"On That Day"

Part 1 - God's WRATH - Jonah's Last Warnings



Once More - Two Jonah WARNINGS

Jonah's big fish warnings can no longer be ignored if you want to live a little longer. Our 21st Civilization @2012 is sinking fast like a Titanic encircled by waves of crime, corruption and deception as distressed passengers looking for any means to survive, to find a safe harbor like Noah's ark provided. There is hope. Even in the midst of absolute night, a tiny light overcoming darkness is stronger. The Bible, as the oldest book of mankind, is still a shining beacon for 6000 years to pass on divinely inspired assurance bathed in extraterrestrial knowledge to prove it.

The Bible, as the oldest book of mankind, is still a shining beacon for 6000 years to pass on divinely inspired assurance bathed in extraterrestrial knowledge to prove it. But the new science discoveries got me into trouble with the university establishment and irritated a number of atheistic people who think they are better educated rejecting outright the Bible thus lost the ability to think in logic not knowing why?

It is really not their fault basically it started early like with my grandkid. The grammar school system enforced unscientific speculative evolution theories, which made the student a victim of being brain-washed in an evolution religion based on lies, misinterpreting or ignoring many science facts. It created indoctrinated, irrational confusion in some form of MIND control permanently lodged in the child, not being conscious of its existence. Brainwashing was pioneered and perfected during the Nazi period in Germany from the 1933. Hitler-Goebbels found out that the masses can be totally controlled by any ideology no matter how evil by applying certain rules in science now practiced globally by every government linked to universities to control the population.

On the outside it insinuates a rainbow of socialism catering to an inbuilt desire of gaining wealth to be better off than my neighbor. It promises a higher position in the class of privilege dolled out by a political party in power, where promoted as, or alleged to be beneficial for society.

Look around. That deception of lies, mixed with a lot of empty promises, is a camouflaged dishonesty, but it could get you promoted in the emerging technical society. No wonder conflicting Bible truth is outright rejected by the university establishment, which taught every student only the evolution theory for political reason, though judged to be unscientific by violating physics in a 1925 court trial.

Evolution is religiously believed to be willy-nilly reality without any science evidence, ignoring entropy laws evolving up-hill not possible. Now the atheistic evolution religion is enforced and dictated by priesthood global bankers printing money to make you compliant with generous grants.

Now I am retired, having more time got really amazed. I perceived how influential this atheistic ideology has been in changing Christian culture, which was the 78% majority in 1976 and had been for hundreds of years in the USA.

America is now controlled by the atheistic 1.7% minority forcing everybody to vote into office only atheist's senators, hiding and ashamed of their religion, poorly trained congress candidates educated in atheistic evolution fairy tales. All the way down to the level of ignorant school boards and immoral gay bureaucrats aimed to destroy the foundation of family relationship to enforce a gender policy contrary to nature. It is buttressed by many US Supreme Court decisions (6-26-13) and can only ridicule a historic Sodom & Gomorrah story, qualifying only those rejecting the Bible. How was that feat accomplished?  

For an example, how was it possible to deny the basic human right of LIFE to 50 million babies in America? They have been terribly butchered in abortion mills? Unprotected by our government, cut apart while still alive, and suffering terrible pain. The executioner then sells the aborted body parts to special "gene-research-businesses" controlled by atheistic universities making obscene profit? Life is not understood by evil people.

They changed 6000-year-old Divine laws into relativism that will destroy our earth, LIFE and mankind. It is like cutting off the branch you sit on. Murdered souls are crying out for justice! Watch God's Wrath! He has become furious violating his free gift to mankind. Check this story how it ends.

It started when comatose Christians allowed that crime, like diluted salt became tasteless. They voted for corrupt, atheistic candidates and were ashamed in public of their Christian heritage. No wonder a New Age of political right thinking has arrived. An honorable, Christian US Supreme Court became totally evil now determined to wipe out the Christian inspired Constitution envied around the world. However, it is not possible to change divine laws of good and evil into relativism only to suffer the consequences.

Watch the global political schlimazels we have run out of options because of perverting many God-given laws. Our civilization is now governed by relativism and lies can no longer delineate evil from good consequently will harvest what is sown. It will repeat a German Nazi history with bigger devastation already illustrated in an Islam Spring in turmoil affecting globally so many nations becoming unglued. Read a warning from Billy Graham's Prayer for our nation (Pearl #241).

Even worse, a prevailing atheistic cancer mindset, expanded currently worldwide, has been made much more lethal now by high technology. We are on the road to global self-destruction, and only God can save mankind from total annihilation. The prophesied apocalypse must arrive in time to save mankind before we commit nuclear suicide. It will usher in a magnificent new Civilization never before on earth to experience globally a divine controlled government after 2018 AD.

Investigating prophecy from a true science perspective was for me an irresistible attraction. It opened a science tunnel vision to a 360⁰ horizon in many areas of philosophy, knowledge of nature and a wider worldview worth the try.

Let's follow the trail while watching some religious Christian TV flipping channels six years ago, I noticed it was full of doomsday-apocalypse scatter-talk, but now total silence? That same silence was experienced when I got no reply to a courtesy manuscript of new science discoveries sent to our US President Obama, apprising him of magnetic gravity a ∞ energy source.

For proof, I designed 16 UREE electric generators worth millions dollars. But being forbidden by the US government avoiding prison then gifted future patent inventions to ISRAEL to pass it on to the next generation surviving the Apocalypse.

I never got an answer from either, just silence. However, once the 9th Babushka egg concept book was published on the Internet, it can no longer be ignored, if you want to become a millionaire. Explaining suppressed free energy theories were first too advanced, and it took some time to assimilate. Many young scientists got inspired discovering free energy now proven in many YouTube videos creating excitement, starting new businesses in spit of the global Oil Cartel oppression.   

Even my 10th Jod Kaleidoscope Babushka egg concept book still allowed by the American Constitution once more expressed the nature of the Apocalypse from a different angle: explaining the "WHY" an Apocalypse is prophesied in the Bible exclusively to our generation. Why the silence? Being born under Hitler, I found the obvious answer of our leaders being mind controlled since childhood.

Applying the Bible creation story, cross referenced to the zodiac galaxies in the sky, harmonizing with the Bible Hebrew calendar linked to Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), I discovered the dates of the Apocalypse to be 2008-2015. However, God’s Grace could modify any (HANS) schedule linked to a 52 Km asteroid just turning one more orbit could live a little longer. Jesus said, “Observe the signs.” A future Apocalypse will start as in Noah's days, which ended an ancient civilization by an asteroid, right after the door of the ark was shut by God from the outside.

Now notice, likewise the same event happened announcing the Apocalypse in 2008 linked to the steel vault door in Svalbard, a Norwegian icy island, which was permanently shut. The cold storage was build by the UN in case of an asteroid destroying the future food supply for mankind. It stores 500,000 genetic unmodified food seeds for future generations. It is proving a forecast illustrated the reason of Noah's ark now seen on TV an asteroid recently passing very close in Russia. That should alert us reflecting on Jesus prophecy linked to the Apocalypse. 

That is mirrored with an identical incident of a previous Atlantis Civilization reported in ancient Bible history being destroyed by God’s Wrath in 5 February 2287 BC using an asteroid. That hi-tech society also exploited and invented forbidden GMO technology that misused the original gene intelligence to cause massive extinctions. To save the original food for future generations, God had to collect pure non-genetic modified seeds and domestic animals placed in Noah's boat, if not Satan could boast and prove that he is more powerful than GOD.

Being right on schedule in matching the prophesied Apocalypse 2008-2015, verification came from TV headlines of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. He was the first elected Islamic President, caught up in Satan-controlled activities helping an Islamic Spring selling more weapons to kill each other. (Pearl #240 - page 131) Watch the NEWS. Our nation no longer cares for the US Christian-based Constitution. Why is the atheistic Supreme Court sleeping? Not even waking up from a bigger noise, not reacting to a NYC 2009 disaster, watching the many historic banking institutions disappearing with billions stolen worse is being rewarded with billion dollars in illegal bailout bonuses causing the global economy to totter. The US Government has become more corrupt and shoddier, causing worldwide unemployment but not affecting the Stock Market casino still operating for the class of privilege printing more bailouts. Similarly, if you remember some passenger of the Titanic trying to beat the odds undisturbed kept playing with worthless money realizing not finding a safe harbor.

Our 21st Century Civilization is like the sinking Titanic. Luckily, it passed the fearful 21 December 2012 date. Many expected it would start the Apocalypse, but it fizzed out a little quieter being in the middle of a storm center. That date is still a mystery for many in science and theology, but if you are better educated, it can be demonstrated with satellites GRACE. 

NASA has measured our earth axis wobble, which is now at rest after 4300 years, calculated if you know a little math. Amazingly, Julius Caesar was right on schedule in 54 BC by inserting 62 days correctly projecting ancient earth axis wobbles ending 21 December 2012, changing a 10 month calendar to a 12 month one without a modern computer. Wondering what math method did Julius Caesar use? Unfortunately many scientists brainwashed in evolution fairytales never figured out how an earth wobble came about.      Missing the connection to true physics, many historic geological facts remain a puzzle.

Why not investigate the evidence of an asteroid impact mystery which can be dated turning back the Planetarium zodiac wobble sky will stop at 5 February 2287 BC, now postulated free as the 3rd Babushka egg concept book getting more proof of how declining earth wobbles were measured. It was a lot of fun to test out new discoveries to check ancient mystery bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in many museums.

Not understanding our changing calendar kept many theologians confused. They mostly misdated prophecy projections by putting the Bible events out of order. A new perspective could open the door to better understand Daniel and Revelation.  No wonder TV theologians still postulate that the Endtime is still future. They are not aware that Western Civilization has ended, being now in the middle of the Apocalypse. A new One World Order already has started, defined not by a conventional declining calendar measuring time, but morphed as stated in Daniel, "shall think to change the times and the laws…” (Daniel 7:25)

Time is now measured in atom-femto-seconds linked to a computer-controlled society of a new global World Order that changed the ancient law of Good and Evil to Relativism, denying the existence of absolutes. The first prophesied, 10-horn nations have passed, reduced to the "G-Seven" horn nations Chinese-Russia-EU-Islam-Brittan-Latin America, and the USA that was rooted historical in a lion (Brittan) but lost its eagle wings.

The last prophesied Daniel's fourth beast morphed into a global hi-tech system of a computer MIND (V19) shortly ruled by a little horn the Antichrist and will end our 21st Century Civilization in Armageddon. If you follow the new theological dating trail linked to science, it places the 5-month Apocalypse accurately as the earth axis no longer wobbles. To widen knowledge horizons, read the energy Babushka egg book #9 free on the Internet, which hatched this little egg, Jonah's Last Warnings to Gentiles and Jews ending 70 times with, ON THAT DAY, when God puts an end to all evil.

Pearl #239 -
The Apocalypse a Kosmos Conflict - Part 2

Angels have Apocalypse Implications

Many theologians have different ideas why and what is an Apocalypse and dating it is not allowed. I would like to clarify some new discoveries and round it up similar to a Prologue. But later will investigate in my next Pearls four (4) Prophets Isaiah, Zechariah, Jeremiah and Zephaniah, which could give us an additional panoramic view of prophecy matching science. If linked to metaphysics always discover more; why is it repeated "ON THAT DAY" seventy (70) times lining up events?

To sort out the many mysteries in the Bible, I use the tools learned as a successful inventor with the usual strange habits. I was motivated to explore ancient Scripture and compare it with high technology, which must match the HANS perspective. No wonder the Bible, the oldest history book of mankind, revealed startling results that greatly surprised me. This research developed into a series of written Babushka eggs; some are smaller like a baby egg that I call Pearls. When more Bible mysteries showed up based on science data usually became a bigger egg.    

Writing about forbidden science connected to the metaphysical defined my mission in retirement and got me on documenting a history-science-Bible journey. My habit of unique curiosity was directed to explore longstanding Bible puzzles that have kept many scholars confused. It revealed some secrets theologians missed since they were not educated in science. My practical German background as an instrument maker was helpful to reveal incredible new concepts collected in ten (10) free Babushka egg concept books never postulated in universities anywhere.

My study became like an expedition diving in the Bible Ocean and searching for many precious Pearls. I was soon hooked and kept diving to find more. Babushka egg concept books can be copied without charge from the Internet for the benefit of future generation. Some were translated in Spanish, German and Arabic to expand a vision that even dated the Apocalypse.

Exploring the Bible from a science viewpoint was exciting as no other book on earth has a proven history recorded in advance. It could be compared to a holograph if you keep cutting it into two sides each tiny portion still has 100% of the information embedded similar to cloning on a lower entropy. That unusual fact became a challenge for this inventor-scientist to unlock prophecy.

It raised the ante for me. Could the ancient text be decoded to learn more about our future destiny in spite of modern science being entangled in unscientific atheistic evolution leftover residue theories from the Middle Ages? The younger generations do not realize the tremendous influence of a modern Mind Control system most universities adopted, how it damaged our American culture. Being inferiorly educated makes it easier to believe in counterfeit science opposing the Bible.  Previously I proved free energy like hydrogen from water (Hoffman) and free Electricity extracted from the air (Tesla). Why is it still suppressed by a powerful evil Oil Cartel being globally so dominant?

They corrupted the US Government and held hostage worldwide the 21st Century Civilization denying free nonpolluting energy for 80 years? It caused continued wars ever since and murdered billions. But the ELOHIM kept track now will end their evil, watch being judged by God's Wrath.   

Being stuck in fake science, most universities never noticed that reversed entropy is not possible in nature holding on to atheistic evolution religion; therefore still believe that free energy is not possible. Being an inventor not easily confused, I came up with a real story to educate my grandkids using true science and to explain what will happen in the next few years investigating knowledge principles analyzed with math linked to many Bible facts that can forecast the future Apocalypse not starting on earth now explained in Part 2.

Much in the Bible is basically a roadmap to reveal to mankind the consequences of wrongly applied principles detrimental to life. Employing some of the other 50% of Newton's writing mostly kept silent, many are central to metaphysical laws reflected on the natural cause and effect level. Combined they will warn us to redirect our minds to the celestial source always trustworthy.

The style of the Bible is based on foretelling mankind's history, which identifies our destiny controlled by divine guidance and the penalty of mankind's sinful nature. Honest skeptics, if interested, could widen their knowledge horizons. The majestic theme of God’s creation ends with a symphonic credenza of redemption and restoration as the previously upset cosmos once more will become balanced.

My grandkid's teaching through university level no longer compares the many life principles of accumulated knowledge with the embedded wisdom rooted in the Bible history of mankind.  Why was it thrown out from the classroom as irrelevant? All became corrupted to even falsely rewrite American history. Many fabricated lies replace true principles to make an impossible, unscientific evolution theory to fit an atheistic belief system denying a Creator.

Professors keep ignoring the many evidences in nature not matching modern gene research or DNA conclusions. It needs a counter-balanced perspective to reflect what the Bible teaches, not religion, but how nature operates. This is not even understood by many theologians, who are likewise brainwashed in Satan-inspired evil relativism.

Our civilization will end 17 September 2015 in a divinely executed "APOCALYPSE" to end Satan’s disruption of God’s order as projected from a science perspective matching many prophecy events. To lay a base for a lasting Bible understanding requires the retelling of the creation story, forbidden in schools, from a new science perspective. It may even surprise Christians. Many do not know that God’s real Plan for Mankind ends with a scary Apocalypse. I hope to expand your knowledge horizons and become convinced. WHY our Civilization will end shortly in an APOCALYPSE

Going back to when time started, the reason for creation defined in a Cosmic Grand Plan, will widen our Bible knowledge horizons. It could be compared to a divine theater play. The curtain rises with God, the ELOHIM, and dealing with Satan's rebellion in 4488 BC. This caused a changeover of God's administration, as angels could no longer be trusted perhaps repeating another upheaval offending the Creator detrimental to the whole cosmic organization.

Scripture reports that 1/3 of God’s angel administration revolted, perhaps 200 million. (Rev. 9:16) All who sided with Satan transgressed the KOSMOS LAW and were isolated in the underworld. The Creator did not want robots but freewill agents, which leaves the possibility open to violate trust.

Rebellion cannot be tolerated if a society wants to live in peace. Think through how God could fix the problem. He could have thrown away the whole universe like we do with our failed computers, but that would not be fair for those still loyal to him being scared and very troubled. The Kosmos Law was not changed by Satan's rebellion. Everybody still has an option to exercise a free WILL: either to live forever in God’s house or be removed to an outer darkness detention forever. Otherwise, you have disintegration of the cosmos, dissolution of entropy ending in chaos learned in science.

God introduced an additional option on the lower Daleth dimension. A cocoon event system was implemented still defined as heaven or hell. But hell is now terminated with the same Kosmos Law in a greater sense. God needed to recalibrate his universe and fixed a major problem if transgressed. Applying justice must condemn a failure, but being designed to live forever and ever now cast in a detention outer darkness dimension would be inhuman.

Consequently, a merciful God who loves his creatures had to invent an escape agreeable for both parties. That was made possible by his divine Son Jesus. Christ introduced "Death" and atoned for "SIN" to pardon our transgression. He exchanged his life to gain mine and yours. What changed was demonstrated in history 2000 years ago on the cross when He cried out loud,   "It is done." That gave an added option to terminate once life after judgment or accept Eternal LIFE, now a free choice.

The Cocoon Followed by a Resurrections

Nature teaches the purpose for the apocalypse as the caterpillar ends in a cocoon to emerge as a butterfly, which is the resurrection principle. What was of lesser entropy is now raised and transformed to a higher level not to be compared to its previous former existence.

Angels and Mankind alike failed the first caterpillar development stage, but humans will be transformed to a restored cosmos now much better. Even evil is a mystery force used by God to become part of the process of restoring the cosmos on a much higher level as before. It will become the new Jod-Dimension as Jesus promised a new-earth linked to a new-heaven.

A new home is important for angels and mankind to live forever. The old, failed universe was destined to end in a fireball linked to science (3018 AD) as described in Babushka egg concept books. During the time dimension, we all must go through a cocoon cycle on a higher order that works like a sieve where rejected residues from a previous mortal world order are filtered out. It only lets the pure essence become the future building blocks of a new creation. That filter is still governed by independent creatures with free will, making choices as the Creator did not want robots. The new calibrated cosmos system is not enforced on anyone, but we are invited to experience a new birth on a higher level, or if rebellious to truth better told in the Bible from a divine perspective read Romans 1:18.

God's creatures were designed to live forever, but transgressors of the Kosmos Law will everlastingly be banned to eternal outer darkness. God’s Grace introduced "Death" as another option that had never existed before. Justice must be preserved, so it is still based on free Will as illustrated in the Garden of Eden with two trees. Being designed to live forever, some will fail becoming evil in following Lucifer's rebellion.

God introduced the principle of choice between Life or Death - even for angels. The death option is pure Grace, not deserved, and was not cheap for the Creator. He went through it all the way, shrouded in the Daleth dimension mortality, painfully identifying with his creation on equal footing being forsaken by his friends, falsely accused, horribly tortured, crucified and experienced an unjust death.

Our parents, Adam and Eve, failed. They chose the Tree of Death, became mortal, but got another chance. Hopefully, they passed on to their children to be better educated to choose the tree of Eternal Life offered by Jesus Christ who paid the penalty of our transgressions not to experience God's Wrath.  

The resurrection option is a new choice, as Evil must be filtered out, no longer useful to the process. Look inside the cocoon. It is empty, but this resurrection mystery reality meant for mankind is even applied to fallen demon angels who are allowed a choice. The transition is still determined by freewill in choosing what direction they will journey (Life or Death).

The cocoon is the crossover junction represented by the White Throne placed outside the time dimension to balance whatever choice was made, evaluating the intent with facts. One side rewards the soul to live forever in God's house in a new Jod-Dimension. The other ends in sorrow from making the wrong choice ending in the fiery lake of the collapsing Heh and Daleth dimensions, like the baby-fetus only temporarily uses a placenta now useless being thrown out.

The entropy in physics always comes with two laws similar to the baby-placenta defining nature linked to the immortality-death. The Daleth dimension reveals that the spirit world has two subdivisions, being guarded by the 5th Angel before the Throne of God.

The cocoon netherworld is split in two: one above with the many persecuted Saints under the Throne (Rev. 6:9) also a resting place for those waiting in the Abraham-Lazarus story. (Luke 16:19) The other department is below the bottomless pit separated by a deep canyon we consider Hell occupied by fallen angels of unearthly strange demon description and those humans rejecting salvation freely offered. (Rev. 9:1)

The netherworld operates like a filter when a selection was made on the Daleth dimension; it sets the railroad switch to go either way. Each individual is responsible for you own control.  

Various separate resurrections, one unto "Life" the other unto "Death" is still a mystery for many Christians. The next Bible text will reveal something not preached in church misunderstood by many theologians not educated in science. Rev. 9:16 reveals the 5th Angel linked to the 5th Seal, being in charge of the netherworld and supervising 200 million angels fallen from God’s previous administration. Many offices became vacant when ELOHIM disposed Satan: positions needing replacements in the future. Since the Bible spelled out the number of fallen angels, I believe the replacements could be 200 million saints from Adam to the last arrival when the Apocalypse ends. Saints are set aside for a unique purpose, so look forward to the exclusive Saint Resurrection to become a royal First Born - beautiful butterfly.

The Saints will not go to heaven but come back to earth with Jesus Christ to attend school learning how to administer God’s Kingdom on Earth and gain experience to rule over angels. New divine laws will be applied to greatly benefit the new society with an exploding population after 2018 AD.  

The first resurrection appears toward the end of the apocalypse as the Fifth caretaker Angel serving before the Throne in heaven was ordered take the key and open the prison door to allow a resurrection only for demons ruled by a powerful fallen angel leader Abaddon-Apollyon.

It coincides with the war in heaven as Satan losing the war fighting the Arch-angle Michael. The fallen angel being imprisoned, realizing destined to live forever in outer darkness, will exercise their only option once the prison door is open to escape and burst forth roaming around the earth allowed only five month in the Daleth -Time-dimension. Being extremely evil unrepentant will be permitted to posses people needing a body to die illustrated in the crazy pigs encounter story met by Jesus to end their existence all perish in the Wrath of God event. (Rev. 9) (Matt. 8:28-34)  

The Bible reveals that whoever accepts being marked with the global microchip system of extra privilege are wide open to be demon possessed committing terrible crimes.  It is advertised as a global Party for Peace and many who signed up for a privileged membership that comes with bonus benefits being stressed for survival? Jesus warned that those becoming members, marked with Satan's Peace Party, will have lost forever the option of Eternal Life which is the ultimate one notch higher eternal privilege!   

A mystery is now revealed every demon inside a human being is only utilizing the Kosmos Laws can now end their life piggybacked together with their host on a mortality Daleth system. The demons can escape the underworld prison forever now thrown into the fiery lake a much better option by four Death Angels executioners from their netherworld appearing during the sixth trumpet blast. It is coinciding with the war in heaven, Satan and all Kosmos fallen angles have been cast out joining the Antichrist and his prophet also being killed by the four Death Angels designed exclusive for that one purpose.

Once more the Second Woe reveals Four Death-Angel on a higher level became a placenta facilitator designed for demons just for this Apocalypse time to execute God's Wrath including one third of mankind. (Rev. 9:12) That resurrection event will integrate all fallen angels and demons collected from the cosmic conflict in heaven as Satan and his bunch where thrown out of Heh-heaven to earth-Daleth dimension around 4 April 2015 (5776, double blood moon) and disappear forever passing through a White Throne timeless dimension filter, temporally set up governing a Daleth universe. (Rev. 12:7)

According to entropy, only on the Daleth second stage dimension level can LIFE be terminated. The principle is even shown when the divine Jesus Christ clothed in mortality and died on the cross to conform to the Kosmos Law filter equalizer not allowing exception.

The cocoon death is like a filter of choice to end our existence and if chosen during the Daleth dimension setting the right switch could continue in a resurrection that is pure grace unto LIFE. The old Heh dimension got polluted, therefore rejected. The Daleth dimension is only a facilitator, like a placenta to a new baby, for the promised Jod dimension (new heaven-new earth). The Principle of Grace reflects that the Creator loves his creation but must be balanced by choice, trusting each other in love and respect.

Mankind must pass an Apocalypse Filter

The next endplay curtain of the second act tells the story of mankind which will demonstrate the inserted "First half" cycle of the temporal Daleth dimension side linked to the Kosmos Law. The new replacement Mortals shown to angels in the Garden of Eden rejoicing greatly looked nearly the same size as angels, brightly lit in their bodies. But when they sinned lost the light. Recent ancient skeleton of human giants many were found measuring 10-36 ft. photographed which proves that Lucy is an evolution lie applying fake science. It was planned that Adam and Eve (4068 BC) needed first to be isolated from the Heaven, Heh dimension, for a two-stage development journey.  

If you are not familiar with my discoveries defining the universe from a metaphysics perspective could be helpful, read the 9th Babushka concept book describing infinite light energy which obsoleted the Einstein Theory resulting in free electricity and free hydrogen energy from water.

The new universe Daleth dimension was created and embedded with the Time dimension. It was designed to be an incubator on earth uniquely to preserve LIFE. It is maintained by hundreds of precise, detailed improvements only possible on this globe if you understand true science, not found in the universe. The newly created Mensch was dual-sided, as the Daleth side must first go to Satan's school to be become acquainted with evil.

Consequently, God designed mortality to learn all about the outcome of failing his standard, but the faithful will be rewarded with Eternal Life on the second Jod stage side if pardoned. Learning how to overcome evil will finalize the progress to become a completed Heavenly Being fit for the new heaven-earth Jod dimension.

A permanent, inbuilt immune system of God’s righteousness standard must be embedded in everybody's consciousness, even is experience in a child on the lower level. That defensive righteous inoculation will prevent future rebellion making it impossible to happen again, as peace in the cosmos is permanently restored after 3018 AD. However, mortal mankind experimenting with evil failing the test transgressed the KOSMOS LAW consequently the new specie was designed to be redeemable if they would choose eternal life.

A free will is a requirement shared with angels. We must select to either accept God’s free provision of atonement, being declared free of our sinful rebellion demonstrated in Jesus Christ who forfeit his LIFE to gain yours, OR if rejected, unable to pay yourself will mean being thrown into hell as the LAW demanded. To be made whole again and totally forgiven, your name is entered in the Book of LIFE, which is a passport to live in God’s house to gladly abide by his rules, an honor considered royalty.

The fulfillment of God's Grand plan of restoration will realign the Kosmos to run perfectly again. It will shortly arrive and announce the birthing of a new civilization, God’s Kingdom on Earth.  Satan's school will be closed forever no longer needed now Satan bound in the abyss as the only evil survivor after the Apocalypse. A new school is opened under Jesus tutelage to graduate some resurrected Saints being highly honored required a higher cosmic education later to rule the angel Jod domain a new creation.

To finalize Mankind destiny some Mortals since Adam where preselected being resurrected first, appointed to be further trained to fill the vacancies of God's administration. That is known in Christian circles as the First Resurrection. Many Christians will not qualify misled by the cares of this world should read Jesus virgin story (Matthew 25) or expanded in Pearl #200.Only those with more love-oil become Saints.

To explain the Apocalypse dividing God's Grand plan for my grandkids linked to science I use helpful analogies could even be constructive for many atheistic PhD mired by tunnel vision no longer seeing a world from a 360⁰ perspective in rebellion to God's laws. It resembles a placenta part of a grand birthing analogy. A new baby civilization is being born but this time supervised by Yeshua returning once more to his place he created as the two previous civilizations utterly failed with Satan gloating again, "I won!"-two times.

This last coming civilization number #3 will be very extraordinary. It will show the angels how a corrupted mortal Mensch system could finally work if governed in righteousness divinely guided. It will prove that the sinful nature of rebellious mankind, two times failed, can lastly live in peace without strife, war and dishonesty as Satan will be removed to keep him from interfering stirring up more trouble. The old system was terminated in a noisy end phase to start over again. The table cleaned once more; the curtain rises.

The second apocalypse house cleaning will arrive akin to a coin with two sides: one will reflect mankind with an independent MIND misusing the laws of physics and the other belong to the divine. The Plan for Mankind was designed similar to a minted coin that was invented by ELOHIM, the Creator, preordained according to his Will being the inventor. That is proven everywhere examining nature like your LIFE hopefully always controlled by intelligence which is two sided, too.

The invisible coin-side is controlled by divine intelligence needs a mirror to see it as most in nature is revealed with embedded DNA controlling the 80 trillion proteins. The system must be guided by intelligence discovered in recent science.  It will prove that our mortality is linked to immortality like illustrated in nature for my grandkid the caterpillar emerged after the cocoon as a butterfly completely different designed for another world a fantastic cosmos model. Notice globally in universities not yet recognized we see a total major science-collapse whatever was taught before buckled. Previously, our generation pumped up with foolish pride, knowledge became narrow-minded as everybody was aiming to specialize guarding personal turf. Becoming ignorant in the absence of logic can only theorize the laws of nature without the metaphysics in the belief that concentrated tunnel vision sees more.

The modern atheistic education departments have forgotten to investigate the laws from an Axiomatic and Imperial science method giving us a 360⁰ perspective. If you want to argue that point, talk to the expert's way beyond my level of teaching but have enough references mentioned in 10 Babushka egg concept books to keep you very busy. Please checkout Dr. Charles W. Lucas, Jr. a good candidate to discuss why the old-fashioned science is collapsing obsoleting Dr. Einstein theory.


But God picked someone practical, inclined to educate grandkids, and appointed a German instrument maker to teach how a cuckoo clock works and explain science in a little more realistic way on a lower level. Consequently, what you read here is for the layman to understand nature better using a divine text that survived 6000 years to extract wisdom those with science tunnel visions will never discover.

Again, understanding the nature of the Apocalypse can be compared to a placenta with a baby. Both are born together. The placenta is only a facilitator, but the baby is the main reason. By analogy it becomes the new civilization destined to last the 1000 years of a prophetic Bible telescope.

Projected in a historical future perspective, the Bible telescope shows identical events many times duplicated like matching a holographic blueprint fun to investigate. Most historic events, the place and timing were written for our instruction to decode the future of God’s Plan for Mankind. For an example, ISRAEL entered the Promised Land during Moses time from the dessert.

It ended in an Apocalypse conflict/placenta at Jericho to set out into a new land of milk and honey. That ancient story is recorded in the book of Joshua.  Applying holographic historic events to the Bible far vision starting the Apocalypse must not be shortsighted, ignoring embedded intelligence of nature. One should look closely at the Tesla-Hoffman discoveries and follow the energy trail to the source of the first Bible verse. (Gen. 1:1)

When true modern science is applied to the embedded Bible information, denied by the experts on the web, nevertheless it will in time change our world forever and prove the divinely inspired metaphysics source once more opening new horizons in science. It will confirm the total Plan for Mankind barely mentioned anymore in churches by theologians lacking Bible wisdom being hopelessly messed up by relativism. The apocalypse makes only sense when viewed from a total Kosmos perspective, which starts with the creator ELOHIM. He is not an angered ruthless dictator but loves what he designed. He expressed supernatural patience for his creation allowing much latitude to articulate or free will and lets us mess up our home but only to a point. Since mankind is destroying the genetics of the food chain, God must intervene for the welfare of future generations.  He acts rationally on a higher level as outlined in the past by his dedicated prophets.


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