Pearl #260 -

A Number of Blood Moon Options Linked to Solar Eclipses

Predictions and Prayers, Why are they not Answered?


Due to a faulty Hebrew calendar, this pearl was amended and corrected by one year in Pearl #267.

Most Christians are unaware that the Apocalypse 2008-2015 was announced on the World-Wide-Web for ten years. These dates were projected from a suppressed science perspective. The Elohim appointed a Jonah-II scribe who was educated as a credible inventor-scientist. He announced that God’s Wrath would end the 21st Century Civilization so that humanity can start over again thus repeating Noah’s history when an asteroid destroyed the Atlantis civilization on 5 February 2287 BC, now repeated again.

Because faulty theological dogmas taught in many denominations are so ingrained, this apocalypse dating was confirmed and collected in hundreds of science witnesses linked to the Bible prophecy as recorded in 14 Babushka Egg concept books and many Pearls.  

The primary evidence against an evil corrupted technology was presented in the ELOHIM World Court (BB #10) by the prosecution in Pearl #233 to wake up a comatose Christian Church that is asleep and will surely miss the bridegroom not knowing his schedule. The rest of humanity has become totally evil once more having progressed 4300 years in an atheistic, rebellious society now judged like Sodom and Gomorrah recorded from the past. 

This Jonah Warning will be the last 40 days announcing to repent as the prophesied (5) five month Apocalypse Revelation “Woes” will start the turmoil. Listen. Yeshua-Jesus said that this would be the worst time on earth - never repeated again. The death of hi-tech Satellites shutting down TV and telephone will disclose that the time has arrived of God’s Wrath? Are you ready to meet your Maker this year on 17 September 2015?

Using a historic solstice calendar overlay, my recent Pearl, Take a Vacation on 5 February 2015 was a little misleading which created in theology Schadenfreude to put once more everyone in the same boat to boast that prophecy cannot be dated. It is still correct but should have used the Gregorian calendar correction adding 14 days which still need another amendment of (3) three days after 500 years as the earth axis wobble was still moving confirmed by NASA with G.R.A.C.E. comparing extensive collected data.

The missing days were noticed in my Jewish holiday’s tables Babushka Egg #2 overlay correcting ancient calendars and deciphering mystery clocks in museums. That I was right was proven eight years later having the same 4 April 2015 date pinpointed related to (Rev. 9) of Satan's shock troops - (ISIS) appearing but did not know that it also was written in the sky by four Blood Moons and Virgo constellation to become additional witnesses. The true Gregorian calendar correction of 17 days meaning in Hebrew-victory should be added to New Year tree holiday TU B’Shevat (5 February) arriving at 22 February 2015 and later aligned with the Solar eclipse to count Jonah’s 40 days.  

False science taught in our education system gets in the way to counter Truth, which usually takes a couple weeks for me to find out. It takes a little extra study appreciating true science in correlating ancient calendars linked to my decoded ancient bronze 32-gear Antikythera clock exhibited in a Greece museum adding knowledge throughout in various Babushka concepts egg books.

Being in the same boat I overlooked that globally there is no agreement in science how to measure time. There are different calendars still used today like Gregorian, Julian, Chinese or Aztec. The Bible started in Genesis with an Enoch calendar linked to Hebrew after Noah’s Flood (2288 BC), but they all needed to be integrated to find the Apocalypse date ignored by theologians.Calendars measure time linked to the speed of light, which is not constant. Why not check out the latest science theories proving what was postulated years ago in a new Atom theory and Time dimension Babushka books #6 #7, and #9.

Issachar Insight - Chuck Missler and Barry Setterfield

At zero point energy in an absolute cold vacuum, the Issachar theory calculated that electrons are battered 18,700 in one turn around the nucleus? I focus on protons on the inside of the donut nucleus, which works like transformer converting electromagnetic force into quantum physics affecting light speed - first slowing down, but later through the resurrection force of Yeshua-Jesus reversed. Previously the metaphysical Heh-dimension energy was slowed down to crystallize matter creating the material Daleth dimension, now speeding up to a creation condition I have dated to 4488 BC, but soon it will be changed into the new, higher Jod-dimension. A fraction of an exponential earth axis wobble could be off a few days in 4300 years, but more importantly, we should not forget that the ELOHIM as the owner of the universe has the right to change any schedule if he sees repentance.

For example, in Nineveh the prophet Jonah went through so many detour hoops before finally announcing God’s Wrath, only to find out he missed big time. And in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham tried to bargain with God to find the threshold how far he would go. In science studies, a test system has built-in prerogatives where a pilot must follow a schedule but has the authority and could modify it under certain circumstances, provided he has a good enough reason. In Daniel's case, the angel said his prayers were heard right away, but Satan's army prevented a quick answer, so it took him 21 days to arrive.

The problem is that we are mortal and mostly ignorant of the metaphysical reality. When we finally do get it together, then we must leave this planet for others to take over. It is a good thing that Moses was educated as a prince in Egyptian picture hieroglyphs. He invented a much better method of a letter arrangement still used in modern times like the Gutenberg press to transfer a divine record now structured in a Hebrew Alphabet Number System ending in the Torah-Bible. That made it possible to record a 6000-year-old history of mankind from Adam to Noah’s flood (5 February 2287 BC, Julian) and revealed much advanced science and technology. Ancient information is not allowed in our atheistic universities because it conflicts with an evolution religion and unscientific theories suppressing Truth ignoring 50% of Newton’s laws.

At 83 years old, I am still a student learning that God’s Plan for Mankind is a treasure and full of wonders. Some Bible dated events on this website may not be in proper sequence because we still have no agreement in science how to measure “Time”.

Unifying these various calendars in science linked to an ancient Enoch calendar before Noah could reveal a divine schedule discovered by this mortal Jonah-II scientist, but we should always remember that the divine owner can rearrange his prophesied timetable. I bet on what the Son of God Yeshua-Jesus has cast in concrete and said, “This generation will not pass away.” Will it end what is written in the constellations sky of four Blood Moons dated with a G-calendar 28 September 2015?  

In my previous version of Pearl #251, it became obvious that a big noise in NYC was missing when mirror overlaid with an ancient Noah story where it rained 40 days and added 150 days for the ark to get stuck, using a solstice date from history. But the dating announced by the prophet Jonah that Nineveh would be judged in 40 days for its evil could now be applied to a Blood Moon sky. Many other 40-day events happened in Bible history now linked to Rev. 9, revealing 150 days trouble declaring God’s Wrath.

However, my mirror Bible prediction problem could still be correct by matching an overlay near-far vision Hebrew prophetic telescope, if we start counting from the recent four Blood Moon & sun constellations. We will see if it worked hopefully in agreement to measure a prophesied time with a science perspective.

The public web has gone ballistic looking in the sky, which could be the bridge. It caused me to re-evaluate prophecy adding more concepts in Babushka eggs still using a Bible overlay matching a science perception repeated many times in Bible history.

Using once more the Hebrew Alphabet Number System invented by Moses will prove (7) seven projection dates matching Feast - Fast and special modern Jewish holiday predictions to an exact “day”. It even was mentioned by the Lord Yeshua-Jesus linked to the last Babushka pearl of seven Jonah-Warning of 40 days.

Like cuckoo clock gears proven so many times in Babushka eggs it can forecast an Apocalypse of “150 days “projection forwards or backwards will make no difference linked to 40 days Warning. Let’s check the Jewish holidays divinely given reported by Moses all must fit the End-time period warnings especially linked to the last 150 days Apocalypse mentioned in Rev. 9.

The Third Blood moon (4 April 2015) seems to be a central date. It was predicted 10 years ago in the first two Babushka egg concept books, where it was linked to “Satan's shock troops” appearing predicted in Revelation chapter 9 for 150 days. This fulfillment is now seen vividly on TV when watching the well-financed Islam-ISIS-state demon possessed, shocking everybody. It is prophesied to get worse, as now pointed out on many YouTube videos with a visual expanded technology now escalating events out of control.

I noticed when counting 40 warning days backwards from        4 April 2015 and wondered what could be the meaning of the date 22 February 2015? Found out on Sunday in my neighborhood church that it is celebrated as “The forty days of Lent.” (1Peter 4:17) Christians are counseled that God’s Judgment will start first in his family household that aligns with a Hebrew tree holiday, TU-B’Shevat, mentioned in Daniel 2. The Apostle Peter reminds us that, like Noah, at the end time we will experience unusual sufferings, now dated in the sky, which is warning the atheistic world system ending at the same time.  

Let’s check the (7) seven Jonah Warning dates. All must fit the Hebrew calendar holiday structure to a day being correlated with the fourth Blood Moon to start with a sun eclipse on 20 March 2015. It could be linked to Rev. 18:9, which describes a world beast city being thrown into the sea and linked to the debris of 9/11 for a Shemitah-Warning, but keep in mind, the city will never be rebuilt – like Chernobyl.  But counting forward is matching the Sabbatical year laws of ( שמיטה ) Shemita, which limits a debt of servitude, and ends at 15 May 2015. Shemita years are linked to an evil NYC banking system described in my last Pearls and will definitely perish ahead of schedule creating a chain reaction of an atheistic collapsing civilization all ending projected together when hit by an 52 km asteroid on 17 September 2015 (estimated) one way another this year.

1 - Looking more closely at an earlier possible NYC date, nobody knows why the Vatican has a round mirror stanza symbolizing the sun with Silver Star rays displayed in most Catholic Churches. It is a remnant from the Babylonian sun religion, also evidenced by the long fish head seen on every Pope’s robes. An appointed NYC destruction date could be linked to the 20 March 2015 solar eclipse which could start the 40-day warning backwards or forwards linked to God’s Wrath.

The heathen ancient sun religion was introduced into the Christian religion by Constantine to keep a pagan tradition and changed a divinely given Saturday to Sunday honoring the sun. Even the concept of evil was sold big time when the Middle Ages Catholic Church invented perpetual hell, which made a lot of money, but it is a lie as God’s Wrath is very short. God always express His love for his creatures to give us a free gift of Life if we chose.

Many pagan religions celebrated the sun, so the sun will always represent an atheistic world order, thus it could be linked to the sun eclipse on 20 March 2015, which will run the Apocalypse events in parallel ending 13 September 2015 with a half sun eclipse? But the four Blood Moons are Hebrew calendar oriented, as explained in Pearl #251. Do not forget to add a 17 Gregorian day correction to the Hebrew calendar matching Jewish holidays.

Could it apply to the NYC downfall? If so, the 150 days of the Mini-apocalypse definitely will have started, now accelerating the prophesied events toward Armageddon when the FED bankers can no longer bail out the global system, blown up with an atom bomb? I am persuaded that the 20 March 2015 sun eclipse could be overlaid with a controlling world banker system. Therefore, adding a Gregorian correction forwards would get to the third Blood Moon on 4 April 2015 never to appear in 500 years.

2 - When using the sun eclipse date, we should be counting backwards 150 days from the last projected Apocalypse date calculated ten years ago - 21 December 2015 (Julian) now will pinpoint again a midpoint of 5 July 2015 like in paragraph #4 which is a Tammuz 17 (BB #2, page 157), but we must add a Gregorian calendar 14+3 days correction will fit to one day. 

3 - Going further backwards, we add the next 40 days warning to align perfectly with Jewish holiday, Shavuot on 25 May 2015. This Hebrew holiday is unique to remind Israel for the last time of their covenant given by Adam and Moses even Noah could be linked mentioned by Jesus? It occurs on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan and commemorates the anniversary of a special “day” finalized in the Torah Law now written in HANS given to Israelite assembled at Mount Sinai. It frightened everybody watching a burning mountain and quaking with horrendous noise demonstrating the awesome power of the ELOHIM. It will be repeated again check Babushka eggs. Joining both sun and moon alignment in parallel.

4 - 26 May 2015+40 days = 5 July 2015 the same date again? Another 40 day now a final warning is announce like Nineveh to repent to be forgiven to live forever. Judgment will happen later, check Babushka Egg #2 - Mystery of Tammuz 17.

5 - 6 July+40 days = 16 August 2015. It matches the Temple destruction 70 AD on 9 Av and Rosh Chodesh Elul holiday the 6th month of the Hebrew year. Million around Jerusalem were killed now repeated this year in the last Jacob’s Trouble.

6 - 17 August (30+10) = 40 days split by an Asteroid of total global destruction (17 September 2015). It will end the Apocalypse (Mat. 25-26) and Satan’s Domain in heaven and earth NO MORE EVIL! Starting God’s Kingdom on Earth Rosh Hashanah - 28 September 2015, a new Civilization ruled by the Lord Yeshua King of Kings and the resurrected Saints.

7 - But now using the “Hebrew” calendar 4 April 2015 forward of 150 days (Rev. 9) we arrive on 4 September 2015 linked to ten Bible plagues caused by an asteroid ending 17 September. The extra Jewish holiday split (30+10 days) in paragraph #6 & #7 were mentioned by Daniel 1260+30=1290 days explained in Babushka eggs tables eight years ago free on the Web? The next day was Daniel’s 1335-day of blessings matching again a Jewish holiday (Babushka Egg #2-Mystery of Tammuz 17, page 520, ending once more in Rosh Hashanah 28 September 2015.

That will be remembered for G-1000 years linked 490 Daniel years celebrated in a Camp-Out with a roof tent made of green branches to watch the stars with kids. It reflects once more that the ELOHIM gave a harvest repeated another year. But the apocalypse survivors will get a little help once more collecting every morning the bread from heaven MANNA now needed to survive an asteroid impact again experienced God’s Wrath now globally devastated everything.

Millions mortal sinless babies which were kidnapped by a resurrected Saint being branded HOLY when assembled in the sky inside the Golden City of Yeshua's traveling Kosmos spaceship satellite (Star of Bethlehem) saving ISRAEL from being exterminated by an Islam mob. Manna will feed the next generation like in ancient times growing up to become again nations and ethnic cultures to live to tell the story now including all of mankind to start over again.

It will finalize the prediction of four prophets proclaiming (70) seventy times “ON THAT DAY” (BB#11 Egg) and end the last 40 devastating days with supernatural forces from the Kosmos totally destroyed a world system in unbelievable intensity of God’s Wrath repeating Noah’s violent asteroid event.

To sum up, what I learned from a projected apocalypse dates is that God’s schedule is not based on man’s calendar, which lacks any unifying agreement among universities from a science perspective, thus clouding our Bible projection, but it is one notch higher supported by HANS outside the control of mankind.

The biblical cyclic mirror image repetition is still preserved, but dating future events has only one hinge point outside the control of mankind. It is determined solely by God. Yeshua-Jesus was not a liar in stating, “In one generation...coming back with my angels.”  

Prophecy dating is analogous to the hinge point of a camping Hängematte-Hammock, which needs two supporting nails. One is ISRAEL now a nation again linked to a covenant to date a generation (70 years), the other is a constellation dating position in the sky, like the Blood Moon or sun eclipse and notice they are outside human control to change. But the third witness is the Virgo constellation aligning all the planets 22 September 2017 to one day, never repeated again, which will complete and end the last atheistic 70-year generation cycle as Yeshua prophesied.    

The most important purpose missed by many theologians linked to the reason for this 2015 Apocalypse time period ending in God’s Wrath was designed before mankind arrived to clean up “his” (Elohim) Kosmos house. It will end Satan's domain forever and will no longer plague mankind now demonstrated with Evil. We mortal humans have no imagination what 1000-year of peace means during the time of God’s Kingdom on earth, and one notch higher obsoleted money rooted in evil as all property is held in common. Greed causing murder will no longer exist - Halleluiah!

God's package meant for mortal mankind was pre-designed on the fourth day of creation demonstrated graphically from a science perspective with a world cuckoo clock analogy in my Babushka egg concepts presenting the whole creation story bathed in a time dimension applying suppressed science.

Many ancient bronze-gold mystery clocks have two dials and our modern basic clock has a short and long hands simplified now governed by an earth axis wobble at rest @ 21 December 2012.

Expanding our G-calendar tells the story of Satan’s rebellion starting the time-dimension 4488 BC (Julian) and ending 7000 Hebrew years later being executed for his crime. But God used that event and inserted a temporal plan to restore the KOSMOS, which gave me an opportunity to get some of Satan's Job, being vacant now offered a Saint position. That was revealed in the Yeshua-Jesus’ ten virgin story to live in his White House palace, but only the group of five virgin who knew his schedule were appointed by the bridegroom.

Those who are a little educated in science linked to the metaphysics could widen knowledge horizons and have the capability to apply some logic to rearrange events as stated in Daniel - ending with Revelation. But that requires putting together a lot of facts that mankind learned from science and then linking them to what is embedded in the Bible. 

The problem began when the fundamentals of good and evil were changed into “relativism” to produce the Age of Deception, which demolished a plum line to build on hope for a better life twisted by Satan spreading his lies. The Bible assured us that mankind will start over again to enter God’s Kingdom on earth dated with science looking in the zodiac sky to connect constellation with Bible prophecy dating God’s Wrath. 

Constellations were put into place before mankind arrived; therefore, end EVIL throughout the Kosmos was planned, as dated on earth by the Son of God Yeshua-Jesus, to confirm and fulfill his science schedule on 29 November 2017, a Jewish holiday. How can the Creator change the pattern of mankind? It is easy. Modern technology can destroy the whole world with just a button exploding atomic bombs: even the Aztec religion predicted a firestorm rain in the 5th cycle which is linked to Daniel’s metal statue crashed by a fiery stone from heaven destined to end this civilization eliminating all EVIL.

Check Babushka egg concept books to widening a knowledge horizon to be better informed. Much is suppressed in Christian churches and synagogues or replaced by an unscientific evolution religion to make you compliantly brain-dead. Make a test, and try to get any conversation going with a young person. Discussing science or the Bible will get only five minutes maximum, then a quick excuse, disappearing to recharge of an empty Mind.   

America became a world power governed on top by FED bankers, evil to the core printing a global currency from thin air. They paid off worldwide dictators or elected officials with lucrative grants. As the phony wealth triggered down to their friends and relatives fuelling the stock market casino of the many international industrial oil cartels dominated by a global military complex causing for centuries world wars. Printed fiat money financed the development of unending hi-tech weapons to kill millions of families uprooting and destroying ancient cultures in many countries. Worse now ending to eliminate all that has “Life” on earth the only place in the universe where LIFE exists, everything is assaulted in destructive GMO technology causing massive extinction.

Can't you see that those invisible bankers finance both sides, destroying an infrastructure to create new business for the military complex cartels? It only enriches the bureaucrats and puts everyone else in debt for a lifetime. Worse, they enforce their atheism on the next generation, thus prevented from thinking about the spiritual reality of a Bible-predicted human destiny. The whole education system was hijacked teaching more lies, suppressing 50% of Newton’s physic laws down to complex intelligence embedded in life summarized in a big bang fairy tales. How great has ignorance become bent toward Evil!

The result can be seen if you remember one generation ago the Supreme Court ruled that it was OK to murder 50 million babies and sell their body parts to the Gene cartels for obscene profit and lied that it created jobs needed in the economy. How many Einstein, Beethoven and Nobel Prize laureates were not born could have helped a spiraled global economy to recover?

To keep my sanity my hope is founded on a divine WORD recorded in the Torah-Revelation, which is a miracle to have lasted 6000 years. Time is now relative just compare your computer gismo forced to pay in six month another one to satisfy the greed of corporations. Open your eyes in your neighborhood and focus on the surrounding fast changing environment facing everywhere "death" embedded genetically lethal chemicals of pesticides and mixing animal genes into vegetables and fruits now labeled with a lawyer number to collect patent fees.

Every river is poisoned with slimy industrial waste gunk ending in massive fish-death on the beach and on top fished out everything what has life to eliminate procreation making the ocean lifeless, like my neighborhood birds no longer around. Watch YouTube videos cutting down the last rainforest to a barren sterile earth, poaching the leftover wild animals on the endangered list and genetically screwing up the other. Have you seen lately a honeybee, butterfly or even a housefly?  One way another will disappear next having a bigger body biomass or experience God’s mercy to end this civilization to prevent total extinction and LIFE for the next generation mankind.

Check the latest Video of our computerized modern One World System has become totally evil even horrible, gone absolutely crazy as shown in many experiments changing transgenic the human species. If you are brainwashed in an atheistic evil science will be found guilty being judged by the ELOHIM going straight to Hell causing total Life-extinction in this generation!

What is Trans Humanism?

Could this be why YHVH (GOD) destroyed everything in a Worldwide Flood? published on July 26, 2013?

Why is this civilization ignoring the many benefits of free energy the Creator gave us? Check the inventions of Tesla and Hoffman.

To finish my story for my grandkids, a bunch of scientists came together before the Lord and said we do not need you anymore because we have created half- human-half-animals, spliced GMO created bigger vegetables and opened wide the biometric door. We have gone to space overcoming hostile forces. Even this dirt we hold in our hand is converted to useful chemicals for the benefit of society. The Lord patiently hears all, but replies and removes the dirt from their hands: it is only fair you make your own dirt. 

To save once more mankind the ELOHIM will throw-out the evil corrupted tenants from his house, watch God’s Wrath will be poured out recorded in detail in the forbidden Bible. It will make no difference what we think but if smart discover that God the creator is LOVE and provided a way out. Repent of your evil and accept his only option MERCY UNTO LIFE described in the Gospels and explained by (12) twelve Apostle witnesses finalized in our New Testament Bible translated in thousand languages.

Even Christians will no longer have an excuse before the Judge to hear him say, “Go away I never knew you.” (Matt. 25:41)

I end my Babushka concept case and watch no longer fearful looking at the sky because Yeshua forgave my sin-debt to enjoy peace in my soul and spirit looking forward to my resurrection this year in a new body to live in a new earth perhaps travel in space to a new heaven visiting Angels - the Jod dimension. Check the other Babushka dated pearl to expand our Mind. (2Cor. 4:1)

Satan to Appear for Only 40 Days?

To warn some Christian Churches, I sent out an e-mail Blitz to 50,000 addresses in the USA that yielded only 3% clicks. But even less read the Jonah-II Warning that your life maybe over this year. It reminded me of the recent airplane crash in France. Those passengers did not expect it. God’s Wrath announced with a date is considered a fairy tale, in spite of the hundreds of science evidence witnesses. 

Not seeing any Christian reaction on the Web to the Jonah-II warnings perhaps have its own reason. The recent airplane crash in the mountains of France may be a kind of wake-up call, where a professionally trained German pilot unexplainably caused the deaths of his passengers as well as untold destruction to hundreds of families and businesses wiped out. It still needs an explanation as most psychologists tried to explain it with atheistic fairy tales that cannot explain spiritual problems because our mind-soul-Life or demon procession is on a higher metaphysical level denied in universities that only trust in a brain-dead evolution religion.

Perhaps I got a reaction from unbelievers in 2014 when I sent out Jonah’s warning to 55 Embassies and 300 global universities probably affecting their pocket money or bank account. Some governments must have investigated the Babushka egg message that energy was free, available embedded in nature for 100 years. For some unknown reason the NEWS is reporting daily that Oil price is down 50%. It could reduce the long-term oil contracts in spite of the US government still activating all the various HAARP high frequency antenna stations to deflect the global jet stream. That is artificially creating a disturbed weather pattern to try to increase the worldwide oil consumption for higher profit, though the price is still sinking. Did some global governments rediscover the “free energy” of electricity and Hydrogen being suppressed by the world FED bankers that were previously invented 100 years ago by scientists Tesla and Hoffman?

The ignorant public does not yet know that corrupt science and global oil interests can manipulate the weather by artificial means of sending a resonance frequency in the sky to influence the jet stream carrying the water vapor from the ocean over land for thousands of years. The disturbed weather causes severe drought in one area as never experienced before, and in other areas around the world there are horrible floods, thunderstorms, unheard of large hail, freezing temperatures in the tropical zone and a thousand reactions only understood if you are not brainwashed by a brain-dead evil establishment.

Why not watch the many YouTube videos to be educated and wake up to what is causing your premature death and destroying everything on this planet. These destructions are controlled from the finance circles headquartered in NYC. The damage done to the environment runs into uncounted billions of dollars. Confused UN experts still blame it on unscientific global warming. That costs additional billions, which only benefits the class of privilege.

If you are interested to live a little longer why not ask your government to stop the draught in California, now the fourth year totally dry now declared the highest emergency by the governor. California is where we grow food for billions around the world. Now a starving global population will become lifeless, like dead bones. The people should be screaming to the world bankers who finance a corrupted Washington, “We want our weather back as it existed for hundreds of years!” That would reduce the chain reaction igniting a global atomic war and ease the tension in Iran as pointed out by the experts. I recommended some YouTube videos to expose the reason for the headline at the end of this pearl, and I trust that my evaluation as a scientist-inventor examining Truth will be accepted.

The real climate change is imperceptible caused by Satan who brainwashed and controls most universities with lies so that they teach his evil religion. Satan will be morphed into a real person, described in the Bible as the Antichrist. Jonah’s Warning announced the end of the Age of deception. But how can a time period of seven years, as stated in the Bible, be accelerated to save some from God’s Wrath. It is necessary because the events about to occur are so terrible that no flesh could survive? (Matt. 24:22) That was my question before the Lord.  

It stands to reason that, when Satan is cast out from heaven to earth and knows now his time is very-very short before starting his foretold prison period he will not have time leftover to drive every nation crazy. What could he do to circumvent God’s Plan for mankind and prevent anyone from surviving, or even stop the prophesied resurrection of the saints? I am sure that he wants to be more powerful than the ELOHIM (Pearl #233). Since Satan knows prophecy very well, how can a time paradox be accelerated to save some flesh that even Satan does not know?  

From a scientific perspective, it seems to me that 150 days of demon possession like the German pilot and described in the mini-apocalypse is much too long. Satan is very experienced in causing trouble, messing up mankind for 6000 years. Once on earth, he will super actively be involved, but God in his mercy will allow him only a short time – perhaps merely 40 days?

Satan’s aim is to push the atomic button and totally destroy and eliminate all Life forever. He wants to make planet-earth absolutely barren, dead like the rest of the universe to prevent God’s Plan for mankind.  How can God prevent this greatest evil ever to be perpetrated by Satan’s henchmen? How can he shorten his inviolable schedule outside physics? Perhaps a bewailing Tammuz event date emerged in a vortex on 5 July 2015, with only 40 days leftover to end our 21st Century Civilization?  (Ezek. 8:14)

Satan’s demons from the underworld now appearing on earth (Rev. 9) similar to the normal German Pilot or normal ISIS terrorist seen on TV were only allowed a vacation on earth for 150 days going wild before they were executed by the four Death Angels created for that purpose but still needs a party-leader.

Jonah’s 40-day timetable so late has now crystallized to give us the answer still matching the apocalypse schedule, which is also meant for Satan. His arrival on earth is cut short as God will not allow Satan enough time for his brilliant mind to activate total atom destruction of this planet but is controlled or prolonged by the war in heaven - the other Heh dimension fighting Michael. (Rev. 12:7)

The war is continued on earth (Rev. 19:14) in the Daleth dimension, but the underworld (Rev. 9) is also linked to the Tammuz 5 July 2015 date told by Ezekiel 9:3-11. That event is recorded by an Angel with a writing board to seal and mark all those in Jerusalem who will not be executed in God’s Judgment. He came back with the result “all” killed not one was spared executed everybody, the powerful rich, the poor, baby-children to grandparents - all. Read other Bible references advising to get out of town. (Matt. 24:16)

The prophet Ezekiel portraits the past history of Israel mirror repeated in the future of the present State of Israel. Why is it not read in the Knesset? The official government in the Knesset never acknowledged or gave thanks to the ELOHIM who consecrated them to nationhood. Miraculous, unheard in history how they were brought back to their land against great odds after 2500 years.

Israel has been blessed more than gentiles, with a bigger industrial complex as Silicon Valley fuelled by over 300 Nobel-prize laureates attracting global mega-corporation, exporting food, the list goes on. The world is jealous for her success. The Israelis have been protected, blessed with normal life, surrounded by horrible devastation with Moslem knifing the back of another Moslem with the stench of death and destruction.

Even in the midst of turmoil, every western religion is enjoying tourism fuelling the economy, all making money from the Jerusalem footstool of ELOHIM, a prize Islam wants to claim. Israel too will be judged, as foretold by the prophets collected in Babushka egg concept books. This atheistic, 21st century Civilization on the path to total extinction of all life on earth, will encounter once more Yeshua-Jesus return but now in Kosmos power to end the destruction using technology stolen from nature without giving recognition and thanks to the One who created it.

Therefore, God’s Wrath will unexpectedly end the global conflict. God said he would gather the nations for judgment in the valley of decision known as Armageddon. The vortex of God’s anger will be stirred up by a morphed Satan cast to earth, becoming Antichrist, now exactly timed and concluded to match the prophecy schedule linked to what is happening on the other Heh dimension side. He will lose the war at the right time, being cast into abyss “to end” the source of EVIL. (Rev. 20:1) 

The Kosmos will then be cleansed from all wickedness and rebellion now on earth concluded.  The warning was spelled it out in this last Pearl #260, but it needed an update of 40 days. If you want to logically prove why Satan, morphed into the Antichrist, is restricted to 40 days, then learn the strategy of how war games are dependent on timing. That will reveal the answer to you.

Satan is not all knowing, unconstrained. Like mortals, he is still forced by a sovereign Creator ELOHIM who controls his schedule. Our death was projected. Why not accept what Yeshua offers now coming back as King of Kings, Lord of Lords giving free Eternal Life to everyone burdened with life’s trouble. If you think that my dissertation is just a bunch of speculation, only ONE fact should suffice and be considered as a Christian or especially fossil-theologians.To those who belong to the Prophecy Summit, please believe when Yeshua-Jesus said: This generation will not pass away … determined by science and matching a divine given Hebrew holiday structure embedded with HANS is 2017 max. Those surviving the prophesied Apocalypse will soon see the birth of God’s Kingdom on earth appearing on 28 September 2015*



SBX HAARP Prevents Snowpack in Sierras, PROOF, on (12-03-2014)

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