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The Population Curve According to the Bible


Population CurveLooking at the Internet and checking out the population curve, we will notice a lot of confusion in mathematical projections. One could can spend days trying to understand all those theories and not getting the wiser. There are too many unscientific monorail opinions not cross-referenced with the human history typical of evolution religion suppressing many facts in physics. On one side they talk about millions of years, but when we seriously check out the genetic DNA science data it makes more sense matching the bible account of six thousand years to get back to Adam when the human race was started out. Check a fantastic chart 14 ft. long tracing all the empires, kingdoms and clans who ever have lived on earth available in bookstores.

Most graphs on the BC side show max 4,000 years at a nearly horizontal line indicating a very slow curve not even noticeable until about 150 years ago. In AD 1850, an estimated one billion people lived on earth. From there it spikes straight into the stratosphere to @ seven (7) billion (Oct. 31, 2011). We live on a very tiny globe, the only place for life to exist with a suitable environment, as some have calculated it in calories and DNA life reproduction expectancy.

But atheistic fake science will throw out some Bible concepts like bones to a dog postulating that only 65-125 billion people could ever live on earth and no more. Still proposing that energy will be totally depleted because every atom will be converted in the world? They now come around to agree what the Torah-Bible stated in (Genesis 1 and Rev. 21) that the universe could not exist but is fuelled with free Energy still suppressed for mankind. They ignored the fundamentals that the population has gained seven (7) extra billion people during the last 100 years of human history.

I believe I can make a case that God’s plan for humankind will have enough environmental resources to feed unlimited above seventy (70) billion people only possible during Jesus Kingdom on Earth @ 2018-3018 being blessed to last 1000yr. with peace. But unscientific evolution fairy tales postulated many phony theories ignoring free Energy, like fuelling the sun, a universe and all Life on earth rejecting a narrative creation report in the Torah-Bible. Please check how energy is embedded in nature totally free explained in Babushka Egg Energy Concept Book #9 and how it works shown in Energy Dummies lesson #1, #31, #33 & Pearl #259-Free Energy for Dummies Exposed.

The Rule of 70

The population curve follows a rule of 70. Simply stated, if you divide 70 into the current population rate in %, it will have doubled. As an example our rate today is 1.4%, which doubles the population in 50 years. (70/1.4 = 50) The number 50 was given to Moses and is called a Jubilee, which is connected with Israel history, which had to make changes in their civilian and political life, check it out in Deuteronomy. The special number 70-Ayin is embedded everywhere in the Hebrew calendar. In a Babel Bible story after 2288 BC we are told there were seventy (70) nations.  The potential population during Yeshua’s Kingdom will exponentially increase a 1000 times by billion birthdays of the Saints born in the First Resurrection (Rev. 20:5-6) even prophesied by Enoch who lived before Noah’s Flood.

The system in the Bible works like a DNA strand which has dual identical information on each side, or like the Bible prophecy lens with near vision and far vision. Calculating one vision gets us the unknown in a math equation as they must fit a pattern. In Revelation it is stated that God’s Wrath will again reduce the population by a specific percentages during the Apocalypse. Using that data, we can generate a curve that can be cross-checked by science but from a more credible dual perspective.

Yeshua-Jesus said that the Apocalypse would be like in Noah’s days, so let’s investigate the population spikes in history that will reveal data until the End-time. The Creator YHWH designed a universe planned for mankind that has not been evenly distributed over time because humans screwed up life on earth. As a result, He had to cut out the evil cancer, otherwise his plan would have been terminated and Satan would have won the contest gloating - I am more powerful than Elohim. (Pearl #233)

Population GraphMake a table and generate 7x7 divisions.  On the horizontal line will represent seven (7) thousand Hebrew years and vertical is the population in billion people. Draw a diagonal line from left corner to the right to show the reproduction of mankind. It will represent a normal fertility rate of 2.3 children per couple [Page 4] designed by the Creator YHWH to sustain the human race and its culture. However during the total projected history of 7000 Bible years, the Creator planned (3) three Apocalypse spikes when Evil spiraled again to an absolute level to endanger all Life on earth. Thus will reduce the population to a minimum to start over.

The population spikes are caused by unauthorized technology making God extremely angry seeing his creation perverted with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). It upsets the balance of nature and changes the food chain for every organism once created reproducing its kind for each species to last for thousands years according to a plan. However GMO permanently destroys the genetic intelligence of vegetable seeds and worse when mixed with animal genes causing extinction on a massive scale.  It is lacking now the immune system, which has been genetically spliced out, not permitted by a corrupted FDA government, thus will terminate all Life in nature and humanity guaranteed.

Currently we are witnessing massive extinction of unheard diseases caused by Ebola, Corona viruses or Salmonella, E-coli bacteria to affect limitless infections embedded in the global food chain triggered by many secret experiments gone wrong. Atheistic scientists void of logic will eventual attempt to destroy all LIFE on earth in a very few years. Nearly every week the NEWS media is reporting worldwide new outbreaks of diseases linked to massive death. It is caused internationally much evil like a Monsanto Cartel splicing out the policemen on the cell level of many original seeds that mutated the immune DNA. It annually killed thousands of people around the world not reported by covert corrupt shadow governments? Confused UN health organization investigating many deadly diseases, as the list is getting bigger. Genetically polluting and international altering the world food supplies is costing untold billions of dollars. Hence Bible prophecy exposed the many lies of GMO causing huge deadly epidemics affecting a future population described in Babushka Egg Book #4 - Genetic Modification Exposed!

It reveals how GMO methods work. It exposes the greed of American multinationals and their crimes against humanity.  People getting cancer should know that a few global American conglomerates like Monsanto, ProdiGene Seed Corp and their German sister Bayern cartel spliced out the protection policeman within the cell food structure labeled with a number seen on every fruit and vegetable in the food-market. They collect enormous patent fees and paid obscene money to government officials. Universities are contracted with huge grants to change the food seed immune system on the cell level to allow modified genes to be reproduced and transferred. It opened the door wide for deadly living organisms entering the cell interior. It became much worse now cloning vegetables and animals, which stopped a normal reproduction of original species, thus causing massive extinction. Check the next harvest and compare the last year food price.

God of course will interfere again in the affairs of mankind as he did before with the Noah’s Flood Apocalypse. That generation destroyed much with evil technologies that screwed up nature genetically and altered Humanity. [] At that time He selected a genetically sound family of eight to survive. But billion of people perished in the Flood, dated 2288 BC. The Creator YHWH visible in Elohim had to employ an unusual method to save original pure seeds and animals for the next generation or accept defeat from Satan winning the confrontation. He caused unpolluted paired animals to arrive and enter a barge without windows designed for a worldwide Flood. The hi-tech Ark had electricity that previously spliced genes, maybe is submerged like a submarine to survive tectonic uplifting of many mountains causing enormous tidal waves and ice glaciers everywhere. 

Today a new generation has grown and again is ignorant of true science. Like young rich hi-tech people looking for the Ark of a Flood remembered in many cultures, will climb snowbound permafrost mountains with an oxygen mask. No wonder they have not found the Ark believing in atheistic fairy tales being educated in current universities still teaching an evolution religion.

The Reason for Population Spikes

To explain the Plan for Mankind and understand what the Bible teaches a little better, let’s check (3) three Spikes creating three (3) huge Woes which are very short timed, as clocks in heaven run 20x faster. Mankind has reached a world - population of 7.8 Billion @ 2018 which will lead to God’s Judgment in a 2nd Spike. It is stated in Dan 2:33 that the feet of a metal statue is Iron representing divine Law that does not mix with the Clay of many UN-Islamic nations worshipping Satan. A second witness of Seven (7) Seals shows the collapse of the Evil World System in the last Armageddon war ending prophecy in Jerusalem with destructive chaos linked to a final WRATH of YHWH. (Rev. 6)

1) The First Woe of the 2nd Apocalypse is described by (4) four apocalyptic riders on horses (Rev. 6:8) together with demons will cause a quarter (25%) of the world’s population to perish with 5.85 billion people left over [=7.8 x75%]. It represents the Sea-Beast system of an international banking cartel to control ten (10) global governments (nation) that triggered the collapse of the American Dollar currency to create massive pandemonium.   

The rapid decline of the USA will cause big trouble for Europe, paving the way for the Antichrist to appear. (Rev. 13) It is linked for people to witness massive demon possessions caused by the Fifth Angel (Rev. 9:1-11), which open the locked door under the earth. It is the only chance for demons to eagerly indwell a human hosts living in a material Daleth dimension to end their tormented life. They seek death by indwelling a mortal body which is a better option than living forever in outer darkness. (Luke 8:26) That is why God warns people not to take the Beast identification “mark” to obtain special privileges from the government because it has terrible consequence. Perhaps belonging to the Beast party is rewarded with a prepaid debit card buying food during massive starvation, cutting in on long lines on food stores or gasoline pumps, still parting like Sodom and Gomorrah in expensive vacation resorts and causing many crimes ignoring felony laws. It was foretold that People are prevented to work, to buy or sell scarce food, (Rev. 13:16) only to end in death of God’s Wrath. To live in comfort traded God’s Grace of salvation for unheard historic privileges exclusively experienced by royalty or dictators. 

Therefore belonging to Satan will become demon possessed and commit horrible crimes similar to the black dresses SS death-squad of a special Hitler army. A number of 200 million ghastly demons are revealed (Rev. 9:16) to be terminated in the last World War-III ending around Jerusalem. (Micah 6:9-16, 7:1-20)

2) Then the last Two Woes of a Sea-Earth system (Rev.10:2 & 13:11) are linked to special prepared (4) four Death Angels and demons (Rev.9:15) to put to death a global population now (33.33%) = 3.9 billion people left over [5.85x66.66%]. These actions are unheard in our civilization, but it happened historical before, like events during Noah’s time, Moses or Hezekiah. (2Kings 19:35)   Ask a Jewish friend why YHWH would judge Pharaoh and the Egyptian population to selectively kill every firstborn on Passover by a Death-Angel, or check for more information in Babushka egg books or linked to Pearl #242.   

3) The Third final Woe is announced by Yeshua-Jesus in the Gospel (Matt. 24:40-42)…one is taken… one is left…which is (50%) = 1.9449 [3.8996x50%], (Ezek. 33:18). Only a population of average two (2) Billion people (25%) will survive God’s Judgment and continue in Yeshua’s Kingdom now greatly modernized to seventy (70) nations. Maybe children will be special not having sinned hence are pardoned by the Probation Law revealed in Pearl #300, ending the WRATH OF YHWH.

Why Population Spikes?

Summed up once more, a normal population curve on the graph has exponentially changed suddenly to a vertical direction in about 1850 AD counting 0.95 Billion people?  It is still growing and will end in 170 years with 7.8 billion @ 2018. History shows that a population between 1910 was (1.75 billion) and increased 1950 to (2.5), but notice exponentially very steep, why?   

Only the Torah-Bible recorded a population spike reduction in a worldwide Flood during Noah’s time dated on a Julian calendar 5 February 2287 BC.  But counting all the horrible deaths of Three (3) Woes in Revelation we get about two (2) billion people surviving the 2nd Apocalypse. I recently discovered that God will only remove people who are genetic contaminated.

Examining previous prophecy death rate stated 25%, 33%, 50% found out that the number of people to perish in God’s Wrath is the same for each @1.95, which is in total 5.85 Billion? (3x1.9467)   

For an example 7.8x25%=1.95 [7.8-1.95=5.85], 5.85x33%=1.95 [5.85-1.95= 3.9] and 3.9x50%=1.95 totaled (3x1.95=5.85) Why is it the same number?  7.8 - 5.85{perished} also left over 1.95 {saved}?

It took about 170 yr. to greatly increase the 2nd Spike of an original population curve. Therefore the Creator YHWH corrected a previous GMO modification problem linked to a Flood, which can be checked with true science and history. The WRATH of YHWH will be concluded in a final Resurrection ending all Mortals, a Time-dimension and Evil in a 3rd Spike dated 3018AD.

Mankind discovered many secrets of nature. Pasteur discovered bacteria. Tesla discovered free electricity, and Hoffman, a German schoolteacher, split Hydrogen gas from water used in steam energy. It helped farmers to produce more food increasing the world population. Instead of ancient pyramids, we built bigger skyscrapers, invented rockets for space and at the same time discovered nuclear power controlled by atom-molecules imbedded in nature.[] All happened in the last one hundred years. Why has this generation abandoned and thrown out the Torah-Bible replaced with fake science based on lies ignoring ancient peoples linked to God’s laws of blessing or curses?

We are now an atheistic society again spitting in God’s face. Modern civilization is genetically destroying what worked so well for thousands of years. It is totally stupid to deny the existence of YHWH when the very mystery Life is embedded in our own bodies. Therefore in rebellion atheistic scientists cannot ever explain physics in nature or divinely recorded Truth. To sum up rediscovered genetic science of GMO, linked to DNA and stem cells or Trans-Human technologies, all is about searching for creating synthetic life impossible to exist. They will not understand entropy laws because willfully duplicated Noah’s technology that God said was totally evil.

A Fertility Rate Curve  []

Historically, a culture requires a fertility rate of 2.3 children per family to maintain its population over a period of 25 years or more. Anything less, that society will surely decline because of population loss. No nation ever survived a 1.9 rate, and a 1.8 is impossible to reverse, because it would take 80-100 years to correct itself. Today the world rate is 2.88 still declining because an economic model does not exist at this time to foretell the consequences of some lower ethnic birthrates. As the western European population shrinks, so will its culture. For an example the ethnic fertility rate in France is 0.8, England 0.9, Greece 1.2, Germany 1.0, and Spain 1.1, the entire nation average is (3.1).  Most European Community the fertility rate is 1.38 and still declining impossible to reverse.  Notice that in a few years the world population of Western Civilization will no longer exist. Except WHY is Europe’s population not declining? It has increased since 1990 by Islamic immigration rate of 90%.

For an example, in France the ethnic French have a birthrate of 0.8, but France’s Islamic population – mostly from North Africa - has a birthrate of 8.1 per family. There are now more mosques in France than Christian churches. Many French children are under 20 years about 30% of age are Islamic. France at the current demographic trends will be an Islamic state in 25 years.  In the last 30 years, the Muslim population in England has increased from 82,000 to 3.5 million - a 30-fold increase! The United Kingdom has over a thousand Mosques. In only 15 years, half Netherlands population will be Muslim. In Russia, already one out of five is a Muslim. In a few years 40% of the Russian Army will be Islamic.  About 50% of newborns in Belgian are from Muslim families, which means by 2025 that 1/3 of all children will be Muslim according to the Belgian government. Germany announced that the decline of ethnic Germans can no longer be stopped: the downward spiral is no longer reversible. Germany will become Muslim state. The Libyan leader Kaddafi previously said there are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam without sword, without guns, without conquests. He said, “We do not need terrorists; we don’t need homicide bombers.” The (50) plus million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. (Babushka Egg Sound Bite #15)

The German government estimates that 52 million Muslims live in Europe. That number will double to 104 million over the next 20 years. Canada’s fertility rate is 1.6, but Islam is that nation’s fastest growing religion. Canada’s population will increase by 1.6 million people between 2001 and 2006 with 1.2 million coming from Islamic immigration.

The fertility rate of the USA is 1.6, including its Hispanic population. Even with the high rate of Mexican heritage children being born, American can barely maintain a majority population of European heritage. In 1970 the US counted 100,000 Muslims. Today in 2009, there are over 6 million. Barrack Obama became the first President of the United States of Muslim heritage in spite of probably being born in Africa, a foreigner who does not meet the US Constitution requirement of being a native born United States citizen. Most Americans no longer care about that.

When the Bible was thrown out from every school, like Hitler did it in Nazi Germany, 65 million American babies were murdered through abortion. Abortion has ended the sustainable fertility rate for America’s in a traditional population mix of the 1950s and early 1960s. Over the last 50 to 100 years Americans have taken many incremental political steps towards becoming an atheistic socialist and communist society. If American had chosen life, it would have made a big difference in her population curve, but now is doomed governed by wickedness to repeat history.

We have been exposed to a population spike caused by a fertility rate which can be linked to GMO problems as most vegetables and meat has been modified. Why not be familiar with the Bible-Genesis and other literature to expose the truth now suppressed.

An Ark is Found on a Norway Island?

God’s creation has embedded many GMO secrets. Modern scientists playing with them like a bull in a china store destroying what God created for everyone’s benefit. It is the same as giving a small child a razor blade or a stick of dynamite and thinking it will not have any consequences. Reading recently magazine articles like Popular Mechanics or Popular Science could wake up some to know what our genetic scientists do in secret. 

However, God is not sleeping and watches what belongs to him. But we forget that humans are only temporary boarders and never paid a penny rent for his Daleth house, will see to it that a future   generation will eat bread too. Therefore, his Wrath will be poured out against a rebellious generation in our time because nature again is genetically destroyed.

He will save original seeds and sound animals once again to be restored for the next generation to live in peace and prosperity prophesied during Yeshua-Jesus Kingdom. Notice in the NEWS a modern “Ark” of cement has been just finished on time linked as the last resort on a Norway Svalbard Island. [] Not a minute too late, closed the vaulted door on 21 December 2008 associated to the Apocalypse. The specialized underground vault will store billions of genetically pure seeds deep inside a mountain of an abandoned coal shaft for future generations. The vault steel door is now closed and will only be opened after an asteroid strike. Many proofs are recorded in archeology recently collected in Babushka Egg Concept Book #4 Genetic Modification Exposed revealing the last century technologies of the Atlantis Civilization.


God the Creator YHWH giving and sustaining Life on earth will once more in our time need to readjust the population curve by cleaning up again the GMO problem. His Plan for Mankind will continue but the population is again worldwide reduced to end in the prophesied Second Apocalypse. YHWH will terminate an evil generation destroying the environment, causing extinction of much Life. America murdered 65 million babies, thus His Wrath will end wickedness by reducing the population. YHWH made provision to save mankind confirmed in His Resurrection Plan and gave Probation to every child not yet sinned. (Pearl #300)

When Mankind became an atheistic society in rebellion to the Creator, they twisted and misapplied reality to prove an evolution religion invented by Satan. Modern science discovered new gene facts in fossilized records that will obsolete Darwin’s theory illustrated in many censored graphic videos.

When DNA is converted to proteins, it needed divine intelligence to design a specific gene motor to control billions of proteins. It is linked  to  two (2)  DNA helix strands of billion nucleotides like (A, G, C, T) to make different genes. The recent technology clearly obsoleted most atheistic theories that ignored an intelligent metaphysical Mind. Either logic or confusion points to a Creator not discussed in universities compliant to fake science.

Satan watched God how He used DNA building blocks to create complex multifaceted Life on earth, thus imitated and taught mankind how to do GMO to spoil God’s holiness or make it into a joke. Mortals became willing students of wicked societies, which caused a Flood we can see embedded in temple ruins, tombs or pyramids still being rebellious since Noah’s time. YHWH had to confuse an anciently mono-language to stop transferring forbidden GMO knowledge to the next generation.

Rejecting the Bible and knowing nothing about previous GMO problems that caused the Flood, which made a Holy God very angry. Humanity is again messing around with genes and screwing up the imbedded intelligence, which will shortly self-destruct killing all Life on earth. They do not realize that it is precisely Satan’s goal and will do it again, hence in ignorance they will not listen to the many warnings described in the Torah-Bible, being politically correct, following Satan their adopted god. 

However, YHWH appointed Satan only to teach us evil and should not make him our leader to reinvent GMO again. Therefore choose eternal life freely offered by Jesus the Christ if we want to live on the Jod side like a caterpillar remerges as total different butterfly designed for a special purpose. The events of the terrible Apocalypse was organized like a railroad schedule directed by intelligence and purpose as a population curve proves. God wants a billion-soul harvest to inherit vacancies he has in his administration as Satan and his bunch got thrown out, hence created mankind on a two-stage harvest system. (Rev. 14:1-20)

The first stage exposes and tests them first with evil, so that those who qualify can be put in position of authority as they will watch for any germ of evil emerging and snuff it out before it can do any damage again. It will guarantee that a second rebellion will never happen again by ending Evil in an Apocalypse spike. All mortals must appear before the White Throne to be evaluated for Good & Evil at the Endtime. Many are rewarded with Eternal Life according to Kosmos Law or must pay it themselves and forfeit all.

Soon the universe will be balanced again. YHWH the Creator offers a royal position for free to those believing what Jesus said in the Gospel. When mankind was tempted by Satan, all the Sin-mistakes made on our mortal caterpillar journey were paid for on a horrible historic cross. The Torah-Bible gave lessons on how inoculation against embedded Evil works which was graciously converted from Adam & Eve into an immunity system. Thus it will prevent a future rebellion in the Jod Dimension. Mankind had to learn about the process to Sin causing mortality, which will cease being reborn by a Resurrection. That cannot be proven with material laws of a Daleth dimension. (Pearl #300)

Therefore, since we are so ignorant we must believe YHWH. In hope I added a little population knowledge for everybody to get ready to meet the Creator on good terms. Yeshua came to a temporary earth to be crucified to atone for every outstanding Sin-debt and only need our agreement to make a final contract valid. Hence the announced Apocalypse birth pangs 2008-2015 are finalized in the First to the last Seventh Trumpet to release His judgment bowls. (Rev. 16:1-21) An abnormal population ratio of this rebellious atheistic generation triggered much extinction, thus it is destined to perish when this population spike is corrected.

Life is precious and loaned to mankind because it is the property of God’s divine breath. All mortals must fear him and not mess around with what does not belong to us. Watch therefore when the owner of to earth comes back in very few months on a golden studded white horse with his angel army from space.  It is linked to a far vision revealed in Revelation and the four Gospels confirmed by many OT scribes and YHWH the Creator himself. A dual perspective can be researched with modern methods or analogous viewed on both sides in a special 360° movie theater.

Recent TV (5/2020) has exposed a worldwide virus, which will introduce the AntiChrist Seven Horn Beast system. It was prophesied in Rev. 13 &14 to show a divine harvest time that will happen in the next months to end the 21st Century Civilization. Please follow the Bible text of foretold sequential events as evangelist Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke and many others, preached the Good News Gospel globally. It will explain why the second population spike is repeated like the Noah-Atlantis Civilization stated in various Babushka Egg Concept Books and Pearls linking divine Truth with science.  I hope that Christians are warned and educated about the false dogma lies from Satan so that they will not be afraid to die being loyal to Yeshua-Jesus.

Current atheistic scientists believe that ancient peoples living before Noah were primitive hunter-gatherers living in caves.  NASA fooled me too with a Zodiac sky that tracked a fake Julian calendar ignoring a doom and stipulated many planets like Mars. But telescopes only show protruding frozen crystals illumined by the sun? Thus, Pope Gregory changed the calendar of a flat earth with axis wobbles linked to a globe concept now taught in fake science. The ancients were much smarter investigating their artifacts like a bronze 2500yr. old Antikythera clock with 32 gears, or check many gold calculators in museums. (Pearl #114) Do not tell me that we are more advanced as the majority believes in an evolution cult religion. Or show me any objects today like the oldest history book Torah-Bible lasting 6,000 years!

But why is a thousand years old information of a Great Pyramid built by Enoch in Giza kept quiet? (Pearl #269)  Tourists looking to the top of the Great Pyramid in Giza built by Enoch before Noah’s time will notice that the upper white polished veneer plates are different. Why are they missing below? It is best explained by a historic Flood where high water washed-out the veneer plate skin with raging immense tidal waves. Perhaps it was initiated by a wobbling earth axis? The proof is shown by the Sphinx (a genetically modified cat with a human head) found buried in sand, now excavated. They demonstrate various GMO gene modification skills shown proudly in gigantic monuments looking 1600 stadia toward the mouth of ancient Tigris-Euphrates River. (Rev. 14:20)

But why did YHWH interrupt a population curve, which was measured in billions? Recently a mystery [times, time, ½ time] decoded in the Torah-Bible was described in Babushka Egg Pearls. In grand rebellion, Mankind has repeatedly destroyed much Life on this planet with GMOs, so YHWH the Creator sent His WRATH in three (3) population spikes. The first time it caused Noah’s Flood, but why another two Spikes? The American Congress, US Courts and the Education System have abandoned the core principles of a 250yr. old US Constitution based on the Torah-Bible and thrown away many monuments in government tundra. Thus the Creator will intervene again and counter with an Apocalypse to remove such Evil explained by many prophets, please read all of Zechariah chapter 14. 

The world is fast changing as the Apocalypse birth pangs have already started (2008-2015). Watch Europe and the USA, perhaps the Antichrist prophecy could be acclaimed from Islam. The Catholic Church announced that more Moslems will live in the world than Catholic people, hence projected in (5) years Islam will be the dominant religion around the world. (Pearl #253)

You have been introduced to some statistics that strongly indicate irreversible consequences. But God has promised to step in and straighten out this unbelieving generation. That intervention will climax and ending again the Apocalypse around 2023? Yeshua destined humanity to exist another thousand years, thus will arrive at the Endtime predicted by many witnesses in the Torah-Bible.

In almost every Islamic country anyone who does not submit to the Quran will be killed. Thus many Christians will be horribly persecuted by Satan’s religion; just look around the world today. But the Creator will not permit nations to lose their cultural identities, not taught in many Christian Churches but clearly stated in Prophecy.  Satan invisible behind the curtain will cause much hate, greed, destruction and false religions countered by a population spike. YHWH wanted enough “Saints” needed for a main reason in Yeshua’s Kingdom.  Hence if you want to rule the universe must pass his purpose test in the First Resurrection.

In closing: "How" will 1-2 billion leftover people survive the Second Apocalypse, like Noah built a boat to save his family? Therefore check the many scriptures describing a number of illustrations linked to the Golden City space satellite. (Rev. 21:9) Perhaps only small children will be saved and carry on, not even Moses was allowed to enter the Promised Land. Much GMO destruction will make it impossible to have food for babies and kids, thus God provided MANNA from heaven like the nation of Israel for 40 years. Most future children are orphans as their parents were killed by the Four (4) Death Angels not surviving the ten (10) days of YHWH-Wrath. (Pearl #242, #300)

But the good NEWS is that during the last 1000 years perhaps over seventy (70) billon people or more could comfortable live because of free Energy in nature only to end again with a last  population spike. The reason is a final Soul harvest on Earth linked to the Time Dimension exchanged for the Jod Dimension.  Eternal Life is continued with a free Gift rewarded to everyone,  by asking the King of Kings Yeshua-Jesus! His Kingdom is supernaturally preserved and will resume with seventy (70) reborn ethnic nations. The Creator loved their cultural diversity and will train His resurrected Saints to govern a new society to give mankind peace & prosperity for 1000 years. Millions of angels coming with Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords will assist what humans need as never experienced before.

Soon He will arrive from space with one major purpose to start His Kingdom with the Resurrection of the Saints.  They will be trained in gigantic universities to gain experience on how to govern the Kosmos and help restore nature on an earth groaning for redemption. My hope is, “Please, God, do not change your schedule to make an end to our human suffering caused by a global atheistic Elite government enforcing evil to destroy all Life. Let not Satan rejoice to end all of God’s creation preventing what was promised for mortals to live without wars a thousand years. Consequently, future mankind will be blessed like Adam & Eve to eat pure food once more, because Yeshua’s Kingdom on earth will be governed by Emanuel the Prince of Peace.

To be liberated from atheistic lies search for special Bibles verses to gain eternal LIFE mentioned in many Babushka egg story in Pearls and free Books describing why a civilization is terminated. Prophecy is repeated in history, thus believe the Torah-Bible!

Seeds to Save a Species  Popular Science, Jan 2008.
Around the world, scientists are risking their lives to retrieve seeds destined for a massive vault near the North Pole. Their work just might save mankind.

THE WALL CHART OF WOPLD HISTORY - From the Earliest times to the Present. Professor Edward Hull MA.LLD.FRS. Barnes & Noble Publishing Inc. 1995.

Notice the half human-half fish (mermaids) half horse, half cat, half bird figures and sculptures found in ancient ruins and read Genesis, the book of Enoch, the book of Jasher and other books.

Seeds to Save a Species Popular Science, Jan 2008. Around the world, scientists are risking their lives to retrieve seeds destined for a massive vault near the North Pole. Their work just might save mankind.

The Sea-Beast mark is a blue EU visa number which catalogs every citizen to weed out potential terrorists, who could use nuclear bombs. However, the Bible warns against the Earth-Beast mark, which is different as it is a privilege system governed directly by Satan, resurrected 2012 to establish the Earth-Beast system.

Forum Pearl #114 Proof of Daniel's Calendar to match the Aztec calendar

Read about a Donut–atom theory the latest in nuclear physics postulated. Babushka Book #6: A Donut Atom Nuclear Story – How the Universe was Created.

Mystery of Tammuz 17, Chapter 5, page 247.

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