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The Science-Based Spiritual Legacy of Jonah-II


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A Garden Eden Concept to the Cheth Age

When US Christians hired Bible uninformed theologians to be entertained became comatose and will perish in an Apocalypse declared by Jesus in Matt. 23:23, thus they missed the airplane. (Matt. 24:10-14, 12:30) That reason is never preached in church (Matt. 25:12, 41) being told rapture story lies instead, thus no one listened to the many Jonah-II warnings meant for others.

They ignored the introduction of the Babushka Preface and the many science Research Pearls kept out of Prophecy Summits for ten years, which has consequences. I wonder about the departure of Jonah after Nineveh. What happened to him? I think he was very successful in persuading a powerful foreign government to repent. I am not so lucky. Though inventing many gadgets and exposing fake science, I was rejected by global universities, resented by Christians as a heretic. All would repeat history to burn me on a stake, perhaps after Martial Law. That is the last sign to end Jonah-II’s warnings, mirrored imaged in the tiniest Russian Babushka egg seeds projecting a large Kosmos future.  

Life in the original Adam and Eve story extended to the other side Jod-dimension ignored in Christian churches. But being a scientist and seeing the starry night sky, I wondered about the creation mystery design linked to an expanding Kosmos. An all-knowing Creator knew that Satan would fail, thus he became the means to test his angels. Were they happy with their present life?

Satan became the test to separate those who are loyal and content to continue Life, but those unhappy made a choice that had consequences proven that no other life could exist apart from what the Creator designed. Each was created with free will to decide to go along or depart not being a robot. Thus, the real desire of what original God wanted, the very grand design fulfilling the Father ELOHIM’s dream, is still ignored and kept secret, though it is a revealed Bible promise. 

Jesus said that angels do not procreate, which is a paradox watching the sky and seeing an expanding universe. Billions of galaxies have the lights on forming planets. Why is only one planet occupied by inferior mortals linked to a Genesis Adam “Garden” story? Adam’s first job was to categorize all the plants and animals of each kind to expand his language skills. He learned when seeds were put into the ground, they reproduce another of each kind and giving multiplied birth of more seeds, which have embedded the principle of procreation.

For example, a seed is buried in darkness, does not need the sun, then is born a tree, which gives more seed multiplied with more trees, thus could be filling a Kosmos of a million galaxies crystallizing millions of planets forever as the Time Dimension is only embedded in the first seed. All living things match that basic design of the third creation day duplicated zillions of times all fuelled with infinite energy and controlled by infinite intelligence to be re-born and thus reproduce its kind.

Across nature we recognize a vast universe of subspecies life like viruses, more complex bacteria, insects, animals, vegetation, but on top of the pyramid are created beings who could interface with the Creator on a higher level linked to love, communion, and interaction with minds, forever confronted by death and life to proliferate in nature. They were created for THE ELOHIM’s exclusive pleasure.  

But how can billions of individuals relate to a personal, private involvement with one God-Creator-Mind linked to everyone, is still a great mystery paradox. Looking at myself, I was given a name and designed like a coin with two sides. One is physics the other metaphysics, thus they have embedded the purpose of a mystery mortality linked to a spirit existence that is revealed in the Number System of the Hebrew Alphabet found throughout the Torah-Bible. It is imprinted in the family structure reflecting society, expanding culture and ending in nations just like a tree growing in Vielheit complexity reaching toward infinite - like when a stone thrown in a pond creates rings of expanding waves from the center.  

We are mortal and were born surrounded with evil, acquainted with sufferings, pain and death. We have biological minds that first emerge and become known on the dark side of a seed cycle (Gen. 1:2, 4, 5), but we can be born again, taught by Yeshua to Nicodemus. We can reach the top of the pyramid to gain a wider concept of the Kosmos and embed a “good and evil” immune principle one notch higher as only revealed by a divine MIND. Thus, the mystery question remains, “Is there a connection beyond death that makes sense, being linked to another dimension, reaching out to a greater notion and trying to unravel the ultimate purpose a Creator would entertain, or has planned for a future eternal Life cycle?” (I Corinthians 2:9-11)

Sometime I envy the greatest global thinker of the 21st Century, Ravi Zacharias from India. He talked to more world leaders, religion and political persuasion to present the only viewpoint to elevate humans destined for eternity proclaimed by Yeshua, which makes total sense. Ravi is quoting mostly the maligned Torah-Bible an infinite treasure house for a mortal mind. Thus, thinking about a procreation idea that could fill an expanding Universe-Kosmos. When I investigated physical science, I actually found it buried in the Bible, but it is peculiarly hidden.

Many explore YouTube videos on the ancient book of Enoch describing fallen angels that cohabited with mortal woman during Noah’s time, as Satan’s desire is to totally destroy what God created. Thus, mixing mankind with angel genes will not escape Kosmos laws being born on a two-stage system. Like the seed concept linked to purpose, it is raised beyond heaven to be born again for eternity. Thus the first Adam Garden story reveals a paradox that a life existence would continue in pro-creation. Rationalized in fun, one day a bunch of scientists came to the Lord and said, “We do not need you anymore!” Gleaming with pride, they bent down to pick up some dirt to show how they could convert dirt to useful chemicals. The Lord smiled and took it away saying, “It is only fair to make your own dirt.”

The two trees in the center of the Garden of Eden is the key for my future existence linked to a choice again each must make sense, perhaps God said to the angels, also applicable to mankind, “Do you want to live in my house by my rules?” It is the only choice we have. The alternative is, create your own universe. That will not be my option, if you have a different story, let’s share it next. 

The Tree of Life (Teth to the Jod Age)

Yeshua-Jesus became the Second Adam to reveal in his life story the real mystery history bathed in the Time Dimension not yet finalized. Notice the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden was previously guarded by a powerful angel with a sword of instant death. It is found again in the Golden City that is the traveling Kosmos residence of ELOHIM, as the future Saints were not yet born. (Rev. 21:9) It will be permanently parked on a future New Earth. Mortals have a choice of two Resurrection now linked to the Tree of Life. That mystery purpose is revealed at the end of the Torah-Bible where a living “River” and a “Tree of Life” reappear with 12 kinds of fruit and leaves meant for future nations in a New-heaven-earth. The first seeds on this earth were born in darkness on the 3rd Genesis creation day to become a plant or a tree with fruits to preserve life, being safeguarded for thousands of years. But galaxies show lights fuelled by Infinite Light appearing on the “first creation day”. Later in the Garden of Eden, Adam, being a curious scientist, was kept busy categorizing every plant and animals to understand nature better.

However the ultimate destiny offered only to mortals was the Tree of Life, which obviously was not understood by Adam. God’s Plan for Mankind was finally revealed by the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. He taught how Eternal Life may be obtained free, as demonstrated in his Resurrection 2000 years ago. Every counterfeit religion on earth is controlled by Satan and by the common denominator of dead founders. Why believe it?

The last word in the Bible is “Saints” (Rev. 22:21), which is the highest position a mortal can reach as explained in Babushka egg concept book #1, Apocalypse Prophesied 2008-2015. It exposed God’s Plan for Mankind and why there is evil implanted in every mortal. The necessary immunization needed to resist evil can be found in a resurrected body to live forever as exposed in many Babushka science Pearls to widen knowledge.

For example, some babies are inoculated against deadly Typhus and Cholera bacteria as a vital way to prevent getting infected and dying of those diseases. If we expand that concept to the Jod dimension, could the evil of a previous Satan rebellion re-immerge and upset an angel community again?

Thus, God fixed the problem and created mortals to elevate some to sainthood. Exclusively appointed, they are rewarded, perhaps to procreate again expanding a Kosmos? It stands to reason. When inoculated with a variety of horrible, unspeakable evils, even being murdered, one gains an elevated immune response that can be gene transferred to the next generation of children to snuff out evil in the bud, if it ever should grow again like mushroom in the dark. How else would you control evil? A rebellion could be repeated to cause a gigantic upset again in the Jod dimension, the new-earth-heaven domain Jesus promised.

Only the Saints have the highest embedded immune system being inoculated with more evil. Thus, they are rewarded similar to Adam and Eve to procreate and have family with children again on the New Earth destined to expand the Jod dimension based on its kind being multiplied a zillion times. Divine laws cannot be changed. That is why the Creator put Two Trees in the center of the Garden of Eden and transferred to the Golden City.

The Kosmos story started in 4488 BC with Lucifer’s rebellion jointly with complex creatures described as fallen angel demons. Together with all future mortals, they must pass a White Throne standard Kosmos-Law-Test in Judgment that will either end in the Apocalypse or on the last day before the Judge. If mortals want to live forever, Evil must be neutralized, thus we were exposed to horrible sufferings, diseases, pain and torture to build up an immunity system. Thus, Mortals will be identified on the same level of Christ’s suffering, as faithfulness is rewarded with a special reward only given to the Saints to procreate in a growing Kosmos made whole to expand a butterfly Life in the Jod dimension.

The Tree of Life is again on the forefront and has fruit every month imbedded with gene intelligence needed for procreation, given only to those who are invited to dine with the King of Kings on his table. Only those who are born into royalty of the Second Adam, King of Kings have access to the Golden City residence, and thus can eat the fruit of the Tree of Life ripening every month, unlike Adam and Eve ate the wrong fruit and died.

But the mystery fruit from the Tree of Life is available only to those born into royalty as the children of Yeshua who are the appointed Saints. They are entitled to have Jod-dimension babies, perhaps on your own planet which started with a Garden to replicate the story of Adam and Eve multiplied a zillion times. It likely repeats the Noah’s boat story, when seeds and animals were transferred, now linked to a royal spaceship to start a new covenant family and kids ending in a vineyard place then expanding the Kosmos.

Yeshua appointed his virgins (Matt. 25) elevated to royalty like the Ester story, who are the Saints. Being inoculated with a full blown evil, they will pass on the immunization to the next generation according to Kosmos laws and will never have a rebellion again in the Jod dimension. Yeshua said if you are not born again, you will not be allowed in my house surrounded by an expanding universe.

Good illustrations of nature are Queen Bees or Queen Ants, but the Saints will procreate one notch higher. When you get a frequent visit from the Golden City traveling residence invited to see the King of Kings, you could pick up a ripe fruit from the Tree of Life to get another royal baby. It is a good story how the Kosmos is expanded according to the ELOHIM’s grand design. Confronted with truth and lies, pick the right tree having learned the lesson from 2nd Adam Yeshua-Jesus, the Christ.

Jonah-II left the global town square and gave his last warning to a turkey ranch civilization filled with brain-dead turkeys making a lot of noise. When a psychopath turkey put lipstick on to be elected to entertain a political circus act, will not know that most will be slaughtered on a Jewish holiday repeating history. A New World Order governed by psychopath NYC bankers still forbid free energy, made the rivers fishless and the oceans a sewer, sterilized farmland causing horrible global diseases saturated with GMO poison to exterminate all Life only to generate absolute Evil. Watch ELOHIM correcting his Creation repeating divine judgment and close Satan’s domain now dated with science: 10 April 2017.

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