Pearl #224 -

The Great Pyramid in Giza
Reveals Next Earth Axis Change

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(Updated 5-21-18 by adding a YouTube video if not erased)

The Revelation of the Pyramids (Documentary) (8-22-16)

After researching and writing Pearl #250, I realized that this pearl needed updating. It reveals another witness for the Babushka egg concepts linked to dating events in a divine master plan for a future universe. The Great Pyramid in Giza is one of the world’s wonders from ancient times. Its architect-builder was Enoch, who was the seventh generation from Adam. He received instruction from ELOHIM on how to build this pyramid as a library preserved in stones.

The Great Pyramid is a monument revealing the fantastic design of the earth’s creation and place in the universe. It has embedded within it some very complex mathematics for space travel, the earth’s dimensions, weight, speed, tilt axis, size, diameter, and circumference and more. The mathematics is phenomenal. I recommend a recent little booklet written around 1972, THE GREAT PYRAMID DECODED with an introduction to PYRAMIDOLOGY, by E. Raymond Capt, M.A., A.I.A., F.S.A., SCOT (Archeological Institute of America). 

In addition I postulate a totally different viewpoint using two perceptions: one from the physics and the other from metaphysics. The dual approach imparts a unique look at nature from a 360⁰ perspective. The author of that little book cramped a lot of science in a few pages to amaze you. The name PYRAMID comes from the Coptic word "pyr" meaning "division" and "met" meaning ten (10) Jod, a higher level. This name suggests a lot of mathematics on the number 5 overlaid to indicate two types of creation: earthly or heavenly, linked to physics and metaphysics.

In comparing future blueprint structures given by ELOHIM, I noticed that all have the fingerprint of "5" which means "the other metaphysic side, or window" in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). The same scaled mathematics can be found in Noah's Ark, the Wilderness Tabernacle, the covenant box Moses built, Solomon's Temple and Ezekiel's future Temple during the thousand year of God’s Kingdom on Earth - all is amazingly balanced and divisible by an absolute ratio of 5 referred to in both dimensions. Therefore, the Great Pyramid gives us how the universe functions and the divine measuring units demonstrated in physics and the laws of metaphysics.   

The word "division" has much greater embedded meanings and looking back we can recognize three distinct civilizations, and each of them ended with an asteroid strike. Only the bigger asteroids can change the earth’s axis to cause a wobble. A very large asteroid impact happened 4300 years ago on 5 February 2287 BC. I traced it to the Gulf of Mexico and linked it to many ancient bronze-gold-stone clocks globally exhibited in various museums. That triggered a whole Babushka egg concept book: Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. 

I discovered that all ancient bronze-gold clocks measure the consequences of that asteroid impact. Many ancient societies created new calendars in order to calculate the declining earth axis wobble coming to a final end on 21 December 2012 as measured by the Mayan-Aztec calendar. Compared to the Bible reveals more after Noah's time as the ELOHIM appoint Hebrew scribes to continue recording history and measure time now accurately dated with modern technology matching the Bible.

Therefore, civilization can be historically traced in various time cycles by compiling the data from this major asteroid strike. Using a little math could integrate some known facts to arrive at some unknown factors like A+B=C. Adding further information can trace God’s Word embedded in the Bible, which includes history written in advance.

If you are educated in true science, you can even date future projected invents. I started repairing cuckoo clocks in my younger days, being able to project the hour when the cuckoo will come out does not make me a prophet.

Similarly, God's cycles for mortals are embedded in the biggest pyramid library from ancient times. We should check what else could be imbedded and not yet discovered, if you want to better understand the future. The Great Pyramid contains massive data that can be matched like the gears of a cuckoo clock. The process activated many other laws converting energy, which must tie in with mathematics. To prove that each of three civilizations has historic cycles marked on the dial of the Great Pyramid with embedded dates we need to check:   

  1. The first ancient civilization was recorded in the 6000 year old Bible with a lot of details and started with Adam (4068 BC) to Noah (2288 BC) which ended with the first asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC. That caused a gigantic earth-axis wobble. The evidence is everywhere if you are educated in true science and included the forbidden metaphysic knowledge.

  2. The Second civilization started from Noah to the projected Apocalypse 2008-2015. It also will end with an asteroid strike expected to hit the earth estimated on 17 September 2015. It is not only based on prophecy but proven with scientific data using high-tech telescope observations but needs the help of the metaphysics to date it to a precise day. Only God's GRACE could be the modifier giving extra warning for a time extension of two years to 17 September 2017. Remember, I use both science and metaphysical information to form an opinion which requires three (3) witnesses to verify an event to an exact day we will discover later.

    Nonetheless, the recently added information to extend the 17 September 2017 date still matches the overlay with the HANS codes Science can check history like when God initially announced to Nineveh:  in 40 days you are history! Consistent with his character, he waited a little more for the final judgment to give us more GRACE for repentance. Grace also means "5" overlaid with HANS.

  3. The third civilization is truly an unusual major civilization to last 1000 years never experienced by mankind known as:

GOD'S KINGDOM ON EARTH (2018-3018).   

It seems to end again with an asteroid so big that the earth will disintegrate, merged with the sun in a fireball. Jesus said there will be a new-earth and new-heaven should read my first Babushka books: Apocalypse Prophesied, From Eden to New Jerusalem: God’s Plan for Humanity, to expand your view linked to science beyond what theologians preach.

If you want to know the size of the new earth Jesus promised related to our globe, check out the pictures from the Hubble telescope and focus on ANTARES. This star is so big it will dwarf anyone’s imagination. Our most powerful telescopes reveal a number of big planets. ARCTURUS is 10,000 times bigger than the sun followed by BETELGEUSE thousands times bigger ending with ANTARES.  Comparing the sun to a DOT than ANTARES is the size of a hot air balloon. Maybe the new earth promised in Revelation will be much bigger with plenty of room so that the billions of souls resurrected since Adam and Eve could each live on a big ranch like the State of Texas with open space left over.

The purpose of the Great Pyramid was described in Isaiah 19:19-20 NRSV. The original Hebrew contains 30 words. Each letter has a numerical value attached described in the appendix: The Mystery of the Hebrew Language, Page 445. Adding all the numbers together yields the height of the Great Pyramid 5,449 in pyramid inches. A little on top is missing flattened out, as the key-stone like on the American dollar bill could be compared to Jesus Christ not yet arrived to rule as King of king and Lord of lords.

19 On that day there will be an ALTAR to the Lord in the center of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border.

20 It will be a sign and a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; when they cry to the Lord because of oppressors, he will send them a savior, and will defend and deliver them.

The astronomical design embedded in the hollowed-out core masonry on the face of the pyramid gives: (1) the solar tropical year, (2) the sidereal year, (3) the anomalistic year reconstructed from the three different lengths of the circumferences. Viewed from the metaphysical perspective, many measurements reveal an earth wobble of 23.5⁰, which became the second civilization. Check out my third Babushka ancient clock book to widen science horizons.  

The earth axis during Adam's time was recorded by the Aztec calendar, which has two crossover dials of seven (7) cycles of 52 days (7+7). Original was designed with seven times the North Pole faced the sun horizontally in one 360-day orbit with an exponential declining wobble; therefore, starting in 4488 BC with 14 cycles (7+7) measured on two dials of 7 time cycles. But Aztec clock was later modified to show 10 outer field sections (December) corrected by Julius Caesar in 45 BC and projecting the tilt axis wobble to stop on 21 December 2012 with 12 months.

It is amazing to compare the data from Professor Raymond Capt contrasted to ancient museum clocks described in the third Babushka egg concept book to reveal how God demonstrated a future earth axis wobble with math tied together within the structure of the first pyramid. I am impressed that so many math fundamentals can be embedded in the pyramid library during Enoch’s time, but being surprised was not all applicable to his existing earth axis movements. It was totally different and probably meant for a future time.

We will see later it describes the destiny purposed for Satan in parallel to Mankind investigating various pathways measured in inches. Pyramid dimensions reveal equations for our finite mortal minds to understand the metaphysical, invisible dimension. Why would the Aztec sun-pyramid built near Mexico City be linked to the Great Pyramid in Giza, separated by an ocean?

They have the same base footprint exactly to an inch. The Aztec pyramid was built a thousand years after Noah's flood connected two civilizations. Checking the angle of the pyramid apex gives the reason. The Aztec angle is much flatter, which tells us the angle of the first earth position during Enoch’s time was much different. The second civilization earth wobble fizzed out and can be traced in history and will come to rest on 21 December 2012 @23.5⁰, proven and measured with GRACE satellites laser beams.

Great PyramidLooking at a side profile inside the Great Pyramid (page 60), a passage straight downhill is shown prominently, It continues to the unfinished basement pit symbolizing the TIME dimension for two types of created beings: angels headed by Satan and mankind represented by Jesus Christ.

The outside entrance, higher up and going all the way downhill, represents Satan's destiny. He started the rebellion of 4488 BC that will end in a bottomless pit in AD 3018. Mankind is journeying on the same path, but we have choices. After so many inches representing years marked in the Great Pyramid, humans are confronted with a three-way crossroad junction. One pathway goes up, the other sideways, and the third down to connect with the same main path downhill ending in the pit we call Hell, a word change for El-hel-Lucifer.

Let’s analyze what is inside the frame of Great Pyramid inches. From the entrance, we have the beginning of the time dimension ending in the basement. It is divided by three (3) asteroid strikes creating three calendars of different duration, though the sun trip around the earth is not changed. But the earth’s rotation axis wobbles forwards or backwards if disturbed. Time periods change from solstice to solstice, or by counting the earth’s daily rotations, which could be altered, too. The sun turning does not have a marker to know when we got around one time for counting purpose, or need to pick a certain star constellation for reference like Polaris star (little Dipper). The pyramid passage timeframe indicates three different periods divided by three asteroid markers.

Therefore, the pre-adamic creation period opened with Satan’s rebellion   (4488 BC, our reference point). But we measure time from when the earth-axis wobble stopped on 21 December 2012 (JC). The earth’s solar orbit is now 356.24 days, which will become the reference point for calculating the other two periods from Enoch's pyramid – just by using simple math.
Measuring the entrance passage in British inches to the first marker (right arrow), we have 482. Continuing the next 688 inches will arrive at a juncture with a granite plug beyond leading up to the First Ascending Passage 1485 inches long, which has (3) three red granite blockers and ends in a three way crossroad junction. One is horizontal to the Queen’s Chamber. The second is a crooked passage down to the basement like an afterthought. But the main road going up is a Grand Gallery 1881 inches long with a high ceiling leading in the King’s Chamber. The four time periods are thus permanently frozen in Enoch's stone library. Now let's have a little fun expanding our horizons to follow my logic.

First Historic Stage 4488 BC-2288 BC

The Julius Caesar's calendar reference point 4488 BC was proven by ancient bronze-gold clocks in various museums and the Bible. It points to the beginning of Time as recorded in the first Torah-Bible verse, Genesis 1:1. This dates the Satan rebellion event ELOHIM encountered, which gave birth to the idea of creating other Beings (mankind).

Like for a new baby, God needed to prepare a cradle, our earth fit to develop replacements for those who were fired from his government hierarchy. Satan was the highest administrator. He and some angel friends became corrupt, we do not know why, consequently were speedily thrown out of the cosmic administration. Because many angels rebelled for no reason, God decided to create mortals in a two-stage system (caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly). The angelic rebellion created vacancies in the heavenly Heh-dimension government for some of us mortals to fill, if we pass the test.

To help humans pass the test, God the ELOHIM appointed Satan before he is executed for his crimes to start a school on earth to teach mortals to know evil. Knowing what evil is, equips the saints appointed to high office to learn to snuff out evil in the bud like a mushroom wants to grow in the dark. It works automatically like the immune system to keep our body healthy and free from deadly bacteria.  

Life experience teaches us how terrible the consequence of sin is and to recognize EVIL before it can develop. All the mistakes we made in Satan's school are forgiven by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross but needs our acceptance. Some of the human race is invited one notch higher to be included in the entourage of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, Lord of Lord's, a higher office. Selection is by appointment only, and the person must pass a test as explained in Matthew 25, where only 5 virgins had enough oil to qualify to live in the cosmic palace. You chose: it’s fair.

To measure a different Time Dimension, we must look backwards to the first language given to Adam. Hebrew is on five (5) levels, and one is based on mathematics. For example, the first Hebrew letter, Aleph = one, Jod = 10 and Taw = 400. If you want to know the other values, read the first Babushka egg concept book free on the Internet. The math compares Enoch's Pyramid to the first marker at 482 inches. The Aztec priest in Mexico City was confused and did not knew that the first asteroid strike changed the calendar that was different from before Enoch's time.

They first built 5 and then 7 pyramids on top of each other. It took some time to learn about ancient science still today our universities to not teach anything about a declining earth wobble. But that prehistoric problem was good for a true science education to open up other facts. It became the key to the Third Babushkas egg concept book embedded in ancient bronze-gold clocks. Check it out free on the Internet. 

The Aztec stone clock measured 14 polar cycles on two dials (7+7=14). The only way we can measure TIME is when the North Pole is facing the sun. It alternates N-S/S-N, N-S/S-N, N-S/S-N, N-S. Therefore, we need another 7 turns to be back with the North Pole, all together 14 Cycles. The original math Hebrew creation starts with (7) cycles too. If applied that one day in God’s mind is like a 1000 years, it indicates that time is exponential and not static.

Now let's do the math to describe the very first calendar date         of the first asteroid embedded in the Enoch's Pyramid (5 February 2287 BC). We need a reference date to count and use earth axis wobbles when at rest measured on 21 December 2012 postulated by NASA balloons made-up in G.R.A.C.E. 

Starting from the entrance is a marker at 482" inches. Let's assume that one inch equals one Julius Caesar year or Jesus Christ = (JC). If we compare 482 inches/years to Adam being thrown out of paradise in 4004 BC-JC, we get 4488 BC (4004+482=4486), but add one JC year for the BC/AD and another for the crossover from Hebrew to Gregorian calendar to get 4488 BC (JC) which is the date of Satan's rebellion described in my Babushka egg concept books or various pearls as well as demonstrated in ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited worldwide in major city museums.

The Mexico City’s outdoor museum exhibited an Aztec 20 ton stone clock with 14 cycles (2x7). This Aztec calendar proves that a different earth wobble existed before Noah, which makes the year cycle exponentially different. As deciphered, it reveals two dials, each with 52 days in a 7-year cycle of one orbit around the earth. Like our cuckoo clock, it is oriented with two dials too, AM and PM, for a one-day cycle.  The Aztec clock is reversed from the Julius Caesar perspective with 52 weeks times 7 days.  For the Aztecs is pointing to the sun aligned with the North Pole measured 7 turns plus 7 turns (7+7=14) to count two (2) giant solstices. That can only happen when the earth axis is horizontal or has a different earth-axis angle, like our Polaris North star 23.5°.

parabolas of TimeStudy the TIME-LIGHT diagram to understand it better. Using an exponential time dimension, it becomes important to calculate with a lot of decimal places to make the calendar projection fit a thousand years to one day. Hopefully a skeptic can accept it as a witness. Therefore go from 4488 BC to 2287.901434673 BC with this long fraction converted from 5 February to get 2200 JC years (4488-2287.901434673 = 2200.098566), but it will be shorter in duration.

The entrance of the Great Pyramid (482+688) equals 1170 inches. To get a conversion factored we use 2200.098566 JC years divided into 1170 (2200.0985566 / divided 1170) = 1.880426124 P" for one year. That means (1 / 1.880426124 = .531794356 P") or 6 month, 11.59 days for one short solstice year calculated from 4488-2288 BC. In other words, seven solstice Aztec year cycles equals 6 months JC time converted exponentially declined since 4488 BC. So real JC time is mean-averaged from 4488 BC to 2288 BC is 2200 years but is really only half converted to 1100 JC years.

However interesting to find out what is one year in the future last cycle in Revelation after (2018-3018 AD) reveals the same short years, counting from the Grand Gallery (1000/1881 = .53163211 P"). Converting to JC years for each pyramid inch we get 6 months 11.52 days too. Notice the dual .5317 - .5316 number. One comes from the Hebrew calendar (2288 BC) embedded in ancient bronze-gold clocks in various museums, and the other comes from John's Revelation years (96 AD) in the Bible. Both match very close to fraction to one day?

Most theologians assume that Revelation prophecy in the Bible to be 1000 JC years, but it is really shorter, compensating to exact 7000-year linear Hebrew cycles (4488 BC - AD 3018) as seen on the Time-Energy-graph later. That explains the Bible age of Methuselah 969 is given in much shorter Aztec year cycles corresponding genetic science possibilities. Shorter time cycles match the linear Hebrew system with Adam being expelled 4004 BC to 4488 BC divided in 490 Hebrew cycles one more witness, but completed in the Third asteroid time change period.  

The 2nd Historic Stage 2288 BC - AD 2018

Following down the passage another 688 inches; we come to an all-embracing juncture for mankind going uphill 1485 inches to end in a future metaphysic GRAND GALLERY 1881 inches long. On its end we enter the King’s Chamber with an open coffin symbolizing the upcoming Grand Resurrection for all those sleeping in the dust (Daniel 12). The coffin was never meant to hold a body as the cover is missing. It is too big and could have never been stolen; therefore, it was placed when the pyramid was built.  

The resurrection concept is found in many religions, as demonstrated every year in nature changing from winter into spring and more detailed in the Christian religion, about Jesus-LOGOS who is the inventor of the blueprint of the first stone pyramid monument.  But at the bottom juncture before the Grand Gallery, we have a horizontal passage possibility that is ends in the Queen's chamber. The Queen’s Chamber is just a simple empty room not creating much interest with no furniture or pictures as found in other ancient tombs. It is positioned directly under the King’s Chamber. That could symbolize the SAINTS being resurrected on the sideline not belonging to the GRAND GALLERY people going up to the King's Chamber.

From the main juncture we have three options: a horizontal sideline passage, a passage going up vertically and one heading down to join the main down passage concluding in the unfinished basement pit, indicating a temporal Hell ending as in cast into the fiery lake no longer needed. But the big Grand Gallery going up must be the main attraction.

Focusing on the horizontal level ending in the Queen's chamber, it reveals an overlay from the metaphysical perspective of a mini-resurrection planned for the SAINTS, which is Jesus’ inner entourage symbolized by a group of 5 virgins who have oil in (Mathew 25). This mini-resurrection is by appointment only. Many Christians will be disappointed (Pearl #200). A king does not marry everyone but selectively chooses some maidens. On top, we have a big King’s Chamber with an open coffin, which is the Second Resurrection for all the dead, including the Christians who were left behind sleeping, not chosen.  

Using pyramid inches, Prof. Raymond Capt projected history to end in 1917. He was stumped because his date for the apocalypse did not match the grand event symbolized in the King’s Chamber as Isaiah's verse alluded to a deliverer during Jacob’s Trouble, a future king dated in pyramid inches.

Not so fast. I only recently discovered that the seven years of the apocalypse has only one witness; therefore, only one date is possible. I changed my concept of a seven (7) year long apocalypse as accepted by most theologians. Is it possible to be fooled into believing that Jesus, who invented the TIME dimension, must have forgotten how he did it? Ignorant theologians still misquote Jesus; "No one knows the time." That raises the question, “Could theologians be wrong in avoiding my Babushka books?  Could they get better informed based on science?” Perhaps they could understand Enoch's Grand Pyramid better.

Being previously confused myself, I discovered a 5-year period matching the HANS ratio 7:5. If linked to the math-system embedded in the Great Pyramid, it would correspond with the exponential math of the population curve in Pearl #126. But this date could still match the 1917 date linked to the Apocalypse 2008-2015 to start a new civilization in 2018 AD.

Professor Capt could still be right as he did not know the modern 7000-year Hebrew calendar is off by 244 years similar to the Egyptian dynasties. Babushka 7000-year table in the first egg book corrected the Genesis calendar before 2288 BC with a fudge factor of 30+6 years buried in the 9th cycle. If we add 30 years to 1917, we get 1947 with ISRAEL appearing as a nation once more on 29 November 1947 matching the Gregorian calendar. Adding Jesus’ 70-year projection will confirm all three calendars. Being changed by two asteroids, it will require some fine tuned correction in the exponential earth-axis wobble, which can only be estimated applying simple math logic without computer analysis. Read Pearl #221 in which Daniel‘s 2300 days become a hinge point to prove the other dates right.

But another spin developed connecting it to the Seven Seals opened in Revelation 6 and linked to 7 Trumpets. The first broken seal announced by the first trumpet could have started in 1917, matching the professor's pyramid dating projection. The trumpets reveal events - some seem to have already happened. Looking back at recent history, my last Pearl unknowingly coincided with a little pyramid book.  Theologians do not know they are in the middle of the apocalypse, as demonstrated by the linkage to the GRAND GALLERY from the metaphysical perspective.

Investigating the Second civilization from science, which is 21 December 2012 (2012.97196364 + 2287.901434673) = 4300.873397 JC years. Postulating from the entrances of the Great Pyramid (page 77,60) going down 1170 inches (p) that comes to a crossroad junction going uphill. To facilitate a historic event for mankind and Satan, we can identify it with a historic asteroid impact on 5 February 2287. That uphill passage leads toward the Grand Gallery of 1485 inches. Now calculating a future time scale each pyramid inch represents (4300.873397/1485) = 2.896211041 yrs./inch-p. That is the metaphysical range of the Second Civilization.

Notice the three red granite stone blockers jamming the passage to the Grand Gallery. They symbolize the First Temple destruction in 588 BC as corrected by 2 years from understanding the Gregorian calendar better – 35 AD Christ’s crucifixion and the Second Temple destruction 70 AD ending 2018 AD. From that we calculate the prophesied Third Civilization of a thousand years (Revelation, 20:2-4) but could be shorter years (1000/1881) = .53163211 yrs/inch-p using Enoch's pyramid inches or 490 Hebrew Daniel years.

Third Historic Stage 2018-3018 AD

Now let's compute from our present civilization to the Grand Gallery: 1881 inches being changed by another wobble axis relationship .53163211 yr./inch-p. Remember the axis wobbles start big and come to rest, fizzed out like a flywheel. Our JC wobble came to rest as now measured 23.5⁰ @ 21 December 2012 with computer guided laser. If we do the math to measure a future the wobble angle change relationship is X⁰ = (.53163211 x 23.5 /2.896211041) = 4.3136893⁰.

That means the math data embedded in that Great Pyramid tells us that the next asteroid already traveling in space for thousand of years could impact and increase our present earth axis by 8.6273786⁰. Think of an observer who got excited looking through a telescope to announce a new is star born. But the light traveling through space just arrived in our time although that same star could have exploded dead a thousand years ago, no longer existing. It just took so much time for light to travel through space.

Therefore, the coming asteroid Enoch knew about, will hit the earth after 17 September 2015/2017 for a new wobble range perspective. We just add it to the Ezekiel pyramid apex (4.3136893<45.27067691>4.3136893)=53.898055514⁰.

Amazingly, it looks the same as the Giza Pyramid apex (53⁰ 53' 53" = 53.898055514⁰). Some had postulated 51⁰52' (51.8666⁰) due to the missing veneer plates.  

The new earth-tilt-axis wobble comes to rest in 3018 AD and is therefore identical to the Enoch Pyramid apex axis tilt to one second causing the climate to be a little more tropical. Having two summers each 6 months in one JC year gets two harvests growing food for a bigger future population. The decoded Hebrew 7000-year calendar cycle is now much better proven with 12 cycles X 490 Daniel years (6000 JC years), by adding 500 JC years converted from the 1000 Revelation prophecy years (God’s Kingdom on earth). Theologians will not believe that solstice year shrank to a much smaller 6 month/year, or one 490 Daniel Hebrew cycle.

The new tilt-axis-wobble changed a calendar again needs another JC- Jesus Christ calendar ruling now a divine New World Order for the last civilization on this earth. The Revelation Bible calendar assumed 1000 JC years. Logic would point that the new tilt-axis could revert back to what was in ancient times as our TIME GRAPH shows, now directed toward the Jod Dimension. We cannot assume it is the same year 365.24 days/solstice like 21 December 2012.

I am sure that a new calendar will be introduced still matching the original Hebrew Calendar 4488 BC-3018 AD now with 14 cycles again measured by Jesus Christ harmonizing with a divine TIME Dimension introduced by Genesis 1:1, fourteen (1+12+1=14) Hebrew cycles (490 Daniel years) overlaid in parallel to the stone Aztec clock with 14 cycles similar to 14 Jerusalem stations to Golgotha, or 14 genealogical cycles of Jesus Christ reported in Matthew. Why 14? Investigate ancient clocks in museums.

Once more the 1000-year Kingdom of God on earth referred in Revelation is represented by 1881 pyramid inches. It is a different scale when applied to a dissimilar math system of the next civilization, indicating another earth axis wobble. All pyramid inches given are absolute; therefore, the assumed 1000 (JC) years equals 1881 pyramid inches on the metaphysical level. Looking back at history counting years but nothing matched this new perspective; therefore, we must look somewhere else to find a pattern for better proof.

It could mean that solstice years are shorter as confirmed once more and described in the ancient bronze plate found in Germany (Himmelsscheibe) a few years ago. One scientist surprised me and postulated six (6) months for each solstice, which was not acceptable by the establishment believing in evolution religion. But was verified by the Aztec experience in Mexico City, now became Pearl #232 published on 1-15-05 the only interpretation so far. Revelation’s prophecy thousand of years cannot be JC years if caused from the second asteroid impact. Now understanding true science, it totaled (1000/1881= .531"P) in simple math from the Enoch pyramid, which is 6.3 month/solstice converted from the JC calendar.

That points rational again logically to a new earth axis shift from a future asteroid strike after 2018 AD and connects to the old earth axis as both are embedded in a hidden math relationship of the Great Pyramid, now revealed. It stands to reason that when Enoch built his pyramid from a blueprint given by ELOHIM, it did not match the earth-sun-cosmos relationship of his day. It was designed for a future civilization as Isaiah said in the previous verse, "On that day" or future.

Therefore, the math embedded in Enoch’s time only applies to our time. Our civilization was projected to end again with a second asteroid. The coming asteroid is already in an 825-day orbit, being 52 km in size and estimated to hit the earth by astronomical calculations in 2020, which became front cover in two magazines in 2006, though now forgotten.

It will come a little sooner according to a Russian scientist who postulated that if a rock is rotating, one side gets hot and the other cold to alter the projection. The Bible prophecy dates it to (17 September 2015) or perhaps (17 September 2017) another orbit possibility but still must be linked accurately to Jesus’ birthday, Jewish holidays, as synchronized with an unusual Sun-moon eclipse never repeated in 500 years at the Jewish New Year when the king starts to reign, along with more history witnesses, calendar cycles and ancient clocks exhibited globally in museums.   

To prove more for the skeptic, we can compare the design of the inside angle of the future Ezekiel pyramid temple described in Pearl #174. Remember, the apex of a pyramid always reflects the ending of the original earth axis tilt. Two years ago I calculated previously the Ezekiel pyramid angle 45.24⁰ not considering longer fraction should be 45.2706⁰ which is only 2.43 second of a degree bigger compared to the Enoch pyramid tells us pyramid inches exactly converted 53.8980⁰ (53⁰53"53') by another method starting from 2287.901434673 adding 4300.87 years apart brought together by the wobble axis being at rest on 21 December 2012, which is extraordinary in matching the Bible with the science measurements of Professor R. Capt. THE GREAT PYRAMID DECODED.

That also proves that our original earth axis previously was dislocated as established by an asteroid plunging in the Gulf of Mexico against the rotation direction of the earth caused continental shift. Across thousands of years, it still has built up stress embedded on the inside core mantle causing tectonic changes linked to earthquakes to be released once more big time with another asteroid. Read Isaiah and Revelation narrated in Babushka egg concept books to make you understand history written in advance. Notice the earth this time will be hit in the direction of rotation, which is better for mankind because it releases only some of the residual stress going back (53.6-2x23.5=6.6 or 4.99) toward the original earth axis position like a sailboat ballast restored when the earth slowed down 5.24 days in 4300 yrs./solstice.

If you are a math expert, please tell me the "probability" of programming 60 million to 4300 years dating an asteroid to a day, month, and year with embedded math information in any pyramid selected from hundreds on earth. Use your choice of inch or centimeter calculation relating from (1400 BC) Moses recorded in the first verse Genesis (4004 BC), to John’s 1000-year Revelation (AD 96) and to Ezekiel’s five math system (571BC) of a future pyramid Jewish temple (AD 2018) theologians have never heard of matching a Hebrew HANS code 6000 year old. From that find a future earth axis wobble even matching various bronze-gold clocks globally exhibited in museums all to end with a new axis earth wobble matching 53⁰53'53" to the second – identical to the oldest monument on earth build with 2 million stones into a pyramid embedded with mathematics our universities could not exist. It is even mentioned in the oldest history book of mankind collected in the Bible still with the veneer plates missing corresponding to so many other dates in prophecy. Convince me otherwise.

Consequently, this future asteroid strike will follow God’s promise never to have a flood again for some to survive. Like the Aztec times, some of preselected humanity will live on in a nice temperate and warm climate in the northern hemisphere even in Russia, China and Alaska.

My books dug out many historic events related to science like gold prospectors in Alaska finding many fossil bones scraped off by bulldozers from prehistoric times revealing a tropical climate, which will be repeated again according to prophecy. From a nuclear poison radiation perspective horrendous over 10 Richter scale earthquakes will cause massive leaks in global atom-power-stations. Just witness Japan and Russia now exposed permanently with hot radiation grossly contaminating the food chain to kill life for 100,000 years will experiencing the same fate being totally destroyed too according to physics.

The Bible describes tectonic changes like Jerusalem will split in half and rises in part to a high mountain (Zechariah 14:4). That will sink certain other areas below sea level; I am sure now convinced that the LORD will submerge those areas where nuclear power stations are located for life to continue. If you want to be educated about the causes of climate changes, you should read my 5th Babushka egg concept book free on the Internet, Reflections on Global Warming. Ice glaciers will again form on the poles storing water for future generations for rivers to flow. We have a repeat of history focusing on nature to repair what evil mankind destroyed causing much extinction. But ELOHIM is in control of his creation and needs only one species pair similar what happened with Noah's boat.

God will take care of millions of orphaned children from various nations, as their parents being evil will not be spared by the four (4) Death Angels similar to ancient Passover in Egypt. Surviving children will then be helped by the angel army accompanying Jesus Christ to save 1/3 ISRAEL (Zech. 13:8) from the greatest extermination peril, the prophesied Jacob’s Trouble Pearl # 120. Angels will shepherd millions of orphans little children in need of much care {Mark 10:14}. They are meant to start mankind over again for the Kingdom of God. Even nature will be helped, redeemed from a GMO curse to reproduce genetic unmodified animals and seeds stored on icy Svalbard Island or isolated Cuba. They will prolifically multiply in the billions within a very short time, not being interfered by corrupt evil governments executed with an asteroid like in Noah's days. My surviving grandkids babies will see rain worms and maybugs again like his granddad.   

Once more mankind will see abundant fish increasing and new land will appear, as the warmer climate will grow food with a double harvest having two summers in one JC year for a much bigger population. No longer will we have permafrost with the whole earth changed to a milder climate. Grass will grow in Israel's mountains as prophesied, dripping with milk and honey.   

Even energy will be abundant, being extracted from GRAVITY, AIR, WATER and MAGNETS. Read my Babushka egg concept projections with many examples from science. Using my (16) UREE inventions, which converted free electricity not allowed in the atheistic universities being shortchanged by an unscientific evolution religion. The UREE works by using the ∞ energy embedded in atoms fuelling the Kosmos. That creates magnetism inside the atom because protons are moved like a current as defined in the three finger electrical rule. Magnetism is the lifeblood for electrons that can be harvested with a magnetic bridge like a fishnet spread out over a narrow river passage gets more fish the easy way. A double-sided electric generator creates a higher pulse in each loop; fed back perpetually will increase to each other gaining energy. The windings will get all the electrical profit to light houses, propel automobiles and fuel factories for free.

Asteroid EntryWhen TRUTH is denied by an atheistic priesthood corrupted to the core by hating the Bible, it causes worldwide destruction. They will never understand real science. Don't worry; the Four Death Angels will soon execute all evil mankind being left over from the Apocalypse. Only those who pass the test will survive and inherit God's Kingdom on Earth. Check it out as described in the Pearls and Babushkas egg concept books and tell me about the probability if you know math. Become wise and live.


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