonah-II with many Bible-warnings from a science perspective as truth can be explained vice versa in the metaphysic, and thereafter will settle down to a better Life in Gods Kingdom on Earth.

Watch the sky; the year 2016-2017 is not yet over. Many details were described in the Torah-Revelation for this atheistic generation to end. The last sheep have been gathered and only two events need to show up for this civilization be over. Yeshua said his judgment will be very, very short. Do not trust Bible ignorant theologians. Even the NEWS noticed why do many mega-churches fault their dogma in rebellion to God’s Word?

However if you are a serious person in spiritual mourning; seeing so many people sleeping in the church you will soon see the physical effect if you are educated in physics applying  Newton’s law. As a scientist always contrasts the Bible with what Nature teaches if there is a cause there will be a reaction.

That could qualify you as a prophet to predict, how late it is on the World Clock. If you belong to Daniel’s Wise-club, appearing on the End time would have the advantage, in the midst of so many theological lies, to know the Truth and eventually will ask: What is a Saint? It is another big controversy for many Christian churches.

The name Saint was mentioned in the Daniel and John prophecy and is not a Christian falsely labeled by theologians. They turned it into a lucrative rapture business only to benefit the religious elite for centuries. However the misunderstood word “Saint” could be linked to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) pointing to a Hebrew number #888.

It is indicating the last position a mortal can obtain associated to Yeshua-Jesus with the same value number linked to the Jod dimension. This is scantly published anywhere not found in theologian journals or preached in Christian churches. Just click on the Web and ask, “What is a Saint?” You will get 98% the same answer because most are not educated anymore in the Age of Deception (Rom. 1:24-32), but rather you should link it to true forgotten science suppressed globally in atheistic universities.

The original Christian religion got perverted and now diluted to many major counterfeit dogmas, to over 500 denominations advertised in old-fashioned telephone yellow pages. Everyone is clamoring that we are the chosen-one favored by God. They do not even know they are naked and blind destined for eternal fire.

The doctrine of the resurrection from the Apostle Paul’s was grossly misunderstood, outright perverted with assumption, and worse many will miss getting rewarded from the King of Kings being mini-resurrected. Only the Saints got elevated to start a new job. (Rev. 20:4) The rest of mortals are linked to God’s Plan for Mankind to sleep a little longer in the grave to get “Mercy onto Life” during the Grand Resurrection (Rom. 5:1-20). Many perhaps will choose the other option “Mercy onto Death.” (Rom. 2:12)

The White Throne event on the end of Time (Julius calendar, 3018 AD) “is the last option” for every Mortals surrounded by many surprised misled Christians.  

A false rapture conjecture became disastrous for the 20th century Christian church, it lulled most into a spiritual comatose sleep, subject to believe anything. It sold in church similar to what Eve experienced in the Garden of Eden, choosing what is “good” and “delightful” to the eyes, but forgetting the Test to see if you are loyal to the creator. Make your own test to find out if you are honest, which is the first step on the path to discovering what is a Saint?

To understand better the great MYSTERY the Apostle Paul alluded to, very few individuals are selected by ELOHIM. To become a Saint one must seriously searching to discover Truth. It does not depend what we believe, but is influenced by a spiritual hunger state.

The ELOHIM is appointing anyone for higher purpose to be trained to govern over angels and mankind. There will be a New Heaven, a New Earth in a coming Jod dimension, declared by Yeshua, when “Time” has ended.

The last 21st Century Civilization has arrived at the most important juncture involving heaven and earth in the center of a climatic event never repeated projected within a 7000 year Hebrew history. It is embedded in God’s Plan for Mankind which concludes next year 5777 (2016-2017). As soon as God’s Kingdom has embarked, it will be totally different no society system ever existed on earth before. The reason is that Satan is bound in the underworld, which gives mankind for the first time the extraordinary freedom to develop in a total new righteous civilization rooted in divine laws. No more EVIL will be around - Hallelujah.

If you survive God’s Wrath of a major Kosmos house cleaning in heaven linked to Earth will have no idea what it means. For example nature will no longer be groaning, being genetically changed and will be restored once more to the original Life form. What is observed in coal deposits or in permafrost region life will again abundantly flourish.

That change can only be caused in physics by a coming “Dactyl asteroid” which is God’s Wrath and once more will alter the earth axis resulting in drastic climate change.  I have collected many High-tech scientific facts in Babushka Eggs fulfilling the many biblical prophecies, if interested to widen a knowledge horizon. (Pearl #261)

God’s Kingdom on earth will be organized with higher intelligence from the very start. All will be in place and the management selected from a pool of mankind. They have been chosen across many cultures and nations since Adam. That is poorly understood by theologians, who are mostly opinionated and don’t study the Torah-Bible being perverted by denominations teaching many false doctrines.

Like in any new start-up business logical much planning is needed. Someone needs to organize it and certain areas require experts. All is made ready for the Grand-opening. After a half an hour of silence in heaven reported in Rev. 8 the ELOHIM gave the signal to start the final countdown to implement the eternal Judgment Plan to end “EVIL” on earth and in heaven. It will end a Satan-controlled atheistic civilization described by forty ancient prophets repeated seventy times “ON THAT DAY” copied for convenience in Babushka Egg #11.

To better comprehend the mystery of Sainthood, the Creator appointed mortals to become his staff to manage God’s Kingdom on Earth. They need to be trained once more on earth to graduate with higher wisdom and skill to rule with Yeshua the King of Kings over a liberated re-balanced Kosmos.

To govern over loyal angels, they must be higher educated, which is only possible in a Daleth dimension, thus he appointed some of mankind elevated to Sainthood to jointly administrate the New Heaven and New Earth - a newly created Kosmos Jod dimension.

But the mystery paradox is that every mortal who has sinned was destined to sleep in the dust, some now 6000 years, with no exception. All must wait for the Great Resurrection completing the cosmic Plan for Mankind.

The free web has now exposed a 150-year-old false rapture theory that basically calls the Creator a liar by postulating some mortals will not die. It should be linked to the Son of ELOHIM shrouded in Yeshua-Jesus to become visible only in the Daleth dimension. He too died and experienced death on the cross to make atonement for SIN.

Why would puny mortal theologians think they can be an exception or a privileged species one notch higher above the cross, denigrating God’s Word with a bogus rapture story? Christians are now blinded to believe they are an advantaged exemption avoiding death? Was it intended to enrich a denomination? To grow with more people thus selling a deception with horrendous consequences seeing Christian American culture destroyed by a comatose Laodicea church system? (Rev. 3:14)

Why is every cathedral in Europe empty, and our churches converted to religious entertainment centers imitating Disneyland lightshows with drums and guitars to please God, yet forgetting that He is utterly holy? When John was called into heaven (Rev.1:17), he was shocked and overcome with fear seeing Jesus; therefore, if you think you are mortal, you will be resurrected in the Great Resurrection thus believe God’s Word, “no exceptions! “

Only the King of Kings can make an exception, as Jesus alluded to a small group of five virgins pure and totally committed called Saints, yet still concealed by pennames Daniel-John-Paul ignoring truth. Thus, if you think you are that exception hence will be pre-mini-resurrected if you were destined for special appointed Saint-Purpose. Like resembling the Ester bible story or linked to the five virgins (Matt. 25) need to be pre-resurrected in order to receive special training during the time of his Kingdom on Earth.

Basically it is a specialized university to prepare the Elect. But some people unavoidably will live in that transition time, thus uninformed theologians postulated privileged Christians will not die contrary to the Creator who in Kosmos law from the beginning instituted death for all who have sinned. Consequently, the appointed Saints will not be exempt from death but could be pre-mini-resurrected to meet Yeshua in the sky as prophesied. Why believe a rapture lie fearing death seeing the Lord? When pre-ordained will be invited in his huge spaceship parked in the sky. Now Yeshua is coming back to earth as King of kings to start his divine school to teach extra knowledge to his Saints how to govern both dimensions.   

Yeshua’s spaceship is huge, perhaps 1800 miles. It was previously known as a Star of Bethlehem. Many wondered 2000 years ago how could a bright star stop and go in the sky to lead three scientists belonging to Daniel’s Wise Club. By following the star arrived in Bethlehem 850 miles away on a journey to find their prophecy fulfilled. Now it needs to be a bigger Noah boat to save the mortal people surviving the Apocalypse. To continue mortal mankind only few will qualify selected like sheep from goats. Only those who have not sinned will be favored like the many worldwide babies, and if you belong to Israel will be given a special tickets to 144,000 faithful selected from every tribe 12,000 attached to seven surviving widowers and children. Together they will continue mortal mankind another 1000 years fulfilling Abraham’s covenant to multiply like the stars uncountable into one family. 

Thus, some need to be raptured mortally alive and brought into the spaceship parked in the clouds to return with Jesus together with the resurrected Saints to start mankind over. Think about Jacobs’s ladder now mirror imaged useful for the Saints to visit the Golden City satellite to enter the 12 pearl gates of the traveling ELOHIM residence, but it also has some quick space taxis for special use described in (Ezek. 1:15) no longer a mystery.

The fear of death was put into mortals for obvious reason not to skip Satan’s school to avoid immunity against evil. Why then was it made into a lucrative rapture business giving false hope? Death is not that terrible as I found out last year, as a witness, but then nobody would believe me anyway.

Everyone will discover after death that God is Love on the other side passing through the time dimension door. Do not be scared by profit seeking theologians but be afraid of the consequence of making the wrong choice. Take Jonah-II warning seriously, someone may prefer Mercy unto Death. Being appointed a pre-resurrected Saint is a special case being destined for an extraordinary task meant on both Daleth- Jod dimension?

Most Christian denominations distorted the Apostle Paul’s teachings, mixing them with Satan’s lies, believing they are the body of Christ, or the bride, not joking. What a deception believing that lofty praying in church could oblige ELOHIM the creator, singing salvation songs to lull in the faithful, but then denying his spiritual power.

Need proof where do I belong thus duplicating Christ love? Or is making money a major life objective not caring for the suffering of Christians in global refugee camps by the millions? For example, every house in America is stuffed full of clothing, the garage filled to the rafters with collected junk. Why not organize with the money they have in the church bank and send obsolete clothing and aged food cans in a shipping-container to those who have absolutely nothing flooding Europe in big families with many children. Why not add a bible verse with a bow tie around for an Islam child would portray that Christ is love.

Or will Jesus remind us of Matt. 24:21 and waiting for your answer back, “When did we see you hungry or thirsty…naked or sick…and did not minister to thee?” (Matt. 25:24) Put your name, or if a pastor, in that sentence. Watch God’s Wrath especially will be poured out over America as 95% self-professing compliant Christians voted corrupted atheists into office down to the school board level.

In just one generation over 60 million babies were allowed to be murdered and their body parts sold for obscene profit. GMO technology destroyed permanently the Food for global mankind, and the American Constitution has been shattered by immoral Supreme Court Judges thus debased an US Congress to the lowest level ending in fossilized corrupted Senators.

A government deception greatly changed the American society that was previously a 78% Christian majority. Why did they vote for atheistic politicians since 1973? When psychopath NYC bankers put extra fiat money in the economy resulted no longer cared for the old American Constitution protecting the gift of Freedom envied around the world. Now prayer in schools or public is forbidden and quoting Bible truths is now against the law, thus a free America will soon end in Marshal Law. Born under Hitler in Germany I still remember that history repeats itself again similar to another Shemitah. Everything which was previously immoral and evil in America is exported globally and now hated around the world watching YouTube videos.

Yet American history is full of upright people who fought and gave a gift to the next generation. What did we give? Look around you. Every river is poisoned as well as the air, the ocean vacuumed to the point of extinction. Fracking is destroying most farmland with deadly radioactivity spreading from every Power Station all leaking. Our infrastructure and highways are falling apart for lack of maintenance. If one is interested a list of advanced technology was collected by a scientist. (Pearl 233)

Let’s go back and investigate what the Word of God reveals and apply it to our civilization prophesied next year. Most true Christians are still confused as to what a Saint is; they were told being privileged, or special going to heaven where ever that is. The Web for the first time affords us the opportunity to investigate the Bible with more knowledge. Many theologians are put to shame, still insisting on clever doctored creeds falsified from the Middle Age. A counterfeit rapture dogma distorted the real meaning of the First Resurrection programming every one with lies developing into a spiritual dead church. Now to find out that only very few Christians would qualify to become a Saint never understood since Constantine.

A totally different concept has now emerged and is not heresy denigrated by overstuffed spiritual dead theologians but rather investigated from a science perspective. Being pre-resurrected, which is by definition an exception, means many were born in different centuries and various cultures, not just 2000 years believed by privileged Christians. God’s Plan of salvation is extended to 6000 years, which is not taught in church for obvious money reasons.

When a person is appointed for Sainthood it is special. Many in history died in terrible evil circumstances, living perhaps in a primitive culture. In short all would need some re-schooling from a divine perspective with Yeshua returning next in the sky. He will assemble all the selected Saints in his traveling satellite Golden City (Rev. 21:9-21) for a 10-day celebration acquainting everybody. The alleged wedding will happen later when Yeshua is crowned as King of Kings by mortals surrounded with his Israel friends, a special covenant people.

The greatest assembly celebration in the sky is held inside the Golden City to venerate a Kosmos event to celebrate Satan’s termination now being chained and imprisoned in the underworld eliminating the source of EVIL, thus will no longer plague mankind in the future. The party will end in a private gathering of the appointed First-Born introducing each other in a special meeting with the creator ELOHIM and Yeshua-Jesus, his only begotten Son.

It will end in a business convention to discuss the purpose why they were selected from a population of billons that ever have lived on earth. Many never have even heard that there was a Torah or special Revelation given to mankind. It is reflected in a study of American Indian history before the white man came. They honored the great Wotan creating the stars in the sky and all of nature. (Rom. 1:19) A “Christian” education is not the criteria for a Saint Selection, all have sinned forfeiting Eternal Life.

However, if you want to be a special appointed “Saint”, you need a basic fundamental requirement to be sufficiently inoculated with Good and Evil and will remember the consequence of evil being seasoned with suffering, acquainted with pain, being horrible abused and tortured, many were killed burned alive, beheaded, all where oppressed and denigrated. (Rev. 20:4)

To protect a future Jod-dimension government they needed to be inoculated with extra evil linked to a Kosmos never again to experience a rebellion like Satan. Thus a Saint will qualified to a higher position to oversee the New Earth and New Heaven promoted to be the connecting bridge buttressed on the right ELOHIM and the left Yeshua-Jesus to govern in justice a Kosmos. Scientific translating a verse could make it clear?

Let us make Saints in our Image (Gen. 1:26)

God’s Kingdom on Earth was exclusively destined and purposed for the training of Saints to qualify some mortals to be re-educated in a divine school. They will be well trained and graduate with great honor promoted to royalty known as First-Born to rule a restored Kosmos now balanced again. The Kosmos once more will be governed by someone without evil made righteous to continue to expand what the ELOHIM had planned. It will include many of those who received Mercy unto Life, the circle getting bigger.

Once more so important, the promoted Saints returned to the Daleth dimension are now schooled to teach God’s laws. It is needed for next survived generation building up a new civilization and many nations. Thus the King of Kings Yeshua set up specialized schools for the pre-resurrected Saints to gain concentrated experience. The last civilization will gain divine knowledge of righteous wisdom. It is linked to a greater reason applied to a Jod sphere when time ended.

Again the graduated Saints needed to acquire a lot of divine foreknowledge. The purpose of being made professional perfect was not only to govern inflexible stiff-necked mortals but to include an expanding universe to rule over loyal angels. Maybe angels can no longer be trusted having lived through a historic rebellion. Expand your vision look in the sky why would the creator be surrounded with billions-billions of galaxies. Does it have a reason or purpose? (Check Babushka egg #7)

To appoint candidates for Sainthood the ELOHIM will look at our inner makeup and knows ahead our ending combined with our willingness to overcome evil. God will examine our spiritual Mind especially those professing to be a Christians. They must have been cleared of any false corrupted dogmas. Denominational teaching ignored that God can include selected individuals from a larger 6000-year pool of mankind. It becomes a filter of righteousness whilst searching for truth.

The first filter was meant to create a basis and requires some preparation being tutored by the Holy Spirit. In modern time we have a bigger opportunity, however we should still spend some time listening to a few YouTube videos that teach of some individuals who highlight portion of the Sainthood Mystery.

Again Saints are appointed from across the full spectrum of 6000 years of human existence. If you follow the history trail of the Torah-Bible that appoints selected special people who have exceptional faith to please the ELOHIM. (Romans 8:28 and Hebrews 11) Only after having learned through those biblical circumstances can anyone understand what the inner Saint-purpose is. Is it never really explained anywhere.

Only the Daleth dimension will be the domain for the Saints to be taught how to governing a Kosmos. Ask some questions to define it. Yeshua who came from the other Heh dimension site said, “I will prepare a new place and create a New Heaven and a New Earth,” which is regulated by the Jod = ten dimension rooted in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System embedded on a base seven (7).

To focus closer on our special Saint journey, please read the story of Ester in the Bible, or find the movie, which is a favorite of mine. She was born a slave without any rights, at the lowest level. A king however is born into royalty with unlimited prerogatives. He can choose what he wants and in this story has a number of surrounding maidens who share a special relationship daily in order to please the king.

Ester, like the Saints when living in the king’s palace, could at any time be involved in personal encounters when being called. They will become privy, a confidant of any new future business developments. They are involved in difficult government decisions and planning across an expanding Kosmos Universe, as they are well educated for royalty.  Parallel to this is a poor Cinderella story of a king searching for the right person, testing everybody to see if they match a shoe.

Using HANS it is revealed in an expanding Daleth=4 dimension like 10+4, 20+4, 30+4 raising Jod beyond the previous angel Heh dimension. Another story applied to the Saints of ten virgins. (Matthew 25) But only five virgins are selected which raised mortals to the highest level transforming them to a level of HANS #888.

Still a mystery not understood by Christian why a mini-resurrection being an exception? The answer is obvious only a King of Kings can appoint loyal Saints he can trust and selected mortals “Being honest, upright and searching for Truth” but in addition he looks at the “intend” and “motivation” of our heart (Rom. 2:16) - ON THAT DAY.

If you think that the Cinderella shoe fits which must have previously met? Or do you belong to the five virgins and have an oil lamp does it have enough oil for the scheduled King. How bright is your lamp shining? Is it fueled with suffering, similar to Christ being shamed tortured wrong imprisonment, unjust starvation and oppression which is experienced globally by millions of Christians who have been forgotten in temporal tent refugee camps, having nothing? How else could we practical express our faith?

A pardoned Saint made righteous becomes the heavenly bridge between the Father and Son as our own WILL is now in perfect union with the Creator. The shoe fits when a selected mortal is inoculated invisibly against evil considering what happened to the angel domain upsetting a Kosmos. We are not created robots and have the choice to believe the creator and willingly adhere to his divine law expressed in the Torah-Bible.

Why believe Satan’s lies dressed up in Christian dogmas taught in church making you ignorant to forfeit a divine-free gift. It is elevated to royalty, like Ester the slave girl, but think that idea through. Check your heart’s desire as that will indicate to you the “second” filter of a real intent to be appointed to royalty.

Go to your pastor and inform him. Ask him to stop lying to the congregation about a false rapture dogma not knowing what really a Heh-heaven dimension is? Sainthood is a higher level. Look at the Apostle Paul’s writing of important Bible references, which was totally mistranslated in a rapture theory by every Bible publisher.

That I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and (thus) his sufferings, becoming like him in his death that if possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead…to press on to make it my own. (Phil. 3:10-14) 

Notice: “resurrection” (anastasis) is mentioned two times but the last “resurrection” is a different Greek word everybody mistranslated (exanastasis). It means to “obtain” or “taken out” or “press on” from a Great Resurrection unto a different level. (Rev. 20:5) Exanastasis is a mini resurrection inserted only for  Saints intended for a special purpose. They are chosen for an extraordinary reason coming back to earth selected from the population pool of mankind accumulated since Adam.

Everybody else is resurrected in the final Great Resurrection ending in the Jod dimension New Earth as the old earth is gone. If you want to widen Bible horizons must spend some time or listen perhaps to some YouTube videos presenting partial information. Only you can put it together if you desire to be appointed to Sainthood preselected from the pool of mankind still a mystery. I am sure the time is well spent getting information now hopeful alerted in this Pearl #888.

It could end in a great PRIZE to be appointed to become a wedding maiden to live with the Creator ELOHIM and his inner Family dining with Yeshua. Being personal selected to serve Yeshua-Jesus as the most trusted and most loyal confidant to the King of Kings is the highest reward for any mortal and became a Great Prize defined in the last Bible word which is ending God’s Revelation with “The SAINTS”.

Soon the Web will be gone but my Babushka egg books are not lost to a future generation who are curious to find out what was it like during the last days of God’s Wrath in 2008-2015 from a science perspective? It can be read again and translated in a New Hebrew language just like the 40 previous prophet scribes who wrote the Torah-Bibleunder a penname. They recorded divine utterances of the Elohim for future generations still known after 4300 years.

Remember the Bible Revelation reveals that on the last day in Heaven there are books open on the other side before the White Throne, which copied everything. Every word we said is recorded to settle our option! (Rev. 20:11) Nothing is forgotten and that includes Babushka eggs concept books and the many pearls.

Global Clock PyramidThink again and read the Job story it is amazing as it recorded every word said in Heaven and Earth. How was it done without a modern tape-recorder? Tell me if you know still curious but document it with five witnesses to have case in court?

Everybody has opinions but a judge is looking for truth and the intent. Was your debt paid to have a divine opinion? God’s Kingdom on Earth will gain one notch on a higher level divine knowledge, which is now linked to a Kosmos satellite which arrives once more as the Golden City (Star of Bethlehem) that only Saints have access to. (Rev. 21:9)

That city has many palaces, and a nice office meant for Saints to be close to the headquarters of God’s Throne. It is a traveling satellite home for ELOHIM as he checks out his universe. His traveling space residence is shared with the Saints rewarded to royalty with Firstborn privilege. Only they will have admission to the highest position to confer with the Creator ELOHIM for advice or solitude. Now employed to report back of new developments in other planets as the New Heaven is infinite too. Eternity is big without a time base or clocks. For a better insight investigate ancient clocks in museums. (Babushka egg #3)

God’s Kingdom on earth will give the Saints experience gained during thousand years on earth the Daleth dimension to discover experimenting what will work or not work with stubborn stiff-necked mortals. Let your imagination go wild stirred to share some YouTube videos of the same kind on the journey to Sainthood. I hope your knowledge horizons got a little widened. Why does Yeshua end Revelation in the Bible with the last word: The Saints? (Rev. 22:21)

Pearl #888, Part #2 –

The Mystery of Sainthood
Why Mankind? A New Covenant

The first part of Pearl #888 started with the Joseph story in the Bible to remind us that the seven years famine is almost over. We have past 2015 with the birth pang contractions of the Apocalypse now greater in intensity. God’s Wrath was projected in my Pearl #777 that also dated the return of the King Yeshuaafter Passover warning 14 April 2017.

The ELOHIM sent many warnings from a science perspective like Tetra Blood Moons linked to a Jonah-II inventor to expose Bible prophecy. Though outlawed by an evolution religion, the metaphysical domain defines truth. To continue the Joseph narrative, he ended in prison accused of a crime and was later promoted next to Pharaoh to become the savior of Egypt.

The story ended in the Exodus of a covenant people with Moses. But God focused my attention to when Joseph tested his brothers’ “heart” with a cup buried in Benjamin’s food supply like the GMOs ignored in our time causing global food shortage.

God the Creator does the same and tests the outcome of what was our really intended lifestyle. How many lessons were enforced in our lifetime, being daily tested of Good and Evil will be recognized in the afterlife. Our 21st Century Civilization has ignored the warnings for Life to become extinct using hi-technology for evil. It will be judged in God’s Wrath to end like a Titanic sinking fast as the hole is too big.

Mankind was created for a reason. The ELOHIM has on occasion throughout history chosen some individuals for a special purpose, belonging to his inner circle. The affairs of his creation are directed from the Heh dimension as recorded in his Torah-Bible. Four (4) creatures surround the Throne shouting continually, “God is holy” to remind everybody of God’s Holiness.

Next around the Throne are 24 Elders (Rev. 4:4, 11:16) to give honor from a divinely guided wider Kosmos area. Think of an invisible God who became visible in Yeshua-Jesus to redeem mankind but appointed some individuals to safeguard God’s Holiness imaged like a round city wall in ancient times. I think these special 24 people with golden crowns represent the SAINTS and the wider Kosmos guarding God’s Holiness. 

For an example, in California the rich, influential tycoon Wilhelm Randolph Hearst would invite some politicians and dignitaries of the Hollywood crowd to his country castle estate to live there, mingle and enjoy the facility. They would sit at a long table to dine next to him. Everyday a different person would sit by his side to eat, rotating through the guest list like we play musical chairs, so that everyone could have a personal conversation with him. If not thus invited, the person was seated on the last chair, which was the signal to go home.     

YHWH the Almighty beyond our understanding is an invisible spirit of extreme ∞ light energy. He can never be seen sitting on his Throne. Only his visible manifestation is approachable in Yeshua–Jesus seated on HIS right, a second Adam to be like us, or we are like him.

For an expanding Kosmos his inner circle are some favored friends selected from mortals perhaps his parents or siblings, a prostitute giving a fragrant perfume, women who watched his crucifixion-resurrection, his disciples the Apostles, millions of persecuted people and martyrs extended over 6000 years sharing a common intense higher reverence.

I believe these are the SAINTS. After the cocoon they are gathered somewhere perhaps in Paradise, but only they will be mini-resurrected ahead of the others separated from the Grand Resurrection when a Time dimension is no more. A Saint will safeguard God’s Holiness as the inner circle is selected by “appointment” only, which is recorded in the transfiguration where Jesus was seen brightly meeting Moses and Elijah by his favored persons. (Luke 9:28) The three selected disciples recognized Moses and Elijah.

Like the politicians, judges and bankers invited to the Hearst castle, they needed no introduction to each other. Thus, the Saints are his special circle of friends gathered throughout history as represented by the five maidens. [Matt. 25] Having plenty of affection, oil shining brightly, they live with the King in daily companionship belonging to the royal Golden City that is the spaceship (Star of Bethlehem) of the king traveling with his Saint-staff through a Jod dimension universe. (Rev. 21:10)

Mortals chosen to royalty will govern the Jod dimension / New Earth-New Heaven but on a much higher level. Most Christians are confused and totally misunderstand what the Bible is really teaching. Theologians have distorted truth throughout history, misquoting the Apostle Paul, now mistranslated in false church dogmas. It got worse.

In the last hundred years they invented the rapture theory business and sold a mixed salvation package fuelled by Fegefeuer to gain prestige and power over congregations. They do not realize that the inner management of any administration requires special talents or preconditions.

First, being absolutely loyal with unconditional devotion and respect for the “utter” Holiness of the Creator. Think of the Esther story. She was totally committed to love the king and serve her people not counting the consequences of death and pain, her preference, or wealth.

The foremost question of a thinking person is why did the Creator make angels and then mankind? Where does Evil come from? Why let Satan cause so much mayhem, death, disease and suffering to totally corrupt the leaders on earth bend to exterminate all Life of this planet? Why suppress a gift of “free energy” supplied worldwide seen in the sky fuelling billions of galaxies creating the universe? Why is Evil so prominent ignoring common sense? This essay exposes the reason. Anyone investigating the coming Dactyl asteroid knows logically that it is the precursor of a huge world population prophesied Death with no escape, like Sodom & Gomorrah. Nothing would matter anymore thereafter. Thus, mortals should pay attention to what would be “the verdict” standing before the Judgment Throne on the end of “time”.

Only two (2) preconditioned options exist: Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death. However your choice must be made in the Daleth dimension like the mortal caterpillar side before entering the cocoon. Guaranteed, what is exposed here is not allowed, but it needs the light ON in your mind being programmed by so many deceptions.

Investigating the universe expanding with infinite energy in billions of galaxies, how many possibilities could there be to have Life transferred without Evil? Is that not a dream even a butterfly has? To get the answer, let’s investigate the story of Adam and Eve from a metaphysical perspective highlighting some concepts never taught anywhere. The Garden of Eden was a micro Kosmos like DNA genes. It had the whole creation Plan of Mankind embedded to make life possible. Why is Life only on earth and not in galaxies? As an inventor, I always ask what would be useful to enhance our living standards. The desire to achieve something is a driving force to satisfy a special purpose. And if it overcame Evil, would it be the ultimate?

God the ELOHIM is the biggest inventor. For his own understandable reasons, he created a Kosmos with angels. The Bible tells that this God-Something, is invisible, always existed but cannot be explained in physics. It is similar watching a little ant walking across your table. It was created with a brain and has life, but is not capable of knowing that it is being watched by a person with a Mind living in a big house, commuting in a corporate jet, surrounded by space, linked to a universe of a billion galaxies. Keep theorizing and dream like an inventor.   

Back to the Kosmos mystery, YHWH is invisible to his creation, but he reported that Satan was appointed to verbalize what the invisible Creator wished about this or that. One day Satan lied and said, “I am the Creator, the invisible power behind everything.” He made up a story that he “is” the number One. Read the consequences in the Torah-Bible, which can only be revealed.

Millions of angels believed the lie and became demons - cast out into the netherworld awaiting judgment. The Bible revealed that the invisible YHWH then decided to become visible in ELOHIM-Yeshua-Jesus who was in the beginning as explained in a familiar father and son relationship we recognize as a family. He was born mortal not like cloned Angels, a divine mystery paradox for many.  

Satan’s original relationship is similar to that of an electric transformer used to transfer a higher energy information potential to a lower power level. It was designed to guide angel society to run smooth with divine energy. Satan was the first, absolutely most perfect creation. He was powerful, destined to govern millions of cloned angels.

But the paradox mystery is that a pre-existing invisible Almighty YHWH knew in advance that Satan would become totally corrupt, not being designed like a robot.

Free Will is a requirement for a perfect system, but it could get derailed in an embedded Vielheit. When the “one” something formed the two (2), then procreating the three (3), the Kosmos expanded being fuelled by infinite energy in a full circle back to the almighty ONE person Y·HWH became visible in ELOHIM-Y·eshua in His Torah-Bible.

Think that through. God’s plan allowed EVIL and used it like a paradox for the ultimate outcome to safeguard the new Jod dimension, managed one notch higher in an expanding KOSMOS. Because the polarity of “One” pro-creates a “Two”, it became visible to eyes linked to a Mind, thus the infinite became visible giving birth to the lower entropy Daleth dimension, linked to Good and Evil in order to make the new Kosmos perfect.

To prevent evil forever with a free Will, one must follow the rational trail of creation to the ultimate redemption leading to restoration projected in the New Heaven & New Earth Jod dimension. The in-between stage became the Heh dimension (Angel world) and Daleth dimension (mortal Mankind) both on a two-cycle creation entropy system previously explained in Babushka concept eggs.

Here I answer many WHY questions mirror reversed YHW with answers from H- only comprehended when the spirit light is ON in the mind.  It is invisible still linked to YHWH breathing his breath (Beth) since Adam that starts Genesis 1:1 with B –Bereshyth now dividing a creation. 

The higher pre-existing intelligent MIND planned a new purposed Kosmos law of “Good and Evil”. Thus, he designed the outcome to achieve the ultimate NEW creation. It must be perfected to overcome any obstacle a free Will could ever face. Again, it resembled the genius of a ∞ Creator, reflected in his greatest invention.

Not forgetting He is absolute LOVE, this also needed to be revealed, because LOVE is the planned FUEL designed for Mortals and Angels alike to live in a totally newly elevated KOSMOS creation, the Jod dimension.

Like a clockmaker knows that clocks will in time stop, God planned to prevent replicating EVIL. Thus, he needed living Saints connected to a divine Mind to protect the Creator’s Holiness, a desired fellowship to safeguard Love. The Creator is only happy when his invention works perfectly, as robots cannot control new Kosmos laws.

Therefore, “Evil” on earth, or in heaven, is only a temporal as explained by how water (MEM) divided Ausdehnung [Genesis 1:1], the first sentence of the creation report. It revealed the purpose of the new KOSMOS. Die Vielheit Daleth dimension was needed to make God’s LOVE visible to all created beings outfitted with intelligence, articulated and affirmed, “Let’s make Man in our image.”

Consequently, mortals were created immortal, similar to the paradox explained in science from a physics-metaphysics perspective. Only the metaphysics is the reality with an invisible, embedded MIND. Stand in front of a mirror to see a reflected mirror image only defined in “Physics” teaching mortals that time in only temporary.

But another nature illustration one notch higher exists. Check the honey Queen Bee, or second witness Queen Ant, each ruling a kingdom that is procreated over and over again a thousand times. Now you have an illustration for what a “Saint” might be as referenced in Part #1 of this pearl extracted from the Torah-Bible.It explains why ELOHIM gave more insight to this Jonah-II scientist who investigated the future divine KOSMOS paradox to widen Bible knowledge horizons.

Back to Satan linked to a micro-Kosmos. When examining the DNA of the Adam and Eve story in the Garden of Eden, notice the two trees, a created couple to procreate, with Satan and ELOHIM present. Then echoed, “Let Us…” That means two or more, which makes a newly created Vielheit Daleth dimension ready for the next curtain call to finalize in a Good and Evil system to make a choice one way or another.

Adam was created beautiful. His body radiated light like Lucifer the light bearer to reflect the infinite light, but Adam became visibly mortal after he transgressed, sliding to lower entropy, if you understand the mirror image of physics. The tree represents the root cause of many fruits with a dual-purpose imprint of Beth the first letter in Genesis Bara–create, which sets the first act of the stage play-divide.

The curtain is rising when God assigned to Adam the dominion of everything on earth. He was to manage Life, the only place in the universe dedicated for the first and last act destined for a final cosmic objective.

Only a created free Will could please the inventor, which might blow your Mind. The eternal YHWH desired to have fellowship with the newly created similar mortal beings and are invited to a wedding party. Check Yeshua-Jesus’ first party making wine from water to have more fun all connected to this story.

The purpose of Evil was to inoculate every Saint and redeemed mortal, who experienced Evil’s suffering and pain to create an embedded immune system against it. This will keep the future expanding KOSMOS free of Evil, but is chosen now by redeemed beings. Not being a robot, how was that paradox achieved?

The Garden of Eden was the first act for a cosmic restitution planed to totally eliminate Evil, never to upset a community again that had experienced a devastating Kosmos rebellion. Satan was fired from his previous job. He learned that his rebellion initiated new entropy with an unknown Time dimension. Roaming around to investigate, an opportunity arrived. To learn lessons for future protection, the new arrivals first needed to settle how to govern the incubator earth. Satan never missed a chance and used all the tricks to get that job offered by the Creator.

Similar to a stage theater play, the author-director knows the outcome and can foretell what will come next. The first act shows that Adam and Eve was no match for the higher created Angel. They failed and gave away the free gift to learn how to rule purposed for the Jod dimension.

Fortunately, God loved us more. Being handicapped to achieve the ultimate purpose, he offered mankind the opportunity to be the replacements of divine government, which was vacated by fallen angels, to manage an expanding KOSMOS Jod dimension. 

Mankind’s failed the first test, but he is destined for future Eternal Life. But we must learn how to thoroughly trust the Creator ELOHIM, not like Satan or Adam. We are now set on a detour path to be taught lessons needed so that Evil could never happen again. We were lied to and lost a free gift. But God’s love gave mortals another option for eternal Life, as the fallen angles do not have that choice.

Satan was used temporally to teach mortals all the tricks of Evil. He succeeded right up front and misled Cain to murder his firstborn brother Abel. Eve, in grief, believed that her promise was dashed to crush Satan’s head that caused so much pain with the Abel’s death.

But God’s Grace turned it into a benefit, being thus inoculated with a good dose of evil to acquire the immunity needed for the next butterfly stage of life, never to experience evil again. God’s Wrath was transferred to his Son. Yeshua introduced Death as an option for those who are lost because angels and mankind were created to live forever. It needed a death option to demonstrate Love. Again we see Life and Death, Good and Evil linked to the first Hebrew letter Beth could fill a whole Babushka Egg.

The cost for planned Evil was paid fully by Yeshua-Jesus. The Creator made atonement, being mistreated, tortured, his flesh ripped off his bones, unjustly accused, condemned and forsaken by his friends. He was sold for the price of a slave like the Joseph story, and finally nailed on the cross, forsaken by everyone. True to death, he accepted the consequences of being made SIN, to atone for a cosmic dilemma violating the YHWH Holiness, which temporary clouded a perfect creation. It was made whole again to demonstrate that the God of the universe is ∞ infinite Love.

To continue guarding God’s Holiness - never to be violated again, Yeshua-Jesus appointed to sainthood some that will serve the King of Kings and love him evermore, which is the fuel for Eternal Life.

I hope this answered the question about a new covenant. Check out the other free Babushka egg pearls to widen Bible knowledge horizons.

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