Pearl #300: Part 2 -

The Resurrection was Planned for Mankind


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The Curse of the Earth is lifted in Yeshua Kingdom

A Beth coin could unlock the Plan for Mankind, which centered the Christian faith on a divine Resurrection. It is a system to continue eternal Life after the old heaven and earth is re-melted in ∞ energy. Yeshua-Jesus revealed that His Resurrection is the birth of a Jod dimension that transformed Daleth death into (2) two stages similar to a caterpillar-butterfly cycle. Yeshua’s Kingdom starts with an inserted phase, a pre-mini-resurrection mystery. Cosmic Law does provide an option “probation” (2Tim. 3:1-9) mirrored linked to a Second Adamic race designed for the future newly created earth-heaven (Rev. 21) expanding to the Jod dimension. Maybe it was preordained for many murdered people coming back to earth to pass a test for Eternal Life matching a Bible history. Some died two times like Dorcas (Acts 9:36), Lazarus (John 11:1), dry bones (Ezek. 37) recorded in the Bible, or watch nature: caterpillar morphed to butterfly. For example, Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1) were judged immediately when they sinned against the Holy Spirit thus losing probation. But the other Beth coin side will focus on the very last word in the Bible - the Saints. Perhaps they are selectively appointed to a higher purpose. (Rev. 22:21)

The infinite Creator YHWH planned a new heaven-earth specially expanded. He stated, “Let us make mankind,” becoming visible as Yeshua-Jesus in the material Time Dimension unnoticed shrouded half divine-half human. Thus, an invisible Godhead was born mortal and divine in a transient Daleth creation. His creation is not finished yet, maybe he could fashion a future Third Bible Race when the unusual nature birth of Yeshua-Jesus is duplicated, highlighted with the last Bible word “Saints” much misunderstood. (Read Pearl #888)

From ancient times YHWH appointed forty (40) scribes to record the history of mankind in the Book of Books exhibited in the tundra museum of the Golden City. (Rev. 21:10) Next is displayed a large gold Urn filled with historic Golgotha dirt from of the old Jerusalem earth. It honors Yeshua’s salvation from Evil preserving Life for a Kosmos. The pennamed prophets mirror detailed various projections of the most important future Apocalypse. (Rev. 8:1-13) They foretold that a totally devastated earth will be restored, hence difficult for the survivors growing enough food in time. Only miracles will make it possible to stay alive like Israel experienced coming out from Egypt. Moses led millions of slaves into a dessert who could only be supported by miracles. Thus after the Apocalypse a remnant of Israel and mortal children are shepherded by the King Yeshua as overlaid with a Bible story when Israel found only bitter water. (Ex. 15:22) Today vast coral reefs are poisoned by nuclear radiation causing dead oceans. The bitter water was made drinkable bathed with leaves of the certain tree now useful in a future application to produce general restoration of nature. (Rev. 22:2) Bread from heaven manna described in Exod. 16:4 is linked to John 6:33, all expressing the future survival conditions of a prophesied shattered earth. (Isa. 24:1-13) But the sinful nature passed on to Adam’s children still exists, causing a Second Death by the Creator YHWH’s unchanging divine Kosmos Law.

The Resurrection was Planned only for Mankind

To recap, every human is judged at the White Throne dividing those who became evil from those receiving Eternal Life. Mankind was ruled 6000 years by a Lucifer Darkness-world-system-Kingdom from the first born murdered Abel reaching down to our time. Sadly, Satan massacred billions causing untimely Deaths for many. The dilemma of Evil will end in Yeshua’s 1000-year Kingdom designed for a bigger population to bequest many with Eternal Life. Adam and Eve were told they will be judged with the Second Death for sinning. Thus, divine Law was tailored by the birth and death of the Messiah Yeshua. He atoned for Sin and substituted death with a Gift of Eternal Life - only given once, to expand a Jod Kosmos. Perhaps countless murdered people could be given a second chance to experience a mini-pre-resurrection by applying probation of divine Law. Grace is given to live again in Yeshua’s Kingdom, which will serve like an incubator now severely restricted recessive Evil genes for 1000 years.

Thus, divine Law could apply probation to disadvantaged mortals who died during the 6000-year domain of Satan. Billions of mostly children missed a choice of Mercy unto Life thus could be mini-resurrected to live again until the Daleth dimension ends the mortal Life mystery. Co-resurrected are the Saints who are the Body of Christ, promoted to a higher level perhaps it is linked to a Third Bible Race? They are trained in righteousness to gain divine knowledge in enormous Sainthood Universities, destined to govern the future Jod Kosmos and fully restore the earth to its former splendor. (1Thes. 4:15) Yeshua’s Saint-disciples will perform equal miracles demonstrated in (John 11:1-44, Acts 9:36) like the resurrected prophet–saint Ezekiel was asked to speak to bones to see them raised back to life. (Ezek. 37:1).

Therefore, billions will be given probation thus mini-resurrected - supernaturally earth born again, uplifted by the divine Spirit (John 3:5, Acts 2:3) to reside in the Kingdom of Yeshua. They are predestined to restore the earth and rebuild in stages their former ancient cultures but then without Evil to reveal once more the Creator YHWH’s purpose.

Thus, some mortals born with a Sin-death sentence from Adam will get probation, explained by Yeshua with (10) ten virgins? (Matt. 25:1) But half will fail the Eternal Life probation oil test for the celestial Jod dimension. Many Christians will not pass probation; corrupted to sell grace or buy honored position similar to Ananias-Sapphira (Acts 5:1) or Simon Magus (Acts 8:18). It will always end in divine judgment like the Apocalypse next. Satan will lose the war in heaven and finally is cast to earth trying to destroy Mankind and the earth, deceiving again an atheistic New World Order system. Perhaps many are willing to accept Satan disguised in a computer Antichrist robot? (Ezek. 7:5-27)

Everyone will arrive at the same crossroad, but follow the small path to the Promised Land. Like a Beth-coin, the loving Creator knows your name and has invited you to fellowship in His Golden City. Choose wisely and listen to what the Infinite YHWH has revealed as most of us will soon perish in a Divine Wrath, so look for His Exit.   

The Golden City (Star of Beth-lehem) Rev. 21:9

A Beth coin-side could connect the dots of a divine Court of Law judging all mortals that have sinned with a Death sentence. The biggest event from space is an immense Golden City observed when Christ was born. YHWH-Yeshua created a Kosmos headquarters to display divine Law and history for an expanding Jod dimension. It is a portable space-city called the Bride of the Lamb and becomes the source of future great blessings traveling between X-planets. The Star of Bethlehem is radiant in intense ∞ light and like a monument-library adorned with (12) Pearl-gates of gold named after the tribes of Israel. The foundation commemorated twelve (12) NT Apostles linked to (12) twelve precious stones of luminous streets shining like the sun.  A tundra museum displayed prominently a large gold Urn filled with historic soil from Golgotha in the terminated-old-earth Jerusalem. It honors Yeshua’s salvation from Evil preserving Life for a Kosmos. The portable YHWH residence has no temple and is organized by eminent loyal Angels and the Saints as mentioned by Daniel & John. 

Thus, let’s investigate the special mini-pre-resurrected Saints set apart, trained to govern an expanding Jod dimension. Perhaps they could duplicate the Garden Eden event and copy an Adam-Eve born-system to colonize the universe existing with millions of X-planets now settled by chosen Saints, redeemed mortals and loyal angels. It could replicate Noah’s boat story transporting now in spaceship seeds and domestic animals. Feasibly some may desire to live as a Saint-couple like mirror imaged in nature queen-bees or queen-ants expanding a Kosmos echoed in Pearl #120. Yeshua’s Kingdom has graduated millions of both genders righteous Saints with special skills to manage a future Kosmos to honor and worship YHWH. New societies could be started in space similar to the first Israel kibbutz growing to nationhood on X-planets like Antares. Perhaps could repeat an inverse Babel history expanded with a newly created Third-Saint-Race. Thus, space travel could become popular with tourist vacation towns to entertain visitors duplicating Ezekiel’s pyramid-tower, centered for worship to honor the Creator. (Ezek. 40-45) Hence they are mini-pre-resurrected to gain experience to rule an Everlasting Kingdom in a new Jod earth-heaven. (Isa. 65:17, Rev. 21:1)

When Satan rebelled against the divine Laws and attacked the sacred honor of a Holy Creator, it caused “Sin” embedded in a placenta passed on to Adam’s race. Reconciling a fallen mankind became the major subject of God’s extraordinary plan to save many sinful mortals being judged with eternal Death. But a Beth mystery revealed Probation detailed in the Christian Faith, and why Elohim planned before creation to be born shrouded in human mortality on a lower Daleth Dimension. Therefore, the greatest creation story to mortals ended in salvation and introduced a choice: Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death offered to everybody to become his children. The Creator judged evil angels and invited his replacement to live in His amazing new Jod Dimension. Chose the best option or end in a Fire-Sea.

A Privileged Concession: the Mini-Pre-Resurrection Probation

Two Resurrections of mankind were prophesied within the temporal Daleth kingdom on earth kept hidden until the Endtime. A Grand Resurrection at the end of Time is not an event but rather a process to conclude mortality. When Evil infected Adam and Eve not passing the loyalty test, the Creator planned to restore and balance again the Kosmos. He inserted a mini-pre-resurrection for a special purpose. Because a timeless Grand Resurrection judging all mortals before a White Throne (Rev. 20:12) could end in a Second-death, Yeshua said: fear the one who has the power of the Second death. (Matt. 10:28, Rev. 20:6)

Yeshua told the story of the rich and poor man. (Luke 16:19) The rich is in Hell, and Lazarus on the good side predetermined to be evaluated before the White Throne. In history billions of mortals got murdered by Satan’s system like Islam, and died with life cut short. Hence some could be mini-pre-resurrected in Yeshua’s Kingdom for special purpose like “probation” (Ezek. 37:5, Act 5:1), so that one can choose eternal life as a second reality in the future Jod dimension society. The Kosmos creation plan is still a theological mystery because the Hebrew language is multidimensional: even letters will convey added information of the Creator’s spoken WORD. (John 1:14; Col. 1:15) Introducing Good and Evil revealed a mortal journey for Mankind governed by absolute Laws. Searching the Torah Genesis and ending with the Saints (Rev. 22:21) destined to become the replacement when Evil defiled cosmic Laws in Heh-heaven and Daleth-earth. Therefore, Evil is forever terminated in the temporary Time-Daleth dimension.

Every major historic event of Mankind is recorded in the Book of Books displayed in the Golden City described earlier. (Rev. 21:10) Mortal children will survive the beginning of Yeshua’s Kingdom only with help from the appointed Saints. (Rev. 6:9, 7:9) Having access to the Golden City, the Saints will gain special insights from the King of Kings, being tested on stubborn untaught mortal man. They will graduate to administer and oversee the celestial government to expand the newly regulated Jod dimension possible with a Third-Saint-Race. 

Again: during Satan’s control matching 6000-year history, countless children were murdered unable to make an informed choice for eternal Life. Some are appointed Heh-Saints, but many children are too young to sin and born from victimized families could be saved by probation from Adam’s eternal Death sentence. Thus innumerable persecuted mortals will be mini-pre-resurrected for a last chance to receive unearned Grace to discover that the Creator is righteous and loved me all along. Like two Beth coin sides, everyone needs to learn the result of Evil to discover the true realities of divine Love. They will be watchful. If a trace of Evil ever shows up, they will snuff it out in the bud. Hence, only a Beth coin pre-resurrection mystery makes sense when Yeshua’s Kingdom is started by Infinity-YHWH-Infinity.


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