Pearl #114 -

Aztec Stone Skulls Prove the Apocalypse Date of
25 July 2015

Ancient Aztec stone skulls and the Antikythera bronze clock prove the Mystery of Tammuz 17 Apocalypse date of 25 July 2015.

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Herbert R. Stollorz
(Note that a faulty Hebrew calendar was corrected – Pearl #276)

Since I found five (5) calculation dates applicable for New York, I have a hunch that one or two more will show up before 12 o’clock to make it a perfect 7 = Ayin (meaning “perfection” or “sword”) depending which way your viewpoint is directed in a 360° movie. Got up early as usually in the morning and prayed to God that I need more proof for a million people living in New York convincing them of a Hebrew calendar cycles which analogue forecast like a cuckoo clock a time projecting future important cuckoo dates having matched gears. A set of gear cycles within a clock is not unusual but if applied to Jewish history never done before.

In my Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17 written four years ago free on the Internet, I compared the plan for mankind of 7,000 Hebrew cycles with Jewish holidays. That caused another book Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries explaining the mystery date 2012, Aztec Pyramids, Antikythera & Other Ancient Calendar Clocks. Many ancient clocks exhibited in museums have never been deciphered until recently.

They dovetail and prove why a 2012 date is so important. It connects with the fulcrum of the Apocalypse with other embedded dates of the Bible. One of a major discovery was that the Aztec calendar had cycles imbedded to be the same as the Antikythera clock but evolved thousands of years apart and on the other side of our globe. That would prove a clock system to be genuine we can trust.

Now I discover that Daniel 588 BC and John AD 96 must have used the same calendar in their time as they match the Hebrew calendar to a day. That unlocks prophecy confusing theologian for centuries a new way to see prophecy enfolding. Let’s examine the calendar constant 14.305789 measuring an earth wobble with a declining calendar. That could give us an extraordinary proof the dating of the Apocalypse is authentic.

Studying Daniel unknown prophecy weeks expressing an ancient mystery calendar clock of [times-time-½ time] what could it be? Than I discovered that Daniel wrote his prophecies on two layers, one from the Daleth dimension and Heh dimension. Later on I discovered symmetry in John Revelation also from the Heh-Daleth perspective. Both prophets talk about the same strange counting system [2+1+½=3½].

From the text the [times-time-½ time] expanded in an overlay of 3½ years, 42 months or 1,260 days all meaning the same time? Since we are studying to find a date for New York from Revelation my attention was drawn to read Chapter 12 again in Revelation where we read of another woman but not sitting on a beast explained previously before this story. Important dates connect with a narrative to give them application in their proper setting.

Again we see when God reveals something immediately it is followed with the other polarity like the Garden Eden tree of good and evil. In Revelation by John we see contrasted two women, one is a prostitute women riding on the Beast–the world atheistic political system and the other is compared with a woman identified as Israel giving birth to a child, two women one bad the other good. As soon the child was born it was taken to heaven.

Looking back in history the hieroglyphic Bible signs easily identifies the child born in Bethlehem introduced by the angels from the Heh dimension and recognizes the woman as Israel with 12 stars (12 tribes), the sun (a future King-embedded monarchy to come again) with the moon (son-child) and is pursued for destruction by a seven headed dragon with 10 horns. The Christ-child was born about BC/AD which is the promised savior Yeshua to make atonement for all the Sin of mankind.

We identified the red dragon as a beast system existing from 2287 BC to 2015 governed by Satan from the Heh dimension (5) and two twin-Antichrist personalities without horns but now changed to Satan possessed like a demon in a mortal body of the Daleth dimension 2008-2015. And if you read the text Rev.15:12 either rejoice or have woe depending which group you belong. Underline “sea” and notice further on Chapter 13:1 the same “sea” connected with seven heads again and 10 horns. However, when the dragon (Satan) saw that he was thrown down to the earth (2012), he pursued the woman who has born the child and escaped into a barren wilderness and was nourished for times-time-½ time.

I discovered that the times-time-½ time math equation is dual and conforms to two prophecy visions like far and near. Therefore, the Beast system existing for thousands of years since Noah’s time would end with a shorter vision of 3½ years time period with Satan as the lone survivor chained in the abyss. I call it the Mini-Apocalypse.

The short vision appearing in our time connects with a future Mini-Apocalypse dated 17th Tammuz 5776 (4 July 2015). If you read the second book there are 12 prophesied proofs of that date backed up with solid Bible verses you can check out. Now as we will see that mystery date of Tammuz 17 is nailed down by an Aztec-Greek clock and you tell me why it connects with Jewish holidays to an exact day over a range of two-thousand and half years?

The 17th of Tammuz in the Jewish calendar aligns with a Fast holiday remembering calamities, a day of mourning and lamentation but also the month of Tishri was used to count the reign of a king to the next one. Now we will look at the far vision perspective to date future projection of the Apocalypse by using a time constant found in ancient bronze clocks.

Having cracked the mystery of various ancient bronze-gold clocks how they work I discovered that the Aztec and Antikythera clock have a gear ratio of 14.3 which is dating many events very accurate within the history of mankind from the 7,000-year perspective of the Hebrew calendar. The Hebrew scribes who where appointed by God to be the time keeper is a very good source for information.

But unfortunately, they are rejected by our university scientist and will not even bother to investigate it in conflict with their secular evolution religion. Using the new discovered time constant 14.3 opens more possibilities beyond what I previously wrote in the third Babushkas clock book 4 month ago as ideas evolve into larger circles. Checking out the earth wobble declining calculating a constant of Aztec skull heads technology with more decimal points after the dot became important. Fraction greatly influence certain date projected over thousands of years if you want to calculate it to an exactly day. Not being an astrologer but learning from clocks gears that fraction of a constant is extremely important if you want to play back the planetarium sky and observes thousands of solstice years passing by. I found out that Daniel week 14.3 previously discovered was really 14.305789 with a few more fractions after the dot previously stated which was rounded up to make it short for simple people. Why longer decimals are so important let’s find out?

If we do the math to be convinced of the Hebrew dating method using HANS and the Hebrew Rosetta Stone discovered in Daniels prophecy it surprised me greatly how precise ancient clock gears are. My previous books dealing with the history of Israel and their holidays became the road map to illustrate the total plan for mankind from a Heh perspective. Jewish history for a strange reason look like exact gears in a clock I discovered which have two fulcrums centers connected with a Temple. The Temple was the place where God meet a special mediator to communicate his will to his chosen people. It was a dangerous job for the High priest meeting Gods Holiness and required strict observance of regulations told to Moses and must be born according to the status mentioned in Deuteronomy Chapter 12.

Jewish history is unthinkable without the Temple as it connects with the 7,000-year of the plan for mankind, which I illustrated in a cuckoo clock table. I noticed that the time is measured theoretical in parabola of infinite time and its apex is connected with the destruction of two

Temples with dates we can verify in history. Looking at 588 BC the First Temple destruction counting 588 years toward our time we come to BC/AD which is the Heh dimension fulcrum parabola calendar intersection - God became man-flesh hence mortal. Counting back from the Second Temple AD 70 destruction the same 588 years, we get 518 BC which is the center of our Daleth calendar of the 7,000-year history of mankind. Both Temple dates are designed like 70-year gears meshing with the very center of an exponential time curve going into the other eternity parabolic direction. [588 - 70 = 518 BC] & [AD 70 - 70 = BC/AD] I hope that little math example did not get you confused or check it out in the Babushka clock book.

Focusing on the Temple destruction I noticed checking out history that they all happened on the same day 9 th Av. The Second Temple was destroyed on the 9 Av. Av means “father” and therefore all matters from the temple perspective are decided from that viewpoint as I discovered the 7,000-year Hebrew calendar for mankind is polarized around four (4) Temples with two Temples still in the future. A matter of fact I find that infamous day 9th of Av all over in history embedded like Moses breaking the first set of the Stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments given by God.

In AD 135 Emperor Hadrian crashed the rebellion by Shimon Bar-Kokhba. In 333 under Eusebius of Caesarea, a visitor from Bordeaux poured oil over the foundation referenced in the Talmud as the foundation Rock which the Holy of Holies had rested (Yoma 5:2). More dates like 1290, 1492, 1555, 1648, 1904, 1941, 1942 extermination of Jews by the Nazi in Poland all dovetailing on the 9th of Av. Check it out on the internet. Now in recent time in Jerusalem the hot bottom wants to build a new temple on the site of the old.

But if you read my books I already foretell the destruction of the Third Temple connected with an Apocalypse again on the same day 9th Ave 5776 (25 July 2015). How did I know that four years ago writing my books from the perspective of embedded Jewish holidays that they become a mirror reflecting Heh activated events to happen on earth in the Daleth dimension?

How many more proof do we need for my Jewish friends in New York to trust the Torah calendar? Recently I hear about discussion that the location of the Dome al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem may not be over the place of the ancient Jewish temple site which is a little off. That fact is covered up by some influential Arabs which would greatly upset the Moslems population avoiding a riot.

To find out if you have the time and get friendly with some Arabs living at the entrance of the Holy place and drink some tea as they may confide in that well kept secret if you do not reveal it to others and endangering their life. My projection of the Third Temple prophesied from the Bible overlaying with HANS will be built 2009 on its historic site after a forced agreement by the EU with New York and America’s military power in the Middle East destroyed. That new site of the previous Temple will then be revealed and used as a pretext for the Beast system in Europe with 10 horns to rule the world now with a European money currency as the American Dollar crashed with New York gone. That will settle the dispute with Palestinian–Israel in a 7-year peace contract enforced by the EU military.

Let’sdto the math and check out history from the First Temple date where Daniels prophecy is started. Jewish scholars are wrong because they did not use the Antikythera clock measuring an earth wobble screwing up ancient calendars and ignored a Roman Caesars’ calendar correction not their friend sticking with their moon cycles grossly out of synchronization.

I use a 21st century Gregorian corrected calendar for a future date projected and measure the time elapsed from one Temple destruction corrected 588 BC (9 Av 3173) to the Third Temple projected in the future 25 July 2015 (9 Av 5776) prophesied in my second book four years ago. If you do the math going back from 9 Av AD 2015 to 9 Av 588 BC are 2,603 Gregorian years). Now let’s go back to Daniel’s time and prove it to my Jewish friends and ask Daniel how many years is one week to figure out his mystery prophecy. At his time we have an Antikythera and Aztec clocks available if you read my clock book free on my website and can open up the Daniel mystery of how big is


When I started on my journey learning about Jewish holidays matching history I discovered that “time” for Daniel's “weeks” could match ancient clocks which have a wobble time dimension established to measure changing solstice cycles. The ancient figured out a system which would calculate the earth on its orbit around the sun with a declining wobble. That gave them a mathematical constant I discovered as mentioned above highlighted.

Applying prophecy of the Mini-Apocalypse I find many Bible verses indicating 3½ years with the familiar (2T+1T+½ = 3½) embedded. So talking about a time frame of years the unknown “time” mentioned in Daniel could be construed to be one year too. But Daniel talks about weeks another unknown reference many scholars interpret as meaning seven (years).

Since the Aztec clock has 52 cycles, I connected them with a Daniels year which converted one year into 52 weeks like our present year has 52 weeks too. Applying my mystery Bible hieroglyphs formula and totaled by adding [2T=2x52] + [1T=52] + [½T=26] I got 182 Daniel's weeks. I am using an interpreting assumption of Daniel’s strange weeks no theologian ever figured it out and converting (2T+1T+½,= 3½ into weekly cycles).

Now let’s use the 14.305789 data of clock cycles we previously found in clock cycles from ancient times [Aztec-Antikythera] to measure a declining solstice but with more fractions after the dot. We multiply it with 182 we get 2,603.6535 years (14.305789x182 = 2,603.6535). That matches and proves the date I mentioned above projected four years ago in my second book Mystery of Tammuz 17 (588 BC+2,603 = AD 2015).

It gets better and do the math with fractions. The fraction after the dot is .6535 which is portion of one not completed year. If we multiply it by 12 we get a month and some fraction. It became July the seventh month. (.6535x12 = 7.842)

Let’s continue to do the same to find out how many days left over from one month which has 30 days and we get 25. (.842x30 = 25.26) That gets me date of 9 Av 5776 is (2 .July 2015) which is future Temple prophesied to be destroyed on that date to a day. You got to read the second book free on the Internet, Mystery of Tammuz 17, matching past history and projecting that now an identical date like gears mesh in a future cuckoo clock bird to an exact day over a range of 2603 years! What a coincidence from ancient clock cycles ending again on 9 Av announcing calamities dashing again all hope for Israel connected with a temple.

But keep reading as the last fourth Daleth temple mentioned by Ezekiel will last a thousand years. Daniel prophesied 2300 days from the fulcrum of the Apocalypse and gave us an exact date when the cornerstone will be laid. The next and last 9th Ave will be a joyful celebration as the arch enemy Satan is executed for his crime again on the 9th of Av AD 3002, if you want to check it out on the Hebrew 7,000-year scale connected with the Aztec clock. After that mankind is separated like sheep from the goats before the White Throne with Jesus as the judge still showing his wounds proof of his love for mankind. Unfortunately many will not choose eternal life and opt out to be dissolved nameless in the black hole of fire – the second Heh death. Read my butterfly story to understand the cycle for mortals – Why?

As a footnote Daniel’s timing making bigger circles from the Heh and Daleth calendar perspective converted 21st century Gregorian calendar then I can deduct that all other dates are accurate even explaining in Revelation 17 another strange mystery it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven or 7+1 = 8. For me it is interesting to notice that in a declining earth wobble calendar in ancient times when the wobble axis switched to vertical position, no solstice years could be counted, impossible to observe for about 90 years as Jewish scholars should take notice being off 150 years in their published calendars.

Nevertheless a Jewish calendar became handy tracking moon cycles not dependent on solstice year cycles at that time period and filled out the holes missing clouded from an earth axis wobble. Hebrew moon cycles eventually later had to be recalibrated back to solstice cycles more accurate as we do today which will now make our Heh and Daleth dimension calendar calibrated our Gregorian calendar to match a Hebrew calendar very accurate to the minute.

Let’s look one more time at the symmetry of prophecy assembled in the 7-year Table and notice of ten (10) time periods of 10 different dates given to end with the Apocalypse on the 4th Fast day Yom Kippur of the fourth month Tishri (20 September 2015). There are three witnesses or three Bible verses given with (2T+1T+½ = 3½) and are connected with the last Temple destruction on 9th Av.

Three more witnesses have a 42 month period given connected with the Beast system, and one witness 1260 days connected with the woman Israel, and in addition 3 witnesses of three Bible verses of over 1260 days with Israel’s resurrection and restoration into a New World Order then dominated with a monarchy Jesus Christ ruling as king of kings alongside a resurrected king David which was prophesied that he would be ruling for ever over Israel. Prophecy lenses applied puts these cycles together from three time perspectives each having three witnesses required by the Torah.

The periods line up and are given in years-month-days. The “year” perspective from Daniels time measuring Daniel's week gets us to a date 5 July 2015 which is the 9th Av 5776 Third Temple destruction explained above with three witnesses. [Dan 12:7; Dan 7:25; Rev 12:14] The 42 "month” perspective is the Beast cycle of the Mini-Apocalypse three witnesses. [Rev 11:3; Rev 11:2; Rev 13:4]

Then there is the fulcrum of one witness 1,260 “days.” [Rev 12:6] It is followed with another three witness past the 9th Ave of larger time cycles 1,290, 1,335, 2,300 days according to Daniel. [Dan 12:11, Dan 12:12, Dan 8:14] Although all different periods stated (2T+1T+ ½= 3½), 42 months, 1,260 days are the same time period from the near lens perspective they also overlay from a far vision lens timing bridging thousands of years.

Only meshed clock gears applied can guide us in proper interpretation how all should fit together but must have three witnesses to verify our assumptions. Notice that 40 days latter from the 9th Av graphically expressed on the 4th month Tishri Table (2015) we will witness another asteroid projected to hit the earth and 10 days later Yom Kippur is celebrated (50th day Jubilee gear counted from the 3rd Temple destruction) matching Daniels 1,335 day prophecy Shabbat Tshuva with Israel as a nation repenting the last time to be atoned the next day forever on 10 Tishri 5776.

The Torah says that the 5th Fast day will be changed to a joyous Holyday to be celebrated for 20x50 Jubilee cycles [1,000 years]. It will change the 7:5 Rosetta Stone and Feast-Fast day ratio of the 12 Jewish holidays no longer necessary as all prophecy for Israel has been concluded 2018. Check it out with concepts revealed from the other Babushka books and become “wise” as mentioned in Daniel 12:10.

Mystery of Tammuz 17 page 421 - Schedule Dates of the 3½ year Mini-Apocalypse -

Remember the calendar correction by two years which Jewish scholars not familiar with ancient clocks assigned the First Temple destruction 586 BC now corrected to 588 BC. Clock gears must mesh or become a monorail theologian with a different opinion not backed up with science.

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