Pearl #289 -

When will the Chet-Age (8) Close?


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Recent YouTube videos show that Hebrew alphabet letters have an embedded computer code. Thus, the oldest Torah book on earth expanded many concealed mysteries to reveal more.  YHWH warned this generation of an imminent Apocalypse, but now will be different as the time has arrived to announce the coming birth pangs of Yeshua’s Kingdom in the letter Teth = 9. Ten years ago He appointed a German inventor documenting Satan’s destructive evil technology under the penname Jonah-II.

To graphically articulate Bible history, Satan’s Domain was illustrated in a World Cuckoo Clock from Waw = 6 to Teth = 9.   (Pearl #286) It was linked to three (3) global Apocalypses within 7000 Hebrew years to prove when mankind historically reached the point of absolute Evil again that always results in God’s Wrath. It was portrayed in multiplied overlays but now is exposed in 14 free Babushka Egg Books and 190 smaller pearls from a science perspective. Many Christian theologians got trapped preaching falsified denominational church dogmas making money with Satan’s lies, thus bankrupted Christian faith, no longer salt preserving society. (Matt. 5:13, 25:41-46)

Bible History detailed that when governments became absolute Evil will again be judged like Sodom and Gomorrah. It means the 2nd Apocalypse was destined to end another civilization now condemned by two (2) Kosmos Court witnesses preserved from ancient times, Elisha and his friend of a heaven Heh-dimension. For six (6) months they will warn the world - a deceitful hi-tech generation suppressing divine Truth, and expose fake science destroying YHWH’s creation again like Noah’s time 2288 BC. 

A free web triggered millions of YouTube videos showing what was censored for a hundred years by an evil psychopath FED printing counterfeit money to control a New World Order. That will be superseded when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Yeshua-Jesus arrives in power from space with millions of angels to claim his property in Jerusalem after the Apocalypse. It was bought by King David for 50 silver coins plus added 30 thrown in the Temple by Judas Iscariot. Yeshua the Creator of Life testified before the Sanhedrin Supreme Court that He is the invisible YHWH, thus he was rejected and unjustly crucified. Three days later he proved it in his divine Resurrection seen by over 500 witnesses. The coming Yeshua Teth-Age-Kingdom will be governed by special Saints who suffered a lot during their lives. Thus, some mortals are pre-resurrected to be trained in divine leadership to rule a righteous civilization for 1000 yrs.     

Thus, “all” Bible prophecies were fulfilled and restored violated Kosmos laws of Satan’s rebellion and forgave many mortals’ transgressions. It provided for angels and mortals alike, created to live forever an option of DEATH, which is the wide gate mentioned by Yeshua. (Mat. 7:13, Rev. 20:12) When an atheistic society censored and distorted the Torah-Bible across hundreds of years, is forced to believe in Satan lies of unscientific fairy tales converted from the evolution religion. Subsequently, many Christian churches misrepresented divine Truth taught in many denominations to circumvent dating the prophesied Apocalypse. Thus, YHWH used a scientist investigating (7) calendars to widen knowledge horizons how physics-metaphysic laws work.  

For the first time it dated the 2nd Apocalypse using factual Bible history that corrected the Hebrew Calendar (Pearl #276) of Daniel’s weeks [Times-Times-½Time] decoded ten years ago in a table. (Page 64 of the 1st Babushka egg concept book [Time+Season, Dan. 7:12, Rev. 20:1] - 24 May 2018)

Now many web videos discovered there is music beyond a stuck groove. If you are not sure of divine prophecies from the Creator YHWH, do not believe Satan’s big lie (Did God say?), which fooled Adam and Eve. Do not miss a free mystery gift of Eternal Life a Torah-Bible declared, or remain a fool.

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