Pearl #135 -

Did Ancient Calendars & Clocks
Forecast Our Future?


Will the world really end on December 21, 2012 when the Mayan-Aztec calendar runs out?

This date looms more ominously with each passing year. While millions are curious, most don’t give it a thought. Yet, many other ancient calendars link at that date, and so does the Bible! At least that is what long time, hi-tech inventor Herbert Stollorz writes about.

Like most people from his generation, Mr. Stollorz grew up to rebel against his parents’ overly strict religious observance and spent most of his life working hard in pursuit of his business interests. Though he never lost respect for the Bible, he certainly did not think about Bible prophecy or anything else of similar mystery. Even in his retirement, Herbert developed some tens of acres into a small vineyard operation in northern California. He didn’t think much about the end purpose of life until he came pretty close to the end of his own.

Then he saw some TV specials on the Bible Code and started doing a little reading from his perspective of being an applied scientist with a number of patents based on principles derived from keen observation of how natural laws and patterns of interaction can be brought to bear on solving pragmatic problems that make money. Once started down this road, he began to seen similarities in the patterns of history and prophecy in many ancient cultures from around the world. Their common links are found in how they marked the passing of time with intricate calendars and clocks. He began to ask himself why.

Scientific evidence abounds that the earth has suffered from a number of significant asteroid strikes in the past. Just look at the moon’s surface for something a little easier to see! Could an ancient asteroid have hit the earth at such force and angle of impact to change how it spins on its axis? If so, such a strike could indeed provide answers to these mysterious questions of antiquity.

Can the Future be Forecasted like the Weather?

The Pharisees and Sadducees came up, and testing Jesus, they asked Him to show them a sign from heaven.

But He replied to them, "When it is evening, you say, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.' And in the morning, 'There will be a storm today, for the sky is red and threatening.'

“Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?” (Matthew 16:1-3)

Jesus compared the discernment of prophetic times with forecasting the weather. Weather forecasting is based on the forward extension of meteorological cycles according to scientific methodology. This is what the advanced ancient cultures universally tried to do with astrology, the signs in the sky. Most ancient priests and astrologers believed that the future could be forecasted similarly. That is one reason why they paid such close attention to the movements of heavenly bodies. Of course, the most critically pragmatic reason for determining the seasons related to the best time to plant and harvest the crops that fed everyone.

While many ancient religions saw the relationships of the gods mirrored in the movements of planets and stars, the Bible states that their use was for humans to mark the passage of time. Science now knows that time is a material property that is relative. Just as light bends, and its speed is slowing, so time can be compressed and expanded along various scales that are manifested in the cyclical relationships between various historic and prophetic events.

Then God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth"; and it was so. (Genesis 1:14-15)

Ancient people marked the passage of time by days and months. A sequence of four seasons as delineated by a sequence of solstice-equinox-solstice-equinox made up a year. Herbert Stollorz hypothesis states that the structure of ancient calendar and clock systems evidences shorter seasons and years than we currently experience. In the pre-Flood world or Atlantis age a year was made up of four 13-day seasons. This fact is reflected in the inflated ages given to the biblical patriarchs and Sumerian king lists. For example, the Bible gives Methuselah’s age as 969 years. According to Stollorz’ hypothesis, he lived only about 138 of our modern years.

Similarly, the future can be forecast like the weather based on scientific patterns and principles, but it is still an interpretive art based on the skill of the forecaster. While not enough historic time had elapsed for the Israelite prophet Daniel to project forward with any degree of accuracy, we are able to do so now because civilization has marked another 2,500 years of history. We have reached the biblical end of days when the “wise will understand” the dates of the major events of future Bible Prophecy.

He replied, "Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. (Daniel 12:9-10).

Daniel's Rosetta Stone RatiosThe Apocalypse is a necessary judgment of human governments that universally practice injustice, war and economic oppression to one degree or another. The unfolding of the future does not depend on people believing that it will happen. Believers are not to try to make it happen or to engage in the violence of this age. They are to walk humbly, live in peace and work honestly with others as much as is possible. Most who call themselves Christian are not spiritually discerning the times being locked in the ignorance of their theological biases. They will be almost as surprised at what God will do as the rest of humanity.

Unlike other attempts to date the major events of the future as prophesied by the Bible, Herbert Stollorz’ methodology utilizes multiple cycles or gears and number systems based on different mathematical scales, the Jewish feast and fast days, chronological symmetry and the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. Not only does it crosscheck internally, it also intersects with the prophecies and calendar systems of several other ancient cultures. Unlike any previous attempt to forecast the future, get used to double counting the end from the beginning, the beginning from the end and both the beginning and the end from the middle to verify.

One example is the 70 Weeks prophecy found in Daniel 9. Most Christian scholars acknowledge that the first 69 weeks of that prophecy relate to the first appearance of Jesus, accurately predicting it using the “year for a day” principle. This means that one-week equals 7 years with this base-7 system. Using a base-5 system in parallel, the second coming can be located within a window of 50 years or 1968-2018. The base-5 week is 50 years or one Jubilee long.

Wobble Spin-axis Constant 14.305789

In Daniel’s time [588 BC] prophecy was written from a different calendar perspective explained in my third Babuschka clock book free on the Internet. I discovered that the Aztec stone clock and the Antikythera bronze clock although 1000 years apart have the same constant which measure a wobble spin axis of our earth caused by an asteroid 2287 BC across 1715 years.

Let’s use the 14.305789 data we previously found in clock cycles to measure a declining solstice but with more fractions after the dot only recently discovered as bronze gears of the Antikythera clock are more accurate then stone scull heads fashioned by the Aztec. That would prove a prophecy forecast corrected now to a NASA calendar that was not known in ancient times or theologian in our time.

If we multiply 182 Daniel’s prophecy weeks with the ancient clock constant of both clocks we get 2603.6535 years. (14.305789x182=2603.6535). That matches and proves the 25 July 2015 AD (588+2015=2603) date I mentioned three years ago in my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17. At that time, I measured a time base from a Jewish holiday and HANS overlay perspective. Now it gets better when we do the math with more fractions to prove the accuracy of prophetically projecting future dates. When we consider fraction after thousands of years, future dates would get fuzzy but not Bible dates. So the fraction [.6535] of a year after the dot is very important. If we multiply it by 12 we get a month and some fraction. It became July, the seventh month. (.6535x12=7.842)

Let’s continue to do the same to find out how many days left over from one month which has 30 days and we get 25. (.842x30=25.26) or we can do it another way (.6535x365.24=238days. Then we divide it into 30.4 and we get 7month and a fraction (238/30.4=7.8289. Continuing with the day fraction .8289 and multiply with 30.4 we get the remaining 25 days (.8289x30.4=25).

Summing up our calculation and using the ancient clock constant from an ancient earth wobble now applied from Daniel’s time (time, times,½time) and measure it from the 9 Av of 588 BC to 9 Av 2015 (5775) we get to 25 July 2015 on exactly the same date, to absolute one day again. 

The 9th of Av date is extraordinary, not often investigated in history. The ancient wobble constant is not known by a biased university scientist and needs a true scientific pear review to be acceptable. It will revolutionize how we calculate historic calendars once NASA gets hold of it. It also will destroy an evolution theory not possible if you believe that entropy laws work in physics. From this perspective the controlling aesthetic university priesthood will never entertain scientific investigation in conflict with their holy evolution religion but will see their believe system collapse after 2012 watching TV around the globe.  

The same proof can be observed from another perspective. When we count back Daniel’s 70 weeks from 9 Av 6777, which is the equivalent date on the Gregorian calendar 24 July 3017 AD. That date is the last date mentioned in the Hebrew 7000 year calendar Table.

Let’s do the math to prove an axis constant matching prophecy. (70x14.305789=1001.4052) Deduct 9 Av from 24 July 3017 the 1001.4052 years with some fraction, which is 2016 (3017-1001.4052=2016). The fraction is converted into average monthly cycles of (30.4 days for one month). We now calculate how many months that fraction represents and multiply it with 12 (.4052x12=4.8624) that means (4) four months and a fraction.

Going back 4 months from December 31, 2015, we get August 31, 2015. Now we do the same with day month fraction multiply by 30.4 and get 26th days left over or 26 days (.8624x30.4=26.2). Deducted from 31 August 26 days we get 5 August. The Gregorian calendar must be corrected one day added every 400 years from 588 BC which is 3603 years (3017.8+588=3605.8) then divide it into 400 which we get days (3605.8/400=9 add one day for fraction). Deduct from 5 August minus 10 days = 25 July 2015.

This is a date converted to the Jewish calendar 9 Av 6777 to 70 Daniel’s week later arriving at 9 Av 5775 what a coincidence again to end at the 9th of Av, a temple destruction marker in prophecy.

It is incredible that with so many fractions of a wobble constant and fraction in moon cycles of a Jewish calendar corrected to a Gregorian calendar, that this calculation is accurate to a day. That is only possible if a divine clock maker invented a clock for mankind and hinged it on historic events always happening on the 9th of Av. Go back still further to the previous Jewish holiday and get Tammuz 17 5775 (4 July 2015). My previous book with 12 witnesses dated it by connecting at that same date, proven to be extremely accurate. If you are not convinced of prophecy matching to a day, use the corrected Gregorian calendar and not the Julian calendar. It is a little off. 

Repeated again and notice the 14.305789 constant (@3605 years [3017+588]) was found in the Aztec and Antikythera clocks compared to Daniel’s time, times and ½ time analysis. When we multiply 70 Daniel’s prophecy weeks with a calendar constant from ancient calendars 14.305789 we come again to a date ending the Apocalypse 2015.

Daniel’s 70th prophecy week from the Daleth dimension perspective corrected for the Gregorian calendar connects for some unknown reason with Temple destruction Daniel was familiar surviving as a young man. So having the beginning and ending of the Apocalypse determined in Jewish holidays matching HANS and the Rosetta stone with various ancient calendars aligning, I consider that one big witness coming from my ancient clock bronze-gold clocks in dating the Apocalypse.

But prophecy is much more accurate exactly to a day impossible to arrive using present science evaluation not knowing anything about an earth wobble in ancient times. Ancient clocks were deciphered in 2007 and it will take time for scientists to get around accepting it. If we overlay with Jewish holidays and connect it to a corrected Gregorian calendar, we will discover history from a new perspective never written before. Analyzing science, I used modern computer inventions, having a lot of fun and having a good time being part in establishing a Silicon Valley technology.

The Special 9th of Av Connection with Jewish Temple Destructions

In the Bible, we have described five Hebrew Temples from the Heh-Daleth overlay. They follow a Hebrew math hand rule [+one] 4+1=5. One Temple is seen in the Heh dimension-heaven where angels appear coming out from the interior with trumpets and bowls reported by John. (Rev. 14) The other four temples are on earth in the Daleth dimension (this world in this time).

One was built by Solomon and destroyed on 9 Av 588 BC, another Herodias Temple destroyed 9 Av 70 AD and the future the Third Temple will be built 2009 but will not last long, being destroyed 9 Av 2015 by an Islamic mob out of control. The last Temple is longer lasting 1000 years again and will be erected 2018 AD with a cornerstone laid according to Ezekiel’s blueprint.

Jewish Temple Mysteries - 9th of Av

22 Bronze-Gold clocksTemple building or destruction are important time marker in Jewish history which match like clock gears. All other historic events are measured from those hinge points. Checking history and focusing on the Temple destruction I noticed that they all happened on the same day, 9 Av. The First and Second Temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av.

The word “Av” means “father” number one in the family structure and therefore all matters from the temple perspective are decided from that viewpoint as I discovered the 7000-year Hebrew calendar for mankind which polarized around those four (4) Temples with two Temples still in the future. A matter of fact I find that infamous day 9 Av all over in history embedded like Moses breaking the first set of the Stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments given by God.

Emperor Hadrian crashed the 135 AD rebellion by Shimon Bar-Kokhba. 333 under Eusebius of Caesarea visitor from Bordeaux pour oil over the foundation referenced in the Talmud as the foundation Rock, which the Holy of Holies had rested (Yoma 5:2). More dates like 1290, 1492, 1555, 1648, 1904, 1941 and more recent 1942 extermination of Jews by the Nazi in Poland all dovetailing on the 9th of Av. Check it out on the internet. Now in current time in Jerusalem the hot button in world politics wants to build a new temple on the site of the old. Watch out for 9 Av.

But if you read my books, I foretell the destruction of the Third Temple connected with an Apocalypse again on the same day 9th Av 5776 (25 July 2015) by comparing patterns. How did I know that three years ago writing my books from the perspective of embedded Jewish holidays that they become a mirror reflecting Heh activated events to happen on earth in the Daleth dimension.

Recently I hear about discussion that the location of the Dome al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem may not be over the place of the ancient Jewish temple site which is a little off. That fact is covered up by some influential Arabs that would greatly upset the Moslems population avoiding a riot. To find out if you have the time and get friendly with some Arabs living at the entrance of the Holy place and drink some tea as they may confide in that well kept secret if you do not reveal it to others and endangering their life.

My projection of the Third Temple prophesied from the Bible overlaying with HANS will be built around 2009/2010 on its true historic site after a forced agreement by the EU with New York and America’s military power in the Middle East destroyed by atomic bombs now used again.

That new site of the previous Temple will then be revealed as a pretext for the Beast system consolidating its power arriving in Europe with 10 horns to rule the world now with a European money currency as the American Dollar crashed with New York gone. That will settle the dispute with Palestinian–Israel in a 7-year peace contract enforced by the EU-UN military and fear of another grater nuclear exchange destroying all mankind on earth. 

The Antikythera clock has embedded in 32 gears an astronomical ratio (13.368267). It is not constant as assumed by scientist but is affected by an exponential time base because of a spin-axis wobble scientist never investigated. Check out the clock Babushka book.  The expanded skulheads theory is in parallel to the calendar constant discovered matching future dates to a day. I hope a NASA math professor would pick up that trail and prove those dual concepts with math I am not qualified to do. I am only a clockmaker checking out gears embedded in a HANS. Aztec Scull heads before 588 BC were based on 360 calendar days but looking back from a 3018 AD time base perspective it is framed with 365.24 calendar days. Therefore projecting a constant for the future prophecy, a spinaxis change must be considered if you want to predict a certain date. The spin axis still could be moving a little upsetting New York newspaper zodiac astrologians now divided in two parties. One group will accept a newcomer 13th zodiac constellation the other have none of it, just like climate changes divided the camp in half too. Both seemed to be confused by a spinaxis believed to be at rest in conflict with a university evolution religion and wondering about climate changes.  My advice: read Babushka clock books to get educated what is really happening in science and not depend on evolution fairy tales not matching entropy laws. 

The Third temple is build at the beginning of the Apocalypse after the decline of America. To initiate a short lived world peace avoiding total nuclear war, the Moslems will be forced to accept another building next on the top of the Islam Holy place but will be breaking the 7 year peace accord later and destroy a  Jewish temple again according to prophecy on the 9th Ave of 2015. The Fourth Temple described by Ezekiel is overlaid with the Daleth dimension as the fifth is located in heaven - the Heh dimension. Again matching the Heh (5) requirement.

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