Pearl #290-Part 2 -

Rosh Hashanah … 5779? – Part 2

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Dating the prophesied Apocalypse by Yeshua-Jesus in Mat. 24-25 is not possible when Mankind is worldwide educated in fake science taught in every university for a hundred years. They purposed to corrupt Truth by restricting intelligence to make intellectual Minds comatose. Thus everybody was deceived in Satan’s clever deceptions misleading every politician and degrading theologians to falsify many denominational dogmas misrepresenting the Bible. It caused the Christian Church to become salt-less, no longer preserving Truth. Hence “Evil” developed to the ultimate level to experience once more a historic judgment of YHWH Wrath stopping wickedness to save mankind.  When Evil fully accumulated the Creator must cut out the Sin-cancer like a surgeon and will repeat a Sodom and Gomorrah to conserve his divine laws. Many Christians were grossly misled by denominations deceived by Satan’s lies. (Rev. 3:15) Some pastors made money of a false “Rapture story”. Thus they will not survive a divine judgment but pronounced to perish.

True science is now rediscovered which decoded hidden mysteries in the Torah-Bible. Yeshua said that the last generation would understand the full Gospel and his coming Kingdom governed by a divine administration. Like when the fruit is ripe will recognize the many signs He stated that have now arrived. However, no one investigated seven (7) world calendars except Jonah-II, a penname, examined mystery bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums. Truth is still silenced, so seven (7) billion people were blinded to the greatest crime perpetrated on mankind to conceal and suppress free green Energy and not report that 5-G microwave is a lethal radiation destroying genes embedded in all Life, or that the GMO food chain is globally collapsing. (Pearl #270, 244, 240)

Thus, a new civilization of Mankind will start over once more with a historic super event dependent on revealed intuition given in stages. Therefore, the Apocalypse must conform to some math linked to exponential earth axis wobbles now dated {222+5778 = 6000 yr.} as published 10 years ago in free #1-14 Babushka egg concept books.

Examining {222} to convince a skeptic and use “years” perhaps time was cut short as mentioned by Yeshua? Analyzing the present Hebrew calendar 5778 year and subtracting 2018 will cross over BC-AD with leftover years to 3760 BC (5778-2018=3760). But history from Adam and Eve, postulated 4004 BC, now time cut short? (4004-3760=244) The reason: before Noah’s civilization the earth axis wobbles were perhaps seven times shorter solstices as confirmed when we match 120 Jubilees (120 x 50 = 6000) using a Hebrew 7000-Year Table or Babushka egg World Cuckoo Clock, Pearl #286.

When counting years before Noah’s Flood (2288 BC) many Hebrew theologians matched it by overlaying Egyptian dynasties; therefore, they are mistaken, as before the flood the earth axis was different. If we compare recent solstice to an ancient Hebrew Torah calendar 5778-[2018+2288]=1472 and translated a Methuselah 969 Genesis-age with longer patriarch generation years [4003-2288 BC] =1715 yr., thus is short to recent solstice 243 yr.? (1715-1472) Jonah-II corrected the 7000 Hebrew cycle calendar by 35 years JC 10 yr. ago. Perhaps the ages of the Patriarchs should be divided by seven (243/7) = 34.7yr. and once more adjusted to 3 yr.? (243-222=21 and 21/7=3)  

Hence the previous prophecy calendar of 1.8 yr. in Part 1 is extended to 3 years due to the changing earth axis? If so, the last calendar earth wobble may have stopped on solstice 2015 and moved God’s Kingdom date further by three years to end on solstice 5779? Thus implying that the 121th Jubilee Year is off by ONE year linked to Rabbi J. Cahn bestselling book of (7) seven Smitahs. It seems that the Yeshua festival is now dated by a last earth axis wobble to 5779? 

Once more, the first witness dated the Apocalypse birth pangs from solstice 2016 by 1.8 yr., which could start Jacob’s Trouble (Pearl #120), if the time was cut short. Thus, we should watch this year if Israel is attacked again. It was predicted from 2017 Solstice adding (7) mo. (9) days {222/30.4=7.30} linked to Shabbat Nachamu  שבת נחמו with a consolation of (Isaiah 40) - 29 July 2018, in Part 1.

The second witness of Part 2 is a different calculation for the same date: {222 = 3x70yr. = 210+12 yr.} [12/7] = 1.7142857 Gregorian yr.

Fraction of @ .7142857 equals Hebrew 8 months plus 18 days. Thus checking again Pearl #276 (page 4) and this Pearl #290 (page 1) dated 29 July 2018, which could be extend by ONE year?

  1. Pearl #276 quoted Daniel’s mystery calendar and stated a date to start counting the Apocalypse birth pangs from 2016.

1xT = (C?+G? ) + 2xT = 4304.6303 [JC] + ½ xT (S?)
(2287.8740 + 2016.7563 = 4304.6303)

  1. Perhaps should now add the biased earth axis wobble 1.7142857 from solstice [2017]=1yr+8 month+18 days thus a second witness is dating - Rosh Hashanah 5779? (10 September 2019)

  2. Yeshua-Jesus said the last generation will not pass calculated by 222 {3x70 +12 =222 yr.}. The last 70 prophecy generation years (1948) could end an evil govern atheistic Israel 2018 matching 6000 Hebrew with leftover time now adding 1.714285714 years?

  3. Thus adding a 2018 correction could match a Hebrew New Year of Israel’s final redemption. You decide and become a Jonah announcing an Evil system will perish to save Mankind from total destructions vetoed by the owner of the earth YHWH-YESHUA.

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