Pearl #300: Part 2 -

The Plan of Mankind


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Worldwide the present atheistic generation does not realize that they are targeted with deception of fake science aimed to displace Truth.  To confuse theologians, Satan removed some ancient (apocrypha) scrolls now missing from the (70) Torah-Bible books. Thus, everyone became ignorant of the greatest Apocalypse warnings to once more end a hi-tech civilization. However the last 70th Torah-Bible book will be written during Yeshua’s Kingdom in the original language (like Tanakh in Berishit-B) as everybody will be speaking Hebrew again reversing the Babel event. It will explain all the unanswerable questions of why Evil?

The first language of Mankind was designed with an extraordinary multi-dimensional Mind structured with intelligence to communicate to the Creator. The Daleth-earth dimension is ice crystal domed to control physical and metaphysical laws related to a Hebrew Alphabet code using a base (7) seven math system. Thus, the Plan of Mankind is linked to a 6000+1000=7000yr. Hebrew calendar based on (7) seven time cycles of creation linked to divine law. It was reduced for mortals to Ten (10) Commandments to control Evil infecting mankind. For example, the fourth command (Daleth cycle) – You shall keep the Sabbath Day holy (Ex. 20:8) was meant to improve life. When agriculture land is given a Sabbath rest every seven years nature would revitalize fertility for a bigger harvest.

Mankind did not honor YHWH with a Sabbath thus Satan ruled 6000yrs the world system and murdered billions which caused Life to end premature. Possibly some mortals will get a second chance to live again during Yeshua’s 1000-year incubator Kingdom where Evil will be restricted illustrated in various Bible history events. Perhaps many resurrected Saints or prophets (Ezek. 37) could utilize “probation” and introduce again their previous culture in stages, or will witness once more an Ananias-Sapphira event not passing a probation test. (Acts 5:1)

Many murdered mortals will experience a mini-pre-resurrection that function like an incubator to control future Evil and was meant for a bigger population gifted to many with Eternal Life. Thus countless will be granted probation applying divine law for an expanding Jod Kosmos. All who have sinned will be evaluated before the White Throne. Therefore the divine law will terminate many mortals in the second death is now modified by the birth and death for a Messiah Yeshua. He atoned for Sin and substituted death with a gift of Eternal Life. But forgiveness for Eternal Life is only given once revealed by Yeshua teaching supreme Truth and ruling the earth as King of Kings.

Atheists will rejoice that their computer intelligence has replaced God, not realizing it is used by Satan for the greatest deception: a direct outlet to advise them for total war to end Mankind. Thus, Death and Evil invented by Satan is judged to self-destruct, and start the event. (Ezek. 7:5-27) Hallelujah, a New Earth-Heaven, praise YHWH! )

Why a Mini-Pre-Resurrection?

To recap, many mortals prematurely died during this Daleth earth dimension of Satan’s 6000-year rule, thus some are undeserved given probation for a missed chance of Mercy unto Life? It will prove how divine law works during Yeshua’s Kingdom, as some were granted Justice in probation to learn how Evil is restricted in a future Kosmos. Only Adam’s offspring may get a second chance at the White Throne Grand Resurrection, which is part of a continued selection 7000 years. Mortals who became evil are divided to those who received Life with some unique people appointed for a 1000-year Sainthood University.  Saints are specially trained in righteousness and how to govern a Kosmos (1 Thess. 4:15) thus invited to his palace of the Golden City (Star of Bethlehem). Perhaps those who Satan premature murdered were given Probation in Mercy unto Life settled by mini-resurrection. Therefore Yeshua’s Kingdom is like an incubator linked to unusual harvest to separate the chaff from the wheat. Many are granted probation like the ten virgins (Matt. 25:1) but only 50% will pass the oil lamp probation test for the celestial Jod dimension defiled by Sin to die again according to the cosmic law. Some will not pass the test like professing Christians trying to buy Grace or honored position. (Acts. 5)

Thus, redemption begins midpoint centered in Time embedded in the Plan for Mankind. It focuses on Yeshua-Jesus being shrouded in mortality to atone for the Evil violating YHWH’s creation governed by divine absolute laws. He allowed evil mortals to horribly torture his human body. Nailed on a cross, His last spoken words, Forgive them; they do not know what they do, directed to divine purpose, today you will be in my kingdom. Satan did not succeed to take Yeshua’s life, which is impossible as the giver of all Life shouted, IT IS DONE!

His death was confirmed by Roman soldiers lancing his heart fearing a merciless system. The whole town of Jerusalem was stirred by an unheard Resurrection of a labeled “King of the Jews” stated over the cross by Pilate. But the biggest surprise proven in science is the evidence of a strange Resurrection in an empty hollow mummy shell.

Pontius Pilate and the Jewish Senate were perplexed how a guarded dead body disappeared from a solid resin shell without showing any fractures. Wealthy influential Joseph and Nicodemus of the Sanhedrin donated 100 lb. of expensive material for a solid mummy case leaving only a small face hole for identification. (John 19:38) They desired to preserve the greatest teaching ever practiced in Israel. But YHWH made it known that His First Resurrection is remembered throughout history and is the center of a new Jod Dimension where absolute Evil is judged forever restoring the Kosmos to balance. (Rev. 11:15)

Everyone will arrive on the same crossroad, but follow the small path to the Promised Land. Like a Beth-coin, a loving Creator who knows your name and invited you to have fellowship in His Golden City. Make a wise choice and listen to what the Infinite YHWH revealed as most of us will soon perish in a Divine Wrath, thus look for His Exit.

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