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Will Yeshua’s Kingdom start after 5778?


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Many Torah-Bible prophecies will mirror echo a Hebrew overlay of the Chet Age [Eph. 1:8] unknown by the world population of the last century. When people are educated in fake science, they become brainwashed obedient slaves to a few closely-knit oligarch families that control every aspect of common life. The ultra rich formed an international shadow government to oppress worldwide every nation through a veiled www barcode system managed by pliable psychopath FED bankers authorized by US Congress to print money since 1913 revealed in [Rev. 17:1-6].

It was prophesied to evolve into a global Chet 8th Horn-Beast system of absolute EVIL in rebellion to YHWH. Unlimited fake money financed worldwide military complexes, altered the laws of nature distressing the environment and murdered millions in wars and ethnic cleansing. They control every cartel like Bayern-Monsanto all bolstered by absolute evil science technology only to terminate most “Life” on earth. The Creator watching his creation is not sleeping and exposed on the web how the New World Order incited continuous confrontations to terrorize and enslave everyone. Hence when historic truth was falsified, some good NEWS remained. Mankind will be redeemed from absolute EVIL now forever defeated, being judged on earth and in heaven by divine Wrath. 

The Tyranny history of the last 100 years.
How Big Oil Conquered the World (11-4-17)

However, when divine destiny is now revealed by a thousand YouTube videos and is linked to Torah-Bible prophecies, history will be repeated like Noah’s time where the first civilization totally perished (2288 BC). 

YHWH chronicled many warnings and used another Jonah-II linked to forgotten knowledge in Babushka egg Pearl #270. Forbidden Truth will eventually expose absolute Evil and reveal why most people will not survive the last prophesied Apocalypse. When Bible truth is muffled and paid off with obscene grants by psychopathic NYC bankers, it will corrupt every government, university and silence the Christian church.

Thus, the Creator documented the Apocalypse birth pangs of why and how the last civilization will end and warned a predestined Elect by another Jonah-II linked in 14 Babushka egg books avoided in church. The Endtime scenario was revealed by two Daleth dimension witnesses [Dan. 7:8] and confirmed in [Rev. 5:1]. But the last generation will be warned by two heavenly Heh dimension witnesses in Jerusalem: Elijah and Enoch. When they arrive, the prophesied Apocalypse will end six months later. That is still veiled to blinded denominational theologians still holding on to erroneous falsified Christian dogmas preached in most American churches..

FALSE TEACHERS EXPOSED: Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel [10-28-2015]

However, pay attention. The year 5778 could be the very threshold of   Yeshua’s Kingdom emerging in great glory prophesied after 6000 years [Pearl #276]. Satan will finally lose his job of ruling this world to plague Mankind no more. The new civilization is totally different and will last 1000 years without wars. Satan is chained in the netherworld, but all his demon angels controlling absolute evil FED bankers - are terminated.

Thus, when Truth is prevented to seven (7) billion people, it will be concluded by (4) four Death angels as revealed in [Rev. 9:14]. These   powerful angel agents were specially designed to selectively purge and kill anybody denying the authority of YHWH. Many Christians will be judged too, no longer being salt as they failed to abide in the principles of divine revelation. Therefore the next generations will become a righteous civilization governed by Yeshua to rule mankind as King of Kings. 

Divine Scripture is now explained in reporting many science facts still suppressed by many governments but now verified in a thousand web videos. The biggest man-made problem is atomic radiation. Violating the laws of nature will destroy all life on earth. Only the Bible revealed a fix [Rev. 22:1] and mentioned certain trees used for healing like in a Moses story. [Exodus 15:22-25] Special tree branches converted bitter water into unpolluted sweet water and modern diseases, caused by many pharmacy cartels will be abolished forever and not allowed in Yeshua’s Kingdom.

Fukushima Third of Sea Life DEAD! FEB. 6, 2017

Another inconsistency: Israel survivors will worship YHWH again in a tent similar to [Exodus. 33:7] but is now one room without a curtain as a divine Shekinah completed redemption. A foretold Third Temple is built much later with stones to last 1000 years, but will be a different architectural structure maybe Ezekiel described a pyramid on top of a raised mountain. (Pearl #174, #247) Jerusalem will be totally leveled to remove all the buildings representing the many religious deceptions of Satan. During Yeshua’s kingdom all religions and languages will be obsoleted and forgotten and many forbidden inventions like free energy will be further perfected by the pre-resurrected Saints having access to divine intelligence. The Plan for Mankind described in Babushka egg book #1 now make sense as a fallen mankind must be re-educated to fit eternity as Life will no longer be threatened by hi-tech extinction. After solstice 2017 only very few will survive the Apocalypse and see the Glory of Yeshua. The web will be gone; only the Torah-Bible will remain forever to tell future generations how to worship the one deity YHWH-YESHUA directing seven (7) Spirits to govern the Kosmos. When the light is “On” in a Mind, it will understand the Torah wisdom and perhaps be pre-resurrected to Sainthood and thus invited to sit at the table of the King of Kings. [Dan. 7: 8-14; Rev. 11:15] (Chet Pearl #888)

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