Pearl #216 -

Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine #16 -
with Thin Film Technology


Thin Film Technology – A Bigger Jonah Fish

Designing 16 Ultimate Renewable Energy Engines give us free, nonpolluting and cheap electricity extracted from magnetic Gravity, Air and Water using new generators outfitted with permanent super magnets. It keeps expanding into bigger business possibilities, now reaching the point of separating boys from the men who have decided to become billionaires. The UREE keeps expanding to become a bigger fish.

The concept of the Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine extracting free electricity from nature with relatively old technology seems really simple and continues to accelerate to be a bigger Jonah fish and should get global attention. Once it is better understood, the underlying fundamentals in physics linked to a theorized magnetic energy trail will lead to many more UREE applications obsoleting batteries by using thin film technology. No kidding.

Again, similar to the Wright Brothers first airplane, they never imagined that a Concord-jet could be outfitted once more with cheap free energy. I nearly reached the unthinkable stratosphere, superseding all previous 16 UREE models, when stumbling upon Thin Film Technologies.

Or perhaps my thinking possibilities have reached the critical resonance frequency not very well understood by scientists. Some still think that the UREE is NOT POSSIBLE holding on to their atheistic unscientific evolution religion.

I keep checking the Internet on what general science is teaching about magnetism to realize that I cannot find what I am trying to explain. I am not an expert and not qualified, but I keep trying to find a match with my philosophy. I came to realize that magnetism is still a wide-open subject surrounded with a lot of controversies and seems new discoveries show up daily in our world, like the use of magnetized water.

My UREE concepts need a lot of experimenting to learn the mystery how magnetism could be amplified in a better generator to access the perpetual electricity embedded in the infinite energy. Twisting wire loops seems impossible. Just tracing magnetic lines to find out that the polarized magnetism again conform to the ∞ energy loop perhaps needs a special pearl to explain it.

When two opposing energy loops are forced together, time becomes a factor in the energy exchange equation like (∞E = Zero Time). Just think of that cheap nuclear bomb we exploded with the unstable enriched uranium and plutonium. Together, they give a bigger bang with an energy exchange we can watch on TV, now feared it could be done by terrorists sent by an oil tanker could destroy NYC prophesied.

In the UREE case, we must apply the same laws of physics and speed up an UREE to release more energy as learned from the energy-time formula.

But magnetism is a less dangerous force. It was created to maintain LIFE as postulated in my Babushka concept books. Just building destructive bombs and playing around with a high-tech phone gismo gets the allusion we got it all but have forgotten how food is grown and snicker at anyone who has metaphysical opinions outside of political correctness.

So why is it so quiet around the university? They must be facing a tough choice of chucking so many unproven unscientific opinions that are collapsing if you are honest. The establishments promised since 2008, but have yet to explain why the Standard Kilogram IPK in Paris and its 6 sisters have changed in weight. Nor can they explain why light is 300 times faster as measured in Princeton University and CERN?  Belief in unscientific, illogical evolution theories makes it impossible to explain physics and what we see in the universe, interpreting galaxies photographed with the Hubble telescope, postulating ramshackle fairy tales. 

Babushka egg concept books are based on forgotten logic exposed another mystery of a totally new infinite energy trail, which confronts them once more with what was never taught in any university. It creates an unbridgeable hurdle contrary to the general university belief system that could lead to a better understanding of nature. The three science mysteries now better understood is the first proposal to explain true science to the establishment.

This truth proclaimed will not disappear; therefore, it remains a conflict. An atheistic mindset is unable to think logically any more. The issue is caused by relativism that usually dovetails in political correctness corrupting and destroying culture. If you belong to that class, do not bother to read my Babushka concepts and be surprised when surrounded with the apocalypse destined to perish by out-of-control, suppressed science.

Why waste your time and remain among the majority crowd? Only very few like to widen knowledge horizons to a 360⁰, but it is much fun to discover buried treasure perhaps could survive. If you are entrepreneurial, you should become a billionaire before the gold rush starts for free electricity in the next few years. Opportunities like that only come around every 100 years.

Thinking about philosophy and investigating nature - a forgotten art scarcely exercised anymore in universities that have forgotten the reason why institutions of higher learning were founded. They changed the purpose, as greed became the prostituting motivator for government grants.

Why charge outrageous fees to students going deep into debt? Education should have been free as demonstrated by disadvantaged third world countries like Cuba or Costa Rica so that our grown up kids better educated getting superior jobs in the future paying our retirement.

Therefore the universities are not very bright cutting off the branch they sit on. They have become totally corrupt and forgotten why they exist. Nevertheless civilization will continue. There are other options such as teaching on the Internet the old-fashioned way, which is crucial for anyone growing up being better educated, a precious commodity which makes us human. If you are unemployed, why not become independently wealthy and throw out unscientific evolution religion being a hindrance causing a mind to succumb with the lights "off"?

Instead, consider an unpopular Christian-based ethics that created Western Civilization and survived 2000 years. It is rarely applied anymore, now doomed according to the Bible prophecy verified by documented Newton's laws. His science principles are not taught anymore in our universities. Unbelievable! Worse, why is 50% of his writing still suppressed? Ask any graduate student who no longer can think in a 360⁰ perspective mostly brainwashed in relativism difficult to delineate what is evil or good making bad choices.

If you wonder why so many government bureaucrats became corrupt and abandoned what was once taught to every child, that has consequences in a physics denying the obvious, forgotten metaphysics. Or can a MIND be explained if you have one not functioning. Why is mankind the only species on earth being spiritual like the atheist says, "Thank God I am not religious."

To be better educated, why not study free Babushka books forbidden in universities that reveal and define concepts duplicated in nature many times. To illustrate hidden laws in physics for my grandkid, I use analogies to understand nature better. Start with a new Donut Atom theory, the smallest egg to see what is invisible to our eyes, provided it is not smashed by CERN, a stupid idea only useful if you want to write fairy tale opinions to convince uneducated senators to appropriate more money.

Investigating nature from the metaphysic domain will open the door explaining how complex atoms work on the inside as replicated in photographed galaxies, which is the same egg only bigger. It can be compared to a cuckoo clock, another Babushka egg designed with a lot of features to allow comparisons on my grandkids’ level. His level is far more advanced for his age compared to many blinded, brain-dead professors. The beautiful galaxies need interpretation. What we see and compare in a new energy theory requires a little logic based on physics. They will no longer wonder why the lights are on in the night sky. 

We have the advantage of understanding from applying modern radio telescopes using infrared, x-ray and other frequencies to expose more knowledge. That by itself should widen our science horizons as the laws of physics are always duplicated down to DNA-DNR forming a micro-universe, another egg replicated in the sky as the law of physics applies there, too.

If you see one egg and visit a chicken ranch, you will know there is a relationship. My free Babushka concept book raises it to a higher level and asks what came first, the egg or chicken? It is not yet defined in the halls of higher learning. Now you will understand that many professors teaching our kids are brain-dead. The proof is easily found. Just investigate the results of the universities’ teaching governments, “What you sow you will harvest.”

Look around to make my case. Notice the environment: so much extinction linked to horrible pollution with a fishless ocean polluted with oil-plastic-gunk hundreds of miles long, floating islands everywhere in the ocean and nature dying the world over. It is always associated to a PhD believing in unscientific evolution religion denying divinely revealed morals that no longer cares to support LIFE for our grandchildren. Obscene profit is the only motivator. Where are the honeybees to pollinate our fruit and vegetables? They are screwed up by GMOs pioneered in university laboratories financed by corrupt evil cartels.

Why is the food for mankind permanently altered genetically being mixed with embedded chemical poisons and deadly pharmaceutical drugs hidden inside the food cell structure causing many diseases?

I saw a Frankenstein-Salmon-fish on TV in 2012 that was three times bigger, being mixed with boa constrictor genes. It will be become a disaster like carp from China introduced accidentally in the Mississippi river now replacing all the other fish specie.

Have you seen a butterfly lately or even a robust housefly and vanishing honeybees still manufacturing annually thousand of tons ROUNDUP killing everything like DTD to make obscene profit? Worse Monsanto cartel removed the original gene blueprint sanctioned by the FDA causing seed extinction on a big scale no longer procreating exchanged for inferior cloning causing declining food production?

On TV in 2012, the news announced a massive failure: government statistics tell that the global food harvest was 25% lower. Read my Website. The Apocalypse has started.  Do not say it is an act of God when God does not exist or blame it on global warming based on many lies; therefore, it is not possible to explain it with counterfeit science. When you are poorly educated in lies and turned into a brain-dead atheist. Believing in an unscientific evolution religion has irrevocable drastic consequences. 

Going back to the ULTIMATE RENEWABLE ENERGY ENGINE keeps growing. It now passed 16 models, not allowed by corrupted energy cartels, and the US government controlled by debased politicians not interested in free energy extracted from magnetic gravity, magnetized air and even magnetized water. The latter increased food production 30% in some countries, as presented on the Internet. Some think it must be religious seeing Bible verses quoted. Check out magnetized water at

My third edition Babushka egg concept book free on the Internet keeps growing, just like the Wright Brothers first airplane started the race for bigger ones. Read last page on the end of my 9th Babushka book which now becomes a far bigger UREE implication following the energy trail according to the electrical three finger hand rule that when a current flows in one finger direction, a copper wire is surrounded 90⁰ with magnetism.

Finally, somebody dared to define what magnetism really is. It is much better explained from the metaphysics to clarify why a copper loop with a magnet passed through it creates an electrical pulse. Many pulses create electricity, still a mystery unless you read Babushka egg concept books.

Ending my energy book with 16 UREE motors nearly was superseded by new science applications. Now to find out that perpetual free energy could be expanded and extracted from thin film technology.

Again, following an energy trail investigating forbidden science should be analyzed on a higher level to be better informed. It is vital to learn something about the metaphysics linked to an unknown energy trail if you want to become a billionaire the next year. Here is an inkling of an expanded UREE concept not political motivated but investigating why MAGNETISM works by a rotation in a generator but could be achieved by applying linear motion too producing electricity.

Look at a loudspeaker design principle and analyze how it works linked when a modified magnetic coil is moving copper windings crossing over creating a biases increasing magnetism similar to the UREE #11 to #16. Usually in a conventional coil one loop is wound next to the next loop all going into the same direction put together with a machine just turning from a wire spool. Another way to make a coil just etch on a rectangular Mylar strip parallel all the right turn copper loops and on the other side the left turn loops in parallel but a little tilted to allow a small air space across hatching for magnetism to pass.

Next spot-weld on one side the copper loops together which is the center of the ∞ loop similar to a through plated hole in a printed board connecting electrical one side with the others. Now shape the Mylar sheet with horizontal copper lines heated up and now cooled creating a hollow tube which has inside and outside the loop pattern should look like a loudspeaker coil and if osculating super magnet across loops could become another UREE.

It works when one loop of the biased magnetism from the previous voltage and will accelerate crossing over on the inside loop will generate more electricity to the next loop up to critical resonance frequency just like a streetcar motor needs a conductor or microchip to control the energy otherwise would explode.

Since the coil has an open slit on the side but can be shaped in a round tubing wheel able to pass through magnets aligned like pearls on the inside in a circle and turning the wire Mylar tubing at high-speed. That is once more another model UREE #18 again a rotating UREE linked to perpetual motion.

I hope by now to understand that the UREE Invention is different to electric generating technologies. Every motor-generator has a bunch of coils wrapped around heavy iron mass to produce magnetism, which in turn pushed the next polarized coil-iron. To gain electricity with higher magnetism many coils must be looped and sequentially added to get bigger power to magnetize a bigger iron core becoming more massive.

But the UREE invention uses super magnets, already a much bigger magnetic force, not moving as lighter wire coils have lower inertia. In addition, each single coil is biased creating an alternating double pulse. A printed board generator can be moved faster through lower inertia, and when linked to end-motor crossed over, it produces bigger amplitudes.

Check it out similar to a streetcar motor and tell me if I am wrong will make all my Babushka egg concept books immediately obsolete creating a gigantic Schadenfreude which has consequences for me. I will probably now get some letters from some Universities telling me how wrong I am. But if there is still silence, then logically I must be right? 

Expanded a UREE to Linear Logic

Applying a UREE concept to another case 38 years ago, I worked as a research instrument maker for a German scientist, Dr. Oskar Heil, who in 1970 invented an Air Motion Transformer, which moved sound at a higher speed producing a 10 times stronger loudspeaker at a higher quality.

His German research laboratory at (EIMAC) San Bruno, California build self-focusing klystrons applicable for a microwave oven as some bigger klystrons where applied to the first Linear Accelerator (SLAG) linked to the Silicon Valley Palo Alto Stanford University in Californian. The microwave technology was connected to a side project similar to JET ADAM Transducer Accelerating Ribbon Technology.

A mechanical accordion ribbon oscillates with a bias current switching in a magnetic field surrounded by a big super magnet.  If we replaced the aluminum metal deposition overlaid with copper winding loops embedded on both sides of the ribbon and crossed over to another unit, it could possible amplify electricity according to the UREE principle. When the stipulation of the linear motion applied in a ribbon-loudspeaker is further developed, it can make it possible to have many more potentials in thin film technology all dovetailing not known 30 years ago. 

To widen a science horizon applied now to new thin film technology using CRYSTALS osculating at high frequency that is linear motion also, but extremely tiny giving it miniaturized possibilities. Again, imitating the UREE invention principle in a hybrid electric generator design could be envisioned useful for computers telephones and robots replacing expensive batteries. It could obsolete pricey lithium batteries and zillion carbon-zinc batteries technology linked to solar energizing crystals revolutionizing another industry.

When I found out that electricity can be produced in a crystallized thin film UREE application that is perpetually extracted as electricity therefore cheaper and environmentally friendly.

Just think of the possibility that the size of your flat Apple tablets or I-Pot using thin film technology combined with CRYSTALS applying "linear motion" patterned like etching microchips would give us enough electricity to drive a car or fly an airplane without fossil fuel. It is just a continuation of the energy trail as technology never stops could be miniaturized now replacing batteries giving forever electricity fuelling our million gismos creating another big time business.

UREE Patent Exposé

Once more I like to repeat my theory for my grandkid. It is difficult understanding the physics of how electricity can be perpetually amplified by rearranging wire loops. A certain size of copper wire made into a right turn loop gets a positive (+) pulse. The left turn loop gets a (-) negative pulse. The solar panel will produce an even current like a battery but needs to be converted to an alternate current to be useful.

The UREE system thus produces alternating free electric current to drive a car or fly an airplane without conversion losing energy. For higher power requirements, only an alternate electric current is useful with the polarity switching from (+) to (-). 

No one can explain another phenomenon in the teeter-totter relationship. In general, when the same magnet passes a bigger loop, it produces a smaller pulse, and a smaller loop gives a bigger pulse. Therefore, only concentrated magnetism will give more electricity, but the same magnet passing faster gives bigger amplitude.

In the UREE patent design, we twist the copper wire loop in a figure eight laid over to become two smaller loops. As analyzed, it gets first a plus (+) pulse (half the amplitude) getting bigger by adding a bias to the next loop with a bigger (half amplitude) but is now a negative pulse which is twice the amplitude adding the (+/-). That is already an alternate current needed bypassing conversion like a solar panel or battery.

But seeing it from the South Pole magnet perspective on the other side of the printed board, it seems that the two reversed wire loops are colliding. The second loop, being magnetically negative repels, which is an added force. Consequently, it can only explode 90⁰ in another direction as demonstrated by the principle of a cheap nuclear bomb because the same laws of physics apply. The UREE process is similar.

Think of two loaded canons, one side with plutonium and the other with unstable enriched uranium, placed mouth-to-mouth and fired at the same time. The elements will collide 90⁰ with explosive force toward the infinite energy equation (∞E=ZeroTime), thus time is shortened. The same occurs inside a UREE generator.   

Comparable magnetism on one side of the loop is pushing while a reversed loop crossed over on the other side now repelling. That will give us more energy when opposite polarity is colliding because time is shortened expressed 90⁰ in higher rpm of the magnet rotor toward the critical resonance frequency to produce more electrical profit. 

Further explaining this paradox: we like to get even pulses one next to the other, but if each consecutive pulse (+/-) is getting bigger by an added bias, how is that accomplished? Study again the UREE generator round printed board design previously described.

On each side, we have 5 or 6 pie patterns of loops duplicated. One pie section starts copper loops getting smaller round and round toward the center. That pattern is duplicated on the other side but in reversed direction. The pattern runs parallel like a railroad turning in the center to get two end wires, which can be terminated by brushes on the outer diameter board edge or continued, to the next cup section.

Let's make a hairline-cross mark over the egg-shaped pie pattern. The super-magnet is placed horizontally covering all the egg-shaped loops when passing by. When the printed board disk turns between either side’s fixed super-magnets, a number of pulses are generated in every loop passing a magnetic field.

But a different UREE generator loop pattern is obtained by drilling a small hole at the vertical crossover hairline which will connect a front loop with reversed back loop of the same size with a little solder. The front loop is now linked to a reversed loop, hence it will create first a positive pulse linked to a negative pulse created by a twisted loop.  It must conform to a twisted figure eight folded over reversing the direction of the pulse.

When each loop is added by a bias, it gets a bigger pulse, but if linked to the next backside loop, it gets smaller in size with smaller pulses. The loops are continued connected from the front to the back linked through the next hole of the next smaller front loop on the vertical hairline repeated now becoming smaller loops continued alternately on the front and back to the other side toward the center with a continuous figure eight pattern. That will get smaller pulses, as the loops are smaller; however, it is compensated by a larger voltage from a bigger bias for each added loop to even it out the frequency.

If you can imagine an apple-Donut Atom flattened out with the atom’s North Pole and South Pole interconnected, though squashed flat, it works like an UREE board generator as the identical laws of physics operate on the same level. Better yet, look at the hourglass galaxy’s red rays turning right, the other side turning left at the center of the critical frequency energy black hole, which is the same principle.

Therefore, 10 loops times 5 pie shaped loop patterns on one disk is good for 50Hz at a certain speed now manipulated "even amplitude pulses of an alternating current" linked to a suitable transformer.

 A faster magnetic field movement in a teeter-totter relationship will cause bigger amplitude or will be expressed in higher frequency to create smaller amplitude compensated by increasing the bias in every loop. But a biased double looped system gets 4 times higher amplitude, nice and even.

Tzolkin countIf we convert the vertical disk system to the next horizontal rotating wall-cup design using the same super-magnets, we get (4x4) = 16 times amplified all even at 50Hz pulsed but exponentially getting bigger as linked to the next cup. Therefore, the rearranged copper wire pattern could give us 1000 times more electricity by adding each section when running at higher speeds next to paired super-magnets.

Note: The first Streetcar motor is offset to transfer higher velocity to next section. The vertical basked winding linked to the horizontal winding is adding a bias current therefore speeding up the next second streetcar motor.

Therefore, the motor will turn faster and accelerate in the next stage - which is the third Magnet-rotor. That creates higher electricity on the next stage vertical winding repeating the cycle gaining electricity in the next stage.

Look at the front-page Tzolkin Clock with the 20-gear driver, which is compared to the perpetual moving streetcar-compressor shaft linked to the basket-cup windings. That transfers energy and will propel a magnet armature rotor (13) and an outside motor-fan armature (18) rotating, too. (18+13= 31)  The UREE #16 is an exact replica of that design. If it works, it is worth a billion once more.

How to Create More Electricity

This method of generating electricity matches the new Donut Atom theory as explained in Pearl UREE #11. According to that model, magnetism is generated by protons moving around and through, up and down the poles of the apple-shaped atomic nucleus to create magnetism 90⁰ from the inside to the outside according to the electrical three finger rule.

Magnetic lines travel at the speed of light around the donut atom going through the center and around back through the center again like a ∞ math symbol. When magnetic lines go through the center of a wire loop, energy is concentrated and transferred, as in the apple-shaped atom. Consequently, it must some how store more magnetism on the inside like the iron core of the earth, which is another globe-shaped magnet.

Technology dealing with electricity cannot live without a capacitor, which is basically a mechanical electric generator storing up energy. If biased, it will discharge its stored energy very fast. That could match the apple atom center. Taking a capacitor apart as a kid 70 years ago, I found out it was just copper sheet rolled up very dense. The additional copper somehow has more capacity to hold the magnetized apple-shaped Donut Atom’s energy together. 

Once more, when a magnet passes a copper wire loop, it is like passing through a charged capacitor of densely stored energy. Because of inertia, moving it will capture some energy in the wire loops to be transferred. Therefore, a capacitor behaves like the hole in the donut atom, which is the energy center.

This is useful linkage to store concentrated energy and pass it on very fast, similar to the discharge of a spark plug in your car. A capacitor spark can be transferred to the next wire loop cycle creating a bias for a bigger spark. Keep going to the next wire loop to grow electricity transferred from the protons. Energy moving on the inside of atoms is expelled to the outside by a magnetic bridge.

My grandkid has learned from many analogies in the Babushka egg concept books that magnetism behaves like water. It is useful for transferring energy. Magnetism becomes visible when a pulse is generated, and reversing the loop will reverse the pulse polarity and trigger a discharge of the capacitor expelling accumulated energy like a spark plug.

The capacitor therefore is very useful to transfer energy from moving magnetic lines, if lined up between wire loops. It will transfer an available charged-up bias energy pulse to the next wire loop and accumulate energy. It is enough to create a spark in the next wire loop like a capacitor discharge when the polarity reverses from the next wire loop.

The discharged energy is caused by the inertia of wire loop, which carried along a moving magnet field and ends up as a biased bigger pulse passed on to the next loop. The next wire loop also passes on another capacitor discharge creating higher electricity. I hope my grandkid will understand that. Read it again, because that is the secret as to why the UREE works. 

At the end of this story, I show an air bearing design, which means the winding can be made much smaller and closer together, like micro-inch. This means the speed can be reduced, which is an issue that troubled me earlier a little but is now solved. That opened up more applications, no kidding.

Thus, electrical energy will grow bigger if we have a suitable capacitor between a number of copper wire loops creating a polarity. When it is linked to a capacitor in series, it will discharge its accumulated energy as soon as a number of pulses is reversed so as to release more energy.

Therefore, this produces a bigger biased pulse in the next loop proving perpetual motion stopped in an explosion having reached the critical resonance frequency. Hook it together for a ride, and slow it down by making the air-gap smaller. This gets obscene electricity profit putting the corrupt energy cartel out of business. Now you can drive your car around never to use dirty gasoline again if the governments allow it.

UREE #16 Output Calculation Assumptions (one motor section only)

Horizontal cup printed board has 6x10 winding loops both sides  = 120 loops

Vertical cup   = 120 loops

Total loops left side cup = 240 loops

         plus right side cup =  480 loops

For one minute (60x480)  = 28,800 loops

Running the generator at 3000 rpm which is 3000 revolution/minute (3000 x 28,800) = 86,400,000 loops

Running one hour to get watt/hour or Kw/hr.

(3000 x 60) /hr.    =   5,184,000,000 loop

Watt = Volt x Ampere

At this time I can only approximate what is possible. I would guess a mean averaged loop pulse could be =.01 watt (.2 volt x .05 amp) of power.

Super magnets Neodymium-Iron-Boron are extremely strong. Perhaps much more could be postulated. 

5,184,000,000 loops in one hour passing will yield electrical power (5,184,000,000 x .01 watt) = 51,840,000 Watt
or 51,840 KW/hr. (51,840,000/1000)                            

Expressed and converted in Ampere power = 471,270 Amp @110V/hr. (51,840,000 /110) 

For one 10-12" diameter double cupboard generator to get 51 thousand Kilowatts @ 110 Volt /hr is extraordinary.

If we converted it into horse power (@.746 Kw), we could be driving 193 cars/hr. (@200Hp for each car). Could that fly an airplane convincing my grandkid?

However, one more thought. We need to consider that the UREE #16 jet application uses a set of printed board-cups with six (6) rotating super magnets in the center for each pie-shaped section. That will generate six times more extra pulses and in addition will yield increased voltage from the biased loops linked to capacitors. That could be 311,040 Kw/hr. (6x51,840), and converted to horsepower, compares to a jet engine at 232,035 horsepower/hr. (311,040 x .746). 

A Rolls Olympus engine of 19,000 lb. thrust uses 25,000 Hp in an airplane or about a 1:1 ratio which could power nine (9) jet engines (232,035/25,000) at only one/hundreds of a watt per loop. No kidding.  If I overestimated the .01-watt per loop by a 10 times factor for one UREE motor section, it could still fly a jumbo jet by adding motor sections as described.

How is Tesla Electricity Magnified?
The Secret of Why the UREE Works

The Third Edition of the 9th Babushka egg concept book is truly unique. Page 2 referenced some YouTube videos of different electric generator-motor designs demonstrating perpetual electricity by just connecting a motor to a generator will cause it to run perpetually. However, to fly an airplane requires much more power, perhaps a RODIN COIL system as illustrated to resonate magnetism toward unlimited energy. The videos all demonstrated conventional rotating designs to be functional but one is a Tesla exception.   

The UREE motor is unique. First, air pressure from a small wheelchair tank drives it mechanically to make it portable. To return the piston stroke with higher pressure is achieved either by expanded air pressure or magnetically switching coils. That gives us extra force to create the perpetual motion that returns the same pressure back to the air tank. That configuration will overcome friction and at the same time get free energy heating the air with a bigger spark plug (UREE #12). Perpetual motion will only gain electricity if two energy sources are combined with the two entropy thermodynamic laws.

But if magnetism embedded in super magnet atoms is connected to the COSMOS MAGNETISM, a much bigger force is accessed by adding ∞ together with the two thermodynamic entropy laws works similar to a transformer. This approach was successfully demonstrated by Nicola Tesla, and it could obsolete my mechanical UREE motor designs.    

Tesla drove his electric car around all day without a battery, which caused J.P. Morgan to cut his funding off. Morgan was an egotistic millionaire who cut off his investment because he thought that no money could be made from free energy. Tesla’s made George Westinghouse extremely wealthy by introducing alternate current by burning 200,000 lights during the 1893 Colombia World’s Fair. It was free electricity from harnessing Niagara Falls with the first alternating electric generator.

From watching famous movie clips on driving without a battery a little closer and comparing it with the UREE invention, I noticed a special 3 ft. antenna coil on the test application, which demonstrated how magnetism was extracted from the space in the adjacent coil one mile away on the beach. We all have seen lightning discharging between clouds and know that magnetic energy must be somewhere in the air everywhere. If one some how extracted this energy with a special coil antenna, he could drive a car as Tesla demonstrated. How did it work?

The UREE applications use biased copper loops to get a bigger pulse, especially if used with a RODIN COIL. Applying a Tesla induced frequency (works like a crank) sent through the air adds a little biased static energy when discharged over a capacitor in the second coil. Then, if repeated to the other coil antenna like the UREE model, it should return perpetually switching back and forth like the reversed winding of my printed board generation loops.

That function makes the next frequency pulse bigger transmitting added extra static energy picked up from the air or oxygen atoms along the airway frequency carrier. It grows every time a capacitor pulse is discharged on the other end, and recycling will raise a little bigger capacitor pulse on the other end passing air-oxygen atoms again, increasing the electric frequency to the critical, reinforcing resonance frequency. I visualized this resonance in super magnets spinning at extremely high speeds in a test with Rodin coils. The function is similar to the horizontal Wiener-wheel application UREE #6.    

It is analogous to the UREE two generators hooked up to a motor that increase the bias in wire loops to get more profit. Consequently, if the first generator rotor is connected in a cross loop to the second stator in series, and if the second rotor is linked to the first stator, it will add a biased voltage to each wire loop producing more power. Tesla's antenna works the same way but perhaps he modified the driving motor and duplexes with the same generator coils like Peter Lindeman-Electric Motor Secrets.   

In both cases the generated voltage will accelerate expanding and creating more electricity right up to the critical resonance frequency like a streetcar motor needs a conductor, as explained in the previous UREE application, making bigger profit. Das is wunderbar!

Hopefully, this would put the corrupt energy cartel out of business. The basket idea was useful in the jet engine, but it needs mega power to fly a concord jet. Perhaps a combination of Tesla Antenna linked to a Rodin coil could yield the mega electricity without a gismo motor - all extracted from the Cosmos Magnetism explained in my energy path. Read the first section of this book once more. They teach the difference between two examples to make physics, crosschecked to the metaphysics more clear.


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