Pearl #267 -

A Winter Solstice 2015 Calendar Correction

(Continued from Pearl #264)

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The Gregorian winter solstice, so important to mankind, is controlled outside the earth by fundamental cosmic laws. Mortals can only measure time by a calendar when the earth has a tilt angle. A hot sun turning has no marker to date the passage of time. But the tilted earth axis taken for granted was not always there in history.

Let’s investigate the past and visit museums to discover many science facts suppressed in every university around the world. The ancient Bible recorded a worldwide flood in Noah’s time created by an asteroid strike dated 5 February 2287 BC on Caesar’s calendar. It caused up to (5) five earth axis wobbles proven by turning back a Planetarium sky veri­fied in a revolving constellation sky. The last wobble finally fizzed out recently on 21 December 2012. It is confirmed with NASA computers using G.R.A.C.E satellites.     

Historically, only the Bible taught an overview of an exponen­tially declining ancient earth-axis wobble, which started 4300 years ago and only recently at rest at the 23.5° degree now measured by science. But a moving 100-year-long “vertical” wobble in ancient times needed a calendar bridge when no measurements were possible to determine a solstice. When this wobble caused the days to be shorter, it created a mini ice age with a corresponding fluctuating population reduction shown in tree rings and the history of many cultures.

Thus, mankind needed to invent various clocks, some made from gold and others from bronze or stone some­times consisting of huge, monumental outdoor building structures in many countries. They all were designed to bridge over a certain time when a moving earth-axis wobble crossed the vertical when no solstice could be observed.

It eventually disturbed gravity a little too, affecting the moon velocity by two days in one month. Universities controlled by atheists will not decipher and explain these clocks, but this German scientist did so when challenged by the many mysteries in science.

I have published (14) free Babushka eggs concept books on the web. The Babushka Egg #3, a book of 350 pages, gives many ancient clock examples from museums around the world with a historic background explaining why mankind had to build these unusually designed clocks linked to very old muffled history. 

Why is it still suppressed in global universities having computer tools available? They still believe in ridiculous, unscientific evolution religion enforcing old brain-dead fairy tales in public schools exchanged for a true Bible history. Computers controlling artificial Intelligence, DNA codes and Genes should open a Mind to know the difference: what is religion and what is true science?  It is obvious that the global university establishment is suppressing “free” infinite energy now confirmed on a free web. Why avoid decoding these ancient clocks? It could re-establish a forbidden Bible thrown out from the classroom and the global public square.

For example, the famous Anti­kythera clock was fished out of the ocean a hundred years ago. It looks like a calculator 2400 years old with a 32-bronze-gear clock mechanism. Why was it not deciphered? What does it measure? Check Babushka Egg #3 free on the web, if you are interested.

However, it got more interesting as ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums expanded and opened up prophecy future dating in the Torah-Revelation Bible. It extended greatly my science horizons and recently revealed that the Jewish calendar was screwed up, trailing the moon system. It shocked me. It caused Jonah-II to miscalculated 17 September 2015 but not changed the Warnings to our civilization going in the wrong direction.

Theologians in particular expressing Schadenfreude should watch some videos why a seven-year Apocalypse is not found in the Bible rather consider why a specific projected date was even missed by professional prophecy TV millionaires. In my case I examined the total 7000 Bible year spectrum, which is 2,520,000 days divided in (5) five calendars still used in our civilization.  This Jonah-II is also a professional clockmaker using calendar clock gears, which must fit prophecy calculated to one day. Now I discovered that I used a faulty Hebrew calendar and so must correct my projected dates by one year. The apparent reason: multiplying exponentially complex math fraction required big computers. It was impossible to calculate on my cheap calculator.    

To have a viable date of an exponential declining earth axis can only be revealed by divine intuition rejected by universities. It could be verified by those who are still educated the old-fashioned way avoiding denominational faulty doctrines biased since the Middle Age not matching the Bible.

Why do modern universities not help controlling massive computers to unify (5) five calendars still used in our civilization? Asking how it is possible to project any date of the Apocalypse acceptable to anyone could not find one agreeable experts or theologian to help a Jonah-II. He collected historic events in museums and verified it in the oldest book on earth - the Bible. Why is it suppressed? Why ignore what is published on a free Web and still teach fairytales dressed as science? Check the video reference in Pearl #266.

Living in the Age of Deception everything in science is colored with an evolution religion, which is saturated with unscientific lies. That makes it impossible for any Mind to think in logic being blinded to how physics operates, linked to the metaphysics. That is why Christian theologians rejected a projected Apocalypse date. Looking closer, expecting God’s Wrath next year, why is an almanac system of (5) five calendars still not synchronized in global university computers compulsory prevented by NYC Illuminati bankers?

They enforce an evolution religion to replace a 6000-year-old Bible history. Evil to the core, they believed that the global popula­tion could be enslaved being brainwashed in atheism if started in kindergarten. Thus, any religion - especially Christianity, must be strictly separated to make everyone political correct. Not everyone of course will submit, there are some who love Truth and what the ELOHIM has created for the benefit of mankind. My love is to discover true science.

Checking a historic Enoch-Genesis calendar embedded in the Great Pyramid in Giza, it matches the Torah records, which can be linked to the Aztec calendar counting seven years in one solstice cycle. But it requires 14, turned twice around the sun because the earth-axis at that time was horizontal, not yet moved to the fizzed out angle 23.5°. It could widen knowledge horizons.

Previously, I discovered the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) with an embedded a seven-cycle system matching the creation report in Genesis. But checking how nature behaves, I found out that the ancient calendars have a double seven-year cycle system of 14 years embedded. That system is also dupli­cated in Yeshua’s 14-cycle genealogy described in the Gospels, all the way to Adam and Eve.

Why are there (14) fourteen stations for tourists in Jerusalem going up to Golgotha? There must be a reason in science, as even my Russian Babushka reached the limit with 14 smaller Eggs. Now to find out that even the Hebrew Calendar cannot be trusted either. Hebrew scientist scholars tried to correct their calendar every 19 years to divide the 13 moon cycles in one year to be synchronized with solstice of a Gregorian calendar.

But this German scientist will use a much better system to correct the Hebrew calendar. Previously trusting ignorant Hebrew theologians without verifying it in science, what they published caused me to misdate the Apocalypse due to a screwed up Hebrew calendar. Big mistake. 

The conventional Hebrew calendar divides moon cycles of 19 years by adding an extra month (Adar) of 30 days every three years. But if you lived on a farm, you would soon find out that harvest seasons do not really change that much from year to year. It should be a sign that something is wrong when harvest period cycles do not synchronize with nature along Jewish festivals given by Moses. Thinking logically, a wheat harvest linked to festivals as recorded in the Bible will not change every year up to 30 days or four weeks as dated by contemporary Hebrew calendar to the next year.

Inserting a second Adar month added every three years confused the Hebrew festivals, no longer synchronized with nature. They should have used a better Hebrew cycle system which is embedded everywhere like in the Torah linked to Shemitah (7) seven cycles or read the first page in Genesis - seven days. It derailed the dating logic of Babushka concepts, too. A clock­maker looks at gears, which must mesh to a day, or his projection will be wrong misdated 17 September 2015, a big relief for Christians still sleeping lulled in by Schadenfreude.

Here is my biggest blockage. The traditional Hebrew calendar starts in 3761 BC, which is wrong.  Some more educated rabbis date it by 120 Jubilees in 2015-2016 and counted back (120x50) 6000 years to Adam or 4004 BC. However, in 54 BC Julius Caesar corrected the Roman calendar by 62 days, which is the result of back wobbles, days missing left over from 365 days.

Most ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums, or the Prague church-tower clock, show a smaller dial inside the bigger dial as both dials indicate the earth wobble. The smaller dial is measuring a counter clockwise wobble (62 days Julius Caesar found) getting smaller to end at 21 December 2012. In Caesar’s 54 BC time, the calendar had a 300-day solstice, December means the 10th month.

Worldwide, not a single university postulates a historic earth axis wobble avoiding ancient clocks in museums, yet all show a smaller dial inside a bigger – WHY? They behave like the small pointer to the big pointer in a cuckoo clock. When the solstice years got bigger across 4300 years, we should ask, “What about the moon?” It was not hit with a large asteroid but only affected by gravity, maybe just changed 2 days in a month. We measure today 28.5 days to a fixed earth axis at rest 30.5 days just average not counting fractions. If the solstice year in ancient times was shorter, how would it affect the moon since Adam?  

Moses lived about 1400 BC in line to the Aztec culture, which had 7-year cycles of 260 days in one solstice? How many moon cycles would that be if not changed? Julius Caesar inserted two moons in his calendar which expanded by an earth-wobble still active stretched to 13 moons in 21 December 2015 Jewish scholars have a problem with.  More is explained in Babushka Egg #3 - page 109. No wonder the Tetra Blood Moon is hushed?

You see, a flexible wobble will screw up any calendar unless we use some computers not possible controlled by atheists. To accept that would make the Bible all along trustworthy to be restored to the American Constitution. Getting worse is that Moses instituted sowing-harvest festivals dedicated to ELOHIM is now out of synchroni­zation by 30 days when a second Adar month is inserted in a given year?

Since the Hebrew calendar changes from one year to the other, how can anyone find a correct Apocalypse date? This screwed up Hebrew calendar was used in my previous Babushka books. The result was Schadenfreude and a missed year date - 5775 now linked next to 5776. But it is not over yet start counting from a winter solstice 2015. Expect a total collapse of our civilization.

That means the Hebrew year calendar and Gregorian calendar do not exactly correlate and need adjustment by dividing moon cycles to match a little better the natural cycles taught in true physics. A previous declining earth axis wobble could be the reason calculating a Hebrew calendar, which has 243 years missing all the way to Adam 4004 BC. (4004+2015-5776=243)

Much of the evolution religion was modified in unscien­tific theories only to pervert true science to make a global popula­tion compliant to a New World Oder. To entertain occasional the public on a global controlled TV NEWS (9-11-15) showed recently some fossilized bones again. That was funny for my grandkids and got the giggles watching a graphic illustration made into a monkey face advertised again as a great discovery. It was meant to keep the masses brain-dead still adding fabricated lies once more next to a Lucy fraud.  Those who want to stay free of enforced brain-wash-technique against your will and religion will have a difficult time risking jobs and security. How can any­one even to attempt to date any­thing according to knowledge discipline going counter the university system being paid off with lucrative grants from the Illuminati NYC bankers. Every global calendar used in universities is screwed up, not matching the many ancient gold-bronze clocks in museums only collecting dust. No one will touch or encode them because that would prove the Bible to be right. Check BB #3 to have fun. 

To establish a Jewish calendar, Moses (1400 BC) intro­duced festivals linked to harvest celebrations recorded in the Torah. That is not allowed today in this Age of Deception of suppressed Bible knowledge pointing to totally “free energy” embedded in gravity. Worse, the establishment implanted speculation lies everywhere. That will make it very difficult for honest scientist to define science linked to many Newton’s laws, why does the NYC Illuminati banking establishment suppress 50% of his writings? No wonder science degenerated to atheistic evolution fairytales.

A silenced misdated Jonah-II Warning has not changed which was directed to the 21st Century Civilization no longer teaching Truth to their children and burned the Bibles in the Public Square like Hitler did. Not having repented this old-fashioned scientist collected knowledge of hundreds of science invention, (Pearl #233) which demonstrated that modern technology became absolute totally Evil violating an ELOHIM covenant made with mankind. Noah as a witness of God’s Wrath in 2288 BC ratified a contract to safeguard seeds for future mankind.  

Be alerted. In a very short time we will witness the greatest worldwide disaster to affect the disap­pearance of the food chain. It has already started in South America Venezuela and Africa where empty shelves and food fight riots according to Newton’s law which are caused international by powerful Monsanto brother­hood cartels. They screwed up the whole FOODCHAIN with GMO, vegetables, animals and fish-shrimp nothing was forgotten to be assaulted.

Pay attention and learn from DNA science when Genes are damaged and inserted into another specie bypassing the protection policeman system will permanently alter a GENE CODE to reproduce the original cell intelligence therefore will irreversible DIE and become extinct. It already has started worldwide massive starvation. Recently I bought some seeds for my garden to check how bad it is, no longer germinating proving my projection seven years ago stated in my published Babushka Egg concept book BB #4 - GMO Exposed.  Buy your own seeds and check it out will witness what mystified confused farmers now have reached the point and do not reproduce anymore!

The public does not know why every fruit has a number label added to charge for patent laws enforced by the cartels corrupted to the core. To make patent fees compulsory, they inserted terminator genes in GMO to make obscene profits.

It does not take a rocket scientist to find out that billions will starve to death in the near future now warned by Jonah-II and many qualified honest persecuted scientists. A divine covenant has been broken. Watch once more God’s Wrath. It surely will soon get your attention, or check California in the fourth year manmade drought caused by HAARP affecting the global food production by massive extinction demonstrated in nature.

Worse, it has been silenced on the controlled public TV. Only the web shows millions of dead fish piling on its beaches, a red ocean tide of billions dead critters washed up. Why does the Oil-cartel spray globally deadly detergent from airplanes to hide oil-spills around their wells? Australia’s beaches show 10ft high foam snuffing out all Life in vast corral nurseries. Why does Japan still spill highly radioactive water in the ocean measured by massive dead fish in California? Highway traffic was stopped as a thousand dead birds fell from the sky, all ignored by a comatose public not caring. They only want to be entertained to watch a political circus of a president selection once again chosen by NYC Illuminati Bankers applying the same techniques Hitler used. You think your vote count? Do you hear their laughter?



The second Babushka egg book Mystery of Tammuz 17 written 10 years ago, summed once more and found it is still correct but needed to change to the next Hebrew year 5776 date, which is off-set to the Gregorian calendar. All events still seemed to match 2016 having arrived starting after the last Tetra Four Blood Moon and sun-eclipse big time Warnings now many are disappointed.

Babushka concepts postulated like clock gears must match dating the Apocalypse from a science perspective. Watching now, the worldwide web is a little quieter as Bible prophecy faded after the many warning signs in the sky. Only Babushka science projection facts are not yet obsoleted still matching calendars linked to God’s Wrath, a coming asteroid Dactyl after Solstice 2015, which will match corrected Hebrew holidays. Remember – if a prophet makes only "One" mistake, he will no longer be trusted telling a future date. Why not use NASA computers to correlate all the historically calendars to make dating prophecy agreeable?

A true prophet must be alerted to check out the dating tool if based on deception taught in many universities, how could he date anything? Now discovered so late and found out what this Jonah-II postulated was off by "one" year because he used an unscientific deceitful Hebrew calendar. That would shift some dated Hebrew holidays and misplace prophecy projections not synchronized with calendars creating the big Schadenfreude.

Please check what has been corrected in the Pearl #264 as knowledge comes in little bites. I do not mind having egg or rotten tomatoes on my face, but let’s check once more 5776 to find out, why a previous projected date was screwed up not matching the holiday Hebrew structure Moses had instituted?

We said clocks must fit to a day or, if missed one day – could not be a prophet. But if a modern accepted calendar in universities is screwed up and dating is ignored in churches, how can anyone even attempt to encode prophecy?

 Where do we start and put a stake in the ground explained ten years ago in my Babushka Egg #2 - Mystery of Tammuz 17. Check it out why did a clockmaker use (5) five stakes like gears to date the Apocalypse trusting an unscientific Hebrew calendar dating Jewish holidays, which are seasons to honor a holy God?

Recently, I started a YouTube video, but making many mistakes not having the tools and skill needed. It created a lot of nervous tension for me when the camera died for no reasons the third time in the middle of a big punch. Just to find out later that the video interruption made sense, as God would not allow falsified information on Herbert’s web. It revealed a faulty Hebrew calendar not matching prophecy now correcting my mistake. Proving that a divine bond is still connected to endure warnings?

After the (4) four Tetra Blood Moon “Warning” passed, the atheistic world went back to sleep, perhaps to terminate hundreds of Doomsday Videos on the Web being obsoleted. Only the Babushka egg science-Bible concepts are left over reduced to a single Warning voice dating God's Wrath to appear after the winter solstice 2015.

Most Christian Churches and TV programs do not declare that the ELOHIM judgment is on the way repeating history like Sodom and Gomorrah. Only two events have not started (dated September 23, 2015) Satan appearing and the two witnesses. One witness need 180 days consequently how is prophecy linked to a corrected calendar to sort it out.

We have two Choices:

  1. Use all (14) Babushka egg book calendar as is, but change the year to 5778 – most events still would match.

  2. Correct the Hebrew holiday dates sequence, but count after 2015 Solstice (Gregorian) and apply the Hebrew Holidays as stated for 2016 on the Web. They still are wrong; however God’s Wrath events must ultimately match Jesus prediction which is the Law of a Kosmos dated historically on earth by a UN vote plus 70 years = 1 Tishri 5777 now 2016-5776. The Bible prophecy reveals only two events are left over to finalize God’s Wrath now with a corrected calendar date we can trust.  

Not yet seen are two witnesses, as 42 months in heaven, which is 180 days on an earth. Counting 180 earth days from solstice perspective (21 December 2015) will conclude on 21 June 2016, but now dated on a corrected Gregorian calendar to 4-5 June 2016.  It ends the 120th Jubilee one way another counting back 17 days, which means - Victory.

Satan will be thrown out of heaven and appear on earth, which must match 9 Av 5776 or 13 August 2016,  (150 days in heaven is 21 days on an earth clock).  Satan will morph into the Daleth dimension become visible only 21 days.  My previous dating error was when I counted backwards from 2015 Winter Solstice now will change a date counting forwards. It will also question the Jubilee to be around 4 June linked to the recent Jerusalem liberation date of 1967? Logically, it would make more sense to use a corrected green booth holiday SUKKOT 16 October 2016. Historically, the Hebrew date 1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016) always crowned a King. Watch the sky Yeshua-Jesus coming in great extraordinary power with his army to establish his Kingdom on Earth ending an evil atheistic civilization to continue mankind.

Memorializing the 9 Av temple destruction date that could fall on (13 August +51 days =) 1 Tishri, which is permanently putting Satan in prison projected 3October 2016-5777 ending in God’s Wrath. By adding 20 Jubilees next year will complete the cycle (140 x 50=) of 7000 years ending mankind on this earth and starting the Jod dimension without clocks.

Watch the corrected date 29 November 1947+70 = 5777 with November 2016, which harmonizes with Yeshua-Jesus projection linked to the Ophiuchus 13th constellation that “ONE Generation” will match the Hebrew year date 5777. That is the “only” absolute stake in the ground dating the return of Yeshua ignored by theologians!

I pick 9 Av for the Wrath of Satan, allowing only 21 days of being very angry, followed by demon possession. (Rev. 9) It is the last Satan-controlled period and will end with an asteroid, perhaps as described in the Dactyl Pearl #261, and depending on which corrected calendar is used, linked to 10 days before 1 Tishri 5777.

The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, like the Pope, spoke to the UN on 1 October 2015. In the middle of his speech caused  45-second long deafening silence. It became a  historic moment after recollecting countless passed UN resolutions of false and hateful accusations against the State of Israel. During the silence not a single voice was heard protesting or standing with Israel, the last democracy in a failing vortex of Islamic destruction causing worldwide massive death and violence linked to millions refugees. 

Thus they all approved the death of tiny ISRAEL as a nation. Why was the majority interest of the American people  not represented in that United Nation meeting by officils of the US government not in attendance? America was absent being politically in confusion once more repeating history when they allowed an Islamic Trojan Horse in the White House destroying America from within.

Netanyahu warned the World Council not to forget that Israel was 4000 years old and survived the Babylonian, Greek and Roman empires. Israel is on the forefront of high-technology, which has benefited the global economy greatly and will once more endure, pledged by devine promise.

Yet the Israelites will be like the sand on the seashore, which cannot be measured or counted. In the place where it was said to them, "You are not my people,’ they will be called ‘children of the living God." (Hosea 1:10-11 NIV) 

My Bible Babushka Egg Book #11 The Elohim Jod Supreme Court, noticed an half hour silence in heaven too (Rev. 8:1) linked to the Seventh Seal, which now has sealed officially the Wrath of God being adopted radified by the United Nations General Assembly. 

Watch after Winter Solstice 2015 to witness:

We have made a covenant with death and signed in Hell an agreement...and made lies our refuge and in falsehood we have taken shelter, therefore thus says the Lord God… (Isaiah 28:9-29 NRSV)


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