Pearl #294 -

Estimating the Return of Yeshua 5781 (2019)?

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Babushka eggs in Pearl #276 asked which one of seven (7) calendars is correct when even the Gregorian calendar is fake science. The Elohim appointed this time a scientist-inventor under a penname Jonah-II to announce the Apocalypse birth pangs (2008-2015). But previewing back overlooked that the 7000-yr. Hebrew calendar was adjusted ten years ago by 35 years in Babushka egg #1, page 489 dating 24 May 2018. The schedule of the return of Yeshua has not changed but should have looked ahead to distinguish that 6000 Hebrew years have elapsed with the Yeshua’s Kingdom still at the front door. It will end with Two (2) Witnesses from heaven to battle against demons of the New World Order controlled by Satan as the outcome is assured to end absolute Evil of the 21st Century to perish in fire like Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Mankind and most of nature are endangered by high technology. Once more an evil society ventured in forbidden “Transgenetic” changing the embedded divine Elohim Breath to an abomination. Even the global food supply was genetically modified and perverted with many patents of GMO cloning, all for obscene money. Thus the environment is utterly screwed up causing massive extinction of all Life forms with a price tag attached from the creator YHWH. He will repeat a historical world judgment that totally destroyed the first Noah’s Atlantis civilization in 2288 BC, analyzing God’s Wrath.  

Investigating various calendars based on fake science, I concluded that dating the Apocalypse should start from the Hebrew Temple destruction in 70 AD to Jacob's Trouble 2019 AD, which is 1949 years. A Julius Caesar calendar dated solstice of 360 days is now postulated longer by 5.24 days @ 365.24. If we do the math (5.24x1949/365.24 = 27.9 yr.) and if assumed 50% exponentially longer days will get 3.5 -7 years (35-27.9=7.0 yr. x 50% = 3.5 yr.). Perhaps God’s Judgment is extended to give mankind more grace, a stay of execution waiting for absolute Evil to nuclear destroy His earth. A corrupted Christian Church disregarded the many Apocalypse true science warnings matching Matthew 24 and ignored an adjusted date, 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016). Therefore, the Messiah’s return could be extended by 3.5-7 yr. harmonizing to future Passover holidays of Israel’s 2nd Exodus. It will terminate the Illuminati banker world power by crowning Yeshua-Jesus as King of Kings in Jerusalem commenced by a new Shekinah Covenant to divinely govern worldwide a new society projected maybe to Rosh Hashanah 5782 (Sept. 19, 2020).   

To calculate another math witness: 6000 yr. x 4 seasons divided by 19.047 Hebrew calendar moon cycles is equal to 1260 days. The same 3.5 yr. is stated in heaven (Rev. 11:2-14) and extended on earth. (Dan. 12:7) It prophesied the desolated abomination as Satan’s last deception. Maybe read Babushka Pearl #174, 226, Dummies Lesson #32 moving the prophecy World Clock to 12 o’clock now amended to the probable return time of Yeshua - 5781.

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