Pearl #300: Part 1 -

A Short Story of Creation - They Lie About Everything
A Flat Earth Awakening Story


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Introduction and Summaries of Pearl #300

Babushka egg concept books used world calendars based on atheistic fake science to estimate the birth pangs of Wrath of God (2008-2022AD.) But a Torah-Bible revealed: Why did YHWH start a temporal Time dimension? Thus it exposed a date of the return Yeshua-Jesus with his millions Angels. It became “your” only option for Eternal Life!

A short Summary of Pearl #300 could be important for a high-tech civilization believing in atheistic fake science, thus can no longer read or comprehend what was written by a pen­named Jonah-II an inventor-scientist from Germany. The prophesied Endtime has now arrived, but why is the Plan for Mankind still veiled and not taught in most churches or Christian schools?  Therefore the present generation became ignorant of divine Truth now censured in fake YouTube Medias. Only the Torah-Bible revealed true knowledge to expose Satan’s deception that screwed up many denominations.  Atheistic Web videos will not quote history of Bible verses like Yeshua saying to Satan: It written… (Matt. 4:10) linked to Pearl #233 and the last Pearl #300 Part 1,2,3 + Addendum edited in stages to match the dial number of a World Cuckoo Clock on the last page.

  1. The Jod dimension = 10 was original planned to expand with much Life.

  2. But it became infected by Evil in a rebellion of the Archangel Lucifer.

  3. When Evil magnified, it triggered a correction by the Creator YHWH.

  4. To permanently remove Evil, YHWH created a Daleth “temporal time” Dimension in a Garden to continue eternal-life linked to two (2) Trees.

  5. But Adam-Eve violated divine Law: If sin - will die; therefore, Life for mankind is detoured only on earth and became linked to a Resurrection.

  1. Thus everybody since Adam had to be inoculated with Evil causing death. The 666 dilemma is resolved with a given Life-Gift for a new earth journey.   

  2. An unusual gift was provided by an infinite YHWH who became visible for mortals in “Yeshua” to pay for any Sin trespasses atoned on a cross. He fulfilled in a Zayin period the demand of the cosmic law linked to a Death & Resurrection cycle which removed Evil forecast on the Endtime.    

  3. Thus mortals will benefit in two (2) resurrections: the Saints for a Jod dimension, the other given Probation ruled by a Judge allowed back to Daleth Earth, when Life was cut short, babies, families and murdered souls.

  4. Therefore my wish is being resurrected in the Teth Kingdom of Light to become a bond-slave Saint of Yeshua invited to the King of King’s table.    I like to teach God’s Plan for Mankind and educate those that passed the final test but missed the Truth, thus given probation. Being a Saint educated in divine Laws will greatly benefit new developing societies in space, maybe to serve again like an inventor-scientist to develop the Kosmos? The Teth kingdom will have many specialized laboratories to conduct experiments in new life-forms matching memorized desires for Kibbutz start-ups communities’ transferred to new Jod planets…

[Continued in Part 3.]

Part 1: A Beth Mystery (Ex.3:14)

The celestial Torah-Bible curtain was opened a little to show the other side and begins Genesis with the letter “B - Beth" meaning duality or Vielheit in create Bereshyt. Perhaps the creation story is described from an Eve perspective revealing renewal of all Life, restitution and restoration. Thus a different viewpoint could explain that the invisible Light of an infinite Creator YHWH became visible in Yeshua-Jesus expressed in a dual nature, “Let us make man in our image.”(Gen. 1:26) This Pearl became three (3) parts to explain new Bible concepts never preached in church. Part-1, how the future Kosmos expands, Part-2, who is mini-pre-resurrected, Part-3, can Yeshua’s arrival be dated (with an Addendum)? Babushka Eggs revealed hidden keys of the divine Plan explaining why a world population again will be terminated in a prophesied Apocalypse. Much in this Pearl was newly discovered, but is evaluated only by YHWH (Isa. 66:2) but this is the man I will look…Humble, contrite in spirit and trembles at my word…The clay cannot say why do you form me thus? Just believe his promise. (Isa. 65.17)

Watch for the biggest current NEWS–The Kingdom of a Born King! Yeshua-Jesus is at the front door! It was designed as the Teth-Age and prophesied to last 1000 years [JC] being governed by divine laws. It will give mankind a Sabbath rest to live in peace without Evil. The King of Kings will arrive at a most critical time to save Mankind and restore an obliterated polluted earth and document the greatest predicted Apocalypse where Satan-Lucifer will end chained in the nether prison as the only evil survivor and his angel-demons totally eliminated forever!  Read carefully how this future society will continue in a much larger upcoming Empire-Kingdom governed by “Righteous Divine Laws” and resume Yeshua’s Resurrection extended with inserted “Probation” never experienced before by mankind. But some might ask, “Who are the Sons of God?” (Rom. 8:14)

I Found My Name & Destiny Hidden in Bible Codes! Yacov Rambsel (3-29-2019)

Investigating the recent Apocalypse warnings, a pen-named inventor- scientist Jonah-II discovered forbidden historic facts affecting many high-tech governments destroying again mankind and nature the world over. He related the Torah-Genesis with true science showing that only two (2) dimensions exist linked to Heh-heaven and Daleth-earth. The whole earth will profusely reproduce abundant Life again - no longer cursed, therefore thriving with bountiful blessings for a greater population. Agriculture will be healthy again free of deadly chemicals healing most diseases, thus obsoleting hospitals. (Rev. 22:2) Even prisons are gone. Free infinite Energy is allowed from nature, like Electricity and Hydrogen. The future society will forget money and work without pay to show their passion for skilled hobbies. Seventy future nations will teach the Ten Commandments again and educate everybody in basic Freedom and Morality with Civility. The future society will apply divine wisdom in free schools and universities explained in (Rom. 8:1-39) to articulate the character of the Creator YHWH.

He disclosed the most important issue of mankind explaining the origin of Evil to end in a temporal “Time” Dimension inserted only on earth. It started with a rebellion of the highest archangel Lucifer-Satan against the Creator. Incredibly one-third the angels of the Kosmos domain were unhappy? Thus believed Satan’s Lies and became wicked demons (Rev. 9:1) violating divine Laws, destined to live forever in outer darkness. Many more Kosmos mysteries are exposed in the Gospels and Revelation. To stop Evil budding to total cosmic chaos, the Creator introduced that “Time” is only temporary and documented the history of Evil in the Torah-Bible on a 7000yr Hebrew calendar. The Plan for Mankind revealed the greatest event of a prophesied Apocalypse appearing next where Satan and his Darkness Kingdom is terminated to restore and again balance a new Jod dimension. (1 Thes. 5:1)

A New World Order Placenta (Zech. 5:7, Isa. 33:1)

The nature of Evil is like a placenta divided by a holy YHWH. It can be linked to a corrupt, sophisticated fraud enforced by FED-IMF Illuminati banker cartels. They print yearly zillion dollars ever since 1913 and fabricated massive grants to finance every “WAR” which corrupted global politicians, governments and huge military industrial complexes. Half the world’s population is employed with obscene salaries to produce horrible high-technology weapons only to recycle the illegal capital back in government bonds & a stock market casino. They have programmed everybody in atheistic fake science deceiving everybody and planned to devastate totally this earth and mankind.

Therefore, if you want to be informed who rules the global village examine some freelance fast disappearing YouTube videos linked to the US, UN and their military EU cartels? They all cause massive destruction of the whole earth. Like NASA exposed many lies showing faked Moon landings or simulated airplanes crashing in NYC-9/11, satellites hanging on balloons, or thousands of dead CERN employees was predicted as ultrapure vacuum cannot be achieved, linked to (32) fictitious subatomic particles. All is created in a Hollywood movie studio to keep the world population ignorant. Destructive hi-technology conceal in hundred rackets is blamed on Global Warming. Everything is intended to suppress Bible Truth, like mega cheap Energy. Why was the German schoolteacher Hoffman silenced for splitting water into a clean free Hydrogen gas? Why forbid and cover up 300 patents of Nicola Tesla extracting free Electricity from copper coils & magnets, but promote deadly fracking to squeeze the last dirty Oil? Many GMO patents that modified food-seeds and animal genes, dismally failed. It created a food production shortage that collapsed grocery inventories from six months to three days. Worse, they use a microwave military weapon, HAARP, aimed at the jet stream to cause enormous deadly floods and droughts or burning many California’s towns blamed on forest fires. It upset the world politically with millions of refugees walking from shattered neighborhoods to escape death. But supremely evil is to cover up nuclear radiation now leaking from every fraud electric power station, killing all Life in the oceans. International universities display pictures of modified human hybrid aberrations of Trans-Human mixed with animal Genes elevating Evil to maximum. (Pearl #270)

Therefore pay attention! The Wrath of YHWH will repeat a historic Judgment to end again a wicked civilization like Noah’s (2288 BC). Watching recent prophesied disasters of a divine Apocalypse, perhaps true science as exposed in Babushka egg concept books and Pearls could date Yeshua’s Kingdom after 2020 A?.  

The Plan for Mankind (Ps.139, Job 27:13)

The Kosmos is still in the developing stage not yet restored as demon- Angels from the abyss are still alive and active, possessing worldwide many politicians on the Endtime. (Rev. 9:1-21) The Creator confined Evil by inserting a temporal “Time” only on earth, which allowed demons living forever in darkness to die. (Mark 5:1-20) After Satan’s rebellion the universe was continued with two (2) races: Angels, created sexless perhaps cloned, but Adam-Eve is given to reproduce children to fill the earth and manage nature. Thus to expand the Kosmos mankind was added, but this time to procreate on a (2) two-cycle plan for a higher purpose. A dual Beth coin introduced concepts Good-Evil, Life-Death, Paradise-Hell, but offered (2) two options of “Mercy” unto Life and “Mercy” unto Death linked to a Resurrection.

The first couple was told to be fruitful but did not pass the loyalty test and chose eternal Death over eternal Life. God allowed the human race to continue on a two-cycle system like the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly in nature to give everybody a chance to live-forever. But many will be nameless like blastocyte embryo cells sold in abortion mills. Except, if developed as a butterfly-soul, one has the possibility to assemble in one place for a probation purpose, like butterflies in Mexico? On the resurrected side many will be happy when their Sin-debt is forgiven to resume Life forever in a restored Kosmos offered by the Creator YHWH. 

Adam-Eve was promised a seed that became historical reality in the life and death of Yeshua-Jesus. But His “Resurrection” in Jerusalem demonstrated to everyone that “Time” will end in the Daleth dimension as illustrated in a dual Beth system. Thus His death divided an ancient Temple-curtain revealing on the other side a divine purpose to prove and validate Eternal Life recorded in the Gospels. But to control atheistic Evil, God will always respond with His divine Wrath. Thus, He judges any generation (2 Tim. 3:1-9) destroying Life and Truth until His 7000-year plan is settled in a new Jod Dimension.

Worldwide the present atheistic generation does not realize that they are targeted with deception of fake science aimed to displace Truth.  To confuse theologians, Satan removed some ancient (Apocrypha) scrolls now missing from the (70) Torah-Bible books. Thus, everyone became ignorant of the greatest Apocalypse warnings to once more ending a high-tech civilization. However the last 70th Torah-Bible book will be written during Yeshua’s Kingdom in the original language as everybody will be speaking Hebrew again reversing the Babel event, like Tanakh-Berishit-B. It will explain all the unanswerable questions of why Evil? The first language of Mankind was designed by an extraordinary multi-dimensional Mind being structured to communicate with the Creator. It unveiled how the Kosmos works controlled by physics /metaphysical laws on a crystal domed flat earth using a math base-seven (7) Hebrew Alphabet code. Thus, the Plan of Mankind is linked to a 6000+1000 = 7000 year Hebrew calendar rooted on seven (7) creation cycles. It is linked to divine law reduced to Ten Commandments imprinted in stone to bless all of mankind.

Yeshua's Kingdom is the Fullness of Time

A totally new Teth-society will evolve in Yeshua’s kingdom after a short Apocalypse Chet-Age: Satan is finally locked up ending a Zayin-Age, a Darkness Kingdom that he invisibly governed for 6000 years.  A mighty and evil Angel Lucifer is lastly judged and put in the nether prison as a lone survivor as all his millions demons are terminated. Rev. 9 shows the end of Satan’s rule and every religion he created that demon possessed Islam and many Popes to murder billions of families Christian and Jews in genocide to shorten Life. Perhaps free salvation is still prevented by Lucifer’s many deceptions united into CRISLAM - maybe declared on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? The challenge of unchanging righteous Law during mortal Life in a Daleth dimension is only solved with a free Life-Gift from the Second Adam Yeshua to guide us in the right divine compass direction. (1 Cor. 15:45; Heb. 10-11) Just make sure He knows your name and state Not Guilty given mercy to Life plus a great prize, a personal audience with the Creator YHVH. (Pearl #888)

Therefore embedded Evil in nature is reduced when Yeshua-Jesus comes again as promised now with extraordinary splendor and millions of angels. He will direct his divine cosmic power to establish a godly civilization to facilitate survival governed by cosmic divine laws and live with mortal Mankind for a thousand years. His footstool – a flat earth encircled with ice walls will be fully restored to its former splendor closing a Chet Age designed in a mirror image of a bigger new Kosmos Jod dimension. (Pearl #289)

Thus, redemption begins midpoint centered in Time embedded in the Plan for Mankind. It focuses on Yeshua-Jesus being shrouded in mortality to atone for the Evil violating YHWH’s creation governed by divine absolute laws. He allowed evil mortals to horribly torture his human body. They nailed Him on a cross to hear His final uttered words, “Forgive them; they do not know what they do…” declaring then the divine purpose applied to mankind, “Today you will be in my kingdom.” Satan did not succeed to take Yeshua’s life, not possible, as the giver of all Life shouted, “IT IS DONE!”

His death was confirmed by Roman soldiers lancing his heart fearing a merciless system, but the whole town of Jerusalem was stirred by an unheard Resurrection of a labeled “King of the Jews” stated over the cross by Pilate. The unknown resurrection evidence became the biggest surprise proven in science in an empty hollow mummy shell. (Mark 15:44)

Late about 3pm on the Sabbath, Pontius Pilate and the Jewish Senate were perplexed how a guarded dead body disappeared from a solid resin shell without showing any fractures. Wealthy influential Joseph and Nicodemus of the Sanhedrin donated 100 lb. of expensive material for a solid mummy case leaving only a small face hole for identification. (John 19:38) They desired to preserve the greatest teaching ever practiced in Israel. Thus, YHWH announced the greatest “First Resurrection” mystery to reveal a new Jod-Dimension and to remember throughout eternity where absolute Evil was forever judged to balance and restore a Kosmos. (Rev. 11:15)



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