Pearl #233 -

Hidden and Shocking End to our Civilization
A Metaphysical Observation

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[Copied and abridged from the 7th Babushka Egg Concept book - What is the Time Dimension (10-10-10) written three years ago and compare it with today's headliner verifying science projection.]

Our civilization will be ending shortly with an apocalypse for reason mentioned and explained later in Part 2. Mankind has come to the point where Good and Evil is no longer differentiated but enforced on society a Third Option merged into "Relativism" changing globally the moral values emulated from an atheistic Hegelian- Marxist- Capitalist- Socialist- Elitist philosophy into a computerized oppressive One-World-System.

However, our global society will be measured against God’s standard has become totally evil ending my story with a mirror to reflect reality what will happen in the next few years. The black storm clouds already have gathered. Most prophecies have been fulfilled only one more, a morning star to announce a new day.

The dawn of a new civilization God’s Kingdom on earth is on its way seeing the total destruction of our environment and massive extinction but evil mankind cannot see it brainwashed by evolution fairytales no longer capable to think in logic. It also caused theological confusion about the Apocalypse, yet it is well documented in the Babushka concept books.

It is even dated from science visit globally museums exhibiting ancient bronze-gold clocks, ending our civilization, which was planned before mankind linked to the formation of this earth in 4488 BC if you do the math applied to our knowledge.

Satan, whom God appointed to teach us evil, affects us all but his school to teach mankind is abridged by our mortality. He is only allowed a certain time to expose us with evil so that we can learn lessons applied to eternity needed in the after-life.

Every mortal has a preset time recorded like two birthdates embossed on our tombstone destined by the Elohim, some being very painful more or less depending on application for higher position in his administration. It was portioned out according how much was needed for a future life on the other butterfly side as illustrated for grandkids nature’s caterpillar–cocoon example teaching us the invisible metaphysical realities.

Evil is a great mystery now exposed a little in this Babushka egg applying science. Searching science magazine revealed   some unexplainable facts difficult to make sense, but our limited mind needs to trust our Creator that all what happens on earth is under His control being allowed for a greater purpose.

To survive the apocalypse God will provide a boat again like Noah saving his family because he trusted God. Being forgiven to enter the Promised Land many will experience miracles perhaps some may get an individualized canoe to navigate a descending apocalypse waterfall. That example gives us hope. Read Billy Graham's Prayer to the Nation. (Pearl #141)

The Apocalypse is scary, but only God can get us through it. The golden thousand years of peace will arrive shortly after. A birthing process is painful, but will fade away as the next new civilization will take over, embedded with hope and prosperity for all of mankind.

For the first time, evil will no longer be allowed in God’s Kingdom on Earth. Satan’s school to teach us evil will be closed down, and the teacher will be bound in the abyss. Satan is the last actor leaving the stage before the Time dimension curtain falls.

Looking behind the Time Dimension curtain reveals what is invisible to the spectators watching the major players getting ready for the final act that is the glue of the creation story. Satan has controlled two previous civilizations, but he is not allowed to mess up the last one. That third civilization for mankind is on the horizon and will begin after 28 September 2015, which is based on many witnesses.

You can check it out in the Babushka concept books. In the Gospels recorded 2000 years ago, Satan tempted and offered Jesus all the kingdoms on earth if He would acknowledge that he was co-equal to the ELOHIM to be worshiped. He never changed his mind and tried once more to defy God the Elohim in this civilization in utter rebellion and defiance.

But Satan’s final time will terminate in a Kosmos Apocalypse by Michael’s army ending the war in heaven. Now forcefully exiled to earth, Satan will continue to war with his underworld demons being morphed human, but he will be chained to the nether-prison as predicted by the Hebrew-Aztec calendar after 25 July 2015 much is detailed in Revelation. It closes the creation theater curtain ending the story similar to the Atlantis Civilization in 2288 BC recorded by the Aztec culture as a fifth cycle parallel to the Daniel's stone from heaven. (Dan. 2:34) It will end in fire rain terminating our civilization dated with HANS on 17 September 2015. The Bible speaks of many more events that I assembled in detail in my second Babushka concept book, Mystery of Tammuz 17 to broaden our horizons and understand God’s Plan for Mankind, never preached in church using natural science to embellish divine revelation.

Mortals have been linked to Satan ever since Creation. We have coexisted in parallel, involved in a battle of good and evil. That battle started with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden around 4004 BC as proven with ancient clocks exhibited in museums. Historically, Satan has caused many wars to derail God’s plan for mankind. The story ends with a final confrontation at Armageddon now projected in many TV programs. Most people only have a vague idea from the biblical perspective and its implication of evil opposing God Elohim, the Creator.

Satan again will face Jesus in his last confrontation, and will appear shortly. The last showdown of Armageddon has been dated using the ancient code of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) with Satan trying to convince God Elohim that he is superior to Jesus, His favored Son.

Please be not offended by what I observed looking behind the metaphysic curtain of the cosmos drama theater. It is acted out by the main performer from a Bible perspective, which I did not invent, as I am mortal just like everybody else, but discovered out of curiosity. As a kid, I turned over a number of rocks on a walk with my parents just to see what moved under and have never changed my habit investigating science and religion. What I see under the rock is subject to interpretation but reflects the time we live in and applying its logic could see how it ends.

Satan’s Final Meeting with Elohim

Toward the end of the apocalypse, Satan will confront God once more and say something like this:

God you should accept that I am equal and more powerful than Jesus. Remember, I use to be coequal in ancient times. I was number ONE named Lucifer previously highly honored in your administration and ruled all the kingdoms on earth ever since.

Being demoted not my fault but still controlling Mortals making them do what I want guided by my faithful demons everywhere in strategic locations. As a matter of fact, very few around the world are still loyal to you. They have forgotten your Bible oracles thrown out of the classroom.

Look around globally and be convinced and acknowledge the many facts that I circumvented the Babel confusion event and created a united, atheistic computerized New World Order once more, which became my willing tool to screw-up nature, whatever was leftover from Noah’s Boat (2288 BC).

My loyal demons achieved and succeeded in training many faithful, stupid Mortals who were educated and brainwashed in my atheistic evolutionary religion I invented. Their entire science endeavor and resources were used only for one purpose: to destroy and mess up your creation check it out the global environment irreversible doomed for extinction.

They even financed it with phony, worthless, printed money that was mostly applied to high technology, which was destined for the absolute annihilation of mankind, including all biological life on earth.

I made sure that they are well educated in my religion, groomed by special demons that are skilled in deception. They were placed strategically alongside every atheistic politician and scientist and taught them my science fairytale evolution version, which was dovetailed for destruction no longer teach logic.

 My kingdom power is unequalled next to the Divine, as my demons succeeded and taught mankind again how to genetically modify every food you saved from Noah’s Ark. That was made big global news on major TV (5-21-10).

Creating life in the laboratory by mixing DNA genes was heralded as the greatest achievement of science. On one side ignorant scientists waste resources by smashing atoms with more powerful cyclotrons that started with SLAG now improved with a really stupid CERN; nevertheless, others are more educated to discover that atoms, rather being smashed to junk, are controlled by an invisible embedded intelligence code attached to every DNA forming 80,000 proteins. 

They think they are creating something new, which is not possible. They can only borrow energy and mix intelligence codes from what already exist being now very close to repeating what was done in Noah’s time once more. They have already spliced out the reproductive genes and learned the process of cloning, and are programmed to do it again.

They became successful, by starting with sheep. Now sheep are twice as big having lost its inclusive taste being mixed with other genes of bigger animals, all aiming to make more profit.

I financed the research, which is getting better now, since they have cloned most vegetables, but it makes more headlines when modifying cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys and to make more profit succeeded producing imitation meat-hamburgers. It is already used in hot dog-ersatz created in synthetic production laboratory from stem cells.

They are very close to mass produced, modified half-human, half-animal again, which is reminiscent of cloned mermaids. It was demonstrated in an ancient monument a Sphinx-human-lion dug up from sand and silt caused by the flood, to show their accomplishment during the Atlantis civilization in 2288 BC.

I caused people to laugh and make jokes about the Bible. That was a good method for countless to be lulled into complacency and to become comatose, in order to deflect the danger. They are trapped and no longer care to save some original seed. I made sure that many atheistic lawyers were motivated by greed in order to enforce gene patent laws that would accelerate gene modification which can no longer reproduce its specie.

Forty years ago, the US Congress hotly debated genetic technology being upset when they saw babies genetically modified without arms and legs missing. But a new GMO cartel Monsanto industry was emerging at my direction using genetic body parts needed in budding gene laboratories.

They were at first shocked when asked by scientists if they would be allowed to legally harvest organs used for transplants and other experiments by declaring the armless and legless babies' non-human, being terminated right after birth.

That ended in a compromise by allowing abortion mills well financed by subsidized taxes, which allowed them still to use aborted baby body parts skillfully divided and spliced into various useful genetic material inside the womb. With high-tech instruments they have ample supply available of the genetic material for a new emerging DNA research and technology.

The Supreme Court decision influence by my demons was helpful for the specialized industry of many laboratories hungry for more gene material around the world. They asked and got permission for much-needed human body parts, now plentiful available from the 50 million babies killed in America bypassing the US Constitution made to be useless now relative.

Ever since they have pushed the envelope for more developed, bigger body parts past the fetus stage. Check out how the US Supreme Court opened the present abortion mill laws in American killing babies in dirty facilities just born witnessed on TV never upset the comatose Christians sleeping in church.

Being less restricted is helping the new emerging gene industry hungry and profit motivated for more fully developed transplant organs with embedded stem cells secretly harvested inside or outside the vulva. But it will not matter anymore in a few years. I am looking forward to the end seeing my plan of extinction finalized I make sure the public will never find out.

The biggest surprise is waiting. That is, when people discover that original food seeds will not be around any more. They will have been genetically wiped out. They have as a society forgotten about the Noah boat story saving seeds for a future generation.

Notice most food items show a control number stuck on every fruit, vegetable or seed? Now they are much bigger in size with more water embedded and tasteless to fool the consumer.

All is motivated for higher profit to keep the stock market casino busy to finance future wars. Therefore, Mortals do not even notice the food became enhanced with chemicals and artificial colors and systemically embedded with pesticides in the cell level allowed by the FDA, but they are dangerous to eat.

Worse yet is that the public is kept ignorant when the immune system policeman was spliced out on the cell level. It will cause many to die and get sick on strange diseases, a hospital puzzle.

Many already are getting infected from salmonella and E-coli bacteria, which now have unhindered access as the policeman protecting the specie intelligence information was spliced out. Resulting in many diseases generated from bacteria and viruses combined with various swine flu versions have now unhindered access bypassing the immune system creating premature death. Worse scientists mixing new strands of superbugs cell material for the benefit of pharmaceutical corporations to make obscene profit manufacturing dangerous useless drugs.

The comatose consumer will never know the difference or why the food has changed because the atheistic FDA government I corrupted is controlling everything. Food consequently will become obsolete for the next generation, which is terminated by my superior strategy.

To make absolutely sure my demented Geneticist using modified chickens to implant dangerous genetically customized pharmacies and discovered that eggs produces drugs much more cheaply all for higher profit and should never be eaten.  If you wondered why recently massive chickens where rounded up to be destroyed by government agent dressed in white space suites and goggles searching 300 farmers in Asia and in Germany thousand geese shown on TV revealing my success.

Because humans are stupid, not deterred by a million eggs recalled recently was just a trial for a bigger impact linked to deadly embedded pharmacy and spreading lethal salmonella and E-coli bacteria and viruses accelerating big time. Many animals are now treated with massive antibiotic substances on feedlots to enhance many superbugs and Mad Cow Disease embedded in meat no longer investigated by the FDA protecting the GMO cartel. It will terminate in cancer death going through the roof costing billions skyrocketing even Obama cannot fix. Once a cow has been injected with Monsanto's rBST mixed with strange pharmacies will produce higher milk output but causing puss in milk that can only be countered with dangerous hormones to save the cow.

It will then be injected with massive antibiotics, which will damage the immune system of kids affecting in early death. The result is demonstrated by the medical profession being baffled by so many schoolchildren made dependent on dangerous drugs. Doctors are unable to keep track of new drugs accelerating worldwide linked to bizarre diseases. It is countered by useless, unsafe mind-altering drugs creating disabilities from childhood.

For more profit producing cheaper powerful drugs other vegetables can be genetically modified especially easy is corn, potatoes and eggs used in processed products now loaded with chemicals and outright poison and made sure that my friendly FDA will not enforce gene labeling laws being rewarded by the GMO cartel with generous bonuses. But if forced to label a simple backed cookie has 40 dangerous chemicals embedded in tiny print to fool the consumer being ignorant of GMO.

Check the science statistics. The public is not informed that if GMO is introduced into the environment only one time, it can never be controlled by brainless bureaucrats. The basic food - meat, vegetables or milk production around the world will become totally screwed up all for higher profit for the GMO Monsanto cartel conglomerate. All fingers point to the FDA of former cartel executive employees vice versa approving a hellish recipe for massive disappearing of organic grown food linked to starvation accompanied by horrible painful deaths.

In addition I made sure worldwide nobody would know that the food production could end suddenly as I exclusively united in a consortium all international gene corporations and created a Monsanto cartel octopus controlling globally the other deadly sisters. They are favored by a corrupted FDA which is totally loyal to me together utterly control every aspect of farming worldwide. Unbeknown to the public will screw up every original seed production facility for farmers embroiled in expensive lawsuits.

Therefore, the whole world is dependent on only one gigantic, global mega billion-dollar octopus cartel skilled in cloning and gene-modification changing every original seed for farmers, which has permanently modified all reproduction laws of nature and is now geared toward total destruction becoming extinct. They spliced out the original reproductive gene intelligence, which will be lost forever once gone replaced with terminator genes to make you depended only on Monsanto's seed for higher profit.

My demons will now push for inferior cloning with the missing reproduction information spliced out that will no longer replicate the species. It surely will prove my power over mankind. When the original seed will disappear according to nature, many farmers will no longer grow food for the next generation ending forever what was original created. Massive starvation will follow ending mankind guaranteed. Remember, I Lucifer blinded many to make sure that a powerful cartel will always pay off judges, politicians and lawyers making them instant millionaires. Not even governments and UN World Court can restrict GMO’s anymore; as it will be impossible to remove the foreign genes of certain species once embedded into another, which is destroying the intelligence forming proteins linked to DNA now permanently will be screwed up.  

It gets worse. Once GMO is introduced in the environment on a large scale, global cartels enforce their gene patents to make obscene money. Nature automatically will reproduce what was artificially put in, like operating a computer; "garbage in gets garbage out". It will end with extinction in one generation assured by the natural process of forgotten Newton's Law.

Most high court judges are comatosely stupid and do not understand GMO technology enforced by powerful global cartels who will always favor gene patents to the detriment of farmers. They have no choice to retain their own seed because a terminator gene was inserted, which makes it impossible to reproduce the next time around by a regulated food production. 

Nature teaches when original seed can no longer be obtained as seed pollen will spread over to the neighboring fields with foreign embedded genes will contaminated reproduction of the next generation. Poisoned pollen will kill every pollinating insect like honeybees and many beneficial insects disappearing. Ultimately every farmer must pay a big patent fee to the corporation if only one single gene is embedded in the whole field as tested in a Supreme Court case in Canada, even though it is impossible to prevent genes from migrating to adjacent fields carried by the wind. That alone creates gigantic profits automatically for the cartel and only needs corrupted lawyers to police compliance linked to the threat of expensive lawsuits the farmers cannot win.

It gets better protecting my willing GMO cartel in addition, every farmer must sign a contract giving up all rights extending 100 years forever and is forced to buy seeds and specially designed fertilizers and pesticides only from the cartel to have a crop for the next year, which legally can be enforced by my friendly Supreme Courts following my orders to make sure my GMO extinction recipe will end globally the food supply forever.

My hellish GMO technology was greatly improved now to require that every seed continuously is using more fertilizers and pesticides increasing the profit for the cartels because the internal gene intelligence is programmed toward extinction. It was found out by some clever Japanese scientists but it will be too late when the rest of the world faces the soon coming Armageddon as time has run out since nature is not forgiving.

The fun is on my side for a double big bang will coincide with the prophesied Armageddon event because at my command I will cause the Monsanto and the sister DuPont-BASF cartel to totally collapse into bankruptcy, such as experienced previously by hundreds of banking institutions and insurance companies. Remember NYC in 2009 which started my version of the apocalypse was for me much fun to observe the international confusion by watching the global Stock Marked casino invented for the class of privilege to pile up their fake printed money they never earned. It will get better when watching a US government, controlled by the NYC-FED bankers, reacting tp worldwide financial chaos created by the bankers.  

Worldwide have more surprises. There will be no more bailouts causing the world currencies to collapse when found out the gold is missing in Fort Knox upsetting the Oil Cartel. Therefore my initiated programs causing massive extinction will totally destroy all food from this earth forever. Thus, the only place where life exists now will be forgotten through my effort and permanently terminated for the next generation of mortals.

To make sure my program is not diminished someone published the effect of modified food “Pesticides at war using chemicals that kill. Every year 220,000 people are killed by pesticides worldwide is the glue of future massive destruction.

It was countered by disinformation I am good at. The public is unaware of my massive corporate caused genocide: the slow motion the killing of people through their food for super profits. To maintain these super profits, I usually spread lies to convince the experts that without pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there would be no food. Being ignorant and stupid they believe it, hook and sinker. In fact the conclusion of the United Nations International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development has shown that “ecologically organic agriculture produces more and better food at lower cost than either chemical agriculture or GMOs". I made sure it is forgotten spreading disinformation to confuse.

Seen on TV we see many salmonella attacks with massive numbers of people getting horribly sick and dying. It is caused by Monsanto's genetic modified corn and grain also used to produce eggs feed to chickens. But was successful hiding a number of tests covered up by the FDA feeding Monsanto's modified corn to rats' shows large cancer ulceration proving my food destruction program is working as planned. The list is getting longer. In August 2010 TV announced a million eggs recalled with salmonella greatly pleased for an early success. 

Followed by 2013 the CDC was alarmed by seven new strain outbreaks of Salmonella I morphed genetically to be more potent to wreck existing drugs. It is getting much better now three months prior to that, three big factories making peanut butter family owned for a long time closed down in Texas found unavoidable my favored salmonella, followed by tea production in San Francisco.

More was shown on TV tomatoes, jalapenos, and had fun watching my early test with spinach in Watsonville California blaming some cows on the hill only 28 people mostly kids got killed but thousand ended sick which baffled a confused ignorant establishment not investigating the many genetic changed salmonella- E-coli bacteria side benefits.

Eating GMO vegetables cannot be avoided anymore as I made sure that stupid organic farmer do not know the difference what is organic and modified genes which caused many bankruptcy of harvest failure consequently will be killing massive people in the future believing my GMO lie?

The list is endless. GMO rice poisoned thousands in India and killed thousands sheep and buffaloes. The rest of the world is never mentioned on TV. Some people wake up when they get sick, but that will be too late as lies are more powerful which is the glue when judges are paid off with obscene profits. The roadmap was permanently redirected which will derail Your Plan for Mankind because I am superior. 

Additionally, it is getting better my demons boast controlling stupid Mortals, who literally dig their own graves. We have re-engineered toxic bacteria that is more deadly genetically and which has been dug up from the graves in the cemeteries from the Middle Ages by my loyal scientists, in order to build 10,000 biological bombs, but are a thousand times more lethal. Using genetics combined with deadly cell material extracted from decomposed bones from those that died from the Black Plague.

My favored scientists build biological weapons guaranteed to finally put an end to all of mankind. I stored much poison in America became atheistic in just one generation rejecting the Christian faith as pastors and preacher became comatose to put their congregation to sleep only interested in money. But gained more favors in the UN of my Iran-Syria protected Islam religion worshipping me as their god. My Islam religion has grown to one third of the world population plus the other third became atheist's getting bigger proven to be superior to your Christianity many are ineffective comatose.

Perhaps could now be merged into one Chrislam under my control. The Vatican has a new Pope and is open to have peace at any price. I made sure that thousands of bio-bombs stored and supervised by demented, brain-dead bureaucrats loyal to me to make certain that all biological life globally will be terminated a thousand times over at my command. Exercising my invisible power only a superior leader is able to control globally this atheistic computerized world system impossible to escape as all have a SS control number watched by my demons.

The ancient Bible prophets were pretty good describing eyes falling out from their sockets while still alive. I can do better with modern flesh-eating bacteria far superior and will be so much fun to watch how it performs.  Millions can be killed in just a few days.  I am just itching to get the prophesied signal to start Armageddon my demons helped to prepare.

Another early success we achieved creating super cloned viruses when some of my demented scientists succeeded mixing Polio serums with my newly manufactured manmade AIDS viruses unbeknown by the UN Health organization inoculated worldwide children especially the poorest African population to study the lethal effects for my coming World War III application. It was meant to control unwanted population costing the UN too much money. I put the fear in the richest money moguls to finance the research believing that overpopulation is not sustainable with the health cost going up tackled lately by Obama demonstrating big time failures of an early demon caused computer collapse. The result on both fronts is massive dyeing of undesirable inferior sick and black people denigrated by the World UN planers straining the budget to finance my Armageddon program. 

It gets better more destructive to the environment globally most societies and especially universities are unaware that free electricity existed 100 years ago discovered by Nicola Tesla. When the German scientist Hoffman invented infinite hydrogen energy by splitting water with a simple method, they denied this huge energy resource for the whole world too. It took a lot of my Satan-power to make sure it was suppressed by my friendly American Government using the mighty military industrial complex linked to its police power down to the kindergarten level to brainwash people to keep the energy Genie in the bottle. They favored OIL and Coal worse, now fracking so destructive polluting the environment easy to poison the water and air causing massive extinction I was much pleased from the result.

But for extra bonus rewarding me as their leader kept killing billions creating continued energy world wars remember the first-second world war working toward the third getting much better destroying infrastructure, creating worldwide chaos destructive to the environment. Energy wars are aimed to destroy LIFE not found in the universe stupid atheistic scientists never figured out.

Some of my demons even surprise me because they are now extremely educated with hi-technology, which was invented by mortals. When I found out, I personally supervised and directed them to build gigantic microwave antenna facilities (HAARP) in remote areas nobody knows exists. They are hidden in Alaska, Norway, Russia and China, which when turned on, will heat up the jet stream in the stratosphere, deflecting a moving jet stream containing billions of tons of water circling the earth. It can change weather patterns, with one side experiencing drought and the other side, horrendous flooding.

In fact, it was checked out recently and tried several times and it works. The Chinese caused horrendous floods in America, which the Americans countered with floods in China. The Russians are in the middle and want a part of that action, too.

Check the recent NEWS reporting daily that the Oil price is going down intern reducing the long-term oil contracts in spite of the US government activating all the various HAARP high frequency antenna stations to deflect the global jet stream. They hope that by artificially disturbing the weather pattern it would increase the worldwide oil consumption for higher profit, though the price is still sinking.

The ignorant public does not yet know that corrupt science and global oil interests can manipulate the weather by artificial means of sending a resonance frequency in the sky to influence the jet stream carrying the water vapor from the ocean over land for thousands of years. The disturbed weather causes severe drought in one area as never experienced before, and in other areas around the world there are horrible floods, thunderstorms, unheard of large hail, freezing temperatures in the tropical zone and a thousand reactions. The damage done to the environment runs into uncounted billions of dollars.

They all crave control of other more powerful weapons at the cheapest prices for maximum destruction. The UN Global Warming meeting provided comic opera. The participants were confused about the weather and fought over stupid illogical opinions with each atheist scientist trumping over another - each hoping to be rewarded with a Nobel Prize rewarded now even to terrorists and corrupted government officials too. 

These meetings usually end in a commotion that sounds like a disturbed turkey farm. They do not realize when their own military government secretly manipulates the jet stream with microwaves. The generals watch the global reaction of confused turkey scientists blaming it on carbon gas, while also fighting who should pay more CO taxes to raise their salaries.

And for an added benefit, directing and deflecting microwaves to earth can even cause earthquakes as demonstrated on TV. It really messed up Iceland the last spring of 2010. It cost billions, ashes erupting in the stratosphere stopping air traffic and damaging the economy. It can be traced to a Norwegians experiment with their microwave facility that needed a little more fine-tuning in order to make it bigger. Watch a rerun on the educational TV or YouTube if you do not believe me.

Recently, my atheistic scientists demonstrated for the ignorant public how a rock on an incline is moved and dislodged with a little microwave energy, which has never seen before and was new to me, too. Some geologists discovered that sending microwaves into rock strata would start an earthquake that could be turned off and on, which surprised them greatly now accelerated into a very useful weather-changing weapon.

This extraordinary technology could be implemented as soon as the atheistic ballplayers, who hate each other’s guts, caused a gigantic global drought especially in California the greatest food producer now out of business. Once the jet stream is disturbed could last years for maximized effect linked to horrendous food shortage. The UN should notice the global rising of food shortage caused by GMO was scheduled to end in my Armageddon food crash planned a few years later.

Magnetic resonance is useful for creating free electricity ignored by science that has many more applications and could be demonstrated to kids with a small music speaker paper cone linked to an old junk radar generator. When it touches the main steel beam of a building, it will cause the massive structure to resonate at a certain frequency adding a little energy at a time getting bigger. The amplified resonance frequency eventually creates tremendous power similar to the generation of free electricity, a useful principle I try to hide from ignorant governments. The critical resonance frequency could also implode buildings by loosening bolts as it channels the energy just like Nicola Tesla discovered free electricity. But imploding skyscrapers is more fun to watch a comatose public never noticed demonstrated on TV 9/11 that a third IRS-Supreme Court building collapsed amazingly not hit with an airplane to fake an implosion but mysteriously buckled too with the other World-Trade-Center skyscrapers?

How could three steel buildings implode still a kept mystery? It proved that my demons are successful as the real reason was to create new government departments not controlled by the American Constitution, at the same time destroyed the records of people loyal to me in conflict with the law which needed to disappear now camouflaged in the same incidence. In a few years, all the bugs will be worked out to eliminate a Christian-based US Constitution for a final show down. Watch NYC bankers, once more starting Armageddon.

A secondary benefit of tele-microwave is that it can be misdirected and deflected from the stratosphere to bounce back to earth like telephone transmission but not quite in control yet. It can start a localized fire on top of a metal tower and works like an antenna illustrated in a Nicola Tesla picture. When electrical microwave of concentrated energy is disturbed by a modified jet stream could be creating a discharge spark on the highest top of an oil platform will unexpected explode as seen on various TV NEWS reported from the Gulf of Mexico.

It caused a massive oil slick followed with gigantic pollution just the gunk needed destroying all marine life ending the food chain.  It is made worse by spraying detergent with airplanes to cover up the mess being very helpful to poison all life down to the bottom of the ocean.

Every leaking oil-well could be cheaply prevented by just welding together a hollow steel pyramid with a chimney on top linked with a flex hose to end in a boat outfitted with centrifuge could simply separate the oil from water.

That idea was send to five TV Media stations but made sure it was suppressed by the management making more profit from contrived disasters designed for a mindless TV. A stainless steel, double hollow pyramid inside the storage vessel applied to deadly radiated water could even solve Japan's nuclear problem but made sure will never be implemented.

I am much pleased and gave the Oil Cartels manufacturing detergent a double profit by hiding oil leaks around platforms, which is greatly destroying the ocean environment. Even many government agencies bought massive detergent from the oil cartel really a cozy deal for bureaucrats getting paid too helping to hide the massive pollution by getting more rent. But nobody paid attention aired on Australian TV showing massive foam detergent on beaches to make sure fish-life is disappearing already horrible expensive. A once vibrant bottlenose dolphin, called “Y12” by scientists, may have paid a terrible price for the devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.      

And for dessert, just to make sure that all is destroyed, we have thousands of nuclear bombs assembled and controlled globally by corrupt governments even tiny North Korea has an untamed nuclear arsenal. Demented scientists have invented the most deadly substance - plutonium ever created on this earth and needed million centrifuges made by Siemens to be extracted.

All is ready for a stirred-up chaotic Islamic rebellion with well-trained terrorists, young stupid kids totally loyal to me. Islam elevated me to be their Allah-god. I am honored; therefore, I have elevated that religion and placed it in the center of global politics controlling the global Oil reserve energy. I made sure that free hydrogen energy and electricity is still forbidden. 

America has now an Islam President and his cabinet is loaded with the Islam brotherhood known to be terrorist to destroy the Christian culture from within, as most people are comatose mostly sleeping never noticed. Christians voting usually for atheists affright of conflict have been lulled in believing they will escape into thin air taught by my mislead pastors I trained.

Many theologians are friendly to me, so I will keep them confused. Since the Middle Ages, I’ve kept them divided by stupid unimportant doctrines fuelled by deceit, spread by my demon-clergy employed in seminars which helped modern Bible version to be mistranslated.

It has been very successful watching prophecy Summit conferences blinding most fossil-theologians adhering to Christian falsified dogmas. Therefore will not listen to the Warning of Jonah-II you send. They rather believe my twisted lie still believing that the prophesied Apocalypse is future and made sure being ignorant of science. 

But Islam is special to me, my willing favored tool that I created. It took me 600 years to thoroughly brainwash its followers being better skilled to hate and murder now with high technology. They will even bump off their own children with a bomb strapped around their body blowing up seen daily as cars is their favored toy following my Koran to the letter. My demons taught every little kid how to operate a machine gun destined to end their culture useful to continue the Islam Spring destruction to be finalized in an enormous uproar around Armageddon as planned I am looking forward to enjoy. 

It will end a Western Civilization embroiled with two billion brainwashed souls who are hot for action not equaled in history. They expect me to appear to be their leader in order to elevate Islam to a worldwide religion and wipe out the others especially Christians and Jews but they are fooled by another successful lie, which I am good at. Burning Christian churches and businesses has become a public spectacle meant for TV only 10% still around aiming for total elimination in Armageddon.

To prove my success, notice the statistics in Iraq, Syria, Iran, & Egypt the many burned-out hundred long established Christian's churches now empty and booming businesses disappeared all will end like Bethlehem Jesus birth town. Israel finally gave in 15 years ago to be managed by Islam with a mixed population of 65% Christian and Jews.  Today my demons achieved 1% to disappear forever. My recipe works spreading world-wide destruction of death even sleeper cells in America unavoidable will be not be an exception. 

In many historic Christian countries I made sure that people especially in America and the rest of the world have thrown out your Bible oracles in every classroom and government. They are now forgotten, in just one generation. Instead, they believe my superior atheistic evolution fairytales and have become totally comatose and void of any remnant education from the past. They will no longer be well informed lost the ability to think in logic which is devastating for the new generation kids will never know what is happening.

To further destroy a Christian culture my atheistic Supreme Court of America totally controlled and loyal to me made laws to allow killing over 50 million babies in America since 1970 copied throughout Europe. They are ignorant not educated in fertility laws which spells out any culture below 1.8 ratios is doomed and I made sure it is now even lower 1.1 and Europe even worse 0.9 being brain-dead and will not understand it why? But helping my favored Moslems are little smarter having 6-8 kids subsidized by many governments flooding Europe.

The Christians will be no better off comatose to fool, since they still embroiled in many dogma errors from the Middle Ages. They sold a powerful Christian faith for a bowl of lentil soup going mostly after fiat money to buy the comfort unequalled in history using printed money of fake value.

Creating inflation will make it easy to slide into poverty: a small house used to cost $35,000 now needs a million dollar mortgage. That made it possible and succeeded in changing a 200-year-old Christian education into my atheistic schools system, which is enforced by my loyal police force and thousand lawyers in many countries dedicated to end Western Christian based Civilization. 

My global prophet from the class of privilege will soon appear, allied with my mystery Antichrist a champion to manifest a global computerized One World Oder System. My future global leader is well-liked around the world, appointed the brightest to control my manufactured global political-economic chaos planed toward Armageddon.

He will appear like a savior known by many global bureaucrats to unite my One-World-Peace-Party system to increase the membership of the class of privilege by introducing a new global currency for the Stock Market casino to skyrocket once more.

To maintain profit it will at my pleasure trigger my planned Armageddon big bang to kill all Jews and Christians in a gigantic orgy as usually to steal their property. Even America became ineffective and terminated their Christian based constitution replaced with my ten presidential degrees already secretly enforced by the Homeland Emergency Security and State Department for early training.”

At my command, that will activate a premeditated, horrendous Armageddon Schlimazel to destroy all of what You created, and will guaranteed a combined total extinction of all life-forms on earth. It will look like the original earth, just bare rock, and void of life, which I remembered when you picked a cold naked planet and started 4488 BC from nothing, and I will now have the pleasure of seeing it stripped again once more.

Your Plan for Mankind will be totally derailed because I am more powerful as “I”, formally Lucifer, never resigned my power ruling over this world right up to this time still enforced with equal authority, and consequently “I” will decide to end it all! That will finally prove that “I am” equal and have creation power like the Elohim and should be reckoned to be co-equal to Jesus.

Watch Jesus Answer Once More,   “It is written…”

Returning to our time frame @ 2012 to discover that free green and clean energy was denied for 80 years while crossly polluting our earth and using fossil-fuel detrimental to the environment now fast moving all life toward extinction which is a global crime, will surely experience God’s Wrath to save his creation once more. However suppressing free electricity can no longer smother a groundswell accelerating into a loud credenza waking up scores of poverty-stricken countries starving for cheaper energy.

The needed firewood for billions of people to cook a meal is no longer available or solve a problem for Million living in refugee camps could have used free hydrogen gas extracted by splitting water with plenty unlimited free solar. A pent-up energy Genie spirit once left the prison bottle will expand into free hydrogen gas never to return.

The twofold good NEWS is that every deadly poison radioactive water pool in nuclear power station can be converted to clean energy extracted for a double benefit. First Hydrogen gas is easily generated with Stainless Steel tubing inside the storage containers just charged with a simple DC current will result in unlimited extraction of hydrogen-oxygen bubbles a scientist Hoffman invented.

Using Hydrogen fuel in an existing nuclear steam heat exchanger need not be modified to run the electric generators will now get free electricity making obscene profit. It is even gaining a side-benefit by splitting lethal radiation for easy safe disposal making more profit.  

Attention, when this technical proposal is still suppressed and denied is just demonstrating being grossly EVIL and will not escape God's Wrath announced on the Internet town square.  

YouTube, resisting Tesla's free ELECTRICITY may take little more time for the many struggling young people do not have the means fighting big money causing corruption in high places, still amazing creating new industries for the benefit of mankind.  Hopefully the last Internet bastion of re-claiming TRUTH will last a little longer before the prophesied Apocalypse is ending our civilization transformed for the next 1000 years with enough "free energy" for over 700 billion people.

Challenging the ELOHIM who gave us LIFE is big time stupid (Pearl  #250). Watch the sky he will return as predicted to clean up the global environmental mess and terminate an atheistic generation causing to annihilate all LIFE on earth meant for another 1000 years. Now even assaulted with toxic Round-up 10 times worse than DDT remember Silent Spring and deadly GMO causing much life extinction all from the same global octopus Monsanto-Oil Cartel operating beyond the law controlling every international governments. Worldwide ignoring the Babushka Egg evidence will justify God's Wrath to save Mankind and start over once more.

Lastly still following my inclination always curious reading my Bible discovered in (Zechariah 14) analyzing numbers and symbols and if overlaid with Hebrew Alphabet Number System discovered a special relationship. The number (14) =10+4 in the Hebrew letter means HAND (Our hand has 14 finger bones) matching science with prophecy noticed the prophet Zephaniah mentioned 14 times "On That Day".

But reading other prophets next to each other increased the 14 repetitions "On That Day" to (70) seventy events defining the ending of the Apocalypse, which took me by surprise.  My next witness will prove the Apocalypse is coming and filtered out a special code all summed up in consequences embedded in the scrolls of Isaiah, Zechariah, Jeremiah and Zephaniah.

On top of my list is Daniel, who was transformed in the Heh-dimension to witness like Isaiah the grandiose surroundings of the ELOHIM Throne assembled with millions angels and mortals to observe a metaphysic movie projection of our present time now dated after 17 September 2015. (Daniel 7:9)

"The Anointed" is being introduced to start God's Kingdom on Earth to clean up our globe to be restored to its former splendor. If interested, check this bible verse out on the Internet, a technology providing what is forbidden in many countries.

I highlighted the most important events of science linked with the metaphysic dimension. Parts 1 & 2 expand knowledge horizons for a fuller 360⁰ vision extracting what "is hidden" in the ancient Bible. United with the intent of divine revelation, it reveals how this atheistic civilization will end in AD 2015, being linked to Satan’s demise in AD 3018, eliminating the source of evil and closing the time dimension curtain.

Transhumanism & the Human Enhancement Revolution | Tom Horn | ISN Mentoring Session
(Mar 7, 2020)


The 4th Babushka book, Genetic Modification Exposed! offers thought-provoking and entertaining documentaries on the Internet, airing The World According to Monsanto.

Excerpt from Vandana Shiva's, "The Killing Fields Of Multi-National Corporations", The Asian Age, July 14, 2010.

National Geographic Magazine TV aired (5-18-10) Direct TV



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