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How did Evil Start?

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In the beginning - Why was Evil Allowed?

Only the Bible tracks mankind’s true history from ancient times. It is now grossly changed to fit political correctness obeying the NYC Illuminati banker cartel printing fiat money since 1913. They bribed every nation with huge grants for hundred years to suppress the historic evidence in archeology, science, free energy and ancient genetics. That caused massive worldwide changes this century squashing academic freedom; only YouTube invention videos have some freedom. Thus, Babushka egg concept books & Pearls became a treasure cove to save information as university students no longer read favoring the visual media to discover truth.

Nephilim Skeleton Found of Babylon Exposed

When we display divinely recorded Bible history we should include some true science facts not often taught in Christian churches and ignored by every university. Together they caused a biased unscientific education system thoroughly afflicting every level of society with dishonesty ending in corruption. Perhaps follow the trail and use forgotten common sense to discover the root of Evil hidden in the fog of deception camouflaged by liars or imposters following the spirit of AntiChrist, which ends in totally depravity. Yeshua-Jesus summed it up in Revelation 22:15 in six (6) abomination laws. “Outside are…” thus, many are lost and not given Mercy onto Life; therefore, they will die a second time imitating the caterpillar-butterfly life illustrated in nature. Or, they may enter into the new heaven-earth Kosmos - Jod dimension. 

Angels in prehistory (4488 BC) were eventually conditioned to make a choice either to trust the Creator ELOHIM or Lucifer similar to Mankind. This caused the Daleth Dimension (Hebrew Alphabet Number System) where the future outcome of Evil can be historically observed in a Kosmos Theater play about the history on earth.  They were not created like robots but designed to live forever, thus the Creator ELOHIM decided to profile those loyal to him or misled by Lucifer causing division. When Evil was born, it was manifested as a test embedded in a Hebrew divine signature name.   

The unspoken mystery name YHWH is mentioned in scripture of fire or brilliant light. (Dan. 7:10) Checking human history, God spoke only to very few special people to announce a purpose (Mem) to give direction. Like Moses originated HANS to consolidate ancient history on a base (7) number system applied to true science demonstrating how the divine Genesis creation plan works. Now before a Flat Earth Theory reappeared, a retired German scientist-inventor explained HANS graphically illustrated in a World Cuckoo Clock of two dials (Babushka eggs #1 and #3) to reflect the first page of Genesis in the Bible.

The Kosmos is divided by a dome -Mem-Ausdehnung. Above is the Kingdom of Light centered on 10=Jod, and below it – the Kingdom of Darkness, Satan’s Domain. The clock dial is separated by (6) Waw – (9) Teth but the foursquare diamond is hinged on both sides Heh = (5). Investigating “W” in Hebrew connect like the center of YHWH, which link up the Zayin (7) Age to Teth Age with the center of a Time-dimension as expressed in - fullness of time- 2000 years ago.  

The Gospels reported that Pontius Pilatus was facing Yeshua-Jesus and asked, “What is Truth?” Not waiting for the answer, he had second thoughts and placed an unusual plaque nailed on the cross in three languages, Hebrew, Latin & Greek. It revealed a great mystery found throughout Scripture: the invisible sacred name YHWH is now visible embossed on a wooden plate at the top of the cross - the first Hebrew letter. Yeshua, The King of the Jews. It had previously caused an uproar in the High Court chamber when Yeshua was asked, “Are you the Christ the Son of God?” His final answer was, “{I-AM}” in Hebrew YHWH, which intensely angered the high priest. It is the same unspoken name in the burning bush told to Moses to reveal a mystery. Caiaphas, seeing the holy name exposed on the cross, stormed back angrily to the Roman governor Pilatus, and demanded to change it. But an irritated Pilate embroiled in politics became more annoyed by (3) hours of darkness in the midday, ending shaken by severe earthquakes causing big damage in Jerusalem. It ripped an embroidered ½ inch thick Temple-curtain from top to bottom exposing holy gold artifacts forbidden to be seen by anyone. It got worse; when Pilate came home his wife met him hysterically screaming, “I told you so do not touch this holy man.” Now Jerusalem was in total turmoil, hundreds of people spread a resurrection rumor of Yeshua alive. They tried to suppress a confiscated 100 lb. plaster burial shell empty, not broken, the body missing perplexing everybody assured it was well guarded by a centurion.    

It’s fun reading historical facts usually amended by angels helping a penname writer to authenticate Scripture that YHWH is the center of creation. It is the key to a mystery Kosmos filled with cloned angel beings given free Will to live forever, now divided. Their rebellion against the Creator in the Heh dimension had consequences needing an explanation to mortals on earth on why Evil appeared and why it was allowed to mess up the existing Kosmos society system. The story is rationalized in an ancient 6000-year-old book, the Torah-Bible, revealing hidden divine Truth now further clarified in HANS. (Babushka Egg Concept Book #2 and expanded in some Pearls)

Pragmatic since birth, every mortal child is programmed to know Good and Evil as a safety feature. When evil becomes unbearable for mortals, they will be terminated in death. We still cannot explain how Life is controlled by an intelligent mind to direct a consciousness affecting an embedded spirit. Mortals were intended to live on lower Daleth entropy but are linked to a future eternal world system to live forever, “Let us make Man in our image.”

The Torah-Bible theater curtain was lifted a little to reveal the first act of God’s Kosmos plan. The main actor Lucifer was appointed on top of a majestic creation to function as the only mediator to explain the concealed YHWH-spirit-person of a higher dimension, invisible to everybody being created. Thus, when the invisible divine Creator wanted to communicate his desire, he utilized only a secretary archangel of the highest cherub echelon.    Only Lucifer was allowed to hear God’s voice, invisible by nature, thus he operated similar to a transformer used in electricity transmitting a high energy to a lower domain, like a wish of YHWH to benefit his angels.

However, Lucifer was created with a hidden inbuilt “test” that would later upset everybody. It developed in open rebellion exported to the lower Daleth dimension level, in physics resembling thermodynamic entropy laws. It revealed that many angels were loyal and happy to live in God’s house, but some violated Kosmos rules linked to consequences. That became visible when eternity was speeded up in the Time Dimension Daleth theater play better translated – Genesis 1:1-5 - dawn to night display.

That meant the Creator ELOHIM had to design a different Kosmos domain as explained in HANS with newly rooted life cycles of a zillion designed species. He placed mortal mankind on top to be tested with a foreign incident analogous to becoming immune to Evil through inoculation. Maybe angels could no longer be trusted. Some followed Lucifer’s rebellion, thus they will be replaced by the Saints to safeguard the Kosmos to honor and worship YHWH forever. Pearl #888 & #107

My question is now answered in science. Why would a loving God create different mortal beings on a two stage system? Many mysteries are revealed in his Torah-Bible book describing the purpose (MEM) of creation, like how the universe crystallized into matter or elements defined by Fraunhofer discovered spectral lines radiating electro-magnetic frequencies from the infinite energy mentioned on the first page of the Genesis. Thus, nature gave us free electricity, why not split water in clean Hydrogen gas useful driving a car for billion people. Why is it still suppressed worldwide by corrupted government causing permanent destroying the environment to cause Life to become extinct in the next ten years? It can be summed up if educated in true science only to see history repeated again to notice that the eternal God will intervene in Wrath again like Sodom and Gomorrah. When a generation became totally evil once more will be stopped.

The paradox is, God wanted to have someone he can trust in a loving relationship, thus mortals were reverse designed and tested in a temporal Time-Dimension in order to be inoculated immune to evil. To live forever in a restored Kosmos, each person is an individual prototype replicated on a two-cycle system like a caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly to be finally tested. Mankind has now multiplied into billions as explained on the wider knowledge Babushka egg horizon. Only mortals were destined to share an intimate relationship with the Creator ELOHIM receiving eternal Life, or end in Wrath, a fact ignored in most denominational ruined churches.

Again, to demonstrate for everyone the consequences of Evil, the ELOHIM had to create the Time Dimension-Test to sponsor somebody for vacant administration positions. God knew that some mortals are curious, thus he started his book with how the universe was created followed by the Adam and Eve story. But this time the newcomers are born from each other, not cloned. They were told they would live in a world of Good and Evil and must pass a test. Some could be invited to a new earth-heaven without evil; the rest not passing the test will disappear in the Lake of Fire. Some mortals have greatly suffered under evil and still honored God. They will be elevated to royalty on a higher level to replace archangels to serve the Creator. It will become visible when the Saints are mini-resurrected and trained to gain experience. They will learn how to govern stubborn mankind for 1000 years to graduate into a vacant executive job positions ruling a restored Kosmos. Pearl #276

Watching YouTube videos of unusual events in nature or extraordinary miracles, confirmed that the prophesied birth pangs of the Endtime Apocalypse have arrived to begin a new, divinely governed civilization. Many videos have gone ballistic recording signs and wonders to wake up an atheistic New World Order especially the Christian Church, still comatose, causing Yeshua to say, “I will spit you out,” not kind words, for ignoring Jonah-II’s warning. Please get your own historic witness to make a point applied to your own life. My advice as an inventor scientist being born again, trust only Yeshua who is coming back in power to restart mankind. Many Christians are confused why every mortal must pass a Balance-Test to confirm their faith at the end of Time.

When Evil transferred from the Kosmos and violated only “one” Law - God’s holiness required judgment. Therefore, only God’s Son Yeshua-Jesus could pay for “every” offence committed which was atoned 2000 years ago. However for mortals it is preconditioned on a good and evil Balance-Test. This great paradox was explained by Yeshua: The law said…, but I say…” (Matt.  5:21) It is also underlined in Ezekiel chapter 34, explained by the prophet who foretold that the “intent” will be the final judgment verdict for everyone. Every mortal has an inbuilt intent to do evil or could honor YHWH like emphasized in many scripture stories not taught in churches. “When a righteous person all his life was righteous and does end in wickedness, he will die. “When the wicked all his life was wicked but turns and repents, he will live.” Please consider; it is your life.

However another principle could be applied to balance life events: when a conscience is seared by continual evil and thus cannot repent, it is already being judged forever like Pharaoh in Moses time seeing the finger of God in nature sending calamity to repent. It had no effect as a divine judgment already had hardened his heart.

Thus, the intent is a predetermined Balance-Test. Why not get educated in God’s Plan for Mankind soon to start over. Mankind was destined to worship ELOHIM will do it in the next prophesied New Civilization, enjoying a fantastic Sabbath rest. Many will experience a Sodom and Gomorrah judgment not listening to Jonah-II Warning to repent but this time all Evil and Satan will be totally removed - dated after winter Solstice 2017.

Get Ready – Revelation’s 12th Sign
23 September 2017

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