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The Population Curve According to the Bible


Population CurveLooking at the Internet and checking out the population curve, we will notice a lot of confusion in mathematical projections. One could can spend days trying to understand all those theories and not getting the wiser. There are too many unscientific monorail opinions not cross-referenced with the human history typical of evolution religion suppressing many facts in physics. On one side they talk about millions of years, but when we seriously check out the genetic DNA science data it makes more sense matching the bible account of six thousand years to get back to Adam when the human race was started out. Check a fantastic chart 14 ft. long tracing all the empires, kingdoms and clans who ever have lived on earth available in bookstores.

Most graphs on the BC side show max 4,000 years at a nearly horizontal line indicating a very slow curve not even noticeable until about 150 years ago. In AD 1850, an estimated one billion people lived on earth. From there it spikes straight into the stratosphere to @ (7) billion (Oct. 31, 2011). We live on a very tiny globe, the only place for life to exist with a suitable environment, as some have calculated it in calories and DNA life reproduction expectancy.

Scientists throw out some figures like bones to a dog, guessing 65-125 billion people could live on this earth, and no more, as all the atoms would be converted completely into energy – totally depleted. They now come around to agree what the Bible said that the conceptual growth curve will end sometime in the future. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) code mathematically expressed it with Taw (AD 3018). This present world and universe will not go on forever as postulated in an unscientific evolution fairy tales taught globally of an expanding universe.

Science does not know why the population has gained six (6) extra billion people in a very short time during the last 100 years of human-history. That severely stresses our resources so that it would not take much time to reach a theoretical end of mankind. I believe I can make a case that God’s plan for humankind will total 70 billion people only possible during Jesus Kingdom on Earth @ 2018-3018 projected to last 1000 years with peace. 

The Rule of 70

The population curve follows a rule of 70. Simply stated, if you divide 70 into the current population rate in %, it will have doubled. As an example our rate today is 1.4%, which doubles the population in 50 years. (70/1.4 = 50) The number 50 was given to Moses and is called a Jubilee, which is connected with changes Israel had to make in their civilian and political life, check it out in Deuteronomy. The special number 70 is embedded in Israelite government. In Babel after 2287 BC, we are told there were 70 nations. If we multiply it with 100, we get the total human race projected for 7,000 years and multiplied exponentially we get 7,000,000,000 matching the Apocalypse population. I think they are linked as they merge with the birthday of the Saints (First Resurrection, Revelation 20:5-6) prophesied by Enoch, the 7th from Adam, who lived before Noah’s Flood 2288 BC.

The system in the Bible works like a DNA strand that has dual information on each side identical, or like the Bible prophecy lens with near vision and far vision. Calculating one vision gets us the unknown in math equation, as they must fit a pattern. In Revelation states that God’s Wrath will reduce the population by a specific percentage during the 7-year Apocalypse. Using that data, we can generate a curve that can be crosschecked by science from a more credible dual perspective.

Make a table and generate 7x7 table divisions. Each will represent a thousand years on the horizontal line and vertical is the population in billions. Draw two diagonal lines from the beginning left corner and end the top line on 3.5 on the seventh end edge. Then draw the other below and started a 1.7 and end parallel about 2.8 on the other end.

Jesus said that the Apocalypse would be like in Noah’s WORLD HISTORY days, so let’s investigate the population spikes that will give data about the end of time. All the souls God ever wanted on this planet have not been evenly distributed over time because humans screwed up life on earth. As a result, God had to cut out the cancer otherwise his plan would have been terminated and Satan would have won the contest gloating -I am more powerful than ELOHIM.

Population Graph

Cause of Population Spikes

The population spikes are caused by unauthorized technology making God very angry seeing his creation perverted with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). It upsets the balance of nature and changes the food chain for all creatures once created according to a plan to last for thousands of bible years with each creature reproducing its kind to the last generation.

GMO permanently destroys the genetic intelligence of seeds of vegetable mixed with animal genes causing extinction on a massive scale and will become poison for wildlife and humans lacking now the immune system, which has been genetically spliced out permitted by the corrupted FDA. We are already witnessing massive extinction and unheard diseases caused by E-coli virus experiments gone wrong causing salmonella bacteria unhindered to be embedded in our food. Atheistic scientists void of logic playing around like a bull in a china store will destroy all LIFE on earth to be over in a very few years if God does not intervene with an Apocalypse to remove such deadly EVIL destroying all Life on this planet.

Nearly every week the NEWS media is reporting globally new outbreaks of diseases caused by an evil global Monsanto Cartel which mutated the immune DNA by splicing out the policemen on the original seed cell level now kills annually thousands people worldwide not reported by corrupt governments. Confused UN health organization investigating so many strange outbreaks of some form of Swine flu, unknown stomach viruses linked to E-coli used in GMO causing Salmonella deceases, the list is getting bigger and longer! Genetically polluting our food supply is already costing billions, only Bible prophecy exposes GMO lies pointing to future enormous deadly plagues already affecting over one third of the world’s population.

Read my Babushka book (hated by the scientists) Genetic Modification Exposed! It reveals how GMO methods work. It exposes the greed of American multinationals and their crimes against humanity. People getting cancer should know that a few global American conglomerates like Monsanto, ProdiGene Seed Corporation and their sisters spliced out the protection policeman within the cell food structure labeled with a number seen on every fruit in the food-market for lawyers to collect a patent fee. Obscene money paid under the table to government officials and universities allowing the transfer foreign genes designed specifically compromising the cell’s immune system opened the door wide for deadly living organisms entering the cell interior. Much worse the next step of cloning animals will poison every meat causing massive extinction. Compare the food price last year and project it to the next year.  

God the ELOHIM, of course, will interfere again in the affairs of mankind as he did before with the Noah’s Flood Apocalypse destroying that generation and its evil technologies. At that time God killed billion people as the human race was screwed up with animal genes, too. Only 8 genetically sound people were selected by God to survive the flood dated at 2288 BC. God had to use an unusual method to save genetically pure seeds and animals for the next generation or accept defeat from Satan winning the confrontation. God caused very young, paired animals with unpolluted genes to arrive on time to enter an oversized barge without windows designed for huge tidal waves. It was partially submerged similar to a submarine. Stupid hi-tech people never worked on the farm climbing snowbound permafrost mountains with an oxygen mask looking for the boat remains still remembered in many cultures. No wonder they have not found it being educated in evolution religion teaching fairytales and think it is science.

Ark Found on an Island in Norway?

God’s creation is embedded with GMO secrets. Scientists are playing with them like a bull in a china store, destroying what God created for everyone’s benefit. It is the same as giving a child a razor blade or a stick of dynamite and thinking it will not have any consequences. Reading normal magazine articles like Popular Mechanics or Popular Science will wake you up to what our genetic scientists do in secret. However, God is not sleeping. He watches what belongs to him, but we forget that humans are only temporary boarders in his house and never paid a penny will see to it that future generation will eat bread, too. Therefore, his wrath will be poured out against a rebellious generation in our time because of what genetic science now destroys. He will see to it that seeds and genetically sound creatures will once again be saved in order to restore pure unmodified seeds for the next generation of prophesied peace and prosperity under Jesus’ rule.

Notice in the NEWS and TV, a modern “ark” of cement has been finished just in time on an Island in Norway. This year, 2008, is not a minute too late before the Apocalypse starts on 21 December 2008. This seed vault will store many genetically pure seeds inside a mountain for future generations. Soon the steel vault doors will be closed forever - only opened after a nuclear catastrophe or asteroid strike. In fact, there is a possible asteroid already in an 825-day orbit a 2006 Popular Mechanics article tells me about.

God graciously made provision to save his world before calamities prophesied and in the process will kill this evil generation spike destroying his planet, which will end wars, destruction of the environment and punish America for killing 45 million little defenseless babies.

Life is precious and is the property of God’s breath loaned to mankind. All flesh must fear him and not mess around with what does not belong to us. Watch therefore when the owner comes back to earth in a few years on a golden studded white horse with his army from space like it is told in the Gospel near vision - not a fairy tale, but prophesied by many people and God himself.

The Population Graph

However, if we want to understand what the Bible teaches lets read some data and combine it into a graph. That would explain God’s plan for mankind a little better not preached in church. The first 4 of 7 seals opened in Revelation reveal four apocalypse riders on horses announcing global wars and famine. These verses mention that one quarter of the world’s population will be killed with 5.7 billion left over people [@ 2012=7.6 x .75 = 5.7]. (Revelation 6:8) That represents the Sea-Beast system, which will be ten governments dominating the world after the chaos caused by the economic destruction of America. The rapid decline of the USA will brew trouble in Europe by paving the way for Antichrist to rise in Europe (Revelation 13). Then we read the Earth-Beast system (Revelation 10:2; 13:11) ending in Armageddon World War-III with one third killed, which is 3.76 left over [5.7x.66=3.76]. (Revelation 9:18)

Toward the end of the Apocalypse, we read that the fifth angel opens up the underworld Heh dimension (Revelation 9:1-11) as the people on earth will witness a resurrection of demons possessing those who have the privileged mark of the Earth-Beast on their forehead. It is the demons’ only chance to escape hell and end their tormented life, so they eagerly indwell human hosts living in the material Daleth dimension, which is destined to end in the lake of fire terminating the demons’ lives, too. That is a better choice than living in hell forever.            
That is why God warns people not to take the Earth-Beast mark identifying those who will get special privileges from the government. Belonging to the Beast party is rewarded with a prepaid debit card buying food during massive starvation, cutting in on long lines on gasoline pumps and parting like Sodom and Gomorrah in expensive vacation resorts, voiding any law consideration and cannot be put in jail for crimes committed. They traded God’s Grace of salvation for unheard privileges only royalty or dictators had experienced now becoming demon possessed belonging to Satan and committing horrible crimes just like the black dresses SS death squad of Hitler army. (Revelation 9:18) A number is mentioned 200 million demon-possessed soldiers gone made to exterminate Israel and the Saints. (Rev. 9:16)

Then as the last woe comes, 4 Death Angels will execute one third of our global population again leaving 2.48 billion left over (3.76 x .66 = 2.48). (Revelation 9:15) It something unheard of in our civilization, but it happened once before in Moses’ time. Ask a Jewish friend why he is celebrating Passover when the Death-angel selectively passed over killing the Egyptian people judged by God who did not deserve to belong to God’s family and enter the Kingdom of God. Check it out in Babushka books for more information not preached in Christian churches.

Please notice on our graph that the 2.12 billion population is between 1910 (1.75) and 1950 (2.5) which is the crossover to become very steep exponential. That is where the normal curve all of a suddenly changes exponential direction vertical about 1850 (.95 Billion) to end 7.6 billion @ 2012 in about 150 years. After the Apocalypse ends in 2015-2017, God will have readjusted the curve to where it had been in 1850, cleaning up his GMO problem. The plan continues with about 2.0 billion people or less on earth to end 1,000 years later with a population of 70 billion, if we added the spike.

Counting all the horrible deaths stated in Revelation, we get 5.1 billion killed with only less then 2.5 billion or one third surviving. However, the ancient spike reduction of the Flood overlays the spike data of a near vision where we see the first spike population curve up in Noah’s time with the same data of 2.12 billion, which is from Adam’s time to Noah’s Flood – 1,715 years from 4004 BC to the 5 February 2287 BC.

That spike took about 150 years to regenerate with an identical population increase. God corrected that previous GMO problem with a flood and continued with the population curve as we can check out with science and history. If we project a spike correction, then we could arrive at 70 billion in 3018. Ancient GMO problems are not known in our time unless you become familiar with the Bible-Genesis and other literature stored in the Vatican. I have made a picture of an Aztec mermaid as the front picture of my Babushka book Genetic Modification Exposed! That book describes what ancient scientists did in the last century of the Atlantis civilization with many proofs in archeology using a dual perspective looking around like being in a 360° movie theater.

Watching on the nature channel in January 2008, I saw a movie demonstrating what would happen to the skyscrapers, bridges and all what we take for granted and leaving it alone with no people around. It shows metal corroding, cement crumbling and in 150 years, nothing can be identified belonging to our civilization. It is all grown over with trees, shrubs and weeds.

That explains why we cannot find anything from the Atlantis civilization except what they embossed in stones and walls of ancient temple ruins. I decoded the Aztec calendar because the ancients made a clock replica out of stone, which will last almost forever. You can read about it in another Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. Our ignorant atheistic scientists think that all ancient peoples living before 2000 BC were primitive hunter-gatherers from a cave, but you try to produce for me a mathematical contraption that tracks a calendar perfectly, showing the planets with a moving earth axis wobble linked to Enoch's Pyramid that lasted thousands of years! Or check NASA still uses what they have imbedded in the Aztec culture recorded by a 15 century monk.

Take any object and look it over carefully and think it will disappear falling apart corroding never seen again after 300 years as seen on the education TV program. The ancients are so much smarter as we see their artifacts and clock calculators made of durable gold and bronze with 32 gears 2,000 -4,000 years later in our museums. Do not tell me that we are more advanced believing in an evolution cult religion. Show me a textbook object we produce today that can last 4,000 years!

I also wonder, seeing as a tourist, proof of a flood with my bare eyes just looking up on top of the pyramid in Giza built before Noah’s time and noticed that the stones look different like a washed-out water line. Why are the outer polished white veneer plates missing clearly seen on the upper section which must have stuck out free above the flood water level above the tidal waves caused by a wobbling earth? Check out the Sphinx a genetic modified cat and human body buried in sand now excavated, the ancients were proud to demonstrate their skill in GMO with a gigantic monument. God’s population curve planned without interruption would have ended 3.5 billion like the [times, time, ½time] Daniel and John write about. Read Forum Pearl #114 for further information. Add the two population curves together, which still give us the same result but with a detour mankind created because of the rebellion in GMO destruction. Why?

Aztec-Antikythera Clock 14.305789 Calendar Constant Connection?

One more witness came up during this investigation of population spikes. Looking from a dual perspective comparing it with Daniel-John’s time constant [times, time, ½time] and matching with an ancient spin-axis clock constant and prophecy, you can learn about in my clock Babushka book. It accurately projects and dates the building and destruction of four Hebrew Temples to an exact day, which can be checked out with mathematics and scientifically in history which matching the Hebrew Alphabet Number System recently discovered through a Bible Rosetta Stone.

We are always looking from a Biblical–science rail perspective comparing God’s plan for humankind. God’s calendar is very accurate having found the Apocalypse dates. We will find out shortly if they are correct. More dates come along - all fitting the system. Science told us the population at @2008 to be 6.6 billion and Revelation told us how many people will die in the Apocalypse subtracted 4.4 Billion (6.600-2.134 = 4.465). If we factored [times, time, ½ time], which means we divide 4.465266 billion into 182 Daniel weeks x the 14.305789 spin-axis constant that measures the earth wobble corrected to a Gregorian calendar, we get:

(4.465266/[182 x 14.305789] = 1,715.

That number means years as it is connected with a population growth curve in a given time frame from Adam 4004 BC to Noah’s Apocalypse (2288 BC), which is 1,715 years (4004-2288 = 1,715). Why does it match these two identical population spikes related to GMO judgments linked with ancient stone-bronze clocks as corrected to our NASA calendar? In other words, the second @ 2008 Apocalypse with a population spike curve dates Noah’s Apocalypse  @ 2287 BC, which then matches the near-far vision to an exact year by using the death number prophesied that leads to our maxed out 6.6 billion population as counted by scientists. Check the other Babushka books to understand God’s calendar system having a number of tables all matching perfectly to a day with a corrected Gregorian calendar now used by NASA, like each Babushka egg fitting within a larger one having the same pattern.

The Reason for a Population Spike

Mankind discovered many secrets of nature. Pasteur discovered bacteria; others discovered electricity, which helped farmers to produce more food. We have built skyscrapers bigger than the ancient pyramids. Mastering the air going into space and at the same time controlling atoms discovering nuclear power God imbedded - all in the last one hundred years. Why has man abandoned and thrown out the Bible with accumulated wisdom collected from ancient peoples who realized that following God’s laws means blessing for us as a society. Becoming a totally atheistic society spits in God’s face. Modern civilization is destroying genetically what worked so well for thousands of years. It is totally stupid to deny the existence of God when the very mystery life is embedded in our own bodies.

Atheistic scientists in rebellion to God will not and cannot ever explain it because it is divine in nature, the very breath of God. GMO, stem cells and DNA is all about searching for creating synthetic life impossible to exist if you understand entropy laws twisted and misapplied in rebellion to a Creator. To prove an evolution religion controlled by Satan concocted 150 years ago, mankind willfully turned and became an atheistic society – just like the society before Noah in 2288 BC that God said was totally evil.

Modern scientists want to imitate what Satan did and covet to copy to do the same. Check out (Revelation 4:7) where we see in heaven creatures like we might see in the ocean as John describes four creatures around the throne. They have a genetic disposition to show dual features we recognize as half animal, half humans. Check out lion, ox, human and eagle face with 6 wings covering their body and transparent with eyes within and outside like an octopuses has suction cups. The sing and pay homage to God to express to the bystanders that God is extremely Holy with fear and awe.

Satan knowing how God used DNA building blocks to create life on earth, imitates and taught man how to do GMO to spoil God’s holiness to make it into a joke. Mankind rather following evil became willing students and what they previously accomplished causing a flood we can see embedded in ruins, temple walls and tombs surviving from Noah’s time. Mankind is still in rebellion to God. Once he had to confuse the common language anciently spoken in order to stop transferring GMO knowledge to the next generation.

Rejecting the Bible and knowing nothing about previous problems that caused the flood makes a Holy God angry. Humanity is again messing around with genes without the intelligence imbedded, which will shortly self-destruct killing all life on earth. They do not realize that it is precisely Satan goal and will do it again in ignorance not listening to God’s warning. Politically correct science would rather follow Satan, their adopted god.

However, God appointed Satan only to teach us evil and should not make him our leader to reinvent GMO again. Therefore choose eternal life freely offered by Jesus Christ if we want to live beyond the other Heh side like a caterpillar remerges as total different creature designed for a special purpose. The events of the Apocalypse were planned like a railroad schedule and with intelligence and purpose as a population curve proves. God wanted so many souls to inherit a vacancy he has in his administration as Satan and his bunch got thrown out; therefore, he created mankind in a two-stage system.

The first stage exposes and tests them first with evil, so that those who qualify can be put in position of authority as they will watch for any germ of evil emerging and snuff it out before it can do any damage again. That will guarantee never to have a rebellion for a second time like Satan instigated before the time dimension. Soon the universe will again be at peace. That royal position is offered for free to those believing what Jesus said. He paid for all the mistakes made on our caterpillar journey on earth tempted by Satan with evil, and God has graciously converted it into an immunity system where evil is terminated before it can nurture in a system to cause a future rebellion in the Heh dimension again.

Learn about the process of how to become a Saint. Humans can become immune to the mortally fatal disease of sin. It is similar to how inoculation works in the body, which gives us a lesson about how it works on the eternal Heh side, though we cannot prove it with the Daleth laws of this material dimension. Therefore, we must believe God since we are so stupid. Even those with a PhD degree have never been on the butterfly side of reality to experience the resurrection to a new spiritual dimension life. Read the Babushka egg concept Books and become educated on the Heh dimension.

I hope I added to your population curve knowledge and given you something to think about. Get ready to meet your Maker on good terms. He came and was crucified to pay all outstanding debt and only need your agreement to make the final contract valid before we all must appear before the Judge on the White Throne at the Endtime. Then, we will be rewarded according to a paid-up contract or must pay ourselves not getting credit. I am happy that God gave me that gift of eternal life and even elevated me to be a Saint belonging to the royal family as he is the King of Kings soon to become visible after the “Seventh Trumpet” announced read Revelation.

Do not believe stupid Christians telling you that Lord of Lords will arrive unscheduled in secret like a thief in the night on the First Trumpet a lie from Satan to confuse and be unprepared what Jesus said “therefore watch the signs” of the last seventh trumpet. The Apocalypse 2008-2015 is certain to continue mortal humanity on a normal curve now corrected without another destructive uncontrolled population spike caused by rebellious atheistic evil generation trigger much extinction which later generation will curse us for.

My hope is, “Please, God, do not change your schedule to make an end to our human suffering and let not Satan rejoice that he managed to destroy God’s creation preventing what was promised for mortals to live a thousand years without wars for the first time and eat the same food Adam and Eve was eating.” That will be a blessing living in God’s Kingdom on earth ruled by Emanuel Prince of Peace –



Growing Muslim Population Curve

Historically, a culture requires a fertility rate of 2.11 children per family to maintain its population over a period of 25 years or more. Anything less and that society will decline because of population loss. No nation ever survived a 1.9 rate, and a 1.3 is impossible to reverse, because it would take 80-100 years to correct itself.

No economics model exists at this time to foretell the consequences of some lower ethnic birthrates. As the western European population shrinks, so will its culture. For an example the ethnic fertility rate in France is 0.8, England 0.9, Greece 1.2, Germany 1.0, and Spain 1.1. Across the entire 31 nation European Community, the fertility rate averaged 1.38. This rate is impossible to reverse. In a matter of few years, the European or Western Civilization will no longer exist. However, Europe’s total population (2.88) is not declining. WHY?

Islamic Immigration

Since 1990, the immigration rate has increased 90%. For an example, in France the ethnic French have a birthrate of 0.8, but France’s Islamic population – mostly from North Africa - has a birthrate of 8.1 per family. There are now more mosques in France than Christian churches. About 30% of French children under 20 years of age are Islamic. At current demographic trends, France will be an Islamic state in 25 years.

In the last 30 years, the Muslim population in England has increased from 82,000 to 3.5 million - a 30-fold increase! The United Kingdom has over a thousand Mosques. In only 15 years, half Netherlands population will be Muslim. In Russia, already one out of five is a Muslim. In a few years 40% of the Russian Army will be Islamic.

About 50% of newborns in Belgian are from Muslim families, which means by 2025 that 1/3 of all children will be Muslim according to the Belgian government. Germany announced that the decline of ethnic Germans can no longer be stopped: the downward spiral is no longer reversible. Germany will become Muslim state. The Libyan leader Kaddafi previously said there are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam without sword, without guns, without conquests. He said, “We do not need terrorists; we don’t need homicide bombers.”

The 50+ million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. The German government estimates that 52 million Muslims live in Europe. That number will double to 104 million over the next 20 years. Canada’s fertility rate is 1.6, but Islam is that nation’s fastest growing religion. Canada’s population increased by 1.6 million between 2001 and 2006 with 1.2 million coming from immigration.

The fertility rate of the US is 1.6, including its Hispanic population. Even with the high rate of Mexican heritage children being born, American can barely maintain a majority population of European heritage. In 1970 the US counted 100,000 Muslims. Today in 2009, there are over 6 million. Barak Obama became the first President of the United States of Muslim heritage in spite of probably being born in Africa, a foreigner who does not meet the US Constitution requirement of being a native born United States citizen. Most Americans no longer care about that. 

When the Bible was thrown out from every school, like Hitler did it in Nazi Germany, 65 million American babies were murdered through abortion. Abortion has ended the sustainable fertility rate for America’s traditional population mix of the 1950s and early 1960s. Over the last 50 to 100 years, Americans have taken many incremental political steps towards becoming an atheistic, socialist-communist state. The US courts and education system have thrown away the core principles of our 240-year old Constitution. Most of those abandoned principles were also based on the Bible. If American had chosen life, it would have made a big difference in her population curve, but now we are doomed.

The world is fast changing. As the Apocalypse has already started the birth pangs (2008-2015), watch Europe. Perhaps a Muslim Antichrist will appear, if you understand prophecy. The Catholic Church just announced that there are more Moslems than Catholics in the world.  In five years, Islam will be the dominant religion around the world. You have been introduced to some statistics that strongly indicate irreversible consequences. But God has promised to step in and straighten out this unbelieving generation. That intervention will climax in 2015 or 2017 ending the Apocalypse. Christians will be horribly persecuted by Satan’s Islam religion. For some idea of tomorrow’s definition of tolerance, just look around the world today. In almost every Islamic country, anyone who does not submit to the Quran is killed if they resist.

If you want to be a Saint to rule the universe, you must pass the test of faith. Only the Saints will be mini-resurrected after the Apocalypse 2017AD. God will not permit many nations from losing their identities. He purposed many families of humanity who have existed for thousands of years. Satan would destroy that through false religions, hate, destruction and greed, but God will purge the world by four Death Angels. You should find out about as it is not taught in Christian Churches but clearly stated in Revelation 9:13.

In closing, "how" will 2 billion people survive the apocalypse similar to how Noah built a boat to save his family? God has given us a number of illustrations in Scripture. Only small children survived entering the Promised Land. Not even Moses, their leader, was allowed to enter.

An asteroid destruction will make it impossible to have food for babies and kids, but God provided MANNA from heaven for 40 years to Israel in the Wilderness. Most surviving children will be orphans - their parents killed by the 4 Death Angels not surviving the 10 days of earthquakes. But if they are appointed, their kids are supernaturally protected and preserved to continue LIFE, rebuilding the 70 nations again with the cultural diversity God loves. They will be cared for by the mini-resurrected Saints, separated like the five (5) virgins. Check Matthew 25.

Many Christians will be very disappointed because they did not have enough OIL to qualify for the celebration of the King’s marriage Matt. 25. They are still saved but resurrected later after 1000 years with the rest of mankind. The angels coming with the Lord will help the Saints to be well equipped with what humans need. There are many Bible verses to prove my Babushka egg story - too many to mention. Search and be liberated from lies to gain ∞LIFE.


THE WALL CHART OF WOPLD HISTORY - From the Earliest times to the Present. Professor Edward Hull MA.LLD.FRS. Barnes & Noble Publishing Inc. 1995.

Notice the half human-half fish (mermaids) half horse, half cat, half bird figures and sculptures found in ancient ruins and read Genesis, the book of Enoch, the book of Jasher and other books.

Seeds to Save a Species Popular Science, Jan 2008. Around the world, scientists are risking their lives to retrieve seeds destined for a massive vault near the North Pole. Their work just might save mankind.

The Sea-Beast mark is a blue EU visa number which catalogs every citizen to weed out potential terrorists, who could use nuclear bombs. However, the Bible warns against the Earth-Beast mark, which is different as it is a privilege system governed directly by Satan, resurrected 2012 to establish the Earth-Beast system.

Forum Pearls #114 Proof of Daniels Calendar to match the Aztec calendar

Read about a Donut–atom theory the latest in nuclear physics postulated. Babushka Book #6: A Donut Atom Nuclear Story – How the Universe was Created.

Mystery of Tammuz 17 , Chapter 5, page 247.

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