The World Cuckoo Clock
God's Plan for the Universe and Earth


Where I explain a useful metaphor to tie it all together and ask, "Are primitive societies more likely to survive the Apocalypse than modern ones so dependant on power driven technology?"


We have now come to the end of book number one. We have learned much. I especially hope that this book has been helpful to those who have never read the Bible before.

As a precision mechanic from Germany, I learned how to make clocks and many other instruments. As we go about our daily activities, we frequently look at a clock or a watch. Knowing the time helps to orient and organize our lives. It is a big job to organize 7,000 years of human history into one clock. Not only are there a number of ages and primary players to consider, but also different dimensions to depict. Thus, I relied on my technical experience to arrange our past and future history into a composite World Cuckoo Clock with two dials and hands that are driven by a number of chronological gears.

I constructed the clock to depict the histories for both humanity and the demonic realm focused on Satan. Each will have a hand indicating a particular point in time. This helps to show the whole 7,000 years of time from these two perspectives. When you overlay reading the Bible with this cuckoo clock, it becomes much more interesting because you know where various Bible verses fit. The passage of time and the dates we mark it by are very important to our lives. That’s why people around the world celebrate special days like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and various cultural holidays. In funerals societies mark the passage from time to eternity that occurs at the deaths of those we love or respect.

God has put a railroad schedule together for us to commemorate so that the Bible will make sense to us. The Apocalypse is the 13th railroad station, and we are racing toward it at high speed whether we like it or not. If you want to know what will happen and when during the seven years of the Apocalypse, then you need to read the second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17. Like this book, it is also available to read on the Internet or download for free.

The impending Apocalypse can be more than a little scary, but Jesus encourages us. He said, “I will be with you until the end of this age and into forever.” The key is to place our lives in the loving hands of our Creator. He is worthy of trust. Under his merciful care whatever might happen to us is sure serve a purpose beyond our immediate knowing. Both good times and trials will bless others as well as us beyond comprehension.

We must not forget the big picture of life. We have two birthdays. The first one we could not do anything about, but when it comes to the second one, we definitely have a choice. I hope to greet you personally on our arrival to the Heh side. There we will explore the universe together with our new and beautiful “butterfly wings.” But until then, do read the second book, but put on a seatbelt before you start. I promise that it will get as tough as it gets amazing. I had no idea myself when I began this project, but God is so much bigger than myself or these books. It seems like there is always something more.

General Explanation of the World Cuckoo Clock

In my two books I have used a number of concept-models. I have taken this approach to explain the very complex mechanism of biblical revelation concerning the plan of God for this earth and humanity. I use the metaphor of the World Cuckoo Clock to relate the earth to the universe and to illustrate the results of my research. [Click on the link to bring up a picture of the World Cuckoo Clock.]

Like the analogy based on the nested Russian Eggs I have found in toy stores, the clock has variously sized gears or ages that symmetrically intermesh and align with each other. Even within the littlest Russian Egg we still find the concepts of a two-railed railroad track, the DNA strands of genes, the heavenly binary code of 7:5, the burning tunnel, and a plan for the passengers from the railroad management (some from the Old Testament, others from the New Testament, all related to the Rosetta Stone discovery). We also learned something about the Hebrew holidays - especially the mystery month of Tammuz, which pinpointed the dates of the Apocalypse and will be more extensively covered in my next book, Mystery of Tammuz 17.

We now come to the point where if Christian and Hebrew scholars could synchronize their clocks, they could arrive at the same time and at the same place of our prophesied destiny. Let's look at the World Cuckoo Clock as viewed from outside this world’s material reality of time in the Daleth dimension.

God is not affected by time as we know it. He has existed from eternity past and will continue to exist throughout eternity future. However, those of us who live on earth are profoundly affected by time. It is a marker for men to measure history and the progress of civilization. For humanity, the past is final and unchangeable. Our future is unknown, being shrouded from the perception of our five senses; therefore, predicting the future and preparing for it are vital to our existence. We expend a great deal of effort becoming educated and working hard in order to secure our future. The clock dominates our lives, and our biggest complaint is that we do not have enough time.

I designed what I call the World Cuckoo Clock to summarize the first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, which predicts in some detail the events soon to take place in heaven and earth from our perspective of space and time. The many examples of past Bible prophecy now fulfilled as history should inspire confidence that what is predicted to happen in the future will indeed take place. It should motivate us to be fully prepared for the next hour on God's clock.

As a summary, you may not find every concept presented in the book mentioned here. Some of this is due to the fact that there will never be an end to our research. It is a perpetual “work-in-progress. In spite of our efforts to be consistent and current, it is probable that a number of words, numbers and concepts escaped us.

The Apocalypse is a book by itself. Because of its essential role in God’s plan for humanity, there are many more overlays, explanations and Bible teachings relating to it than we can possibly include in my two books. That’s why we have a web site.

The second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, is quite different in that you are introduced to the research methods behind the overview presented in this book. I discuss the key events of the Apocalypse in considerable detail, including how I dated them. If you have not bought the second book yet, you get whet your curiosity by visiting our Internet site where you can read it as well as answers to questions readers have had. Also, the web site provides an internal search engine where you can quickly locate subjects and concepts that you want to review.

The Clock Hands

The hands of the World Cuckoo Clock point to two different timelines that can be viewed simultaneously. The small hand directs our attention to God's allotted time for Satan's dominion on the earth as seen from the Heh dimension. It starts with the creation of Adam and Eve in 4068 BC as calibrated to our present calendar. It ends in AD 3018 when Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire.

The big hand points to the passage of time on earth as viewed from our mortal perspective (Daleth). It begins with Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden in 4004 BC as calibrated in Hebrew years and ends in AD 3018 as calibrated to our present calendar. The tenth age (10 = Jod) points to when God and his saints will dwell in a newly created earth and heaven (Heh = "eternity" or "the other side").

The ancient Hebrews wrote from right to left, rather than from left to right as we do. Similarly, the hands on this clock move counterclockwise rather than clockwise. The two clock hands on my diagram are both pointing to the age of the Apocalypse (2008-2015), telling the world when the cuckoo bird will come out. At that juncture Satan's power will be destroyed, and the world system will end with it.

Every now and then someone in the media will say that the world is so many minutes before midnight, meaning total destruction. Nuclear weapons are even now aimed at America, and weapons of mass destruction continue to spread to ever smaller countries controlled by corrupt dictators and/or extreme Islamic factions.

Bible prophecy gives us comfort by assuring us that God is in control. The earth will not come to a total end. It will recover from the vast destruction of the Great Apocalypse. A remnant of human beings will survive to live in a new age of untold blessings. They will be joined by millions of human beings who will be resurrected to immortality at Jesus' return. Jesus Christ, born in humble beginnings, will return with cosmic splendor. He will descend from heaven on a white horse to rule the world from a restored Fourth Temple in Jerusalem.

The Clock Face

The face of the World Cuckoo Clock has two circles that represent two dials, one inside the other. The outer circle corresponds to the seven-based system (Daleth), and the inner circle represents the five-based system (Heh). (See the explanation of the 7:5 ratio and my Rosetta Stone discovery in Chapter 7 of Mystery of Tammuz 17.) Both circles present a panoramic view of human history, past and future.

The inner circle, marking the limited time of Satan's dominion over the earth, has five (5) numbers along its perimeter. The outer circle has seven (7) numbers along its perimeter. It represents the history and prophecy of humanity under Satan’s deceitful bondage during the time dimension (Daleth).

Together, these numbers (7+5) symbolize twelve (12) judgment ages for man and Satan as prophesied in Scripture. The dial's chronology starts at 4068 BC (on the left side of the clock dial) and ends in AD 3018 (on the right side of the dial).

Earlier in this book I mentioned the analogy of a railroad track with two parallel rails. One rail represents the Old Testament, God's oracles given to mankind through Israel from the beginning of time. The other rail represents the New Testament, which is God's last written revelation to humanity as written by some leading disciples within some decades of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Combined, they reveal God's purpose for this world.

In the analogy of the railroad track rails, the train represents the human race, which will run on these rails for a total of seven thousand years. The track of human history has been interrupted by major events that I call railroad stations. There are fourteen (14) stations shown in the 7,000-Year Table of Human History.

Twelve (12) of these stations are major judgments that have already taken place. At each judgment station, God checked the system and made the necessary corrections so that humanity could continue to the very end. There were many minor corrections or judgments, too. Whenever human civilization got out of order, God visited a people or group of nations with painful lessons (the judgments) to get our attention and to keep his plan on track so that in the end the most people possible could spend a blessed eternity with him. Sadly, sometimes these major corrections came in the form of wars (Zayin, meaning "sword" or "war") or even the total destruction of a culture.

Towards the end of the railroad track, we arrive at station #13, which is a burning tunnel symbolizing the Apocalypse we must all pass through to reach the blessings of God’s new age to come. This tunnel is the thirteenth judgment. It is located on the clock face where the small and big hands come together. The number thirteen (13) means "rebellion/depravity." Everyone must pass through that tunnel at the appointed time.

Chronological Ages on the Dial

In an attempt to express the parallel histories of humanity and Satan from the viewpoint of eternity, I have used the Hebrew Alphabet Number System to identify historical ages. I incorporated these time ages into the clock face. The five large numbers (6–10) represent the spiritual ages (Waw, Zayin, Cheth, Teth, Jod) of human history on earth. These historical ages are interrupted by God from time to time to allow for a correction in this dimension in accordance with his eternal plan.

A normal clock has twelve numbers on the dial, representing the hours of the day. The World Cuckoo Clock has only five numbers because the hour numbers (converted from Hebrew letters) in most cases express thousands of years, so only five numbers are important to us. The remaining numbers are unseen to human beings. We know nothing about those ages of eternity, and nothing is mentioned about them in the Bible. The Bible contains some hints about things in the distant future, but we need not speculate about things when God is silent:

But, as it is written, "What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him." (1Corinthians 2:9, NASB)

Our imaginations can run wild when we contemplate the future. Just read some science fiction books or watch some of the movies people have produced! But God tells us that his future new earth will be wonderful beyond man's imagination. Now I will review the meanings of these spiritual ages as they appear on the clock dial.

The Sixth Age (6 = Waw)

The Hebrew day begins with the "sixth hour" at sunset. Similarly, God's plan for the earth starts with the sixth age. (6 = Waw, meaning"connect") Eternity past connects with the time dimension in which we now live (4 = Daleth, "this world in this time"). This is indicated on the far left side of our clock.

To begin the implementation of His grand plan for humanity, God created the world with its seas and lands full of animals. Within it He also created a man and a woman, Adam and Eve (in 4018 BC, 4068 by our calendar):

God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. (Genesis 1:31 NASB)

After that God stopped creating for a while. The Bible says:

By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. (Genesis 2:2 NASB)

God visited the Garden every day to educate the man he created. I wish I could have been there.

From 4068 BC to 4004 BC Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. The physical world (the Daleth 7-based dimension), which was subject to procreation and death, existed alongside the Heh 5-based dimension (represented as the Garden of Eden). After Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, the 5-based dimension became invisible and the Garden of Eden disappeared from the earth. But the Heh dimension will appear again when the City of God, the heavenly Jerusalem, is suspended like a satellite for a thousand years from AD 2018 to 3018.

As a result of Adam and Eve's sin, the sixth age (6 = Waw, meaning "connect") ended. A new age, the seventh one (7 = Zayin, meaning "sword/strife"), began for people and Satan alike. Zayin corresponds to a fallen world, our physical world, which the Bible calls "flesh" as contrasted to the spirit component of mortal humanity.

We do not know the year the universe began. The Bible is silent about when Satan initiated his rebellion, when he was removed from his exalted position, and when God started to plan for the reconciliation of his universe. Therefore, the beginning date of the sixth age cannot be determined.

The Bible does tell us that before people were created Satan started a rebellion in Heaven. I often wondered why Satan managed to get so many angels to follow him. The Bible indicates that millions of angels rebelled against God. This massive rebellion is not yet over. I submit that even during the dim mists of antiquity God was invisible to the angelic beings. Speaking and communicating to the seemingly empty throne of an invisible boss must have been difficult requiring absolute trust and obedience. Just as Heaven seems to be empty today to most mortals, so it was to the angels. God was not perceived directly – only indirectly. The orders from Him also came indirectly – mediated through the three cherubim that surrounded His throne: one on each side and one above, covering it. Israel’s Ark of the Covenant showed the remaining loyal cherubs at each side of the otherwise empty throne, but the third covering it from above was gone.

The missing third angel was Lucifer, the “star of the morning” or “son of the dawn.” (Isaiah 14:12-15, Ezekiel 28:14 NASB) Literally, the Hebrew is Heyl-el ben Shachar, Venus the son of the morning dawn (Morning Star). The root derivation of the name Heyl-el communicates the “force, strength or bravery of God” like the Hebrew heyl-avir translates to “air force” where avir means “air.” So the force of God shone through Satan as is also described by the Latin name, Lucifer or “light carrier.” God is light, and science teaches us that light is power – everything as depicted by the rainbow over God’s throne discussed elsewhere. Heyl-el ben Shachar mediated God’s power to the rest of the heavenly realm.

Pride entered into the consciousness of Heyl-el ben Shachar. As the highest cherub over the throne in God’s apparent absence, he began to represent to the other angels that the power of the throne coming through him was his. In an all-out attempt to sit in the throne itself – to make his own orders instead of obeying an unseen voice - Heyl-el ben Shachar became Satan, the Adversary.

Satan boldly lied that the invisible Godhead had now become visible in himself: that he was God. God found himself embroiled in the midst of idol worship around his holy Throne just like Moses saw Israel in dancing in rebellion around the golden calf in Sinai when he returned from the mountain top. And so the Eternal Creator saw His most perfect and powerful angel in open rebellion against His holy Name and authority, disrespectfully polluting it with a noisy arrogance purposed towards a self-serving, deceptive manipulation of others. Instead of order and beauty, turmoil and violent unrest erupted everywhere as the whole creation experienced tumultuous chaos.

God boldly re-established control of the government by removing all rebellious angels from His presence. Any who had violated His name or broken His commands were suddenly gone from the Third Heaven, relegated to more distant regions of the Heh dimension. These rebellious angels had failed their test of loyalty to God’s high standards of serving love. They “fell” from His grace because they did not obey their Creator and Ruler in sightless faith, so they “fell” from the Third Heaven of God’s presence into the Second Heaven of the Heh dimension around the earth. Only by special permission were they ever permitted in His presence again and only when God had some purpose of human trial for them to fulfill in His overall plan for humanity.

Eventually, Satan and his accomplices would need to be permanently removed from their jobs. To fill these vacant positions, God would create new beings: humans. God would confine people to one place: earth, but He would allow Satan to infect people with evil in order to create the necessity for overcoming, which would build an incorruptible righteous character in spiritual beings possessing freedom of will – the facility of free choice.

God realized that this test of requiring faithful obedience in the absence of His visible presence was very effective in revealing the true heart or internal workings of His created beings. He learned that He could trust only Himself to mediate His power and perfect love to any He desired to call His child. He also realized that the failure rate of perfectly created angels was too high. He required zero defects in His government and set about a way to achieve that objective. He had to come up with a way to perfect beings similar to Himself who would not be corrupted by familiarity with the divine or their own exercise of power.

God desired and then established a system that produced morally incorrupt beings who would not take advantage of the grace and power of His love for selfish gain and exaltation. It was the angels’ rebellion that later gave rise to the first three divine commandments written down by God on two stone tablets now known as the Ten Commandments.

These three commandments are the fundamental laws governing how created beings must address a holy God. The number three in HANS indicates an elevation to a higher position. (Read about it in Chapter 9 in the section, “The Constitution of the New World Order.”) They will be forever engraved in the consciousness of the holy saints.

How was God going to accomplish these overall objectives? He came up with a plan to correct what had gone wrong in His universe. This is how I came to understand why God created the Daleth dimension of material time and space. It would provide a stage where He could become a visible mediator for the benefit of the angels and the fleshly, mortal persons He planned to build. Yes, the other primary reason for the physical universe is to provide people with the chance for rebirth as described in the butterfly story found in Chapter 6.

By becoming visible, God could reveal Himself personally through the expression of perfect love to each and every individual ever born. The truth is that God is not just some sternly remote, uncaring Judge who sits in a black rob behind some high desk. This image hides His true character. By becoming a mediator in mortal flesh humans can learn that God is love, what that love is, and that we are not some itty bitty ant lost in a vast anthill of billions. God intends our journey on earth to be one where we also discover how each of us is a special person. Every one of God’s children will have unique experiences to tell our friends in the Daleth dimension of our encounters with the Creator who lowered Himself to my level of care and concern. This is, my dear reader, is the greatest story ever told and that is the good news we must tell our friends.

Many theologians believe that Satan rebelled when he learned of God’s plan to create Adam as His heir. But I think that the mystery of God in the flesh of Daleth dimension was even a secret to Satan. His ignorance became very evident when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert wilderness. Satan took them up to a mountaintop and with pride showed Jesus the wealth and power of all the kingdoms he controlled. “I will give it all to you if you bow down to me,” he said.

Now that was a really stupid remark when you consider that, due to Adam’s sin, the kingdoms of world had given to Satan by the One standing before him. Jesus’ weak, fleshly body in some way masked or disguised the Creator from the Tempter’s sense of reality. The devil did not realize that the mortal standing in front of him was also the very Creator God of the universe. It is almost like Jesus’ fleshly mortality in some way blinded Satan from recognizing the Judge who had kicked him out of the throne room some ages ago, or maybe he thought that Jesus did not know who He was. By speaking one word Jesus could make Satan dissolve into a formless mass of energy. But that is not God’s way, nor is it His timing.

These truths are not taught in most churches because of an erroneous dogma that the torments of hell will last “forever and ever.” This concept is in conflict with the purpose and inherent nature of the Daleth dimension, which is finite and will end in Tav (=400). Thus, “forever and ever” does not exist for the Daleth dimension – only for Heh .

All evil angels, demons and other fallen creatures like the Nephalim held in the dark chains of the underworld will all be terminated by the Seven Thunders of Revelation. Their time of existence will end because they are no longer needed to infect the saints with evil for purpose of moral inoculation. HANS overlaid with Daniel’s and John’s prophecies reveals a date of their execution as 2015.

At that time will come the execution previously sentenced as the judgment against them will be carried out when the fallen ones are thrown into the lake of fire. Except for Satan, these twisted spirit beings will no longer exist anywhere in the universe after the Apocalypse that begins the millennial (1,000-year) rule of the Kingdom of God on a material earth. That is the reason there will be peace on earth.

We find this principle of the immune system at work in the natural world. Our fleshly bodies have a built-in immune system. When various bacteria, toxins, parasites, and viruses try to invade our bodies, the immune system recognizes them and counterattacks. Over time our bodies gradually build up immunities to these foreign organisms.

This is a perfect parallel to the spiritual realm. Humanity must be exposed to evil during age of Satan's dominion because God is going to need proven administrators to safeguard the future New Heaven and New Earth. He will promote those who obey Him on earth to the highest positions in Heaven. Redeemed men and women, who will have been exposed to evil and learned to hate it, will do anything in their power to prevent another rebellion against God.

When the government of God is restored to the earth, a child is born: this new and godly civilization will develop the highest achievements humanity can ever experience on earth. Truly, the “lost paradise” of Eden will be restored to the planet as the Daleth (4) dimension is united with the Heh (5) dimension to create the age of Teth (4+5=9).

During the Teth Age, evil no longer will exert its influence because the resurrected saints will no longer need to be tested by spiritual deception. These overcomers will replace the fallen angelic hierarchy of Heaven. During the millennium, the weakness of the flesh will be enough of a test for the rest of humanity, but they too will face Satan’s deceptive powers one last time at the end. It will be the supreme test of their loyalty and determine their future in eternity. In this way God will have ensured that he will never again be dishonored forever in eternity. Pure love for the Lord will govern the universe. And from this new environment, God will build an even bigger universe.

To better understand this clock design, I recommend that you read about a 2002 archaeological find of a gold-covered bronze plate in Nebra, near Erfurt, Germany. It is called “Die Himmelsscheibe.” You can find other articles about it online at articles_index.html.

The Seventh Age (7 = Zayin)

The outer circle of the clock stretches across six thousand years from 4004 BC to AD 2008, which is the allotted time for humanity to be subject to the dominion of Satan. The number seven (Zayin, "sword/strife") indicates that God is still in charge of his creation even during this age of strife and warfare.

God has been closely involved with the world throughout this period. He has intervened in the affairs of humans many times. The Bible tells of Noah's world (Genesis 6), Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) and ancient nations such as the Canaanites (Numbers 13). Civilizations that appeared in later times or in places distant from the Near East, like the Aztecs, also suffered destruction to contain the expansion of evil.

Satan has been very active during the six thousand years of his domain over the earth. He has chiefly exercised his influence over the world through people – especially through leaders. He has tried everything to sabotage God's laws and distort the development of human civilization and the affairs of humanity. The world has never known a truly godly civilization.

Daniel wrote many centuries ago that four world systems would exist during the course of human history. (Daniel 2 ) The last one of these kingdoms has already begun to form. At its height it will deny the very existence of God and willfully oppose His right to rule; however, God has given His children the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us overcome these difficult days. Through His Spirit, both the Son and the Father dwell within us, never leaving us despite the trials we face living in this sin-filled age. (John 14:16-31)

The Eighth Age (8 = Cheth)

The eighth age covers the seven years of the Apocalypse (2008-2015). The number eight (8) corresponds to Cheth, which means "fenced in" or "a new beginning." During this short but extremely important age, Satan's dominion over humanity will be overthrown.

The first definition of Cheth, "fenced in," applies to the big hand of the World Cuckoo Clock, which signifies man's point of view. During the Apocalypse the world system will be judged, and civilization as we know it will come to an end.

The other meaning of Cheth, "a new beginning," points to the small hand of the world clock, which refers to events from God's perspective. Satan will be cast out of heaven, and after three years on earth he will be chained in the underworld. A proclamation will be made in heaven that the kingdom of God has begun, which signifies a new beginning (Cheth). As I have described elsewhere, a new child is born – “the kingdom of God,” while Satan’s domain is burned as they used to do to the unwanted placenta.

The Ninth Age (9 = Teth)

The eighth age will be immediately followed by the ninth age. (9 = Teth, meaning "new life" or "a new civilization.") A new global government will be established on earth and also in heaven. This system will demonstrate to all angels and humanity that God's laws work.

The reign of the Kingdom of God over the mortal inhabitants of the earth will last a thousand years (AD 2018-3018). At the end of the ninth age Satan will be released from his prison to test the human race one last, brief time. He will sort out those human beings who lived under an ideal environment, yet did not want to be under God's will. In this selection process Satan will tempt all nations once again. Being the inventor of deception, he will be very successful. Some people will not have learned to resist evil, and they will chose to rebel against God just as they did in earlier human civilizations.

God will stop Satan's evil influence over the human race by permanently casting him into the lake of fire. Then comes the final judgment of the great white throne when any and all remaining issues between God and man are settled. (Revelation 20:7-15) With this final judgment God will end the time dimension as he transitions into the eternity of a new, pure universe that he will create for the next age.

The Tenth Age (10 = Jod)

The tenth age (10 = Jod, meaning "hand" or "a higher level of activity") points to the place in God’s plan when He and His saints will dwell together in the newly recreated earth and heaven.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. (Revelation 21:1 NASB)

The word sea here does not refer to a body of water. The latter part of this verse indicates that there will no longer be a time dimension because eternity has started again. (40 = Mem, which means "like water in an indefinite expanse," or Daleth “in this world, in this time with purpose"). God will resume his active role in creation, and this time we will be spectators of his greatness. We will not need movies or television to entertain us because we will be onlookers of divine power as the Lord creates new galaxies and new worlds. This new dimension will not be subject to our physical laws such as time, energy (the first law of thermodynamics) and entropy (the second law of thermodynamics).

All human beings who have been transformed into a personally unique image Jesus Christ will be offered positions in the heavenly dimension, which will be vacant after Satan and his fallen angels are eliminated. The history books that tell of human suffering, pain, unhappiness, sickness and death will be closed. God will throw death and Hades into the lake of fire. Former things will be forgotten, except our newly acquired immune system against evil, which will guard the new creation from the unwanted "germs" of evil. We will finally experience the fulfillment of God's plan for the human race.

This age will continue forever, no longer under the influence of evil, but bathed in God's grace and love. The old, worn-out earth will be destroyed, along with all life forms on it. A new earth will be introduced and will continue in another dimension. This new universe will have life forms that will not be subject to decay and death. God's plan will be finalized.

The Inner Circle: Satan's Dial

The smaller circle on the dial of the World Cuckoo Clock represents Satan's activity on earth as viewed from a heavenly perspective (from 4068 BC to AD 3018). It has five (5 = Heh, "the other side") numbers along its edge representing five major interventions from God that restrict Satan’s ongoing rebellion to the limits permitted by God’s plan for humanity. Satan wants to destroy everything, but the Creator’s plan provides for the development free choice of righteous character in the face of many temptations including the lusts of the flesh, greed, abuse of power and other evils.

Satan is forced to share the Daleth dimension with mortal people because God is stronger and more powerful than his created rebel. Satan can only “create” by destruction, by the dissipation and devolution of energy because he is the void of all rather than the source of all. Thus, he can only control a person’s destiny and prevent his salvation by subjecting our lives to lies, oppression, deceit or the encouragement of rebellion and self reliance apart from God. His power lies in death and fear because all fears are rooted in the fear of death. (Hebrews 2:14-16) Chapters 2 and 3 describe Satan in more detail.

Satan works in opposition to life and faith, but the appearance of his ways seems otherwise to human nature. As the former angel of light, Satan often entices with what seem to be “blessings” of healing, spirituality, power, sensual satisfaction, wealth and enlightenment from the perspective of the wisdom of this material age, but they are traps that imprison the flesh to the destruction of the spirit. The Enemy will not stop trying to destroy as many people as possible, but he cannot win the outcome. God allows him to do so within the limits of the Zayin and Cheth Ages of 6,000 years (from 4004 BC to AD 2015). He is not always successful as he must battle against godly people who are called the saints, who are under God’s protection to carry out the divine plan.

1st Judgment of Satan, Waw Age (before 4068 BC)

The first correction occurred when Satan was fired from his job as an Archangel in the third heaven of God’s throne. As an angel, Satan and the other fallen angels or demons yet remain in what the Bible refers to as the second heaven of the Heh dimension. They function at a higher energy level than the Daleth dimension. From an earthly perspective of time and matter Satan and his allies retain their extraordinary nature so that they seem as supernaturally powerful gods to mortals.

The Bible calls him the god of this world, yet his power and authority over the earth must conform to God’s laws and will. Therefore, Satan is not all powerful, but he is extremely skillful in finding ways to circumvent the existing order. People are in the middle, not very educated, powerful or bright. Humans are exposed to the principles and pulls of good and evil evil as we struggle for survival in a competitive world that usually keeps us too busy to address our spiritual commission from God, which is to work out our salvation in the midst of controversy.

The first event (shown on the left side of the world clock) belongs to the sixth age (Waw), which occurred before the history of the human race began in 4068 BC. Soon thereafter around 4004 BC, Satan interfered with God’s plan. He came to Eve disguised as a beautiful upright-walking serpent, and she believed his deadly mixture of truth and lie. Satan’s deception led both Eve and Adam into sin by eating from the Tree of the Knowledge Good and Evil contrary to God’s command.

This bad choice put all humanity under Satan’s control transforming natural human inclinations from a righteous divine-centered disposition to a fallen, self-centered one. Human nature is driven by self-preservation in reaction to the death sentence received for this original sin. That first sin cut all people off from God’s intimate fellowship and sustaining life-energy from the Heh dimension of eternity.

Next, the original sin also resulted in Adam and Eve being driven out of the Garden of Eden, which was an island from the Heh dimension as we explained in Chapter 4. God’s mercy toward us prevented them from eating from the Tree of Life. If they had, then I believe people would have become like Satan who is doomed without any hope of redemption or transformation. If a person’s sinful condition is not redeemable, then he or she would have to live eternally separated from God’s domain in an empty darkness without purpose.

Because God loves the mortal sons and daughters he has created, we have the opportunity for another chance to escape the mortal bonds of the Daleth dimension of time and death to enter the Heh dimension of eternal life in Jesus. (Colossians 1:13-23) In faith we must turn from fleeing death to embracing it in a repentance that commits us to serving God. In saying we are sorry and asking for his help, God forgives us and sends his Spirit to abide in us. This restores us to the road towards the full fellowship enjoyed by Adam and Eve with their Creator.

This grace of God in Messiah is one of the greatest truths of the Bible. Because we are children of Adam and Eve, we have never seen God. We have not personally or physically talked to him, nor have we been in paradise. Instead, we must believe God without seeing him. That is called faith. Regardless of all that Satan has succeeded in, God’s promise still exists for each person to seize in belief despite what we or others have done or thought in the past. Even after thousands of years of evil, suffering and spiritual confusion, God’s plan for humanity remains and open door in the face of Satan’s deceits and destruction.

Since the violation of God's commandment, all people must live under the dominion of Satan, who became god of this age of Zayin and Cheth. Adam’s sinful surrender of his right to rule earth left him a laborer of mortal necessity. Because Adam followed Satan’s lead, he was no longer king exercising dominion over the earth, but the slave of his appetites.

God promised a future seed of Eve who would crush Satan’s head. Now, Satan did not know when that seed would come in history, so he has constantly devised schemes to prevent it. When Eve gave birth to Cain, her firstborn, she thought that it would be the promised Redeemer, but it soon became obvious that Cain was not a very obedient child and would not qualify. Her next son, Able, was a godly boy, and God favored him. That created a bit of jealousy within Cain, and Satan moved in to use Cain to destroy Abel, who might be the promised Redeemer.

Perhaps Satan believed that he had stopped God back then with Abel’s death. This might partly explain why the pre-Flood civilization so quickly degenerated: Satan let loose all of his destructive strategies in the false confidence gained from these early victories. Little did he know that God would use his rebellious evil behavior to purposefully infect all of humanity for six thousand years after Eden. God’s desire is for billions of spiritually pure children so he must test every one of us by the experience of evil so that we immediately recognize and deeply reject it. Without this immunization process we cannot be promoted back into the Heh dimension and live forever.

Satan’s role in the fall of humanity showed his utter contempt for God's creation. Satan's permission to rule over the nations will both reach its climax and end during the Apocalypse. The allusion to the victorious “seed” prophesied to Adam and Eve will be symbolically carried forward to Antichrist.

During the Apocalypse, Satan will experience his greatest military defeat at the hands of his contemporary Archangel Michael, who comes against the rebels in the name of Jesus/Yeshua. After the battle of Armageddon, his greatest defeat in the Daleth dimension, Satan will be bound in chains and put in the darkest prison to test nations and individuals no more. God’s plan for humanity moves into a new age, the Teth Age, when people wrestle only with their fleshly desires.

In the Teth Age mortals will not be able to excuse their sins by blaming external evils beyond a person’s choosing. Social excuses like being born in an evil culture or of being confused by so many religions simply will not exist because God’s Kingdom will be visibly apparent then as will the righteous saints. There will not be any competing gods or religions. Those saints from before and living now, who overcome this evil age and our Enemy by the blood of Messiah in believing faith, will have been resurrected in eternal bodies of glory and power. They will rule under the King of Kings as priestly kings in a reign of service to the mortal citizens of the new age, who will grow spiritually through daily interaction with a loving God.

2nd Judgment of Satan, Zayin Age 2288 BC

The second judgment occurs 1,715 years after the first – at the time of the Flood in 2288 BC. From Satan’s perspective it was judgment day big time. During the first human civilization, Satan had managed to persuade many of his angels to join him in a vile attempt to totally sabotage God’s creation. The Bible records direct angelic interference with human genetics.

In the dim mists of the Waw Age beginning, Satan watched God create the planet we live on. He observed how life was made up of billions of genes which are like bricks used to build a house. Each of these “bricks” possesses a code of intelligence embedded in it. Every biological organism is built out of genes, which become living cells when empowered by the energy of an invisible breath of God. These genes operate both individually and collectively according to the designed functions necessary to propagate life and maintain it within the original Creation environment. We dwell on a living earth and not just a chance rock void of any intelligent design that supposedly evolved from the nothingness of space, as Satan’s lie of evolution would have us to believe.

Through the ages, Satan has plotted against God, and one strategy he has consistently deployed is to destroy the physical environment in order to make it inhospitable to righteous life or any life at all. He used the vast knowledge he learned from watching God create the world to influence many angels in the heavenly Heh dimension to join his cunning plan to take over the government and throne of God. Satan strives to defeat God by destroying the established order in the universe and all mortal life on this planet earth in particular.

Since God had told Satan that a “seed” of Eve would replace him, Satan immediately set about to corrupt the human seed. He introduced angels from the Heh dimension to the daughters of Adam and Eve. Through some kind of perverse sexuality, these angels effected reproductive manipulation of the natural human genes to produce offspring called “Nephilim” or giants. These superhuman beings seemed born (cloned perhaps?) without conscience, being totally evil through and through .

In the “days of Noah” - the last days before the Flood, it was literally like hell on earth. All godly order and civilized law established during Adam’s life became unglued. The streets were filled with violence and acts of terrorism, such as we are too familiar with today – only worse.

Enoch was born to the seventh generation from Adam. He belonged to the godly party of that civilization. Enoch and the few like him lived as righteous salt among a perverse generation. It was a role similar to that experienced today by those few Christians and Jews who actually believe in, and try to live by, the Bible. Before the Flood the “Bible” was a collection of God’s oracles relating Adam’s experience with God and the history of his early descendants as they came along . It told the story of the garden experiences and the beginning of the human journey through the Zayin Age of strife. It was written in the original Hebrew language which everybody spoke right up until the Flood. There was no confusion of languages until the Tower of Babel some years afterwards.

Enoch prophesied that God would come to judge the earth with a holy host of angels by the tens of thousands to make an end to evil. We know now that what Enoch foresaw will come about in our days and not his. When God decided to take action and intervene in the affairs of the First Civilization, he did so to save his creation. He chose to destroy the whole earth with a massive Flood because most of the people and animals had become corrupt in their genetic make-up. It had not required much more than a couple of generations to mix and match genes until almost everything had become contaminated. This condition reminds me of today’s insane rush to release genetically modified organisms into our modern environment, which is already stressed by our greedy abuse of its natural resources.

God was planning 120 years ahead when he gave orders to Noah to build a submarine-like boat that could ferry enough genetically sound people and animals to the other side of the Flood in order to restore his creation. God knew in advance when the proper time would arrive. The ark possessed an unusual design suitable only for a massive flood with huge tsunami waves. It was given to Noah from heaven and built miles away from any ocean. Thus, the building of ark itself became a living witness and warning for 120 years that God would make an end to that civilization. Through this means, he would preserve some unpolluted human “seed” so that the promised Redeemer, the Second Adam, could arrive at the proper time to save all humanity and re-establish the animal life as well.

Many animals had been genetically changed as a result of demonic attempts at “creation” by messing with the building blocks of life. Archaeology provides numerous witnesses to their evil efforts that are found in the ancient art and architectural ruins of many ancient civilizations. From stone statues to wall paintings, ancient cultures depict fantastic beings of composite body parts from fish, bulls, horses, eagles and lions. The ancients told myths about mermaids, minotaurs, centaurs, griffins and sphinxes - among others. Some of these images may be from visions of fallen or even righteous angels, but I firmly believe that they also tell the story of ancient genetic manipulation. (Read Ezekiel Chapter 1 for a description of angels.)

These strange creatures are not figments of my imagination, but scientific evidence from ancient cultures. These ancient works of art reflect a scientific reality that can once again be duplicated in our laboratories today. The media no longer show these secret genetic aberrations because they create fear and outrage in the public eye so they are forbidden in America. But that does not mean that this kind of distorted research does not continue – especially in foreign laboratories.

In my life I have seen pictures of double-headed sheep, for example. Fifteen years ago I saw one with an extra head positioned at the rear of the sheep where the tail should have been. On TV I have seen children born without legs or arms. In America Congress has debated over whether genetically manipulate human organs and appendages could be harvested from laboratory “farms” where a fetus would be grown to a certain development stage and then “disassembled” to provide internal body parts to patients needing transplants.

The basic question, “Would these fetuses be considered human under the present law ?” is debated even as science marches on with its amoral experiments. The principles of this business of bioengineering organs for transplant was compared to and contrasted with the status of fetuses according to abortion laws. In the latter case redeveloped or underdeveloped fetuses are not considered human; therefore, they do not have the protection of law or the right to life.

We do not live in Noah’s time, but I hope you get the picture. Many of the ancient Greek, Roman and German myths tell stories of half-human supernatural beings. They were worshiped as gods, which implies that they belong to a higher level than mortals. These gods and demigods engaged in constant fighting and wars with each other. This is typical of life under Satan‘s domain.

We are not very far away from being overpowered by our own creations. The classic tale of Frankenstein warns us that our mis-creations will become bigger than us – their “creator” scientists. I have not watched the latest Hollywood movies in making these comments; rather my observations come from the scientific journals I have read to keep current in what’s happening in the biological disciplines of experiment and discovery.

As Noah finished the ark, God brought animals that were still genetically sound in accordance with the laws established at the original creation. These animals came in pairs, male and female and were led to the ark. God closed the doors of his specially designed boat and carried them over to another time period to preserve original life and begin the Second Civilization.

If God had not done this, Satan could have said, “I won! I am more powerful than God! You can’t even protect your own creation!” In this and many other ways he would have mocked God and laughed all the way to hell.

Was God ignorant of this forbidden activity? Was he surprised at how fast man would join in this rebellion? We do read that God was sorry that he had made man with the capacity for so much violence and destructive knowledge. Just like today, if God had left humanity alone back then, they would have destroyed themselves and the creation at the same time. After the Flood, God confused the language of the survivors’ descendants in order to slow down their technological development. His plan worked because it took over a thousand years just to rediscover how to make iron again – a process that was known to Adam.

But let us look at the Flood from Satan’s perspective. Think about it. He had to watch all his plans get washed away. His whole civilization was totally broken, and his armies of Nephilim and demons were destroyed. The worst fallen angels were rounded up and chained in an underworld prison never to freely roam the earth again. (Read 2Peter Chapter 2 for a good discussion on this.) So after the Flood, Satan had to start over again, too. He had to devise new strategies to defy God and mess-up His plan for humanity. We have learned a little history about Satan in this book, as well as what lies ahead for him.

Our present civilization has not learned these important lessons from antiquity. That is why all of us must go through the long prophesied Apocalypse. Like Noah’s day, today’s scientists have again learned how to genetically modify God’s creation. Our modern society is screwing up every known vegetable and animal that offers them a chance to make a buck. The end will be self-inflicted global destruction if God does not step in to stop Satan’s plans for the annihilation of humanity. This second time around it will be a thousand years of jail time for him and our cherished but corrupt human civilization will again be totally destroyed.

Through the exponentially accelerating acquisition of knowledge, modern man has begun to use his godlike powers to create our own haphazard bio-monstrosity of an ecosystem gone wrong and headed for its destruction. It seems like nothing can be withheld from human imagination. Modern science provides the powers sought by ancient magicians and Satan himself – the power over life and death without dependence on God and his law of love.

This newfound power has blinded us from seeing that we are destroying our own home. It is like we are cutting off the branch we are sitting on. This is how Satan thinks. The angels corrupted themselves and rebelled against the order of God’s rule. They left the Heh dimension to possess human bodies. To them, possession is the demonic imitation of a resurrection. It is something that can only take place in the Daleth dimension because the Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy, basically states that conversions of energy can only go from a higher to a lower level, never the other way.

Also as in Noah’s day, God has modern society a time of warning and grace for individuals to repent. Scientists generally do not know this because they refuse to read the Bible. I believe that the Bible also gives us a definite window in time of 2008-2015 for the Apocalypse. This time there is no boat to build so we do not have 120 years to wait. I am sorry if this news inconveniences you, but that seems to be the facts.

This time God will use fire to destroy our rebellious, self-sufficient civilization. That fire will purify his creation of the genetically modified animal and plant life because it is the only way to deal with the problem of genetically mixed organisms - unless you have a flood again. But God said that would not happen. Instead, Jesus prophesied that the end times will have frequent earthquakes, tsunamis and unusual weather conditions. With each passing year these will become more severe in intensity until they reach a climax ending with the Apocalypse.

Read my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, to find out what will happen. You will learn about how God will permit Satan, through Antichrist, will lead Heh dimension demon armies to possess rebellious peoples for five months. This will create an army of “immortals” or “Shock Troops” that can fight in both the Daleth and Heh dimensions at the same time. This amazing terror will be an indirect outpouring of God’s wrath by permission. God is going to lift many restrictions off Satan. He is going to let humanity really experience what life is like under their chosen god, the fallen Lucifer. Since we will not learn the easy way, we will soon get the opportunity to learn these vital lessons the hard way before Satan is finally chained in the abyss of the underworld for a thousand years.

3rd Judgment of Satan in Zayin Age AD 33

In the Hebrew Number Alphabet System Gimel (3) means "divine completeness. The fateful events of Satan’s future defeat occur on two levels or in two dimensions. In the Daleth dimension we notice an apparent setback when the promised redeemer, Jesus Christ, was crucified in AD 33. Satan greatly rejoiced in his apparent victory. He believed that he engineered the whole thing! He had stirred up a crowd of religious zealots to frenzy and even used their respected religious leaders to cause the execution of their own Redeemer. “What blind fools these Jews are!” he gloated.

Foretold by many prophets, Satan has never understood the resurrection, which was a new feature in God’s plan from creation. He forgot that God is an innovative problem solver. Satan thought that God would not change the plan He first related to the angels. Big mistake!

Little did Satan know that God was behind the outcome of Jesus’ mortal life on earth. I can only deduce that Satan had not figured out the seemingly irrational logic of the Second Adam’s death. (Read 1Corinthians 15.) In Satan’s mind he had eliminated the promised “seed” after failing to corrupt Him. The people had not risen up to anoint Yeshua as their Messiah King even after he had done thousands of miracles.

The Bible informs us that faithful angels, who are eager to understand God’s purpose and the meaning of the Scripture, can learn much by listening to what the Holy Spirit inspires mortal men to preach. (1Peter 1:10-12) God is all-knowing. Satan is not, although he would like you to believe that he is. Satan has made and will make many mistakes because he is blinded by his pride.

Jesus came into this world to make atonement for the sins of humanity. He was even born into line of David the king, which qualifies him to reign over Israel as the promised Messiah. As the Second Adam, he will also reign over the entire earth as King of Kings. Thus, God breaks the stranglehold Satan has over mortals by the death of GodSon on the cross. He rose victoriously on the third day, and after forty days he ascended back into heaven. Revelation 5:1-14 tells of a grand meeting in heaven before the Father in which Jesus Christ received a seven-sealed scroll.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was a big Heh dimension defeat for Satan. He was not even invited to that meeting. The sealed scroll is the title to the earth; it is similar to the document we receive when we buy a house. Jesus is now the legal owner of the earth including everything and everyone on it, under it and over it. (See Revelation 10:1-2.) Satan legally lost all the rights of possession he had stolen from Adam, the original owner. Jesus merely needs to return to claim His right to reign.

For almost six thousand years God has permitted Satan to exercise power over earth due to his successful deception of Adam and Eve. In their sin they became subject to Satan’s power of death making that fallen angel their lord until redemptio n. (Hebrews 2:1 4) Not much has changed since then with the Zayin Age being a time of constant strife, pain and wars.

Because of Adam's sin, all people are pre- appointed to die. (Hebrews 9:27) To some extent we are innocent victims of Satan's ploy against Eve, but we have all sinned by our own volition, too. (Romans 3:23) God's holiness demanded a blood payment for reconciliation. But God loves every one of us so He gave us the opportunity to escape Satan's iron grip. Jesus’ death and resurrection is God's only chosen method of making sin fully defiled humans holy. With the Messiah’s holiness as our own, we inherit the right to live and be acceptable in God's presence and will never experience the Second Death.

Jesus' death and resurrection began the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. He broke the devil's power of death that holds the human race captive under his dominion by the fear of death. (Hebrews 2:14-16 ) A person’s free will acceptance or rejection of the GodSon’s atoning death is an eternal life or death decision. The collective effect of these individual decisions determines who belongs to the God and who belongs to Satan. (Colossians 1:13-14 )

In Revelation 20 we learn that all of the people who have ever lived will stand before the Great White Throne to be judged. If your name is found in the Book of Life, then you are co-owner with the GodSon in the sealed scroll that gives ownership title to the earth. We are born as bondservants belonging to the Daleth dimension of God’s creation, but we can be adopted as sons of the Heh dimension through the price paid by the precious blood of Jesus.

Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection set us free from slavery of sin when we repent. When we die to self, we mystically participate in the crucifixion. Through subsequent faith in God’s promise, the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, which provides the means for our future participation in the first resurrection. We shall be changed just as He was resurrected. By faith in God’s mercy and power in our lives, we become heirs of the eternal royalty according to the plan established before the earth was formed. You cannot have it any better.

This is why the Bible warns us to not let anything or anyone hinder our return to God. The Bible teaches that family relationships are very important, but neither mother, father, mate nor children should keep us from our inheritance in Messiah Yeshua . Unless we choose Christ above all, we are not worthy to be a part of His kingdom. He wants His children totally committed against the spiritual powers of darkness and the evil in the power of the air commanded by Satan, the Prince of the power of the air. (Ephesians 2:2) One can not compromise fellowship with God by dealing with the devil at the same time. God has graciously given us His written Bible and the Holy Spirit that together tutor and empower us to overcome evil and to inherit the Kingdom of God.

4th Judgment of Satan in Cheth Age 2008-2015

This judgment marks what will happen on earth (4 = Daleth, "this world in this time") and in heaven (5 = Heh, “the other side”) during the Apocalypse (2008-2015). Michael, the mightiest angel in the universe, and his host will fight a victorious war against all unholy angels, demons and other unknown spirits in the universe and heaven. They will remove all evil from those many places in order to make ready for the announcement that the Kingdom of God is born in the Heh dimension. It will arrive on earth after the Apocalypse. (Revelation 12:7-10; 11:15)

We notice that the heavenly Apocalypse will occur during the 7th Period of the Great Apocalypse on earth, which ends on 21 December 2012. This coincides with the Aztec Calendar’s prediction of the end of the world after over five thousand years. It is also corroborated in the equally as old Chinese zodiac calendar as described earlier.

In the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse, Satan's access to heaven ends in the shaded 7th Period. Satan and his demons will never be permitted access to Heaven again because they no longer exist after being thrown into the lake of fire. After the Apocalypse their rebellious behavior will have no further usefulness to God. Because they cannot be trusted, fallen angels can only perform an indirect function in God’s plan as “infectious agents” with the potential to impart immunity in people against evil. Our painfully felt human experience of evil builds up an innate rejection of the devil’s devious lies and ways in the repentant person.

Since they serve no further purpose, the fallen angels are terminated, but Satan's job on earth will run a little longer only because God has appointed it so from the beginning. In fact Satan will intensify his destructive wrath upon the earth and its inhabitants after being cast out of Heaven. He is the pre-ordained executioner of unrepentant mankind during the earthly Apocalypse. After He has done His work, Jesus will return, and Satan will be chained and isolated for a thousand years in a deep abyss. (Revelation 20:3)

5th Judgment of Satan in Teth Age 2018-3018

At the end of the millennial reign of Christ on earth (in AD 3018), Satan will be released from his prison (the abyss). Unchanged in his insane hatred, he will violently rebel one last time in unrepentant opposition to God. He will stir up the peaceful society of all nations and embroil them in revolution against the existing godly order, but his hordes will be defeated. Satan will then be cast into the lake of fire permanently ending all evil influence on earth and in Heaven. He will never be remembered again. (Revelation 20:10)

Chapter 9 described the last years of the Daleth dimension. A final question needs to be answered, “Why do the nations rebel at the end of 1,000 years of peace and wonderful blessings for all under God’s kingdom reign on earth?” We cannot suspect corrupt government in this case!

Looking back on the 6,000 years of Zayin Age history, people could say that it was Satan and his evil influence that caused all the trouble in the world. But during the 1,000 years of peace on earth, God had Satan chained in the underworld away from having any influence in human life. What happened? What possible excuse exists for another rebellion against a loving God who will have bountifully blessed mankind for 1,000 years?

Sin is the only answer. It is a core characteristic of human nature. Sin will always look for an opportunity to express itself. Human nature must be changed to solve the eternal problems of society, and people can not do that for themselves. We must submit to God in faith in order for our nature to be transformed into one of pure, eternally reliable love as God defines love. Under those circumstances sin and rebellion are impossible.

The Saints dwelling in the heavenly Jerusalem learned all about that in their previous mortal life – the caterpillar stage of the butterfly analogy. At the end of the millennium, here comes that same lesson again. It is the most important one to learn: the first and the last.

The very nature of sin is to oppose God’s order. The natural heart of humans is “deceitful above all things, who can know it.” (Jeremiah 17:9) It is most deceitful to ourselves. It is a deeply internal manner that can be hidden by external behavior – especially in an environment of social and cultural righteousness. How many pastor’s children have gotten into the worst trouble?

Satan is loosed for a short season at the end of the millennium. He acts like a garbage magnet because if there is any internal pride or other secret sin left in a person, it will react immediately and favorably to Satan’s charisma and deceptions. The saints who will govern the universe must learn the final lesson of being able to discern the heart difference and to have no tolerance for anything less than divine perfection in character – no matter how painful that lesson may be.

In the final and surprisingly massive rebellion against God, they will witness a new development on earth. After 1,000 years of peace and blessings the rapid and vehement rebellion will surprise them greatly. Perplexed, they will recognize good friends among the rebels who had been part of the mortal leadership on earth. It will be a déjà vu Zayin Age all over again.

With Satan’s last but hopelessly futile “hurrah” the saints will now fully understand how Lucifer’s first rebellion affected the Creator. There will be no shred of doubt that God’s plan for humanity was the best and only way for humans to grow up spiritually into the fullness of God’s love. They will have no doubts that the terrible sufferings and trials people have endured for 6,000 years, and especially during the Apocalypse, were the wisest and most merciful educational system God could use to expand His kingdom in righteousness.

Now the GodFather and the GodSon can delegate full authority to His redeemed GodChildren of the Spirit as the New Heavens and New Earth are created. Sin will not be found there, and God will never again be dishonored. This new creation will be able to abide forever because without sin there will be no death or destruction!

Learning this final lesson makes it possible for Eternity to move everything into the higher level (Jod) because it is now safeguarded by a corporate spiritual body who has been vaccinated against any future aberration outside God’s perfect nature. Rebellion and its consequential evil will be impossible:

and that was the plan of God for humanity from the beginning,

and that is the reason why evil was permitted to flourish,

and that is the reason why Satan got an extension on his life,

and that is the reason for the Daleth dimension

and that is the reason for the original sin of Adam and Eve,

and that is the reason of the butterfly stage for mortals,

and that is why God himself became human to pay for sin,

and that is the reason Jesus/Yeshua rose on the third day,

and that is why human life suffers so much without God,

and that is the reason you were born and exist,

and that is why it is time to wake up my friend - chose life now!

Call on the name of Jesus Christ now, and ask forgiveness so that you can:


The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.”
And let the one who hears say, “Come.”
And let the one who is thirsty come;
And let the one who desires take the water of life without price. (Revelation 22:17 RSV)

The World Cuckoo Clock ends in Heh dimension, when eternity will seem to start again because the Daleth dimension no longer exists. At that time God's plan for Satan and this earth will be concluded, and there is no further need for the Daleth dimension to exist.

The Outer Circle: Man's Dial of Judgments

Seven numbers appear along the edge of the outer circle (or dial) on the World Cuckoo Clock. These numbers indicate seven judgment periods for this world in this time dimension (Daleth). These judgments are seen from mankind's historical viewpoint:

1. Adam and Eve's Expulsion from Eden (4004 BC)

The first judgment occurred when Adam and Eve sinned and were forced to leave the beautiful Garden of Eden. After that, they had to live outside the Garden working on a cursed ground requiring heavy labor for it to yield food. This was the beginning of the First Civilization, which lasted 1,715 years. Adam and Eve were brilliant people, trained by the most intelligent professor the world could ever offer: God Himself.

This equipped them to build cities from the very start, invent hard metals like iron and became skillful in making advanced tools and musical instruments in the first centuries of human existence. Higher technologies advanced very rapidly under Adams direction. He was a brilliant scientist created with the highest IQ ever. Furthermore, Adam was personally educated by the Creator of the universe for 64 years.

The theory of evolution would have us believe that early men were primitive, uncivilized cave dwellers who lived millions of years ago. Although it is probable that some people lived in caves after the Flood, that fact is not a proof of primitiveness. A false premise always results in a wrong conclusion. Caves can provide quick, practical and comfortable shelter depending on environmental conditions.

Another big problem of evolutionary science comes from their various erroneous assumptions of uniformitarianism. They assume that the earth’s ancient climate, environment and radiation exposure were the same as measured in recent history. Using these unproven premises, the scientific dating methods are questionable at best. The proper study of the Bible reveals their error and provides with a 7,000 year plan for human history, which also enables us to establish the dates of the Apocalypse.
Naturally, due to the Flood’s complete destruction of the first civilization, humanity lost knowledge of many technical skills that had been accumulated over the thousands of years of practical use since the creation. Because no written records survived from before the Flood and because the experts in advanced technology died in the Flood, civilization had to start all over again from the beginning. It took thousands of years for humanity to return to where we are again playing with the dynamite of genetic manipulation.

2. Noah's Flood (2288 BC)

The second judgment came when the world was destroyed by the Flood. God was severely offended when man tampered with his creation and genetically manipulated his natural laws. There was also some kind of sexual activity of angelic beings with women in particular, which required the elimination of an entire society.

Nothing was saved from that first 1,715 years of human achievement. People had reached such a high development stage that nothing could stop them from destroying the planet. We know this because of what the Bible tells us. Right after the Flood, the first city state (the Tower of Babel, which later continued as the city of Babylon) was organized by people in rebellion to God. They organized themselves under a hero king (Nimrod) and started back at doing the same kind of things that they had heard stories about from before the Flood. God’s comment summed it up as, “…now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.” (Genesis 11:1-9)

In the pre-Flood world much of the animal kingdom had become genetically polluted abominations of nature as indicated by the surviving mythical stories of mermaids and other creatures that were half-animal and half-human. This ancient perversion is very similar what multinational corporate science often does today.

The vegetables and animal feed grown in America are now nearly 95 percent genetically altered, with little to no government control. And this "Frankenstein food" is being sold to other countries. As a result, we are seeing global outbreaks of strange living organisms resulting in new viruses that are causing bizarre diseases such as mad cow viruses, SARS and a bird flu virus that is costing millions of dollars.

None of the world health organizations suspected that the feed these animals ate, exported from America, had complex chemical and biologically-altered agents imbedded in it. This corrupted feed caused these strange outbreaks of disease. Now we hear that deer and bird populations have been infected around the world, wherever genetically modified food has been sold. Governments have spent billions of dollars destroying infected animals. These diseases have also begun to kill people on an increasing scale.

Many more such viruses will appear in the near future as international corporate giants continue manipulating nature to achieve maximum profit without even asking if the public really wants what the food conglomerates are trying so hard to produce. Individual and corporate greed will lead to more plagues of disease and famines that will break out when chemically dependant, genetically manipulative agribusiness implodes leaving behind sterile soil and feral crops.

Here is what was written in a recent Popular Science magazine article, “Life Built to Order,” by Michael Stroh. I recommend that you read it. In it he quotes Sarah Goforth as follows:

A-Life, B Movies
Artificial created life is a perennials science fiction theme. What makes it so compelling?

Since the publication of Frankenstein in 1818, the architects of science fiction have mused over the implications of man-made (or man-muddled) life. Outcomes vary from Blade Runner-style mayhem to worlds inhabited by harmonious puddles of grey cellular goo, but there’s a common theme: When we tinker with the natural order, some thing always goes wrong.

Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, an entrepreneur dream of an amusement park but instead unleashes a race of bloodthirsty carnivores. In Stanley Kubrick’s clystopian 2001: A Space Odyssey, the computer designed to keep people alive in space destroys them.

Behind every wayward life-form, there seems to be a person in a lab coat with a sentimental attachment to the beast. Indeed, human fallibility is often at the root of life-run-amok scenarios.

In Greg Bear’s 2001 short story, “Blood Music,” the protagonist hides a project to design “intelligent cells” from his superiors at a big biotech company. When they find out and close the lab, he risks his life to save his creation, injecting the cell into his arm (surprise! Havoc erupts).

In meddling with life is such chilling prospect, why does it so fascinate?

I do not think that God will permit the level of development as seen in Noah's time to be reached again, yet man is dangerously close to achieving it in this generation. The end of our civilization will not be by flood, but by fire from heaven (asteroids) and earthquakes at the end of the Apocalypse. (Read the section, “Why an Apocalypse,” in Chapter 7 of Apocalypse Prophesied.

3. The First Temple Destroyed (588 BC)

Judgment #3 occurred when God's house, the Temple at Jerusalem was destroyed. When David had asked God about building a house for him, God declared that David’s son Solomon should do the job. He did, and God’s glory filled the Temple. (2Chronicles 7:13)

God dwelt there and communicated with man as when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. Between Eden and the Temple, God spoke to the Patriarchs - principally Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Hundreds of years later Moses led Israel out of Egypt and into the Wilderness of Sinai where God chose the tribe of Levi to be His priests in the place of a family’s firstborn son.

The people had asked for an intermediary, and God gave them one. (Exodus 20:18-26; Exodus 28:1-2, 30) Now he would mostly communicate with his chosen people through an appointed priest – sometimes using the breastplate of judgment that would signal God’s answers to their requests and prayers. God’s holiness required a blood sacrifice, which was also presented whenever a priest approached God on behalf of a person or the people. Later God would call selected persons as his judges to deliver the Israelites from their sins and from the oppression of their enemies that came as a result of their sins.

Because of man's sinfulness, we can only approach God when we are covered with the blood of a sacrifice. Since the first sins in the Garden of Eden, domestic animals (incapable of sin) have been sacrificed.

The animal sacrifices foreshadowed God's ultimate sacrifice of His Son, which would re-connect man to God by restoring open fellowship and direct communication. Jesus succeeded in this mission as symbolized by the veil to the Temple’s Holy of Holies being ripped open at His death. (Matthew 27:51)

When a priest of ancient Israel talked to the LORD, he used the ancient Hebrew language that had been preserved from before the Flood. It was a wonderful, dynamic language taught by God to Adam. It contained multiple dimensions of meaning in both its linguistic and numeric structure – something equivalent to a full symphony orchestra of potential meaning.

But Israel's sin and unbelief caused their relationship with God to deteriorate until it finally ended in utter ruin. The LORD warned his people repeatedly to repent, but to no avail. Finally, he slammed shut the door of opportunity and allowed his Temple, his dwelling place with man, to be destroyed.

Half of the Israelites were killed in the attack on the Temple; the rest were forced to walk a thousand miles to a foreign country where they lived and worked as slaves. Seventy years later (518 BC) God's mercy moved the mighty Persian king Cyrus to allow some of the Jewish people to return and rebuild.

The destruction of the First Temple signifies something much deeper buried in Hebrew philosophy. The heavenly dimension (Heh) and the earthly dimension (Daleth) were separated. As a result, the use of Hebrew, this extraordinary language from the beginning of time when man spoke face-to-face with God, disappeared. Other languages, such as the Aramaic that they learned in captivity became the language of daily use. Later, Greek became more important as it was the language of secular learning and culture.

With God silent, truth and revelation became clouded and no longer obvious. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System retained some of the aspects of God's original language, but its glory was also diminished, like having the full orchestra replaced by a string quartet. Today, only a faint X-ray shadow image remains of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. I discovered its functional structure in the tables I made, which later evolved into the World Cuckoo Clock gears.

With some exceptions such as Ezra, God no longer spoke through priests. Even before the destruction of the First Temple he has spoken through his servants, the prophets. With Judah’s return from exile, he continued to use these intermediaries (prophets) to communicate with his people. As these oracles to men were recorded, they became the written Word of God, the Old Testament. Many of these prophetic oracles promised the coming of a Redeemer from the five-based (heavenly) dimension who would bridge the chasm of sin that separated humanity from a holy God. (Isaiah 59:1-8)

About six hundred years after the First Temple’s destruction God provided Himself as that bridge of reconciliation in the person of his own Son, Jesus Christ. Only a savior from the five-based dimension born in the seven-based dimension could bridge the gap between the two. Humanity requires spiritual redemption and rebirth in the five-based dimension because the flesh dimension (Zayin) of the death-procreation age will, of necessity, come to an end one day. When the angel visited Mary, he revealed to her that her child would be from "the other side," and in this manner was God born in the flesh (Daleth).

4. Jesus' Death by Crucifixion (AD 33)

It may surprise you to think of God being judged. But as the Creator, he is responsible for all that exists. Nothing exists without his will; everything exists because he willed it to be.

Romans 6:23 (NIV) says, "The wages of sin is death." Jesus was without sin, but He took all of humanity’s sins on Himself. He was able to pay what the law required and make atonement for all of us because He came in human form and not as an angel. Fallen angels are excluded from being saved because they are incapable of repentance and are not made in the image of God.

Neither could an angel be a proper mediator between God and humans. The mediator needed to be born of fleshly mother so that he could be subject to corruption by evil tested in a material world. In advance God realized our just need for Him to become visible. I am sure He did so for the benefit of the angels, too.

When Jesus arrived on earth as the promised Messiah, He was rejected by His own and crucified as prophesied. This is the single most important event in the entire time dimension. (4 = Daleth, "this world in this time ") The whole universe revolves around this plan of redemption for humanity that was made possible by Christ's sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection.

The resurrection also proves the multiple aspects of the Godhead. God is not a single, unseen and ineffable force. Jesus’ life and teaching revealed the Father. He is real and answers prayer faithfully. When Jesus died, He really died: He did not just go somewhere else and come back three days later. His body was dead, and with a dead body there is only the impotence of dust. (James 2:26) Jesus could not resurrect Himself. Apart from Jesus, the Father eternally lives and rules from His throne in the Third Heaven. He is the one who raised Jesus up in a bodily resurrection by transforming the Son’s fleshly body into the glorious body of the Heh dimension. (1Corinthians 15)

According to the gospel records, hundreds of witnesses saw Jesus after He rose from the dead. Religious and Roman authorities tortured many of these witnesses, yet they refused to deny what they had seen or to recant their newfound faith. The Romans executed scores of people in an attempt to suppress what was being proclaimed in Jerusalem.

Caesar claimed that he was God, and he would not tolerate the idea that anyone else could be mightier and more powerful than he was. But in spite of his efforts, the blood of the martyrs became the seedbed for Christianity, which sprouted up throughout the Roman Empire. Caesar’s claim of divinity is now forgotten for all practical purposes, but Jesus’ name is known around the world. It is a name of power and purity.

5. Judgment #5: Second Temple Destroyed (AD 70)

Because God's people rejected His Son in spite of the many prophecies that He fulfilled, the Second Temple was leveled in July-August (9th of Av) in AD 70 by the Roman general Titus. God dispersed His people again, but this time they wandered into nearly every corner of the whole world. After they rejected His own Son God saw no reason to protect the Jewish people as a nation, holy and separate from the others. The job of record keeping and preserving the oracles of God was now shared with the Gentiles, and modern believers now count time in their own way: BC/AD. We are propagating the oracles of God by printing the Bible in many languages.

6. Judgment #6: Apocalypse (AD 2008 to 2015)

The sixth judgment will be the Apocalypse. As happened just prior to the Flood, humanity is approaching a stage of technological development that will inspire millions to openly defy their Creator. Even though thousands of books tell of His existence, this society is firmly on course to become ever more corrupt and violent: therefore, God will slam the door of His protection again and allow Satan to do his worst. (See Chapter 7 in this book and read my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17.)

During the Apocalypse, Israel—the only democratic country in the Middle East—will become the spark that will ignite the tinderbox. As a consequence of Satan’s hatred for the Jewish people, she will be intensely persecuted until it seems that the name of Israel has been totally exterminated. At that juncture the Jewish remnant will cry out for deliverance and acknowledge Yeshua/Jesus as their Messiah. Christ will then return to earth. He will destroy this evil world system with such force and terror that it will never be seen again. The surviving Israelites will be gathered together from the nations to which they were scattered and return to their land. They will never to be dispersed again.

Since boats will not be able to go anywhere for lack of fuel, sailing will be the only way for the remnant of Israel to return to their Promised Land. God will allow sufficient time so that all of his children throughout the world will be at Jerusalem in 2016-2018. The influx of such a large crowd will initiate the making of booths and the creation of tent cities to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and the first Jubilee with the King of Kings present.

Satan's experiment will be finished and his domain will be destroyed, along with the evil world power system of the European Union, America, Russia, China, and all Islamic nations. The earth will be cleansed from a corrupt society, and a new government will be established in preparation for another age of healing and blessing. (See Chapter 9.)

7. The White Throne Judgment (AD 3018)

At the end of time, one thousand years after the Apocalypse, God will resurrect all of have ever lived to face the last judgment, the Great White Throne Judgment. All people, dead and alive, will be judged. (Revelation 20:5, 11-15) This ends history on earth.

After that the earth will collapse into the solar system, along with all the other planets, and plunge into a spreading lake of fire (2 Peter 3:10-13; Revelation 21:1). Those who are saved will be transferred to a new galaxy in which God will live with a transformed humanity in harmony in an environment similar to the earth’s. In this new system, there will never be rebellion or dishonoring God. The saints will govern the new civilization, which will not be subject to the time dimension.

The Decorations on the Clock

Cuckoo clocks are designed with special features that indicate the time and place in which they were created. Many clocks have suns, moons, and stars on them. My World Cuckoo Clock hangs between two polarities: eternity past on one side and eternity future on the other. In between is the time dimension (Daleth). Surrounding that dimension are other features, all of which have meaning and purpose.

The Sun

The sun with the Hebrew symbol for Aleph crowns the top of the World Cuckoo Clock. The Aleph represents the eternal God who controls the universe, and the sun symbolizes the very presence of God’s infinite light. The True Light shines from that source and covers every historical age. God knows everything that happens on earth; nothing is left to chance, all has been planned in advance allowing for humanity’s possession and use of free will. In the center of the sun hangs a square, which symbolizes Beth ("house"), which can only exist by the will of Aleph.

Recently a friend who is a mathematician came to visit me at my vineyard. It seems that the Lord had arranged another little pearl for me to discover. My mathematician friend told me that the symbol for Alpha is used in higher mathematics to represent the infinite. Immediately, HANS (the Hebrew Alphabet Number System) came to the forefront with another fantastic lesson explaining truths about God expressed in mathematical symbols. From the Biblical perspective, the invisible Godhead (Aleph = Alpha) is infinite, or “from the other side.” In the person of Jesus Christ the invisible Godhead became visible to us in the material Daleth dimension even though it still remained infinite in scope and eternal in nature as God when viewed from the Heh dimension. This is a great mystery.

The Points of the Diamond

At the top of the diamond-shaped clock face, directly under the sun, is the Hebrew word Heh, which is the name of the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, together with its corresponding number, five (5). Heh means "window," "eternity," or "the other side," indicating the spirit world of Heaven’s eternal dimension.

At the bottom of the diamond is the Hebrew word Daleth, for the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet with its corresponding number, four (4). Daleth means "door," "creation," or "this world in this time."

In the right and left points of the diamond are the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, that together represent Jesus Christ. He spans the time dimension from one end to the other. He is the Almighty, the beginning and the end of all that exists or will exist. (Revelation 1:8)

These four corners represent our place in this world. (Revelation 7:1) Each of the other concepts - the railroad track, the Russian Egg, the Rosetta Stone discovery, the baby’s birth and the placenta, the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, the mirror image - provide different insights into a very complex creation.

These four corners are also symbolized in the structure of the satellite City of Jerusalem, which is a gigantic pyramid of 1,800 miles across one side squared. The Daleth-Heh dimension and Satan-human history is imbedded in that structure. The World Cuckoo Clock depicts a double perspective. Looking down you see the square base of the pyramid. Looking at the face of the clock, draw the pyramid baseline between alpha and omega with the capstone of the sun, Aleph and Heh at the top.

Quickly explained, Jesus Christ represents the four corners of the base of the pyramid. He is the Creator of the universe expressed with space-time dimension of Daleth. Above on top sits the mini-pyramid capstone (Heh), which communicates Jesus’ role of Creator, Ruler and sustainer of the universe. (Colossians 1:16-17)

By applying the hand rule of 1+4=5, we learn some more. The capstone connects with all four sides the pyramid, which extend downward from the base of the capstone mini-pyramid. There are two sides for Satan in the Daleth-Heh dimension, and there are two sides for humanity in the Daleth-Heh dimension. This structure will forever commemorate the lessons learned from 7,000 years of human history and remind the saints who live there of their past and of God’s divine plan for humanity.

The Pyramid Overlay

The diamond face of the World Cuckoo Clock forms the square base of a pyramid representative of the New Jerusalem, which is the culmination of God’s plan for humanity. There a number of Bible references which indicate a pyramid design. (Isaiah 28:16, Psalms 118:22, 1Samuel 2:8, Job 38:4-6 and Revelation 21:9-27)

We have many pyramids located around our globe, and they may reflect ancient knowledge about God’s plan from Noah’s descendants, which they took with them as they scattered about the globe after the Tower of Babel incident. You will find pyramids evenly spaced near the equator so that they are present in almost every country. Even the USA has some recently discovered mountains with many tunnels inside of them that are not yet thoroughly investigated. Since science knows more about the pyramids in Egypt, I will focus on them and the Great Pyramid in particular.

Many books have been written about the pyramids, but I only want to reference one book. In fact there are so many comparisons that could be made that I could write another book on the subject, but here I will only illustrate some secrets that directly relate to my World Cuckoo Clock. They present tangible enigmas from antiquity, evidence of ancient time beyond human memory and recorded history.

I place the building of the Great Pyramid before the time of Noah’s Flood (2288 BC). I believe it is than a book written in stone to convey truths and a message from the other side of Noah’s Flood. Pyramids built after it are mere copy-cat imitations that do not contain significant mathematical signatures. It seems like their builders’ just measured the exterior angles of the Great Pyramid and copied them with some adjustments. To me it is obvious that these later builders did not know the imbedded mathematical messages – much these the intricate measurements. The later pyramids were simply grandiose tombs for the wealthy and powerful.

When digging around the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid, workers discovered foundation stones with imbedded iron straps tying them to adjacent stones. According to conventional history, iron was only invented around 1200 BC while the Great Pyramid is usually dated to about 2600 BC. The appearance of iron is a mystery unless you believe the biblical account that iron was smelted after Adam was kicked out of the Garden in 4004 BC. (Genesis 4:22) It seems that the technological knowledge of iron forging was lost in the Flood. The Great Pyramid can be thought of as the only architectural survivor of the pre-Flood culture. It carries a message to us today that is imbedded in its stones built to last forever.

Among the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza is at the top of the list. A possible derivation for the word “pyramid” comes from the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus where it could be a joining of the Greek “pyr” meaning “fire” with the Egyptian “met” meaning “10” or “measure.” The “ten” part of the name connects to my overlay of Jod in HANS, which also means “10” but on a higher level.

First let’s have another look of the World Cuckoo Clock diagram. Think of it as the metaphysical square base of the Great Pyramid. The clock face depicts 7,000 years of human history enclosed by the circle of the time dimension. Outside the circle of earth-time is an eternity that cannot be measured by a clock or even conceived by the human mind. Not even the most brilliant geniuses have limits to their finite comprehension of the eternal realities, unless it is revealed. The circle also represents our globe as a sphere surrounded by eternity, and scientists have yet to come up with a good explanation why it is that way, what it is all about and why it exists.

In considering eternal matters we can only communicate using analogies - no matter what level of education you may have. Some trained in advanced mathematics or physics can use symbolic formulas to try to conceptualize the building blocks of our universe, but even they fall short of giving the complete picture, as Dr. Einstein experienced in his search for his universal field theory. Our civilization is built on the two rails of science and religion. Together they compose the sum total of what we can imagine.

In truth the missing link in a human understanding of the universe can only be revealed directly by God who comes to us through His Spirit from the outside the circle. Through His written Word, we may receive revelation about history and spiritual laws or truths. Sometimes we discover aspects of His plan illustrated in His creation through the knowledge we call science - provided you were not taught the twisted truths of Satan’s lies so often found in our educational institutions.

The real purpose of the pyramid is mind-boggling. Even the technicalities of its construction are not well understood yet. Having discovered a Rosetta Stone in the Bible, I perceive a number of secrets about the Great Pyramid that would add valuable content to the many books written on this subject. As many know, the Great Pyramid incorporates concepts of eternal life into its structural dimensions. The ancient Egyptian beliefs about eternity are found in the book of the Dead, which contains concepts about the Mind and Solar system somewhat similar to Daleth - Heh dimensions that HANS teaches. Most of these concepts are also explained in the Bible, which tells us about that age, too.

Similar to HANS, the Great Pyramid has data on astronomical dating imbedded in its structural design so that I am not surprised to see so many parallels between the two. The Great Pyramid is in fact a second witness to the validity of my theories concerning the dates of the Apocalypse. The knowledge reflected in the Great Pyramid has greatly influenced our modern culture because it is the tangible fruit of the beginnings of science.

Obviously, there is the quality of the pyramid’s masonry itself. It is superior to even the famous cathedrals of Europe or even the great walls at Sacsahuaman near the city Cuzco, Peru in South America, which are 60 feet high and half a mile long. Some of the interior stones of the Great Pyramid weigh more than 100 tons, and it was built without using mortar. Even using our modern machines, try moving a 100 ton, finished block of granite from a quarry located 500 miles away from a building site 12,000 feet high on a mountain range like in the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu or on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt

As a symbol, the Great Pyramid appears in many cultures. Even in USA we find it pictured on the One Dollar bill within the Great Seal. At its top is the all-seeing eye. The Great Seal has the number 1776 at its base in Roman numerals – MDCCLXXVI. The Latin motto, “novus ordo seclorum” is translated, “new order of the ages,” and “annuit coeptis” means “He has smiled on our undertakings.” There are many small items found in groups of 13 on the back of the dollar bill. The use of 13 has more than just a reference to the number of original colonies. Check out the HANS chart for its meaning in biblical symbolism.

When I placed the base of the cuckoo clock within a sphere to represent our earth in the Daleth dimension of material time, I discovered many more overlays that build on the concepts introduced throughout bothe of my books. I will need to write another book about them as it does not fall within the scope of these two books, and my publisher has said that the time has come for the presses to run.

As a hint, just consider that many mathematical computations like Pi and Epsilon are part of the structure of the Great Pyramid. I also noticed that my cuckoo-clock-based-pyramid diagram fitted within a sphere is positioned below the southern part of the equator. This explains why the angle on top of the pyramid is less than 90 degrees. If we take the mean average angle of the major Egyptian pyramids, it gives us angle of the earth’s tilted axis, which creates the four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. If we did not have the seasons or if the day and night cycles were not exactly 24 hours, then life, as we know it, would not be possible on earth. Also buried within the Pyramid, I discovered Rosetta Stone principle of the Bible revealing again a 7:5 ratio.

The following numbers and ratios are buried within the Great Pyramid:

Seven (7) Royal numbers:

л = Pi -3.1415926 (Radian or irrational Numbers)

٤ = 2.7182818 Natural or rational Numbers)

Ø = 1.6180339 (Golden Numbers)

Ґ = 0.5772156 (Gamma Numbers)

i = √-1 (Imaginary Numbers)

1 = Unity (Unitary Numbers)

0 = zero (Nothingness Numbers)

Five (5) mathematical equations:

  1. Gamma Function,
  2. Golden Gamma Equation,
  3. The Integral Maximal,
  4. The Epsilon Equation,
  5. The Differential Maximal

Notice that the Gamma Function and the Epsilon Equation were discovered by Leonard Eulcr, 1707-1783. The Golden Gamma Equation contains all seven of the Royal Numbers plus infinity ∞. It was discovered by Rocky McCollum in February 1977.

I also should mention that the Great Pyramid is located at the exact center of the earth’s land mass. How did its ancient architect know that? There are many parallels between HANS and the Great Pyramid. For example, the King’s chamber re-enacts the drama of the second death. Read my Butterfly Story that explains why people have two birthdays.

The King’s chamber lies at the interior center of the Great Pyramid. Inside it the only furniture you will find is an open stone coffin or sarcophagus made of red granite stone that is polished inside and out with walls up to 6 inches thick. No lid was found, and it would have been too big to be carried away. The sarcophagus itself must have been placed in the chamber during its construction because it is too large to fit through the doors and passage ways to have been moved into place afterwards. The stone coffin was never intended to contain a body but to represent the resurrection - just like the empty tomb of Jesus.

The Bible prophesies that there will be an altar unto the LORD in Egypt during the 1,000 years of peace following the Apocalypse. (Isaiah 19:19) The LORD is the Creator, and it is possible that the Great Pyramid was built to honor Him. Perhaps the resurrection of the saints will include the Great Pyramid’s architect, who will then explain its built-in messages in detail.

The Bible mentions that Jesus Christ is both the foundation and the capstone of the Kingdom of God, which reflects the pyramid shape of New Jerusalem. The pyramid has five (5) sides indicating it belongs to the Heh dimension, which tells us to look for its many hidden concepts not normally revealed in the Daleth dimension. Check out Revelation 21:9-27. The Bible devotes a full chapter to the description of the pyramidal New Jerusalem. It mentions transparent streets of gold like a diamond, which is transparent carbon. Carbon in its natural shape is black soot, but it is transformed by heat and pressure into the hardest stone on earth, and it will transmit light. Bible’s reference to “transparent gold” describes a conductor for light not yet invented on earth.

During the millennial age of Teth, the Heh dimension is joined with the Daleth dimension because the Kingdom of God is on earth. In that age we will understand much more about the Great Pyramid’s mathematical proofs that scientifically reveal the plan of God for all nations.

God is light and anything around him is light. Read the witnesses recorded for us in the Bible. That is a scientific fact. If you do not live where there is light, then natural laws tell us there will be darkness, which is the absence of light and energy that can enable our eyes to see spiritual matters. Any child knows that principle. He tests it out in the darkness of night by turning on the light or by lighting candles. These are basic laws of physics. If you ignore God today, do not expect to wake up in His palace full of light after your second birthday.

The Bible is the only instruction book which explains the mechanism of His creation on both levels and even the new future level of Jod. God gave us a choice in our second birthday according to the physical laws of the Daleth dimension. A responsible God will only surround Himself with those that respect Him and inherently share His values without possibility of corruption. He knows that the only way to live for eternity is to be as He is, and He will not give the powers natural to eternal life to those who might abuse them.

If you wish to live forever, then your actions must conform to the nature of God who inhabits forever, or you will not be there. It is like applying for a new job. All that you have accomplished is known to your potential employer. You presented a report summing up who you are and what you have done to management. It is not unusual for the offering employer to check out your data. He needs to evaluate if you qualify and be able to give reasons if you are not chosen. It has nothing to do with you personally it is the system an employer must follow that the corporation he works for requires.

If you have worked in management, then you know what I mean here. I made my choice as a previous scientist and inventor to be with God where there is light. I look forward to my second birthday being like a beautiful butterfly with wings. I desire to discover God’s Jod creation because I like to explore, and I want to continue learning because it is fun to me. Being with God will meet all my expectations and give eternal purpose for my existence.

The Half Moon

Below the diamond-shaped clock face is a half moon, symbolizing the dark side of the earth. Its only light is what is reflected from the sun. It indicates Satan's dominion over earth. The devil and his half-moon religion will meet their common end on the dark side of the universe in the eighth (Cheth) age; however, man will continue into the ninth age (Teth) where the sun of righteousness shines forever.

Watching the Clock

Keeping track of time is important to any civilized society. In 1930, Australian gold prospector Dan Leahy and his brother ventured into the interior of New Guinea with mining equipment and a video camera. There they discovered tribes of people living in remote pockets of the jungle who still lived at a Stone Age level.

At the time of this first contact with the outside world these natives believed they were the only people on earth. They had no knowledge of metal and had never touched modern fibers. They lived in a warm climate, where there was no need to develop farming skills or to invent tools for planting crops. Their lack of writing skill prevented them from recording knowledge from the past, and they had no way to measure the passing of time.

After their initial fearful encounter with these miners, the natives touched the white men's faces and hair and stared curiously, if still fearfully at the camera equipment they had. For the first time they looked into a mirror and saw their own faces. The explorers, who believed that the Stone Age ended 500,000 years ago, were shocked to discover that people were still living like this.

We pride ourselves on how advanced and educated we are, yet we have become a godless society. Our schools teach that our ancestors from millions of years ago were also the parents of apes and monkeys. It amazes me that so many highly educated men still believe in the fable of evolution in spite of recent scientific discoveries in genetics and physics that make this theory obsolete.

At the end of our civilization, who will survive on this planet to tell our children what happened to the earth?

When gigantic earthquakes destroy all electricity around the globe (as the Bible predicts), will primitive jungle men in poor, remote areas of our planet outlive the rest of us? Will they repopulate the earth and start civilization all over again?

What role will you play in our planet’s glorious future?

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