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I am only one voice among the many witnesses on the Internet that is not yet controlled by the Oil cartel. We independently discovered what is no longer taught in universities. Nicola Tesla’s discovery of free electricity was deliberately silenced in 1920, as global universities totally stopped teaching about electric motors and generators, pushing dirty polluting OIL instead. They forced the automobile industry to comply, barely improving efficiency. That for 100-year suppression led to a generation being raised without really understanding science applications. This lack of awareness was only bridged by the silent minority of rebels postulating free electricity in spite of oppression. They only annoy the oil-nuclear cartel that still tightly controls corrupt governments linked to their energy departments. But coercion cannot be continued since the Internet has changed our civilization forever, obsoleting a stranglehold on truth. Truth is like a genie in the bottle when released and is stronger than propaganda lies according to entropy laws. Have a little fun and be entertained watching the many short video clips on YouTube about what was suppressed for 100 years. The world does not need to endure another energy war. 

It will:

Many witnesses in science are demonstrated in these 16 UREE applications due to the new theorized discovery of Herbert's MAGNETIC" GRAVITY. Click the link to download free on the Internet, The 9th Babushka-egg Concept Book launching: The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE).

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