Pearl #279 -

Babushka Egg Concept Book Prophecy Summation

Redemption of the Earth – 121st Jubilee
Rosh Hashanah 5778-5779 / 21 September 2017-2018

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A Jonah-II, like in ancient times, was appointed to warn a 21st Century Civilization that the time had arrived to fulfill hundreds of prophecies ON THAT DAY, which was recorded seventy (70) times by four prophets in the Torah-Bible. That warning came with a projected date from decoding Daniel and Revelation and linked to true science. By applying hi-technology not preached in church, it is collected in 14 Babushka Egg Concept Books and many Pearls, ignored, outlawed and banned by everyone, to prove that God’s Wrath will become reality next year.

It preoccupied this old Christian scientist driving him to keep diving into the Bible ocean to find more pearls, only to discover historic facts not allowed in atheistic universities or Christian churches, and ignored in Prophecy Summits. It was exciting, the best time of my life, or how Peter collected his last catch of 153 fish after the resurrection of Yeshua. (John 21) It was a unique experience for me among 7 billion people living in this century as some were appointed to warn a New World Order what was embedded in the Bible all along. As a professional scientist-inventor, I wrote my first Babushka book 12 years ago published in 4 languages: English, Spanish, German, Arabic. For the first time in modern time the prophesied Apocalypse was dated but forbidden in every church. Most theologians are scantily educated in science, thus they assumed mistranslations of the Bible expressed in many false denominational dogmas generally known, “No one knows the time?”

They might be right. Only the Owner of the universe can change his schedule like at Nineveh. Sodom and Gomorrah did not get Grace to repent. Thus, watch the signs mentioned in Matt. 25-26 now visible as documented on YouTube videos by young people not brain-dead. Perhaps, if you are inclined, please examine evidence from an unforgiving nature able to convince a skeptic.  

Thus, being a scientist and investigating the first pages of the Torah-Bible, I related them to historic facts and developed a World Cuckoo Clock, a graphic model expanded to 7000 Hebrew-year calendar. An embedded Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) was helpful dividing the Bible time dimension into Hebrew Ages to function like a German clock that can project when the Cuckoo will appear. Investigating it from a science perspective, I was able to construct a number of dating tables in the First Babushka Egg Concept Book, (page 489) defined as a Chet-Age (8) and noticed that all of Daniel’s dates (7x70) = 490 year cycles ended with a number (8) = Chet.

That graphic cuckoo clock was oddly illustrated in ancient mystery stone-bronze-gold clocks found in global museums. I later discovered how the Torah-Bible evening-morning of Genesis 1:5 works, as explained in Babushka Book #3. It was totally ignored by Christian Prophecy Summit experts not educated in science, which was recently updated slightly with the invention of YouTube - now exposing Bible Truth in graphic videos. But struggling with new information puts one in the same boat because everyone was also deceived being ignorant. They did not know that for 100 years only fake science was taught in every school or seminary, which suppressed accumulated knowledge in physics embedded in nature I still remembered as a kid. Worldwide, the “experts” denied the existence of metaphysic science mirror imaged in physics, thus they falsified world history, and worse, corrupted most Christian Churches due to many dishonest pastors loving money more. They believed Satan’s lies and taught denominational false Bible dogmas in every church, which had consequences. If you are educated in true science, you will understand it.   

The penalty of a fractured American Church, no longer being salt in society, caused our civilization to slide fast toward totally absolute evil, incurring God’s Wrath. They make him repeat a Judgment like Noah’s, or Sodom and Gomorrah, everyone has heard about, thus they will not have an excuse. Christian leadership around the globe should not have rejected a Bible centered interpretation from a science perspective that exposed their faulty 3½ or 7 year Apocalypse theory with Yeshua’s return to earth not matching prophecy guessing a gap of 2000 years. They should have used Yeshua’s resurrection date that started the Jod-dimension (35AD). Or tell which calendar was used in Bible prophecy. We have five (5) left over from ancient times due to an exponential declining earth axis wobble still ignored around the world. The atheistic establishment can only guess historic dates like 2BC, 4BC, 6BC blinded by NASA deceptive satellites lies and landing on the moon made in a Hollywood studio to keep you misinformed, or check a changed Hebrew calendar. (Pearl #276)

A small group of Lucifer’s psychopath Illuminati NYC bankers suppressed true knowledge worldwide to govern in a shadow government referred to as a New World Order.  They funded huge grants, financed every global war to continually destroy nations, cultures and the Christian religion for the benefit of global military-industrial-complex. Thus, massive conflicts became the incentive to totally destroy this planet now with hi-technology. They paid off most theologians, corrupted officials of every government, and financed terrorists to depose democracies with the aim of uniting everybody into a worldwide Chrislam religion controlled by the New World Order. They enslaved and victimized the world’s population into poverty causing massive extinction by using forbidden GMO, Trans-gene-technology, not caring for the next generation of mankind. To achieve their 100-year goal, they murdered billions, eliminated cultures by genocide and caused millions of refugees mixing the cultures of mankind. But notice the consequences of violating Kosmos Law.

Once more the Creator ELOHIM will stop mankind’s evil with God’s Wrath like Sodom and Gomorrah, but this time Satan will be cast to earth and bound in the nether-prison, which will start Yeshua’s promised Kingdom to continue Mankind to experience a 1000-year Sabbath rest. A future generation will ask, “What was it like before the world population was judged again when 90% prophesied perished without a boat like Noah. It’s not easy to sum-up what this scientist-inventor learned, being mortal and subject to deception enforced by a New World Order so totally evil and out of control. The Christian Church has ignored God’s Warnings: they will perish together repeating an event like Noah’s rebellious relatives not saved in a boat. The Torah-Bible taught me the final Endtime scenario forbidden in church now compared it with true science to be an extra witness before the Judgment Throne everyone must appear to be evaluated for a future outcome.

To prove a future Apocalypse with a date, the Creator ELOHIM selected someone special who experienced suffering and survived a great war disaster to start the journey as Jonah-II. That man subsisted as a starving 17-old refugee boy after WW-II, behind the Iron Curtain, finally escaping to the West.  Missing years of schooling, he was only educated to an 8th grade level and then trained for 3 years in the craft of instrument making. Luckily he was not able to continue his education to a university level being programmed in deception, barely surviving the worldwide turmoil and evil destruction of Europe; he miraculously endured numerous death encounters. It was his destiny to be an inventor ending with a multi-million dollar corporation to retire on a vineyard in California. As a lifelong Christian from poverty to moderate riches, he gained many up and down life experiences, thus he was chosen to date the Apocalypse, of the coming storm, though not skilled in writing.

Dating prophecy described in the Heh heaven dimension is difficult. It has different clocks, as on earth. Yeshua said, “I will come back within one generation (70 Hebrew years) to rule worldwide as the prophesied King of Kings.” But he meant from when Israel became a nation again – following a different clock. Thus dating “Time” is similar to a tombstone that has two engraved birthdates both are unknown not controlled by our mortality. My parents gave birth to a boy, appointed before the world was made as stated on the first page of the Torah-Bible, “Let us make Herbert in our image.” That is a special new creation I am sure.

In Germany, Black Forest people sell many cuckoo clocks with elaborate designs, like the Prague City tower clock where 12 saints rotate to church bells showing their skills like a baker, shoemaker and one is an instrument maker, proving what I postulated in Babushka Eggs to widen knowledge horizons. Why ignore Babushka egg discoveries now documented by YouTube videos, seeing our civilization’s history repeated once more. We will surely perish next year like the sinking Titanic. Why not get a life insurance policy valid for the other tombstone date to have assurance for the worst day of our life? It is simple. The good or bad deeds of all our past Life were forgiven by Yeshua. But the last “intent” will determine eternity for us as recorded forever in the Books of Books. Thus, the spiritual intent for good or evil is rewarded or judged as Time is frozen, no longer exists. The Balance will decide Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death. The Lucifer NYC banking cartel controlling the New World Order is the last sign forcing the demise of Western Civilization to be exchanged by a divine Kingdom on Earth ruled by Yeshua – Jesus, King of Kings as prophesied!

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