Pearl #261 -

God’s Wrath - Dactyl Asteroid

is framed with the

13th Constellation Ophiuchus 2015?


Astronomers with NASA’s technical expertise photographed a huge asteroid Ida. She is roughly 32 miles (52 km) across discovered on 28 August 1993 with the first space camera. An orbit of 1768 days (4.84 years) was projected and claimed to hit our earth in 2020! The Ida rock was named by astrologers mirror imaged from ancient zodiac Zeus mythology honored by Caesar Constantine in a stone statue now renamed Peter in the Vatican.

But later a Russian scientist refigured the orbit to 2.21 years around the sun, now a little closer. Logically from a Babushka egg Bible-science perspective, I had reservations since God’s Plan for Mankind is destined to last another 1000 years as described in Revelation 20:7. Ida was too big to match prophecy and would totally destroy the earth, hence would end all life. Therefore, I reasoned in my previously pearls that when a huge rock penetrated our atmosphere, it would either break apart or be deflected by a huge Kosmos space satellite, which is the Star of Bethlehem returned with Yeshua and his army.   


Image courtesy NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

However, science got a big surprise and discovered that IDA has a moon-satellite orbiting around it. They named it Dactyl as astronomers classify objects in space using ancient mythologies to explain the universe from an evolution religion rather than God’s Word. The rock Dactyl is one mile across, and is the only picture of an asteroid moon ever photographed, thus not a mythology rock. That extremely rare space object will behave similar to an unannounced asteroid that recently passed very close over Russia creating damage on earth and fear. But Dactyl will be different having the right size (one mile) to match prophecy based on science. As Ida approaches, the earth’s higher mass and stronger gravitational field will attract Dactyl like a magnet separated from the mother rock with horrendous consequences.

Around 2006 my website noted two Popular Science magazine cover pictures showing the newly discovered Ida asteroid that could fulfill hundreds of predicted events detailed in the Bible. But now it seems the smaller Dactyl’s reduced impact could better fulfill prophecy, also because Ida’s orbit moves in the direction of the earth’s rotation. The impact will reverse the inner earth core’s residual stress created by the asteroid strike that caused Noah’s Flood on 5 February 2287 BC. But the next asteroid strike will change the earth-axis back to restore the global climate to its previous tropical state as confirmed by what gold prospectors found digging in Alaska. 

Ida-DactylConsequently, the Dactyl impact will generate exactly the many prophesied aftereffects detailed in the Bible presented in Babushka Egg concept books not allowed in universities. They are meant for the laity studying the Bible to expose and to dig out hidden science information. My outlook matches many Bible prophecies cross referenced for you researching in detail science laws aligned from a metaphysical perspective trained as an inventor-scientist. Hundreds of science witnesses were documented surrounded with historic facts collected in fourteen (14) free Babushka Egg concept books. 

For some reason I picked this asteroid calculated by the experts to hit the earth in 2020, but with reservation as it was much too big. But the newly discovered one-mile wide Dactyl moon is just the right size to shake the earth-axis once more without causing a global flood again lke Noah’s. It could still be destructive worldwide to every densely populated metropolitan area.

According to physics, a smaller Dactyl impact being over 10 Richter scale will match the prophesied aftereffects detailed in the Bible. Babushka eggs presented a lot of historic information not allowed in universities meant for serious theologians studying the Bible to help dig out hidden science. To widen horizons, check the other witnesses of many TV videos tell the same story. My outlook matches many Bible prophecies cross referenced for you to find out. The metaphysics is not allowed in universities but matches the detailed projected events as aligned by a scientist-inventor and collected many suppressed science facts linked to ancient history. My math is a little different having decoded mystery clocks (Babushka Egg concept Book #3) exhibited in many museums. 

(21 December 2012) = 2012.97262074 + 4.84 = 2017.81262
.81262 fraction = September 22, 2017?

But watch: it could start the intensive apocalypse birth pangs a little sooner as projected recently by the Russian scientist who measured a closer orbit which could accelerate the birth pangs of God’s Wrath past the last postulated Tetra Blood Moon on 22 September 2015 to Tammuz 17, 5776 (6 July 2016). God’s Wrath thus is settled with the Ophiuchus Constellation once more proven by a solstice of 21 December 2015 But watch: it could start the intensive apocalypse birth pangs a little sooner as projected recently by the Russian scientist who measured a closer orbit which could accelerate the birth pangs of God’s Wrath past the last postulated Tetra Blood Moon on 22 September 2015 to Tammuz 17, 5776 (6 July 2016). God’s Wrath thus is settled with the Ophiuchus Constellation once more proven by a solstice of 21 December 2015 like a smaller egg fit inside a bigger.

Daughter of the Chaldeans

ida et dactyl 02

The ancient Aztec calendar has embedded 14 cycles matching Genesis in the Torah.  That started me on a science journey investigating the Bible Prophecy, which is now ending ten years later in 14 free Babushka Egg Concept Books and many Pearls. They function like a Rosetta Stone revealing concepts buried in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System not found in global libraries as the atheistic knowledge is polluted by lies and deceptive relativism.

Guaranteed, now rationalized to postulate that the prophesied apocalypse Ida event will end with the orbiting Dactyl rock sucked in by the earth’s gravity announcing judgment of this civilization, which became absolute evil. God’s Wrath is being concluded with an asteroid outlined by a zodiac 13th constellation Ophiuchus linked to the winter solstice 2015. (Ezekiel 12:26-28)

God’s Waves of Wrath start: 9 Av 5775 (2015)
Linked to:  22 September 2017 - NEW LIFE

Ophiuchus, the 13th Constellation

November 29 – December 17

The web has gone ballistic hypothesizing on YouTube about the end of this human civilization. Could it happen this year (2015)?  Many have linked the (4) Tetra Blood Moons and (2) sun eclipses to announce the End time, as these signs in the sky date a WARNING to an atheistic civilization. Heading toward the partial sun eclipse, many believe that God’s Wrath will appear after those warning signs ending with the last Blood Moon linked to a 49th Shemitah on 28 September 2015. I still wonder, would the ELOHIM change his schedule like he did after Jonah’s warning to Nineveh so many centuries ago? Will he delay the outpouring of his wrath and judgment beyond 5776 (2016)?

My earlier Pearl #260 explained that a Jonah-II “warning” was repeated in 7 x 40 days cycles to match a Jewish holiday overlay. I postulated it would end in God’s Wrath on Rosh Hashanah 2015. An old Bible translation error was still a problem for me, having grown up in a Gentile culture not properly educated in Hebrew texts or holidays.  It caused Christians a big problem, too, when Matt. 24:35-36 were spaced apart, which denigrated Yeshua-Creator by making him to be like an ignorant mortal who does not know the time. Now I again question a paradox found in Rev. 9:5, where God seems to allow mankind to be tortured by demons for five months or 150 days. I wonder if we have misconstrued God’s character again, the One personified as Love.

Most theologians are fooled being educated in atheistic science. Their biased and false denominational dogmas confused many Bible prophecies. Why not investigate the three existing calendars described in my Babushka egg books and question, “Is Time measured differently in the heavenly Heh dimension?” The conventional dating of Daniel’s prophecy from a BC-AD Julian calendar perspective indicates that the Apostle John was called into heaven. Should his vision be dated similarly? Why assume that time on the heavenly clock is the same as on earth?

As applied to demons being judged from heaven the Heh dimension, perhaps we should relate it to a different zodiac constellation calendar described before Noah in Genesis 1:16 on the fourth creation day. It rationalized a future Revelation paradox indicating that the length of 150 judgment days could be “cut short” stated by Jesus (Matt. 24:22), divided by (7) = 21 Days?  Being educated in Gentile culture clouded a Jonah-II warning too.

Consequently, I dated the apocalypse from a science perspective by counting backwards from 21 December 2015 winter solstice, as ancient clocks run in reverse too, being linked to prehistoric calendars from before 2288 BC aligned with the Hebrew Alphabet System. That outlook never changed.

As I watched the government controlled TV channels in America, it seemed a little too quiet, so I wondered if my prediction could be wrong. These came to me on 25 May 2015, which is Pentecost to open our Mind toward heaven? The Feast of Pentecost is better explained for Christians from a Jewish perspective, such as this YouTube video by Prophecy Watchers, which examined the ancient prophecies offered with a book: 

Gary Stearman 2015 -The Feasts of the Lord

Now having arrived another Jonah 40 days warning cycle, dated 6th of Sivan 5775 on a Jewish calendar, being the Feast of Weeks Shavuot or Pentecost. Christian Jews should think about decorating the bride with enough candle oil to get ready for the Bridegroom. It follows 50 days after Passover, which this year was linked to the sky now the 3rd Blood Moon on 4 April 2015.

Three Blood Moons and one sun eclipse warning have passed quietly, and that could be compared to a warning signal similar to the weather channel on TV showing a whirling cloud wheel with a black eye hole building up force to become a huge typhoon. Only the center hole is very quiet sending a time of warning?

God’s Wrath was previously described to be like a cyclone, but most theologians will miss dating prophecy because its events are not sequentially aligned, nor in parallel, but randomly exponential, swirling around to form a finger cone linked to many science Pearls on my website. I still believe the eye of the storm is properly dated from the 21 December 2015 solstice, projecting a 150-day (21-day) cycle on three calendars via Tammuz 17 - 5 July 2015. But watch the 40 days on the other side of the storm’s eye, like a Katarina example, only worse. 

Satan and his evil bunch rebelled in 4488 BC in the Heh-dimension, and condemned to be cast out from heaven to earth. Satan is very angry realizing his time to rule the world has ended.  God will allow him and his demons only a much shorter time (21 Daleth days?) to plague mankind so that mankind will recognize that God’s Wrath is the only solution for people to survive. The other side of the storm’s eye will fulfill the warning signs linked to the Heh-Daleth dimensions with Satan now identified as a two-faced serpent overlaid once more with the 13th Ophiuchus Constellation and the 2015 winter solstice.

With Pentecost at the middle of the storm center, we have little time left to consider and remember that any projection must align first with Hebrew holidays, divinely instituted on a Jewish calendar. Second, they must match the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) being offset and functioning on an unusual base seven mathematics to match the heaven Heh dimension clock. 

Seven is an odd number, but it is still rooted to measure time from a forbidden metaphysical perspective now embedded in God’s Plan for Mankind only revealed by the Creator ELOHIM. The Babushka egg concepts started 10 years ago dating Apocalypse by describing Bible prophecy integrated with science as tools to decipher historical events. Most Christian churches rejected an unpopular Jonah-II Warning, a closed Mind with the lights off. 

But new science mystery discoveries showed up producing more Russian Eggs as the one inside spawned another, getting bigger. Being a scientist, I now focused on the purpose of the Plan of Mankind asking many WHY questions, perhaps to prove once more and consider another incident. It is connected to our solar system the 13th constellation of Ophiuchus never to occur again, if you understand the cosmic Time Dimension.

Most Theologians dated the Apocalypse as being seven years long. Now with a better understanding of Scripture, I saw it declining to 3½ Daniel years, down perhaps to 150 days of John’s Revelation linked to end in a vortex of 40-day overlays to mark a date still counting, seems not settled yet. Jonah-II’s Warning connected prophecy with an embedded science perspective also used information from outside the Bible, investigating blood moons and sun eclipses, which came recently to the forefront. I used applied science as a practical tool in parallel to the Bible to verify forbidden dating projections, which could give added proof for the skeptic and hopeful widen Bible horizons for theologians.

Why not check the thirteenth (13) Ophiuchus Constellation, barely seen on the horizon, perhaps is linked to the Apocalypse? It raises just one more idea that either strengthens the forecast of Pearl #260, or could move the prophesied events a little further to end on the 2015 winter solstice, which is either the birth of Christ, or better yet his conception as connected to history. A birth makes sense when applied to God’s Kingdom. A divine birth will broaden viewpoints of God’s Plan for Mankind.

Writing many Babushka egg concept books projecting the Apocalypse, we cannot avoid the symbolism expressed in the ancient zodiac. It describes the story of mankind as a cosmic war between good and evil. Revelation reveals a war in heaven that concludes on earth in a climatic confrontation ending an evil civilization in God’s Wrath, where Satan is defeated and chained in the underworld. But the reality of the last battle at Armageddon is between the Gospel of Jesus “the” Christ and the Quran invented by Satan to counter God’s Word.

It will signal the return of Yeshua-Jesus as King of Kings starting his kingdom on earth as dated by Yeshua, who does know the time - 22 September 2017. It is really great NEWS that evil is finally eliminated to start THE Golden Age for mankind.

The outcome is hotly debated and dating is not allowed in Christian churches, but many are now severely persecuted and killed worldwide fulfilling prophecy. Why is there still a great silence in Christian churches and do not care what is announced in the global town square? Maybe some YouTube videos is a wakeup call to convince those who have the lights “ON” in their Mind. That switch is only activated by the Creator ELOHIM looking in your heart, dividing mankind like the first Hebrew letter in Genesis 1, Beth-bereshyt-create, being dual.

Sign in the Heaven - Virgo Constellation,

God’s Final Prophesied Wrath

The history of mortals was preset before the earth was created by ELOHIM to end a civilization when it reached the threshold of absolute Evil concluded in God’s Wrath. But God in his mercy will always send a Jonah Warning one way or another. Perhaps it could be extended another year to match the Hebrew calendar.

Yeshua-Jesus said, “This generation will not pass until all has been concluded.” We should watch the signs closing the apocalypse events until 5777 (2017). Being a scientist- inventor and a Christian, I collected many science facts on what is evil to the core all summed up in a (Pearl #233) in extraordinary Warnings to make God’s judgment justifiable with no excuse.

Only the Torah-Revelation revealed that ELOHIM is the Creator who intended mankind to know what is invisible to our Mind. It was first announced in the constellation sky before mankind was created, to give us a warning that matches many Bible prophecies summed up in God’s Kingdom on Earth to reign for 1000 years.

Ophiuchus created a problem for astrological experts, divided by two opinions. They contend over whether to hold to twelve zodiac constellations, or to allow a 13th constellation recently appearing on the horizon, which has split NYC newspaper astrology columnists. The finalized prophecy is also overlaid with ancient Bible stories that can be checked with HANS to reveal that the number 13 means Judgment with embedded significance described in my Babushka book (BB #7, page 141) and Pearls. They became useful tools to verify a solstice dating the Apocalypse 2008-2015. You be the judge, but think in logic.

A free web will expose this accumulated knowledge, now much better equipped to counter the biased, unscientific atheistic evolution religion as we witness the collapse of science upside down taught for 300 years. The same fate is seen in theological discussions. Religious TV shows still preach denominational false dogmas, a remnant from the Middle Ages. Collectively they point to a total collapse of this civilization, evil to the core. It is repeating what happened to the hi-tech Atlantis Civilization, likewise judged evil by God, and ended in God’s Wrath with the worldwide Flood of Noah in 2288 BC. 

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to witness that the global environment is totally jammed, impossible to correct. It is immorally enforced globally on everyone by the Illuminati World Banking Order, which became absolutely EVIL.

It could be rationalized that God is always merciful, delaying Judgment as shown in Bible history when mankind repented. But I still watch the End time cycle, checking a hundred fixed dates that could only be dated if combined by three calendars corrected from a Heh-Daleth dimension perspective. God’s Wrath will start with Jacob’s Trouble on the 9th of Av, as it always has. It will end joyfully on Rosh Hashanah 5777 as demonstrated in HANS.   

Yeshua-Jesus taught that the heavenly Time would be cut short, so God’s Wrath judgment matching hundreds of science facts might not end on 17 September 2015 but align with the expanded zodiac constellation of Ophiuchus, which is the November-December serpent bearer between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The apocalypse officially ends on the 21 December 2015 solstice. I hope that Jonah-II still was right to forecast New Life beginning on the final Hebrew date after 22 September 2017. It is embedded in various constellations, which cannot be messed up by theologians and atheistic science. Read Pearl #666.

Argument for Heaven-Earth clocks                  

We need 5 witnesses to have a case in court. Here proposed that the 150-day demon possession plaguing mankind on earth in Revelation 9:4 will end in the birth pangs of God’s Wrath with time cut short to 21 days, due to its link to the heavenly Heh dimension clock. Can this proposal be validated in a manner acceptable to theology and science, as all must fit any other parameter previously established?

  1. What is the heavenly clock?

Satan rebelled in 4488 BC (Julian calendar), and one third of his administration was put in an underworld prison. This rebellion proved that the Kosmos had become corrupted, as angels could no longer be trusted.

To restore the Kosmos and fill the vacancies, the ELOHIM decided to create different beings on a two-cycle system like a caterpillar-butterfly. First, they must learn the difference between Good and Evil by being thoroughly inoculated with evil, to experience what evil really is. Also, these beings must have free WILL choice, not being designed a robot, if they want to live forever in God’s house and abide by his rules.

This new plan required a specific TIME dimension where all would be finalized as the new created beings will not be cloned like angels but sequentially born until the planned number has been reached. God had foreknowledge similar to an inventor who will think of a variety of possibilities structured like Murphy’s Law: if there exists a possibility, it will happen.
When the Time Dimension was introduced (B=Beth-division), it could run at a faster or slower rate. Each would need its own clock to measure time. On earth we have an atom clock for scientists, a cuckoo clock was designed for German culture, and the rest can pick from any exhibited in global museums. It tells us that time was always flexible as demonstrated in calendars dependent on purpose.

We adopted a Genesis 6000-year-old calendar revealing that Methuselah was the oldest man at the genetically impossible age of 969 years. Logic would argue that “time” before the flood was different. Consequently, we should also compare time to the original plan and ask, “What is the designed time structure for the heavenly clock?” Looking back at history’s accumulated artifacts from other cultures in museums, we find many clocks (made from stone, bronze, or gold) of unknown strange designs and even double front dials. Worldwide we find huge ancient structures all built to measure time. Why? It is obvious that time in the past was different. Julius Caesar corrected a 10-month calendar to 12 months as December is Decca=10. Two months were inserted: July was added for Julius and August for Augustus Caesar, his stepson. Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 AD inserted another 14 days, still not yet corrected after 430 years. Check my Babushka egg concept books or NASA.

The reason is an earth axis wobble change. It was projected to come to rest on 21 December 2012. In 2006 NASA determined with G.R.A.C.E satellites that the earth axis was still moving about 14 hours a year. Read Pearl #224 The Great Pyramid in Giza Reveals the Next Earth Axis Change.

  1. Therefore the Plan for Mankind started first in heaven, Heh dimension, on a heavenly clock, but its realization moved to the Daleth dimension (this world in this time), which has clocks, too, but different because of some major events recorded in history dated about 2288 BC.

It created a need to record history for a future mankind, as man has a MIND being created in the image of an infinite God. What happened in the Kosmos caused God to initiate a plan of restitution that will close the curtain on the end of time with Satan being executed. That will start the Kosmos over again in a Jod dimension, now once more balanced and restored with a new administration.

Some special talent was needed to write the history of mankind ranging across 7000 years. God appointed mortal scribes with extra dedication, endurance being set apart from other developing cultures throughout history. God first selected Enoch, the seventh from Adam. Enoch passed it on to the only survivor, Noah, who built a boat. An asteroid plunged into the earth on 5 February 2287 BC, which changed the old time calendar based on the moon, still preserved in the Hebrew calendar.

After the flood came the time to find somebody else who would qualify. God appointed Abraham who was told to leave his country and continue to record the history of God’s Plan for Mankind. It came with promises and benefits but also had consequences, if the divine agreement was violated. What emerged was a family promised to become a record-keeping nation known as ISRAEL. The rest is described in history.

  1. In the center of God’s Plan for Mankind, the last information got revealed by Yeshua-Jesus, the eternal Creator (BC-AD), now clothed in Daleth dimension mortality to introduce a new Kosmos principle not only for mortals and much bigger for angels.

Angels were designed to live forever, and now some (maybe 200 million) will live forever in Hell-the underworld. That is terrible for those beings previously called the Sons of God. On the cross a deity died to introduce eternal DEATH to create a choice for mortals and angels alike locked below in the angel underworld domain. Evil is and was never allowed in the KOSMOS; therefore, angels who transgressed still have a choice: to live forever in Hell or opt for death, now introduced. Mankind was created to replace a vacancy, and some are appointed to govern over angels, known as Saints.

Only mortals are allowed to experiment with an inbuilt conscience to expose and recognize what evil really is, to choose between good and evil now difficult to delineate changed to relativism ending in an Age of deception and lies. But if a person succumbs to temptation and consequently sins, he can be forgiven as Yeshua died and paid the price for the original SIN, but eternal life is a special gift and needs to be appreciated as the debt was paid. Evil will always devastate life in rebellion to God causing irrevocable destruction, which must be segregated like the sheep from goats, the wheat from tares. Mortals are born either slave or free. Some have very little debt. I am sure they will chose eternal life to live in God’s house by his rules. But others are defiant; they do not believe what the Creator has recorded in his Bible book. We still practice in a western court case and to put our hand on a Bible to tell the truth? But in questioning Truth, we will have a problem with the law, like a Pontius Pilatus at the trial of Jesus. When a conscious is violated, it is pronounced guilty. Only a judge determines the intent, which caused evil. Gross mistakes can be forgiven, but deliberate sin with intent cannot be forgiven. It requires judgment. It is either mercy unto Life, or mercy unto Death.

Therefore, if we reject the offer of Yeshua-Jesus, who paid the price for SIN to avoid eternal death, we have no other option left but must ourselves pay the debt being judged by higher Kosmic laws that existed before the universe was created. 

  1. The Restitution plan was initiated in the first seven (7) day period on a Heh dimension clock, which followed a schedule with time cycles like any clock. Time on earth became the Daleth dimension. It is measured by the sun or moon from the center of zodiac-constellation. That started the 4th creation cycle. As the sun is burning and is turning, it gives no markers to compute a calendar. Only on earth could time be observed either counting moon cycles or years once around the sun. That is only possible with a little math comparing the zodiac constellations linked to the earth’s poles pointing to the sun. That was first given in the Bible Genesis story established on a seven-base counting system, or check Babushka book #3.

Earth's motion around the Sun,
not as simple as I thought

An earth axis tilt pointing to the sun or a zodiac constellation was the only means to measure time, which aligns the Heh dimension clock, too. Checking out ancient clocks in museums, you can verify the seven-base calendar in Genesis, which detailed and recorded the ages of birth and death for mortals. The structure of time got changed on 5 February 2287 BC when the earth got hit by an asteroid.

The Aztec tribes after the flood got confused and built five pyramids, one on top of the other in Mexico City, not realizing the earth’s axis had shifted and was wobbling. But God’s plan on the other side had a built-in schedule structured on seven-base mathematics that could be overlaid by calendars still existing today: the Hebrew moon calendar, Julian-Gregorian, Aztec and Chinese - all dating time but on different scale designs. How did they adapt to a moving earth axis wobble shift? Those answers are explained in ancient museum clocks decoded in Babushka Eggs and Pearls.  

  1. Fourteen Babushka Egg Concept Books tracing Bible history linked to science provide the fifth witness to testify in the global web court. They explain the clock in heaven from a science perspective. No Christian church is teaching science, being surrounded by evolution religion lies that led many Christians to believe in false denominational dogmas from the Middle Ages.

I propose when the Apostle John, educated in Hebrew, saw the apocalypse events in the heavenly dimension (Rev. 11:2-3, 12:6-14, 13:4), it appeared shorter matching the Hebrew seven-year Shemitah system, which Christians have forgotten being separated under Constantine. We must divide John’s (5) dates into seven clock cycles to align with Daniel’s prophecy, mirror imaged on a Daleth dimension clock. That could mean that future birth event cycles observed in heaven appear to us Christians as shortened, thus we should divide John’s prophecy dates into (7), which reduces God’s Wrath birth pangs from 150 days to 21, and the 1260 days to 180, mirror imaged to the Daleth calendar.

Notice, Daniel 7:9 prophecies were projected on a declining Julian calendar: verse 12 stated “season plus time”. Seasons are divine appointments of feast days dedicated to God, instituted by Moses foretelling future events. It was ratified and made holy by the Shekinah from heaven.

Historical Markers of the Endtime

The dating of the birth of ISRAEL created some confusion. Why is it officially dated 14 May 1948? Logically we should date it from UN resolution #181 counting votes on 29 November 1947. But that important date is linked to a higher historic level and took 2500 years for the Jewish people to become a nation again, which is the greatest miracle. It becomes more significant in matching Yeshua-Jesus’ date for his return to earth (+70 yrs.); therefore, 2017 will start a new Knesset to govern with righteous and just leaders in honoring the ELOHIM according to the Torah. The experiment of democracy has failed in corruption.

The old Knesset of 2015 will be totally purged in God’s Wrath that could match the 29 November date linked to the shortest, (17) seventeen-day long Ophiuchus constellation, just barely seen on the horizon.  Why 17, meaning Victory?

Comparing history dated with the Hebrew calendar Tishri offset is a problem for a Gentile using a Gregorian calendar. Being either positioned on the front or rear end means one-year difference for any projection. Constellation signs in the sky are warnings of the coming God’s Wrath, but the birth of a new civilization is linked to the future mini-resurrection of the Saints, which can only be forecast and not guaranteed, as the being left behind date will be determined only by God.

The apocalypse birth pangs were programmed to be 2008-2015. Originally, I thought the apocalypse would be seven years long, ending at 21 December 2015. It is now predicted to the same date but with the time of trial and tribulation cut short.

The first Babushka book created a 7000-year Hebrew calendar table using the pattern of 2x1750, and counting backwards from 2018 AD to arrive at the future dating the apocalypse.

This 2008-2015 prediction appeared on the web for the first time in 2004. It is now finalized with a very short Ophiuchus constellation only 17 days long to end next to the 2015 winter solstice.   Using the official Hebrew calendar, only a selection of 5775, 5776, and 5777 dates would match the many prophesied events. All dovetailed to when Yeshua said he will return to earth with the ending of the 70th generation on 5777 (2017AD).

A forecast is proven with the last Hebrew 49th Shemitah on 29 Elul 5775 ending in a sun eclipse on 13 September 2015. It will also end the 120th Jubilee counted from Adam (4004 BC) and dated on the Julian calendar to 20 May 2017.  But notice, the next 50-year Jubilee will be totally different being harmonized to a new calendar caused by the coming asteroid.

The old Gregorian calendar will show the last solstice 2015 crossing over later to Shavuot, 6 Sivan 5776, which was overlaid from the 6 Day War in Israel on 5 June 1967 liberating Jerusalem from Gentile occupation to end with a 120th Jubilee of 50 years counted from Adam. Passing the 2015 winter solstice, the next Hebrew year of 5776, always leading 9 months will solve my problem to align prophecy.

My first Babushka egg concept books described a Heh-dimension level and postulated that the last 50-year Jubilee cycle is floating using HANS as an overlay 70 = 50. It ended with a solar eclipse in the 49th Shemitah year warning dated 29 Elul 5775 (13 September 2015).

Right after the sun eclipse comes Tishri 1, 5776 (September 14, 2015) and with it the acceleration of God’s Wrath ending our civilization, perhaps on the Winter Solstice 2015 projected over 10 years ago in the original Babushka books. It is now extended by the Ophiuchus constellation and augmented with the 120th Jubilee which is closing the second civilization time curtain after September 2016-2017 for a new beginning known as God’s Kingdom on earth managed by Yeshua-Jesus with his Saints.

It will end with the 120th Hebrew Jubilee crossing over 5776 with the fourth Tetra Blood Moon dated 28 September 2015 to end bewailing a Mystery of Tammuz 17 (Ezek. 8:14) on 5 June 2016.  The last Hebrew Jubilee was overlaid from the 1967 Six Day War that freed Old Jerusalem (and briefly the Temple Mount) from Gentile occupation. It became a historic day now linked to the birth of Israel as a nation in 1947 using the remaining 70-year projection dated by Yeshua-Jesus like two witnesses for a coming grand party after 5777 (2017). 

Logically, I concluded that God’s Wrath must end before that date, as Jesus predicted it would be cut short, which is 9 months linked to a solstice. Counting backwards from the end of last Jubilee Yom Yerushalayim / יום ירושלים 5777 (May 2017) next day, Rosh Chodesh Sivan / ראש חודש סיון will pinpoint that elusive date. Cut short means (June 2016) crossing the last solstice 2015 dated with 17 days warning, the Ophiuchus constellation pointing to a declining earth axis calendar presented by many witnesses.

A JUBILEE in the Hebrew culture is celebrated only every 50th year ending all debt. If you are a slave, you will be set free. In short everything will start over again with resting; appreciated by every farmer starting over, rejoicing that the Evil Cartels, who completely replaced most food crops with GMOs, will be judged in Hell. Once more the whole community will worship the Creator ELOHIM again for the wide-ranging abundance he provides. For once in history, everyone will experience a good time with a great party throughout the year thanking God for his many blessings. 

The seven-year Babushka egg again became smaller to fit inside a 7-month calendar egg, getting smaller to 150 days, 40 days, 21 days, now ending in a 17-day Ophiuchus Constellation with Satan bound in Hell (Revelation 20), and the Saints are given the Kingdom. (Daniel 7:26) Once more, HANS math revealed two concepts 10+7 as 10 = Jod will point to the Mini-Resurrection for the Saints in parallel the 7th Shemitah of a coming asteroid God’s Wrath, which framed the last solstice events on 21 December 2015, as stated for 10 years on this website. If you check Google, no one ever showed a declining wobble calendar, nor is it even postulated by science to explain why the solstice date matched prophecies 21 December 2015.

The 21st Century Civilization is now warned by ELOHIM being judged absolute Evil and will incur guaranteed God’s Wrath again even projected in the sky’s constellations of the zodiac.  

Like a birth comes with a placenta burned with fire, the baby is born as GOD’S KINGDOM ON EARTH. It follows the Plan of Mankind, which started with the rebellion of Satan in 4488 BC, dated on the Julian calendar. A German scientist-inventor collected suppressed scientific information to explain why God the Creator is so angry again like his ancient wrath poured out on Sodom and Gomorrah watching the US Supreme Court illegally enforcing their same sex laws. Check my Babushka egg concept books that view prophecy consequences evil to the core from a science perspective, suppressed in most Christian churches and global universities.

God’s Plan for Mankind is linked to an end time scenario matching divine Hebrew feast days, now more focused in YouTube information not known even ten years ago, which will help to expand Babushka egg concepts aligned with science. My website perhaps needs updating to clarify events, especially that the asteroid coming on 17 September 2015 could be delayed to arrive before the 2015 winter solstice. As a priority, EVIL must be removed first from the Kosmos Heh dimension.

Satan loses the war with Michael thereafter being cast to earth. The September 17 date could be linked to Satan’s arrival as Antichrist. Check the big egg for five witnesses in Pearls #224 & #174.

The True Church — Its Teachings! (Part 2)

The Two Witnesses Restoring The Word

Revelation 12 Timeline to Asteroid


YouTube videos became helpful to expose many prophecy mysteries, but to witness events on a Heh dimension clock must come from heaven. Historically, only one person qualified, being resurrected in 35 AD, which is the evidence that he is divine. To help us to decide, let’s focus on Yeshua-Jesus matching hundreds of prophecies recorded by 40 appointed scribes.

Lastly, Jonah-II came into the global town square to announce God’s Wrath linked once more to terminate an atheistic civilization gone totally evil. Even the Third Civilization will pass (3018 AD), as Satan will be let loose the last time and finally executed for his crimes. Daniel describes the final meeting as books are opened (Dan.7:9-28, Revelation 20:12) to end the Time dimension in the Grand Resurrection, which will determine our choice.

I hope the Judge pronounced the verdict NOT GUILTY, as my debt was paid by God himself the Creator ELOHIM known in history by everyone-


Just simply call on his name to be safe for eternity.

World Cuckoo Clock 2017


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