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Dating the Apocalypse Not Allowed

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Aztec CalendarOnly a free web gives us unlimited opportunity to widen knowledge horizons. Perhaps you can still read a few pages with a normal mind not competing with YouTube videos media. Why was true science suppressed for hundreds of years, which could date God’s Wrath not found in any atheistic library? Why would a contemporary society be confused and Christian churches avoid dating the prophesied Apocalypse? Many denominational biased Christians usually misquote a verse “No one knows the time” to counter any dating attempt ignorant of true science. When dating the Apocalypse should ask the question which calendar of the five is used in bible prophecy if you still can read, check Pearl #276?

The Aztec history in Mexico City outdoor museum is described in tourist books linked to many science deceptions that do not make sense. They postulated that the original Aztecs journeyed 10,000 miles over the North Pole regions from China with families and kids. But think logically, how could people travel crossing over huge cracks of (3) miles thick polar-ice 4300 years ago without food. It could be explained by many tribes in Europe (Völkerwanderung) traveling in a searching for land to feed a growing population or perhaps used recent Flat-Earth maps replacing NASA fake science.

But checking history with true science, I previously postulated that the brown skin people drifting in boats on ocean currents in a big loop to Mexico. Remember Noah was a boat builder and passed that knowledge to his children. One theory could start from Babylon – Iran crossing Afghanistan over mountains to float down the Yangtze River in China the biggest and longest in the world. An Australian scientist, who lived 40 years in China, deciphered the ancient Chinese hieroglyphs and showed how Noah’s descendants travelled to populate our earth. Much was researched in Babushka egg #3. Another theory is the boat story.

Now the Aztec hieroglyphs are deciphered in a manuscript not burned by Catholic priests. It was found thrown out of a Berlin museum ransacked after war 1945 being preserved and decoded by a Russian soldier.  A famous stone clock linked to many skull head calendar is now decoded in Babushka book #3.

Aztec Pyramid ArtI wondered why the Aztec priest would correct a zodiac sky 5+7 times in two locations building pyramids on top of each other. But notice the first ancient pyramid was built only from uncut volcanic rock and not the quarried sandstone used to build the pyramids that came later. The apex of the Sun pyramid in Teotihuacan near Mexico City is wider indicating a different earth axis wobble. Looking out the airplane I saw a thousand miles of vast empty jungle landscape with only a few raised spots, perhaps indicating other pyramids? It is still buried no roads or towns can be seen.

Why did that civilization disappear? Only the Bible has the answer. Checking on Google, Popocatepetl 80 km from Mexico City and Teotihuacan, Xitle has a number of active volcanoes. That could explain why they rebuilt in the center of Mexico City on top of five pyramids now an outdoor museum. Why would they build a town again on that same location if it had been buried before and should ask what was the costly attraction?

Northern lights movements can be projected back thousands of years to the Aztec religion. Perhaps they used that natural phenomenon to build a monument copying the Enoch Great Pyramid in Giza but with a flatter apex. Why does the Great Pyramid in Africa on the other side of ocean measure the same footprints of the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan? Should ask again why it is linked to a common architectural design matching to an inch, only the apex is different?

In addition they must have wondered about using a magnetic stick like a compass fastened to wood floating always pointing to the center of the lake. It is like the French scientist identifying the magnetic pole linked to a colored curtain of light display. I am sure that the display of light and magnetism became a sacred location not understanding modern science. When a volcanic outbreak once more buried a society, as seen in many Mexican towns with covered churches towers still sticking out, they will no longer wonder what the ancient priesthood did in Mexico City. That is not mentioned in tourist books postulating university fairy tales. Why not check a better story in the 3rd Babushka book - Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries to shore up underpinnings of antediluvian history banned in the public square. 

Much has been written in my free 14 Babushka eggs, but diving into the Bible Ocean for additional pearls is unlimited and can never be put together as a whole. The discoveries depend on how and when God reveals them to me. I have no control over the process. I am just glad he educated me to share and pass it along for free. The forgotten earth wobble is the key to every ancient museum clock. Originally the earth had in (Genesis. 5) seven earth wobble cycles demonstrated now embedded in the Aztec clock exponentially declining across 4300 years perhaps is now fixed on 21 December 2012? Unfortunately, (5) five world calendars have not yet been unified into one. In the meantime, keep discovering more. Each artifact will add to mankind’s knowledge and have something in common using the Web Google at a fingertip and click < Bible verse veil removed >. It will lay the foundation to date Bible prophecy to educate theologians and true Christians matching what is postulated avoided in churches.

How is Time Measured?

Mebra Sky Disk

Let’s check how time was measured in ancient times not allowed in universities that believe in dim-witted atheistic evolution fairy tales. We need to inspect wobble calendars from (7) “year” cycles per solar orbit declining into (1) to confirm that Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory were not wrong.

The German Nebra disk shows seven symbols matching the seven wobbles. You can see them above the sun on the right side linked to zodiac star constellation of 6+1=7. It is better explained from metaphysical analysis to be 2000 BC. (Pearl #232)

The Antikythera clock is dated about Moses 1400 BC again like a two sided coin, one has (4) discrete the other (4) snake circles with 49 windows and the third dial on the back has 12 moons per one cycle doubled again indicating sunrise reversals to solstice comparisons. Because it has four discrete circles on the front dial thus will reference four wobbles. It is better described in the 3rd Babushka egg concept book worldwide suppressed for 100 years in any university collecting dust not allowed to prove Bible history.


Colgante ClockThe Disco Colgante picture shows six spirals that demonstrate the time dimension exponentially going outward from a center. It looks like a ship propeller and in this case moving time. It has embedded much information. Notice the [3x2 = 6] curved section representing six wobbles. But only 3 wings show a calendar inscribed a double pattern and counted two times for 26 sections separated by a centerline.

That means 3x [2x26] = 152 days in one solstice cycle, which is the same Noah reported after the Flood and matches the Nebra Scheibe. A scientist recently figured it out in a manner probably similar to the confused Aztec priest who built 5&7 pyramids, one on top another to correct the zodiac calendar sky. It is dated around Abraham’s age (175 years) in conflict with God statement that only 120 years would be mankind’s lifespan. Convert it to the wobble calendar, and it is calculated to be 120 Julian calendar years, not over God’s decree proving the Bible is always correct.

The center axis shaft symbolized a different earth axis tilt and resembled the Genesis calendar before Noah that had a dissimilar horizontal movement as measured against the sun’s position. It was first noticed on an Aztec clock with (7) seven turns pointing to solstice in a 360-day and with the turning the earth embedded in the bronze Nebra Disc calendar.

Thus, one cycle is 52 days, which affected sunrise. It is divided into two sunrise-sunset cycles. In the first 26 days the sunrises in the morning and moving across the horizon from the West and turns evening in the East. After that the cycle reverses and starts the sun to rise at the East and moving to the West 26 days. Our earth axis wobble came to rest only recently on 21 December 2012. It is now frozen with the sunrise steady, rising from the East.  

Thus, the Colgante clock can be dated about Abraham’s time or 1700 BC Julian.   It is coated with silver, something not oxidized. The empty blades tell there was originally six wobbles: three (3) have slowed down with the current three (3) wobbles slowing down in the future corrected at last by Pope Gregory the Great.

Phaistos Greek Disk

Phaistos Disk The Phaistos Greek Disk was found on that Greek Island and dates to the late Bronze Age. It has two calendar dials on one coin. In the center, notice one side has (8) eight flour petals, which can be referenced to the Aztec clock system of eight that would have embedded the sunrise West-East and reversal, indicated here by the two coin patterns. On the other side, the coin center looks to me like an Alpha symbol linked to the Hebrew calendar - Moses. Thus, I date it to about 1400 BC, using an exponentially declining calendar system; still following an embedded Noah calendar change recorded in that most ancient book, the Torah-Bible.

On the top side counter clockwise, it shows a man walking and pointing to a star resembling the star on the other side in the center. It has now on the outside periphery 12 window sections that could be identified with the Moses moon calendar linked to the Hebrew holiday system later corrected to 12 moon cycles in 360 days by Julius Caesar in 54 BC. The calendar is made from clay and can easily be duplicated like with the Gutenberg Press in Mainz Museum. It is cheap and useful for daily household use to tell the month in a flexible declining earth axis wobble. From the center is a snake spiral of 18-19 windows similar to declining Aztec-Antikythera clock sunrise and sunset cycles. It means the axis is slowing down ending in 12 moon cycles. Presently it is nearly 13 moons for a solstice orbit.

In ancient times a calendar is usually a base-60 system, thus it could mean a range (18+19=37) of  37 x 60 = 2220 years, perhaps it is a date when the Phaistos clock wobble fizzed out 2288 BC-2220 = 68 BC which ended the bronze Greek culture period. The Greek Phaistos clock center star on the right has many symbols inside the coiled windows, like the zodiac star pattern configuration of (6+1=7), seen in the ancient German bronze plate Nebra Disk described above.

Anyway, understanding Babushka egg concepts I confidently could decipher many more clock calendar mysteries found in museums. The last wobble can be linked to the Crucifixion’s of Yeshua (3) hours of darkness, or perhaps it was caused by the big spaceship - Star of Bethlehem triggered like a moon eclipse you can read about in the previous Babushka egg pearls. Pearl #278

Being trained as a German instrument-clock maker, which has the advantage to decode ancient prophecy clocks now linked to censored science. Flying over the Grand Canyon or Mexico’s jungle revealed an ancient disaster flood and I wondered where the people have gone. Not seeing any towns or roads on a desert floor, or overgrown jungle to be repeated again following coal seams over America across to Europe. Investigating high-way cutout and counting the fine silt-rough stone strata layers repeated worldwide in mountains matches earth axis wobbles with 40 days of Noah’s rain now linked to archeology and Flat-earth maps suppressed by a New World Order determined to destroy this planet. Thus once more will perish in God’s Wrath to end again an evil civilization replicated in Bible history, thus hope you will survive this disaster. Yeshua’s Kingdom was clock dated to start after Solstice 2017.

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