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Which Calendar is Correct?

[Time - Times - ½ Time ]

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A Bible prophecy calendar code not understood in Christian churches is now deciphered by science. The “TIME” mystery connoted declining earth-axis-wobbles, which stopped recently on 21 December 2012. Worldwide we have five calendars: Julian, Gregorian, Hebrew, Aztec, Chinese measuring time, should add discovered in museums many bronze-gold clocks revealing ancient calendar structures - Babushka egg book #3. However one more calendar is mentioned in the Bible prophecy, Daniel 12:7, 7:25 & Revelation 12:14, resembling (7) court witnesses to prove God’s Wrath foretold. (Sound Bite #13)  

Most theologians and pastors are corrupted loving money more what they preach not to lose their IRS tax privilege to support habituated benefits. Hiding behind a Bible burqa, they avoid telling the truth. When free speech is silenced, it is no longer free. They degenerated becoming wealthy entertainers to destroy Christian culture, as money further built a debased brain-dead turkey ranch church only to perish. When God’s Word is compromised, it helps Satan to entrap more pew-Christians who are ready to vote for atheist bureaucrats being controlled by psychopath NYC bankers to rule a New World Order. You will never hear in church that (7) billion people on this earth could benefit from forbidden free Energy invented 100 years ago by Nicola Tesla and Hoffmann or relate it to exposed prophecy.

Not being well educated in science, they cannot be trusted to date prophecy, which has consequences. Why is the air polluted, rivers now fishless, the oceans a sewer, sterilized farmland causing horrible global diseases saturated with GMO poison to exterminate all Life only to generate absolute Evil never preached in church affecting their children? Maybe should investigate the Bible from a science perspective avoided and not discussed in Prophecy pretender Summit clubs. You be the judge.

The Torah-Bible has a base-7 math system defined by the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) embedded in Genesis. It was structured to calculate solstice year cycles similar to the Aztec clock and Genesis calendar dated before Noah (2288 BC). But if you study a little ancient history and mystery clocks found in museums as decoded in Babushka eggs, you will widen knowledge horizons forbidden in universities and churches. But before Noah’s Flood the earth axis tilt was different. After 5 February 2287 BC the earth axis shifted due to an asteroid strike, thus we now calculate by Julius Caesar or Jesus Christ, both valued [JC], counting solstice years finalized in the Gregorian calendar from the Middle Ages. The others are from ancient history, which will help to verify conclusions. Babushka egg concept book #3 Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

The Hebrew metaphysical domain consists of the heavenly Heh dimension (Angel world) and Earth (Genesis 1:1), which is the Daleth dimension as the earth is like an incubator for Mortals.  The coming Jod dimension is the New Heaven & New Earth. Only the Father Creator ELOHIM knows when the Time Dimension will become obsolete. (Matt. 24:35)

I hope that NASA would consolidate five calendars to end confusion dating the Apocalypse. It perplexed inexperienced theologians always repeating a misunderstanding believing that no one knows the time, which should not be applied to the Apocalypse, if you can read what Yeshua-Jesus said. Hence, let’s consider a little math. We have three (3) dimensions between Heh & Jod in center a Daleth Time-dimension because we mortals are subjected to calendars and clocks, still a paradox mystery. Some pearls are helpful: Correcting Hebrew Calendar Mistakes - Pearl #264.

God’s Wrath is projected in science using the Julian calendar from solstice 2288 BC Noah reported an asteroid impact after 46 days on 2287.8740 BC (5 February) now  linked a future judgment from a Hebrew calendar by simple math 2016.7563 AD (3 October) dated totaled 4304.6303 solstice [JC].

What is not known is that the Genesis calendar [G] before Noah’s Flood 2288 BC and the “Creation” seven-day cycles [C] before 4004 BC is still speculated by theologians but can be traced accurately with science. A fascinating history book with an unusual 14 feet long chart was published and recorded important rulers and kings collected across mankind since Adam. (Wall Chart of World History - Professor Edward Hull MA. LLD. FRS.) 

The Daleth Prophecy calendar has 7000 cycles and is divided by (3) references mentioned by Daniel about 588BC and John 96AD = [1xT] + [2xT] + [½ x T].  Defined in simple math:

1xT = (C?+G? )  + 2xT = 4304.6303 [JC]  + ½ xT (S?)

(2287.8740 + 2016.7563=4304.6303)

If = 2xT is 4304.6303[JC] thus 1xT = 2152.31515 + ½ xT = 1076.157575 total = 7533.103025 [JC]

The ratio of the Prophecy calendar 7000 cycles divided in the 7533.103025 = 0.929231948212. Thus the ancient prophecy calendar is confirmed in math:  

(1xT - 2152.315150 x 0.929231948212 = 2000.0000 JC)   

(2xT - 4304.630300 x 0.929231948212 = 4000.0000 JC) 

(½xT - 1076.157575  x 0.929231948212 = 1000.0000 JC)

It confirms a Bible code of [Time - Times - ½Time] incorrectly dated by prophecy scholars being linked to 7000 Hebrew Prophecy years that decoded the Apocalypse exactly matching when Yeshua-Jesus said, “In one generation I will come back,” which is the only authority I accept.

Counting 70 years from the 21 November 1947 UN Resolution #181 making ISRAEL a modern nation fulfilling prophecy, ends at 2017 AD. (S) is a Sabbath rest of God’s Kingdom on Earth completing a 7000 Daleth Hebrew Prophecy calendar. Once more to calculate unknown years of (S) lets apply the last sequence of the prophecy calendar still future ½xT = 1076.157575 x 0.929231948212 = 1000 [JC] matching Rev. 20:7 “…and when the thousand years ended…”

Now to find the Genesis calendar (G) = 1716 yrs. (2288 BC-4004 BC) or count from 5777 and add 120 Jubilees. But notice, before Noah conventional solstice year cycles time is relative as the earth axis calendar changed to one grand-solstice @ 360 days with (7) solstice turns like the ancient Aztec clocks & Genesis Ages demonstrated. Stipulated if (1xT = 2152.315 yrs.) which is (C+G) thus could now determine the seven day Creation calendar (C) = 436 yrs. (2152 -1716 JC).

Previously the solstice calendar BC-AD was corrected by adding 35 yrs. [JC] on the 9th cycle, now 35 AD on the 7000 Hebrew Table. That changed the projection to match Yeshua-Jesus’ Passover Death 35 AD to 5777 (10 April 2017, his Passover Return, adjusting the equation C= 471[JC] (436+35). A corrected C+G= (471+1716) =2187[JC] and start (2288 BC+2187 =4475BC [JC] matching Satan’s rebellion?   

The 7000-year Hebrew calendar previously was dated 4488 BC [JC] pretty close to 4488-4475 BC but off by 13 solstice years and needs to be divided by 7 [G] cycles. The difference is 1.8 yrs. [JC] because fractions are difficult for me to compute when the exponentially declining earth axis wobble is ignored by NASA. They wondered about a recent earth axis movement and G.R.A.C.E published 14 hr. in @ 2006. Atheistic scientists postulated a BC-AD juncture to be 2 BC, 4 BC, 6 BC, I pick “0” - now added to my calendar projection 1.8 yrs.  

Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. (Matthew 25:13)

Watch the sky, the day or hour within one year, will start God’s Wrath. Thus, the Jonah-II warning is concluded, ending this Hebrew prophecy year as stated in the Torah-Bible seventy times ON THAT DAY as documented in my 11th Babushka egg concept book. Calculated from Solstice 2015 plus a 1.8 yr. correction will end exactly on 1 Tishri 5778. Thus, it confirms the 120th Jubilee (2:T), which sums up the Apocalypse schedule. Just add the Seven Thunders from 21 Sept. 2017 and count like Noah’s flood 190 days (40+150) when it rained 40 days, or Jonah’s Nineveh 40 days warning to end once more in a deliverance Easter holiday / Purim, many more overlays.

The Time Dimension is now measured with ancient clocks, or atom clocks in Femtosecond, to earth axis wobbles in solstice years to light years using NASA science will better understand the 7 creation periods before 4004 BC. The 7 creation day-cycles were split and divided into six days, the first 3 days are timeless, followed by the 4th day-sun & moon, which started “Time”. Therefore, watch the TV-MEDIA from Solstice 2017 and hopefully you and me will survive God’s Wrath as God’s Kingdom will be born trusting my savior Yeshua prophesied that this civilization will perish, thus please read John 3:16. 

My conclusion is that the projection date for Yeshua-Return is correct 1 Tishri 5778 plus adding the Seven Thunders 190 days could be linked to Rosh Hashanah to crown Yeshua King of kings to rule the next worldwide civilization. The juncture   5777-5778 is a divine paradox matching many prophecies and is proven by Yeshua-Jesus dating corresponding to a United Nations resolution plus 70 years to conform to a seven base Hebrew math system linked to additional witnesses. Ancient bronze-gold clocks in global museums also determined a correct TIME for the biggest event in the Sky. It will terminate the evil 21st Century Civilization judged like Sodom and Gomorrah with fire (not atom bombs) but matching the much bigger Noah’s asteroid event. Check DACTYL on the web, if NASA does not tell you.  

At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory. And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other. (Matthew 24:30-31)

A) The before Noah calendar projection (1xT) now theorized correct in many pearls spread throughout 14 Babushka eggs proving that the Hebrew calendar wobble solstice years where wrong after 2288 BC not being constant as measured today with an 365.24 day earth-sun orbit with a fixed axis of 23.5°. Accept only assumption without fraction. Thus now is confirmed that clock gears must mesh to zero no fractions (2000.0000), as one tooth off messes up an Apocalypse cuckoo time. 

B) The (2xT) in the middle is measured by a Gregorian calendar now harmonized 4000.0000 without fraction and matched divinely instituted Moses moon holidays with a corrected Hebrew calendar.Two asteroids (First 2288 BC - Second Dactyl 5777-5778) will impact an earth axis wobble in three different time cycles. The middle is now dated.

C) The ½xT of 1000.0000 years in Revelation 20:7 has no fraction in my calculation. . When 3 cycles match as confirmed by the Hebrew HANS base “seven” linked to the Genesis Patriarch age calendar, they add to the astronomical probability not need (5) witnesses testify to truth. The Seven Thunders in Rev. 10 previously described events in Babushka eggs are thus correct. Hence, I am convinced we will not survive the Seven Thunder: you and I could lose our mortal bodies in max 1.8 yrs. from solstice 2015, or believe what Yeshua-Jesus said Pearl #888 and get ready after Passover 5777 to a day or hour. . 

Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you unexpectedly like a trap. For it will come upon all those who live on the face of the whole earth. Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man. (Luke 21:34-36)

When more research information is found needs continually updating, Pearl #777 dating God’s Kingdom on earth after:

Pesach (Passover) 5778

B - Addition 1 Tishri 5778

Black Sabbath Shabbat Chazon / שבת חזון

Babushka egg concept books & many Pearls are linked to true science but also were permanently recorded in the Book of Books mentioned in the Torah revealed by two witnesses Daniel and John who got invited in the Heh dimension - heaven (Dan. 7:10, Rev. 20:12). In modern time the science establishment split a calendar BC-AD and obsoleted Moon cycles used in ancient history now counting solstice instead – Why? Daniel and John revealed in the Torah-Bible a different viewpoint as the middle (2T) was decoded linked to a Second Civilization now dated by Babushka concepts 2288 BC-2018 AD.

Worldwide there are billion books in libraries, but not one book copied knowledge suppressed for hundred years by psychopath Illuminati NYC bankers. It is now revealed by Jonah-II. Soon the controlled Web will be gone, thus true science again is lost too. It already started with some videos on YouTube. Many have disappeared as they still censored free Electricity & Hydrogen denied to (7) billion people on this earth sliding fast into absolute poverty. 

Thus YHWH appointed a mortal scribe with a penname Jonah-II to record the last birth pangs of the Apocalypse Endtime from science perspectives since theologians and many pastors teach denominational false doctrines. They generally serve their own interest thus spread many of Satan’s deception to fool gullible people giving them a lot of money. Yeshua said my sheep will hear my voice to be rewarded on the Last Day, or focus on Matt. 25:41.

It caused a global Christian Church to become saltless in one generation now totally immoral and wicked, thus will repeat once more Sodom and Gomorrah to perish too. 

Dating the Apocalypse will upset theologians ignorant of seven world calendars with exponential declining earth wobbles since (5February 2287BC). That can be confirmed in many museums displaying ancient bronze-gold clocks now decoded in Babushka book #3 Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendars…confirming Bible Prophecy.

But this time YHWH will not save Mankind with a hi-tech ark but a little different method not allowed in church or Prophecy Summits prevented by fake science biased by an atheistic education. Some unusual Babushka Pearls revealed “how” linked true science to make some sense.

Using a math concept, we either look back in time or forward, which affect changes to determine Time. NASA atheistic scientists where confused by Julius Caesar correcting his calendar in 45 BC. The calendar was changed again by Pope Gregory XIII (1572–1585) and divided into BC-AD, avoided by the Hebrew calendar.

I was hoping that somebody would align our present (7) world calendars into “one” that was attempted and analyzed by a German inventor-scientist investigating the 7000 year cycles embedded in the Torah-Bible, the oldest book of mankind.

Jonah-II started being educated as an instrument-maker thus was familiar with Cuckoo clocks, being practical inclined converted that clock design into a concept to explain various Ages. (Babushka egg concept book #1) When mankind developed since Adam and Eve, “Time” was first recorded by Moses in a math seven base Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) embedded like a code in the Torah. Genesis reported extremely long living year cycles like Methuselah could not have been 969 Julius Cesar years comparing it with the replication of genes for thousand years, like GMO-technology not possible from a science perspective. Thus is a different calendar to measure ancient time recorded in history.

Notice the Torah 7000 year calendar cycles all end in an eight digit meaning Chet - corralled into two enclosures. Yeshua declared that mankind must pass either a big or small Gate (Matt. 7:13). Especially at the Endtime Chet will become more visible during the Apocalypse as shown on the Babushka World Cuckoo Clock. Followed by Teth, “New-Beginning” perhaps next year decided by the owner of this earth Only he could change His printed schedule like in Nineveh usually for a good reason.

Everyone on YouTube has gone wild now disappointed on 21 September 2017 (1 Tishri 5778)? The fake global NEWS no longer report what is really happening round the world to keep slaves submissive brain-dead for a New World Order. But until the two witnesses from heaven arrived, making a lot media noise, let’s look once more a changing declining earth wobble axis from ancient times and convert 360 days vice-versa 365.24 days per solstice. It is just another proof of dating the Apocalypse Endtime:

R-1 = 365.24 : 360 = 1.0145555555
R-2 = 360 : 365.24 = 0.9885653269

Test #1 - R1 (longer days from AD…> BC)

Daniel 518 BC + 2017AD Solstice       =  2535 yr.

2535 x 1.0145555555 (R1)                     =  2571.89

The difference (2571.89 - 2535)             ¥   36.89

Torah calendar @7000 added 9th cycle    =   35 yr.

The corrected difference of (2xT)          = 1.89 yr.

Page 2 calculated a previous calendar correction 1.8 yr. (1xT) now 1.89 yr. (2xT) with more fractions like two witnesses. 1.89-1.8 = is now 7 Gregorian months. Solstice 2017 (21 Dec.) + 7 month = 21 July 2018

Shabbat Chazon – Black Sabbath / שבת חזון

Shabbat Chazon ("Sabbath [of] vision" שבת חזון) takes its name from the Haftarah that is read on the Shabbat immediately prior to the mournful fast of Tisha B'Av, from the words of rebuke and doom coming from Isaiah in the Book of Isaiah 1:1-27. It is also referred to as the Black Sabbath due to its status as the saddest Shabbat of the year (as opposed to the White Sabbath, Shabbat Shuvah, immediately preceding Yom Kippur 2018).

When Yeshua the King of Kings visibly returns on earth with millions of angels, only sinless babies will survive (raptured) and a small remnant of Israel will lament, wail and be very sorry of an offence still disregarded for a 2000 years fulfilling prophecy and now seeing a pierced, crucified Yeshua perhaps alerted on this Black Sabbath?

Test # 2 – R2 (shorter days from BS…> AD)

Daniel 518 BC +2017AD Solstice      =  2535 yr.

       2535 x (R-2) 0.98 85 65 32 69      =  2506.01

The difference is (2535- 2506.01)       ¥  29 years

(29 : 7 (G) = 4.14 yr. [JC]) - A declining earth axis solstice 4004 BC came to rest on (21 December 2012)

2012.975358 + 4.142857 = 2017.1182 15

Fraction is 43 days = 12 February 2018

Rosh Chodesh Adar / ראש חודש אדר

Beginning of new Hebrew month of Adar. Adar is the 12th month of the Hebrew year. Corresponds to February or March on the Gregorian calendar. Rosh Chodesh Adar begins at sundown 14 February 2018.

The coming Second asteroid will split Jerusalem into a wide valley. One side is lifted up to a high mountain exposing a bubbling double water spring source growing into two rivers. On top Israel will build a platform with a pyramid (Esek.40) to commemorate a historic covenant and greatly will honor the YHWH who no longer desired a blood sacrifice. The Temple-curtain was rendered 2000 years ago once and for all to atone for a Kosmos SIN. Thus Mankind will start over again with a new earth axis calendar linked to a major environmental climate change now tropical again melting the permafrost once more.

Test #3 Straight Solstices Calendar - Pearl #224

Follow the trail and notice the middle of 2xT became the center of mortal history 518 BC on either side 3500 years ending in 3018 AD [JC]. To prove Babushka egg dating (2xT) remove the BC-AD 9th cycle-35 day correction:

(518+2017-35=2500) and consider a new earth axis calendar caused by another asteroid outlined 4 years ago. It will confirm a third Apocalypse witness date (½xT). 

2500 + 518 = 3018 AD – 1000 (½xT) 2018 AD [JC]!

121st Jubilee (5778) =  Sept.-Solstice 2017- Sept. 2018


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