Eventually, millions will read about these new green energy conversion motors free on the Internet. Some may curse me for ruining their polluting energy business. Others may call me a religious fanatic - or cheer me on for providing them with the greatest opportunity to make a lot of money.


Nicola Tesla's
Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE)

Harnessing "Magnetic Gravity” to extract electricity fom the greatest energy source useful for mankind

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This 9th babushka egg concept book has expanded into a THIRD EDITION as countless more facts were discovered in the last six months. Once a book is published, additional information often surfaces later that can only be amended. For that, I use my Pearls or eventually sum it up in another edition. Searching the Internet revealed that I am no longer alone: a number of patent witnesses demonstrate applied perpetual motion to produce totally free ELECTRICITY. They exist in parallel with more advanced UREE designs described in these pages.

I independently discovered what is no longer taught in universities. Since 1930, universities totally stopped teaching about electric motors and generators. That led to a generation being raised without wonderful science applications forgotten for 100 years. That unawareness was only bridged by noncompliant rebels postulating free electricity, in spite oppression annoying the oil-nuclear cartel controlling corrupt government energy departments. But coercion cannot be continued since the Internet has changed our civilization forever, obsoleting a stranglehold on truth. Truth is always stronger than propaganda lies according to entropy laws. Have fun watching short video clips on what was suppressed for 40 years but can now be accessed without going to prison.

These revolutionary energy concepts will surprise you learning about censored history surrounded with the greatest scientist Nicola Tesla opening a cosmic energy now further expanded in this Third Edition to better unify some aspects where really energy comes from revealed from the ELOHIM. The many entrepreneurs on Youtube trying to recreate countless forgotten generator-motor specialty confiscated by the government stamped "Top Secret" but is known globally even by nations not friendly to the USA. Energy must come from somewhere, and only metaphysics one notch higher has the answer forbidden by the establishment.

They did it to Sir Isaac Newton by suppressing 50% of his writings, but now his powerful voice is reemerging from the grave to defeat an illogical, unscientific, evolution religion controlled by a powerful atheistic priesthood-elite. With all the evidence of wireless electrical transmission, why does the Oil-Nuclear Cartel have so much muscle globally to cause unending energy conflicts that led to so many wars in the last century when free electricity was around?

If you like to know the electric motor secrets not allowed in universities, listen to a recent 2-hour lecture on Youtube by Peter Lindeman explaining forgotten science principles buried in patent libraries. But his expanded technology needed someone to unify it into a whole 360⁰ horizon concept by adding the metaphysical perspective even Newton postulated.

These pages explain how and why magnetic gravity can be linked to generate enough electricity to drive a car or fly jets without fossil fuel. Do not be fooled by disinformation fake science. Either start with the video clips or read this Babushkas egg concept book first. One way or the other, your horizons will be widened one notch higher – guaranteed!

3000-watt Engine Powers Itself300-watt motor

Searching the Internet revealed that I am no longer alone exposing a "Grand Lie" now uncovered that "FREE ELECTRICITY" existed 100 years ago still suppressed by the criminal OIL-NUCLEAR CARTEL which controls the patent department and every university with huge grants paid by YOU the consumer. They got away with it manipulating political every university by placing international in strategic position a powerful well financed atheistic priesthood. They are backed up by corrupted governments compulsory enforcing exclusively an unscientific evolution theory in every school therefore brainwashed the MIND of every student. That distorted the ability to think in LOGIC undermining the basis of true physics linked to the forbidden metaphysics pointing out a destructive evil mind-set of relativism. The cartel of the richest people on earth became very successful enforcing the "Grand Lie" that free energy is NOT POSSIBLE.

Your overcharged utility and gasoline bills are used to pay off corrupt politicians and to finance counterfeit science while supporting a class of privilege usually hiding unearned wealth tax-free in offshore bank accounts controlled by crooked global bankers. They direct our civilization in a vicious cycle causing worldwide extinction in danger of terminating all life on earth. It will end in Armageddon guaranteed, but God’s Wrath once more will save LIFE revealed by another Jonah now warned that ELOHIM will continue his Plan for Mankind but this time without "evil" another 1000 years. We should recognize everybody has heard about a coming Apocalypse as TRUTH proclaimed in the Bible linked to divine prophecy cannot be suppressed anymore by the evil OIL-NUCLEAR energy cartel stealing obscene money from the hoodwinked consumer. One forbidden witness tells it plainly: 

Free Energy Tom Bearden, Joseph Newman by JohnEnergy 2012 - www.Lightworksav.com



I am only one voice among the many witnesses on the Internet which is not yet controlled by the cartel therefore independently discovered what is no longer taught in universities. Since Nicola Tesla invented free electricity was deliberately silenced 1920, as global universities totally stopped teaching about electric motors and generators pushing dirty polluting OIL and made sure forcing an automobile industry to be compliant never improve its usage.

That led to a generation being raised without really understanding science applications suppressed for 100 years. That unawareness was only bridged by a silent minority of noncompliant rebels postulating free electricity, in spite oppression only annoying the oil-nuclear cartel still tightly controlling corrupted governments linked to their energy departments.

But coercion cannot be continued since the Internet has changed our civilization forever, obsoleting a stranglehold on truth. Truth like a genie in the bottle when released is stronger than propaganda lies according to entropy laws. Have a little fun and be entertained watching the many short video clips on Youtube what was suppressed for 100 years can now be accessed should not endure another energy war. 

1) The Lost Secrets of Nicola Tesla - Youtube.com, Nicola Tesla the Untold Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0z3pEeYDEw&feature=related

2) Peter Lindeman 2-hour lecture -- Electric Motor Secrets -- Video produced by Clear Tech Inc. (www.free-energy.ws/products)

3) A Pie-shaped generator linked to UREE #13,14,16 - Thewaterenergy1@hotmail.NL

4) Simple proof of electrical perpetual motion: 3000-watt Engine Powers Itself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv53K9MnDuM&feature=related
www.witts.ws (Click video links.)

5) . http://www.amazon.com/Lost-Science-Gerry-Vassilatos/dp/0932813755

This Third Edition of The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine raises many science concepts to a higher level. It postulates magnetic gravity motors that could propel airplanes perpetually - even Concord jets - with free energy. But has gone further and answered the question, “Where does the energy come from?” 

That needed a new Donut Atom theory to be postulated as atoms smashed by CERN lost their identity will never reveal where the ENERGY original comes from now described for the layman. Even my little grandkid wants to know how free electricity crystallizes from the cosmos. Can it be extracted from Gravity-Water-Air right down to the atom level and convert its embedded magnetisms to electricity using low technology giving us totally "free ENERGY". That was proven by the greatest scientist, Nicola Tesla, originally invented ELECTRICITY 100 years ago followed by other inventors demonstrated in many patent applications and should no longer be suppressed to make dirty OIL energy predominant.

I hope it will replace the root-cause of an unscientific evolution theory and wake up universities from sleep being liberated from a powerful criminal oil-nuclear cartel and once more pursuing true science. They have the global influence to slow down the horrendous worldwide destruction depleting our resources by not suppressing but accepting this free energy. This energy warning comes at the eve of depleted global energy resources and was inspired from ELOHIM sending once more a Jonah FISH to get the attention of science matching prophecy. Watch a 52 km asteroid already in an 825-day orbit ending again a Civilization [17 September 2015?] like Noah's apocalypse 5 February 2287 BC.

An open Letter to the US President Barak Obama from a concerned US citizen.

Dear President Obama,

This courtesy letter captures some of the information found in a number of Babushka egg concept books circling the globe on the Internet. It includes perhaps the greatest discovery of a new energy source that could immediately employ millions people in America if the US government has the resolve. It could even help you be re-elected.

As a retired scientist, I was challenged by my grandkids in the laws of physics and in the process discovered a virtually infinite energy source, which compelled the hi-tech inventor in me to design 10 applications of an ULTIMATE RENEWABLE ENERGY ENGINE (UREE). Not being trained in the advanced theories of mathematics, I can only hypothesize how it works.

I discovered how GRAVITY could be converted into a fuel infinitely available by extracting it from kinetically moved air atoms and water molecules from the ∞ Ocean. My designs simulate how the Hoover Dam provides energy but now miniaturized and made portable. It is a totally cheap clean energy source obsoleting deadly nuclear power station, dirty coal conversion related to many problems in the environment and global warming. My discovery even makes it possible to drive your car without gasoline. It aligns with a recent science discovery by Princeton University scientists who measured light to be 300 times faster than usual under special circumstances verified by CERN scientists that prove Dr. Albert Einstein’s theory needs to be changed. Faster light discoveries captured in modern but simple motors can now produce perpetually infinite electrical profit for the 21st century civilization.   

The reports of the recent earthquake rocking the White House on August 23, 2011 exposed on the TV a nuclear lie from the energy cartel that safety was their concern. Their first line of defense did not work, as expressed by the UN nuclear expert who previously evaluated the Japan’s nuclear disaster. He said that we were very lucky that this earthquake did not cause the melt down of a US nuclear reactor. It was only prevented because the quake was one notch lower, or it could have been repeated like in Russia and Japan. A destructive nuclear meltdown would have permanently poisoned the real estate surrounding White House for the next 100,000 years eventually making our planet void of all life like the rest of the universe.

My patent application for the ULTIMATE RENEWABLE ENREGY ENGINE may become reality, but it should not wait until the energy industry and universities get around to it. It is a bit like how the Wright Brothers had to struggle against the general opinion that human flight was “not possible”.  In opposition to popular conviction, 100 years later we flew to the moon placing a flag firmly showing America’s resolve. We should repeat it once more by putting the effort of NASA scientists to build prototypes of my designs to test my radical new approach to energy generation that taps into subatomic kinetic motion to provide clean green energy for modern living. We are running out of time. The energy cartels still could now make obscene profits from gravity converted into free "electricity".

Sincerely in a tailspin of new discoveries,

Herbert R. Stollorz (10-11-11)

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Summation of the UREE Roadmap:

Sixteen (16) basic UREE models provide numerous practicable applications to create electricity according to need. Each is like a Hoover-dam producing electricity required for factories. One could use the underwater ocean version inside a submarine (page 5), or it can be miniaturized, scaled down to a tiny portable motor for a bicycle. Each application requires focus on a specific design concept depending on use. Our civilization uses electricity in two energy modes - either moving or stationary:

  1. Cars and Trains 
  2. Home and Office
  3. Jet airplanes and UFOs

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You have come to the web site where current news headlines play catch-up. This is the only place where you can learn WHY Einstein’s 1905 Special Theory of Relativity was wrong about a fixed rate speed of light. You will also learn about an ancient asteroid strike that changed the earth's rotational axis. The earth's changed rotation together with time's parabolic nature combine to explain many ancient mysteries as well as the structural nature of the universe's material dimension of time and space, referred to on our site as the Daleth Dimension.


To drive a car perpetually without gasoline
is everybody's dream, but logic dictates
that it requires energy. Free solar seems
a candidate as early experiments
demonstrate that it could work, but all
proved that not enough energy is available
to be practical for a standard automobile.
Somehow we all know it could be possible,
so we keep searching for some alternate
energy combination like building hybrids
but have not found it yet – until now.

Our web site describes about 14 variations on
applying the UREE concept but not all will
be practical. Thus, I feel the need to add
something for clarification that could open
up other applications. The 9th Babushka
egg concept book described how to extract
infinite energy from GRAVITY and
WATER as free electricity.

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This interdisciplinary discovery journey is documented in 9 Babushka Egg Concept Books that use scientific research methods to reveal the startling story and purpose behind a number of historic and scientific mysteries. From the information embedded in ancient calendar clocks residing in museums around the world, our research explains ancient biblical history and prophecy. The historic-prophetic time cycles from cultures around the world have been analyzed with the help of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System as a template.

Discovering remarkable parallels embedded in these ancient calendar clocks, hi-tech inventor Herbert R. Stollorz relates God's purpose for mankind with many scientific witnesses. The Babushka book knowledge journey travels from global warming and the genetic destruction of nature to the structure of the atomic nucleus and how it could be safely harnessed through gravity, without nuclear fission or fusion, to produce virtually unlimited cheap energy. You are guaranteed to expand your horizons. What you read here is unlike anything you might hear in church, in university conferences or on your TV, yet these books explain many mysteries and answer many questions you might have first heard about on TV specials or the Internet.

The UREE is a "big fish" invention soon to become one of the greatest scientific events since the Wright Brothers were scoffed at in public. They were told that human flight was "not possible" but later clearly demonstrated that man could fly. In this way, the UREE is similar. Most believe that it is not possible for GRAVITY and WATER to be an unlimited energy source that can be cheaply converted to electricity with existing low technology components.

Donut AtomHopefully, Babushka Egg Concept Book #9 will convince the skeptic. Seventeen simple, low-tech motor concepts are presented as witnesses in Babushka Book #9, which schematically describes prototypes that employ gravity to extract energy from oxygen molecules by converting it to low-priced electricity. It will obsolete poisonous nuclear reactors and dirty coal-derived energy. The book even provides a portable option to power your car without gasoline. It will become the cheapest clean green fuel for the next civilization linked to God's Kingdom on Earth, which will endure 1000 years from AD 2018.

This new energy source should be investigated by NASA, which needs a new job now the space shuttle closed down and followed by 250 CD copies mailed worldwide to leading universities for evaluation to correct a faulty atom theory smashing atoms for 40 years. You too could be a referee and join the web-reader circle to learn about the new ∞ energy path traveling from our galaxy black hole to fuel every atom in our body maintaining LIFE still a mystery. All books on this web site are formatted printable for free.

The purpose of Babushka egg concept books is to convince our civilization that God the ELOHIM has sent a second Jonah once more with 3 WARNINGS and a big science fish to convince skeptics. He means business ending this atheistic civilization on 17 September 2015 as proven with 70 witnesses in the 9 Babushka egg concept books. Be stimulated by reading some unusual concepts never preached in church or postulated in the halls of higher learning. It is forbidden like the silence Galileo was forced to endure, but the Internet gives me an advantage he did not have.

Our message is unconventional. It is inspired by mysterious old bronze and gold clock calendars and Bible prophecy that connect the laws of nature to Metaphysics jointly with the conventional Physics of science. For a balanced perspective why have globally universities thrown-out and rejected the most ancient book the BIBLE recording a 6000 year history of mankind and to understand it should to be re-educated in forgotten logic. That would turn on the light in your MIND starting with the greatest big fish high-tech invention postulated by a Jonah inventor scientist announcing: Babushka egg concept book #9 The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine.

Whom will he teach knowledge?
And to whom will he explain the message?
For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept,
Line upon line, line upon line,
Here a little, there a little. (Isaiah 28:9-10)

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