Pearl #244 -

Japan's Radioactive Water Disaster
could be solved free - no cost


The time has come to use a forbidden energy a German scientist Hoffman invented 80 years ago splitting water into hydrogen. It is now well proven on the Internet and has become reality for me driving my car without gasoline. What is political denied could crack a huge unsolvable problem in Japan reported on TV of massive leaching radioactive waste water now penetrating many aquifers but no solution is in sight already costing billions dollars.

Enormous deadly toxic water is encroaching nearby million population centers and farms in danger of being permanent contaminated for 100,000 years. Last year’s radiation is already spreading worldwide across the ocean fish and shrimp being poisoned with radiation and will cause substantial extinction in the food supply in a few years. In the same boat are global nuclear power stations built 40 years ago - all leak, too.  

The solutions to most technical problems are suppressed by governments because they are funded by the OIL cartel, which also silenced the many MEDIA outlet being paid off. Asked why Germany has shut down their nuclear power station the public does not know. Massive death could be prevented if we are allowed to expose the corruption in high places so embedded in our society.    

This German-Californian retired scientist-inventor could have the answer using the process of gaining hydrogen which has a second benefit concentrating radiation so it can be handled and safely buried inside a mountain. It would have unlimited global benefit even self-financing consequently should hopefully no longer suppress its application.

Our governments should stop lying to the ignorant public as the next generation kids will not be around disappeared with all LIFE on earth guaranteed applying Newton's Laws. It's unquestionably proven on the Internet that free energy should not be forbidden opening the door to a FFF proposal to save life for millions globally in the next few years and consequently should allow discussing the science evidence openly in the town square.

How does Hydrogen work driving a car?

The present hydrogen generation devices sold on the Internet store gets the current from the car battery, but once started will fizz out down to 50% producing less hydrogen bubbles in about some hour driving consequently would need sometimes a bigger unit aiming at 100%. The Hydrogen gas requires no modification on your car just enters the inlet air with simple ½ inch diameter Tygon tubing.

But I discovered that if the process is stopped-restarted, it gains back 100%. Driving a car without gasoline started me on a journey to investigate how to increase the hydrogen bubbles being interested to support refugee camps million families and kid's with free energy to cook their meals at no cost. Consequently, I learned from physics that much of water is still a mystery now divinely revealed a lot more.  

I recently discovered magnetic water which has many advantages like giving the farmer 30% increased crop harvest using less water a paradox and so many medical side benefits check it out on the Internet. What is beneficial to life can also prevent death if applied to deadly radiated water my proposal will eliminate.

Now the Internet has gone ballistic investigating this newfound energy and being an inventor naturally dabbled in my garage, too. Than found out if we flip the car battery current plus-minus for a continued process by an added switch can be achieved more hydrogen bubbles, but if the voltage is not allowed to go down to zero get even more. 

This gave me an idea switching the resonance frequency of water and has given a company a diagram of an electric board ($200) in which I expect to get 20 times more hydrogen output. Another more complex board later could give 40 times more. Previously scientists measured the spectrum junctures of water with ten (10) critical water resonance frequencies.

Now reasoned from that, if we pick a low resonance water frequency and oscillate it with a higher frequency gets more bubbles. It reached my limit to test and need to measure 100 possibilities (10x10) for a maximized production of energy as I have no special equipment in my little garage. Being retired successful inventor convinced it would shake out more hydrogen bubbles I am sure. To tackle nuclear water radiation needs a special safe-laboratory, which I propose next.  

How to remove deadly poisoned Radiation?

Scientists believing in unscientific evolution religion will have a tough time understanding a new atom theory postulated free on my web site, but it makes sense in our application. For example, on a higher level when Fraunhofer spectral lines crystallize into the critical resonance frequency similar to water formation, it will release high energy and give birth to binding atoms we recognize as molecules.

It is just the other coin-side as universities postulate on one side spectral lines of a light frequency theory the other like a paradox solid matter believed could be broken in smaller pieces like a CERN atom smasher. The energy mystery glue what hold matter together will never be discovered with this method.

If atoms of matter are not smashed, they could learn more about the embedded original creation intelligence using techniques investigating DNA, giving us direction how big or small to form, valence, or affinity. For an example, Gold (Au) will repel and not marry one of the (O) Oxygen sisters but Magnesium (Mn) or Lithium (Li) is totally on the opposite side ending in a fiery display oxidizing everything behaving like magnets.

I am postulating that atoms stick together with magnetism, which can be shaken to separate them with a certain resonance frequency like as a boy was shaking the apple tree to loosen the apples still bonded out of reach. Understanding that principle could help Japan to separate deadly radiation atoms from water molecules, now billion gallons stored and more is spilling out everyday from three sub terrain geysers created from a nuclear meltdown. Molecules in a water solution can be changed and measured by an isotopic shift ( as tested with magnetized water (

Isotopic shifts are best known and most widely used in vibration spectroscopy where the shifts are large, being proportional to the ratio of the square root of the isotopic masses. In the case of hydrogen, the "H-D shift" is (1/2) or 1/1. This shift reflects the differing Zero-point energy for the affected bonds. (Quote: Wikipedia Vibrational spectra)

Again to find out what could work to separate the radiation component from water must be shaken to a certain resonance frequency to loosen the magnetic atom bond like an isotopic shift from what wants to stick together. Ten (10) water critical resonance frequencies have (10x10) = 100 times the possibilities for each percent solution change, which gets thicker when hydrogen bubbles are extracted. In a changing solution concentration we should find out its specific shifting frequency crossover points and continually adjust for the maximized generation of Hydrogen bubbles which will make the radiated water solution thicker like honey consistency for safe disposal.

To make water conductive for hydrogen generation must have a water solution of salt (NaCl) like the ocean 4% or Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) but if other impurities or elements are present will affect the resonance frequency of water.

Nuclear-Radiation in ocean-water-coolant is just another element in solution; therefore we must determine to find the best water resonance frequency of different combinations to shake for more hydrogen bubbles. But common laboratory workers must be aware of dangerous radiation. However could gain more if the nuclear water now is magnetized, an easy process for farmers could help to eliminate radiation?

I postulate that deadly radiation is magnetically bonded to atoms and only a critical resonance frequency can loosen the union learned from Fraunhofer spectral lines. But my gut feeling as an inventor tells me that to find a solution extracting radiation from water is only possible by following some simple illustration previously made. It could have a huge, built-in side benefit of eliminating radioactivity very cheap. The generation of hydrogen process could also be useful to separate the deadly radiation atoms quite economically for easier disposal.

Second Witness: an Auto Fueled by Water

I needed a second witness proving for me a new theory why plain water could fuel a car and also based on the same principle of shaking the water molecules releasing big energy. A persecuted scientist used water as a fuel suppressed years ago and utilized an auto 4 stroke engine but must in principle treat the water like a humidifier and ultrasonic vaporize it by shaking the water molecule at a certain frequency, which is not mist, is not water, is not gas but an energized fog.

The power gained comes from tiny shaken water droplets turning inside the pressurized cylinder exploding into flash-steam discharge arc. But in addition must be spun around with an air mass. It acts like a flywheel and will store energy that is put to use on the next intake stroke. A static airflow has no stored energy, thereby wasting energy, but when accelerated by the intake stroke, extra air is needed. The flywheel property is the key why the vortex works. Unless the water is pulsed or modulated by shaking no extra energy can be developed.

It is just the reverse side of the Fraunhofer spectral coin postulated earlier. When resonance energy is released light will appear inside the cylinder to us as an explosion. The ∞-neutrino energy from the cosmos will cross over to other coin side where it is converted to mechanical energy, being recognized as solid atoms. This application driving with water was suppressed by the oil cartel many years ago.

For example, Shell Oil made a 3 million dollar profit per hour for every hour of every day of the entire year selling gasoline for your car. The Oil Cartel backed up by the US government military will not allow water as a fuel proven by many scientists. Over 200 patents improving carburetors where granted for higher mpg all giving over US 250 mpg savings. Not a single design has made it to the market place due to the fantastic opposition of the Oil Cartel. In England several portable electric generator using water as a fuel was designed but never was put on the market. Why? Is the inventor still alive?

Back to our subject but should now be serious separating radiation from water we can learn from the present hydrogen converter sold in the store. But in time will find out that the water solution becomes more concentrated and needs to be readjusted, if you kept driving and need eventually adding more pure water to keep the hydrogen bubble maximized. Conversely, if you let it go, it gets a thicker solution eventually like salt is produced from evaporating seawater in a solar pond.

Once more if we use the bubble hydrogen process applied to the concentrated radiated water solution requires that the current must be constantly adjusted and modified to the two critical resonance frequency combinations that will change with more hydrogen-oxygen being continued expelled.

A reduced concentrated volume of radiated water solution getting smaller and thicker in viscosity must be monitored to the best critical resonance combination for every percentage solution change. When enough hydrogen-gas was extracted from the solution getting syrupy eventually could be disposed in environmental safe container drums and stored deep in a mountain or salt mine. I am sure being previously a successful inventor will work and in the process will make obscene profit.

Ten years ago I designed a special container to last 500 years to hold a rusting drum falling apart filled with nuclear waste material but was rejected by the atheistic establishment because I believe in the Bible, not tolerated in atheistic universities. Endless acres of decomposing drums filled with nuclear material are rusting in secret open-air chemical dumps, the next global environmental disaster you will hear about on TV.

The outlined principle I propose could help Japan to manage the Yellow-Stone-Geyser radiation water problem and could even become self financing using the generated hydrogen explained in Pearl #240 to get better educated by the experts. By using the deadly radiated poisoned water either bubbling continentally from the three Japan meltdown holes or globally from the many nuclear storage ponds could now extract the Hydrogen energy and re-using the collected gas heating clean water to steam could operate the electric generators without modification in every nuclear power station. Consequently, they could continually generate power in the same facility for the first time without a tax liability but with obscene profits with gained hydrogen. But at the same time which is the biggest side benefit for mankind and saving huge dollar investment getting rid of radiation not possible with today's technology guaranteed.

Maybe we could use some left over hydrogen boiling the last remaining concentrated radiated water and collect the hot residue like a solar salt pond mixed with some binding cement chemicals for easy safe and cheap disposal. Hopefully, there is still time to save the fish and shrimp industry as radiated tuna was found in San Francisco fish-stores. It will get worse as the Japanese meltdown geyser is still active creating global panic contaminating the other food supply, too.

In the meantime, Japan’s radiated water problem can also be solved by pumping the water into an oil tanker, exported to a desert country, and put in a solar pool for evaporation. The solidified sludge could be re-imported for cheaper disposal. Most scientists are blinded by an evolution unscientific theory prevented to think in logic proven by a big Japanese joke but serious want to freeze the aquifers deep below the nuclear power station. Not making fun of stupid ideas perhaps Russian Babushka egg contain some useful science-Bible Pearls.

My dream is to educate the next generation kids finding a better job starting a business mostly deep in debt if they graduated. It cost now $200,000 dollars to get a university degree not needed proven by many young entrepreneurs demonstrating free energy should put to shame many professors in universities.

Applying my advice to 100 global nuclear power stations could yield many start-up businesses creating employment all making a nice profit and solve mankind's biggest nuclear radiation problem at the same time: I am sure it will work. I will soon have some more proof to fulfill my dreams giving free energy to the poorest refugee and those no longer finding wood to cook their meal & hope some FFF donation would arrive.

The rediscovery of free energy of ELECTRICITY generated from Gravity, Solar and Hydrogen has many more application or beat me to the punch - I don’t mind? Following the energy trail as outlined in the 9th Babushka Egg on the Internet sent to President Obama, and let's focus on the Bad NEWS first to widen a perspective to live a little longer. Thereafter, we track the Good NEWS for making obscene profit.

Technical Internet News: The Bad NEWS Affecting your Life

Why do globally corrupt governments still persist, favoring an evil powerful Oil Cartel? Even worse, they insist on deadly, uncontrollable nuclear power and should have learned lessons from the USA accident at Three Mile Island to solve the biggest problem facing mankind.

Our 21st Century Civilization must now struggle with deadly radiation now accelerating exposed in Chernobyl and Japan, unmanageable, escalating over large real estate getting bigger and intensifying globally creating now panic still kept silenced in the controlled MEDIA.

However, this Apocalypse scenario should convince even the hardened skeptic as it affects everybody's life on earth being evil to the core. Just follow the trail. It's your life being shortened. Do not look at my finger but at what I am pointing to. Most governments in charge being paid off under the table as usual are still lying and covering up that most nuclear power station developed inevitable irrevocable cracks appearing on the bottom of the storage pool. Difficult to investigate with X-ray buried pipes and corroded equipment. It gets shoddier.

The comatose public does not realize computers and disk drives built during the 1960-1980 became obsolete, as spare parts of complex machinery were no longer available and lost permanently the original digitalized data of technical nuclear information demonstrated by a huge fire gas ball exploding in San Bruno Californian forgotten where rusting pipes are buried.

The proof is seen recently on TV that most Hollywood movie film and tapes before 1960 are deteriorating beyond repair. They will be lost for future generations as the technology changed so fast, and no money is allocated from Congress faced with an overblown budget. They just keep increasing the debt ceiling. They will not reduce the high salaries from the class of privilege employed by an out of control, bloated government.

Our American media will not show demonstrations in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain or Egypt and even in the USA. The list is long and needs continued FED bailouts, printing money for the class of privilege. In return the people keep voting for the same corrupt bureaucrats fearing to keep their government job or join the unemployment, thus guaranteeing continued government benefits. But emergency bills must be paid. Watch politicians steal our retirement savings, raise taxes and enforce more outrageous fees and fines. Ask where the Fort Knox gold is. The math no longer matching expenses originally meant for service.

Now prioritized toward their bloated government retirement, the debt is still growing as they misapply the funds. Government cannot fix the potholes or maintain an infrastructure, bridges collapsing, etc., etc. Apply shortchanged funding by politicians to nuclear power station is suppressing big problems of buried inaccessible underground installation now leaching deadly radiation seeping into the submerged drinking water. Believe me; soon your neighborhood will be exposed to invisible deadly radiation living near a nuclear station permanently poisoning the food supply forever.

It will get worse many nuclear power stations are leaking into open water or rivers that will eventual poison the ocean. Check the price of fish every month for a good indicator.

Exposing a government failure in Japan seen on German DW TV (4/13) being shocked using a Geiger Counter to measure radiation and questioning why the Japanese bureaucrats have not removed the many plastic bags containing radiated household items still sitting piled up on the open streets with children playing around them.  The public was never told of the 80,000 farms lost forever and the many cancer deaths caused by contaminated nuclear poison. It is getting worse. Watching on TV flying a helicopter over a large moonscape acreage photographing huge bolted together oil containers lined up and filled with hot, radiated water. Now mostly leaking, should have been welded together. Why do panic accidents not make local news being pointed out only by a foreign Media?

Scientists are forbidden to reveal problems to the public being perplexed and confused. They planned to pump the poisoned water into the ocean to stop the irreversible leakage that will permanent radiate the drinking water seeping toward the surrounding mega cities. If spilled in the ocean, it will kill all fish and life terminating the food supply for the next generation. The brainwashed experts must decide which is worse: dealing with three (3) liquefied deep sinkholes formed by million degrees of an uncontrolled nuclear very active meltdown still continuously generating boiling super saturated radiated water like a bubbling Yellowstone Park geyser. They must find speedily a solution to stop the deadly poison polluting globally the whole ocean. If you got already cancer here is a hidden cure.

If the geysers cannot be stopped from overflowing it will be leaching into the underground aquifers disastrous to farmers and people. Why is it kept quite on TV? Japan must choose either dig a deep trench to stop the radiated toxic water from flowing in the surrounding underground aquifers causing DEATH to many hundred thousands city population centers.

Or build a bypass with pump stations to redirect the poisoned water into the ocean, but that will kill LIFE globally for hundreds of years. No more fish and shrimp for us morons living on this earth who allow such EVIL. Just announced on TV (8/13), “Tuna found with radiation in San Francisco store.”

My advice as a scientist is a third solution, take it for what it is worth. The problem modern universities and corrupt politician is facing having no answer believing in evolution religion now postulating freezing the earth below the aquifers to stop the flow of radiated water. It will not work wasting billion dollars.

Why not use a method invented 80 years ago by the German scientist Hoffman and split the radiated water into Hydrogen and Oxygen to get free clean energy. If burned at high degrees linked to generators, it gets free electricity. Read #9 Babushka egg concept book to widen a knowledge horizon. Eventually the remaining sludge will get more concentrated becomes highly toxic salt residue as the deadly radiation could now be stored and buried. A container drum storing hot waste was designed 10 years ago but believing in the Bible rejected political by the ignorant atheistic establishment.

Fixing the problem will not prevent the coming Apocalypse prophesied in the Bible. Many corrupt government officials are itching to start the Japan nuclear power stations again in 2013 to resume the invisible illegal money leakage under the table, which is the real cause of the dilemma flowing to offshore bank accounts of many nameless bureaucrats as people have forgotten the previous nuclear meltdown disasters.

What worked so well for them before still lying to the public will not reveal technical true science to the comatose people pretending to operate in a democratic environment of political stressed meetings?

Many governments with nuclear power stations are in the same boat together getting invisible benefits. The United Nations Energy Departments will be inventing new LIES to keep the power stations operating, or continue to deny and ignore the massive cancer Death suppressed by the silent Media not reporting historic events. Just watch the food supply being poisoned collapsing nearby your neighborhood look to Germany, Japan, Russia and USA, which country is next you will never hear about it in the MEDIA owned by the brotherhood energy oil cartel.

Perhaps the problem could be fixed and prevent worse disasters in the future by applying some collected UN statistic risk evaluation tracking earthquakes. The data shows that earthquakes are increasing at a 400 times higher rate and intensity that could cause bigger nuclear meltdowns resembling the Japan accident. Rapid polar ice melting will according to physics release embedded tectonic stress cycles stored from the previous earth axis wobble measured earlier by GRACE satellites. It will trigger bigger earthquakes based on an improved computer model or else we have a Japan-repeat, refusing to learn the lesson.

To gain knowledge about how radiation propagates an American professional recently was hired, being one of the world's best fishermen, and got permission from the government to get some samples from the surrounding Chernobyl water pools for the Russian scientists to study how it affected fish. But he has very little time, a ticking clock on his belt to remind him of invisible radiation risking his own life.

Being an expert caught a big catfish in that limited time all seen on Public TV. Now Russian scientists can investigate the genetic degradation and after effects of continued radiation suppressed by universities and governments. The Chernobyl death statistics, some estimate a million, will never be revealed. Overnight it became a ghost town of Mankind's greatest evil. It will forever be a lasting monument like thousand-year-old pyramids.

Every nuclear power plant like Chernobyl will repeat the hazard or similar duplicated in the THREE ISLAND accident. It was kept quite from the public took eight (8) years to control radiation from exploding costing billions related to human failures managing complex systems. So many suppressed facts are pointing to a bigger prophesied apocalypse guaranteed to end our civilization. Every US nuclear plant is grossly underinsured only (12.6 billion dollars) and does not cover the past 100s of billions spent on nuclear rod fire accidents nobody heard about.

Liability is nonexistent as the ownership of nuclear power is splintered in many limited corporate partnerships spread among friends and relatives. They just will file for bankruptcy and skip town can no longer be traced disappearing when the subsidized money stopped flowing in their offshore pockets to avoid taxes.

Or could it be when utilities usually managed by corrupted none-technical administration criminal on the take endorsing illegal fake invoices of Phantom Corporation transferring invisible billions of dollars to politicians and their relatives as no accountability exist? Why? Worse paying off professionals under thread of life to keep them silenced to continue the grand theft taxpayers stuck with.

With all the surrounding evidence why do governments still deny cheap energy invented by Nicola Tesla and Hoffman? Why don’t they shut down and decommission every nuclear station to save future generations? Why are politicians so corrupt hiding illegal money stuffed in home freezers seen on TV, yet never go to prison. Why don’t bureaucrats recognize that nobody is qualified anymore watching poisoned nuclear radiation as the many old educated specialists have passed away or gotten too old?

People do not realize for 100,000 years babies will no longer be crying once their home is contaminated. Nuclear accidents will be repeated like in USA, Russia or Japan with many more to come because our governments and comatose caretakers are so ignorant? A warning now forgotten, like Japan’s Nuclear "After Affects" written by experts - Pearl #176 (6-29-2011).

Watching Japan and America the system is kept going fuelled by corrupted fossil senators permanently reelected by a brain-dead public funded the old-fashioned way by special interest.

The common people where lied to and never ask do you want those life threatening irreversibly 100,000 years poisonous nuclear death machines in your neighborhood? The younger generation will curse them being so evil. Checking out what the Bible reveals that all mortals must appear before the White Throne after the last day of our Life exposing your innermost thoughts. (Matthew 12:36) The reality of every evil deed will be uncovered and judged according to the ancient laws no longer taught to our next generation children. Watch God's reaction revealed and plainly spelled out in his divine scripture:

Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sat on it; the earth and the heaven fled from his presence, and no place was found for them. And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Also another book was opened, the book of life.

And the dead were judged according to their works, as recorded in the books. And the sea gave up the dead that were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and all were judged according to what they had done. And anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire, which is the Second Death. (Rev. 20:11-15)

Shutting down every deadly nuclear reactor in Germany made good sense. Why is Germany the only global booming economy moving toward green energy creating new business? They found out that many children 5-20 Km around a nuclear power station where born deformed with genetic mutations fast growing cancers heritable linked to untold future generations.

Published years ago, Please read: Poisoned Power: The Case Against Nuclear Power Before and After Three Mile Island by John W. Gofman PhD, MD and Arthur R. Tamplin PhD.

Why would international governments not care about our next generation children still so greedy stashing illegal money in offshore accounts knowing that banker's are experts in stealing? Or favor dirty polluting Coal industry ignoring and grossly violating every environmental laws on the book allied to a depraved criminal Oil Cartel causing world oil wars and global chaos to create more business for the elite. The profit is used killing millions by selling sophisticated weapons to uneducated Islam brainwashed terrorist and generals to test them.

The Oil Cartel is still controlling an immoral automobile industry enforcing to maximize a diminishing Oil resource. They never improved the car consumption which could be demonstrated by 200 US patents of modified carburetor to get over 250 miles/gal but the auto-industry will only raise the car price for higher profit. They do not care that the environment is severely damaged moving toward extinction of all LIFE.

Worse why is green energy still suppressed seeing on TV joyful running many trucks even police cars driven with water converted by a hydrogen on-demand generator available in the Internet store? Ignoring history how did Nicola Tesla drive his car all day around with free electricity wireless like your computer or telephone linked to the air? Coming home being shocked fired from his job and told the company was invested in thousands of oil wells. That policy is still enforced in modern time and repeated many times just check this example.

The magazine ISRAEL TODAY (July 2013) reported a failure "Electrical Car Experiment Crashes" wasted $850 million and shutting down operations while ignoring high technology of gold metal award winner electric generators, Neodymium-Boron super-magnets and capacitors technology to name a few obsoleting batteries? But look behind the corporate curtain: management became multimillionaires without selling cars? Cofounders GE and Renault manufacturing $60,000 gasoline guzzlers do not want to sell cheaper cars like China producing electric cars $6,000-8,000 dollars not allowed to be imported.

Being a sister cartel converting oil shale by fracking destroying many productive farms permanently poison the environment. How greedy evil can you get destroying the environment and food supply for the next generation.

Driving a car without gasoline has three witnesses; one is water or hydrogen the other free electricity. Many hydrogen on-demand converters are available on the Internet store for $350 Dollars. If you are mechanically inclined I build several in my garage for $35 using an empty beer or wine bottle.

Said again free electricity is demonstrated by a machinist without a PhD degree seen on YouTube rigged up in his garage a one horsepower motor linked to a generator which runs perpetually once cranked. He has enough left over free electricity to run his bench grinder and drill press verified. Many other young people without a degree on YouTube demonstrating free electricity consequently you must either be very corrupt wasting $850 million or is an extremely ignorant executive I am sure not honest ignoring science.

My 9th Babushka egg concept books shows you how to design 16 electric generators and the last one generates enough energy can fuel a Concord Jet with free electricity for obscene profit. That was sent to the President Obama never got an answer or a Noble Prize now dishonored given to terrorist and corrupted government officials. Instead being visited by the IRS and fearing prison retribution God told me gift all your patents to ISRAEL surviving the Apocalypse meant for a future generation. Being lucky America still allows freedom of speech and religious opinions from the Bible linked to science guaranteed by a fading Constitution.

Now the Good NEWS Affecting your Life

The year 2012 is still famous as it marks the threshold of the biggest science "deception" on the Internet. The many evolution trained PhDs repeating a mantra, NOT POSSIBLE, over and over. That atheistic clatter is disproved by many defiant scientists demonstrating on YouTube videos that unlimited; totally FREE GREEN ENERGY has always existed. Why was it suppressed globally for 80 years?

That can be answered just read what I copied from the Internet (Pearl #240) that accuses our American Government corrupted by many senators in violation of the Constitution in an immoral coalition controlled by an evil Oil Cartel. History of 80 years records oppressing even murdering many scientists in the past century and causing many bloody World Wars continued every year somewhere on this planet, all financed by printed FED money to control exclusively the diminishing polluting Oil energy reserve. Worse now applying fracking technology which is deadly to Life will permanently destroy the environment of every farm producing food.

To expose the biggest lie "not possible", check out the various forms of "Free Green Energy" now testified by a hundred scientists on the Internet. Perhaps that could make it a little easier for you to understand and impact your bank account saving a lot more money. We all have been mind controlled to pay for outrageous, ever increasing gasoline and utility bills. Instead, we should have enjoyed unlimited green energy like electricity and unlimited hydrogen fuel as the huge ocean is a free energy source globally available. Why is it denied for 80 years invented by Hoffman splitting water with free electricity from Tesla now rediscovered on the Internet as demonstrated by so many honest professionals? Watch the many young people in YouTube videos no longer afraid of LIES and government suppression.

They silently exist outside a dishonored paid-off university forum proving that they can drive their car perpetually with WATER as demonstrated by the many police cars in Southern California. It is made possible by using a hydrogen converter available shopping on the Internet store. Still little expensive, but cheaper versions will come in time. Watch the YouTube videos and have fun in the energy gold rush just started. There is still time to become a millionaire.

If you are little entrepreneurially inclined, study Pearl #240 and become a millionaire copied (chapter10) "Automotive System" could drive your car 100% without gasoline. But hydrogen a much cleaner hotter fuel is at this time restricted by American laws but is permissible only when used with inferior gasoline. Saving of 60% is allowed but needs to reprogramming a car-microchip a simple process to adjust to a higher-octane fuel.

It gets better. To prove free electricity for my grandkid, the principle is demonstrated on TV of charging continuously your telephone with parts bought in your neighborhood only costing as little $2.00, but you must do it yourself, as entrepreneurs are afraid of the government sending the IRS. They misapplied their constitutional power even upsetting some senators on TV.

You do not need a PhD degree; just watch a mechanic in his garage use a one horse power motor driving a generator with a belt and once cranked will run perpetually with enough extra electricity leftover to run the grinder and drill press on his workbench. Or a Mexican technician added extra coils inside the electric motor acting like a generator oscillating the current runs the darn thing perpetually. Check it out to verify it, as free electricity is forbidden to be taught in modern universities.

This raised the question, “How was it possible to deny free green unpolluted ELECTRICITY to mankind invented by Nicola Tesla?” suppressing his 700 patents. The answer is found in censored history to focus on an immensely powerful Oil Cartel in an evil alliance corrupting the US Government linked to a military complex. Everyone is making obscene profit in unending oil wars, killing millions of families robbing them of their business. Worse destroying the globally economy infrastructure by printing fiat money to steal their last savings.


To discourage low-priced Solar ELECTRICITY, why is it higher taxed from China? But cheaper options exist like three solar backup units ($2,000 each) combined is enough free electricity fuelling a household obsoleting all transmission and power stations now feared by the energy provider trying desperately to stop it. Why are so many Solar Corporation financed with billions visited by Obama filing for bankruptcy after only 3 month with the money gone? Likewise why ignore 16 Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine generating unlimited free energy for bicycles, cars, trains or jet-airplanes described in Babushka egg concept book #9? It would demonstrate for the skeptic an unbelievable ∞ energy source just observe the many galaxies in the sky burning with thousand lights energized with unlimited Magnetic Gravity. If used on earth could be harnessed to cheap electricity no kidding. To proof new science discoveries to be better educated must employ a forgotten Axiomatic-Empirical Methods revealing updated fresh concepts describing nature from a 360-degree perspective. Pearl #228 & Pearl #229

Suppressing knowledge in physics has consequences leading toward a degenerated MIND prevented to think in logic believing the many lies will thus experience the effect of Newton’s laws causing the oldest Western Civilization based on forgotten Christian principle to self-destruct.

The process already started with the global environment collapsing following irreversible the laws of physics. Being worldwide brainwashed in what Hitler and Goebbels pioneered MIND control designed for politician to make the masses ignorant and malleable controlled to get extremely wealthy. Worse they have finally succeeded in transforming the ancient Bible laws defining good and evil, in exchange for "relativism" enforced by the atheistic US Supreme Court denying the existence of absolute laws.

This will trigger a collapse ushering in the global Apocalypse prophesied in the Bible. An atheistic generation programmed denying a Creator will harvest what was sowed now a forgotten principle consequently no longer using technology for the benefit of mankind but disrespectful destroying massive LIFE causing much GMO extinction. Watch the food supply collapsing should not blame God denied to exist as all became relative.

That will change the beautiful fabric of diverse ethnic societies into one computer controlled evil dictatorship. Concluding with many intense global wars, it will be unavoidable to witness GMO extinctions causing worldwide to crumple the food supply and trigger the apocalyptic Four Riders to leave the barn in Revelation. To continue LIFE on this planet it is necessary for the ELOHIM to intervene still around to stop mortal mismanagement and stop the many lies in spite of global denial that he exists.

The Next Harbinger Projection

We are now in the middle of the Apocalypse one way or another; politically it seems globally very quiet. The Stock Market casino still operates for the class of privilege. Many forgot the irritating Jonah's WARNING. The World Trade Center rebuilt bigger, but being a scientist I wonder why America is still the greatest world power, not being the main player missing in Bible prophecy?

Watch the link to physics and weather stations visible on TV the eye of the storm clouds growing. It too is very quiet in the center of the hurricane, like the middle of the Apocalypse. Because it is moving, it will get mighty windy again as learned from New Orleans disaster, but this time it could get worse.

It will start with the Four Horsemen in Zechariah 6:1-7 echoed in an identical second witness 600 years later in Rev. 6:1-7. It will set into motion the other half of the Apocalypse with unstoppable events causing the DEATH of a quarter world population, which is 2.8 billion, a lot of people. From an apocalypse prophecy perspective, a creditable science scenario could be postulated. I previously submitted some Pearl references vital to know if you want to live a little longer. Be informed from another possibility source Electromagnetic Pulses. (Pearl #175-10/11)

The next Harbinger of what Rabbi Cahn revealed in his book would be the screaming global headlines linked to science, which could be a precursor of a dirty A-bomb that may soon become reality. Exploding high in the sky, gamma-beta-rays will fry every microcircuit chip for hundreds of miles from computer-data centers to electrical transformer stations.

Perhaps a cheap North Korean rocket exploding from a boat sent into the air will change our world forever. Iran could use its first A-bomb to settle an Islamic hatred directed toward the big Satan in NYC or Los Angeles. Worse, Iran could use the threat of an A-bomb on the Saudis to shut down 57% of the world’s oil supply going through the Straight of Hormuz to blackmail Europe and China. That scenario could start Armageddon prophesied in the Bible.

The resulting massive radiation of Beta-Gamma rays generated from a dirty A-bomb will fry every microcircuit chip for hundreds of miles linked to computer-data centers and electrical transformer stations. A TV program "Forecasting the End" tells us we get about a 2 gamma ray burst a day generated in astronomical terms next door. They travel at the speed of light and cannot be tracked. Some outbursts seen by the Hubble telescope are astronomical in size, and some believe they caused mass extinction spreading fast around the entire earth at high risk.

Our modern civilization has reached the point to be highly vulnerable even in small amount of gamma rays would be a disaster which could fry every micro chip controlling 99% our high technology anywhere. Every child in America cannot be seen without a computer wireless connected linked to thousands microchips which changed our culture.

Either way everything around us would come to a total collapse, as electricity was the driver, controlled by billions microchips now no longer working and will force us back to the time of 100 years ago. I hope we find some horses for transportation and learn how to store food like my grandma did. It is unthinkable to be without a functioning Visa card, a car or truck transporting food will not run on a dead micro-chip, no more banking to get my money, water pumps and sewer not working, hospital care stopped: all mired in a permanent total electricity blackout for a long time already forgotten what happened recently. TV mentioned from Canada down the USA corridor East coast to NYC some lasted two weeks to restore.

When longer would create vast colossal starvation exploding with uncontrolled horrible crimes on the streets. A black-out can no longer to be seen on TV causing daily looting and murder remember Watts in Los Angeles will accelerate, waking up the many Islamic sleeper-cells to continue the Islamic Spring in America, repeating pressure cooker incidence in many cities.

The Four Horses in Revelation will unleash a global military revenge responding big time but will paralyze a modern warfare to manual if that is possible to fly an airplane or missiles. The cut-off Internet or satellites will guarantee accelerating global instability as everyone was connected to computer controlled equipment including the military struggling with sophisticated technology. The worldwide telephone and Internet will be greatly reduced creating massive chaos. Homeland Security bureaucrats will not be prepared for those gigantic shocks. Do not count on it.

Worse, the radiation rapidly spreading globally will cause a chemical reaction in the air converting to lethal Nitric Oxide responding in a thick brown smoke layer damaging the food crop for hundreds of miles causing a climatic winter freeze. If you had listened to Jonah’s Warning, perhaps you could prepare to survive, or read the Bible verses once more, linked to specific Babushka Pearl or book. My own guess, watch the last Harbinger Shmita will soon arrive in America barely surviving.

However, to convince a skeptic, we should examine what the Apocalypse is by investigating it with the tools of science. Would you accept if it can be proven in your neighborhood right now and acknowledge its visible verification we all can agree on, causing your premature DEATH? Be alerted. Follow the News in Japan or the Islamic Spring. Everybody's future life, the next generation will be affected. Tracking the trail to sum up our high technology heading toward destroying our civilization is described next. There is a second witness in Internet town square forum, or watch a video: NASA Alert America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013.

More About Water

For dessert, I like to point out a recent NOVA TV program (April 2014) investigating water and how snowflakes are formed. There are hundreds of different shaped snowflakes crystallizing from water - everyone prettier than the other with hundreds of different patterns. Scientists investigated to find out the mechanism triggered by energy from space to grow snowflakes, causing them to become heavier, forming clouds sinking into lower warmer air and melting becoming raindrops.

What surprised me showing a jar of water cooled down to 26 degree below freezing but still liquid? They explained, and demonstrated by adding a little grain of sand. Immediately the water crystallized, and in seconds all became ice. That pointed to the cause of impurities being the seeds to form a snowflake, which is, crystallized water following the law of physics.

The program graphically showed that something must have been coming from space to form snowflakes. It is not necessarily matter but sub-atomic small particles that are trillions and billions times smaller than a virus or bacteria.

NOVA showed it graphically like a candle with a tail. The snowflake pattern is growing from the center outward with multiple Christmas tree arms becoming heavier as subatomic particles are added forming more crystal branches. Eventually, the snowflake will sink to the lower region activated by magnetized gravity now getting warmer and melting into raindrops, getting bigger when converted to water again. How are subatomic particles formed is linked further to another NOVA space observation (12-16-13) expanded in a Babushka concept egg (Pearl #247) proven a little later.

Water ends ultimately in the ocean reservoir, perhaps collecting invisible subatomic energy particles from space flowing down into rivers of energizing Life. It happens in the oceans, too, like snowflakes. Waterwheels also convert gravity to power, as in the Hoover Dam. If you get smarter, you could make it portable with a UREE turning super magnets to create more electricity as cheap and non-poisoning energy.

The whole process started with my investigating the sun and galaxies. All need energy to burn, though linked to our Milky Way galaxy black hole. I believe it is the energy center and postulated a new atom theory. Perhaps Neutrinos are the carrier for free energy? I remember the beginning of Silicon Valley, when I worked with one-inch wafer slices to make the first semiconductor chips. The Silicon Crystal was grown with a "seed" held in the liquid silicon glass mixture. Physics will always demonstrate the laws of nature controlled by embedded intelligence investigating galaxies or atoms always identical, which makes postulating the invisible possible.

Another practicable seed application was postulated when I wrote how free energy could be harvested from space. I followed that with a number of Pearls. Eventually they became a Babushka book egg #9, which I sent to President Obama for evaluation by NASA. The last Pearl #248, an Epitaph big Jonah fish energy story is especially important because it explains infinite light revealed on the first day of the Bible.

The creation report described how unbounded energy crystallized into the material time dimension, which is the "seed" to form the subatomic particles NOVA never mentioned. Eventually it became visible in the spectral lines Fraunhofer discovered. They became heavier in space forming matter, condensing like vapor becomes solid water as demonstrated in the snowflake mystery exposed by NOVA on TV.

We have photographed much in space with the Hubble telescope, seeing shapeless forms of fiery dust compressed into galaxies some brightly lit, others pulse-stars radiating with unbelievable energy levels of invisible light, but all conform to physics now explained with snowflake movie graphics.

Water is still a mystery made from Hydrogen gas, lighter than air combined with Oxygen will convert to the molecule H2O with extra energy releasing not needed in the equation. That could be useful in an automobile, which is a superior non-polluting fuel for generation of "free" electricity not yet utilized.

Why not exploit the ocean, which is the biggest Hydrogen energy source on earth. It can be extracted when a little seed of electricity is applied. That will separate water, which starts the process from an invisible energy force infused in a visible universe just like forming snowflakes on earth.

When we utilize the laws physics of applying seeds, we can extract practically free infinite energy on lower entropy where mortals live. Nicola Tesla was the first to find out how it worked gaining free electricity, but corrupt evil bankers suppressed it for 80 years causing world wars and conflicts as the population increased and needed more energy. The cartels were invested in thousands of oil wells. They did not want to lose their billions from overcharging ignorant consumers with poisoned deadly energy.

In farming, the same principle operates a seed will multiply and give us a harvest by added infinite energy coming from the sun. But even the sun is only a transformer linked to our galaxy black hole, invisibly connected by magnetic gravity. Magnetism turns in the universe, a force not static as photographed. That could be proven with an old streetcar motor once cranked like a (seed) will accelerate until it blows up. This is denied in atheistic universities as not possible.

Watch the conductor when speeding up fully cranked, he must control the critical resonance and reduce the input voltage and current below the designed speed meant for streetcars. Intelligence of the Mind is the final control function like DNA forming proteins in your body. This, too, is not understood in atheistic universities no longer teaching true science.

Everywhere I look in physics the same laws apply. A seed opens the door for more not taught in universities. They remain blinded by highly specialized tunnel vision, ignoring the existence of a 360⁰ round about movie theater expanding vision.  With it one can better understand nature and what we see in telescopes. Why are the lights "ON" in galaxies?

Much can be learned in a new atom theory Babushka egg #6 and #9, as infinite light can be transferred by neutrinos changing eventually into Fraunhofer spectral lines creating atoms - electrons now better understood if cross referenced to new discoveries on YouTube:

The Holographic Universe (Part One)

Atheistic scientists believe that concentrated tunnel vision is superior for making money; therefore, they rejected Christian religion, which exposed evil and corruption in high places. The world as we know it, linked to the Laws of Physics, will end in a prophesied Apocalypse, even dated with science.

God the ELOHIM has sent a second Jonah onto the town square once more to wake up a degraded atheistic society with a WARNING. I urge you to pay attention! (Pearl #250)

The Creator of the universe has placed in the sky an unusual tetra blood moon constellation historically matching only with Hebrew festivals. This phenomenon is not repeated in 500 years, which is proof of it being a last WARNING to our civilization. In addition, for the skeptics, God has prearranged many witnesses like ancient gold-bronze clocks exhibited in various museums, as well as three science witnesses forecasting the Apocalypse - all matching many Bible prophecies to expand a knowledge horizon. Watch!

1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016)

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