Pearl #200 -

Jonah’s Three Witnesses (11-17-2011)

1) Jonah’s Message to Western Civilization

2) Jonah’s Message to Christianity

3) Jonah’s Message to Christians


1) Jonah's Message to Western Civilization -
21 December 2012

This paper sums up why we have arrived at the middle of the APOCALYPSE destined to end our civilization, prophesied to be a seven-year period.

God the ELOHIM planned the birthing of a new civilization, the center of the cosmos revealing his purpose. Without purpose the cosmos could not exist, which is my Babushka egg story. The birth pangs are getting stronger and will come with a placenta - a bloody package of disasters putting a tumultuous world in crisis.

Dating a future Apocalypse is a risky business. The smallest failure is overblown and immediately advertised creating Schadenfreude. Nobody in their right mind would think that our civilization could collapse in about three more solar years. But looking back eight years writing Nine (9) Babushka egg concept books, only some item where misdiagnosed a little proving my humanity exposed on this web site, which is still a pretty good record of being right 99%. I would like to hear from you if you disagree. 

Look back on 2008 and compare it with today’s reality. The statistics spell out unheard of abnormalities in nature mixed with global instability among struggling nations. This atheistic world system has never before experienced such a global loss of wealth caused by corrupt bankers. Many financial institutions disappeared effecting international business failures linked to high unemployment and crumpled real estate values.

Extreme crop failures caused by floods, wind and weather give birth to rising commodity speculation and escalating prices. The ghost of mass hunger at the door represents the new norm of reduced farming. The world’s agriculture is strained to the limit by soil degradation, depleted aquifers, and contamination by chemicals and disease.

Patented seeds increase the cost of genetically engineered crops. Farmers are burdened with expensive and destructive chemical and energy-intensive inputs, linked to monoculture production that erodes soils with unsustainable water use. Wasted taxpayer subsidies over 15% will not stimulate food shortages within the U.S.A. a global food exporter. Summed up, "a recipe for disaster."

On top experienced unusual frequent earthquakes, numerous tsunamis causing worldwide destructive floods, and peace vanished in every Moslem country up in flames embroiled in Islamic revolution. Millions are displaced and ending in temporary shelters with thousands daily dying and illogically caring Christians who feeds the world being murdered on a big scale. If you are not blind could add to the prophesied apocalypse mirror reflection.

This analysis of God’s purpose in projecting the Apocalypse among hundreds events stands as a testimony to the when, what and why events overlaid by an obscure Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which works like a code template projected forward in time when prophecy will be fulfilled.

But now Jonah's warning has come to the town square with a second witness from the Bible, the only book of history written in advance. For that witness, God the ELOHIM added a science method (HANS) for the skeptic. He used the Hebrew language given to Adam and Eve embedded in it mathematics.

This math system was useful to connect with ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks found in various museums around the world. They align with and date Daniel and John’s prophecies more accurately. 

The method is similar to a dual track railroad. For better balance we need to recalculate the world calendar to consider a backwards earth axis wobble caused by an asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC, which made the solar years shorter. When time was measured by the ancient Hebrews, Aztecs and Greeks, their efforts and records did not match our modern opinions. Unscientific evolution religion fantasizes billions of years for the world's existence that could screw up confused translators interpreting the Bible by assuming God needs 24 hours for one day’s work and forgot the infinite ∞ symbol in front of the light appearing on the first Genesis day..

Many universities were founded on Christian principles by different denominations, but ignorant theologians corrupted the foundations of faith, which opened the door for atheism to undermine those institutions' academic freedom in the study of science and the Bible. These institutions hired only professors teaching brainless evolution theories not understanding science.

Not accepting science tools like HANS and ancient museum objects, they became uninterested in dating the Apocalypse, which must conform to a restored calendar based on parabolic time due to its exponential nature and the earth axis wobble from the ancient asteroid strike. 

Why Babushka Books? 

Nine babushka egg books illustrate hidden Bible concepts discovered through forbidden science no longer taught in our universities which will widen wisdom horizons of God's oracles which lead to many new science breakthroughs. 

The Apocalypse was projected to end 17 September 2015 with an asteroid that can now be dated with concepts of scaled replicas, like a Russian egg in a smaller egg inside showing the same design of an exponential parabolic time curve (BC-AD). That curve is now miniaturized at the midpoint, soon to be speeding up to unfold in an accelerated crescendo.

Many misled theologians, barely educated in historic science, postulate and wait for a Rapture to appear, meaning that Jesus would appear invisible like a thief in the night and steal his people who are privileged.

They do not understand that Revelation by John could have had the pages mixed up by a 4th century monk causing confusion. Why not overlay it with HANS. That could point out a misconception for many if you investigate science linked to Bible prophecy running on a dual rail for better balance and a clearer picture.

Jonah’s Big UREE Fish Story

Pay attention why would God preserve an ancient story of warning by a reluctant prophet Jonah announced in a special ancient book, describing a dinosaur fish ten times bigger. Science still wonders finding enormous fossil bones stored in museums but cannot find fossilized bones of a ten times bigger fish above water; therefore, they reject the Bible story.

The big fish beached in ancient times became the attraction, a spectacle for a million people living in and around Nineveh, even convincing a powerful king with a half a million soldiers, a mighty military force. Everybody was shocked to witness a person emerging from inside the stranded fish, a miserable very dirty, slimy crossly smelling person surviving an ordeal but alive fired up with a message sent from the divine.

Please read your Bible, but apply logic as it will teach concepts relevant to our time. Understand how God reveals truth, writing history in advance projecting future events that are similar for us to comprehend physics overlaying the metaphysic system, which works like a Bible telescope with a near and far vision.

As in the story of Jonah, now observe another big fish, in the far vision showing up, which was meant to give WARNING for everyone. It is the right timing to globally announce this biggest high-tech fish story to every established military power, university, embassy and technology cartel, which is:

The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE)

This extraordinary science discovery could result in the greatest invention since the Wright Brothers proved mankind can fly. Once more, the science establishment is laughing. One hears the echo in the halls of universities NOT POSIBLE: gravity is not an energy source and the patent department chiming NOT POSSIBLE having a motor run perpetually.  

However, if you were taught in logic and became an successful inventor, trained to investigate nature a little closer, should examine the energy trail beyond gravity linked to kinetic energy redirected will give us perpetually generating free electrical energy which has become a modern Jonah story to expose an equivalent hi-tech big fish breakthrough.

That should get everybody’s attention linked to the ELOHIM-GOD, who preordained this last WARNING to our 21st civilization. He means business ending with a beached big fish technical invention described in more detail in Babushka Egg Concept Book #9.

Similarly, ancient people gathered around an old prophet, now a modern Jonah with a big fish message announcing the last warning, “REPENT and no longer offend ELOHIM,” or you will see the consequences 40 months later, which is really bigger in the far vision if you understand tele-lens optics.

The big fish never seen before, even denied shouting in many science quarters, “Not possible!” It is suppressed by the education establishment and is like the historically echoed laughter in church making jokes, "If man was meant to fly, God would have given him wings!" But they became silent when the Wright Brothers proved mankind could fly - like the near and far vision now confronted with a huge fish.

The recent announcement in spite of the new invention UREE letter send to the President Obama decided to build another nuclear PowerStation in America which is a desperate diversion from the energy cartel trying to cover up funding a billions dollar reelection 2012 campaign stolen from the ignorant taxpayers being increasingly investigated by the IRS to squeeze more.

They do not care that their energy conversion produces death for a 100,000 years. They are bent on making this planet become lifeless in the next generation like the rest of the universe.

If you are not comatose, check out Russia, Japan leaking deadly radiation like a genie spirit released from the bottle will never go back. Its ghostly fingers recently shook the White House with an earthquake. It called the same experts seen on TV from Japan once more sent from the UN. The experts announced that we where lucky that the earthquake was one notch smaller investigation the safety-back-up failure in the nearby nuclear power station. A must read, Pearl #176 – Japan’s Nuclear After-Affects deliberate suppressed to the American public pretty scary.        

Safety is just a big fart or a lie. Why should the public be concerned, brainwashed to believe that it is clean cheap energy preached everywhere in schools and on TV because the real cost is buried in trillion national debts. Even liberal senators dare not reveal that it is horribly deadly to all life for 100,000 years. You never hear about it because it is suppressed to keep the viewer comatose by a deceitful media.

However, a big fish announced on the Internet should get the attention of big business hungry for profit some will explore this clean free electrical energy source with a possibility to drive a car without gasoline. In time, it will obsolete deadly nuclear power, dirty polluting coal power, and outmoded transformer-wire-transmission system being portable.

It will outdate famous Dr. Albert Einstein’s E = mC² equation and upset a lot of people hiding in universities that believe in evolution fairytales. Check out this huge catch that comes with a lot of information but needs a little logic gets better if the Bible is interlinked with science for a better balance meant to educate. Read Babushka Book #9 to widen your energy knowledge horizon to ∞ looking 360⁰.   

The Apocalypse Dating Method can No Longer be Questioned

Most people, especially scientists, are not aware of history right under their very nose exhibited in many museums. My third Babushka egg concept book explains as a scientist-inventor what those ancient clocks measure but still ignored collecting dust because it requires some logic to understand it.

No longer teaching the use of logic is a problem for our generation, as sound reason is no longer taught in our university dictating and enforcing an unscientific evolution religion, which is shutting down your mind being comatose spiritual brain dead.

Let me explain it, if you are offended. Since ancient times, the next generation was taught a basic concept for thousand years across every culture and made sure that is was embedded in their children to pass on knowledge for survival. For life to exist on this planet we must delineate as a society what is the difference of EVIL and what is GOOD. That is changed now by our atheistic highest Supreme Court in most countries coined a new concept of relativism a hybrid in our modern society. 

For an example, babies are now allowed to be killed before they are even born and sold in packages body parts for high profit in abortion mill outlets so many hungry genetic laboratories waiting for new supply.

This is a billion dollar business ignoring fertility laws not considering that 60 million babies must first be murdered in violation of 200 year old USA Constitution, but profit linked to murder is now relative which changed the life in America.

Fertility laws must conform to nature. They cannot be violated without consequences. A culture will continue for hundreds of years if the birthrate is 2.3, and it will disappear in one generation if it is 1.8.

America and Western civilization has sunk to lowest birth level - a mean average of 1.1 and will now disappear after 2000 years according to natural laws.  Germany just announced on TV they will be an Islamic-Moslem dictatorship in 20 years converting most Christian churches into Islamic mosques or museums willful ignored, protecting a global genetic-modifying business. Western Civilization in America will be governed by 10 presidential security degrees (10995, 10997, 10998, 10999, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005, 11051) replacing a fractured 200-year-old Constitution ending the experiment of a two-century-old democracy.  

The consequences of hybrid relativity is forced to obey the laws of nature like a stone thrown into the pond and watching the waves expanded globally from America crossed over to Europe infecting the rest of the world no longer delineating what is evil or good. Everything is now assaulted look around the world and witness, if you are not comatose, the genetic modified food chain already declining with cloning causing deadly increase of Salmonella and E-coli bacteria killing thousands along with other strange new diseases appearing.   

No wonder the food-seeds on the cell level is modified with pesticide-herbicide destroying the immunity system inside the cell which has many consequences like causing pollinating insects-honeybees to become wiped out in the next generation. We are next having bigger body mass.

The environment is fast racing toward extinction. It could end up poisoning totally the air, water and earth we need to live a little longer. We destroy this earth in this generation unless God intervenes.

The Apocalypse is mankind's only hope; therefore, it should not be delayed like Jonah’s prophecy otherwise we become the witness to see the next generation end according to the designed intelligence embedded in nature as the laws of nature cannot be violated.

That was not planned by God, and guaranteed he will intervene so mankind can live on this earth another 1000 years. We have an example when the time cycles of recorded history were punctuated by total EVIL. Like a skilled surgeon must cut out the deadly cancer of RELATIVISM to save mankind to live a little longer, God needed to correct his creation deviating from his plan linked to the Atlantis Civilization in 2288 BC, which was completely destroyed with only eight (8) people of Noah's family saved to restart society.

Therefore, revelation (apocalypse) has two sides for balance like a railroad. Like DNA is linked together with the immune system designed to reproduce and prolong life but is bathed in the TIME DIMENSION revealed in the first Bible verse of Genesis. We should consider it. The time dimension makes us mortal and in physics produces GESTALT.

Because we are mortal with a time factor from morning to evening timing everything to a minute it becomes mandatory for survival to be synchronized with nature and invented clock and calendars for our benefit without life will not work.

The scary word, Apocalypse, only reflects the negative aspects of “revelation”. It is really something positive, a birthing of a baby but comes with birth pangs of pre-cleaning the whole earthly house to remove all filth and dirt accumulated by mankind over 4300 years of rebellion to a holy God since 2288 BC, Noah’s flood. It is like a placenta no longer useful always discarded. 

The mid-date of the Apocalypse was calculated from our present Gregorian calendar which needed further to be corrected by 14 days since the previous Julius Caesar’s corrections of 62 days now could better measured the ancient disturbance of an earth’s axis wobble from 5 February 2287 BC.

On that date an asteroid hit the earth it was later calculated by the Babylonian (Daniel), Aztec and Greek and lastly Roman Julius Caesar recorded an exponentially declining (backward) rotational wobble by designing ancient clocks in many museums. They reveal an ancient changing calendar to merge on 21 December 2012 when this wobble will finally come to a complete rest now proven with science.

The evidence is found in many mystery artifacts like the stone Aztec calendar-clock in Mexico City’s outdoor Museum or in the Athens Museum’s Antikythera calculator‘s 32 bronze gears fished from the sea over 100 years ago. They are exhibited globally as described in the Babushka egg concept books posted free on the Internet.

The prophetic calendars revealed in these ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks from around the world synchronize on 21 December 2012 is also matching Bible prophecies. Their projections are overlaid by cyclical patterns aligned to a recently deciphered and applied ancient (HANS) code that is much older.    

Daniel (518 BC) was an expert in Babylonian mathematics, and his book recorded an ancient prophecy calendar (Times-Time-½Time) that still puzzles theologians. The mystery of dating Daniel’s projection must include a moving earth axis wobble defined by the embedded 14.305789 constant in many ancient calendars. It aligned with the ancient 105 Aztec stone skull calendar system measuring the same wobble constant 14.30 but with fewer fractions exhibited in the Mexico City outdoor museum.

The Aztec calendar measured 52 calendar cycles around Moses’ time (1400 BC). Despite being separated by an ocean, I have correlated it with both the Genesis/Hebrew and Julian calendars. It is also embedded in the Antikythera calculator clock (100 BC). Explain that mystery to me, and you could prove a theory. Most TV preachers are not educated in science; therefore, they postulate a lot of theological nonsense that feels good sleeping in church not being challenged. But if you like to search for truth, look further.

So much information popped up during my research, that nine Babushka egg concept books resulted that combine science with the Bible like two rails for better balance - physics linked to the metaphysics. They provide a 360⁰ vision to end the theological confusion among Christian denominations making it therefore possible to understand for the first time what the Plan of God for Mankind really is.

Memberships in the Daniel's Wise-Club to understand prophecy mentioned in his Bible book is still available and open until the predestined events are closed and recorded history with the ending of this civilization on 17 September 2015 with an asteroid impact. The asteroid already tracked in an 825-day orbit will show up unexpected like a big fish.

Scientists estimated its size, a monster 52 km rock, and projected it to plunge into the earth but this time in the direction of the earth rotation doing less damage destruction to our modern civilization that means more people will survive.

Considering what happened to the Atlantis civilization on 5 February 2287 BC when the asteroid plunged opposite the earth rotation causing continents to shift and pushing oceans around for a worldwide flood. Only eight of Noah’s family survived because they built a boat.

The initial date of the earth axis wobble can be established from ancient clocks starting from 21 December 2012 playing back the planetarium. On a graph just double each increment, and it will create an exponential wobble curve ending 5 February 2287 BC like a flywheel losing inertia. That date is incidental to 17 September on the ancient Aztec clock, cross-referenced to a previous earth axis calendar before the asteroid disturbance. It overlays prophetic history written in advance.

The good news scripture tells us that God promised no more floods causing an axis wobble. He put a rainbow contract in the sky to prove it to every generation. It will also remind every generation why God must send judgment like Sodom and Gomorrah to contain evil to live on this earth a little longer because of his plan.

When a society becomes totally corrupt and in conflict with a God-given contract and screw up genetically his creation, watch out. Being bathed in relativism, it is guaranteed to see a repeat as God the landlord is not sleeping.  Our civilization never paid rent, destroyed his garden slash burning everything with perverted “science”. We will reap the same judgment when the landlord returns as detailed in the Bible. The creator has not changed.

Verify the last Bible verse of the headline with other Bible history references written in advance. They end with God's Wrath poured out at Armageddon when it will take ISRAEL seven months to collect the dead bones, heaped into a large pyramid as a monument for future generations. It will purify the land reminding them of the most rebellious evil generation lived on this planet in 2015 AD Gregorian calendar.

 Check it out and become educated to survive the bloody birth bangs of the apocalypse, a lot of pain, but it will be worth entering new life. I encourage you to follow God if you want to survive. The apocalypse is firmly embedded in God’s Plan for Mankind now dated with science and comes with a big UREE fish to convince even a skeptic with Jonah’s message we should pay attention to hear a voice,

…in 40 days count Daniel’s 1260 days

God’s Wrath - 17 September 2015,

…ending our civilization with an asteroid once more, now warned again by ELOHIM who sent his second Jonah put on alert for the last time. 

2) Jonah's Message to Christianity

Dear Brother and Sister in the Lord please organize and help to circulate this unusual letter among your church and friends, as it would reveal how much we love the Lord announcing the date of Jesus coming back to earth. Many Christians have forgotten that ELOHIM is in control of mankind's world affair and could sent again, a modern Jonah to the global town square with two inclusive witnesses confirming to Christians that the Apocalypse has arrived.

Hopefully it will alert the Church in correcting some confused teachings on Bible prophecy; therefore, God is using modern science to remove any doubt. The Lord's LOVE for his creatures is graciously warning a world once more of his coming back to earth linked to God’s Wrath like Noah's days to save his people -- "Keep awake therefore, if you know neither the day nor the hour…" (Matthew 25:13 NRSV) Logically, one will miss His appearing if asleep.

Consistent with the Bible telescope structure of a near vision projecting the same event in the far vision, God like in ancient times appointed a person to declare globally in the Internet town square a "big FISH with a message". The near Bible vision telescope described in Jonah's book also announces: "40 days" and start counting Daniel’s 1260 prophecy days which open the second half of the apocalypse with judgment disasters getting exponentially worse to end in a big noisy sky crescendo.  

The GIGANTIG FISH is a science discovery soon to attract the worldwide attention of governments and universities with a letter to the President Obama and a gift to ISRAEL. It will force an atheistic world system to recognize that a forgotten ELOHIM is reality. The big FISH is a cosmic gravity energy conversion affecting globally "everyone" and needed 80 pages to describe it in the Ninth Babushka egg concept book explaining in detail how unlimited FREE electrical energy is extracted from gravity for the next thousand years fueling God’s Kingdom on Earth just around the corner. Simple low-technology can build 10 different designed gravity motors the Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE) and give facts how it works for the benefit of mankind obsoleting dirty poisoned expensive nuclear-coal-oil energy. You could even drive your car without gasoline.

Jonah’s second witness message needed in any court of law was proven on TV with an additional extraordinary science discovery, which will destroy an unscientific evolution theory, degenerated to an atheistic religion enforced globally in every school. Hopefully it wakes up theologians, too. Everyone must face up to the warnings of ELOHIM, "Now the time has come adjust your doomsday-clock!"

The second science witness, intended for many who still squabble about pre-mid-post rapture opinions, will reveal theological lies and truth. Two popular magazines’ cover pictures of an asteroid 52 km in size tracked by astronomers circling in an 825-day orbit around the sun appeared to all in 2006. That rock is projected to collide with the earth on 10-17 September 2015, as dated by a Russian scientist to match the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) overlaid with other supporting science discoveries fulfilling prophecy with horrendous consequences. 

Jonah's Warning came with two science witnesses. It will challenge many Christians who have become anesthetized, unaware that we are in the middle of the Apocalypse. We live in a culture submerged in an atheistic worldview where good and evil is morphed into relativism based on unscientific evolution religion. Many become desensitized and hope that the apocalypse is meant for the bad guys. If you believe in the tenets of a misapplied rapture theory and find yourself still around, read #3 Annex of my letter if you want to become a Saint, but test the witnesses with scripture forgotten in many churches.

The seven-year Apocalypse was previously dated to 2008. Many forecast events have now exponentially accelerated. We see daily on TV weather calamities, floods, draught linked to crop failures causing famines, horrendous earthquakes linked to tsunamis costing billions, uncontrolled grand theft demolished banking institutions linked to financially collapsed countries which trigger global unemployment, wars and revolutions as peace is removed from the nations located around ISRAEL.

Science statistics over the graph edge should tell us the four apocalyptical riders have left the barn, which proved the projections of the second Babushka egg concept books The Mystery of Tammuz 17 previously published in four languages. Overlaying the Bible with science should not be avoided by theologians quoting "no one knows the time" will logically miss the train. They should be looking in the sky instead using a space telescope ending theological rapture confusion.

God again will destroy an atheistic civilization that became totally evil and will end a society with a prophesied apocalypse. Mankind forever in rebellion have not learned the lessons being warned; therefore incurring God's Wrath will repeat judgment once more with part of the asteroid that obliterated the ancient atheistic Atlantis civilization on 5 February 2287 BC, terminated like Sodom and Gomorrah.

However before an asteroid judgment arrives God always sends warnings for repentance like Methuselah in Noah's time again appoints another modern Jonah Christian with a true science background announcing from the belly of a huge science fish which cannot be ignored by the atheistic world and should not be disregarded by Christians if you want to survive. Once again out from the big FISH comes a message 40 days will start the Daniel’s 1290-day count-down projection and this time from space along a corrected Daniel's exponential parabolic wobble time curve world calendar.    

Two ancient witnesses, Daniel and Ezekiel (chapter 30-39) proclaimed the Apocalypse to a science driven world revealing proof for the skeptic, a heavy burden on my heart. We should not ignore any message sent from ELOHIM. Christians should especially listen to God’s warnings to be God means business. Many will perish like Noah's unbelieving relatives. "Why are they missing? Not mentioned in the boat records?“

Jonah’s message comes with a roadmap of the Apocalypse, which is detailed by Ezekiel's prophecies not mentioned in many churches. Daniel gives us the dating overlaid from ancient clocks in museums outlined in Babushka books impossible to rewrite, as much of the evidence is captured in nutshell God's Plan for Mankind. The final countdown in the next months will intensify global calamities with worldwide Christian persecutions linked to a UN-world system initiating Israel's prophesied holocaust heading toward Armageddon. That should force us to have a closer look or forget Jonah and perish with the world system.

Toward the end of the Apocalypse pain and sufferings will decimate a world population with many Christians put to death similar to first century tribulation (Daniel 7:21). That should cause us to hold on to a higher calling investigating Jonah's witnesses linked with a roadmap and recommend to read some of Ezekiel chapters. The oracle toward Egypt is meant for our UN-world system but focuses on pastors being a watchman and the consequences if they fail to warn will be made accountable like having blood on your hand.

If the watchman sees the sword coming so that people are not warned...his blood I will require... (Ezekiel 33:6)

Ezekiel describes the good and the bad so that each of us will know who will survive and why measured against God’s standard. Many in Israel and the Christian church will perish separated like sheep from the goats a painful process. Christian churches corrupted by Western culture adhering to false denominational theological opinions a remnant from the Middle Ages, now even bathed in relativism that caused confusion and prevented many to really understand what God’s Plan is for Mankind.

For example, one major, concealed roadblock to recognize we are in the middle of the Apocalypse, is a blemished theology holding on to hundred year old opinion and blind-sided even famous scholars like John Nelson Darby postulating a rapture doctrine which divided Christianity grossly misled what a little girl uttered in Scotland. It became popular through graphic charts by Clarence Larkin's influencing many churches but lack a general knowledge of science.

The sequence of a Revelation is still a mystery for many pastors and TV evangelists not familiar with the Jewish culture. They need to consider information from science. This is your last chance.

The misunderstood rapture dogma preached in many churches makes no logical sense. The King of heaven planned His wedding to present his bride from little planet Earth to the many Angel dignitaries. He will not have his party in the middle of the last frenzied war raging all around in heaven.

A powerful Arch-Angel Michael must first throw out Satan and his demons to clean house from any leftover residue of rebellion firmly entrenched right down to the Daleth dimension earth. A fighting Michael purging the universe from any relic upheaval should be included in the wedding of the King of kings and logically celebration should wait.       

If you want to write a good story of power, glitz and splendor make a wedding fit for a King, showing off the bride to all the angels in a cleaned up, decorated universe. Removing first all evil having executed every demon angel using the (4+1) Death Angels prepared for that occasion. (Revelation 9:16)

Thereafter ending first all wars on earth forever, bind Satan the last rebellious survivor always complaining about the saints, and put him chained into the prison to recognize that he is totally defeated to witness great victory. The heavenly host will celebrate a cleaned up universe with the final seventh trumpet blast like Jericho demonstrated with an awful cosmic light display to end a totally evil Second Civilization on earth once more with an asteroid announcing an imperial degree for history.  

"IT IS DONE!" Let it be written and date it again on 17 September. (Revelation 16:17) What a coincidence to match an ancient earth axis wobble calendar during Noah's time using science and HANS, (the number 17 in Hebrew means "victory").  Check it out described in Babushka egg concept books #3 & #8.

After the asteroid impact on 17 September 2015, God will start a new world calendar with the First Resurrection of the prophesied three. It is the birthing of the SAINTS coinciding with the birth of a Jewish Monarchy as Jesus appears on earth on his birthday all three witnesses exactly on a Jewish holiday Feast of Tabernacles.

God’s Plan for Mankind is designed like a railroad with 14 historic Bible stations. It comes with a train schedule passing many time zones to arrive exactly to the minute at every station. But the engineer, ELOHIM, has the prerogative to control the timetable on the last station with people waiting at the crossover at midnight, advancing to the next day now announced on the Internet time clock:

Keep awake! If you know neither the day nor the hour, you will miss the train.
(Matthew 25:13 paraphrased)

Attention Christians if some found out having missed the resurrection train and was not included in the brightly lit golden city satellite in the clouds with Jesus King of kings meeting his entourage-virgin bride, just follow the next annex trail to be better informed to focus on Jesus last instruction revealing the purpose of the Apocalypse explaining in Matthews Gospel why some of the 10 Christians virgins missed the train mislead by ignorant well paid theologians which must be integrated in God’s Plan for Mankind not preached in many churches. 


I hope you now better understand the purpose of the Apocalypse and the reason, which is the human rebellion against eternal cosmic laws. Wicked men have morphed good and evil into relativism screwed up God's cosmic order ending in Armageddon war to destroy all life on earth. 
God will save mankind once more causing an apocalypse reaction Jesus explained it 2000 years ago separating the sheep destined for eternal life from the goats meant for slaughter to terminate an evil civilization again like Noah's time (2288 BC) and give birth to a new baby to continue life for another 1000 years.

The new baby born has a name - GOD’S KINDOM ON EARTH the birth is now dated to 28 September 2015 coinciding with Jesus’ birthday during a Jewish holiday system celebrated as the Feast of Tabernacles starting a new year and new civilization what a coincidence. God once more is visible among mankind.

The big fish story will prove to an unbelieving atheistic world that plenty free energy is available for the benefit of future mankind embedded all along in H²O creating an ocean and GRAVITY like two witnesses of science logic and God’s WORD.

The UREE GRAVITY MOTOR big fish eventually will be crosschecked with Newton’s two laws of thermodynamics infinitely connected to the cosmos. But we must include the other 50% of what Sir Isaac Newton wrote on dealing with the metaphysics laws avoided in every university where they have forgotten to apply biblical wisdom to physics.

What he described is now exposed again which can be demonstrate in the biggest fish story in history having free electrical green clean energy available lasting 1000 years but will close the book of mankind's history ending (3018 AD) before a White Throne to start a new cosmos butterfly cycle.
Reminiscent of a balanced teeter-totter law in NATURE, it will demonstrate LIFE either ending like an unborn caterpillar or starting a new eternal butterfly LIFE to replace Satan’s domain. It is guaranteed by the inventor ELOHIM who planned his creation with fantastic intelligence and designed SOMETHING very complex equal to him and conforms when he said:

Let us make mankind in our image.

To have fellowship and enjoy God forever is the ultimate purpose. The mystery of the human family destined for eternal life embrace people since Adam across the 7000-year human spectrum all will be resurrected on the “last day”, but if your name is found in the book of life, you will inherit eternal life. Christians misled by theologians think they belong to the class of privilege but their lifestyle is no different to those who are lost.

Our cosmos was designed with an apocalypse birth at the center of God’s purpose and planned (4488 BC) to replace a vacancy created when Satan rebelled. That caused the creation of other beings but this time on the mortal second entropy lower level designed on a two-stage energy system. Explained by science analogy, a mortal caterpillar must go into a cocoon to be transformed by a totally first entropy conversion to fly thousands of miles, no longer constrained.

The Bible tells the Plan for Mankind and starts with Adam and Eve (4086 BC) now recaptured in a short version in a series of Babushka egg concept books to understand it cross-referenced with science for better balance. The focal center of God’s creation is to appoint a new management in the heavenly Jod dimension that emerges after the apocalypse-birth God's Kingdom on Earth with a nucleus energy source called the SAINTS.

Somewhere appointed from the 6000-year pool of mankind resurrected like a butterfly to become Jesus’ “Entourage” like a White House staff to rule and govern a future universe now balanced will never again experience a rebellion.

This time God will have embedded an immunity system in his government to recognize evil and snuff it out in the bud. The chosen SAINTS must be personally appointed by Jesus Christ. Each is invited to become a Saint of the Most High to serve the king being further trained to rule over the angels.
They are being specially schooled on earth not going to heaven but coming back with Jesus the King of kings to live in parallel for one thousand years of God’s Kingdom on Earth. That requires a new body like Jesus demonstrated after his resurrection. The Saints will travel from the golden Satellite City headquarters hovering in the sky back and forth to earth.

Therefore, they must be resurrected first according to purpose being known by the angels as the “First Born” and given a new body ahead of everybody spliced out from the Grand Resurrection of all the Dead when time is "no more". That new revelation is not known by Christian and needs Babushka egg concept books intended to educate to give theologian a 360⁰ perspective seeing more “in this world in this time” (Daleth dimension).

Jonah has come to the town square once more, dated with a corrected calendar overlaying 70 prophecy witnesses assembled in Babushka egg concept books ending with a big science FISH to convince even the hardened skeptic and prove it to comatose Christians not knowing the time.

His message is loud and clear, "REPENT" from your wicked ways of RELATIVISM. ELOHIM is now very angry announcing this most evil generation must perish to allow mankind to continue.

Jonah again calls out 40 days (11-26-11) to start counting Daniel’s 1260 days ending this civilization on 17 September 2015.

 3) Jonah’s Message to Christians - Who are the Virgins with more Oil?

Then the kingdom of heaven will be like this. Ten bridesmaids took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, and five were wise.

When the foolish took their lamps, they took no oil with them; but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps. As the bridegroom was delayed, all of them became drowsy and slept.

But at midnight there was a shout, ‘Look! Here is the bridegroom! Come out to meet him. Then all those bridesmaids got up and trimmed their lamps.

The foolish said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out. But the wise replied, ‘No! There will not be enough for you and for us; you had better go to the dealers and buy some for yourselves.

And while they went to buy it, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went with him into the wedding banquet; and the door was shut. Later the other bridesmaids came also, saying, ‘Lord, lord, open to us. But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I do not know you.’

Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour. (Matthew 25:1-13 NRSV)
Born again Christians should no longer be misled by theologians. Rather, apply a little science knowledge to clarify some misaligned Bible texts. It can now be rearranged with the aid of the rediscovered Hebrew Alphabet Number System. That becomes the key to sort out deluded hundred-year-old faulty theology preached from denominational seminaries. One must apply some logic, overlaying science to Scripture to reveal the schedule of God’s Plan.

Jesus explained these events ending his discourse of the Apocalypse in Matthew 25 which "is" our last chance to restudy your Bible or will miss the bridegroom's call not enough oil in our lamp as that could include many born again Christian pastors. 

The stories told by Jesus that if you want to belong to the group of 10 virgins preselected from the human race at large first must be [born-again] Christians and have received a portion of Holy Spirit-"Oil" as a down payment for eternal life explained by the Apostles and Gospels in the New Testament or will not qualify to be married to the king. Overlaid with HANS "10" means Jod a future dimension of a higher order divided into two (5+5) of a new heaven and a new earth. Two places destined for two groups of virgins. The number (5) five tells us both belong to the other side Heh dimension therefore all are saved having received eternal life signified of having "oil".

Science expressed in the math sign "∞" demonstrate that the dual 5 virgin are linked with two loops side by side as infinite light entropy next to the visible light entropy both coupled to the cosmic LIFE energy. The saved virgins point to the purpose of the new-heaven linked to the new-earth, like the federal government to state government: one is higher but both are important, being a virgin. 

God reveals in Revelation two places in the universe a new-heaven and a new-earth. God introduces a selection process to find out who qualifies to live in either one or the other for eternity. The new heaven belongs to angels but their government has a huge, 200 million seat triggered by Satan's rebellion. Mortals were created as replacements. God once more designed beings but on a second entropy system confined to an earthly environment, starting Adam-Eve race like a caterpillar is morphed into a butterfly explained with science.

Out of the 6000-year pool of mankind God appoints billions of people destined for eternal life but if he gets a special request from some individuals he offers a chance to become "virgins" separated for the king's pleasure appointed for a higher private relationship.  

All ten virgin applicants are exposed to a test to narrow it down to reveal their true love.  The "test" is resembling Salomon ordered to divide the baby to discover who loves more, applied to eagerly waiting virgins claiming to meet the bridegroom but is delayed some being drowsy other slept to wake up later to reveal that some are foolish and really didn't care.

That means as a group all 10 virgin are born again Christians as everybody started with oil linked to eternal life. However the selective process will reveal that some just do not qualify within a purposed arrangement linked to a king governing a universe who is starting once more a new civilization after the Apocalypse even illustrated in nature with many principles everywhere to the scientifically inclined.       

Being born again and a Saint is NOT the same, like two entropies in physics are not the same. Throughout Scripture, they are intermixed like the ten virgins, (Jod=10), but ask WHY. Are there two groups? What is the purpose? Jesus wanted us to know the entropy laws, ∞ two loops interconnected everywhere in nature to educate us how the cosmos is ruled with purposed intelligence embedded in every atom of the universe. 

A Saint mentioned in the early Torah must be a true born again Christian but with much more oil and that raises a person to a one notch higher position linked to purpose laid out before the foundation of our earth, to become the "entourage", being closer to the King of kings Jesus Christ and to be included to the inner circle of his 12 Apostles to govern over a new heaven-earth universe.

The Jod dimension government has 12 member representatives over the new heaven and 12 members over the new earth. The 24 names with crowns surround the Throne. Their names are embedded in the foundation of the brightly lit Eternal City in the sky (Star of Bethlehem) described in Revelation 21:9. It will function like a White House cabinet, resembling the body of Jesus Christ the King. These are the virgins/Saints with more oil, chosen over 6000 years of human history, an assortment of individuals to govern in a future headquarters, a satellite golden city from space.    

Only the Saints will belong to the body of Christ and is known by the Angels as First Born having more oil. The extra oil is linked to a predestined personality being awake somehow having a burning desire to serve and to be useful fit for the master's use leading into being chosen for a special purpose.

Being selected as a SAINT was meant to govern over the angels and fill the vacancies in the new heaven to administrate a vast universe of billions galaxies unimaginable. Your deep desire to please the Lord opens the door for more intense love (more oil) as that will decide which resurrection you will experience. The 7th Trumpet announces the birthing of the First Born, the center of all creation. But they are really minor in size, only meant to fill the vacancies in the new heaven.

However, the huge Grand Resurrection just one day later (1000 years) is meant for everyone including the foolish virgin Christians with the rest of mankind. That concept may shock many Christians and pastors found left behind, not knowing that a SAINT must be appointed or be invited for higher office and resurrected ahead of the Resurrection of all mortals.

However the new earth is not second class inferior and very, very big we have some pictures like Antares from the Hubble telescope copied in the 5th Babushka egg concept book which will blow your mind how immense some planets are. Even if we have billions of people saved with eternal life each person is much loved and will get a big reward from the Lord and given a weekend ranch larger then the state of Texas because the new earth is immensely big. 

But governing over the angel's domain God will not use comatose Christians not having enough oil which lack the desire, little interested to discover more of God’s Plan for Mankind and therefore will choose many from the bottom of mankind better qualified. Like Ester, a Jewish orphaned slave girl much acquainted with misery and suffering, did not mind risking her life when ask to help God to fulfill Israel's destiny therefore was elevated to the highest office.

Historically many SAINTS suffered even to death as documented throughout the past will be chosen to become First-born married to a king not going to heaven but returning back to earth once more with the king to go to school but with a different management. At the end of the apocalypse Satan's school to learn evil will be terminated.

The new civilization (God’s Kingdom on Earth) will start with totally new civil laws never experience by mankind. Future administrators must be re-educated in God’s new school to acquaint the appointed resurrected Saints with Jod dimension laws extending to 1000 years to learn practical lessons acquired how to govern still living on earth once more among the lower mortal domain attending a divine school taught by Jesus now residing on earth to rule.

For practical reasons, the First Resurrection is a selective process to gather only the Saints from across human history. A special mini-resurrection must be inserted into the system to link both Daleth and Heh dimensions into the Jod dimension to teach the Saints cosmic laws as experience useful for the future. Therefore, the Saints need a new [First Resurrection] body, which looks ordinary but was converted like Jesus resurrected body and must be raised ahead of the Grand Resurrection of all the Dead to bridge the Eternal City headquarters to the earth with the new laws of a higher order.

The Saints will graduate well qualified to rule the universe of the other, Jod, side.

Our next future stop is to live forever on a new-earth and new-heaven, which come later as planned before the earth was founded. (Daniel 7:27) The SAINTS better understood the broader perspective across 7000 years of human existence.

From all people, God selected those meant for eternal life, which includes the many children who died very young. Many women lived as slaves, abused. Many died in poverty and servitude never experiencing God's love. They will be pardoned, resurrected into eternal life and bathed in God’s love. Many lack the experience of evil: they died young. But the new eternal life is designed like an atomic clock, flawlessly running forever. They will live among good to enjoy life on the new earth.

But the SAINTS are positioned one notch higher, having an embedded immune system to recognize EVIL if it should grow, like a mushroom in the night. They will automatically snuff out any germ in the bud. They are destined to govern the angel-world dimension, which cannot be trusted anymore because of Satan's previous rebellion. The new government must be totally loyal to the King. He will only put his friends, those experienced with the consequences of sin leading to rebellion. Some shared similar experiences being tortured and killed.

Consequently if you are interested in a cosmos government job must qualify to the King of kings and prove it with more oil or intense love like beseeching Solomon the king with all your heart thus being resurrected first for that reason will get you what you wanted freely given from the ELOHIM.

To learn the new eternal Jod laws requires much more experience for the Saints and must therefore come back to earth to be educated and live among mortals for thousand years to learn what works and what does not to become skilled at how to govern billions in the future with a free will. 

For example, Eve wanted to live in both dimensions but should have chosen first the other tree. God will honor her desire in the future as the SAINTS and her other children will live in both dimensions on earth.  

After the Grand Resurrection when "time is no more", the divine school is closed (3018 AD). The Saints will be transferred and seated in the vacated administration of previous rebellious angels’ job positions, replaced now with graduated and perfected beings - wise judges, qualified teachers experienced to govern over a free will angel society with wisdom and love internally programmed like an immune system to watch, that never again will God the ELOHIM experience a rebellion. 

Pay attention once more Christians, if you survived the Apocalypse and are surprised you are still mortal, you will then recognize that God still loves you very much giving eternal life a little later at the appointed time, but may not have qualified you for the greatest opportunities offered to mankind.

A virgin position appointed for the king from the pool of mankind is not meant for everybody and needs intense love to qualify to get more oil from the Holy Spirit. But Eternal Life is meant for everybody! WAKE UP! The Lord is coming on his birthday. Daniel's wise Saints know about it. If you are still mortal and survived the Apocalypse watch:

Tishri 5776, the Feast of Tabernacles
[28 September 2015]


The rainbow represents God’s covenant to mankind. It guarantees that life on earth never to be terminated by a flood. But notice, a double rainbow overlays two resurrections - a little one for the SAINTS super-imposed on top of the Grand Resurrection for everybody to appear before the WHITE THRONE to be evaluated for Mercy unto LIFE or Mercy unto DEATH.

The rainbow bridges the TIME DIMESION, 4488 BC to 3018 AD, across a corrected Gregorian calendar, which will change, again with a mini-wobble earth axis shift caused by the next asteroid. It will create glaciers again and more ice on the poles thus restoring nature by changing the climate to flow with the milk and honey mentioned in prophecy.

Make sure you are awake and still alive when the sky is 10 times brighter and have enough oil -
...the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went with him into the wedding banquet…

If you want to follow the Babushka Egg Concept Trail from a higher perspective, imaging being in an extraterrestrial spaceship and set your foot on top of the last ninth (9) Babushka pyramid books first. Look around and discovery a trail-map descending to the next stage walking around each pyramid book level which will be increasing an unknown reality landscape to a wider 360⁰ perspective of understanding what was promised for mankind and the purpose for our existence, could even find the answer of questions you had since childhood.

When arriving at the base explore below the foundation and discover the blueprint the pyramid builder ELOHIM left behind with a treasure you can claim which is useful when you return to the dimension you came from and take along a ticket needed to enter the cosmos door of Eternal LIFE.

I found my treasure and became the richest man on earth even appointed to be a SAINT and was happy to gift a Big Fish of future patent inventions worth 100 billion dollars to ISRAEL knowing they will survive the APOCALYPSE.

Now 17 UREE energy motors are possible keeps expanding converting GRAVITY and WATER to electricity becoming the fuel for future mankind and growing with more Pearls like #201 to #207. We will ultimately have two more Pearls as ten where described in the 9th Babushka egg concept book and seven more UREE design showed up in the meantime. The last two pearls will probably be a jet engine #16 and #17 a space UREE motor to propel the satellite Eternal Golden City. God will reveal it too what makes that city move to offset gravity or magnetism so close to the earth and traveling faster than the speed of light through space?

WATCH 28 September 2015!

Global Cuckoo Clock Pyramid

Shabbat Noach, Isaiah 66:15-24.

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