Pearl #103 -

Two Fast Days: 17 Tammuz – 9 Av

Two Women: Beast System - Israel
Two Cities: New York - Jerusalem


Revelation Chapters 4, 12, 17, 18


In July 2015 Jews around the world will observe two specific fast days 20 days apart. These days will be terribly upsetting and filled with horrible sorrows. Only prayer and reading the Torah will bridge these sorrows to save life. Listen to what Jesus warned - especially if you live in Jerusalem and Israel.

The specific days I refer to are the fasts of Tammuz 17 and Av 9 in 5775 [2015]. These fast days are two of the most important time makers in history and prophecy. Their observance in 2015 will come around only once for the entire human race, coming at the end of 6,000 years of human history under Satan’s dominion as expressed in the historic-prophetic calendar shown in the 7,000-Year Table of Human History found in my Babushka books.

These two fast days mark the absolute center of the annual Jewish calendar of feast and fast days. They correspond to a time clock originally given to Moses and further revealed as history unfolded. They match three ancient clock-calendars (Mayan-Aztec, Hebrew, and Chinese) and our modern NASA/Gregorian calendar to a day. The 5775 Jewish holyday cycle or religious year will be the last one of the present age when all prophecy culminates in major historic time events. They are the two nails from which the hammock of history is suspended. They foreshadow the climax of Jacob’s Trouble, which will be planned to kill every Jew on the planet with a ferocity never ever seen in the history of the world. The Temple built near the Dome of the Rock in 2009 will be totally destroyed and disassembled screw by screw erased completely.

The attempt to wipe the Jewish people out of existence will kindle God’s final Wrath to interfere once more in the affairs of mankind like in Noah’s day. It will end the 4,300-year old civilization of our present age, which is suspended between two other civilizations: the first (Atlantis) civilization 4004 BC – 2287 BC from before Noah’s Flood and a new, millennial one that will last from 2018 to 3018. This will be the prophesied and promised Golden Age of God’s Kingdom on earth according to the 7,000-year history of humanity dated and adjusted to ancient clocks and corrected NASA calendar.

Those historic and prophecy hinge points are accurately dated to an exact hour. They were not arrived at using some rubber band historical guesswork such as used by historians or theologians, but a precisely calculated, scientific application of an old code overlaid to check the accuracy of the methods used. I refer to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) tied specifically to the hour with Jerusalem time.

This approach reveals for the first time a complete overview of human history according to the full Plan for Humanity coming on a schedule from God’s perspective. It is similar to a European transcontinental railroad has certain stations arriving to the minute. That system was never been postulated by theologians who have been mostly confused about prophecy for hundreds of years.

If you want to learn step-by-step what will happen during the 7-year Apocalypse read Mystery of Tammuz 17 a 500-page Babushka book available to down load free on the Internet or in book form translated into four languages. There you will notice the same date found four years ago from another system overlaid Daniel-John prophecy analysis, which aligned an Aztec-Greek Antikythera clock with identical dates that I deciphered in the meantime. That gives us two witnesses needed in any court of law to expose the truth.

Tammuz 17

The fast of Tammuz 17 is observed in the fourth month of every Jewish year and is the first fast of the religious year beginning on Nisan 1. It represents the epicenter of God’s Plan for Humanity. This fast day overlays the Apocalypse. Its historical cycles can be projected forward to determine a date to be matched with a prophetic event, provided that the historical analysis and prophetic projection accommodate the ancient wobble in our earth’s rotation. The axis wobble is also mentioned in the Genesis calendar, which was recently found in the Bible as well as the Aztec calendar for the second witness requirement. It is the fulcrum ending on December 21, 2012 to overlay with its counterpart from the Hebrew culture. The third witness needed is the [+one]code of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS).

I dedicated a whole book of 500 pages: Mystery of Tammuz 17 (July 15, 2015) expressing a chronological progression of what will happen during the seven (7) years of Daniel’s 70 th week. Prophecy is history written in advance. God revealed the prophetic details to two major players: Daniel representing the Old Testament and John for its New Testament continuation to end the Bible chronologically with the book of Revelation. The Apocalypse is THE fulcrum of God’s Plan for Humanity. It is truly history written in advance from God’s perspective as I have corrected to our NASA calendar.

Because there are so many details in determining the landscape of this future history, I devoted a whole Babushka book to the Jewish holyday of Tammuz. Tammuz is like a hammock that needs two nails to hold up each end. The dates of the 9th Av are important historic dates (9 Av 588 BC) – (9 Av AD 2015) which everybody will soon understand during the Apocalypse.

People tell me that they are reading Mystery of Tammuz 17 multiple times, which helps widen their Biblical horizons every time. The reader discovers more with each reading as if they were diving for pearls in the ocean and surfacing with more than just pearls. This is why I offer my books for free on the Internet in four languages. I want to make these benefits available to as many people as possible.

Again the two major dimensions are described by the Hebrew concepts of heavenly Heh and material Daleth, where God’s Plan for Mankind is acted out. When God told Moses he should hurry down the burning mountain of God’s presence because there was trouble in his camp, he returned carrying two tablets written in the Heh dimension with God’s finger. When he arrived back in the camp, Moses was so angered by finding his people worshipping a golden idol in the shape of an Egyptian bull that he smashed the precious tablets delivered from God.

He feared for the end of Israel. After release from centuries of slavery and after experiencing so many extraordinary miracles during their long trek in the wilderness, it seems incredible how anyone could slap God in the face with the Shekinah cloud still burning above them demonstrating God’s presence. God protected and fed them with manna bread from heaven. Their response was to bow down to a stupid golden cow.

Even today, Jewish theologians are doing the same thing by refusing to read God’s Torah, which is now written on modern manufactured paper or even recorded digitally into +’s and –‘s or bytes on computers looking quite similar to Hebrew letters from ancient times. It is exasperating to watch Jewish believers with booklet boxes held to their foreheads at the Wailing Wall praying and not connecting with God the Eternal in their hearts, which would be a much better accomplishment.

After smashing the original tablets of commandments dictated by God, Moses had to rewrite them but on Daleth dimension stone plates. He had to fashion them by hand like we do with paper. Still, they were so very precious that they were placed inside a golden box like a Torah roll cylinder for the faithful. They eventually became the foundation of law for western civilization as nations formed and expanded around the globe.

Israel was appointed to become the caretaker of the Torah, God’s revelation to mankind, to keep track of events as a time keeper for all nations starting from Adam in the Garden. All prophecy was recorded, including the first promise that stated the seed of Eve (the Messiah) would crush the head of the serpent, Satan - soon to be fulfilled in the Apocalypse. Keeping the covenant was linked with blessings and curses. We can faithfully follow the trail recorded by Jewish scribes ending up as 66 [+one] books assembled in the Bible.

There should be 70 books. For example, there is the book of Enoch the seventh from Adam. Enoch’s book is collecting dust on a shelf in the Vatican library because past theologians did not understand its contents. The book contains information about genetic modifications that took place before Noah’s time. God will reveal in time where the other books are hiding in order to make a complete set of 70 books, which match HANS.

When Moses finished rewriting God’s ten basic laws on stone tablets, he delivered to Israel the most important document that civilization has ever received. The ten laws equal a perfect number from the Jod dimension possessing a truly elevated meaning. It translates to “resting hand.” In HANS we can see it in the time dimension as blessings and curses, cycles of peace and of war, with their consequences unfolding throughout history. This demonstrates concretely and spectacularly why the Bible has been so unusual and necessary to us on Earth. It reveals God’s Plan for Humanity.

I feel so sorry for Jews who are blinded by a veil of tradition. They do not see the obvious beauty of Gods Plan preserved in their own calendar of feasts and fast days. What a loss in the midst of enormous blessing. All of this will change after the destruction of the Third Temple on the 9th of Av 2015. I believe that New York City’s destruction will trigger the building of the Third Temple in 2009, but this temple will last about 6 years.

These New Research Pearls provide special insights into God’s revelation, some of which is assembled in my six Babushka books. I write these Pearls because God is not finished educating those who seek answers in their lives. As the final countdown to the end of our second civilization begins on December 21, 2015, we should become aware of how to survive the Apocalypse. Surviving the Apocalypse will allow people to enter into the coming golden years of God’s Kingdom of peace and prosperity on Earth for one thousand years.

One way or another, Israel is guaranteed to be the focal point again for the nations of the world. In order to save the lives of Jewish New Yorkers, I have written a few Pearls to highlight what the Bible states will happen. I’m obviously mortal, so do not just accept my opinion but believe God’s revelation as it aligns with HANS. The rules state that there must be a minimum of two [+one] witnesses. But religious dogma must have five [+5] witnesses (1 + 4 = 5): a Hebrew hand rule I discovered so as to not to get in trouble with God.

The [+one] plus Daleth [4] added gets you into the Heh [5] dimension. Otherwise it is only an opinion that could be wrong. Our society and culture usually blocks this kind of information from being communicated due to corrupt politics or blinded religious traditions skewing the truth in order to maintain the establishment’s power.

Woman Riding on the Beast

Revelation 17

In Revelation, two symbolic women are contrasted. One is a prostitute who rides on a Beast identified as a red dragon with seven heads and ten horns. The other is Israel, symbolized as two cities: New York City and Jerusalem. The world city mentioned in Revelation represents a woman in contrast with another metaphor - the system that ends our present civilization.

Remember, the first civilization lasted 1,715 years from 4004 BC until it ended with Noah in 2288 BC. We must realize that 98% of Bible prophecy covers the second civilization and concludes in seven years making most Bible prophecy obsolete due to its fulfillment with the beginning of the millennial rule of Israel’s Messiah over the earth, who I believe is Yeshua/Jesus. Prophecy is similar to history written in advance; it is not a mystery if you are educated in HANS.

Therefore, read the Bible from a HANS perspective and be challenged by following the media trail on TV to see what is happening now before your very eyes. Hopefully this will help you to find God’s forgiveness and secure eternal life, so that after the cocoon stage you will emerge as a butterfly Saint in the Jod dimension. Indeed, this is a very good prospect. Life after death is not a mystery if you understand God’s Word since it has now been verified by science.

If you live in New York City, learn quickly what is embedded in the complete Bible as many will remain ignorant and perish. Time is running out.

New York

The first woman riding the Beast resembles a controlling worldwide capitalistic/political system that has been in power since 2287 BC. Originally, it was headquartered in Babylon and later in Rome. Currently, the center of the global economic system is in New York City, but it will soon move back to Europe, perhaps to Brussels, which will probably become the home of the UN after New York is destroyed in 2009. The current money system ends in 2015 as symbolized by the tree cut down explained in Pearls #101 (TU B’Shevat) and #102 (Purim).

The Beast system is dual in nature. Each aspect has a life cycle of its own lasting 3½ years. The first system is the Beast coming from the sea (in HANS, MEM = sea, a water expanse with purpose). The Bible uses water as a symbol for the nations without borders, encompassing the human race over a time period like Daleth (in this world, in this time). It is governed by Satan from the Heh dimension (the other side – spiritual), which will end up in Europe. America is totally absent in Biblical prophecy, and I would watch how the NEWS enfolds after January 2009 (15 Shevat) affecting every country.

The second beast comes from the earth expressing the Daleth dimension with Satan having been expelled from heaven only to reappear on earth as is proven by the Aztec, Hebrew and Chinese calendars. He will be thrown out from the Heh dimension as you will read in Mystery of Tammuz 17. It is parallel to the Aztec calendar date of 21 December 2012, which tells of a serpent coming midpoint between water and earth. Revelation focuses on twin antichrist personalities and reveals their final end.

The first and second periods are:

December 21, 2008 - December 18, 2012
December 21, 2012 - September 17, 2015

The Bible symbol of the dragon beast system with seven heads is split into two structural arrangements. One has five heads with two horns each for a total of 10. Embedded on each of them is 5 crowns. Together they symbolize Satan in the Heh dimension with supreme supernatural power. Horns always symbolized power in ancient times, and five indicates the Heh control room.

The other two heads have no horns and are thrown out from the Heh dimension control room having lost their power over mankind from there. They are exiled to the earth and doomed to experience the limited Daleth laws of nature that all humans operate under.

The five heads belong in the other side Heh dimension, which is the control room for the material Daleth dimension. This is how Satan teaches evil to every person. The Heh dimension control room is the place where a person decides that good and evil is backed up by knowledge. It is lived or executed on the Daleth dimension side, the physical realm of our existence where all of our five physical senses are implemented when obeying the five complementary Heh dimension senses. It reminds me of an electrical transformer in engineering. The two sets of wire windings are separated and not connected with each other though transforming higher voltage to the lower voltage useful for consumers.

The Apocalypse becomes a time capsule (Chet = fenced in or new beginning) where God terminates Satan’s school of evil permitted by God in order to test mankind. It ends in the Ayin age of 6,000 years. God removes Satan to the Daleth dimension level and closes down Satan’s school on earth. Of course, Satan objects and starts a war in heaven that he loses at the hands of Michael and results in the removal of all rebellious angels and demons.

Demonic angels will never plague humanity again. Satan’s school will be closed for good. No longer will its energy kill people with the wrong voltage – hallelujah!! There will be understanding of Torah in conjunction with science and ancient HANS code calendars.

God is determined to end Satan’s rule over mankind and his rebellion, removes him from the control room, the Heh dimension. Fired from his job to teach evil to mankind in the form of the Apocalypse and providing us with details of his final days. He will come to an end in the underworld in chains; a lone survivor. All of the other evil angels and demons will be executed by the four death angel released from the Heh prison. Read more details in my second Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17.

Satan, now on earth in the restricted Daleth dimension no longer has any supernatural Heh dimension power. He steals a dead body from an assassinated world leader, becomes resurrected and is imitates a human like a Jesus resurrection needing a body. Because he has now became mortal like us he is represented with no horns on two heads. The missing horn is interpreted to have limited political power because of human activity and Man’s mortality. It changes his status which is now severely restricted. But remember that he has learned about nature from God and also knows how easily mankind can be controlled with lies. He will continue corrupting this world climaxing in total destruction surrounded in Armageddon.

But God intervenes and saves his world to start a 1,000 year peace programmed on earth without the school of evil. It is no longer needed as God’s Kingdom on earth will have begun. The Saint who has previously graduated, has been completely educated and inoculated in what evil is all about will govern a new World Order under God’s new direction for a thousand literal years (2018 – 3018).

Again the two heads represent two mortals. One was the previous Antichrist world leader assassinated on December 18, 2012. Satan controls him from the Heh dimension with five heads and 10 horns. Having lost the war in heaven he is thrown out of the Heh dimension control room. No longer having any choice, he slips into a dead body like a demonic possession. When the previous arch angel Lucifer-Satan falls to his lowest level he becomes mortal just like the earlier angels did before the flood of Noah’s civilization. They left their first estate just like Jesus, the eternal God, demonstrates becoming invisible shrouded in mortality just like we as humans. They will be subjected to the same limitations of the Daleth dimension laws. The principals are the same.

Stating it again; the two prophesied Anti-Christ personalities reappear as mortals. The first one is possessed by Satan who is controlling from the Heh dimension. The second to appear is the same person but now exists in a Daleth dimension body but it is actually the resurrected Lucifer-Satan impersonating a human being after being thrown out of heaven. Thus begins a special time of unbelievable terror that is linked with Revelation 16. Either rejoice or have woe. It depends on which group you belong to whether you are destined to be on the side that will save mankind for the future.

Underline the word “sea” and notice further on in Revelation 13:1 the same “sea” connected with seven heads and 10 horns with 4 horns missing. The beast system is mentioned twice and needs a second witness in Holy Scripture that will be investigated here later.

The Pregnant Woman - Israel

Revelation 12

The second woman, who has birthed a male child, relates to Israel. Destined to rule, the child was taken up to God’s throne. Looking back in history, these Bible signs easily refer to Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem. His mother was a virgin named Mary, who had been informed by angels that she was to have a child from the Heh dimension. Jesus (God) leaves heaven (the Heh dimension) and enters a lower state in the Daleth dimension. Here he is subject to the same laws of mortality and procreation.

Therefore, this woman is recognized as Israel with 12 stars (12 tribes), the sun (a future King-embedded monarchy to come again) and with the moon (son-child). She is pursued and targeted for destruction by a seven headed dragon with a 10 horn system residing in the Heh dimension control room.

The Christ child was born about BC/AD. He is the promised Savior, Yeshua, known as Jesus in the Western world. This cannot be denied. He was announced by hundreds of prophecies as you will find if you read all of the Torah. He came as announced by many prophets and hundreds oracles to make atonement for all of the sins of mankind. His coming and mission was foretold and symbolized in Jewish holidays like a mirror image.

The best feast image is as the Passover Lamb of God. Jesus was killed with both hands and feet bound like a lamb sacrificed. He died at the same hour as the Passover lambs being sacrificed in Jerusalem that feast. Passover was designed from the beginning of creation. It was not a mere coincidence. Similarly, other holidays like Tammuz 17 and the 9th of Av teach us Heh dimension facts laid out according to a blue print. Pay attention - especially if you live in New York.

Notice that God’s prophetic tele-lenses are always designed to be seen from both near and far visions, which we will investigate in more detail later. However, Revelation reveals that when the dragon (Satan) realizes that he has been thrown out of heaven (the Heh dimension) and exiled to the earth in 2012 (Daleth dimension), he begins to pursue the woman who has born the child. Fortunately, she escapes with God’s help into a barren wilderness to be nourished there for a

[times – time - ½ time].

The Beast System announced in Revelation and Daniel is a straightjacket for humankind because most personal freedoms will disappear. It will start with global control of all nations down to every individual person. Every human must be categorized with a social security number and every citizen will end up enslaved on earth by a satanically inspired mind control system that will be impossible to escape. Only God can free mankind from the demonic bondage linked to the Heh dimension control room. At the same time, the Gospel of salvation will be broadcast on TV, Internet and radio around the globe as a final warning to escape eternal damnation.

While war is declared in heaven to purge the Heh dimension, its counter landscape in the Daleth dimension, Mankind around the world will have become totally atheistic. Humans will worship money being immersed only in our materialistic, evolution-based religion that is totally destroying the environment genetically.

As never before, we see permanent destruction to the environment. Mankind no longer cares for his home, our Earth. We do not honor God who gives us free energy. Not that long ago in our Earth’s history, most educated men still honored God in some fashion. Today, it seems like every modern culture has forgotten God, and all peoples are now forced to conform to a mostly atheistic worldview. We are required by a government supported atheistic priesthood to accept unscientific fairytales and abandon even the most proven scientific knowledge.

The concept of balanced reason has been discarded creating a generation that is self-centered and void of love and compassion. Treating animals carelessly cruel and inhumane, they exploit them as commodities without respect for life. That pointless extermination empties the ocean, and now honeybees are disappearing, too.

Life has become worthless, being surrounded by the stench of death from the rapid extinction of much in nature in just one generation. So many of our natural resources are denigrated and thrown away like garbage that this globe has become polluted creating shortages of useful materials is only getting worse. These pages have become like a witness against Sodom and Gomorrah, but they will only touch on the consequences of the most important points with references to Bible prophecy in order to see our dilemma from God’s perspective.

New York City’s demise is linked with the Beast capitalistic system expressed in Daniel’s prophecy as a mighty tree that is cut down. TU B’Shevat is a tree holy day matching the NASA calendar date of February 9 in 2009. It corresponds exactly to an event in Noah’s life recorded as the 17 day of the second month - 47 days after December 21, 2008, the solstice beginning the Apocalypse. Therefore, our search is expanded for more witnesses to find additional proof for a date to get out of New York City and live a little longer.

What is Times + Time + ½ Time?

Looking for an important date for Jews linked to the Woman who represents Israel started me on a journey to learn about Jewish holidays that match our current history. I discovered that the “time” for Daniel’s “weeks” matched ancient clocks, which incorporate a wobble-time dimension constant established to measure changing solstice cycles.

In ancient times like Daniel’s in 588 BC, the earth did not have a steady 23½° angle of rotation as it orbited around the sun. It had a different calendar based on a rotational wobble. Our clock has a 12 hour dial that represents the 24 hours of a day. In Julius Caesar’s time it was different. They had a ten month year that was copied from the Antikythera clock, the first bronze gear clock made hundred years before Christ.

From much earlier times, we have an Aztec stone clock calendar with 260 days for one solstice wobble that has been exhibited in Mexico City’s outdoor museum next to five buried pyramids built one on top of the other. It is made from stone skull heads. The skull clock measures the same wobble of the earth proving that bronze gear technology had become more accurate. The Antikythera clock with three dials and 32 gears coming thousand years later is more precise and proves a calendar system measuring the earth’s orbit around the sun with a gradually declining wobble axis. The designer of that clock used the same Aztec constant expressed in stone skull heads of 14.3 cycles.

However, technology advances a little more in Roman times when more precise clock gears are invented, and the constant is calculated in decimal points. That makes a huge difference if you are calculating thousands of years and want it to calculate exactly to the day. The mathematical constant more accurately becomes 14.305789, but it is not known by scientists who are placing their beliefs in an evolution theory cult religion elevated to science. That caused scientists to be puzzled for hundreds of years unable to decipher ancient mystery clocks exhibited in museums.

The Aztec stone skull heads from a different continent and age link with the Greek clock Antikythera constant in Roman times, to unlock a Bible prophecy clock for me that can date future events exactly to a day as corrected to the latest NASA Gregorian calendar. Applying those ancient calendar corrections to prophetic Bible verses like a strange phrase [times, time, ½ time] can now be accurately interpreted. But we still must delineate between the near vision (3½ years) mentioned by John in Revelation from Daniel’s far vision (3,500 years), which is multiplied with a factor of a thousand since both use the same expression of weeks [times].

9th of Av - Two Cities: New York - Jerusalem

Revelation Chapter 4

Focusing on the Temple destructions at the fulcrums of history and prophecy, I noticed that they all happened on the same day, the 9 th of Av. The First Temple in 588 BC and the Second Temple AD 70 were destroyed on the 9 th of Av. The month “Av” means “father” and therefore all matters from the temple perspective are decided from that viewpoint. I discovered that the 7,000-year Hebrew calendar for humanity is polarized around four (4) Temples with two Temples still in the future as it conforms to the Hebrew hand rule 1+4=5. Translated 4 Daleth temples [+one] one Heh temple in heaven. (Revelation 14:15)

A matter of fact, I find that infamous day 9 th of Av embedded all over history. On that day, Moses broke the first set of the Stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments given by God. In AD 135 Emperor Hadrian crushed the rebellion by Shimon Bar-Kochba. Eusebius of Caesarea Reports that in AD 333 a visitor from Bordeaux poured oil over the foundation referenced in the Talmud as the foundation Rock which the Holy of Holies had rested. (Yoma5:2) More years like 1290, 1492, 1555, 1648, 1904, 1941, and 1942 when the Nazi’s exterminated the Jews of Warsaw, all dovetail on the 9 th of Av. Check it out on the Internet.

Now there are Jews living in Jerusalem, Israel who want to build a new temple on the site of the old one in conflict with the Moslems. That could be the match in the powder keg to blow up the whole world.

But if you read my books, I already foretell the destruction of the Third Temple connected with an Apocalypse again on the same day, Av 9, 5776 (25 July 2015). How did I know that three years ago writing my books from the perspective of embedded Jewish holidays that they become a mirror reflecting Heh activated events to happen on earth in the Daleth dimension? How many more proofs do we need for my Jewish friends in New York to trust the Torah calendar?

Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Recently, I heard about discussion that the location of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem may not be over the place of the ancient Jewish temple site, which is a little off. This idea could solve an international nightmare. That fact is covered up by some influential Arabs because it would upset the Moslem population causing a riot.

If you have the time, get friendly with some Arabs living at the entrance of the Holy place and drink some tea as they may confide in that well kept secret if you do not reveal it to others. I project the prophesied Third Temple will be built in 2009 on its historic site after a forced agreement by the EU after New York is destroyed and America’s military power broken. Then the new site of the previous Temple will then be revealed and used as a pretext for the Beast system in Europe with 10 horns to rule the world now with a European money currency to replace the crashed American Dollar that collapses when New York is gone. That will settle the Palestinian–Israel dispute with a 7-year, signed peace contract enforced by the EU-UN military.

To find the matching TU-B’Shevat and Purim holidays connected with the second witness next to a solstice date of 21 December 2008 or solstice 21 December 2015 needed another witness seen from a total range perspective of God’s 7000-year plan for mankind. The [+one] witness comes from the Aztec clock perspective adding 490 years more to the Hebrew calendar cycles making it the 13 th cycle in the Aztec calendar dating Satan’s rebellion 4488 BC.

In my previous Babushka Books, the Apocalypse was framed from Daniel’s Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio, which drives two different calculations to arrive in dating the Apocalypse. Therefore, Daniel’s “week” has two different time scales like a Fahrenheit–Celsius comes together at minus 40 degrees. In the seven (7) system, “one week” in Daniel’s prophecy equals 7 years as projected where we get 7x70, or a clock gear of 490 years used in constructing the 7,000-year Table of Human History after the model of a scheduled rail system. Monorail theologians all agree with that calendar. Then, in the Aztec-Antikythera calendar-clock structures another dating structure appeared.

Three years later I discovered ancient clocks exhibited in museums not deciphered by monorail scientists. My third book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient CalendarMysteries, explains how they work. They confirmed the presence of the 7:5 ratio in Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy, which to me matches the five (5) part of the ratio with another size of one week = 14.305789 years if we compare them with ancient bronze–gold clocks in museums. Those two calendar system possibilities, all matching to a day, are not known yet by theologians, who will probably disagree with it for many reasons – principally, because they disprove the Rapture theory.

Therefore, if we want to know about God’s Plan for Humanity, we must establish both perspectives on a 360° movie screen and use a new discovered constant to see if they match to a day, which proves the Apocalypse and confirms a certain date that New Yorkers should know to get out of town.

God said “leave town” but wrote the date in a symbolic language, which takes a little time to interpret. One is easily confused without the Lord’s Spirit promised to give the humble understanding. Get connected through prayer by asking Jesus, and he will give you the spiritual key to understand God’s Word and how it applies to life now. Jesus said, “Whosoever calls on my name shall be saved.” I did not make that up. Read it for yourself.

So let’s prove a date by counting backward from the last 9th of Av in 3017 as previously dated in the Hebrew calendar of 7,000 years, which is observed according to tradition at the end of the time. The far vision perspective for mankind according to Daniel’s prophecy converted to Gregorian calendar should work like clock gears match. If we use an ancient constant 14.305789 from bronze-gold clocks and multiply it with Daniel’s weeks, we should get the two witnesses required to establish that they can be trusted as being authentic.

One witness start from the First Temple destruction 9th of Av 588 BC and will establish the Endtime. Then going back with another set of weeks will get us the Third Temple destruction still in the future. But remember, a Hebrew moon calendar corrected every 19 years to the solstice can have minimum of 361 dates wrong (19x19 = 361). If you have two dates, then 130,321 possibilities exist that one date is correct.

Let’s find out the odds of hitting a date in our Hebrew world clock, which must match to a day over a range of thousands of years and must be measured against a NASA computer corrected calendar standard. Also, fractions will make a few days difference since the earth does not orbit in even numbers, and I do not have access to a government computer to calculate the bigger fractions required to do the mathematics.

What was the Design Range of Ancient Clocks?

The Endtime date from Daniel’s 5th Dimension

Let’s to the math and check out history from the First Temple date 588 BC where Daniel’s prophecy was started. Jewish monorail scholars are wrong to use a date 586 BC because they did not use the Antikythera clock measuring an earth wobble screwing up ancient calendars. They did not ask why Julius Caesar modified and corrected the Roman calendar in 46-45 BC because the moon cycles had been grossly out of synchronization.

I use a 21st Century NASA corrected Gregorian Calendar to project the dates of prophesied events and to measure historical time. So from the First Temple’s destruction corrected to 588 BC (9th of Av 3173) I projected that the Third Temple will be destroyed on 25 July 2015 (9th of Av 5776) in my second book written three years ago.

If you do the math going back from 9th of Av 2015 to 9th of Av 588 BC, we count 2,603 Gregorian years Subsequently when we discuss the time frame from Daniel’s 70th week perspective of an unknown “week-time” dimension and attempt to match it five hundred years later with Revelation, the same dial number mentioned previously could be construed to be our normal Gregorian time calendar year with 52 weeks.

However, viewing it from an Aztec clock perspective reveals 52 cycles as well, but I am sure from a different calendar having a range of 14.3 years and not 7 days equaling “one” week. This mysterious time difference caused problems with monorail theologians who figured out that “one week” should be interpreted as “seven years.” Check this out in other books on prophecy.

Both are proper projections. They only differ only by what number base they are calculated. However, in making calculations about the future, we must differentiate between the Daleth and Heh dimension perspectives because each uses a different number base. Monorail scholars are only familiar with the Daleth dimension calculations [this world in this time]; therefore, they use a 7-year cycle for one week. The Heh dimension uses a scale we find embedded in the HANS overlay, which has only recently been discovered.

Daniel wrote his prophecy on both levels in the Bible. His book became the Rosetta Stone that deciphers all prophetic symbolism on both levels. It is seen a bit differently by most theologians but with a little study in Hebrew philosophy the level on which the prophecy was written can be discovered. That discovery can be further explored by reading my Babushka concept books, which are offered for free on the internet.

Applying an ancient constant to the Bible’s mysterious Rosetta Stone that was mentioned earlier gives us a total of 182 of Daniel’s weeks by adding [2T = 2x52] + [1T = 52] + [½T = 26]. Theologians have never accurately interpreted the cycles of Daniel’s strange weeks, but I use an interpretive system that for the first time converts (2T+1T+½ = 3½) into the correct chronological time length, which confirms of the future dates exactly to a day in our Gregorian NASA calendar.

Understanding the Pearl matching dates of Two Temples will clearly show more projected dates proving the future 9th of Av Temple destruction. We can historically verify an incorrect dating method used by those who struggle to accept zero BC/AD, 2 BC, 4 BC or 6 BC as the date of Jesus’ birth, which is the fulcrum of history-prophecy in using a corrected Gregorian calendar. Applying an ancient clock constant of 14.305789 with the entire fraction could settle the dispute forever, but scholars, of course, cannot believe this due to their comatose evolution theories. I settled with a historic BC/AD fulcrum, which was and is correct when matching the ancient Bible oracles.

To come back to dating the sudden demise of New York City in Bible prophecy, we must know a little of what John saw in the 360° movies he was invited to see in the heaven/Heh dimension. Symbolic sign language in Revelation can now reconstruct a picture puzzle that has frustrated monorail theologians for hundreds of years. This is accomplished by chronological re-ordering the events and chapters of Revelation according to HANS.

If you are a Jew and have not read the last Oracle of God, please study and become educated in the ancient Jewish scrolls. Become knowledgeable without forsaking your faith based only on tradition and political persuasion not necessarily originating from Holy Scripture.

Ancient calendars in Daniel’s prophecy and in Revelation both mention an unknown “time” (times, time, ½ T) mystery, which in one Bible text was defined as one year of 52 weeks. (Daniel 4:25) Therefore, 3½ times represent 182 weeks; however, “one week” of the 70 weeks mentioned in Daniel’s BC prophecy calendar is different according to the Aztec-Antikythera clock. Remember that the world clock used 14.305789 year constant in ancient times to calculate a corrected Earth wobble still unrecognized by modern science. If we put that constant in the equation, it gives a range of 2,603.653589 years [14.3 x 182 = 2,603].

That long fraction at the end must be considered if we want to be precise to an exact day. For even the greatest skeptic, this should prove the accuracy of the projected Apocalypse date. The Hebrews very precisely recorded the destruction of their most holy temple, which is a good time marker to calculate history.

The Apocalypse prophesy projects the destruction of a third Temple on 9th Av 5776 (July 25, 2015) and must be proven with two [+one] witnesses in order to be valid. If those dates frame the Apocalypse and match the other Jewish holidays, they can be dated as well. The first fast day is Tammuz 17 and is worth investigating as it matches a world clock within the Plan for Humanity. The plan instituted by God through Moses cannot change with time. We must therefore adjust our clocks as we no longer have a wobble in the Earth’s rotation. God appointed it for us to measure our time just as he appointed Israel for the purpose of a time keeper.

Let’s do a little math with my cheap calculator.

Witness #1

Counting from Daniel’s First Temple destruction in 9th Av 588 BC and applying the range of 2,603 years calculated from the Antikythera constant, we come to the year 2015 (2,603 – 588 BC = 2015).

To be accurate the date 588 BC has to be corrected by a NASA calendar because Hebrew scholars dated it 586 BC. This is off by two calendar years. Calculating earth orbits with minute fractions makes a huge difference across thousands of years. The fraction of our 2,603 range after the decimal point is .6535. The leftover portion does not equal a complete year. If it is multiplied by 12, we get a month and a fraction. It became July, the seventh month. (.6535 x 12 = 7.842). Continue to do the same in order to find out how many days are left over from a 30.4 average day month, and it comes up as 25.59 days (.842 x 30.4 = 25.59). This calculates to the resulting date of 9th Av 5776, which is the date of the future Third Temple’s destruction or July 25, 2015.

You must read my second Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, written three years ago. It can be found free on the Internet. The book establishes connections throughout history and projects a precise identical date from a different 490-year base calculation like gears meshed in a future cuckoo clock. It has two hands to observe a [+one] witness acting as a cuckoo bird announcing an exact day over a range of 2,603 years from another perspective!

What a coincidence that a later date discovered from ancient clock cycles again ends on 9th Av announcing calamities and again dashing all physical hope for Israel.

Witness #2

We need another trustworthy witness that will parallel the same date. This time we will count backward from the Endtime 9th of Av 3017, which overlays the 7,000-year Hebrew calendar in its full range, previously derived from a 490-year cycle using a very different base.

In Daniel’s book you will see 70 projected weeks where an anointed one is cut off on the 69th week in the 7-based counting system for the Daleth dimension. If we count 69 x 7 weeks on a 490-base cycle, we see the evidence of an anointed one, Jesus, cut off in 33 AD.

In the 69th week of the far vision Bible lens perspective, another “anointed” one is cut off - Lucifer-Satan-Serpent, as confirmed by the Aztec calendar and the 32-gear Antikythera clock. With 14.305789 cycles established, it gives the second witness for the 9th of Av Third Temple destruction in 5776. It again connects with all the other Tammuz dates of the Hebrew holidays into one system.

So let’s take the 70 prophecy weeks from Daniel’s Heh - 5th dimension with a base 14.305789 from the ancient clocks’ constant perspectiveandmultiply it by 70 to get 1,001. (70 x 14.305789 = 1,001.4052). Deduct 1,001 years backwards from the future 9th of Av 3017, and we come to 2016 plus a fraction left over (3017-1,001 = 2016), or midnight December 31, 2015/January 1, 2016.

It gets better. Take the left over fraction .4052 and multiply it by 12 to get 4.8624 months. Counting back from December 31, we must subtract 4 months. This gets us to August 31, 2015.

Now we take the fraction of .8624 and multiply it with 30.4 to get days = 26 days. From August 31 subtract 26 days, and we get the date of August 5, but we must make one more correction in the Georgian calendar. One day must be added for every 400 years. The time from Daniel’s era in 588 BC to AD 3017 is 3,605 years. 3,605/400 equals 9 days. So subtract 9 days from August 5 to arrive at the date of July 26 at midnight, plus a small fraction. The 31 st day of any given month must be averaged to half a day as the months alternate from 30 to 31 days for an average of 30½ (.4052 x 365.24 = 148). Also adding 148 days from January 30, 2016 gets us to July 25, 2015 or 9th Av 5776.

My dear reader, what is really happening here? When we cross check the two End of Time dates of Daniel’s weeks with different calculation and number systems, it provides the same, matching End Time dates for many different events prophesied and marked by the Jewish fasts and feast days. Here is how I got two [+one] witnesses as required by Scripture. Two extreme calendar dates across the 7,000 years of the Hebrew calendar matches a constant derived from different cultures and continents as well as God’s plan for Humanity. It is absolutely extraordinary.

Two years ago I received an E-Mail from Germany that said, “Herbert, there is a bronze clock that has 32 gears and 3 dials located in an Athens museum that is over two thousand years old. It was fished from the depths of the ocean. Scientists have been regularly meeting in attempts to decipher it since 1906. Has anyone figured it out yet?” Read my third Babushka concept book for further widen your horizons.

Analyzing the pyramids in Mexico City’s outdoor museum led to the deciphering of the mysterious Aztec stone calendar-clock, which revealed how all the other clocks exhibited in various museums around the globe actually work. All indicated an ancient planetary wobble axis calendar reaching as far back as Daniel’s time. Remember Julius Caesar corrected a 10 month, not a 24 hour based calendar.

Recalculating from our NASA calendar perspective, dating the ancient calendars can now be done very precisely. Of course this is ignored by the evolution scientists blind to the wobble calendar which does not exist for them. When information is ignored they cannot date the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem very accurately either still does not know the juncture of our calendar postulating four different dates for Jesus’ birth. No wonder they are two years off by dating it at 586 BC.

Corrected to 9th of Av, 588 BC matches the 7,000 year world calendar for mankind perfectly to a day. Check it out the World cuckoo Clock in my first Babushka book, Apocalypse Prophesied. Calculating with big fractions gives us an exact date where prophecy of a 7-year Apocalypse would be shortened by three months. When this is complete, the date becomes September 17, 2015. It is linked with the Third Temple destruction 9th of Av 5776 or July 25, 2015.

The 12 Jewish fast and feast days now frame a preset gear date that links accurately with the July 25 date. The Tammuz 17 mystery is the main fulcrum of God’s calendar a [+one] and the third witness calculated using embedded Jewish holidays dating from Moses’ time.

All events prophesied in Daniel of 1260, 1290, 1335 and 2300 days line up from that Tammuz date. All harmonize with the other Jewish days converging on 2015 as the only future year possible. This pinpoints the end date of the Apocalypse and the date for Armageddon. The likelihood that a second Adar month of 30 days inserted 4 times within 19-year moon cycles over thousands of years shifting any Hebrew calendar date is almost an impossible coincidence. To coincide exactly 3 times with a future projected date matching is very unlikely, unless it was divinely designed.

Repeating, it is so extraordinary to have them match after 2,603 years to a precise day with two witnesses [+one] that it provides me with scientific proof enough that the calendar-clock system I discovered embedded in Genesis works. It proves that God’s Word, the Bible, is scientifically very accurate. Only ignorant monorail atheistic scientists who center their belief in evolution fairytales will never understand it.

The Apocalypse will separate those who are the enemy of Jesus Christ and give an opportunity to those who are marked under God’s protection to receive their inheritance of a new civilization based on God’s forgiveness. It inspires a desire in us to abide in His laws of holy living and avoiding corruption to conform to a Godly administration. At no time in human history have we experienced families raised in happiness, and enjoying life. We will no longer be oppressed and robbed by a corrupt government, bureaucrats and dictators controlled by Satan.

Again we have reached the point similar to the days of Noah as Jesus prophesied. We have evolved into an atheistic, degenerate and selfish society. We destroy the environment with no consideration of the next generation using massive extinction by GMO scientists who through genetics permanently destroy our food supply with genetic modifications.

The time has come for God’s Wrath to be poured out to save his world and separate the sheep from goats as mentioned in the Gospel. Prepare for survival if you belong to the saintly sheep. The Bible is very clear. Jesus announced judgment and said that our present evil generation will perish like Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from the sky. He said that it will be similar to Noah’s days when Noah’s laughing friends who ate and drank and had a party did not realize that the doors of the ark had been closed. They were left behind and the party ended.

From the near vision to far vision perspective learn another observation. We need to ask why Noah was told to build an ark. What was God’s purpose?

Noah was ordered by God to transport genetically unmodified seeds and animals – especially the original domestic animals, to the next civilization after the Flood. Otherwise, Satan would have rejoiced and could claim that he was more powerful than God. Check out a modern cement “ark” purposed again to save pure genetic seeds for the next civilization that will close its steel vaulted doors in Norway on December 21, 2008. This is another sure sign that God has decided to end our civilization again. It marks the beginning of the prophesied Apocalypse with two witnesses [+one]. Look at the number 70 -Ayin in other Pearls.

(9 Av 6777 [24 July 3017] to 9 Av 588 BC) =
[AD 3017 – 588 BC = 3,606 years]

Matching with the 7,000-year Table Hebrew calendar published 3 years ago.

Third Temple Destruction

9 Av 5776

July 25, 2015 - Last 17 Tammuz 5776

June 10,2015 amendment about July 25, 2015:

At the beginning of my apocalypse birth pangs dating research 10 years ago, I was not educated in the Hebrew holiday culture and projected a future Third Temple destroyed on 9 Av 5776, which was in conflict with dating 25 July 2015, one year off?

But it is still correct. I arrived at 2015 as a paradox since the Jew Yeshua-Jesus built the Third Temple invisibly by joining Christians and Jews into one body structure - the SAINTS. It will then be destroyed into a Jod dimension body by the First Resurrection 5776 celebrated worldwide. Read other paradox pearls. 


Remember the calendar correction by two years to 588 BC from Jewish scholars’ date of 586 BC for the First Temple destruction. Clock gears must mesh precisely or the opinion is not backed up with science. Scholars still dispute the year of Jesus’ birth - zero, 2 BC, 4 BC or 6 BC? You pick a date but prove it with a dual rail perspective and three witnesses.

The World's Agricultural Legacy Gets A Safe Home Vault on Arctic Isle Would Protect Seeds By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, June 19, 2006; Page A01.


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