Pearl #248 -

Epitaph of the Big Jonah Energy Fish  


This last Pearl will review a number of events to usher in the prophesied Apocalypse. Worldwide contemporary high-tech education and scientific research have been under the ruthless control of powerful atheistic, priest-like bankers. Though only a handful in seven billion people, they have internationally conquered most governments. They gained power by printing an unlimited world currency, usurped in 1913 by a family of invisible FED bankers dolling out lucrative bailouts to the industrial elite and huge grants to dishonored politicians. They especially favored many global universities with bonuses when researchers complied with their atheistic evolution religion to keep the masses ignorant, compliant and comatose.

The Death of Money - Interview Jim Richards

It created a demented mindset that shaped the 21st  Century civilization into a spiritual abyss ending in a computerized, evil One World System. The consequences of unscientific evolution  opinions,  twisted  by unrestrained  paid  off scientists no longer aiming to discover truth, have become destructive to a global society. This is bound to end in total bankruptcy,  proven  by  the  global  environment  already grossly failing, thus ending our scientific advances.

International NEWS daily reports hot spots of revolutions destroying the livelihood of thousands. Many have been murdered by corrupt governments fighting desperate people, who feel so oppressed that their young people turn into terrorists not knowing they are manipulated by a big power elite hiding within corrupted governments. Millions of women and children who managed to escape are stranded in refugee camps, living in tents as many cities have turned into rubble, devastated like Germany in 1945.

This last generation is now racing hell-bent, destroying the global environment in utter disregard of humans and animals forced to breathe dirty air and drink polluted water deadly to a life existence. Why allow the poisoning of every farmland with toxic chemicals to enrich the evil Monsanto octopus cartel and its noxious sisters causing uncontrolled massive cancers and odd diseases linked to many Salmonella food recalls barely reported in the media?

Powerful evil conglomerates are destroying most food seeds by genetic manipulation. They spliced out the reproductive genes, exchanged for cloning, which will cause a global collapse of the food chain, leading to massive extinction according to Newton's law. Operating internationally beyond the law, these unstoppable tax favored cartels are now united in a global Oil-Nuclear- Military Complex brotherhood elite, bribing judges and senators by making them instant millionaires. It all started 80 years ago when access to free energy was denied.

It was first invented by Tesla-Hoffman now hell-bent, determined to end all LIFE on this planet. When LIFE is terminated on a massive extinction scale, God the ELOHIM is not sleeping but watching over his creation ransacked by greed. Guaranteed, He will repeat Sodom and Gomorrah. Notice,  once  more  He  has  sent  another  Jonah  onto  the Internet  town  square  with  a  message  that  says:  "Stop messing up and destroying my house, the only place where LIFE exists in the universe."  If you want a proof, just look through the Hubble telescope and look at lifeless 407,702 galaxies and planets collected in a massive NASA computer among billions of galaxies impossible to categorize.

Again history is repeated when corrupt mankind is forcing God the ELOHIM to intervene for a second time to end this civilization in order to save life and the environment for future generations to last another thousand years. GOD’S WRATH once prophesied and linked to divine revelation has  arrived. The ancient Bible shaped  human  history for 6000 years, why has it been silenced? It taught every child what is "good" and "evil" to survive. Why has it been perverted and reduced to immoral Relativism?  According   to   the   ignored   ancient   Bible wisdom, even Newton's physical laws will demonstrate the consequences of the human failure, ending in an Apocalypse of self-destruction as prophesied of old.

Being an inventor-philosopher, I started to investigate the many evidences of suppressed science in conflict with university LIES usually covered up by impossible theories. Blind-sided students are compelled to accept an unscientific evolution religion favored by world bankers, endorsed with grants. Money  has  corrupted  and  brainwashed  uninformed professors who willfully deny Newton's entropy laws, exchanging them for a stupid evolution monkey theory. They argue that the natural downward laws of thermodynamics could evolve to higher energy levels, a theory believed by a brain-dead majority against all logic and common sense and contrary to physics.

This  demonstrates  defective,  closed,  fruitless  minds  no longer functioning. They cannot fathom or comprehend that intelligence, a precursor of divine laws, is linked to infinite LIGHT energy. This fact is confirmed and reported in the very first verses of the 6000 year-old Bible (Genesis 1:1) telling how the universe was created. Why is it rejected?

The alternate “logical option” left is speculating that the universe and all LIFE only found on earth, has evolved from a NOTHING or, as recently postulated, from a mysterious black void not yet defined by science. Only morons will smash  Atoms in CERN costing  billions and billions, yet after 40 years they have not discovered anything that makes sense. You could compare it with someone smashing an egg on an anvil with a big sledge-hammer, who then theorizes how a chicken could develop from the smashed residue stuck on the wall (Nebelkammer).

As a hi-tech inventor, I use many analogies to widen science horizons for my grandkids. Science education is distorted by a relativism that suppresses the fundamental laws of nature. Consequently, society has become ignorant, pliable, oppressed and controlled. It will all end in something like witnessed in Islamic cultures where they murder anyone not submitting to a primitive medieval belief system. Watch the sky. GOD’S WRATH will arrive as prophesied in the Bible, matching forbidden science exposed in Babushka concept eggs read Jonah’s Warnings explained on a higher level in Babushka Egg #11 & #12.

Modern hi-tech atheism is heading in the same direction. This sort of thing is impossible to coexist with a Christian- based Western Civilization. Keep watching the NEWS and see how this will end up in global self-destruction, provided that Newton's laws are still in operation. To widen science horizons for my grandkids, why not start with the forbidden Bible? It is not allowed to be taught in our schools anymore, yet reveals metaphysical knowledge explaining the Kosmos. In it, I discovered forgotten true physics that needed to be linked to paraphysics to make it visible to ignorant scientists. Why were Newton’s writings suppressed when he mentioned some Bible concepts? 

To explain nature concepts in simple terms and to delineate truth as opposed to so many lies taught in universities at a PhD level, just pause in front of a mirror. It will reveal that the three dimension reality in front (perhaps you) is reflected in a two dimensional image I call physics. Everything that is living reality is reflected in the mirror, but in reverse. As you focus on the reality, standing in front is not only dual but has embedded something hidden on a higher level.

We all have an invisible MIND implanted in a paraphysical body, which cannot cause a reflection in a physical mirror. But a mind can only become noticed - visible if connected to an energy source called "Life", as dead bodies do not move. It is still a mystery, disclosed only to Bible readers. The invisible paraphysics cannot be seen in the physical mirror image perspective and can only be observed by action or movements compared to what was learned from history. All is controlled by an invisible "cosmic intelligence center" recognized in a hidden MIND operating in the metaphysical dimension of a higher order like a Holographic Universe.

You must have the light "ON" to understand the invisible laws always cascading according to entropy. A lower entropy level is seen here as a mirror reflection. But the switch for the lights to be ON in your MIND for a higher understanding is activated by the ELOHIM mind expressed in a number of my Babushka Egg Pearls continually amended by added data. 

Just think: 80 trillion DNAs in our body need intelligence to form  a  specific  protein.  Proteins  are  formed  by  atoms aligned with others forming molecules, also needing intelligence in a full circle. Similarly, according to technology, if only one byte of information is missing, like in your computer, it will morph into a computer virus now totally useless. In analogy, the many evolution lies are just missing intelligence completely lacking common sense, as proven  in  computer  programs.  “Garbage  in  gets  garbage out".

Looking into space with telescopes now seeing frozen galaxies could theorize that infinite ∞-energy could be spinning like a chain carousel, thus energizing and creating a universe. Only when infinite energy is moving, can galaxies be formed - eventually ending in a planet like our earth? That would demonstrate a purpose of divine intelligence. When energy is being directed with the lights "on" it will start the process of conversion forming atoms, verified by Newton's gravity laws. Crystallized atoms will condense into over 100 elements recognized in Fraunhofer’s spectral lines, dissecting light which was categorized in a Periodic Table.

An added mystery is my MIND embedded with LIFE that cannot  be  defined  in  reflections  of  a  physical  mirror. Ignorant professors believe all appeared from a NOTHING, on the grounds of stupid evolution fairytales enforced by corrupt world bankers paying off an atheistic university and government elite with lucrative grants. When lies are infused into a young mind it will pervert morals leading to a destructive world view not respecting life.

My grandkids, not having PhD degrees, understand science based on logic much better. They learned that a complex cuckoo clock could not possible evolve from a NOTHING, like fantasized in an unfeasible "big bang" theory postulated by so many brain-dead professors who believe that the two laws of thermodynamics could be reversed.

Most universities teach, and are convinced, that by applying physics they can prove that a NOTHING started with a big bang, which then evolved into  SOMETHING.  But again they forget that first there is a need for intelligence as a priority according to Newton to tell the energ which direction to go, either on an implosion or explosion path. Consequently, my grandkids who have learned to think logically  say  that  there  must  be  a  Kosmos  designer  to explain the existence of intelligence.

Notice that complex gears inside a cuckoo clock telling time for mortals (another mystery) are designed according to physics. But here comes the clincher which is controlled by a higher MIND able to manipulate the paraphysical invisible chain energy (gravity force) and which needs to be wound up once more to make it run. A cuckoo clock linked to a cosmic energy source will not run without intelligence replicated and embedded in the MIND of my grandkid or illustrated by DNA forming trillions of proteins.

That creation logic principle is denied in corrupted atheistic universities. Being so ignorant they do not know why the Platinum IPS World Standard Kilogram in Paris and its six sisters became obese after having been safeguarded for 135 years in an isolated steel underground vault to avoid fraud. And why would university peer pressure suppress the fact that light was measured to be 300 times faster by high-tech instruments? Check the Princeton University NEWS.

More unending mysteries exist globally in museums which exhibit priceless, ancient gold-bronze clocks. They are afraid to decipher them, which could prove the Bible to be right. Being brain-dead, not curious to find out why so many prehistoric clocks with strange double dials where built in a way not matching our clocks. One Antikythera clock in a Greek museum has three dials and 32 bronze gears, dated before Christ.

All ancient clocks measured a moving earth axis wobble not taught in our schools. This phenomenon should be seen in connection with Julius Caesar, 54 BC, who corrected a prehistoric calendar by 62 days. Later in 1500 AD, Pope Gregory fine-honed it once more by adding 14 days to become our accepted world calendar. Measuring time has been expanded in physics, still a paradox today, explained in Babushka concept Egg #7. It is still avoided by atheistic university PhD lecturers having no scientific answers in a student confrontation. Why did the earth axis wobble come to an end on 21 December 2012?

It is now confirmed with NASA satellite computer GRACE technology - able to convince and educate even a skeptic? Complex space instruments measured an earth axis still moving 14 hours several years ago. How did Julius Caesar calculate it without computers?

Photographing galaxies with the Hubble telescope, we still do not have a good theory of why the lights are "ON". Could a static photographed universe be revolving, moved by infinite light now converted to electromagnetic energy just like a motor-generator is demonstrated in physics in a mirror image? Or what is a strong force linked to a weak force bathed in gravity - also magnetic?! Why is magnetized water producing 30% extra food for farmers? When used by commercial chicken ranches they reported that it reduced the mortality of chickens giving higher profit. Lastly, where does the energy come from in the sun, which is getting smaller, heating up space as measured originally by Kelvin?

To sum it all up, let me speak of the greatest mystery linked to free Electricity invented by Nicola Tesla. It was produced totally free of charge from magnetized gravity linked to an unlimited   outer   space   energy   trail,   all   starting   from an infinite central Kosmos energy source. I believe invisible energy comes out of the black hole of our Milky Way  galaxy,  photographed  and  made  visible  in  a number of pulse star galaxies. Perhaps it could be transferred by neutrinos? Just follow the Babushka egg trail for a much better theory available free on the Web for the benefit of future generations of mankind.

For example, if you want to understand free electricity it is really a simple process. Even my grandkid understood it. It needed only some copper wires made into loops and  a magnet that must be moved through many loops. Oscillating back and forth gets a (+/-) pulse. Or the right turn loop gets a (+) pulse and the left turn a (-) pulse. If the magnet moves faster, it will get bigger amplitude, and as it is directed to the higher resonance frequency it grows to higher levels of free energy potential.

If you want to convert extra energy, it gets better when stronger Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets are used. But when the pulsed current is returned in the previous winding, it will double being higher biased. If the doubling bias is repeated and redirected in the other turning generator windings will always double in each loop too. Eventually and very shortly it reaches a resonance frequency a million times higher, resulting in dangerous electrical levels. That could fly a Concord jet with free fuel with a modified UREE #16 jet engine. Being a previous high-tech inventor I designed (16) sixteen UREEs for various applications as described in the Babushka concept book # 9, available free on the  Internet. It was also sent with  a courtesy letter to the White House for evaluation by NASA scientists. Instead a reply, got a visit from the IRS being thoroughly audited WHY? Being retired without an income for 10 years?

Once more, electricity is generated in the Hoover Dam when water runs through a pipe compressing gravity and turning turbines. That gravity force can be tamed and made portable by recycling compressed air inside a green steel bottle of the size used in a wheelchair. Air pressure perpetually moved to drive electric generators produces permanent free electricity too. It was meant for big applications like freight trains or jet planes running on free energy.

However, electricity can be converted much more easily in another utilized invention designed in a number of smaller UREE generators to produce electricity - still cheaper and totally free. By using familiar uncomplicated low technology one could manufacture portable small generators outfitted still using super magnets, Neodymium-Iron-Boron now placed next to rotating low inertia wire loops resembling a printed board armature of DC motor tape drive invented 20 years storing computer data.

But the greatest benefit is obtained from obsoleting massive outdoor wires of transformers hanging on poles superseded by long distance steel towers transmitting million of volts all ending ultimately in a Hoover Dam grid with generators. The whole outmoded infrastructure is very expensive to maintain due to corrosion occurring in time and frequent interruptions in bad weather. It could be totally obsoleted and replaced with UREEs if the global, corrupt government elite would allow it. To prove my point, investigate how Nicola Tesla drove his car with free wireless electricity extracted from the air 80 years ago. He had an antenna just like modern wireless Internet and telephones. Why were his 700 patents confiscated by the US government elite, Senators being paid off by a corrupt Oil-Nuclear Cartel?

Why was a German scientist by the name of Hoffman silenced splitting water to hydrogen gas? After discovering a free infinite energy source, why is it still denied or only allowed in rockets when Sputnik showed up? Why is this superior fuel  not applied  to polluting automobiles creating dirty Diesel smog globally destroying the environment, becoming deadly toxic, and worse, causing enormous climate changes melting icecaps faster?

Being  evil to the  core,  these  people  force  seven  billion people to breathe poisoned air. According to the laws of physics, this amounts to ruthlessly killing the next generation of children. Why is this vast "free" ocean energ not allowed to replace firewood no longer available for two billion people, thus still suppressing what Hoffman invented 80 years ago? The cheapest free clean Hydrogen gas should replace destructive deadly fracking technology extracting dirty contaminated   Gas-Oil  from   rocky  sand.  That   fracking method evil to the core will permanently destroy globally many productive farms by poisoning the food supply and destroying the aquifers for the next generation.

We are lucky the Internet, not yet forbidden, has hundreds of engineers on YouTube showing a thousand new experiments of "free electricity" that can no longer be concealed by corrupted   universities   being   paid   off   to   teach   stupid evolution fairytales, always hoping for another Judas Iscariot grant from the controlling octopus Energy Cartel.

To explain free energy seen in galaxies, we should examine what the very first verse in the Bible says, revealing that the invisible infinite light energy source is the beginning of creating a universe cascading to a lower entropy, invisible, piercing the darkness of space linked to the TIME dimension defining our mortality.

Then God said, “Let there be ∞ light”; and there was light.  { ...on a lower entropy} (Genesis 1:3)

Once more, when ∞ light energy moves and penetrates a time dimension, it will gear up to crystallize into creating atoms with odd shapes of galaxies. Energy passing through the dark of space according to two thermodynamic entropy laws will be reduced to a visible light frequency embedded in the time factor now transformed to elements measured in Fraunhofer spectral lines eventually condensing into mass glued together by magnetic gravity.

An expanding universe from NOTHING is just false speculation as proven by analyzing photographed galaxies with the Hubble telescope, which only shows reverse entropy forming matter from infinite light converted to vapor, condensing and becoming dust and coalescing floating debris in vacuum. Eventually, emerging mass will move activated by magnetized gravity to form cold planets resembling our solar system and earth, as counted 407,702 times in NASA computers, in accordance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

But Life-SOMETHING in a higher entropy order was passed on to us from the ELOHIM, replicated his image in a three-dimensional mortal mind entropy controlled by miniaturized divine intelligence. I hope you have a MIND with the lights "on" reading my Babushka books.

It ends with a special report recognized in the creation of mankind, embedded with a little ELOHIM-MIND in a full circle which breathed into Adam a divine “intelligence life” impossible to define, a good story to widen knowledge horizons. It is the same model replicated like an atom or explained to my grandkid his cuckoo clock needs a kick to start energy to flow from space just like Adam formed from dust all the DNA gene-gears in place to make our heart ticking still connected to the ELOHIM source. Energy continually is flowing with embedded intelligence in you and me not understood by impossible evolution fairytales which cannot explain the nature of Life not matching DNA.  

It is a shame that modern knowledge is controlled by corrupt hi-tech atheists still stuck like an old record groove to play the damaged music track over and over, believing in unscientific evolution fairytales. They will never realize there is music on the other side. Being corrupt, they can only enforce unscientific opinions of demented scientists with a strong police force in every institution of higher learning.

As a previous scientist and inventor, it is getting nearly impossible to have any logical discussions with scholars or theologians when their minds are no longer rationally functioning, having their lights "off".

Eventually free Babushka egg concept books will be read by everyone. They will learn about the revealed "Truth" embedded in the Bible describing a totally new atom theory. That theory explains how free energy from space is transferred wireless like in high-speed computers and telephones, not difficult to understand.

I wonder how long it will  take for an evolution brainwashed 21st Century society to figure out that a huge Hoover Dam is now replaced with a cheap, low tech UREE generator in every house or linked to a single roof solar panel driving a small motor generator. No longer will they need the energy cartel ripping off the consumer.

Various UREE generator versions have been proposed for driving your car or flying a jet airplane with free energy. These inventions are still denied by the atheistic establishment. - NOT POSSIBLE!

These people will not allow obsoleting their pollution poisoning and deadly nuclear businesses ripping off the consumer. They have degraded themselves to absolute evil; causing so many world wars fought, suppressing free energy now 80 years old and proven by many Youtube videos.

Basically, they deny perpetual motion, but if allowed, and is connected turning a generator, will get unlimited, non-polluting, smogless green electricity totally free. Why have electric generators never been improved for 100 years? All needed a redesign using stronger magnets.

Why are hundreds of windmills in Europe, costing billions, still not connected to the grid? Is it because one tiny UREE generator in your basement garage could give you free electricity? Are Siemens dinosaur windmills obsoleted too? The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE) now discovered will fuel the next civilization once the energy cartel has been eliminated by the ELOHIM.

He is coming back to earth just in time to clean up His house with an Apocalypse asteroid. Once more God’s Wrath will be poured out, terminating an evil generation, consequently ending similar to a historic ancient atheistic Atlantis Civilization which totally disappeared in the Mexican Gulf being hit by an asteroid on 5 February 2287 BC, being judged like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jonah's WARNINGS point out a historic God’s Wrath once more. Today’s modern high-tech world resembles the corrupt Atlantis civilization during Noah's days, which totally perished without a trace. Many archeological discoveries proved what the Bible recorded that Noah's generation was more advanced in GENE technology which became the reason for their total destruction.

Our generation is doing the same now collected many technical facts in Genetic Modification Exposed! which is the 4th Babushka concept book. Examine how the ELOHIM in the Heh dimension will repeat what happened in history and use the same method again. Have you noticed that a 52 Km rock in space is aiming toward earth?  Will you listen to Jonah's Warnings? Watch out for a calculated date from science matching bible prophecy. 17 September 2015!

Bible prophecy explained including a perspective from science became (12) twelve Babushka egg concept books. They better explain the purpose for our existence, to discover why we were born in the only place in the universe where LIFE could exist. This is all linked to how physics is related to metaphysics.

That should widen a knowledge horizon looking at mankind's history, investigating galaxies connected to atoms all fuelled with {∞} infinite energy in a 360⁰ degree perspective to summarize the many complex concepts explained on  a level  even atheists  can comprehend - all available free on the Internet. 

God's Plan for Mankind in the Bible has predestined a critical juncture event meant for a last generation, a generation to be judged because it is totally evil. It will not require much intelligence to recognize when fundamental Bible based laws have been rejected worldwide and replaced with an Islam religion favored by a corrupted UN General Assembly.

One third of our world's population is governed by Islamic Sharia law, which will hack off a hand or head with a sword, without a trial, controlled by Satan, a murderer from day one.

Sharia law is demanding to kill all Christians and Jews and even using their own children strapped with explosives to destroy randomly innocent human beings following the Koran. As demonstrated on TV during the Islamic Spring, we witnessed daily car explosions killing people, burning schools, churches and synagogues, their women horribly subjugated, suppressing basic human rights.

Why tolerate globally an inhuman, medieval religion called Islam flooding Europe? Why is a cruel inhuman primitive Islam religion favored in the UN World Council while condemning the tiniest democracy ISRAEL? They became the largest research technology center and since 1967 collected 300 Nobel-Price laureates blessing the world?  Wake up! 

Even in America, a 200-year old Christian based Constitution – the envy of the world – has legally been twisted. A new generation has grown up, disconnected from the old Bible-based tradition, changing American culture into an atheistic society.

Americans have murdered 60 million unborn babies in abortion mills for profit, selling baby body parts to greedy gene manipulators.  In the pool of slaughtered children how many science geniuses like Einstein, musicians Beethoven and Bach, Nobel Prize laureates would have been born helping out our destroyed economy for a better life. America's prisons are overcrowded with misled youth and worse, they have voted in an Islamic Trojan horse in the White House with irreversible consequences. Study history.

It might take a little more time to logically understand the principle of our present world politics made pliant by an evolution religion denying that we were created as higher beings, but have become degenerated, believing a LIE.

Why not be better educated and watch some free Internet YouTube videos proving what is postulated in my Babushka egg concept books?

The Apocalypse has arrived!

Summing up, in the light of numerous knowledge principles based on the Bible and by projecting science in a physics mirror reflecting a paraphysics reality of the metaphysics higher  level,  you  will  see  a  parallel  of  history  being repeated. We are all in the same boat, being mortal. Like Sir Isaac Newton once said, "Hypotheses non fingo." It could be summed up once more with these Bible words:

We have  made  a covenant  with  death  signed  in Hell  an  agreement   ...  and  have  made  lies  our refuge  and in falsehood we have taken  shelter… (Isaiah 28:15)

The divinely inspired Bible pointing to the root cause of worldwide corruption, the many conflicts and wars, an environment dying, worse, causing extinction by changing globally the food by Genetic Modification and rejecting free energy for 80 years, ALL was triggered by a LIE embedded in an atheistic evolution religion. Even Dr. Albert Einstein was deceived by the establishment.

When we mortals deny the Creator who gave us LIFE, just think for once with logic and reason, and if you are educated a little, you will see history repeated not having learned the lessons. It will have "global consequences".

You must understand this, that in the last days distressing times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, brutes, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the outward form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid them! (2 Timothy 3:1-9)

Once more?

The Lord saw that the wickedness of humankind was great in the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry that he had made humankind on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart. So the Lord said, “I will blot out from the earth the human beings I have created—people together with animals and creeping things and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them. And God saw that the earth was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon the earth. (Genesis 6:5-12)

Soon the many prophesies in the Bible will be concluded in the early morning hours with fire in the sky announcing GOD’S WRATH. But the sky will be centered by a bright Morningstar indicating the birthing of a New Civilization, dated by forbidden science.

A returned Jesus Christ, King of kings, Lord of lords will demonstrate in great supernatural cosmic power the arrival of God's Kingdom on Earth.  He promised peace on earth to last a 1000 years and, halleluiah; Satan bound in hell as explained on a higher level in Babushka Egg #1 to #12. And for a full rounded 360⁰ vision the many Pearls #165, #169, #225, #233. Check it out on the Internet - still free!

There's Ida. She's roughly 32 miles (52 kilometers) across.
An asteroid like her would spell big trouble for our planet if she ever got the notion to visit


Science measured two Ida orbits first calculated 4.84, which was    prophesied to appear around Jerusalem and mathematically projected:

(21 December 2012) = 2012.97262074 + 4.84 = 2017.81262

But watch once more the YouTube video (page 2) WARNING of four tetra blood moons. Pay attention to the last blue blood moon dated 28 September 2015, which will end the Apocalypse with a calculated second orbit of 2.25, a little shorter as measured by a Russian scientist. It matched the Apocalypse date when EVIL will be removed forever from the Kosmos linked mortal entropy (Egg #12).


If we accept a 97% orbit accuracy with gravity exponentially increasing velocity, we only have a 13-17 day orbit difference. When we use the Hebrew Moon calendar holiday structure, it is narrowed down to a special day which is a partial sun eclipse on 1 Tishri (13 September 2015) ending the 7th Harbinger anniversary to start a new civil Hebrew calendar corresponding to GOD'S WRATH matching Jesus' projected date to end the Apocalypse on 17 September 2015. Please note the equation below:

ISRAEL 1947/48

“Truly this generation will not pass away till all has taken place.”
(Luke 21: 32)

God’s Wrath <- 17 September 2015 II 22 September 2017-> New Life


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